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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 31, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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you could call it other things too. but it's made possible of course by the unseasonably early nor'easter. >> jason is still back here. kyra, we have to deal with jason back here before you know he takes a chain saw to us. >> imagine that. it's jason. >> he needs an eyebrow wax. >> do we say he is the ultimate back stabber? that wouldn't be good. [ laughter ] >> we love jason actually. he keeps a good sense of humor. all right, guys. have a good day. welcome to more from the cnn newsroom. republican candidate herman cain this morning sits atop several polls, and straddles a potential powder keg as he is preparing to deliver a speech at a washington think tank. he faces new questions of sexual harassment. according to politico, two women filed complaints against him in the 1990s. and last night, the campaign issued a denial, but only after this awkward exchange with the reporter who broke the story.
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>> last question, last question. >> sir, have you? yes or no? have you ever been accused, sir, of sexual harassment? have you, sir? >> that was the last question. >> yes or no. have you? >> have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? >> joe johns has the details now, and paul steinhauser has the rest of the campaign paulout. do you expect cain to address this issue? >> he is the center of attention right now. a lot of people are going to be watching him. he is appearing at the american enterprise institute giving a speech. so questions are going to follow herman cain about this for quite a while. and at some point he'll probably have to say more. we need to be as transparent as we can about this story. we don't know a lot about the
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allegations right now. in fact, all we do know is that herman cain is the center of attention. not in a good way. we've heard denials from his campaign. they call this rumors. here's the quote. they say, among other things, that dredging up thinly sourced allegations stemming from mr. cain's tenure as the chief executive officer at the national restaurant association in the 1990s, political trade press, they call them, are now casting aspersions on his character, spreading rumors. but never stood up to the facts since washington establishment critics haven't had much luck in attacking mr. cain's ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs, they are trying to attack him any way they can. so that is sort of a nondenial denial there. honestly, there's just a lot of questions. more questions than answers. cain has been, he says, vaguely familiar with the allegations. so the first question is whether it's true that he's just vaguely familiar. the second question is pretty
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much about a nondisclosure agreement we're hearing about. this is the type of agreement that all parties to an allegation sign in order to keep any of the information from going public. where is the pressure point on that? who signed the nondisclosure agreement? and now that herman cain is running for president would everybody who signed that nondisclosure give their consent to lift it so we can get at the truth? a lot of questions, kyra, and we'll certainly be looking for herman cain to issue his own full and complete denial if all of this is simply not true. >> sure. and just to reiterate, he is going to be speaking live any moment now. we will take that live. but, joe, you know, through your sources, you have been on this beat a long time. do you think right now that there really is enough here to cause him problems in this campaign? >> you know, it's very difficult to say. but you know as well as i do, kyra, the arc of these stories
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is you have an allegation out there, and you don't have a name associated with it or a lot of names. the first thing you look for is for the individual who made the allegation to come forward and talk about it. and if that individual does not come forward, it's very difficult to move the story forward. so that's the first thing. let's see who's going to come out and talk. >> all right. and we're standing by for that. we'll take it live as soon as it happens. thanks so much. meanwhile, another new poll shows that herm an cain is still at the top in iowa along with mitt romney. paul steinhauser with more of the story behind those numbers. and it's going to be interesting to see if those numbers are impacted by these allegations coming forward, paul. >> exactly, kyra. both these polls conducted obviously before the politico story. we are just over two months away from the first votes in iowa. take a look at this. a survey of republicans likely to vote on january 3, look who's
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at the top there, herman cain and mitt romney. basically a dead heat, 23% for the former godfather's pizza ceo, and 23% for romney, who is making his second bid for the white house. ron paul the congressman from texas at 12%. everybody else in single digits. let's take a look at a cnn/"time" poll. romney and cain dead even just about at the top there. kyra, as herman cain has risen in the polls, remember a dramatic rise, he has come under more scrutiny. his 9-9-9 plan which boosted him in the polls has been picked apart by his rivals for the gop nomination. every word he's said on abortion has come under scrutiny. and now this story from politico. kyra? >> and let's follow up as we are monitoring this live event where he'll be speaking very soon at this think tank. rick perry didn't stay out of the debates for very long. >> yeah. that was a storyline last week, right, would perry go to all these upcoming debates. remember his debate performances
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in the five debates in september and october was probably one of the reasons he went from the front rubb-runner in the polls deteriorated in the polls. but over the weekend, his campaign and the candidate himself saying he will take part in the four debates -- yes, there are four debates scheduled next month. on the 9th of november, you've got a cnbc debate in michigan that's supposed to be entirely on the economy. you've got a cbs debate in south carolina on the 12th. and a cnn debate on the 22nd here in washington, d.c. both of those debates supposed to focus on national security and foreign affairs. and finally, a cnn debate in arizona, a state that's moved up its date on the primary calendar. that debate on november 30. so a crowded calendar for debates. rick perry says i will be there. and he also says, kyra, he hopes when this is all over he's a better debater. >> thanks, paul. and once again this morning, herman cain facing new questions of sexual harassment. he will be speaking live at a
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washington think tank any minute. as soon as he begins, we're going to monitor that to see if he responds to those allegations while he is making that speech. all right. next political update in just about an hour. for the latest, go to our website, now across much of the northeast, the work week begins under a blanket of snow and misery now. from maryland to maine, this freak snowstorm dumped more than two feet of snow in a lot of areas. and that shattered snowfall records for the entire month of october. at least five deaths now blamed on that storm. more than 2.4 million homes and businesses are still without power too. those outages are scattered across the united states. convoys of power crews are streaming into the disaster areas to clear the fallen trees, restore the service. but a lot of people will still face several freezing nights before their electricity is back on. cnn meteorologist chad myers is actually in york, pennsylvania, for us this morning. chad, describe the scene there for us.
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>> reporter: well, this was a snowman made sunday afternoon. now it's more like a football. so we got warm yesterday. 50 degrees. look at that ridge line where the trees are. we don't have any snow on those trees over there. we had snow, though, friday night and saturday. and even though it was only about an eight-hour snowfall, it's going to take many, many hours and even days for all of these power lines to get put back up. it's going to take a long time to get this back up, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how many days, do you think? >> i would say probably wednesday. we've got a lot of crews coming in from other areas, other states. >> reporter: here's the deal. we were down to about 25 degrees here. if you're in a house without power, and you can't turn on the furnace without power, because the blower won't go, the natural gas won't turn on, you should not just use your gas grill or your gas oven because that will bring carbon monoxide into your home. another problem there, kyra.
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so people are actually moving into hotels, all the hotels in the area completely booked last night. i guess that's great for the hotels but bad for people that have now spent an extra $200 to $300 over the past couple of nights. what they are telling me that was their christmas fund, in order to just stay warm. although things are moving again today, it's not like it should be with a couple of million people without power for a few more days. it's still going to cost those people more and more money. kyra? >> we'll keep an eye on it, chad. thanks. and people are occupying wall street this morning despite the rough weather. check out these pictures. demonstrators are now occupying tents. before the storm, the city had removed propane tanks and generators from the park, and the occupy crackdown is spreading. take a look at austin, texas. police arrested about 40 people just outside city hall. and in portland, oregon, police arrested more than two dozen
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protesters when they didn't leave a city park after midnight. authorities in both cities say the occupy groups are trespassing and violating city rules. the occupy movement is one of the biggest social activist movements in years. but wouldn't you know it, there's also an economic side. a money making side. even among the movement supporters. >> if it's trademarkable, someone will trademark it. and why not me? >> poppy harlow will have that in the next cnn hour. and the world may seem a bit larger today. that's because the u.n. says the world population will hit 7 billion people. zain verjee, she's not counting that high, but somewhat tracking that big number. let's talk about the headlines and how symbolic this number is. >> yeah, kyra. you have to stop having more babies now, because we are going to be -- we have enough. 7 billion. we have passed that mark today. let me show you some of the newspaper headlines here.
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"gulf news" puts the numbers out here. here are all the zeros. 7 billion is its headline. and inside this paper there's an editorial that basically says that governments need to assess whether they have the right policies in place to improve the environment, protect natural resources, and have enough jobs for all these people. take a look at this from new zealand. it's actually a cute headline with a cute picture. it says how many people will boo sharp the beach with? and that there, kyra, is boo. it's a story about the baby whose parents moved home to just escape all the people and wanted to bring her up in uncrowded waters near the surf. but it asks, what will boo face in our world when she gets older? finally, look at "the national". this is also in the united arab emirates. again, 7 billion, the figure, and it talks about, kyra, the population of the world is growing and different countries. >> ed to find solutions to different strains on power,
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food, water, and resources around the world. because that's really the question. are we going to run out of resources to support 7 billion people? >> zain verjee, it's really hard to kind of wrap your mind around that number. but i'm glad my twins got to contribute to it. and i'm stopping there, by the way. thanks, zain. we want to remind you once again we are monitoring an event at washington, d.c., at this think tank. herman cain will be speaking live. and this comes just after he faces allegations of sexual harassment. we'll see if he's going to take any questions from those within the crowd. we're monitoring that, and we'll bring it to you live. and jetblue passengers spent eight hours stranded on the snowy tarmac with little food, little war, and backed up bathrooms. >> they're filled. nobody can go in them anymore. you just have to hold it. >> if you think passengers sound frustrated, just wait until you hear from the pilot.
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(rawhen an investmentrsation) thlacks discipline, armacist it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. live pictures of republican candidate herman cain now. these are live pictures as they are getting technical things worked out there at the think tank in washington. as you know, we have been waiting to hear after he faces new questions about sexual
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harassment if indeed he's going to answer to that. let's listen in. >> really wanted to scare people tonight. who would you dress up as? >> it has to be one of my political opponents. >> let's say one of your republican opponents. president obama would be a lay-up on that one. >> that is a trick question. i believe i would go as ron paul. >> ok. so mr. cain, you have talked a lot in the debates about how business experience is different from political experience. and maybe preferable now. i wonder if you could talk a little bit about how you think your business experience has influenced the design of 9-9-9 and might even help you take something that's a pretty ambitious plan and help it become law. >> in business, you make sure that you identify the problem,
9:17 am
and you identify the right problem, and in business, you figure out a solution to the problem. you don't develop a half solution. you don't develop a safe solution. you develop the solution to the probl problem. dollar therein lies the difference between a businessman and a politician. when i went to godfather's pizza, its parent company, pillsbury, had already decided that godfather's was going to go bankrupt. but i didn't get the memo. i didn't know it was supposed to go bankrupt. so i did what i have always done, and what i will also do as president. i went and talked to the people closest to the problem. i talked to customers. people working in the restaurants. managers. franchisees. suppliers. and they all gave me the same
9:18 am
message, although it was in different words, which was godfather's biggest problem was lack of focus. it was trying to do too much, too fast, with too little. i got it from the people closest to the problem. and so we put together our strategy based on eliminating three of the four crusts that they were trying to sell. that helped us to improve operations day-to-day. it made it easier for the people working in the restaurant to consistently provide the product. and we hammered on that strategy. so we simplified. maybe the simplification is what helped lead to 9-9-9. secondly, when we did introduce a new product because we had sagging sales, we needed to give customers and new customers a
9:19 am
reason to come back to godfather's. they had left us. so we developed a new product called big value, because in addition to being the quality alternative in the segment, we knew that we needed a value proposition to attract some of the people, but we didn't want to damage our quality image or to get everybody to convert over. it worked. so we developed a new product. simplified the operation. and that is how we solved the problem. and i happen to believe that that's what's missing in terms of how we go about things. that kind of thinking inspired 9-9-9. >> so were there any -- >> herman cain live, as he is having q&a here at a washington think tank, aei. they were promoting this as a talk about his 9-9-9 tax plan. but this morning as you know if you've been watching cnn he faces new questions of sexual harassment.
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we are told by his campaign that he will address those allegations somewhere within this q&a. so we are monitoring it for you. please stay with us, and we will bring you the latest developments on that story. meanwhile, a passenger bill of rights no help for jetblue passengers who spent eight hours stranded on a snowy tarmac with little food, little water, and backed up bathrooms. that's coming up. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪ the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. it's got tender white meat chicken. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you.
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let's look at some of the news from across the country. we start in ashton, kansas. searchers now looking for three people missing after a grain elevator exploded. three people were killed. that blast was so powerful that people could actually feel it
9:23 am
three miles away. no word on the cause. week three starts this morning in the trial of conrad murray. last week, an anesthesiologist told the jury that jackson probably died from drugs he gave himself. and the st. louis cardinals begin their reign as the world champs. the cards won their 11th world series title by beating the texas rangers in seven games. more than 100 jetblue passengers spent eight hours stranded on a frozen tarmac. they were headed from ft. lauderdale to newark, usually an uneventful two-hour trip. but throw in a freak snowstorm, and it's a whole different story. the plane actually got diverted to hartford, connecticut. people were trapped onboard with little food and water, backed up toilets, and very little fresh air. but no one may have been more
9:24 am
frustrated than the pilot. take a listen to this. i think everybody loves to have a pilot like that. mary, you now work for a law firm that sues airlines. you're joining us via skype from charleston. that's what we're talking about. that's the type of advocate we need. it's unbelievable, the pilot had to ask for a tug and a toe bar. -- and a tow bar.
9:25 am
>> that is the kind of advocate we need. unfortunately in the aviation business, that kind of take charge attitude and advocacy is often not rewarded. and unfortunately, in situations for these jetblue passengers, that was really the only way they were going to get out of it. and the government fines as you know will go right to the government. it's not like the new $3,000 to $5,000 per person fines will help these poor people who were stranded. but jetblue will get fined, without a doubt. >> what should have happened? immediately, especially -- what should have happened before the pilot even got to that point of frustration? >> well, what they have to do is first of all i think when this sorts out is they simply didn't have enough personnel there. but that's the airline's fault. this happened to jetblue a couple of years ago, there was a huge meltdown like this in detroit after an ice storm which started the passenger bill of rights movement. what has to happen, they have to get the planes to the gate and then move them or bring stairs
9:26 am
to the plane because these planes are obviously very large. it's not like small ones. it's big airbuss that jetblue flies. and then they have to keep moving the planes. what the airlines don't want to do is tug those planes around like the pilot was saying until they fill them back up with people and get them back out. but that is exactly what this passenger's bill of rights was supposed to stop. it was supposed to force the airlines to get on the stick, move the empty plane, and get the next one at the gate. that's what they don't like to do because it costs them money. >> it does cost money. and just to be specific, because we jotted down just what that bill of rights is supposed to do, it says after a two-hour delay, which that's a long time actually, passengers must be given food, water, access to medicine, and toilets must be clean. then after three hours, passengers have the option to get off the plane. so what the heck happened here? i mean, you can't get more clear than that. >> you can't get more clear than that. and literally what jetblue was
9:27 am
saying is executives were saying, we're going to pay the fines. it's going to just, you know, the situation we're going to pay the fines and keep on doing what we're doing. and so i would imagine that there will be people on the hill and congress looking at why these sanctions aren't strict enough. and i think passengers need to get some of that remuneration as well. right now the money all goes to the government. and the poor passengers are stranded. they have suffered for eight to 12 hours and have no recourse really other than a lawsuit. >> and you made the point that the airline will be punished. it will pay the fines. and just for sake of balance here, jetblue did give us a statement. basically it's blaming it on a confluence of circumstances. getting all the flights deplaned at the same time in a small airport is not unlike trying to get an elephant into a smart car. it's not an easy fit. we will follow what happens to the airline. mary, thanks. >> thank you. herman cain is going to get some pretty tough questions
9:28 am
today about sexual harassment allegations. his campaign has hit some other bumps in the road and survived, even flourished. so will this be more damaging? we'll ask our will cain and l.z. grandson. they're coming up. t speeds. t speeds. ♪ yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year
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top stories now. more than 2.4 million people are without power after a snowstorm buried the northeast. at least five deaths are linked to that storm. it dumped more than two feet of snow in some areas. and another bombing in afghanistan today. six people killed in kandahar, the latest violence following saturday's suicide bombing in kabul where nine americans were among those killed. and nato's military mission in libya officially ends today. the bombing campaign began in march to protect civilians targeted by the gadhafi regime. we know herman cain has said several things that he's had to dial back on or even clarify from his campaign ad with the
9:32 am
smoker and his stance on abortion to his idea for a lethal border fence. he called that a joke. well, now there's sexual harassment allegations. they might be a little trickier to explain. our contributors lz granderson and will cain have their takes on this. lz, what do you think of his response? >> for a guy who has no problem talking and saying it like it is and telling it like it is and knows all this information about how, you know, planned parenthood started and whether
9:33 am
or not president obama's black enough, why not just answer the question, dude? it's a yes or no question. just answer the question. this is just politics as usual, and now he's just being exposed as the politician that he actually is. >> will, why didn't he get out in front of this? his campaign had several days. >> i don't know the answer to that, kyra. i think we might see him try to do that soon. we should tap the brakes just a tad on this. it was only a couple of months ago that dominique strauss-kahn was accused of things that it's unclear that he did. we like to jump on these stories very early and often very wrongly. that being said, if the story does prove to be true, herman cain needs to address it immediately and up front. i think that's the only way for him to not have this story be a deal killer for him. because, you know, we don't know how these things play out. it killed john edwards' campaign, but it didn't do anything to bill clinton's campaign. deal with it up front and we'll see how it comes out. >> will, do you think he did deal with it up front? it seemed like he got a little
9:34 am
uncomfortable. there was muttering going on. and he looked at the reporter and said, have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? >> he clearly did not deal with it right up front, right away. and i'm going to answer this question and i'm going to be honest, i'm not a strategist. have you plenty of people around here to do that. but what he did do is he ran a line that will probably work with a lot of people. a story chockful of anonymous sources that he can say is the mainstream media establishment coming after him will probably play well with the gop base at first. but if it continues to bounce around, and if the sources come out, and if it's clear it's true, then he's got to change that tack quickly. >> here's what anne coulter said on fox news. take a listen. >> it's outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative. this is another high-tech lynching. it's not groping. it's not touching. it's not demanding sex. it's that he had remarks they found inappropriate. one is that he had inappropriate
9:35 am
gestures that were not overtly sexual. well, what were they, then? this is an outrageous attack on a black conservative who is doing extremely and i think will be our vice presidential candidate. >> lz, high-tech lynching. is he right? >> you know, she should talk about hype. she's all about hype. here's the thing. it's not about whether or not herman cain can survive this. this is about a man who went to the christian broadcasting network, said he was called by god to run for president of the united states and likened himself to moses. when that is your calling, you shouldn't be playing political games with a conversation like this. you should be able to say i did not do anything to violate my wife's trust. he didn't say that. he played politics. this isn't about a lynching. this is about him either being a hypocrite or not. just man up, herman. if you did it, say it. if you didn't, say that. but these politics is just making you look like a politician. >> will, he might get a talk show. but what about a gop ticket as vice presidential candidate?
9:36 am
>> that's back to the strategy, kyra. that depends on how he handles it. i don't know if this will kill his campaign or not. i would just caution against all of this certainty. ann coulter is very certainly that this is a smear campaign, and lz sounds dangerously certain to feeling that cain has something to apologize for. i say we might want to find out if this thing is true. >> if someone says have you been accused of sexual harassment, it's yes or no. there's no high-tech anything about that question. >> as you can see, the conversation will continue off-line. will, lz, we'll be talking more. and we'll also see what herman cain has to say as he is speaking live right now at a think tank in washington. we'll see if he addresses these allegations. mitt romney has been in the public eye for so long. we know all about his politic, his history, his family. but his history with the mormon church, he keeps that a little quieter. we're talking about his time as a missionary just ahead. i've bex for several years now.
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more than 100 jetblue passengers spent eight hours stranded on a frozen tarmac. they were headed from ft. lauderdale to newark, usually an uneventful two-hour trip. but with the freak snowstorm, it's a total different story. the plane was diverted to hartford, connecticut, and passengers were trapped onboard with little food, water, and backed up toilets and very little fresh air, by the way. andrew carter was a passenger on that flight. he also happens to be a reporter for "the sun sentinel" and is joining me on the phone. you're probably writing an opinion piece this morning, andrew. >> i did. did you enjoy that? >> yes. why does that not surprise me? >> it was one of those crazy flight stories. have i always heard those stories and write about them and have seen them on shows like y'all do, and now i finally have my own. hopefully it's my only one. >> well, i hope so too. and i'm sure you know that this happened back in 2007. the passenger bill of rights was
9:41 am
triggered because of that. in any way, shape, or form, were you guys given just an ounce of those bill of rights or was this just total chaos? >> no. i mean, and, you know, to be honest with you, i haven't exactly read that bill of rights. but i was on twitter sending out updates to people. and various folks were getting back to me about the bill of rights and sending me things to read. and it was a topic we were talking about onboard, you know, among ourselves, just the fact that there are supposed to be laws against this. people were referencing that '07 jetblue flight. we were definitely aware there were supposed to be some rights in place for us. there were supposed to be some laws to prevent this kind of thing from happening. but there was no acknowledgment of that from the flight crew. you know, you bring that up to the flight attendants, and it was kind of a moot point. you know, there was just not much information and not much we could do other than just kind of
9:42 am
sit there. >> so let me ask you this, andrew. we heard a recording from the pilot. and he was pretty ticked off. he even was telling control that, you know, give him some metal and he'll make the crowbar himself and pull you guys in. i mean, he was pretty irritated. so while he was frustrated, was any other member of the flight crew doing anything to make you feel better, to explain, to help with -- i saw pictures that you took of babies that were onboard. i mean, did you get anything? >> not really. i mean, i should note that i thought the flight crew did the best they could in a bad situation. i did think that the pilot or the captain rather, captain thompson, was very upset. he seemed that way. they seemed like they genuinely cared. i don't think any of those folks wanted to be stuck onboard either. i thought they did the best they could. there just wasn't much they could do. i think they were getting bad information from the folks inside the airport.
9:43 am
i think the people at jetblue and the corporate office weren't giving them any insight or direction. and really there was much not, i don't think, that the flight crew could have done better. there wasn't much they could do. they ran out of food. they ran out of water. they try to do their best to comfort passengers who were upset. a few people broke down and were crying. and you mentioned the fact there were babies onboard and other young children who were upset during this whole thing. and i think that the flight crew did the best they could. my real frustration lies with the airport and the folks up high in jetblue who really kind of left us hanging there for a while. >> we're going to investigate and find out what exactly happened. i know you're getting ready to board a flight now. what airline are you flying? >> jetblue. >> oh, my gosh, andrew. >> it can't happen twice in a row, right? >> well, yeah. we'll find out when we read the paper tomorrow morning if indeed you had another bad experience. best of luck, andrew. thanks for calling in. >> all right. thanks for having me. >> you bet. nearly 20 years after her death, a new book is shedding
9:44 am
new light on the murder of nicole brown simpson. chris jenner's memoir was previewed actually on radar this weekend. in the book, kris jenner actually says she could have saved her best friend's life. what exactly does he mean by that? >> well, kyra, according to her new memoir, kris jenner thinks if she had only gotten together with brown simpson the morning before she was killed the murder might never have happened. jenner says that brown simpson called her the morning before her death and asked her to come over for an important talk. jenner says she was too busy with her kids and asked if they could get together the next day. by then, of course, it was too late. and nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman were dead, and the nation's fascination of course with the oj simpson case was just beginning. jenner thinks that brown simpson actually wanted to give her some proof that oj had been abusing her and she writes about how she's felt guilty ever since then, and of course one bit of irony here, kyra, is that jenner's ex-husband, the late
9:45 am
robert kardashian, was one of the attorneys of course who helped oj earn his not guilty verdict in the murder trial. >> and now we're hearing about a possible lawsuit from singer taylor swift over some topless photos. >> yeah. swift is a little ticked off. and i can understand why. she is reportedly threatening to sue a tabloid website for posting and linking topless photos who her. just to be clear here, taylor swift is saying the pictures aren't here. we're not in one of those, what the heck was she thinking scenarios. some topless pictures of a woman who looks like swift were posted on a website called celebrity jihad. well, according to tmz, swift's lawyers told the site it's running false pornographic images and a false news story about the singer, and if the pictures and the story aren't removed, they are going to sue for trademark infringement. taylor swift i believe 100% did not pose for topless photos, kyra. it's just not her way. >> well, she writes about bad
9:46 am
break-ups. my guess is the next big hit will be about the bad photos. >> exactly. >> she's write being it right now. aj hammer, thanks. and aj will be back with us next hour with more showbiz headlines. coming up, after setting a new record, popular singer adele is forced to cancel the rest of her 2011 concert tour to have surgery. aj will have all the details. and mitt romney has long been a top tier gop candidate. that means we know his politics and his voting history. but what about his time as a mormon missionary? coming up. we're tracking romney's journey of faith. college when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus,
9:47 am
containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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9:49 am
ok. we are just over a year away from election 20123. and at this point, you know mitt romney the candidate, the former massachusetts governor, the man who helped rewrite his state's health care policy, the guy with the salt and pepper hair who has consistently been near the top of the polls. but how much do we really know about mitt romney the mormon, the missionary? cnn producer and writer jessica writes about it in a piece called the shaping of a cas candidate, the shaping of his faith journey. and i saw the email that you
9:50 am
knock back from the romney campaign. and you wanted to discuss this issue with them. and it says, what makes no sense to me is how you continue to push forward in writing about governor romney's faith journey when we've made it clear in every way possible that this is not a story we want to participate way possible that this is not a story we want to participate in. this comes from the spokesperson, andrea saul. why are they trying to avoid this it story? >> since mitt romney got into politics when he first ran against ked kennedy in massachusetts, he's made a real effort to keep his faith in the background. he just doesn't want to be seen as being different. and whenever people don't understand a faith they kind of demonize it or make it it seem weird. so they've really tried to keep faith in the background. my argument to the campaign was, this it would be a way to lift the veil of secrecy and give kind of a picture of mitt romney as a man and just what has shaped the person he is today. and his mormonism is very. of a part of who he is. >> i do an incredible job of
9:51 am
doing that. you talk to a number of his friends who have known him for years. you talked to him for those who went on a mission with him had. it does it shape them and their character. i pulled out a part you wrote, this coming through his friends, that romney delivered sermons,s counselled couples, made midof the night hospital runs, weighed well fare needs to immigrants and others and showed up at the homes of latter-day saints in need of help, taking on tasks such as removing bees nests. you really give an insight to not just a presidential candidate but a very decent human being. >> right. well, what you just read is when he was a bishop and stake president in boston. for 12 years he was volunteering his time as a church leader while climbing a corporate ladder, you know. so that was on top of everything else he was doing at bain &
9:52 am
company. while he was in the mission field for 2 1/2 years he gave his life to spread what mormon issism is all good b. >> and he was criticized for it it. you write he was forced to face challenges, rejection. romney was no stranger to doors being slammed in his face or getting his behind kicked while heading down apartment stairwells. this really forces someone to be mature and to grow and to -- >> yeah. not easy. and he's in france, that was fiercely secular. this is during the vietnam war where anti-american sentiment was huge in france. and so, you know, he's getting beaten up while he's out trying to spread his message and, while he was there, he ended up being in a fatal car accident where he was driving a car and, no fault of his own, there was a head-on collision and the person next to him was killed. and from that he was a guy who rose up from adversity and ended up rallying the troops and kind
9:53 am
of getting everyone back on track. you know, it's a lot for a 21-year-old to be going through. so, you know, i think it kind of set the tone for the type of person he would become when he came back to the united states. >> i'm curious what the campaign would tell you now that the piece is out. jessica, thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> you can read jessica's ine tire piece online, go to look for the shaping of a candidate, a look at mitt romney's faith journey.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
well, as we were telling you at the top of the hour, herman cain, being accused of sexual ha hass ras the. th harass the. this it was a story on politico. the news broke, we've been talking about it since early this morning. we were given word he was going to be speaking live at a washington think tank aei. we weren't sure if he would address the sexual harassment claims. we were told by his campaign at some had point he would 00 dress it it. just a moment ago he was asked about it it. i'm being told that we will have
9:57 am
that moment for you herman cain being asked about the sexual harassment allegations. he refused to talk about it. however, his campaign does say he's going to address it it at some point today. we'll wait and see. we'll take a quick break and be right back. i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth!
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9:59 am
just moments ago, republican
10:00 am
candidate herm hadden cain refusing to address allegations of sexual harassment. this is the live event taking place right now. he's speaking to a think tank in washington, d.c. now, according to politico, two women filed complaints against the gop candidate in the 1990s, joe johns joining us now with more details about the story that politico broke. and, joe, we were told by the campaign that he was going to address these allegations, but when he was asked about it just moments ago it at the think tank here, he said he refused to answer that question. here's that moment. >> as you're well aware, there's a big cloud right now affecting your ability to get this out, which is this story in politico, and i was just wondering if you could clear it it up for us right now, that you -- >> i think that question is kind of -- that question is inconsistent with the grounds rules that we have.
10:01 am
>> one final statement. >> i'm sorry. i really -- he's going to be at the press club today. >> i'm going by the ground rules that my hosts have set. >> he's going by the groundru rules that his host had settle. what is your take? it's what you would expect. the american enterprise institute had a number of questions they wanted to cover and as far as they're concerned, that's what they want to talk about right now. we do nknow herman cain is supposed to speak at the national press club here in washington, d.c., a little bit later today, and at that time he said he'll go ahead and take the arrows, that's his word, from the media apparently on this issue and any other issue that people want to talk about. meanwhile, though, the herman cain campaign, keira, continues to issue denials on this sort of story of the morning. one of those denials coming from mark block, the cain chief of
10:02 am
staff earlier on msnbc block saying cain has never harassed anyone period, which is interesting, however, not a precise response to the story that's been reported by politico. what politico reported was that cain allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior, unwanted behavior, the assertion that some of this was sexually suggestive and that the behavior made the women in question who witnessed it ak angry and uncomfortable and that the result was the women left the national restaurant association where cain worked and there was some type of financial settlement and a nondisclosure agree the. so in the strictest sense, it it's not quite sure the words "sexual harassment" may have ended up in any settlement suggested here. block, the chief of staff, has been plain in saying he's confident all parts of the story in politico are incorrect, that the story is not true.
10:03 am
do we have that audio? can we just run that now? >> he said, emphatically, the story's not true, bring me some facts, bring me my accuser. and that's really the way we should handle this in today's society. >> so there you have it from the campaign chief of staff, but what would be more helpful is a blanket denial from herman cain himself stating there was no unwanted behavior, no sexually suggestive behavior, that there was no settlement or nondisclosure agreement, keira. >> all right. joe, also, too, earlier this morning we did have a quick back-and-forth from a reporter who asked him about those allegations and he didn't answer a yes or no, he didn't give a direct response. he just looks looked at the reporter and said, have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? what's your take here? he's still atop the polls in iowa with mitt romney. do you think there's enough here
10:04 am
that could cause problems in his campaign? this a guy known for no nonsense, direct responses to pretty much everything he's asked. how will this play out? >> politically, that's the big problem, keira. as you know, time and time again, cain has been asked questions and he's often given very blunt responses, if you will, off the cuff, if you will, very spontaneous. now to start parsing words or whatever, if that's what's going on behind the scenes, is a real problem for herman cain. so, you know, we'll wait to see what he has to say. hopefully, at the press club today, and see if this thing gets cleared p up. but the bottom line, the answer to your question is, if these women who have apparently made these allegations according to politico come forward and start talking about them publicly, that's a completely different ball game. but until that time, it's hard to see how this it story really affects him.
10:05 am
>> real quickly, i'm going to the home page, do you know what time the national press club, what time he's supposed to speak? >> 12:15, 12:30 i think is the time, after lunch is over and they actually begin with the speeches. that's my recollection. haven't done it for a while. >> okay. i'm looking it it up here. we'll track it it and i'll try to get that information because, of course, we'll be tracking that as well and see if he says anything at that time. joe johns, thanks so much. all right, well, across much of the northeast, the workweek begins under a blanket of snow and a lot of misery from maryland to maine, the freak snowstorm dumped more than two feet of snow in many areas, shattering records for the amount that normally falls in the entire month of october. >> the roads are slick, it it's heavy. it was nonstop all night. >> we have no heat, no, like, electric, no nothing. >> yeah. we lost power around 6:00 yesterday in kandia, trying to fill the generator again so we
10:06 am
can have heat. >> more than 2.4 million homes and businesses are still without power. those outages are scattered across five states now. we're covering all the angles. cnn meteorologist chad myers is in york, pennsylvania, then reynolds wolf here in our severe weather center. chad, i'll start with you. set the scene for us this morning. >> reporter: the scene, as it it's always been, as it's been since friday, take you to the ridge line. there is the issue, those trees still have leaves on them. this snowstorm happ if this it snowstorm happened 30 days from now, this would be no big deal. the problem is, this snow was so heavy that when it it collectioned collection -- collected on the trees, with the leaves on the branches, it it weighed down. people are without power. they're weathering the storms inside their homes.
10:07 am
talked to people in wyndham hills earlier. it it was 60 degrees in their house last night, very, very cold as temperatures went back down to 25 last night. now the sun is out thirngss are going great. the problem is we're in a triage situation with these power lines now. if the power companies can get 100 people put back up online and back up on the grid with one line, they're going to work on that line. if you're that one person with one line and all you're going to do is get that one house connected, you'll be the last one to get connected. they trying to prioritize and if you're just that one for one, you're on the bottom the pole. it it will take a very long time, some spots they're saying a week from now to get power completely back up. >> okay, chad. we'll keep talking. we've been talking about this as a freak snowstorm so, reynolds wolf, how freakish is it for it to happen this time of year in october? >> well, really, the timing of it is really the bad thing. just as chad mentioned, one of
10:08 am
the big issues is the leaves with plenty of foliage, it it gives the moisture, that cold air to adhere, the ice and snow, too. the issue is, you have a tree maybe 40 feet in height with the heavy snowstorm, with the snow freezing to the branches, it can add about four tons, up to four tons, of weight to the branches. the brafrnls break and then it you have the power outages. speaking of the snow, take a look the this. just an atmospheric bull's eye, a blast of heavy snow, heaviest of which in the area shaded in blue. some of the worst spots in terms of the heavy snow was in places like new hampshire and back into vermont. in fact, we take a look at some of our snowfall totals, voila you,afterr jaffrey, new hampshir 30 inches, in new york, again, well in excess of a foot or so. in a few other places, not quite as interesting in terms of the amount of snowfall but just the idea they had snow plain and
10:09 am
simple, especially in central park, new york, which marks the first recorded october snowfall above an inch. now, we do anticipate a lot of the snow is going to going going going fairly soon because tomorrow, notice this high temperatures going up to 55 degrees in albany, buffalo 60 degrees your high tomorrow. enjoy it because we're only a few weeks away from winter kicking in in earnest. atlantic city, tomorrow the high 6055 60, 55 in providence. but as chad said, days and days beforeis restored. in connecticut, a jetblue plane was stuck on a tarmac for eight hours. two passengers had medical conditions, a screaming baby, no working toilets. listen to how the pilot was pleading for help from the tower. >> i've got a it truck over here. i'm not sure who all the players are back there in the back, but
10:10 am
it looks like they've got it covered medically. my priority right now is a tug and a tow bar. if you just get me a welding shop i'll be willing to make one myself. >> jetblue subjected its passengers to a similar ordeal in 2007, and that actually inspired the passenger bill of rights. it says that after a two-hour delay passengers must be given food, water, access to medicine, and clean working toilets. jetblue could now face some pretty hefty fines. president obama welcomes former british prime minister tony blair this morning. the white house isn't saying much about what they'll be talking about. let's go to white house correspondent brianna keilar. maybe she'll have insight, maybe speculation. might be talking about the middle east peace process? have you heard anything, brianna? >> reporter: it it's a private meeting, but we do know they'll be discussing a range of issues, what a white house official tells me.
10:11 am
yes he, expect them to discuss the middle east. mr blair is the envoy for the quarter group of nations trying to make peace process between israel and palestinians, last week failed to hit the mark they were aiming for, which was reviving direct talks. mr. blair was involved in separate talks with the israelis and palestinians in jer use legal. that was certainly a setback. between that and the arab spring and the implications it it has for mideast peace, mr. blair and the president have a lot to talk about. >> he's also signing an executive order to help the economy. what's that for? >> reporter: this one has to do with prescription drugs. he's able to go around convict gegsal action. it it would compel the fda -- pardon me. that's the sound of jobs at the white house. i'm sure you can hear the construction noise. it it would compel the fda to address sm prescription drug
10:12 am
shortages. it it's part of a big effort we've seen, keira, not just on things like drugs but on education issues like no child left behind, addressing jobs the same way last week with jobs for veterans and certainly doing it on housing as well, keira. >> brianna, i can see the halloween decorations there at the white house behind you and a few scary noises from the tow trucks. thanks, brianna. the world may seem a bit larger today. that's because the u.n. the world's population will hit 7 billion people. zain virgie is here. i guess the headlines are talking about the symbolic number. >> hi, keira. they have let's go straight to gulf news in the united arab emirates. this is the headline, pretty predictable. it says 7 billion. it says now it's time for governments to assess whether they have the right policies in
10:13 am
place to do things like improving the environment, create jobs, protect natural resources because we've hit this number. look at new zealand's paper, how many people will boo share the beach with? it it's kind of a cute, fun story, this is boo, a baby temporarily named, and it's about the parents who moved home to kind of escape all the people around them and they just want to bring her up in more uncrowded waters by the beach and teach her how to surf. but the questions raised in this article is, what is she going to face when she grows up? finally the national in the uae, also the number 7 billion grabbing the headline. kei keira, it it talks about how the country needs to push for solutions to strains that they're going to face over the coming years because of the population growth on things like power, food, water, and just generally resources around the world. the u.n. is saying that in 2050 we're going to hit 9 billion, keira.
10:14 am
so it really is going to put a big strain on our -- >> i'm sure we'll be talking about it again. hopefully one day you'll be contributing to that number, zain virgie. >> i hope so, too. >> all right. >> more on that later. >> yeah, stay tune edtuned. prosecutors in the trial of michael jackson's doctor will grill the star witness for the defense. that story coming up. and would you pack your bags and move to pittsburgh for 100,000 bucks? the city is making that offer to the right person. it might be you.
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
you know, we've been talking about herman cain and the story that politico broke and he's being accused of sexual had harass the and some filings that were made by some women who worked with him in the '90. he was speaking live at a think tank in washington, d.c., and he was asked specifically about those allegations and he didn't answer. he refused to answer. however, at the end of the q & a with those at the think tank, he didn't reference these allegations of sexual misconduct, but he just sort of ad libed these remarks as he was leavetiing the room. take a listen. >> by the way, folks, yes, i am an unconventional candidate and, yes, i do have a sense of humor, and some people have a problem with that. but, to quote my chief of staff and all of the people that i've
10:18 am
talked to around this country, herman be herman. and herm hadden an is going to herman. >> just want to make the point again, he didn't reference the sexual misconduct allegations. he was just leaving those parting thoughts. so you can make of it as you will. we will obviously follow herman cain throughout the day because we are told that he will, his campaign did tell us he will directly discuss those allegations possibly, maybe, at the national press luncheon in d.c., which happens about 12:30 eastern time. he's set to talk about there national press club about 1:00 eastern time. we'll be monitoring it. we'll bring you the latest. all right. there's a lot of reasons to love pittsburgh, the steelers, the war whole museum, carnegie mellon university, here's another good reason. the city is offering the right
10:19 am
person $100,000 just to move there. we have a civic leader in pittsburgh with us. tell me, besides the football, the great university, what's this contest all about? >> keira, pittsburgh has gone through some dramatic changes in the last 30 years, and it's -- national geographic just ranked it it as one of the top 20 destinations in the world, the only other place in california was sonoma valley. it's pretty good competition. we've been ranked the most livable city in america by economists, by "forbes," by yahoo, rated as one of the best place s to retire, best places o raise a family, one of the best places for a college grad. so this is just one way to get people to take another look at pittsburgh and a little teaser. >> tell me how the contest is going to work.
10:20 am
>> the contest is open to anybody 45 years or older that has not lived in the city for ten years, have to live more than it 100 miles outside the city. >> why 45 and oerlder and why 1 miles or more outside the city? >> well, we want to get people to move to pittsburgh to take a look at pittsburgh. actually, in the latest census pittsburgh is doing pretty good with young people. showing a pretty significant increase in young people, ages 18 to 25, but we think older people bring experience, they bring dreams, they bring wisdom it and some good ideas, and we want them to come and join the young people that are already here and give some great opportunities to the city. >> all right. we'll see what happens. hopefully talk with the winners as well, fred teeman, we'll see if anyone bites. thanks for joining us this
10:21 am
morning. >> thank you. big banks and big business. is there a business element creeping into the occupy wall street movement? p poppy harlow takes a look. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. it's true. you never forget your first subaru.
10:22 am
10:23 am
we're going "in depth" on the occupy movement, while it takes aim at big business, fat cat corporate types and big banks, there's money to be made on all of those shirts you see. here's our poppy harlow. >> reporter: you know what those are? they're trademark applications for this movement, occupy wall street. and this guy over here, you see him? he's one of the folks trying to trademark it. >> i made these t-shirts just a
10:24 am
few on the first day, then i made about 20 on the second day, and then it i realized that it's not very healthy to smell the fumes so i decided that i should get in touch with a silk screener. >> reporter: why trademark it? >> well, because when you start to go into a large order, you have to make a large investment and there's the chance of being sued, the potential that went through my head, something of a potential business thing. >> reporter: amazon is full of merchandise with that slogan then there's ray agrazone, a self-title self-titled -- >> if it's workable, someone is going to trademark it. >> reporter: can anyone actually trademark occupy wall street? it's not a brand name, at least not yet. >> one would argue on the one hand it is just common words. it's in the public domain, just
10:25 am
descriptive. but it does have a little ring to it that may very well pass muster with with tthe trademark office. >> reporter: if you get this trademark, are you going to keep it or give it to occupy wall street? >> i will give it to whatever legal structure that they organize, and they can do what they feel is best for it. >> reporter: down at zu caughty park, there's pretty overwhelming sentiment against owning the occupy wall street trademark. >> i think it's unnecessary to trademark it. >> kind of is hypocritical. >> reporter: what attracted you to this movement? >> separate money from pol it ticks. >> reporter: but robert mareska incest insists he doesn't want to profit from it and wants to funnel the money back to the movement. how he plans to do that is another question. how do you think you could get the money that you might make off of this, if you get the trademark, how do you get it back to occupy wall street, if
10:26 am
that's your goal? how does that work? >> well, i don't -- i'm not going to say that i had this big giant business plan in my head. all i knew was i was getting sick off the smell of fumes. >> reporter: you said that you would sell the trademark if you get it to occupy wall street if that's possible for $1. >> for $1, yes. >> cool. sold! >> poppy joining us from new york now. poppy, this guy you spoke with, how is he actually giving up making money off this movement? >> i think it's yet to be seen. if he gets a trademark, it will be a few months keira before he knows whether he gets it or not, he says, i don't want to profit off it at all. i'm going to give the money back toovement. he would have to figure out how to sell the trademark to the entity or funnel the money through probably the alliance for global justice, washington, d.c. based nonprofit. >> poppy, i'm so sorry. we've got an issue with your aud audio. go to and take a look at poppy's piece, the
10:27 am
trademark battle. poppy, we'll try and get a better connection to you. meanwhile, we've got a live event going on right now. this just in -- major league baseball has just tweeted that three-time world series champion manager tony la russa is announcing his retirement. do we want to take a listen to this, guys? let's listen in. >> the fact that ma grau is a legendary figure, i kind of like the fact he's second. >> could you talk about the mood last night after athe meeting with the players? was it short? was it extended? >> we did it it pretty quickly. i said something and bill and mo said something. i thought it was pretty short. >> he just made the announce the. of course, his team found out late last night but he's holding a live presser now. the champion manager announcing his retirement right now from major league baseball. jon huntsman's daughter spoofed a herman cain ad and they got 150,000 views on youtube.
10:28 am
should the former utah governor tap into his daughter's popularity? our political buzz panel sounds off. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. we've been dedicated to helping our students succeed in america's most in demand careers. we provide you with instructors who are professionals working in the fields they teach. it's an education designed for today, from a university that holds the same level
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10:31 am
. just last hour, herman cain refused to answer questions about allegations of sexual harassment while speaking at a d.c. think tank. according to politico, two women filed complaints in the '90s against him. here's how he responded to a reporter who broke the story. >> i'm not going to comment about two people who you won't tell me who they are. okay? i'm not going to comment on that because, you know, i think that that is one of those kinds of things that -- >> answer yes or no. >> have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? >> well, the cain campaign issued a denial after that
10:32 am
exchange. now, political buzz of course is going to talk about this. it's our rapid fire look at the political topics of the day. herman cain is one of them. playing today, maria cardona, will cain and dana loesh. first question, as you just heard, herman cain fighting these allegations of inappropriate behavior toward a pair of women while he was president of the national restaurant association. what do you think, maria? can he survive? >> well, it's certainly possible. let's remember that bill clinton viefed the jennifer flowers allegations and arnold schwarzenegger survived the allegations when he was running as governor. as a communications professional, this is so flabbergasting every time i see it. if it's true, get it out yourself and get it out now. don't let it trickle. if it's false -- and here's where i see the ekwif occasion -- then do a blanket denial and say it didn't happen, categorical denial. say it's not true.
10:33 am
that's where the problem is. >> will? >> the question is, can he sur it? the' answer obviously ask yes. a, it it's full of unnamed sources and we have no idea whether the story is true or not. that's one reason he can survive it. secondly, if he does what maria suggested and gets out in front of him, this thing will be behind him in the news cycle in a matter of weeks. we're not talking about rick perry's ranch anymore. and third we've seen many politicia politicians, whether it's schwarzenegger, clinton, survive these accusations. they haven't proven to be campaign killers. yes, he can survive. >> dana? >> i think it's really early to -- we need to wait to see what happens first. this is a very poorly sourced article and i think herman cain deserves to face his accusers, number one. number two there's a lot of variableses in the story that don't make a lot of sense, the small subtlety, why the story has been around sense the '90s and it's only coming out now. i think it's incredibly
10:34 am
interesting this story comes out on monday after a story about how romney doesn't want to do any national media anymore. i find it all very suspicious. the bottom line is we've had john edwards, bill clinton and veer baker with obama and they survived. >> listen to this. >> i have no intention on doing it. nobody's particularly asked me to do it and they know what i'm doing and i have no plans whatsoever to do it. if no one does ask paul to run, should he do it? will? >> no. ron paul ran for president, what, in 1988? his relationship since then with republican party has been mutually beneficial. he has moved from somebody you would not remember in history, does anybody remember bob barr or any of the other libertarian candidates to someone highly influential in the republican party. he's moved entire -- to run on a
10:35 am
third party now would simply set all of that behind and kill the republican kand sacandidacy no who he is. >> as a democrat he pray he runs, yes, ron paul run as a third party. imagine how incredibly interesting that would be for all of us who do a lot of political commenting. i think it would be cat nip for the immediate meade area, catnip for all of us. as a democrat, yes, please, run, ron paul. we would love it. >> dana? >> well, i've been one who's always been against the idea of a third party. i like to just consume from within like a cancerous tumor. that being said, i think it would be incredibly dangerous because not only would you lose the white house, but you would also run the risk of losing a chance to capture a senate majority and possibly maintain a house majority because the nominee's coat tails are the things upon which all the candidates ride upon. i think it would endanger that. >> your buzzer beater, 50 seconds each. jon huntsman's daughters are spoofing herman cain's famous
10:36 am
ad, the one that shows the chiefs of staff smoking. >> we strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive america's economy and create jobs. even if we didn't believe that, we'd still have to be here. >> his daughters eclipsing their father? dana? >> i think every candidate's daughter wants to be in the limelight at some point and they all want to be the gore daughters of the '90s. >> i thought the original one one was more hysterical than the paro parody. >> unfortunately, i think they are overshadowing the father. here's what i think jon huntsman should be, quit the race and go be their manager. they're incredibly talented, beautiful, funny. that's a winning combination. that's what he needs to do. >> will is shaking his head. >> i find this it incredibly
10:37 am
frustration traiting. they're contributing to the death of their father's campaign. jon huntsman's campaign is so frustrating because substantively he's one of the most conservative candidates but he's died by style. he tells bad joiks, puts out motorcycle commercials and continuously tries to be cool. all of it adds up to condescending. >> okay, i don't mean -- i know we only have a few seconds but i'm seeing that dana and will had the big tweet battle going on here. looks like dana d-- >> i don't want to talk about it. >> will all about texas rangers. maria, you want to weigh in? >> sorry, will, about your rangrange ers. >> it this like two or three times in a lifetime sports depression. >> sorry, will. >> got to love it. >> one pitch. twice. >> you got a team, maria? >> cardinals! come on, maria! you can say it.
10:38 am
>> i know. okay, yes, cardinals! a lot of my colleagues were for the cardinals. >> easy to say now! still ahead, why home prices have yet to hit rock bottom. and half tonight, kids across the country may be making an extra trip to the dentist, but they won't be getting a checkup. they're actually going to be getting paid. phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
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so how about supporting our troops to prevent cavity snz hey, it's easier than floss, right? and it's a great idea. dentists around the country are actually buying back your kids' halloween candy, $1 per pound. so in exchange for all that sugar in your kids' mouth are men and women overseas get a pretty sweet care package. faith bates is one of the dentists participating in operation gratitude how can we participate? you can go online and find out where it's happening.
10:42 am
>> absolutely. you can go online and put in your zip code and you should be able to find a dentist in your area participating in the program. you should get those details for your specific area. what we're doing at our office is, you can bring your candy on wednesday from 2:00 to 5:00, which is in it the vining smyrna area. we will accept the candy, send to it to operation gratitude where they put together the packages for troops. >> we're looking at the web site right there. how do you convince, faith, a kid to given up their halloween candy? what's the trick? >> well, i tell you what, a lot of times at my office we talk very, very frankly about sugar bugs. and i paint the picture that the sugar bugses are there in your mouth and they are ready to go to town with all the candy putting in there. i have graphic pictures where they can see what the damage can be with all the candy that they eat. so i get them on board very quickly and they don't want those sugar bugs staying in
10:43 am
their mouth nor eating all that candy. so i tell them, pick a few, choose just a few nice treats, and then you can take the rest of it, bring it to us and we can say it thank you to our soldiers who are fighting for our country. >> and also you're putting in another layer and saying, hey, go ahead and write a letter to the troops as well. >> absolutely. >> this is the -- is this the first year you're participating? >> this is the first year we're participating. >> are you getting calls about it? >> we are. the response has been wonderful. all the parents coming in, the parents love it. they say, not only is it getting the candy out of the kids' mouths it's also getting it out of theirs because oftentimes they would also participate and eat all of that candy. and they're very excited. they are convincing their children, we're going to pick a few and then take the rest in. i'm actually surprised. i didn't know if we'd get people in. they're calling in. what time is it, dr. bates? so please, please bring it in and save your teeth. >> there you go. kids save money, it's good for
10:44 am
their teeth and our troops get a sweet care package there it is, halloween candy put in your zip code and help out our troops and our kids. next in showbiz, singer taylor swift says a nude photo posted on a web site is not her and she's demanding they take it down -- or else. i'm really glad we took this last minute trip!
10:45 am
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10:47 am
nearly 20 years after her death, a new book is shedding light on the murder of nicole brown simpson. chris general every's memoir was previewed on a.j. hammer has the details for us. in the book, kris jenner actually says she could have saved her best friend's life. >> yeah. she's apparently feeling very guilty about this years and years later. according to her new memoir, keira, kris jenner this thinks if she had gotten together with brown simpson the morning before she was killed the whole murder may never have happened. brown simpson had called her the morning before her death and asked her to come over for an important talk. well, unfortunately jenner says she was just too busy with her kids and asked if they could get together the next day. by then of course it was too late. nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were dead. then began the fascination with the o.j. simpson case. jenner believes brown simpson want to give her proof o.j. was abusing her.
10:48 am
she writes about how she feels guilty. one big bit of irony is that the late robert kardashian was one of the attorneys who helped o.j. with his acquittal ain that murder trial. a possible lawsuit from taylor swift? what is this about? >> swift is threatening to sue. she is saying these topless photos are not her. it being taylor swift i think we can take her at her word. people are saying it looks like swift, the photos were posted on a celebrity with the head swift topless private pic leaked. her attorneys are saying the site is running false news and false photos. if the story and photos aren't removed, they are going to sue. i can certainly understand why. british singer adelle has been forced to cancel her tour
10:49 am
dates because of surgery. what's the deal? >> we hope she's going to be okay. even adelle seems concerned about this. her label is columbia records, they're telling "showbiz tonight" that adelle needed surgery to alleviate issues but a full recover is expected. sinced issues are undefined, there's a lot of speck just what adelle is going through. sen since it's only speculation, i won't repeat the rumors. i just hope her label is correct and she'll be fine. adelle seems understandably worked up over this. she posted a long explanation on her web site this month where she says the problems with her voice started in january and, i'm heart broken and worried to tell you that, yet again, i'm experiencing problems with my voice. singing is literally my life, it's my hobby, my love, my freedom and now my job. i've absolutely no choice but you to recuperate properly and fully or i risk damaging my voice forever. now, after the surgery doctors are ordering her to rest her voice completely so she can
10:50 am
recuperate before she goes back to work. of course that means no adelle concerts for the year. some of the concerts were actually previously rescheduled around adelle's voice issues from before. if you bought a ticket for one of the ten canceled tickets here in the u.s. or six shows overseas in the uk, you can get a refund at your point of purchase. by the way, keira, her amazing album "21" is once again number one here in the u.s. at least she's got something to be very happy about this weekend to celebrate. >> i tell you what, you're number one with our viewers because you're joining me live now at 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> yeah! >> because a.j. is so popular we get to have him live for two hours. thank you, a.j. >> it's just good to be with you. absolutely, keira. >> love my a.j. hammer. if you want information breaking in the entertainment world, he's got it every night, "showbiz tonight" 11:00 p.m. on hln or with us live at 9:00 and 10:00 eastern time. still ahead, why home prices have yet to hit rock bottom.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
let's get straight to karina huber at the new york stock exchange. what's this talk it that the home prices could now be headed for a triple dip? >> right. what this means is that home prices could fall to a new low since the collapse of the housing market. you know, prices have fallen twice so far since then, and now here's the bad news. a financial analytics company says it expects home prices to fall once again by 3.6% by june of next year. now, that would puts prices at 35% below their peak hit in 200 civil. if you look at this chart, you
10:54 am
can see the two big price drops, the first around 2007. that was due to the subprime crisis and reception. if you look at the second big price drop, that happened last year. that was due to the expiration of the home buyer tax credit which had artificially propped up the housing market. then of course we had the robe assigning scandal so prices went p up again. now banks have largely dealt with the scandal, foreclosures on the rise again so that, along with high unemployment, is causing the dire outlook. it it could be a while before you can get a higher price for your property. analysts expect stabilization won't happen until the end of next year. keira? >> karkarina, we're also seeing prices drop on wall street. what's the deal? >> first of all japan intervened in their currency markets today, that's driving the value of the yen down. that means the dollar has gone up dramatically. that is putting pressure on commodity related shares. bank stocks are also feeling the heat today. they could be hitting by that
10:55 am
bankruptcy at fm global. even though we have bad day today, we had a strong month, p up 12% to 13% on the month. bad on the day, good on the month. let's check stories making news later today. the trial of dr. conrad murray is resuming at 11:30 a.m. eastern in los angeles. the prosecution is expected to clos cross-examine its final witness. then a news conference dealing with an arizona drug trafficking ring in phoenix. then actor milky rourke will leave his hand and footprints on the hollywood walk of fame at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. alka-seltzer plus fights male ] your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar
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10:58 am
white house candidate ron paul says he wants to do away with the federal student loan program. mark preston, a lot of families saying, what are you talking about? that's how my kids get to go to college. why does he want to kill it? >> no doubt. especially with those whose kids are in junior high or high school. yes, that is what ron paul the kand datz for the republican presidential nomination is saying. in fact, he said it on "state of the union" yesterday. his idea, keira, is that if you end the federal student loan program, you're actually going to make it more affordable for more people to go to college. in fact, this is what he said yesterday, a very populist message, why should people who are laborers who never get to go to college, why should they be
10:59 am
taxed to send some of us through college? so ron paul with a populist message. what's interesting, too, is ron paul has quite a following among young people. i wonder what thsome of them ar thinking, keira. stay tuned. rick perry had said he was going to skip future debates. now it sounds like he's changing his tune. >> he is changing his tune. in fact, he sewed it on fox news yesterday when he was doing an interview. rick perry, you know, looked like he was wavering a bit saying there were too many presidential debates. he says he's going to attend them, including two with cnn, the first on november 22nd, here in washington, d.c., with the american enterprise institute and the heritage foundation. what's interesting about that debate, keira, it's all about national security and foreign policy, two issues we have not heard a lot about, if at all, in this race for the gop nomination. of course the second debate is november 30th in arizona. >> mark,


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