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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's "how to speak money." stay connected to us 24/7 on twitter my handle is @ali velshi. have a great weekend. you're in the cnn newsroom where the news unfolds highly on october 29th. i'm fredricka whitfield. a devastating saturday for our service members. a suicide bomber rammed his car into a bus. the troops were in a convoy on their way to another base. a live report in a moment. australia's flagship air career qantas grounded all of
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their planes because of a labor dispute. a lawyer for missing baby lisa's parents just got the boot. the parents of the missing 11-month-old girl cut ties with one of their attorneys. it came just hours after the couple cancelled a scheduled police interview with the baby's two half brothers. baby lisa disappeared from her home on october 4th. the st. louis cardinals are the world series champions. they defeated the texas rangers 6-2 in game seven of one of the most exciting world series in years. the cards third baseman david freese was named the most valuable player. more now on our top story. afghanistan. for u.s. troops it is one of the deadliest days there since the war began ten years ago. our nick walsh is in kabul. nick, what more can you tell us about how this happened?
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>> reporter: well, it appears that this incident was caused by a suicide bomber driving an explosive laden vehicle into a convoy in the center of kabul. a clarification was just issued as a result of this incident. they have been specific these were military personnel killed, 13 of them. they have since learned more, we understand eight civilians and five military personnel were actually among the dead. so changing fluid circumstances on the ground here and deeply tragic incident where it appears a very large amount of explosive targeted what's referred to as a rhino armored bus. they are used to transport significant numbers of u.s. personnel in hostile areas like this. nato personnel as well. it anaerts this particular device targeted with great terrifying effectiveness this particular bus. >> nick, was this a regular transport route, or does this
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say something about the person who detonated this bomb knew about the planned travels of this bus? >> reporter: at this point there is no official word as to exactly what route this bus was on or what they were doing. my experience, rhino armored buses are used to travel on established routes tophery large numbers of people, shuttle them between areas where they have to go with reasonable frequency. we could surmise that this may have been a rather, could have been under observation for some time. nato changes their routes and tactics to avoid instance like this. i'm sure there will be a lot of questions being asked cane bull how this bomber could be so specific on his target. >> thank you so much from kabul. here in the states, already snowing. snowing in parts of the northeast this weekend. and this early storm is causing some real headaches for the
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occupy wall street groups in particular. the postal service is critical to our economy--
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. hard to believe it is halloween weekend and already there is snow falling in parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. take a look. we understand that there could be some pretty heavy snowfall in some parts as much a foot maybe pap lot of trees across the region are already -- they got leaves on them but soon covered with snow as well. and so that's a big concern that some of this snowfall will kind of knock down some of the tree limbs that are already very heavy with leaves while some folks have been spending the last couple of days trimming their trees. >> make sure you cut the branchs off clean, close to the trunk,
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the trunk of the tree and the tree will eventually, it won't kill the tree, it will make it aesthetically unappealing. >> people said listen to twarngs. others feel they have been caught by surprise. not our chad myers. he's in the middle of a big storm in york, pennsylvania. you came across people who were kind of befuddled and surprise. what, snowstorm? >> reporter: yeah. exactly. they were clueless in some of the places that i was just talking about. do you know how bad this is going to be? two to four. no it's going 12 to 14. snow is already coming down. changed over to sleet. now back to all snow. it's that heavy snow. this is stuff that you cannot even shovel at this point in time. it's turning into slop. that's like a pancake that doesn't come apart. this roadway here, highway 30 in york, kind of on the east side
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of town. cars are still moving very good but i'll tell you what at 4:00 tonight, 5:00 when this sun goes away and you can't see the sun up there and still warming the cloud layer just enough that the ground is staying warm at 5:00 this will be one solid sheet of ice, all of this snow will come down for the rest of the night. we're in very heavy banding now. even have a potential today for seeing some thunder and lightning with some of this snow. that's how hard it could come down in places in pennsylvania, maryland, parts of west virginia, western virginia, all the way up to new york state. we're basically in the poconos but up to the catskills, green and white mountains of new hampshire and maine under the gun for all of this. very heavy snow. i-95 probably going to see a couple of inches, sloppy. more rain than snow but here in the higher elevations now in the poconos, lehigh valley, all snow for the rest of the night. if i stand here i want to will be well up to my knees by tomorrow morning.
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>> oh, my goodness that's incredible. that doesn't happen that often. >> reporter: you know what? >> go ahead. >> reporter: this is the 20th anniversary of the perfect storm. so it does happen. the perfect storm we had a hurricane involved as well. no hurricane this time. but snow like this and a perfect storms 20 years ago today. >> oh, my goodness. that's some spooky stuff this halloween weekend. chad myers, thanks so much. our jacqui jeras here in the "weather center". it doesn't happen often? >> not that often, maybe a handful times in the past and certainly not very often. kids in their costumes going door-to-door in the snow. nothing worse than having to wear a winter jacket over your costume. the good news is it's a quick hitter. in and out. start to melt. things will be better by monday. you may not have any snow on the ground and certainly only during the grassy areas. here's the latest on the radar
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map. you can see we got mostly rain in d.c., snow in new york city, boston just rain at this time but that is going to begin to change over and as we head through the rest of the day today this storm system will be intensifying and getting stronger. we'll see those snowfall totals become heavier. we could see as much as two to three inches per hour at times and the winds will be kicking up. right now they are not too bad. we're looking at sustained winds of 10 to 15, even a few of you push 20 miles per hour. we'll watch this increasing. gusts could get as strong as 60. that's one of the reasons why we're real concerned about power outages, all those leaves are still on these trees. that gives a lot of heavy surface for the snow to coat and bring down tree limbs and cover a lot of power lines. how much snow have we had? places in virginia, maryland seen between four and seven inches of snowfall. as we take a look at the track
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of this storm, it's pulling up to the northeast very quickly and by midday tomorrow for the most batter this is gone but for extreme northern new england. you have to get into the higher elevations to see the bigger totals. we could see upwards of a foot. i-95 looking at one to three inches and most of the big cities will stay much lower than that. maybe just a dusting at best in washington, d.c. big time problems at the airport. ground stops at jfk, laguardia, philadelphia. things are not real good for travellers in the northeast. >> it's still a good thing this falls on the weekend. fewer people are out trying to get about or at least fewer people feel the need to get out and about. >> absolutely. most of this will be all cleaned up by monday. i don't expect a snow day on monday. kids are like darn. >> and with halloween too. all right. thanks so much. windy, rainy conditions are causing a lot of headaches for
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the folks who are die hard. occupy wall street demonstrators in new york. susan candiotti are with the protesters right now and she will be joining us later on this hour. and very unusual for all that snow just days before halloween. we've been talking about that. so when you think halloween, however, you do think pumpkins, not snow. so here's the ultimate pumpkin patch. remember charlie brown and the great pumpkin, linus would be here in west virginia. 3,000 pumpkins each uniquely carved by thousands of volunteers who were simply working around the clock. >> i've met thousands and thousands of people who get involved in this every year and feel part it and that's the most heart warming thing. >> that's sweet. the volunteers clean, scoop, carve and light the pumpkins and when the sun goes down the pumpkins create an incredible glow. spectacular show as well.
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u.s. state debt. it could pass $4 trillion with california owing the most and vermont owing the least. a nonprofit organization state budget solutions has put together a list of the ten states with the highest debt per person. coming in at number 10 oregon with $2,960 per person debt. rhode island with $3,000. delaware $3 oh, 026. massachusetts $3,040 and california with $3,060. what states came in at the very top? the answer just moments away.
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can secure your teeth into it. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing.
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before the break we named five of the ten states with the highest debt per person. rounding out the top ten new mexico has $3,144 in debt per person. north dakota $3,181. new jersey with $4,217 debt per person. hawaii with $4,755 in debt and
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connecticut apparently has the highest debt per person at $5,402. state budget solutions relied on financial reports and income tax rates provided by the federation of tax administrators in determining its rankings. it is the number one issue in american homes. getting your financial house in order and today in our weekly financial fix the president's plan to help homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth. president obama unveiled the plan earlier this week. >> right now some under water homeowners have no choice but to refinance with their original lender and some lenders frankly just refuse to refinance. so these changes are going to encourage other lend towers compete for that business. by offering better terms and rates and eligible homeowners can shop around for the best rates and the best terms. >> joining us from dallas is ceo
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of amato consulting. good to see you, eric. this is great news for a lot of folks who, you know, are in their homes. they are paying on their mortgage. but they know that, you know, it's not worth what it was once was. this president's plan it is getting mixed reviews or are people excited about this? >> well it is getting mixed reviews. a lot of people are excited about it but republicans right now there are a little bit on edge. they want the markets, the supply and demand to feather out the housing industry. it's getting mixed reviews. >> so, how does this help -- how do you qualify? >> great question because there's a lot of steps you got to go through. first of all your loan must be a fannie mae and freddie mac customer. also you must have purchased your house before may 31, 2009. also you must be current on your
2:20 pm
mortgage which means you can't have any missed payments for the last six months. also you cannot have more than one missed payment or late payment in the last 12 months. this must be your primary living quarters. can't be a rental property or second or thursday home. also your mortgage must be 31% or more of your total income. and finally, you must have no more than -- you must have 20% equity in your home or you will be ineligible for this program. a lot of hurdles to jump and a lot of people will not be able to qualify for this program. >> lots of obstacles. can you underscore some of the highlights of this program then? >> absolutely. one of the big highlights of this program is 125% loan balance to fair market value ratio. in the past if your loan was above 125% of the value of your home you couldn't qualify. they are taking that away and that will happy lot of people. they will eliminate some fees, some refinancing fees. going to take away some of the appraisal fees.
2:21 pm
also they will extend this program to december 31, 2013. >> how much will this housing plan impact the economy? >> very minimal. between 800,000 and a million people may qualify for this ram. so that might put a couple billion dollars into the economy. when you look at a 14.5, 15 trillion dollar economy i don't want to say it's immaterial but it will have little effect. as far as the overall economy very minimal. >> what areas of the country could really benefit from this? i know some states are, you know, harder hit than others. nevada, florida among them but geographically who do you think will benefit the most? >> those three states are the ones that will be affected by it but all over the country there's a lot of people that can benefit. those three states are the one you talked about. everybody can benefit from it. if you qualify and you can meet these hurdles, i think people should try to qualify for this
2:22 pm
program. it starts around november 15th and we'll see what happens with it. >> good luck. nobody wants to lose their home or see the foreclosure rate go up any higher because already sbreernsing just major drops in ownership among americans. thank you. >> good to see you. >> get more information by going to the website at the american cancer society estimates that more than 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. elizabeth cohen has more. >> reporter: adopting a healthy lifestyle today may help prevent breast cancer in the future. studies have shown women who exercise 30 minutes at least three times a week are less likely to develop the disease partly because exercise heaps
2:23 pm
boost the immune system. studies have not shown a specific diet lowers the risk of breast cancer. >> a healthy diet does obviously play a role in maintaining a healthy weight. that's where women who eat well are at lower risk for breast cancer. >> reporter: if you consume alcohol keep it to no more than one drink a day. >> women who consume more than two or more alcoholic beverages a day have an increased rick of breast cancer. >> reporter: alcohol uses up folic acid. some women will develop breast cancer no matter what their lifestyle. but experts say cancer survivors may help prevent a recurrence by adopting these healthy habits. and mississippi voters could pass a measure that would stop all abortions in that state. our legal expert richard herman
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weighs in next. i love all the gadgets. check out the backup cam.
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show me the carfax. oh yeah, can you show me the carfax? sunglass holder... for sunglasses. just show me the carfax. before you buy a used car, get a carfax vehicle history report. see accidents and service reported to carfax and a price based on the car's history. ask your dealer or go to just say, show me the carfax. a proposed law in one southern state could make all abortions there illegal kpp it do that? full details and lots of questions for our legal expert richard herman. he's right after this look at the top stories. australia's biggest air
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car career qantas has grounded all of its plains because of a labor dispute. qantas flies to more than 180 destinations. remember that horrifying stage collapse in indiana in august. that one right there, seven people died when ferocious winds caused the stage at the indiana state fair to tumble to the ground. sugarland were set to perform when the tragedy happened. two months later they gave an emotional performance before a packed house in indianapolis last night. fans say the benefit concert was feeling. >> these are people you become friends with. you stand in line together. i think that helps make this like a group healing experience. >> i want to be here together to experience it together. we also just want to be here for the band. a puppy survives the gas chamber. this beagle was set to be
2:28 pm
euthanized at an animal shelter. now he's at a no kill shelter in new jersey that saves dogs from death row. check out this high-speed police chase in texas. we're talk being more than 125 miles per hour. the suspect is accused of robbing a gas station with a rifle and then speeding off. the police caught up with the man and then arrested him. we're hearing a number of americans died today in afghanistan. it happened when a suicide bomber targeted a nato convoy in kabul. the bomb went off near or under what is believed to an armored bus carrying u.s. troops. let's go live to kabul now and nick paton walsh. what have you heard about the casualty? >> reporter: the latest statement from nato says that eight civilians, not many
2:29 pm
civilians working for nato and five military personnel were killed in this significant explosion. a u.s. official earlierer said they were all americans. that initial reporting appears to be changing. strong indication as to the horrific nature of this blast in which a suicide bomber drove a vehicle ladened with explosives into an armored bus known as a rhino. these are large heavily armored vehicles to ferry personnel through hostile environments. you get the idea of the sheer volume of explosive that would be needed to overturn this bus and cause that level of casualties. >> was this a dense area of downtown kabul? >> reporter: this is one of the roads heading in and out of the city. it's densely-populated for afghan civilians caught in this blast. two a school children.
2:30 pm
a man on his motor bike and a policeman killed in this incident. a huge blast affect this area. one of a slew of attacks that hit afghanistan a suicide bombing in the northeast of the country as well and a man in afghan army uniform turning his weapon on two personnel in the south country as well. and exceptionally bad day for nato. >> thanks so much. voters in mississippi are being asked whether they believe human life begins at fertilization. that's the central question in a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would more sharply define the word person. it's fired up both sides of the abortion debate. here is cnn's mary snow. >> our founding fathers guaranteed all persons life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. but who is a person? >> reporter: in mississippi abortion opponents want vote
2:31 pm
towers say a person is defined at the moment of fertilization. initiative 26 if passed would ban all abortions. >> initiative 26 doesn't make any exceptions for rape or incest. it goes too far. it would be so bad for women and families. >> reporter: abortion supporters say the measure is so broad it could ban some birth control like the morning after pill and iuds. in vitro fertilization could be affected. this is a constitutional law professor and abortioning rights supporter. she just returned from mississippi where she took part in a symposium on the measure. >> the implications for fertility treatments are uncertain and problematic because if embryos are persons then you have in fertility clinics a bunch of persons who are frozen. you can't leave them there or discard them.
2:32 pm
>> answers to questions like that are unclear. abortion opponent rebecca is a michigan attorney and spokeswoman for the personhood movement. she tells the story of her own mother's rape, using it as an example of why there should be no exceptions to abortion laws. she says while any impact on birth control or ivf wouldn't take place immediately she adds this. >> what about fertilized embryos that are already created, what would happen to them? >> that's something that would have to be determined legislatively. you know, i could foresee that there might be some people who would want to transfer their embryos out of state. that could very well happen for purposes of storage. and certainly there would be nothing to prevent people from doing that. >> this measure has won support from both of mississippi's gubernatorial candidates. the democratic candidate though says he does have some concern
2:33 pm
about ramifications on birth control and ivf. mary snow, cnn new york. >> fascinating stuff. the vote is scheduled for november 8th. that's election day for the next governor of mississippi. richard herman is with me a criminal defense attorney. so this proposed amendment goes beyond abortion. certainly would impact birth control, fertility, treatment as we heard right there from mary. so this could potentially be precedent-setting if, indeed, it is passed? >> don't know what kind of cool aid is being distributed in mississippi but here a fertilized seg deemed a person. if you're responsible for killing that egg you're charged with murder. that's how the statute reads. >> how did it come to this. people can vote on this. two other contenders for governor are also in favor of this initiative. >> very political.
2:34 pm
both republican and democratic candidate running for governor are supporting this proposition, obviously for pure political reasons. it's a religiously based movement here in mississippi. it's -- even if it passes you want will be struck down immediately. there will appeals. >> because the state wouldn't be able to make this kind of amendment or impose this kind of law especially as it pertains to roe v wade which is a federal -- >> exactly. we talk all the time about federal laws pre-empting state. abortion is legal in the state. this state amendment will not survive. what some of the pro-abortionists worry about if this goes to supreme court, the supreme court may come down with a stricter ruling, stricter than roe v wade and undermine all the actions that have been taking place. >> it seems there's always an effort nmodify or change roe v wade. is this another approach in doing so because we haven't seen
2:35 pm
this kind of a proposal before, have we? >> no. some states have dabbled in this area. mississippi is the first state to put it on for a vote like this. again bishops in mississippi are saying this is bad, they don't support it because they are fearful, again, that the supreme court instead of chipping away at roe v wade will make it more stronger and that's their biggest fear because this law is so outrageous. >> other states would of course be watching to see what kind of progress or what kind of movement there would be with this initiative 26. >> absolutely. >> if it's passed. if there's an amendment other states potentially would say i want to try our hand at our version too? it would open the door for that. >> it would open the door but i promise you if this gets approved there will be immediate legal challenges filed, legal papers, a federal court will stay this. it will never take place in mississippi. we're in 2011. it's not happening now or in the
2:36 pm
future. >> we got a couple of other cases we want you to discuss. we'll invite you back next hour as well. thanks. >> join us every sunday afternoon at 4:00 eastern when we dedicate an entire the hour the presidential contenders in the 2012 election. all right. the animation team at dream works has a new movie out this week. "puss 'n boots." >> i love actually to have all the features that the character has. you know, he's unbelievable. >> so richard would you tune in? would you check out puss in boots? >> i'm going have to. look how cute this little thing is. >> and anthony banderas, his career has taken off. >> that other movie he did is
2:37 pm
unbelievable, shrek. >> we'll find out what our movie critic has to say about puss 'n boots. he's going give us his grade next.
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it's the weekend. movie critic, is joining us from los angeles. lots to talk about, matt. about the wealth gap in america and now it's on the silver screen. so let's take a quick look that one. let's check it out. >> he gave me over a century. even said he didn't need it any more. it was a gift. i'm not a thief. but hey if you guys are looking for stolen time maybe you should arrest everyone here. >> i see. >> justin timberlake now the leading man. called "in time." so much buzz. is it because of justin timberlake or is it a good movie? >> justin timberlake is really good in this and the rest of the cast is great. kelly murphy is good. but the movie is really dopey and i was really disappointed. >> really? >> it's got this interesting
2:41 pm
premise in that people have -- people stop ageing at 25 and only got a year to live but the time they have left is transferrable as some kind of money. so in this world time literally is money and it starts to become satire about the disparity of wealth and some people have all the time and some have no time. the difference is if you go broke you literally drop dead. it could be this really interesting film. they start putting in these unnecessary chase scenes. you get so ham fisted -- too much action and i hate to say that. action doesn't serve the story. it gets so ham fisted about the point it's trying to make it loses you and that's unfortunate because it could be this really sharp, great subversive satire, something the occupy wall street crowd would love but it's just dopey. >> it's very timely this "in time," however you're going to give it, i have a feeling not a very flattering grade.
2:42 pm
>> i would give it a d. >> d? >> unfortunately i give it a d. yeah. >> okay. maybe this next movie will be a little bit more uplifting. awfully cute. who doesn't love animation to some degree, right, "puss 'n boots", a prequel to the "shrek" movies. >> yes. antonio banderas returning as boots. >> let's listen him to. >> i'm not looking for trouble. i am but a humble cat in search of his next meal. perhaps you gentlemen can fry me a simple score. >> perhaps if one of us were to tell the law you're in town we could spread the reward. >> you know, reuniting them from
2:43 pm
"desperado." this is a fun movie. i took my step son to it. he enjoyed it. kids in the theater had a great time. the movie starts out strong. i want slows down a little bit as kind of they go on their quest an it lost me a little bit. for the most part i thought this was a really good movie. definitely something to take the kids to. if you got kids and have to take them to a movie you'll be okay sitting through this. >> this is adult humor just like "shrek"? >> yes. >> it's probably more fun for adults than kids. >> they didn't over do it. this is as good as the first, two but not as heavy handed on the topical references. it's a little bit more timeless which i think works really well here. >> so, your grade for that bad kitty >> my grade? i give at it b. i think it's definitely worth seeing. >> nice. a good b movie for the whole
2:44 pm
family. >> yes, exactly. >> just one time for halloween weekend. what will it be, with comiccon we got to see you dressed up in costume. what your going to do for halloween >> i haven't decided. i may go easy, grab a sheet and put on a toga, so to speak. >> toga always works or a ghost. interchangeable. >> exactly. >> thanks so much. happy halloween. >> you too. >> all right. bathroom snobs may find chicago is their kind of town. a company that sells bathroom supplies did an online poll and the accommodation at chicago's field museum were rated the finest in all of the land. first of all these bathrooms are huge. that's always great. they are automated and eco friendly. the women's restroom has a tot
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before the break we asked you to guess how much money fortune 500 board of directors made last year. was it $154 per hour. 313 or could it be $934 an hour. the answer, yes, the one there, c. $934 per hour. time for cnn politics update. we're keeping an eye on all the
2:49 pm
latest headlines at the politics desk. republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich is touting his washington experience. he compared himself to herman cain. gingrich told the crowd that he and cain are in two different worlds when it comes to understanding america. while most of his rivals have focused on early voting states, herman cain is campaigning in alabama which doesn't hold its primary until march. when asked about his unorthodox strategy cain simply said quote alabama matters. another gop presidential candidates memb
2:50 pm
candidate michele bachmann says governor perry's people are asking her to dropout of the case. >> this is egg on the face unfortunately for the perry campaign. >> perry's campaign flatly denies any involvement. for the latest political news you know exactly where to go, join us every sunday afternoon at 4:00 when we dedicate an hour to the presidential contenders in the 2012 election. the game of fetch usually works with the owner throwing the ball and the dog then bringing it back, right? in our next viral video we'll introduce you to a dog who does just the opposite while helping a baby work on her throwing skills. ♪
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. usually viral means a child or a baby and a little dog. >> or animals. >> we got a puppy. we got a baby. and one is throwing the other, showing the other how to throw. >> this is a really cute video. take a look at this. because what amazes me is how gentle the dog is. teaching the baby how to play
2:54 pm
fetch. look how patient the dog is and how gentle. he throws the ball back. >> that's sweet. the baby can barely sit up. >> that's great. that's little baby katie. what's the dog's name. >> we don't know the dog's name. it's a collie and very sweet. >> those border collies are all about fetching, throwing, catching. i guess the border collie thing, it's been lonely around here. i need a buddy. let's play catch. >> i want to know how many moms are like oh, i love the dog. >> 180 views on youtube. it's gone viral. i love the baby stuff and poochy stuff. thanks so much. appreciate that. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa! use chase sapphire preferred and now get two times the points on travel, and two times
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2:58 pm
the group is expected to march from the downtown park that has served as their home base to a nearby community college. patrick ottman is embedded with the protesters and will report on the march. the occupy wall street protesters in new york are facing a different obstacle. a wintry storms. fire officials have pulled generators and heaters out of the park due to safety concerns now and our susan candiotti is in new york. susan, there are a lot of die hard out there anyway. how long are they willing to weather this storm? >> they will tell you as long as it takes. there's no way to sugarcoat this. it is miserable out here. started off with, of course, the cold overnight, the rain, and the wind. and it's now blowing sideways and then it turned to snow. snow and slush. this is what we're talk about here. this is just nasty. it is slippery when you walk. when you look down at the slush
2:59 pm
here on the concrete. over here when you look over at the tents you see people are trying to tack them down as best they can but i think you also have some pictures of me walking through there. hardly see anyone walking around right now because people are trying to stay inside those tents as best they can. how are they doing it? some people are telling us it's not so bad inside because they've got the tarp down on the ground and they are managing to stay warm. some people telling us they even slept in their shorts. i don't know about that but others are telling us that they are freezing. we talked to some of the med unit people. they said they treat ad few cases of hypothermia between overnight and this morning but so far no one had to be hospitalized. here's what one young protester told me a little while ago. what was it like all night >> it was freezing cold all night. >> how did you manage to stay warm


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