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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 8, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EST

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that comes out in the books. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> that's all for us tonight. on your mark, the first presidential primary just days away. there's a debate first that could change alla. and a missing woman, her abandoned car found. no sign of her. a serial killer who murders by stabbing, you won't believe who he's targeting, a former fbi profiler and a crime consultant takes us inside the investigation. politics and beer? believe it or not, there is a connection, and it could decide who wins new hampshire. >> sam adams with the lagger and
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i'm voting for john huntsman. and exclusive, the queen of soul, the legendary aretha franklin on her plans to remarry. >> i want to get married now, i need someone to take care of me. >> all that and more right now on cn nrngs. on cn nrngs. >> i'm don lemon, thank you for joining us here in the cnn newsroom. i want you to imagine this, a stranger showing up out of know where and taking your child and the court makes you stand by and just let it happen. that's exactly how a south carolina couple feels after losing custody of the 2-year-old girl they adopted and raised from birth. they're in a nasty battle with her biological father. >> this story has generated a lot of responses from our viewers, some outraged by who has happened to the family. others concerned about 2-year-old veronica, who at this
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point is caught up in a custody tug of war. veronica, a toddler, adopted and raise bid the couple she's known since birth, taken from them by a court order on new year's eve and turned over too the native american biological father she has never met. it was a law designed to keep indian families together. >> matt said when we had to do the transfer, it was like he was abandoning her as a father he didn't know what she must think of us. >> the family says it was an open adoption. but when veronica was four months old, the biological father, dustin brown sued to get her back. he claimed he had been tricked into signing papers to give 7-his daughter. the law was designed to keep
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indian children and their families together. cnn legal analyst avery freedman says in this case, the law was misused. >> it's a wonderful law which seeks to preserve the integrity of families of native americans, but it cannot be used as a bludgeon to destroy the integrity of an existing family. >> the assistant attorney general for the cherokee nation says the law is clear. >> some of the protections provided by the child welfare act, there's a placement preference, if children are removed by the state or if they're placed in private adoption placement. the first preference is for a family member. >> reporter: but in cases like this, what about the child? >> everybody keeps saying how bad they feel for us. but i mean, she's a 2-year-old girl who got shoved in a truck and drove to oklahoma with strangers.
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>> they thought it would happen on new year's day, but it happened on new year's eve, a lot sooner than they had prepared for. they got to spoek speak to her the day she was taken away. she said i love you, i love you. >> reporter: their daughter starting the new year with an entirely new family, the only family veronica has ever known, starting the year without her. dustin brown's attorney said he would have won custody regardless in south carolina. the family plans to appeal to the south carolina court of appeals. we're learning new information this evening about an atlanta woman who's car was found abandoned.
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i spoke with her parents and they tell me they have just learned that there was a 911 call about her car three hours after she was last seen. also police say they want to requestion a man who was visiting stacy for the holiday. >> there was someone with her that last night. testifies a friend, did they get into an argument and he left. >> by his admission, and we're only hearing one side. she asked him to leave. argument, dispute, whatever it was we don't know because we hear one side. >> and that was here in atlanta and now he is back in st. louis. >> that's correct. and so now this new timeline has come forth. someone had to see something. >> do you know this young man?
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did she ever talk about him? had you ever met him. >> she talked to me about him on christmas eve. because while i was talking to her, i know that he came in and she said that he was coming into the house and she says, oh, he's a friend of mine and it's not real serious. >> uh-huh. >> but they had been dating, is my understanding. >> someone she had been dating and friendly with. did you try reaching out to him? is he available to talk to? have you spoke on the him? >> yes, personally, we called a few days after the first contact to him was made by the apd. and then a few days later, my husband and i just picked up the phone and called him and said, hey, have you heard anything from her? have you reached out to call her? and he said, no to both questions.
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>> so investigators are not calling that man a person of interest. and according to a police report, the man told a police investigator that the man was acting out of character during his stay. he says that he left after being asked if she was satan and told to go home. the family of toddler missing in maine is speaking out. 2-year-old ayla reynolds vanished from her home three weeks ago. police have launched an official investigation. >> it's a very creepy feeling to think that somebody had been casing yours house, that had been watching the family's activities. i would give everything we own if we could have her back. >> police say the dipietros have fully cooperated in the investigation. time is real short, real short, and the pressure is high tonight in new hampshire, just a
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few days until the nation's first political primary. shannon travis joins us, he'll all smiles, working day and night, as michael jackson said. shannon, there are two debates between now and the primary, one of them is going on now. does it still look like mitt romney's race to lose here? >> reporter: i mean, look, mitt romney is basically trying to solidify his lead here in new hampshire. and part of the purpose of the debate, don, is for all of these candidates to make their last-ditch effort to loaders here in the nation's firster primary here in new hampshire. mitt romney has been the front runner, he's basically lived in the state for the past few minutes. rick santorum, he's got that fresh burst of steam now coming out of the iowa caucuses. only eight votes behind.
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mitt romney, ron paul, he's been doing real well in the polls. there's a battle for mitt romney to keep his lead, and there's also the battle for number two, who will emerge as pretty much the anti-romney candidate. >> romney is taking most of the flack as a front-runner, but they're going after each other, because they're thinking if i'm not going to be number one, i'm going to be number two or close to it. >> reporter: you probably won't be able stop mitt romney here, but increase his margin of victory here. we're not handing him a victory, but he does hold a sizable lead in all the polls that we're looking at. in the debate tonight, and in the campaigning we have seen recently, you have seen ron paul go after rick santorum, calling him a not so true conservative. you see jon huntsman entering the fray.
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so there is this pitched race for the number two spot. and then from here, right into south carolina, don. >> looks like you're in a very busy call center. >> reporter: it's called multitasking. >> thank you, sir, appreciate it. make sure you stay with the best political team on television for a complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. make sure you join wolf blitzer, candy crowley and john king. while we're on the subject of politics, what does taste in beer have to do with picking presidents? later in the show, we'll take you back to new hampshire for that. >> i'm voting for ron paul. >> this is a middle east tavern pumpkin ale and i'm voting for mitt romney. this is a coast guard cutter plowing through waters in alaska.
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new capzasin quick relief gel. (announcer) starts working on contact and at the nerve level. to block pain for hours. new capzasin, takes the pain out of arthritis. i want to take you around the world for some big international stories, this video appears to show plain clothed security forces attacking demonstrate fors. you can clearly see people being clubbed, beaten and kicked. some are thrown into a white van and driven away. as always, we must warn you that cbs nn can't independently confirm the authenticity of this particular video.
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iran says it's new nuclear power plant is just weeks away from operating at full capacity. tehran says they have also shown it's -- the iranians deny western claims that they are developing a nuclear program for military purposes. as king of water against somali militants ramps up, it's warning against terror threats. al sab bob militants are in the process of planning attacks in places like hotels, shopping centers and beaches. troops sent inside somalia to battle militants after a series of cross border attacks. secretary of state hillary clinton is set to meet with -- analysts agree this could be a break through in ending the war in afghanistan. but the taliban demands that may
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be more than washington will accept. those include freeing inmates at guantanamo bay and removing the taliban from official terror lists. a cargo ship that ran aground after the coast of new zealand, has broken in two pieces. high seas are battling the vessel named arena and severe weather is expected for the next several days. the ship is spilling cargo containers into the ocean and officials are worried about the threat of spilled oil. workers are working to unload as much oil and cargo as possible. right now a u.s. coast guard full tanner is breaking it's way to nome, alaska. gas pumps could run dry in a month. november nevada bad weather stopped the town's much needed fuel deliverly. if all goes well, they expect this ship will arrive. mayor, what exactly is the fuel
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on that tanker? >> i just want to make -- there's some misinformation going on out there, so i want to clarify. >> go ahead. >> after the 2011 storm bonanza fuel and delta came to a controlled assess after consulting with crowley, they looked at their inventory and the historical use and said by march, which is in the middle of winter for us, the iditarod is running. >> so you're running out of oil? >> i still need updated information from both vendors. we have had four back to back snowstorms and this below zero
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weather snap for almost two weeks now and so there is more use of the low grade diesel for heavy equipment to clear snow. there's no issue with our nome-owned power plant and utilities. we have enough fuel, diesel fuel for the power plant to run. >> this is critical to you, you do need this particular ship to get through to help out there. so, listen, i have to ask you, how did that initial shipment get blocked? what happened. >> that information is still being worked out by bonanza fuel. the issue for us, yes, right now it's not an emergency, but come march, we would have a serious issue because the fuel barge can't get here until june when the ice is cleared. >> mayor, thank you, good luck and thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
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is president obama's presidency a monarchy, wait until you hear what a long-time washington insider has to say about it, coming up next. o0 c10 [ beep ] [ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey... those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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president obama says he is tired of gridlock so he is going it alone. >> when congress refuses to act, and as a result hurts our economy and puts our people at risk, then i have an obligation as president to do what i can without them. [ applause ] >> but it is that stated goal along with this week's recess appointments and other
4:21 am
extensions of his executive powers that have critics accusing him of acting like a monarch and they point to his chicago back ground as one inspiration for power politics as they call it. i asked one writer john kass, is he acting like a monarch? >> we don't have monarchs in chicago, we have bosses. you know this. you were here, you know what politics is all about, this is the epicenter of politics and here's where it's played and it's all about leverage. >> go ahead, it's all about leverage, and this is a criticism that he is playing chicago style politics, he's taken a chapter from the mayor daily book. he doesn't really need to get anyone's approval? >> first of all, you know, i -- let's give the president some credit here, he doesn't -- he
4:22 am
shouldn't have to run his appointment list past sally quinn or george matron. it really doesn't matter what they think. he's from chicago, he's going to put people around him that are his people that he trusts. so all that is nonsense, that part of the criticism. the myth of barack obama was -- and you know the difference between the man and the myth. the myth was sold by david axelrod who is rich daily's mouthpiece. he told it to the national media, that barack obama was transcending politics as if he was floating in some plastic bubble, across the united states with a wand like glenda the good witch. you know, i'll transcend here, i'll transcend there. but reality, okay, but reality is that he's from chicago and they have bosses and they take control and they do what they want. that's the reality. that's not transcending politics, that's playing politics.
4:23 am
>> the guys in chicago, of course they're going to be in love -- you're very critical of mayor daily and you said you're very critical of the president and you call it as you see it. >> i like president obama personally, right, but i cannot -- see, in chicago, a few of us, we wear the tinfoil hats that they don't wear in the "washington post" and the "new york times." they should get them. because if you wear them, then when david axelrod starts sending his, you know, his channeling, you can kind of keep your mind clear when you're writing your column and basically politics is politics no matter where it's played. in chicago, as you know, because you were here and you covered it. there's a little bit more honesty to it. in the sense that it's all about the money and about the power.
4:24 am
and it's not about transcending, it's not about hope and change and all that nonsense. it's about breaking people to your will and getting what you want done. >> president's spokesman when asked about the monarch criticism session the president wants to work with congress, but that gridlock is not an excuse for inaction. my thanks to john kass for his insight on that. a man is accused of opening fire on his family in a hospital. that and more of our top stories up next.
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let's get you up to speed on your headlines. a tennessee man is accused of gunning down his estranged wife
4:27 am
and mother-in-law inside a north georgia hospital. according to our affiliate, wjbc, james benson was asked to leave the hospital after getting in an argument. he went to hiss car and returned to the hospital and opened fire. benson drove to the police department and turned himself in immediately after that shooting. a connecticut paramedic is charged with raping a patient in the back of an ambulance while on the way to a hospital. the woman says 49-year-old mark powell assaulted herr while she was unconscious had strapped to a stretcher. the 24-year-old woman had fallen and fell unconscious at a holiday party. >> obviously it's shocking. no member of the public should or would expect to be sexual assaulted during a ride in an ambulance.
4:28 am
>> i should tell you that powell is free on $25,000 bond. >> bill o'brien, the current new england patriots offensive coordinator will try to fill the shoes of joe paterno. in the fall the team fired paterno in favor of jerry sandusky. man hunt for a serial killer in california who's been stabbing homeless men. fbi profiler jim clamente joins us. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak...
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this one certainly is a mystery, the fbi has joined the investigation into three killings in southern california since the middle of december. police say it appears to be the work of a serial killer. all of the victims have at least one thing in common. they were homeless. here's cnn's casey wian. >> thank you for their meal. i ask for your hand of protection in this area. >> reporter: a prayer for protection for thousands of homeless in orange county, california, particularly meaningful now. police say they're being targeted by a serial killer. >> we're handing out sort of an emergency guide and kit we put together specifically because we realize these homeless men are being targeted by a murder. we have a flash card on a land yard so they can see what they're doing and, you know, in
4:32 am
case of an emergency, get some attention or hopefully scare away the perpetrator. >> the perpetrator was seen on a video, a shadow which suspect. this camera reports the first murder actually taking place. but police are releasing only a handful of still images. this is where the videotape shows the killer standing on the night of december 20th. even today, a memorial to the victim james mcgilver is still here, reading he who oppresses the poor, shows contempt their their maker. and this one set simply, jim, we know you're at peace with mom. the body of lloyd midall was found in anaheim. paul smith was found outside of a library in yorba linda. >> we believe it's a serial killer, because of the proximity
4:33 am
in time, all of the victims were middle aged male homeless. they were all stabbed multiple times and geographically they were quite close to each. >> reporter: three local police agencies, the orange county sheriff and the fbi are investigating the killings and looking for the driver of this white early 2000s model toyota corolla. homeless men are being advised to spend the night in shelters. >> why would someone commit murders like this? we're going to answer that. jim clemente, he's a special agent and writer to the television show "criminal minds" and he joins us from los angeles. before we talk about -- before we go into this person who's
4:34 am
doing this, first of all, tell us how would you go about profiling this killer? >> well, we always start with victimology, we look at why he's picking particular people at a particular time at a particular place, and the first thing you're going to look at, you're going to learn from those victim or victims, what he desires what's important to him, why is he killing? will all come from those choices that he makes. >> what would be driving someone to do this, especially targeting homeless people? >> the first thing it could be is that these may be the easiest victims to get access to, they're available, they're vulnerable. or it could be that these men represent someone that he has issues with. i don't think he has issues with these particular individuals, it's just that they represent somebody that he has an issue with. >> could it be a homeless person? >> it could be, certainly, but
4:35 am
there was a photograph of him and the police have, i'm sure, better images of him. but he could be homeless, but he could -- he probably lives in a regular situation. somebody lives next to him. somebody may live with him and they may have noticed that he's been absent at certain times when he should have been there. these unexplained absences or he should have been there around the time of the murders. somebody out there knows him and can help the police catch him. >> that's a good point because many times people don't realize that the person who's doing horrific crimes are right in their midst and there's certain behaviors that somebody wouldn't think about unless someone points it out. >> people think that somebody who does this is going to be a monster in their normal life. but they're fairly normal life in their regular life. it's just in their offending behavior that they become vile. this guy is stabbing multiple
4:36 am
times, he probably has issues of violence in his life. >> do they usually hear that they're aware of media coverage and some of them crave it and they watch, because they like to be in the spotlight? >> yes, some offenders do, yes. and this guy is attacking a number of people in a very short period of time, he has generated a lot of news, and i'm sure that he's paying attention to it. >> the police say, listen, they should stay in a shelter, these homeless people, that's how they can protect themselves, is there anything beyond that they can do. >> they can look out for one another. although they don't live together, they should group, they should congregate.
4:37 am
this machine now being seen for the first time in 70ers. how did it get there? and how did anybody find it? your saturday night mystery is next.
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i want you to check this out. it is from a cnn viewer, i-reporter robert nilings says he shot this in orange, california. this is so cool, scientists call this swarm. swarm intelligence. swarm intelligence. flying in unison, the choice to go up or down, right or left isn't made by any one bird. they just go the way everybody else is going, which makes you wonder if any of them -- >> it's got to be just one bird, right? >> it makes you wonder if any of them have political aspirations in the future. ba dum bum.
4:41 am
it's time for weekend issues with jacqui jeras. >> we'll have something to look forward to for next week. a 70-year-old piece of world war i history has been discovered on the ocean floor. talk about it. >> it's actually a really rare find, it's a world war ii hell diver. there's only one or two that are is still in operation at this time. it's on the ocean floor about four miles off the coast of florida near jupiter, but it's upside down so nobody knows if there are perhaps remains inside of it. nobody knows if there's maybe still some ammunition on board of this. it's now the property of the navy, they're going to go in and investigation.
4:42 am
if it is a grave, they're likely going to leave it where it is. if not, there's several museums that said they would like to bring it up and put it on display. but no matter the way you look at it, it's a piece of history and there's a potential that they may raise it up. >> i just like to leave things as they are. it's kind of a water theme tonight, because there are reports tonight of a freak of nature. tell us about this hybrid shark. >> a hybrid shark is a scary thing to me, because if you get like one of those little fast ones and you get great white teeth to go with it, you're in real trouble. that's just my personal issue. it's being hailed as the world's first evidence of interspecies the australian black tip shark and the common black tip shark. one is more common and lives in
4:43 am
warmer water, and the other is bigger and lives in cooler water. right now the theory is that potentially climate change, global warming means that warmer water is in different places than it used to be and they meet up with each other. they say this could be evidence that there are other hybrid species out there. >> is the sky really falling? >> we had two of them. both of which landed in it ocean, but spacecraft, it could happen again, falling to the earth. you probably have already heard about this one, you heard about the russian spacecraft, it's been out there and they have been trying to make connection with this thing for the past couple of weeks.
4:44 am
finally they say, we give up, we can't make any connection here anymore. this is eventually going to fall and make its way to the earth. what happened is the rocket boosters never went off so it didn't get up to mars's moon where it's supposed to go. the best estimate is that it's going to fall anywhere on the southern tip of america. >> the sky is falling, the sky is falling. remember that little story? i'm loopy, it must have been that beer. >> it's after 9:00, it's past my bedtime. >> we're going to talk about beer and politics. >> beer drinkers like mitt romney and that stuff? coming up next, a cnn exclusive, the queen of soul, aretha franklin sitting down to talk about getting married
4:45 am
again. here's a preview of tomorrow's stories on cnn newsroom. beginning tomorrow at 5:00 eastern time, breaking away from traditional new year's resolutions. how to find out what's been weighing you down in 2011 and what to change in 2012. at can hl and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda®, you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. and now get even more with splenda® essentials, the only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber,
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or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. just another reason why you get more... when you sweeten with splenda®. ♪
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aretha franklin, queen of soul. recently announced she's going to be a bride. she sat down with cnn's soledad o'brien to talk about her ups and downs with her weight loss. >> your boyfriend. >> my man. i don't have a boyfriend, my man. >> your man has been somebody who's been in your life a long time? why get married now? >> why not get married, i need someone to take care of me, help take care of me. >> you don't get taken care of? >> i take fabulous care of myself, let's put that on record. but it wouldn't hurt.
4:49 am
>> tell me a little bit about the weight, because you look great. last i heard you had lost 85 pounds. >> i was, but i put 15 or 20 of those pounds back on and i'm working to get them back off now. it's an up and down thing. i'll tell you something, when i dropped the sugar out of the beverages, my iced tea, lemonade, the pounds started coming off. >> you can find out what else aretha had to say at "starting point" with soledad o'brien starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. >> i'm voting for romney. >> i'm drinking a sam adams with lagger, and i'm voting for john huntsman. >> how some voters in new hampshire are picking presidents. that's straight ahead. but first this, it's time to begin our annual search for cnn heroes, honoring everyday people who are changing the world.
4:50 am
you can nomination someone special at, and you can help them expand their work and others. and also get them the recognition they deserve. here's anderson cooper showing you how to do it. >> tonight we gather to honor the best that humanity has to offer. >> if you join us, we'll be unstoppable. >> cnn heroes are looking for every day people who are changing the world. how do we find these everyday people? you can nominate someone right now at maybe your hero is helping the environment by protecting the atlanta or helping people overcome obstacles. >> there will be no man left behind as long as we are this nation. >> or finding a unique approach to solving a problem. whatever their cause, nominating a cnn hero is easy. first go to cnn then click nominate. we ask some basic information about you and your nominee. then tell us what makes your
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hero extraordinary? how are they changes lives for the better? it's really important to write in your heart because it's your words that will make your hero's story stand out. a couple of tips, please don't nominate yourself, it's against the rules. it's not necessary to nominate someone over and over. we read each and every nomination, really, we do. and be selective. those honored as cnn heroes are truly dedicating their lives to serving others. after you have told us about your hero, click submit. it's that easy and that worth why would. >> this has been the greatest night of my life. ongestion? tylenol: sure. don't you? tylenol (another bottle): nyquil (stuffy): dude! anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
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these are the kinds of political stories everybody likes. presidential candidates trying to figure out what everybody's thinking, this is not win of those polls. we hit the bars in manchester to get a cold, fresh taste of the new hampshire primary. >> reporter: i'm drinking ship-yard pumpkin head and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking shipyard apple head ale and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm voting for ron paul.
4:55 am
>> i'm drinking stella artoir and i'm voting for romney. >> i'm drinking smutty nose and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking bud light and i'm going for newt gingrich. >> i'm drinking dos equiis, and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking a coors light and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking a guinness and i'm voting for romney. >> i'm drinking a long trail and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking a samuel adams cherry chocolate malt and i'm voting for ron paul. >> i'm drinking a sam adams with lagger, i'm voting for jon huntsman.
4:56 am
i'm drinking a blue point optical illusion and i'm voting for ron paul. this is a pumpkin ale and i'm voting for newt gingrich. go newt. >> i'm drinking coors light and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking a pabst blue ribbon and i'm voting for ron paul. >> i'm drinking a coors light and i'm voting for mitt romney. >> i'm drinking shipyard apple head and i'm voting for ron paul. >> i'm so mad at you right now, jared, because you got me wanting -- i want to run out of here and go get my stella right now and just down it. so there you are live there. what do you think about the results? it looks like, i mean romney was the clear winner there.
4:57 am
>> reporter: he was definitely the clear winner, he had 11 beer votes and the next runner up with ron paul who had five. it will be interesting to see on tuesday how close it is, and if it is close, we can scrap this whole spending money on polling, just send me out bar hopping. >> we like reporter involvement, the viewer does, people who sign our paychecks do as well. so you had to get involved, right? >> well, now, let's not focus on the data. let's focus on whether or not i was having beers or whether or not i danced on top of the bar, these things really don't matter in the end. >> oh, yes, you're just saying that. you're just saying that. but i do understand that you ran into a few characters along the way, so tell us about them. >> yeah, i mean the people in the bars, they were having fun and i kind of noticed a couple of trends that the later it went into the night, the romney voters started to drink more of the domestic lagger beers that
4:58 am
aren't very good. so i'm thinking they might actually be smart. because my dad always said, the first couple of beers have to taste good, but after that, they all taste the same. so i think they had moved on to the bad stuff. >> did you talk to a comedian? >> i met bob marley and he went around town and messed with people. his parents did not know that there was an actual bob marley singer, so check him out. >> oh, come on. >> any suggestions for any wines for the candidates? >> well, we have a few, michele bachmann, we have a wine that starts out strong and then fades away to nothing. >> everybody always says why does everybody in new england drink so much, why don't you come up in the 10 1/2 month winter and we'll explain to you why we drink so much.
4:59 am
the only people who don't drink anymore are the ones that have been told to stop drinking by the court of law. look at me, i'm only 19 years old. >> in kobetown, we drank a lot of beer in the winter because who wants to be outside, right? >> reporter: the weather in atlanta is nice right now. it's freezing out here right now. but it's not that bad out there, and there's a lot of good drinkers in this town. i think most of them are from vermont, but bob explained it, it's cold here and people have to do something did you go around for a couple of days or did you do it all in one fell swoop, one day? >> i started at about 3:00 in the afternoon and i went until midnight. and i was working on another project and i was failing miserably. and i called my boss and said i was going out.


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