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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 4, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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collective future. you know how to contact me with your ideas. tweet me. tweet the show. the good news is that though the clock is ticking, it hasn't yet struck midnight. we still have time. we have the resources. we have the technology. the question is, do we have the will? that's my xyz. thank you for joining the conversation this week on "your money." we're here every saturday at 1:00 p.m. and sunday at 3:00 p.m. be sure to check out my book, "how to speak money." it's a step to step guide to understanding the language of money with everything you need to know. we hope can you pick up a copy, learn from it, and tell us what you think. have a great week. . you're in the cnn newsroom. the news unfolds live this saturday, february 4th. the u.n. security council votes in an emergency session to condemn the government of syria. but the effort fails. china and russia veto the
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resolution. the resolution vote comes in response to syria's deadly crackdown on protesters in that country just within the past 24 hours. 260 people have died in one syrian city. let's go straight to the u.n. and richard roth at the united nations there. so, richard, you know, before we talk about who voted against the resolution, why it failed, what might have it accomplished? >> well, this resolution would have demanded that the violence stop, syrian troops get out of the cities and let observers come in, fully support an arab league plan that called for president assad to step aside while there is some type of democratic movement starting including potentially elections. but that all failed after the double veto. china and russia and ambassadors putting their hands in the air at the security council table in a rare saturday morning session in new york. the people of syria will be disappointed, strongly, by the failure of the u.n. once again to commit to any action.
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in october, russia and china also vetoed following the latest double veto, u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice was furious. >> united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose here, addressing an ever deepening crisis in syria and a growing threat to regional peace and security. for months, this council has been held hostage by a couple members. these members stand behind empty arguments and individual interests while delaying and seeking to strip bare any text that would pressure assad to change his actions. >> the u.s. ambassador and other western countries stating that russia and china were complicit in the violence that they have failed to stop by any resolution
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here at the united nations. in order to please russia, get china, get everyone onboard for a potential unanimous vote, the u.s. and others changed the language, made compromises. still, russia opposed. here's the russian ambassador's explanation. >> translator: members of the committee, unfortunately, including -- [ inaudible ] >> the chinese ambassador, the rhetoric a little calmer saying the resolution would complicate things in syria. china prefers and russia asked for a dialogue between the syrian government and the people protesting.
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>> translator: under the current set of circumstances to put undue emphasis on the judgment presult the dialogue or impose any solution will not help resolve the syrian issue. it means that it may further complicate the situation. >> pakistan, when it was the ambassador's attorney to speak said, look, i don't want to beat anyone with a stick tensions were running that high in the security council. the u.s., the french ambassador saying they're not going to give up. they're still going to try. it would appear that more violence or something horrific on the ground only then would perhaps change the minds of china and russia who both remain allies here of syria. back to you. >> and richard, you know, before the vote, president obama also weighing in with this statement on this resolution and on syria saying any government that brutalizes and massacres its people does not deserve to govern. but clearly, the president's words not influential enough
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because as you underscored, china and russia vetoed this. so now what? >> that's right. well, they were not going to listen to any last-minute printed statement even by the u.s. president. secretary clinton had talked with her russian counterpart in munich earlier, hours earlier. that failed to reach an agreement. they now it will have to be human rights groups and others trying to get in, you know, u.n. officials keeping a close eye. but syrian president assad had a good day here at the u.n. >> thanks so much for that. >> all right. witnesses in syria say it is a massacre. in this town near damascus, several people were killed today during a public funeral processi procession. yesterday at least 260 people reportedly died when syrian
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troops shelled the city. an opposition group says the shelling started when some syrian soldiers defected and fled to homes. president obama today blasting the syrian government for in his words relentless brutality against its own people and he repeated his demands for syria's president to step down. >> and this is one of those political days worth watching. in this country right now across nevada, gop voters are meeting in caucuses and before this day is over, nevada will decide which republican they want to run against president obama. for now, here's what the latest poll tells us to expect. the two top seeds, the gop caucus goers favor mitt romney by 45%. newt gingrich lags behind a full 25 points with only 5% support. let's bring in our political editor, he is in las vegas. so, paul, what's happening inside the caucuses right now?
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>> reporter: they sure are. we are at becker middle school. fred, there was a caulk caucus that ended about a half hour ago. everybody gathered. they went in different rooms. there were three precincts in the school cafeteria. they gathered and some people spoke in favor of the candidates they were supporting. take a listen. >> i'm here to talk about taxation and how ron paul stands on it. he doesn't like them. he doesn't like the hidden taxation that comes with the fed. >> that was one of four people who spoke in favor of ron paul at the precinct we were in. three people spoke in favor of mitt romney. after people spoke in favor of their candidates, then they cast their ballots. we have sue clark, our photographer was able to zoom in there. you can see these are people counting the ballots after they were handed in. and, fred, when it was all over here in the entirety of this caucus, it was gay day for mitt romney, at least here at becker middle school. probably over 60% of the votes
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here at this caucus site and a little taste of democracy in action. >> okay, 28 delegates at stake here. how important is this state for any one of the four candidates to win? >> reporter: yeah, i think when nevada can do is give mitt romney more momentum. he is trying to become the first person to win two contests in a row. it was last tuesday we were down there in florida. romney won the primary big there. as you mentioned, let's go through the numbers here. you've got 28 delegates at stake here in nevada. it's proportional. so it's like -- it's unlike florida which is winner take all. it's proportional. like florida though, only opened to registered republicans. no republicans or democrats allowed to take part. 125 caucus sites across the state. we hear, of course, at becker we're in one of them. what is different about this in iowa though, in iowa, all the caucuses start at the same time. some here start in the morning like the one we were at. some start in the afternoon.
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and there's one in the evening. and final results, we'll get those starting at 8:00 eastern, fred. the turnout was not that high. they put out their own water. the cheerleaders here at becker middle school are having a rummage sale now. we're going to check out and see if there is anything good to buy. help them with their cause. >> thank so much, paul. we'll check in with you throughout the afternoon in las vegas. all right, on to the nation's capital where the occupy movements still has some momentum. right now police, in fact, are removing tents from an occupy camp downtown. u.s. park service officers and hazmat suits are taking away tents that contain camping gear. police also found dead rodents. that's one of the things that had a lot of people worried about the unsanitary conditions. police clash with protesters and six people were arrested. a federal judge tuesday upheld
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the ban on camping at mcphearson square and another park in d.c. a tribute to the man today behind the deep voice of soul train. friends and colleagues honored don cornelius in harlem. al sharpton hosting the event. row berta flack and others were also in attendance. cornelius died wednesday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. two organizations that support the fight against breast cancer temporarily at odds now one has reconsidered. i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life.
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more dead and injured in egypt. officials now say 12 people died in street fighting again protesters and riot police. more than 2500 people are injured. the crowds were furious at the government for what they call poor security at a soccer stadium riot that killed 79 fans earlier in the week. and bitter cold in russia today. zero degrees fahrenheit. tens of thousands of people still march in moscow. they're angry at the outcome of december's parliamentary election. they believe it was rigged and they demand free elections for the presidential vote come march. and amonday us in says expect more information to go public. that's after they posted a secret phone conversation between the fbi and scotland yard. fbi agents are investigating how they were able to record that call. >> the susan g.komen foundation says they will continue to fund
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grants for planned parenthood after all after getting slammed by a lot of criticism. suzanne candiotti joining us. >> reporter: hi, fred. you know, fallout from that funding flap may be far from over. the controversy came to light when word got out this week that susan g. komen for the cure was pulling grants to planned parenthood, an organization that provides health care to women and also performs abortions. after a huge uproar, komen reversed its decision. groups on left, right and middle are weighing in. national right to life which opposes abortion is coming down hard on komen sailing "national right to life strongly urges suzanne g.komen for the cure and all cancer research organizations to approve no future funding to planned parenthood, the nation's largest chain of abortion clinics. right-to-life supporters do not want donations for fighting cancer to go to organizations that perform abortions."
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well, breast cancer action which in part fights misinformation about the disease, has been critical of komen but in this case thinks komen did the right thing. >> i don't think komen's job is to make everyone happen. i think our job is to insure that women's health comes first. women's health needs to come before politics. it needs to come before religious pressure. >> susan g.komen denies they bowed to political pressure by restoring funding to planned parenthood. they must now decide how to go forward having alienated abortion rights supporters earlier this week and now making anti-abortion organizations unhappy. fred, with the possibility of hard feelings on both sides, the question snou how will this impact fund-raising? >> all right. susan candiotti, thank you so
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much for that in new york. each week as cnn's dr. sanjay gupta profiles innovators from all walks of life. the program is called "the next list." tomorrow sanjay talks to molecular gestronemer who is obsessed with experimenting with food, flavors, and design. >> edible menu here. we have almost since day one. and that is because serving edible menus makes a lot of sense. 20 tons of paper are wasted in restaurant mean ynus. here you get menus created by products. it looks like a sushi roll and tastes like a sushi roll but it's your menu. >> tune in to watch "the next list." tune in tomorrow afternoon when we'll also tell you where hundreds of alleged sex abuse victims are furious with the archdiocese of nil walkee.
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this as the catholic church gets ready for a global conference on the priest sex abuse scandal and how to move forward. we'll talk to our vatican analyst john allen sunday 2:30 eastern time. all right. perhaps you have some extra money. wind fall or something? maybe you're getting a tax refund and you want to know how best to manage it. we've got some suggestions. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke...
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getting your financial house in order is a number one issue. we are going to help you figure out when to bring in a professional. let's bring in a professional, karen lee, the author of "it's just money." why does it cause so many problems? last week you talked to us about the american psychological study that shows most, most of us are stressed out about money. we can't sleep at night, all that kind of good stuff. so sometimes you need help. and you think if i bring if a professional, can i afford them? >> really, what we want to talk about is what kind of a professional? inevitably whether i meet people and say what do you do, i say i'm a financial planner. they say oh, i need your help. but when we talk and get a little more into their situation, they don't always need my help but a different type of professional.
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>> what are the variations? >> let's talk about the person really struggling. we have a lot of them right now. they're drowning in debt. those people actually could use credit counseling. you might talk to your mortgage lender. and obama just announced about redoing his modification program to include more people. and if you are literally drowning and you see no way out, there is a chance that a bankruptcy attorney might be the kind of person you need to talk to. >> how do you know? >> you know what? if you just can't see a way to make a plan and pay the debts off, then you do need to contact one of the kind of people we're talking to. >> make a phone call and get someone to look over your situation. >> a little wind fall.
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you are saving and then you're wandering, how do i make this money grow? what do i do about investing? >> right. >> where do they start? >> that's where you want to call someone like me, a financial planner. >> they're going to look at the pieces of the puzzle, the company benefits, how much you earn and what your expenses are. they're going to say where do you want to go? and then they're going to pull it all together and make a plan for you. usually they come back with recommendations on both insurance and investments. so are you maximizing the potential returns on your investments? should things be different? and that's usually going to be a fee-based where -- fee based meaning they charge a percentage to manage your money. but it could be fee only where you just are paying for their advice. now you're trying to pay off all
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your debt and excited about it. zero on everything. but then you are so tempted to use that credit card again. >> and you run it right back up. >> you get yourself in trouble again. >> whether it's a credit card or equity line. we call them repeat offenders. in addition to that, though, again, we're talking about how many causes people stress. that's an example of someone repeating the same behavior over and over. there is a whole other group of people that have money but are fearful. they live in fear that it's never enough money. they may have a million dollars in assets and be scared. that is still stress. >> that's not the person going to end up in credit card debt. >> no. >> they're holding on to it. >> but if they're repeat offenders in that way, the solution is the same for both of them. the reason is because it's psychological. there's an emotional reason that they're repeating the same behavior over and over or living in fear. so as you know -- >> you need to -- >> i talk about this in my book. you might have to get into therapy.
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you might find a certified money coach. i became one a while back. and it was really profound to find out how much is under the surface. so be aware on both ends of the spectrum. it might be wait you relate to money needs to change a little bit. and then you might stop repeating the same behaviors over and over. >> this is wonderful advice. a lot of times people are wondering when should i get help? what will it cost me? if so, how much could i really afford it? but you gave us some great options. >> thanks. good to be here. >> appreciate it. good to see you. >> you, too. all right, again, more information by reading karen's book, "it's just money, so why does it cause so many problems"? >> all right. here's a question proubbly don't hear all the time. do you know how strong your bones are? one way to tell is with a bone density test. it's recommended for all women
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ages 65 and older. and for younger women with certain risk factors. elizabeth cohen has more in today's "health for her." >> reporter: until katie kelly got a bone density test in her early 50s, she didn't realize she had the beginnings of osteoporosis or thinning bones. >> i can't believe it. it came as a shock. >> reporter: especially since she's been doing the right things to keep her bones strong. things like regular weight bearing exercise, taking calcium and vitamin d can prevent bone loss. >> but katie has certain risk factors that increase the odds that her odds might fracture. >> being a petite thin woman is one. being caucasian is another risk factor. some medical conditions put you at higher risk. >> as does a family history and menopause. >> we really think when a woman goes into men owe pause, it's the decrease or drop in estrogen which allows the accelerated bone loss. >> reporter: this is what healthy bone looks like as opposed to a more fragile bone
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with more empty spaces. katie will take medication to build up the bone and come back for another bone density test in two years. in the meantime, she'll up the amount of xoer size to three to four days a week and continue taking her calcium and invite mdg advice to help women of all ages to maintain healthy bones. i'm elizabeth cohen. israel and iran warnings are flying back and forth over iran's nuclear program. so what does america do? dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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we're a few short hours away from finding out which voters want to run against president obama. the latest polls give mitt romney a strong lead. a court-martial for the u.s. army private accused of leaking classified military documents to wikileaks bradley manning is charged with handing over thousands of classified military documents. it's considered the biggest intelligence leak in american history. the army will put manning on trial for aiding the enemy and trans mitting defense information. he could get life in prison. . >> lance armstrong says he is
2:30 pm
gratified by prosecutors decision not to file doping charges against him. the justice department said friday it's dropping, rather, its investigation of the seven-time tour de france winner. armstrong has long denied accusations he used performance enhancing drugs. >> israel has a clear message for tehran. stop your nuclear program. u.s. officials are worried about what could happen if israel does decide to attack iran's nuclear facilities. chris lawrence has more. >> reporter: thousands shouted support for the leader. >> translator: they say all options ron the table including war. the war itself will be ten times detrimental to the u.s. >> reporter: on friday, defense secretary leon panetta stood firm, taking again the u.s. is "prepared to respond if iran doesn't abandon its nuclear program. but israel says time is running
2:31 pm
out. >> translator: dealing with a nuclear iran will be more complicated, dangerous and expensive in blood and money than stopping it. whoever says later may find that later is too late. >> reporter: even former diplomats say iran is full of hard-liners who may not back down from sanctions. >> and so i'm worried that the overall strategy of ratcheting up the pressure and the hopes that iran will somehow say uncle is not based on a good reading of the iranian government. >> reporter: a senior congressional official says the relationship with israel right now is the strangest he's seen. he's convinced the israelis aren't going to tell us if they strike iran. former defense secretary bob gates told cnn's john king, they disagree on what happens after any attack on iran's nuclear facilities. >> i think most american senior officials believe they will retaliate and not just narrowly
2:32 pm
but potentially across the entire region. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs just traveled to tel aviv, the latest high ranking official to try to convince israel to give sanctions more time. but a source says when the head of ma sad visited washington this week, it was primarily to gauge what the u.s. would do in israel struck iran. just this month iran started enriching uranium to 20% at the facility. if they enrich enough of it, a u.s. official says it would cross the israel's red line because it's an easy jump from there to 90% weapons grade. >> iran says the nuclear program is used only for research and for generating power. but independent u.s. experts estimate that iran has enough low enriched uranium for several nuclear weapons if it enriches it to weapons grade. tension in the middle east shows the new focus for the u.s. military that means some troops
2:33 pm
in other places like germany are ready to come home. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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if you like mind twisting movies, we have two for your pleasure this weekend. our movie critic and is here to help us out. good to see you. hey. okay. so you're joining us from los angeles today, per usual. let's start with "the woman in black." oh, boy. so i saw the trailer earlier. looks very creepy and scary. this is from our old harry potter. maybe one of the first movies he's done since the whole harry potter series. yes? >> it is absolutely. this is his first venture out of the gate since harry potter ended. and it's definitely a strong departure from the films. >> so this about, you know, widowed lawyer traveling to his deceased client's home, a woman's ghost is in the house. let's just watch the clip.
2:37 pm
>> necessity. that would be enough for me. i'm out of the house. all right. well, did you think it was, you know, thriller? did you like it? >> oh, yeah. this movie is so scary. do not let the pg-13 rating fool you. i know that you hate scary kid movies, right? >> yeah. i'm not into them. hate is a strong word. but, you know, it's not my favorite. how's that? >> definitely don't see this movie. you're going to have a heart attack. it's the only time you're ever going to feel sorry for a lawyer in your entire life. so this is the first movie since the series ended. it is spectacular. now the first -- >> it does look like a beautifully shot movie.
2:38 pm
>> it is. it's stunning. and there are cheap scares in the beginning. after they knock off that none sense, the movie takes off. i think my friend is deaf in his left ear because of me. >> then it's a good thing i wasn't sitting on the right side. he would have hearing in either. >> exactly. >> this movie features some of the craziest towns people in a film i've seen in a long time. it's almost like daniel radcliffe walked in there and said he wanted to cut the funding for planned parenthood. okay. they're nuts. >> what is your grade on this one? >> this one gets a strong a from me. i highly recommend that parents proceed with extreme caution when letting their little kids go to this. harry potter this ain't. >> oh, my goodness. okay. he's breaking out. and he has broken. okay, next movie, "chronicle." this, too, mysterious.
2:39 pm
this with alex russell, michael v. jordan? tell me more. what's this about? >> right. like you might not recognize the kids. they're really talented from some television shows like "friday night lights." this movie is two things that we basically don't want to see anymore, super heroes and found footage. however -- the good news is that "chronicle" turns the tables on all the other crappy movies and has a really phenomenal script. >> really? >> i actually cared about these teenagers who become super heroes and i couldn't be more surprised. >> okay. i think we have time for a little clip. >> what you are doing? what? no way! oh, my god! dude! holy crap! oh, my goodness. okay, what's your grade on this one? >> i gave this one a solid a
2:40 pm
because it is so realistic, exactly what you would expect from teenagers that accidentally get superpowers. along with a really surprisingly dark script that is for thinkers. it's fun, it's smart, and i couldn't recommend it more. in fact, these two are neck and neck at the box office. and so i definitely give this one an a as well. >> oh, my goodness. okay. >> i know, a good weekend for movies. >> i guess so. all right. good mysterious and intriguing material. thanks so much for bringing it to us. good to see you. >> thanks. >> all right. remember, you can get all of her movie grades at all right. it's been three years since "fame" debuted making us all believe there is a singer or dancer inside of us. do you remember the tough talking teacher lidia? well, she is still tough talking, directing, choreographing, acting, she does it all. next week she and i talk face-to-face about lots of
2:41 pm
things, her new role on "grey's anad my," dance studio and the future she seize in the performing arts. ♪ do you know where you're going to ♪ i need diana ross to come n i love her. i do have her number in my cell phone. >> next week face-to-face with debbie allen as she also opens up about missing a best friend and one of her best dance students of all time, pop icon michael jackson. [ wind sounds ]
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[ horn honks ] [ dog barks ] [ dog whimpers ] [ wind whistling ] [ dog whimpers ]
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where has winter been? let's check in with jackie gerris. many people are excited to see snow. >> the timing is just perfect. all of a sudden, it's the weekend. people are off. and guess what? they can ski. a lot of colorado is waiting for a storm like this for a long time. man, this was a doozy. these are pictures that we have that comes out of colorado and this is around blackhawk county. they have 48 inches in the last three days. yeah, that's four feet of snow if you do the math there.
2:45 pm
bolder coming in at 22 1/2. denver, colorado, the three day total, 15.9. that is a three day record for them. right? and also a daily record for yesterday. yesterday alone they had about a foot and a half. >> fantastic if you're having fun in the snow. >> exactly. i-70 was closed yesterday. today we're looking at parts of i-70 and i-80 is where the brunt of this storm is. we have winter storm warnings for nebraska into iowa where 6 to 11 inches total can be expected. we're already over nine in omaha. des moines has a couple inches on the ground there. that will all be winding down for tomorrow. the southern end of this has been the flooding rains. take a look at the pictures we have for you out of texas. lots of flooding. five to seven inches estimated. this is outside of the college station area. yeah, more flading rains can be expected to day across parts of louisiana and well as into mississippi. this storm continues to head east. the good news out of all this, the storm will weaken a little
2:46 pm
bit as it heads to alabama and into the georgia area. so watch for improvements. but lots of roads closed. >> it looks like a river in a place where it's not supposed to be. >> exactly. >> all right. thanks so much, jackie. >> sure. all right. time for our cnn equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines. here's what's crossing now. nevada's republicans are caucusing across the state right now within the next few hours we should know which candidate nevadans want to run against president obama in the fall. the latest polls give mitt romney a strong lead. but santorum is bypassing to day's nevada caucuses. he's not even there. he's in colorado where there's a lot of snow. but he's also asking voters there to back him for president when they caucus on tuesday. and ran paul is in minnesota today where he has a couple events scheduled. minnesota, colorado, missouri hold either primaries or caucuses on tuesday.
2:47 pm
for the latest political news, you know where to go, join us every sunday 4:00 eastern time where we dedicate an hour to the presidential contenders in this 2012 election. all right. most people spend months or years planning their vacations. but now some folks are leaving it all up to chance. buying a mystery trip. rob marciano explains why this adventure into the unknown can be a trip of a lifetime on the go. ♪ >> reporter: when liz spoke to mystery trip, she didn't expect to be soaring above the trees in hawaii. >> i actually had never done zip lining before. >> neither have i. >> reporter: from zip lining to search school, a new activity was revealed, even their destination was a surprise. in a mystery trip, they don't tell you exactly where you're going to go or what the extras are or what hotel exactly you'll be staying at.
2:48 pm
>> reporter: most mystery trip planners hope to make sure the adventure matches your personality. he even gives a quiz to determine a travel sign. >> we both came up as barbarian. >> and that sign is people who love to travel to the ends of the earth, basically. >> reporter: taking a chance can also help you save some money. >> for example, luxury lincolnline, they offer auctions for destinations. they don't tell you exactly where you're going to go. you can get a great value for a very little amount of money. >> and with an open mind, a mystery trip can be worth the suts spengs. >> no, with the flow. you go with the flow. and, you know, enjoy the moment. >> it is super bowl weekend. you know what that means. advertisers are all trying to cash in on the hype. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line.
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advertisers are spengd big bucks to showcase their products. does that actually help sell their goods? patricia woo takes a look.
2:52 pm
>> reporter: these days advertising on tv isn't enough. it's all about the internet. a lot of sundays commercials are already online trying to generate buzz. we spoke to marketing expert mark stevens, he says advertising during the super bowl is a popularity contest and does little to sell a product. one ad set to air on sunday has a guy with two heads talking to a dealer about buying a car while his smaller head sings. ♪ >> mark stevens claims it's a waste of money. >> it has nothing to do with cars. it has everything to do with the be beavis and butt heads of the agency playing with corporate treasury dollars. they would never, ever give their own money to that. that to me is the asset test. >> stephen says you need a strong message that resonates long after the super bowl ends
2:53 pm
and you need to make sure that the product is the thing people remember. otherwise, there are probably better ways for a company to spend its ad dollars. unless, of course, that company is one that advertises every year like coca-cola or budweiser. it's almost as if it's not the super bowl without a good commercial from one of those guys. these companies have deep pockets, large ad budgets and can afford to spend millions of dollars on a flashy ad. stephen says that's fine but the primary purpose of the ad isn't to boost sales. >> there is a place for super bowl advertising in a well rounded company like anheuser-busch. budweiser is a very well managed business. they don't rely on it to be the primary driver for success. from what i've seen, and i've studied this, they do not return the investment. it's not really investment.
2:54 pm
they don't return. the cost of the super bowl. it does, however, make the company or the advertising agency feel good as a pride factor. >> reporter: the real winner from a marketing standpoint is the nfl and the network airing the game. the super bowl continues to get huge audiences and that means the networks can keep raising ad prices, price this is year are $3.5 million to $4 million for a 30-second spot. >> all right. thanks so much, patricia. a real changing of the guard after seven decades, two u.s. military bases in germany close. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ] for our country. ♪ for our future. ♪ this isn't just the car we wanted to build. it's the car america had to build. ♪ the extended range electric chevy volt.
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that's going to have to be done by a certain date. you always have homework, okay? i don't have homework today. it's what's right here is what is most important to me. it's beautiful. ♪
2:57 pm
♪ hard to believe after 70 years two u.s. military bases in germany are about to close their gates. >> in the heart of germany's bavaria is a world heritage site, early medieval town steeped in history. it is staggeringly beautiful. but it's about to lose a piece of its more recent past. since world war ii, it has been a home from home for thousands of u.s. servicemen. >> this is the arms forces radio
2:58 pm
and television service. >> arms forces radio on the airwaves, american voices on the streets. >> translator: on thursday, we had a conversation with the top commander in europe, general hertly. he made clear that the u.s. bases at bamberg would be closed. >> reporter: the u.s. is cutting forces as the pentagon shifts focus to the middle east and asia and tries to save half a trillion over ten years. two heavy brigades will go. troops in germany at the height of the cold war around 270,000, down to 40,000 now and soon due to be cut by a quarter again. >> we're moving these 8,000 troops with their tanks is justining to move beyond the cold war. but people should still be aware that america is an even powerful
2:59 pm
military misch thachine than it been and this is removing yesterday's forces for yesterday's wars. >> reporter: about an hour away at the u.s.'s multinational training facility, you get a sense of how powerful that military machine still is and how its mission is changing. on the outside, trailers. inside, simulations of afghan terrain these troops will deploy to. they practice maneuvers like this before a shot is fired. >> got it. >> amazing how they get a bird's-eye view of a operation like this even if it is just a practice one. how is that? did they do the right thing? no, what did they do wrong? >> a couple things. they'll work on it. they're getting it down now. >> reporter: the pentagon says the european drawdown wot


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