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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 11, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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day with an accompanying picture. again, it's from ythings. this is a power stroller. it has generators in the wheels, and it is the first stroller with pack away lights. you see mom's strollers, especially at airport, and they're, like, kicking it, having a conniption because they can't get it down. >> the mommies in the studios are oohing over this one. what's it called again, the origami? >> the origami. it will charge your cell phone, too. >> that's amazing. we have a request from the control room. do it one more time, katie. make it little. >> ask and ye shall receive.
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all i have to do is turn a knob, press a button and instantly it folds back down. first power-folding stroller. the generator is in the wheels. it's also the first stroller to have path lights. if you're running or jogging in the early mornings, it will light up for you. i didn't want kids. i think i'm going to have a child just for this thing. >> katie. katie, thank you so much. i can tell you're having a blast. >> two more to go. >> quickly. go for it. >> the next generation is the wiiu. brand new gaming controller. i want to get this one out. it's due out in 2012. this is a sensor for video bloggers. you can take a video of yourself. you don't need anyone else to record it. pretty nice technology.
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it is called the swivel. stay tuned. >> i am staying tuned. katie, thank you so much. thanks for the crowd. nice. if you missed any of that, we'll open it up on the brooke log. katie, love you. thank you. now this. all right, here we go. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin, cnn. on the streets of syria here as new attacks are breaking out. also we're watching the story out of iran. a nuclear scientist has been killed and reports of a mass suicide threat at a plant in china. nic robertson, our senior international correspondent one of the few journalists inside syria. you were up close to the violence today. what did you see? >> reporter: we were with the journalists who were covering a pro-government rally in the city of holmes north of syria earlier today. we decided not to cover the
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rally itself. a mortar round crashed in. a french correspondent of channel 2 was killed. his wife was on the scene. she was absolutely distraught and in terrible, terrible shape as her husband was being wheeled into an ambulance and taken to a hospital. another journalist picking up injuries, and civilians in the crowd also injured and another person killed. this happened in the city of ho holmes at a pro-government rally. a journalist doing their best to tell the world what was happening and this is what happened. >> some of these pictures are graphic. take a look.
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nic robertson, how is the government responding to this? >> well, the government were escorting us on our trip to holmes to various locations in the city. they believe that because we were going to go, the group that they were escorting and about a dozen of us, they believe that because we, the international media, were going to cover this pr pro-government rally, they say that's why they believe the opposition was targeting it. we have no way to know that was true. there were so many things about this incident that remained strange and very odd. it was government reminders in the city that told us about the rally. it happened fairly late in the day. it was close to the front lines. the attack was a military style attack. that's the way these weapons are used.
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three or four rounds in quick succession. so there are significant questions that we may never know who is responsible for the attack, but the government clearly blaming the opposition here. >> nic robertson, you always find yourself in some of the most dangerous places in the world, please stay safe. i want to talk about this nuclear attack that left a nuclear scientist dead in tehran. ivan, when you hear the details, the bomb, the motorcycle and the passing-by car, it sounds like a spy thriller. >> reporter: no doubt about it, brooke. very odd and appears to be a very professional assassination job, according to irani media. this man, who was deputy director of commercial affairs, what happened he was driving in tehran's very congested traffic in broad daylight, and irani
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state media say someone rode up in a motorcycle, strapped an electronic bomb on the side of the car which went off and killed him and later wounded and killed his driver. what is very strange about this is he is about the third official working in iran's nuclear program to be killed within the last two years, brooke. if we look back, we have other incidents in november of 2010. a nuclear physicist killed in a very similar style with one of these so-called sticky bombs placed by somebody on a motorbike on his car, again in broad daylight. and also in january of 2010, almost exactly two years ago from today's assassination, another nuclear physicist killed in tehran. the irani authorities have been very quick to accuse israel and tehran for carrying out this
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attack. >> hillary clinton is responding to that. let's listen to that. >> i want to categorically deny any united states involvement in any kind of act of violence inside iran. >> ivan, just quickly, you mentioned a string of similar attacks on these different nuclear scientists. why are they being killed? why would someone want to kill them? >> reporter: well, the crux of the debate is over iran's nuclear program, which the u.s. consistently accuses iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons. iran denies that saying, no, it's trying to develop nuclear energy from peaceful. they try to keep ranking up sanctions against iran. on tuesday hillary clinton said that's one step closer -- she
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claims it's one step closer for developing nuclear weapons in iran. brooke? >> hundreds of workers reportedly threatening to kill themselves at a company that makes xboxes. dan, what are you hearing about this? >> we're at a microsoft booth here at ces. the xbox and all the apps and accessories are a big part of the display here and a big part of the company's success. now there is a report that the company foxcom, who manufactured a lot of those, they have threatened to commit suicide if they don't answer their questions. any number of employees did take
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their own lives in 2010. it did put in some worker assistant programs back in 2010. basically that's all we know at this point, brooke, but it could have been a major tragedy there in china. back to you. >> dan, thank you. and that is your reporter roulette for this wednesday. a prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway making a huge admission during his murder trial. jane lvelez-mitchell joining me on this one. mitt romney going for his make or break moment. convicted killers washed to sea, nearly 200 inmates. one victim's family worried that he will finish what he started. now this. fireworks in court involving the case of two parents who never took their young son to the doctor's as he was dying of cancer.
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as they prepared to learn their punishment, it is sparking a huge discussion. we've got it for you today right here. ♪[music plays] ♪[music plays]
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when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays]
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president obama meeting with 14 executives trying to convince them to bring jobs back home. >> we're all just going to put forward new tax proposals that reward companies that choose to bring jobs home and invest in america. >> some of the companies represented there at the white house today include ford, intel, rolls royce, and in case you're wondering, the current corporate tax rate in the u.s., it is at 35%. that's the highest in the world. we now know the name of the soldier whose body was found in
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an army base in colorado. brandy fonteneaux was found in fort carson. a family member said she was found naked and stabbed, but the base has yet to confirm that. governor hailey barbour pardoned 14 murderers. one man was accused of killing his estranged wife as she was holding their six-month-old baby in her arms. her sister says it's not only not right, it's not safe. >> she was in jail for three years and had her child in her arms when he shot her in her head. and he's pardoned? >> barbour pardoned 17 kwiconvid
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murderers and early release for three others. coast guard plowing into the ice two feet thick as it's leading this russian tanker bound for nome. they expect conditions to get even worse. national guard sent to other coastal towns in alaska that have been buried by up to 25 feet of snow in the last two months. what new evidence have police found after reopening the investigation into natalie woods' death? the answer? none so far. but investigators say they're still doing interviews and keeping the case open. woods drowned back in 1981 while she was boating with her husband, robert wagner, and actor christopher walken. they reopened the case after people called them in november claiming to have more information. take a look at this horse in massachusetts. he's trying to get up. rescuers had to gently pull,
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yank, heave. he's not having any of it. orson was up to his neck in mud. it took him aboabout half an ho this rescue team to get the horse unstuck. a big car company announcing a big recall. the company behind twinkies is in trouble today. allison cossock live today. 450,000 vehicles? that sounds like a lot. >> it is a lot. the recall is for freestar suvs and mercury monterrey minivans.
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there is a risk of fire with power outage in the cars. if people still want their ding-dongs and twinkies, where do they go? >> you can still get those. they filed for bankruptcy today, but it will be business as usual. this is the second time in a decade that hostess has filed. it's not planning to lay off any of its workers. 19,000 people work for hostess. it doesn't necessarily mean that liquidation will happen here, but this is happening, brooke, because hostess is in deep debt. let's hope those ding-dongs and ho-hos hang on because vending machines just won't be the same. >> you never realize how they get the icing in those twinkies before that video. what now for john huntsman? he put all his eggs in the new hampshire basket, but in south carolina, a comedian is polling
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higher than the former governor. mitt romney did surprisingly well last night. who has the edge there? we're live, next.
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absolutely no time to rack it up to new hampshire. the presidential hopefuls already pushing on to the next battleground, that being south carolina. rick santorum didn't do that well in new hampshire, finished fifth, but his hopes were never ha hi that high there. it's the south carolina primary that could make or break him in ten days. we know santorum very much
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counting on that evangelical vote to help him bring it home two saturdays from now. you were just at one of his events. tell me about the crowd. >> that's right. you know, he had a pretty big crowd. we were just in ridgeway, south carolina about an hour ago and then we raced over here to talk to you, brooke, and he was talking about his faith and family values sort of approach to campaigning down here in south carolina. it's what he's been talking about throughout this campaign, but it was an added emphasis, you could say that, inside this restaurant where he was talking to a couple hundred voters just about an hour ago. brooke, we asked him about this conventional wisdom that seems to be out there this morning after mitt romney's big win up in new hampshire, the fact that the romney campaign is e-mailed out, the fact they've raised $20 million in the fourth quarter, that they are on a roll right now. i asked rick santorum, what about all that? has mitt romney wrapped up this nomination? and here's what he had to say.
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>> hey, senator, the conventional wisdom today is that mitt romney has all but wrapped up the republican nomination. how do you stop him? >> you know what, this is a long process. half the people who voted yesterday weren't even republicans. so the idea that he's wrapped up the republican nomination because he won by eight votes in iowa and he won his home state, it's just silly. >> are you going to challenge his record down here? >> we're going to challenge everything, not just here but florida and beyond. >> so you hear rick santorum talking about the way he feels about it is he's going to be going after mitt romney's record here in florida, south carolina and beyond. he's not paying attention to any conventional wisdom that you lerd a lot this morning. this is going to be tough for him, because back in 2008, you know, he came in fourth place in
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the state behind john mccain and mike huckabee. john mccain and mike huckabee sort of split that evangelical vote. >> those who want to blunt romney's successes is newt gingrich. he, too, is place ag ling a lot hope in south carolina. >> the country is a founder of beliefs and we are encouraged by our creator. if i am the president, you will help me with the selection. we will not tolerate a speech, dictatorship in this country. >> so gingrich as well hoping -- it's probably a chunk of that evangelical vote. can he win him over, jim costa?
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>> that is going to be a big question for newt gingrich. that was part of his problem in iowa, that evangelical voters were not sold on newt gingrich partly because of his troubled private life and his past, that he's been married three times. and so that is going to be one of the challenges for newt gingrich here in the state, and all of this, brooke, i have to say, plays into mitt romney's hands. if rick santorum is down here fighting for the evangelical vote, if newt gingrich is doing it as well, that sort of spreads the field and opens things up to mitt romney for him to do what he did in iowa and new hampshire. romney could eke one out mainly because that voting block is going to be split among several different candidates. thank you. if a woman got an abortion, one state requiring doctors to do one thing beforehand, and now
3:24 pm
there is a huge court ruling that could have national implications. don't miss that. . yuning, fidgeting. he just kind of looks bored, doesn't he? but today he made a big admission. jane velez-mitchell is all over this one. she joins me next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] entune mobile technology. ♪ stronger! ♪ stand a little taller [ male announcer ] stay seamlessly connected to your smart phone. available on the reinvented 2012 camry. from toyota. ♪
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♪ you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ for everyone who thought joran van der sloot got away with murder in 2005, not going to happen this time. he pleaded guilty of killing a woman in 2010 in peru.
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he beat and strangled her in his hotel room, stole her money and fled to chile. here shis his admission in cour today. >> i want to give a sincere con confession. i am truly regret ful for what i've done. i feel very bad. >> van der sloot prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of this young woman, natalee holloway in aruba. he was never charged with the case. flores was killed five years to the day after natalee holloway. jane velez-mitchell is following this case very closely. finally, jane, finally, we see this guy and he's admitting he's a killer. satisfying. >> we can say he is a convicted murderer. i mean, this guy is a murderer. we know that now.
3:28 pm
and he is going to be sentenced on friday the 13th, which given the fact that he is a gambler, is not such a good turn of events for him because he probably attaches a lot of significance to random numbers. but here's what's outrageous about what happened today. first of all, i think it was a bit of a charade. i think there was some behind the scenes dealing going on -- >> what do you mean? >> sources close to the defense said, before the hearing even started, we expect a reduction in the sentence in return for this confession. so, essentially, they must have had some indication of what kind of reduction. we don't know, it's a big question mark as to what kind of reduction he's going to get, but the general consensus is in return for uttering those few words where he seemed to be trying to suppress a smile in the process that he is going to get some significant leniency. the term that's been bandied about is a ten-year reduction
3:29 pm
off the maximum 30 years. it could even be more. so it's a question mark what he'll actually get on friday, but it could be less than the maximum 30 years. >> it's interesting you said he appears to be suppressing a smile. i want to play this clip -- you saw the yawn, kind of slouching? heaven forbid anyone is in his position, but you don't do that in court. it seems like he's not taking this seriously, is he? >> he's an ignorant narcissist. it's all about him. the rules don't apply to him. but what i thought was outrageous about today's hearing, his attorney actually tried to blame the natalee holloway case on what happened to stephanie flores, saying, oh, he was under tremendous psychological and emotional trauma because he was persecuted for five years and hammered about the location of natalee holloway, which he doesn't really know.
3:30 pm
nonsense. those who studied the case believe he knows exactly where natalee holloway is, and in fact allegedly extorted her mother, beth, for a quarter of a million dollars to get him to reveal the location of the remains. and just the nerve of saying, oh, it was in other case where the girl disappeared on my watch and forced my hand to tell about this woman, that's outrageous. >> you brought up the case of natalee holloway. we believe she could be officially declared dead at a hearing in alabama. this is an issue that sort of has her parents divided, doesn't it? >> i think her father, dave holloway, has pretty much come to terms that he is never going to get the complete story. so dads are perhaps sometimes a
3:31 pm
little lessee moeshl than mothers who -- beth holloway has made this a lifelong quest. she has devoted her life to getting the truth about this, and she has devoted her life also to preventing any other young woman suffering a fate similar to what her daughter suffered. beth holloway is my hero for how she's conducted herself and how she's never, ever settled in her quest to find the truth about what happened to her daughter. but it's up to parents to decide how they want to handle this, and i respect both reactions. >> absolutely. issues from jane velez-mitchell. jane? >> while the presidential race is dominating headlines, you may have missed this. secretary timothy geithner, he's in china. he's stepping up protection when it comes to iran and when it comes to oil. we're going to explain how and why, next.
3:32 pm
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i'm about to talk here for a moment about the united states and china. they're the world's number two in the economy, u.s. is number one. china is not going away and neither are we. so let's talk, shall we?
3:35 pm
treasury secretary tim geithner, he's been shaking hands in china over the past couple days. he's there talking to chinese leaders including the guy on the right here. his name is jijing ping. he will probably be china's next numero uno. china buys about one-third of iran's oil experts, so it's a tough sell for geithner, is it not, to get china here on board aimed at china's oil industry? >> that's true. china is obviously a big economy, japan, too, and also india. this is all about iran, so there's no doubt that one of the things they're talking about over there is not necessarily, will china go along with this boycott.
3:36 pm
not a chance they want to line up behind the u nid states just because tim geithner told him to. let's say iran follows through on some of the threats their taggita tagging, china is thinking about that, there's no doubt about it. some other things could happen. the nuclear program in iran is very worrisome to the west. and it does seem like it's going to take care of things and how both countries might react if those things happen. >> they won't necessarily get on board if con engine gent, and china is the biggest market, and we would love to see them on our own staff. >> china already does buy a fair amount of products they sell to us. mainly we see the cheap stuff they sell to us that shows up in
3:37 pm
walmart. we show them a lot of por their construction. can we sell them energy products, energy. we have a lot of american companies over there actually making products in china, so it allows them to make money just a little different way. others think that china is devaluing, which makes their products cheaper here. about 4% per year, and there is every reason to that will past each other on on that one. do you see geitner making any progress on that particular issue.
3:38 pm
. he goesover and makes his owe blig to her. in some way, china has its own domestic priorities just as we have domestic priorities -- a lot of american jobs have gone to china that comes over here. it actually lowers the cost of living for america, so it's not as simple to say car car is. it's a complicated story and i think tim gaither. they could have china's toughest critics on capitol hill. >> rick newman. thank you. skblz thanks. zoo. >> two parents took their dog to the vet, but they didn't take
3:39 pm
their young son to the doctor as he was dying of cancer. you're going to hear their excuse as to why and why their case could set a precedent. sunny hostin is all over this one. next. so much to choose from. [ male announcer ] the four course seafood feast is back at red lobster. still just $15. get soup, salad, unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, dessert, and your choice of 7 entrées, like new honey bbq shrimp skewers or shrimp and scallops alfredo. all four courses, just $15. [ jody ] it's really good value. all my guests love it. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster general manager. and i sea food differently.
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a mother and father in ohio plead guilty in their son's cancer death. sunny hostin on the case. so it was william robinson, jr.
3:42 pm
he was eight years of age when he died of hodgkin's lymphoma, a very treatable form of cancer. his parents pleaded guilty to his death. they saw swollen glands in his neck and they thought it was just swollen glands. what did they not do? take their child to the doctor. did they just lack funds? >> they're saying this eight-year-old boy begged his parents to take him to the hospital and they refused to do so, yet they took their pit bull to the vet that cost $87 to get treated with fleas. however, they're saying this is not a question of medical neglect, this is about health care. they said they wanted to take him to the hospital but they couldn't afford the $180 it costs them to take him to the
3:43 pm
free clinic in their county. so they moved, apparently, to cleveland, ohio to try to get hope for the little boy, but he died within two weeks. >>. >> unfortunately, these people did not have that ability to get the proper health care. and i think the entire system both in warren and trumbull county and cuyahoga county, there was just a little bit of the obama trap. >> so if the ball was dropped, to use his phrase, could that transfer into a lighter sentence for shows many. these parents are looking, brook, at two to eight years in
3:44 pm
prison. ufr. if them try to help, certainly that's something going to be part of the equation when the judge sentences him. we all know in the united states, we would be expected to take them to the doctor. two to six years is what they're looking at because they were convicted of attempted manslaughter. it's been tied up in all kinds of legal challenges, but now the circuit court after peels for the fifth district has given the go-ahead for this to be in force. the question is, does this mean, sunny hostin, that texas can now start enforcing the sonogram
3:45 pm
law, or is there more legal wrangling ahead here? >> sort of both. there is no question they would have set apart to begin, but they're looking at all available means that they have to try to do something about this lawsuit, try to block the enforcement. we know the fifth circuit court of appeals has bounced it back, so the lower court judge that initially placed an injunction, which means a sort of stop action order in this case, and so we don't know. what i can tell you, certainly, the legal wranglings. that's a long ways away. that's 2% premature. it's obl that this loss could be less in texas. >> this is cyd miller. >> i think it is the morally
3:46 pm
right thing to do. i think we have a moral obligation to provide all the information necessary -- or available to that patient. >> moral right. with this moral obligation that will certainly pop up? >> i'm not sure, but i think it's really to do. the law is not only show the sonogram. they have to provide sort of this verbal explanation of the results of the sonogram, including a medical description of the dimensions of the fetus, the presence of cardiac activity and the presence of external members and internal organs. so before anyone takes on any kind of medical procedure, they want to make an informed
3:47 pm
consent, right, they want. are these just scare tacticses to try and vercht from s, it's hotbed issue, they're following it again, and really fascinating the legislature is forcing the damn nation. >> yeah, this is whenever you wa want. coming up next, katy perry's dad under fire for comments he made about a religious group. he is now responding to that backlash. plus, see who just strapped on his microphone.
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katy perry is a celebrity, but the singer's dad is the one trending today. he's apologizing for one of his sermons. his name is keith hudson, a preacher, but critics say it sure didn't sound like it when he spoke at the church on the rise in ohio.
3:51 pm
this is his quote of what he allegedly told the congregation, quote -- you know how to make the jew jealous. have some money, honey. you go to l.a., they all own all the rolex and diamond places. walk down a part of l.a. where we live, and it is so rich it smells. you ever smell rich? they are all jews, hallelujah, end quote. a couple days later, hudson reportedly said he was joking and has said things like that before. last night katy perry's father expressed deep regrets and released this apology. quote -- i am not going to offer any execute or tell you what to think -- i do insist that i am not an anti-acceptite. i used imaging about jews rooted in the worst, in the past images that at times let to the persecution and murder of jews. i understand the power of words and the need for all of us to think twice about using words
3:52 pm
that can hurt or harm others. i apologize for the hurt i caused my jewish friends. with the help of god, it will not happen again. katy perry's father there. now we are a couple minutes away from the one and only wolf blitzer, and rick santorum on the phone? >> you think he'll show up with the sweater vest? >> i think it's balmy in south carolina. i'm thinking no. >> i'm thinking the sweater vest, button-down shirt. >> you're calling it now? >> beal have to wait until the 5:00 p.m. eastern hour. he's joining mess live. ten days. >> hoping for that evangelical post. >> my block today, it's not over yet. they're ready -- not so fast, we have south carolina, florida, a lot of stuff going on. we're going to watch it closely. you're going to watch it, too. >> of course i will. and in terms of south carolina, we touched on this before, but it gets ugly, dirty politics.
3:53 pm
>> it's going to be tough all around. there are social issues, and that can be rival for dirty politics. in south carolina they're talking economy. do you think it won't get quite as dirty? >> i mean, did you see this new newt gingrich ad blasting mitt romney, it's a very, very tough ad that is playing right now in south carolina. this is only just beginning. those will be tough but relatively tame to the stuff that will go underground, the flyers sent out raising suspicions, the robbo-phone calls, it's tough business, dirty politics. i expect in the next ten days a lot of people in south carolina will be disgusted with some of these accusations. we're going to watch it. we have a team of cnn experts on the ground. we're going to bring it to our viewers. if we catch wind of some of these robo-calls or ugly flyers
3:54 pm
or curlous rumors and all this trash, south carolina has a history of using this kind of stuff. >> his blog, >>, situationroom, all one word. thank you. mitt romney said he spent primary day at the movies with his family. and we did some digging. which one loves "casa blanka". plus washington may be divided, but one senator has an idea to bring politician together for one night. that's next.
3:55 pm
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3:57 pm
the family. can you guess who? mitt romney. his son tweeted out a picture. they went to go see "mission impossible" while the kids apparently had a lighter fare. they went to see the muppets. it got us thinking, so we have a list. this list put together thanks to "the washington times." rick perry a fan of "immortal beloved" a movie about beethoven. next, "newt gingrich" he loves "casablanca = and rick santorum, "field of dreams." partisanship might be back in washington. remember last year when the republicans and democrats sat side by side, at least most of them did for that speech. it was a show of unity in the aftermath of the shooting in tucson last january, a shooting involving gabby giffords, so
3:58 pm
talk of having the so-called prom dates for this year's state of the union, that has started up going. senator mark udall is once again leading the way. we'll have to wait and see if that happens. with new hampshire in the rear view, the remaining gop candidates looking ahead to south carolina, and there are some new polling out there that might make jon huntsman a wee bit nervous. i want to bring in joe johns. you're in columbia, south carolina, a big grin on your face. this is just kind of fun. who's this comedian who is ahead of jon huntsman? >> reporter: it's unbelievable. i laughed out loud when i saw it. stephen colbert. how could he enup one point ahead of jon huntsman? answer. he's actually from south carolina, so it's not that big of a surprise, but still colbert the comedienne is ahead of jon
3:59 pm
huntsman in the polls, just one sign of the kind of uphill battle jon huntsman is facing here in south carolina, brooke. >> i guess that's a screen grab. stephen colbert can remember and live forever in infamy. how has he been received there in south carolina, his first real appearance? santorum -- excuse me, huntsman. >> reporter: huntsman, right. he's in this building right now, eight floors up, talking to standing room only crowd of college students on the campus of the university of south carolina. a lot of people came out to greet him. pretty energized crowd, so it looks good for him in that way. people know his name, but really it's an uphill battle for huntsman in the state. he comes out of new hampshire, as you said in third place. a pretty good showing there, but he sort of put all his eggs in one basket in new hampshire. now people here their tastes run to more


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