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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 5, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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hom aro cantu. some people like cantu find their passions by accident. other times, it's as if they are born to do it. in the end, though, they are all agents of change. and that's what learns them a and that's what learns them a spot on "the next list." -- captions by vitac -- >r you're in the "cnn newsroom." this sunday february 5th i'm fredricka whitfield. angrangry, frustrated parents western new york takepand dema four months after more than a dozr dozp dozen teenagers and developed uncontrollable twitchitwitching and verbal ti. last night at a community meetipmeeting organized by districts, outraged residents didn't hold back. p >> i>> i'm done listenin. you guys need to do something. mp my chilmy child, my chi thep them, i run a busines
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town. it is not safe. why is it? yyou neep you need to prov sapsafe to put our childrens school. p asas a community we need together, pull our children out. there's other places we could tap take thtake them an tak education they need. yp you ayou are not doing . yp you ayou are not doing all. [ applause ] >> fight for the rights of our children. you're not. >> that was melissa and she joins us on the phone right now. melissa, what kind of response did you receive after directing your questions and your outrage to that panel? >> i really did not receive a response. i ended up walking out. >> what do you want the city or the school district to do? >> i want them to do soil samples, water samples.
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i want to see everything in documents showing us exactly what they tested and what the results are. >> because you think they have not done a good job of publicizing those results? >> no, they have not. they have only done air testing. they have not done any other testing. >> are you encouraged at all that activist erin brockovich has been leading an independent investigation, taking soil samples and water samples from the area? we don't know what those results are as yet but are you encouraged at all there would be this outside entity to do this? >> yes, i believe they are doing their job and they should come in and do it because they will do it for free and we won't as taxpayers have to pay for it like the school wants us to do. >> so melissa, you have kids in school. you also run a daycare business. how has this impacted your day-to-day life? are you drinking tap water, you
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and your family? are you bathing with tap water? are you trying to avoid touching the soil? how has this impacted you? >> i could depending on the test thanksgiving comes back on my property could shut my business down. right now we still are living our life like we have done using the tap water, drinking the tap water, bathing in it. but we've got to have testing done. i've do make sure it's a safe environment at my home. not only at the school but at the home. >> you haven't necessarily changed your habits. what about your kids attending school? i understand one of your kids has had some headaches recently. do you think there's a connection? >> i think there is, but i'm not 100% sure. we don't have any proof, so we don't know. >> all right. melissa cianci, thanks for your time. keep us posted on what you, as
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resident, learn as people continue to investigate. >> i will, and thank you for your time. >> meantime an illness now sweeping through two ships belonging to the princess cruise line leaving nearly 500 people sick. the vessels returned to port in florida. the cruise line says all the people who got sick are suffering from what's called norovirus, something like a stomach flu. inspectors from cdc are involved making sure both ships are thoroughly cleaned. onto politics now, mitt romney is coming out of nevada with two wins in a row in terms of primaries. in this gop primary season, that's a pretty big deal because it is the first back-to-back win in this election cycle. romney captured 48% of the nevada vote. newt gingrich came in a distant second with 23%, ron paul got
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18%, rick santorum came in last with 11% of the vote. the candidates hit the ground running today after last night's results. they took to the sunday talk show circuit this morning. >> you know, this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence. this time i've got to take it to the white house. >> but also on the positive side, we will get a bloc of votes. we will still get some delegates and we still will pursue our plan to go into the caucus states. we'll have to wait and see how things go. >> i am a candidate for president of the united states. i will be a candidate for president of the united states. we will go to tampa. >> i expect to win the nomination. i feel very good about it. >> may win a nomination that's not what republican voters are looking for. >> i didn't have mechanisms to turn to somebody who was being completely dishonest as a candidate for president. >> this election, we must fight for the america we love. we believe in america.
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thank you so much and god bless you. thank you. >> there's another round of primaries this week. want to check in with cnn on tuesday night. we'll have the results. our entire team will be here. the latest results from primaries in colorado, minnesota and missouri. our coverage begins tuesday evening 6:00 eastern time. join me in about 90 minutes from now at 4:00 eastern. examine 2012 contenders and talk about central issue in colorado, minnesota and missouri. news from rome that's coming up next. catholics gather tomorrow trying to stop sex abuse in the church. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana...
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happening overseas, violence and death in syria, at least 41 died in clashes with troops. an enormous crowd packed the city of homs to mourn the hundreds of people killed in what witnesses call a government ordered massacre. in the uk two to four inches of snow fell overnight. that's pretty heavy for london. big fun for kids with sleds there, throwing snowballs. pretty big headache for travelers. heathrow canceled about half its scheduled flights today. troublesome weather in australia as well in the form of high
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water. heavy summer rains pushed rivers out of their banks in the eastern state of queensland officials are warning thousands of residents to brace for what may be record breaking flooding. this week a federal judge will consider whether to throw out some priest sex abuse claims in the milwaukee diocese. more than 550 people a little they were abused. the archdiocese filed for bankruptcy last january and claims are part of the case. the archdiocese is asking the judge to throw out up to 95% of the claims saying this, that many of the claims were filed beyond the statute of limitations. the alleged abuse involves someone who wasn't a church employee and some victims already got sellittlements frome archdiocese. many are furious they are trying to toss out claims. pope benedict xvi wants all catholic churches to have
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guidelines in place to prevent clerical sexual abuse and respond appropriately when allegations are made. that's the focus of an international conference happening next week in rome. more than 200 representatives from bishop's conferences and major religious orders around the world are invited. i want to bring innovate can analyst john allen to talk more about this. john, good to see you. from what i'm reading about all this, this conference seems very focused on action, finding solutions for how to deal with this issue. is that what you're hearing? >> yeah, fredricka, that's absolutely right. these would be the people coming together who are representing these bishop conferences and religious orders would be experts in child protection, that is people who are on the groundworking for the church on this itch in various parts of the world trying to identify best practices in preventing, detecting and prosecuting abuse and trying to make sure those best practices become a global standard.
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one of the problem here with the church's response is that supervision of personnel is handled locally. that is it's handled sort of parish by parish, diocese by diocese, religious order by religious order. it's been difficult to come up with uniform global approach but that's what the conference is trying to achieve. >> is it also the case some alleged victims are planning to attend this conference? if so, what is their role going to be? >> yeah, in fact, one of the first major speakers is going to be a victim of clerical abuse from ireland. ireland, of course, has had one of the most massive catholic sex abuse crises anywhere in the world. this is a victim by the name of maury collins who has publicly talked about her experiences and has been very sharply critical of what she sees as the church's failures to get its hands around this. she has been invited to make one of the first presentations because organizers say they want to hear the voices of victims
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and the way they go about trying to fight this. >> is the catholic church in large part publicizing there is this conference about to be under way to address the fact that membership worldwide in some parts is dropping significantly in the catholic church? >> well, i don't think it's quite as crass as that. first of all, the truth is that globally the catholic church is growing significantly. it's true it's losing membership in some parts of the west. you take a place like africa, the catholic church actually grew by 7,000% in africa during the 20th century. i don't think trying to stem membership loss is the issue. i do think the church realizes it's taken a massive blow to its moral authority and public image. i do think they want to try to turn that around. fundamentally i think the motive for this conference is that church leaders want to try to make sure that the church is a safe place for children, and for everyone else for that matter, and try to put policies in place
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to make sure, as much as humanly possible that's the case. >> john allen, thanks so much for joining us from rome. and in this country more than half of voting catholics backed president obama in 2008. a new law about birth control might change that this year. details on that next. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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the unemployment rate takes a dip and could plunge further. our money team has a function look ahead. let's tart in new york. >> reporter: the labor department released january jobs report last week and it blew away wall street expectations. the economy added 243,000 jobs last week. more than 1 million created in the past six months. meanwhile the unemployment rate fell to 8.3%. that's the lowest in nearly three years. manufacturing, leisure and hospitality and professional and business services added the most jobs. if the economy can keep adding 200,000 positions or more, the unemployment rate should keep falling. poppy harlow has a look at what's coming up in business news. >> reporter: thanks. a foreclosure settlement. they have until monday to agree to a deal with the biggest banks
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that could be worth as much as $25 billion. it would settle robo scandal in 2010. we learned some mortgage companies signed off on foreclosures without checking all that paperwork is accurate. if that goes through affected borrowers would get a portion of the settlement money. some consumer groups are saying hold off and hold out for a bigger criminal investigation. keep an eye on this monday and business news on cnn money. fred, back to you. >> thanks so much, ladies. a better economy could mean more cash for indulgences. a tip for finding great deserts next. even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics.
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purchase catholic church leaders do not like a new rule that forces employers to cover the cost of birth control. religious and political analysts say that could hurt president obama in the fall. church leaders are raling against the policy from pulpits. 54% of catholic voters supported the president four years ago. a u.s. army general is dead in afghanistan. brigadier general terrence hildner is one of the highest ranking officers to die there. he apparently died of natural causes. he was just 49 years old. let's check with jackie, some strange weather for the workweek. >> it's been so warm. that continues to be the big headline this weekend, the
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winter that really never happened. we had our big blast in colorado, nebraska early this weekend but now we're really focusing in on warm rains across the south, looking at showers on 35, houston, moving to the lake charles area. could be heavy at times. we've had a lot of flooding in this area late last week so things are still very moist. there's standing water out there, river flood warnings in effect. keep that in mind if you're traveling today or tomorrow as well. as we take a look at the big picture of the nation as a whole, quiet across the northern tier. we've been tracking travel delays. the only place we had a delay in the last hour is indianapolis, fredricka, because of the super bowl taking place later on. that was a volume delay not a weather related delay. it's an indoor game. if you're trying to tailgate outdoors, things look great, temperature about 40 at 6:29. something interesting speaking of a weird winter. take a look at this on the
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satellite picture. if i didn't know better, you would think this was something happening in april, may or even pushing into june. that is a tropical system trying to develop. the national hurricane center believe it or not is keeping a close eye on this thing to see if anything could develop. it will bring in much needed rain across parts of south florida in drought conditions. this is actually good news as it moves in. by the way, we have had one other tropical system ever developing back in 1952 there was a tropical depression but never got a name, made it to storm status. a lot like today we'll watch moisture head to the southeast, see heavy rain in times in parts of florida, may be travel delays, nice, sunny conditions across the west. we're log at cloudier conditions across the northern tier. overall, fredricka, a pretty quiet weather pattern that will stick that way for much of the week. we'll have to watch a few storms in the west. >> especially for today.
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people don't want interruptions with their super bowl watching. >> that's right. >> thanks a lot. time for travel insider, cnn reporters and producers often have great inside scoop on great places to go. our entertainment reporter kareen wynter shows us where she satisfies her sweet tooth. >> welcome to my neck of the woods, san fernando valley. everyone that knows me knows i have the biggest sweet tooth ever. when i get cravings i have to run here to bliss yogurts. here there's a celebrity delay, husband to beverly hills housewife adrian. known for frozen yogurt, crepes,
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smoothies and waffles are on the menu. in fact, i'll give you a little taste. i'm no expert in the kitchen but today i'm going to show you just how i like my crepes with a little help from tom. we use the spatula. >> we got half of it. >> perfect. >> voile. now we go in for the kill, some of my favorite toppings. chocolate. of course raspberry sauce. they are ready. let's go. this is my favorite part. time to dive in. delicious. kareen wynter, cnn, sherman
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oaks, california. >> all right. a quick look at our top stories right now. mitt romney is the winner of nevada's republican caucus. this gives romney his second straight win. he is the first of this republican field to do so. next on the gop stop contest tuesday in colorado, minnesota and missouri. an illness sweeps through two ships belonging to the princess cruise line leaving nearly 500 people sick. the vessels returned to port in florida. the cruise line says all the people who got sick are suffering from norovirus, which is something like the stomach flu. massive crowds are packing the city of homs, syria, this week. these are funerals for some of the people killed there in the past few days. witnesses say syrian troops shelled residential areas of homs at random killing more than 300 civilians. and troublesome weather in australia. heavy summer rains pushed rivof
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their banks in queensland. warnings thousands to brace for what could be record breaking flood. i'll be back at 4:00 eastern time with a full hour of the political coverage we have for you. we'll be looking at mitt romney's big win in nevada and how handling a loss speaks volume. >> i'm not going to defend the outcome in a state where i was outspent five to one. >> that's in an hour from now. stay with cnn. "your $$$$$" start right after this. imagine if you could always see life [music]
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