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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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brewing, do you? >> no, but i would love it. >> they had a job, they did their job but for some reasons officials in the state capital did not get the right numbers. at that point santorum was ahead by romney by four points and in the end they got the recount and mitt romney won by eight votes. >> when we hear about personal stories -- >> beautiful ladies. i was grateful to all of them. and it shows you how important each vote is going forward. every vote counts. >> and we're talking to actual people. you gave them a grand send off didn't you? >> we did. we applauded them. do you have the tape? >> yep. let's listen. >> guess what, joining us now on the phone, edith and carolyn.
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let's give them a big round of applause. >> yeah! >> by then it was almost 3:00 in the morning and all of us were giddy to begin with. we were having a little fun covering this election. >> wolf, this is the back story, he never left the computer, never goes to the restroom. anderson was sitting on the floor. erin took her shoes off. what was john king doing? >> he was looking at the map, looking at the percentage of this and that. everybody was working but we were having some fun, too. erin burnett had lovely shoes but she took them off. she was standing. gloria borr glor gloria borrow borrowi gloria borger was sitting but erin was standing. i felt bad for her. >> "the situation room," 4:00.
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hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm don lemon. the president makes his own choice for 2012. the battlefield shifts to primaries in new hampshire and south carolina and count michele bachmann out of both. it's time to play reporter rule let. david mattingly in south carolina, first. i'll show our viewers the map. we had the iowa caucus last night. new hampshire in six days, south carolina on the 21st. so there's a chance -- and let's be clear -- a chance that mitt romney could sweep all three and potentially sew up the republican nomination by the end of the month. that said, though, south carolina's deep south and an uphill battle for romney. so, david, do people there believe -- really believe that he can win? >> reporter: well, let's put it this way. it comes down to what voters are going to want. i spoke to the head of the republican party here in south
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carolina early today and he said that the voters here are very energized. they are very anxious to see someone beat president obama in november. mitt romney has been trying to position himself early on as the candidate who has the best chance of doing that. so by doing that here in south carolina, he has a good chance to find a very large and welcoming electorate that he could be able to reach. but at the same time, we're also told that it's going to be whoever works the hardest. we're going to have to see people on the ground here. there have been some grum bebli in the weeks leading up to the iowa caucus that there hasn't been as many candidates visiting south carolina as there was before four years ago. they are worried about the amount of attention that they are getting and everything here is about the primary, being the first in the conservative state.
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and they are very careful to tell everyone historically speaking when you look at how long the primary has been going, every person who has won here has gone on to win the nomination. >> they are very proud of that. romney won the endorsement of governor nikki haley. after all, she got elected with support from the tea party. >> reporter: that's right. she is having some problems here, the governor here, having popularity problems because of controversies erupting from 457 handling a project involving state ports. but every candidate was looking for her endorsement. she's a well-known political figure and she's still popular among republican voters. so that is going to help romney as they go down the road the next couple of weeks. >> david mattingly, thanks very much. next, dana bash in des moines,
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iowa. just hours ago michele bachmann pulled out of the race. back in august she was riding high after winning the ames straw poll. what happened between now and then, dana? >> reporter: she failed to catch fire in this critical state for her personally because she was born here and politically because she had to do well here. like some candidates, like mitt romney, he didn't necessarily need to. for her, there was no question. she knew that. she watched the polls come in last night. she obviously knew beforehand that she was not going to do that well but very really finished a disappointing sixth place, which is essentially last. she got together with her campaign and family and decided that this is yet. obviously the thing that every candidate needs to continue on is money and she didn't have any and she didn't have enough to continue on. she had a plan in south carolina, which of course would be another state where she could
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potentially do well with other social conservative and economic conservative roots and platforms but it just didn't happen. she canceled that and as she said today, and a very emotional speech, that it's time for her to step aside because she just could for the get the attention of voters here in iowa. >> dana bash, thank you very much. next on reporter roulette, jim acosta on the phone from new hampshire. jim, romney made an endorsement for president back in 2008. now the favor's returned, isn't it? >> that's right. john mccain, who was a bitter rival of mitt romney back in '08, you know, these two really went at it up in their state and it was john mccain who won the new hampshire primary essentially knocking mitt romney out of this race back four years ago and so it's very interesting to see john mccain come out and endorse mitt romney earlier today. it was kind of funny because they were having a good time with that squeaker of a victory that mitt romney got out in iowa
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last night. at one point john mccain said, don't forget to congratulate mitt romney on that landslide convict try that he had up in iowa and everybody got a good chuckle with that. listen to how mitt romney described it earlier today. >> my goodness. what a squeaker. but it sure is nice to have a win. i tell you. and the question that i have for you is, can we do better here in new hampshire? [ applause ] >> romney! >> romney! >> let's get that mike going again. do you think we can get more than an eight-vote margin in new hampshire? i sure hope so. >> today you heard mitt romney refer to the eight-vote victory as a squeaker and it certainly was. but mitt romney will have to do better than that here in new hampshire and he's going to have a lot of pressure on him.
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they are going after him a. nully and strongly em bolden rick santorum who nearly stole that victory from mitt romney last night in the wee hours of the morning. he described the endorsement of john mccain for mitt romney as a moderate match made in heaven. santorum pulled that off. and holding an event down in new hampshire taking questions from newt gingrich and did not congratulate mitt romney. he only congratulated rick santorum. the reporter asked gingrich what that was all about and gingrich responded, i suppose that's a rhetorical question and then he proceeded to lay into romney and questioned whether or not he's a true candidate for conservative voters. so it's going to get nasty up here in new hampshire. it might not be the smooth sailing that romney expected. >> we can see newt gingrich and his wife there speaking live
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here on cnn. so thank you, jim acosta. still ahead , it sounded lie rick perry would drown out. plus, a murder mystery on the queen's private estate. we're now hearing that the body found is that of a young woman, possibly as young as 15. listen. >> i fixed her hair up, put a ribbon in it and told her i loved her and she said, i love you, mommy, i'll see you later. >> hours later her daughter died of a peanut allergy. but could the school have done more to save this little girl? we're on the case. and president obama hiring a new employee without the approval of congress. one member calls it an unprecedented power grab. stay right there. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats
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if it's interesting, it's happening right now. "rapid fire," let's go. we're watching wall street on the second trading day of the year. the dow trading up now 12 points. that actually says 927 here. 927. it leahasn't updated on the scr. oil prices leveling after a big rise after the uncertainty with iran. we're going to monitor this and check back. new information on the murder mystery on the brilt tissue royal estate. the body was found by a dog walker. it was that of a young woman. the estate is where the royal family spent christmas holidays and the victim is believed to be
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the ages of 15 and 21. her body has been on the estate grounds as long as four months. the body was found by a dog walker. an eighth grader is dead after an early morning shooting at a brownsville, texas, middle school. police were called early this morning when a student was inside the school with a weapon. >> when they entered the school, the student engaged the officers and the officer shot the student. >> no one else was injured. the student has not been identified. the man arrested this week in the l.a. arson spree is also under investigation in germany. officials there say it looks like someone burned down the family home of harry burkhart, a german citizen. he's expected to be in a california courtroom today. investigators believe he's 450i7bd ma behind many of the 52 suspicious fires that struck hollywood this
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past week. possible motive, anger over the warrant issued for his mom over embezzlement and fraud. yahoo! former pay pal ceo is scott johnson. several shareholder groups were pushing to sell the company but bringing in thompson makes that less likely. speaking of new hires, president barack obama making a big one today and in the process is sidestepping congress and republicans are furious about it. i want to go down to atheen athena joins. the president has named richard cordray. tell us more. who exactly is this guy? >> reporter: well, he was the state attorney general in ohio. he was also that state's treasurer. it's not surprising that the president is making this
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announcement in cleveland. it's also a swing state coming up in the next election. the president nominated cordray way back in july calling him a strong advocate for consumers. let's listen to what he had to say about cordray today at that announcement. >> his job will be to protect families like yours from the abuses of the financial industry. his job will be to make sure that you've got all of the information that you need to make important financial decisions. right away he'll start working to make sure millions of americans are treated fairly by mortgage brokers and payday lenders. >> reporter: back in december republicans in the state blocked cordray's nomination. they have been promising for months to block the nomination of anyone for this bureau until until they saw structural changes. they say it's too powerful and
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not accountable enough to the people, don. >> so what is the fallout? >> reporter: well, there was a -- republicans are very, very angry. you heard boehner call it a power grab. trampling on the separation of powers, he went as far to say that the court would find it illegitimate. he said that the president had arrogantly sir can't vented the american people. strong statements from republicans. on the white house side you have jay carney telling the press and the gagle heading into ohio that the president was allowed to do this and they also believe that the senate has been in recess for weeks and they gather every few days, gavel in and gavel out and don't conduct any kind of business. those are not counting as being in session. they are just gimmicks. neither side likes this unless
3:17 pm
they are the ones in power. what it will mean ultimately, of course, we don't know. but we can expect that it will be more of the same. the republicans and senate don't have a history of being buddy-buddy and working together. we can expect it to be more of the same there, don. >> neither side likes it unless they are the ones in power and the one who proposed is. athena, good to see you. thank you. listen to this. newt gingrich congratulated rick santorum on his close win last night. you think he also congratulated mitt romney? no. >> he ran an ad of four pin noek ohios from the washington post. >> there is glad blood and it's going to get interesting as they cross paths in new hampshire and south carolina. next up, our john king joins
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let's go now to new hampshire and south carolina. the next two face offs for republican presidential candidates. we can't predict what will happen but we can rely on the history to give us a clue about it and so cue john king and he never leaves his magic wall to tell us. john, let's focus on the top two from iowa. how do they stand in new hampshire? >> this is last night, don. the purple is rick santorum. darker is mitt romney. he ekes it out, eight votes.
3:21 pm
remember the purple, this is four years ago when mike huckabee won. out here in the state, smaller rural communities, let's go to new hampshire. this is still blank because that's next tuesday night. let's go back in time to remind you, that's the democratic race. remember, mike huckabee was orange in iowa. not much orange. rick santorum, if he's going to take that win in new hampshire, maybe a win. that would be a huge upset. surprise showing in new hampshire. he has to he can pand to the economy, don. look for places like this. he's from the pittsburgh area. talks blue collar a lot. independents can vote in the new hampshire primary. even democrats can vote because there's no democratic contest this year. watch how santorum does in manchester. that is his big chance.
3:22 pm
this is a state at the moment emphasizing at the moment, that's wired for romney. >> while you have it up there, how did romney fair? can you drill down more romney in 2008? >> sure. look at the numbers. mitt romney had the 32%. romney was leading in new hampshire. going into the iowa caucuses, he spent money there and then it was the stunning defeat of romney that caused the floor to pull out in new hampshire. 37% to 32%. if you look at the map, you've got to look real close. the lighter red is john mccain. the darker red, these are the counties that mitt romney -- mitt romney, 32%. he only wanted a few counties but he was the former massachusetts governor. john mccain is now on team romney. just endorsed him today. you have to say romney is the overwhelming favorite in new hampshire but it's been a
3:23 pm
volatile year, don. >> i have been watching you, you have been talking to that wall. when the wall starts to talk back to you, we're going to have -- >> she talks back. >> she does? let's move forward to south carolina 2012. if you want to give us the overall but then also talk about romney. >> let's go to the numbers for romney first. south carolina was another big disappointment. some say christian evangelicals took it out on him that he was a mormon. remember, he lost iowa, new hampshire. there was also a momentum factor. south carolina was really the end of the line. but you raise a very interesting question. now in this race. >> right. >> mccain eeked it out. 33% to 30%. rick perry says he's going to stay in. bachmann's out. you're going to have in south carolina, romney, santorum, gingrich, and perry. is rick perry the fred thompson of this cycle? can he win?
3:24 pm
he wants to win south carolina but if he doesn't win, does he end up taking this candidate? most people believe that the bulk of this had thompson dropped out, it would have gone to mike huckabee. i'm going to turn this off. huckabee wins them all. if you go deep into these counties, this is where fred thompson did his best. 12% here, 20% here. and then he did very well out oh here. 20% again. 21%. 17%. 14%. taking votes in the christian bible belt from mike huckabee cost mike huckabee. if mike huckabee won south carolina in 2008, most likely john mccain would not have been the nominee. >> all right. thank you very much, john.
3:25 pm
we're just hearing that the gingrich ton hall is wrapping up and we've been showing live pictures of that. when you look at this election, gingrich, santorum, we can look at history and it shows us something. but this election really is a bit different, especially with the tea party influence and with the evangelical different. economy, jobs, what have you. >> no question about that. john mccain got beat pretty badly in the last election. the republican party is trying to figure out not just who do we want but who do we want to be? there's the mainline pragmatic conservative wing of the republican party. that's romney's hope. we know the evangelicals here in south carolina, we saw them here. tea party is very powerful and influential in 2010 but not so much in iowa last night. will they be as important to the
3:26 pm
republican party michele bachmann didn't do so well. mitt romney wins. santorum voted for earmarks, for the medicare prescription benefit. can't say he's a tea party favorite either. we'll see if the tea party will reassert itself. >> john king, thank you very much. listen, don't forget to catch john king usa tonight at 6:00 p.m. i've decided to turn to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward. >> all right. so doesn't -- it sure sounds like the texas governor is dropping out, right? it sounds like it to me. take a look at perry. apparently he's living to fight another day. but what's behind the strategy?
3:27 pm
you're about to hear him from someone who knows him better than most people. don't miss it. h. they grow up, and they're out having their life. i really started to talk to them about the things that are important that they have to take ownership over. my name's colleen stiles, and my kids and i did our wills on legalzoom. [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at, we put the law on your side. and complete your will in minutes. i'm really glad we took this last minute trip! you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. get the app.
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all right. if you thought rick perry was out of the race, you better think again. after finishing fifth in iowa and returning home to texas and telling his staff to stand down and await new orders, perry put out this tweet today. he said, here we come, south carolina. i want you to take a look at the photo. see that? rick perry looking fit and energetic. different rick perry than the one we saw late last night after his disappointing showing in iowa. >> i decided to return to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there
3:30 pm
is a path forward for myself in this race. >> joining us now from man chester new hampshire, our guys for all things, rick perry. i've got to ask you, thank you for joining, does perry still think he's viable or is he soldiering on to south carolina for oh more graceful option than bowing out now? is he trying to save face in a way? >> well, look, they always think that they are still viable until they are not. i think there's a part that he does think he's still viable. things could happen. you just never know in politics. on the other hand, he does want to save face. south carolina is a southern state. he's a southern governor. he thinks he can do fairly well there. we'll see. he has a message that he will do pretty well. his people on the inside believe that rick santorum will fade and that perry will ultimately or could be in a position to accumulate those voters who will
3:31 pm
not be for mitt romney. but fundamentally, what happened last night was and you had it exactly right, if you saw him last night, he was beat. >> yeah. >> he said he felt like it was over. he went in and our christy spoke to griffin perry, the son of rick perry and said, you know what, i went in and talked to mom and talked to his kids, griffin and sidney, went out for a run, cleared his head and said, you know what? i'm going to do this. and some kids were surprised by that. they thought it was over. it ain't quite over yet. >> he says he's going to reassess his campaign and then does this. for rick perry, it means a different thing. you talked it about this in your column. the impression that he's left,
3:32 pm
all hat and no cattle, how can he change that now this late in the game? what's the plan, if any? >> very, very hard. i mean, the cot lum i wrote today was that rick perry was running for agricultural commission, he was a cowboy and outspoken and an independent, self reliant, full of commonsense. once you begin to stumble and voters get to see you, associated with the cowboy, swaggering boot and mouth disease, it's going to be very, very difficult and i think there are some analysts who say it's going to be virtually impossible. when i travel and talk to voters in new hampshire, in iowa, i would basically get to rick perry and it was as if they dismissed him as a great guy, good resume, but just simply not
3:33 pm
up to the job. >> it's a larger than life image. if it doesn't work for you, as you say in your column, it's tough to lose that image or to turn the ship around, so to speak. he's definitely leading the field in youtube moments. this one is from november 9th. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with the education, the commerce and, let's see, i can't -- the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> it's hard to watch. >> painful. painful. >> and the people in texas, what's their assessment of this performance on a national stage?
3:34 pm
>> reporter: well, there are rick perry supporters in austin and texas and certainly feel very badly about how things are going. i sense when i talked to a number of texans that i don't typically want to talk about, especially if they are republican or conservative moderate independents, they are not happy with rick perry's performance because it seems to have told the rest of the country, offer this stereotype of, again, the boot in the mouth disease, the texans are not the sharpest knife in the drawer has not been the best image that we want for our state. that may be perry's contribution if he ultimately doesn't give the nomination that he will go down with that clip you just saw with the historic clips of the 21st politics, i was brainwashed or didn't have sex with that woman and oops. >> wayne slater speaking to uses from man chester, new hampshire. i fixed her hair, i curled it up, put a little ribbon on
3:35 pm
it, and i sent her to school and told her i love her and she said, i love you, mommy, i'll see you later. >> this is an emotional story. it's raising eyebrows. a first grader dies of a peanut allergy at school and now her mom wants some answers. sunny hostin is on the case. she's next. ♪ he was a 21st century global nomad ♪ ♪ home was an airport lounge and an ipad ♪ ♪ made sure his credit score did not go bad ♪ ♪ with a free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ app that he had ♪ downloaded it in the himalayas ♪ ♪ while meditating like a true playa ♪ ♪ now when he's surfing down in chile'a ♪
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a court hearing was very long in ft. wayne, indiana. 30 sheriff's deputies were on duty as a baby sitter was accused of a gruesome murder as a 9-year-old girl appeared for the first time since his arrest. michael plumbadore is accused of hitting aliahna in the head with a brick and then dismemberering her and keeping parts of her body in his freezer. have there been threats against the 39-year-old plumbadore? >> well, we are hearing that there have been some threats. but let's face it, in a case like this with this sort of depravity and the age of the victim, a 9-year-old girl, they are going to have to take extra precaution to ensure his safety and the safety of others around him. >> i said at the top that it was
3:39 pm
a short hearing today. what happened? >> he pled not guilty to the charges. he has been charged with murder. he's been charged also with abuse of a corpse and removing a dead body from a grave. he also is facing perhaps the death penalty, don. that decision has not been made but in indiana he's looking at 45 to 65 years in prison just on the murder charge alone. it was a very quick hearing today but a very important one. my understanding is that in indiana, which is where this took place, magistrates often accept a defendant's plea of not guilty even without an attorney present. so while he did not have an attorney present, my understanding is that a public defender will be appointed to him and his next court is scheduled for january 18th. >> you're familiar with crimes against children, you've prosecuted them. how does this stack up? it's just gruesome.
3:40 pm
>> well, it is certainly gruesome and, again, so depraved and when you think of the age of this victim, 9 years old, and the fact that he was a caretaker and a trusted family member taking care of these children when their mother was ill t. really is, i think, at the top of the scale. but any crime against a child should be at the top of our societal scale. a virginia mother, sunny, is asking very tough questions after the death of her 7-year-old daughter during school. first grader died after having an allergic reaction to peanuts. laura says that the school knew her daughter's allergy to peanuts and why didn't anybody help her right away? >> i've heard two different stories. one is that it was unsupervised
3:41 pm
and a kid gave it to her and the other was that someone made her eat it. she has an he wiallergy action at the school. if she breaks out in hives, the first thing you do is give her ben drill. they didn't give her anything. >> so that's the mom. what's the school saying? >> you know, we did reach out to the school for comment. we did receive a comment from the school. and they indicate that they are certainly aware of the need for an action plan. their hearts go out to this family and the bottom line is, the investigation is ongoing as to how something like this could happen. >> you said they are aware -- >> you said that they are aware for an action plan but what is the school's responsibility regarding children with serious allergies like this? that little girl is not the only one in america, obviously? >> absolutely.
3:42 pm
it's a serious responsibility that these schools have. interestingly enough, the department of health there have really -- there's a document that discussing managing severe allergies. it's extremely extensive. it discusses all of the roles that the administrators have, that the parents have, that the students have. it's actually an excellent plan and i've reviewed it. so i am surprised that something like this would happen. it is clear, don, that someone dropped the ball here. >> obviously. sunny hostin, we preesh r appreciate it appreciate it thank you. >> gabrielle was born at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, lived a couple of hours and when the morning came we brought him home to bury him. he was buried -- >> this is a side of rick santorum that you may not know. emotional revelations of this republican from pennsylvania.
3:43 pm
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for all of the obstacles rick santorum has faced politically, it pales to what he has faced personally. he tells cnn about the tragedies he's experienced as a father. >> karen and i have been married 21 years. we have had eight children.
3:46 pm
seven of whom still survive. we lost a little boy who was our fourth child. he was born at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, lived a couple of hours, and when the morning came, we brought him home to bury him. he was buried that next day. you know, our kids were very young when gabrielle was born. i think our oldest was 5. and most of the kids don't really remember gabrielle very much. one of the things that we thought was really important was for them to see their brother to, know that he existed, to know that his life had meaning, that there is a loss, and that, you know, that every life is precious. then we have a little 3-year-old little girl who is our special child. she was born with a genetic disorder and is -- was told -- we were told that she would not live a few days and she is now 3 1/2 years old and is just a miracle every day and in many
3:47 pm
respects the center of life. >> my little girl had surgery today. she's doing fine but i want to send a love you to her and i will take the red eye home to make sure i know she is doing better. >> we were told it's incompatible with life. we're showing that that's not only not true but it is really the center of our life. not every life, you know, is meant to accomplish great things in terms of economics. in terms of utility that some would see to our society but the utility of these children and showing the dignity of human life and the pure love that they emit and how they really at least i always say that bella has gentled by condition even though some people say santorum is so intense. you should have seen me before. shoot. >> rick santorum on the personal tragedies he's faced as a father. if you were watching
3:48 pm
election coverage last night, you may have seen a fascinating light show, a meteor moving 90,000 miles an hour. we've got the picture next. man: my eltrill s king ban this team of guinea pigs to ty bo so to save some y, d inea pig: row...row. they genatectry, wch le me rf t. guinea pig: row...row.took one, 8 months to get the guin: ..row.ow...row. they genatectry, wch le me rf t. lile cbby one to yell row! guineaig: ro's kof strange. guinig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: t an easierayof strange. save. get online. go to get a quote. e u 15% or more on car insurance. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums
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did you see it? i'm sure a lot of you did. the meteor shower that hit the skies last night over the east coast, moving at 90,000 miles per hour. that's according to nasa.
3:51 pm
people on the east coast were able to enjoy the spectacular show. it was brief. lasting just a few hours. they were first observed in 1825. it was certainly, i don't know if it was a meteor shower, but a light show. >> don't even know what that is. >> there was a show last night in iowa. my gosh. fireworks. fireworks today. you're just a few moments away, but you have a very special guest. >> the president's top economic adviser is going to be joining us. the president is being hammered by these republican candidates. they disagree amongst themselves, but all agree on one thing. they don't like president obama and they're going after him on issue after economic issue, making all sorts of akizations. there's a big uproar over this recess appointment that the president announced today to have the consumer financial protection agency. >> as you were talking, i know
3:52 pm
she's going to be on your show. that's gloria borger. did she run five miles with you this morning? >> i ran five miles. we got off the air at 3:31 a.m. and that's a long one. >> it is a long night. when you're on the air, you've got -- 3:00. it's like 5:00 for most people. you still have the adrenaline going. >> i was pretty exhausted. i got into bed and i fell asleep. >> we were being back in iowa, months ago at the hotel and everyone's like wolf has been workinging all day. you remember the guys at the front desk made the cookies and milk for you. it was nice. did you get your cookies and milk last night? >> i didn't. i thought i would go over here to the cnn all night diner. they had milk, but it was only the whole milk. it was open. they had cookies. didn't want the cookies without the skim milk. >> i'm going to hire you as my
3:53 pm
trainer. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> running to the cnn election center right now. >> up the stairs. now this. >> ready, mom? ready. >> yes. >> very good. >> third time is a charm. >> excellent flicking going on over there. >> screens fall. it was not -- >> not operator error. anderson. >> let's go to anderson. >> don't ask me to flick it. >> more wolf blitzer and the gang there as the country waited for the final votes to be tabulated, things got a bit crazy in the cnn studio. i think you can call it being punchdrunk and up a little long. you'll see all the moment, including how barry white helped launch cnn after dark. you've got to see this. there's . [ male announcer ] the four course seafood feast is back at red lobster. still just $15. get soup, salad, unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, dessert, and your choice of 7 entrées, like new honey bbq shrimp skewers
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3:55 pm
and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
3:56 pm
ours, anchoring election coverage, no easy task, especially if it comes down to eight votes. that meant a late night for us here at cnn, from a flickering failure to the creation of a new, late night show. your election team had some laughs last night and if you went to bed early, here are some of the lighter moments. >> would that help republicans in a general election? they want to stick to the economy. >> before i send it back, we will do a little reverse flick or maybe not. are you kidding? doi my reverse flick and fail?
3:57 pm
one more try. >> the back hand. >> this is -- this is. okay. ready, wolf? >> i'm watching. yes, very good. >> third time is a charm. excellent flicking going on. >> screens fall. >> yeah, yeah. not operator error. >> anderson. >> anderson or ali. >> have we all just given up? it's 1:30, we're all just -- can you flick it? >> i will tell you, it's evident from the social media screen that people are going to sleep. >> again with the social media screen. my lord. this is the third hit. i still don't understand what the hell this thing shows. >> i'm going to tell you what it is. every one of these dots, roland, stop laughing. every one of these dots corresponds to a candidate. these pink ones, ron paul is all
3:58 pm
over the map. people are tweeting from each place. >> a lot of people tweet in america. >> let me show you something. stop touching the screen. in one hour -- put your cell phones off and stop talking. >> you're doing a thankless job and i appreciate it. >> it's very clear. >> we're trying to be -- we're going to talk to her analyst, to ari fleischer and dana lash, roland martin and james carville coming up. be right back. >> i can only say three letters. o-m-g. look what's going on. one vote. one vote right now separating mitt romney, rick santorum, mitt romney has taken the lead with 99% of the precincts reporting. anderson, talk to your friends. >> what's going on? >> go ahead. they look like they want to say something. >> i was trying to log in to twitter.
3:59 pm
>> edith and carolyn who helped us solve this mystery on tv are trending on twitter and worldwide. edith, carolyn and edith and carolin caroline. cnn after dark is trending. there you go. not that cnn after dark. >> we're going to continue this tradition with our brand new nightly show after each of these contests. tell our viewers a little l bit about it. >> that's right, welcome, baby. it's cnn after dark. >> we have any graphics for that? >> where's the music? >> that's not cnn after dark. it's got to be more of like -- a little barry white. we're going to take a quick break, we'll be p right back. ♪


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