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tv   Early Start  CNN  February 6, 2012 5:00am-7:00am EST

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-- captions by vitac -- a very good morning to you. it is 5:00 on the east. this is "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm zor ray da. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started. little football game going on. >> really? >> the giants beat the patriots in super bowl 46 rome roexlvi.
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president obama called it. he said it would be a nail biter. that time the giants also beat the patriots. >> you know obama was calling something else, too. to nbc's matt low ri, he was calling for four more years. he didn't chant it, but he did say he deserves it. you'll find out why. of course, you will find out the fallout from saying those things. a deadly factory collapse in pakistan. it's a three-story building that exploded. at least two people are dead. dozens more are believed to be trapped inside. some have been rescued as well. we'll have a live report for you. and also a terrible story out of washington. like at those flames. while that's a terrible story for anyone, it is loaded onto a horrible story from the beginning. a father and two sons dying in that house explosion. police saying he set it to kill his two children. he is the father who was suspected in the disappearance of susan powell back in 2009.
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remember the woman he said he went camping with his two babies while his wife disappeared. there are vigils planned for those boys. my goodness does this open up a can of worms in that investigation. >> very sad story to wake up to. poor family. >> it is. we are going to begin with the big story that you were likely watching even if you're an early riser. that was the super bowl. some people calling it deja blue. the giants peating the patriots. i hope my two little boys are not awake to hear me say that. the score was 21-17. they won super bowl xlvi. it's the second time in four years the giants beat the pats for the title. giants scored the game-winning touchdown in just the final minute of the game. it was a repeat just like they did four years ago. the only thing i can say is it's a good thing my boys are only four and six years old. they were in bed. >> i don't think they're up at 5 clock. >> giants quarterback eli manning, he is the mvp. we have a little ticker tape
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parade in new york. estimated 111 million people in the u.s. watched the super bowl. >> that's amazing. >> quite an audience. i found out that madonna didn't get paid for her half-time show. that's the exposure you get. >> they get freebies? >> mark mckay live at indianapolis for us. president obama said it was going to be a nail biter and they certainly delivered one. >> he said it and they delivered here. giants fans on this chilly monday morning in indianapolis warmed. their hearts are warm that they are once again super bowl champions after a thrilling game behind me at lucas oil stadium that ended a few hours ago. eli manning, during the season he was asked if he was an elite quarterback. he got a lot of heat for it when he said, yeah, i think i'm in that class. he certainly was last night engineering seven come backs including one of the biggest games of his life, the super
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bowl. 57 seconds, that's when the giants went ahead for good. tom brady tried to lead his team down to the other end but instead it's the giants super bowl champs once again. >> you know, i'm excited to win a championship, excited for my teammates. we have a number of guys, this is their first one. obviously other ones who are getting their second and more. excited for them, coach coughlin, all of the other ones. this isn't about one person, this is about a whole team coming together getting this win. proud of our guys. proud of the team, the way we fought all year. never got discouraged. kept our faith. kept our confidence and fought to the very end. >> reporter: eli manning now a two time super bowl most valuable player. a two-time super bowl winner. he has one more than his big brother peyton. the manning family, this goes up a few notches, now doesn't it?
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>> not bad. mark, there were mixed reviews from madonna's half-time show. what did you think? >> reporter: well, from one of the 68,000 that got to see it in person, it was fantastic even though we were high in the rafters of lucas oil staud stadium. what a tech know show. the dancing, music in there was fantastic. i understand there was a little bit of a finger malfunction. when you're far away. >> do we have that? that m.i.a. >> that doesn't play well on national or worldwide television, does it, guys? >> no. apparently they didn't get it on camera there was a photographer that was able to capture that moment. that was m.i.a. >> maybe she had an ex-boyfriend in the crowd. you never know. perhaps. >> i'm just giving her some love. >> mark mckay live for us. thank you very much. president obama doesn't just want to be president for another term. he says i deserve four more years in the white house. it all came during an interview.
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look at how excited he is. he got the crowd all revved up just like the republicans are getting everybody all revved up. i feel like we're in the annual election. he did that sitdown with matt lower and said to matt he believes the economy is head the in the right direction. he said pretty determined to, quote, finish what he started. >> i deserve a second term, but we're not done. look, when you and i sat down we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. now we're creating 250,000. we created 3.7 million jobs over the last 23 months. we've created the most jobs since 2005, the most manufacturing jobs since 1990. but we're not finished. >> of course the interview wasn't just all about the sort of domestic issues in the economy. it was a lot about foreign policy too. iran a big issue. the president saying, quote, no option's off the table. but he also says he doesn't think iranians have the
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wherewithal, the capability to attack us within our own borders. and as the economy slowly improves, so apparently does the president's chances getting that second term that he says he deserves. here's a new abc poll. it's a hypothetical match-up between president obama and mitt romney. it shows obama beats romney 52% to 43%. this is among all-americans. three states are up for grabs tomorrow in the republican presidential race, but, wait, before you get too excited. it's a little different here. there are caucuses in both colorado and minnesota. there's a weird nonbinding primary in missouri. no delegates at stake. you have to wait a month until the primary in that state allocates the delegates. gingrich, romney, santorum have campaign stops planned for colorado today. paul is campaigning in minnesota. after tomorrow's contest the next ones are arizona and then
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kahuna michigan. minding your business this morning, stocks spiked friday after a surprisingly strong jobs report. the nasdaq and s&p 500 both up 1.5% each. >> that was last week. this is this week. >> famously. . yesterday, today. >> that was yesterday's news. that's why christine romans basically works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> i tell you don't get too wrapped up in one day. on friday the nasdaq closed the highest in 11 years. so the last decade was all a bad dream. >> no, it wraent a bad dream. i was living it. >> i lived it, too. the dow was up some 48% since that horrible low in march 2009. remember when the bottom was falling out of the stock market? when the economy was tanking, when we didn't know whether wall street and main street was going to be able to get its act together ever again.
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we were talking about bailouts for the auto industry and banking. the dow is up 48% since then. the economy is getting better. you heard the president tout all of his accomplishments in the labor market. there is more work to be done, but there has been a pretty decent distance that has been covered so far in the labor market. you saw the stock market really reflecting that this week to close the week. this morning futures are a little bit lower and that's because of europe. whenever there is a step forward, it's europe and the rest of the world that brings us back. >> the gop has been attacking obama on gas prices. >> they can't on jobs and stocks. they will. they will, don't worry. lately it's good news. how about the gas prices? >> going up. they're going up pretty significantly. it was actually michele bachmann who i heard attacking the president on gas prices. she said she could bring gas prices down to $2 a gallon. >> i loved that. i don't know why i loved it. i love to to hear that but i
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know that's nuts. >> well, because if you have $2 gas, every expert that i talked to said you'd have to have a massive recession to have $2 gas. obama's first day in office gas prices were at 1. $4. today they're at $3.48. that's really sobering. it shows you gas prices are up 89%. why? libya, iran, the eu is tangling with iran. u.s. consumer isn't in a depression anymore. our consumption of gas is actually down. >> i'm not surprised by that. are you? >> it's anticipation. speculators in the market. the economy will get better. >> better vehicles. >> this is from the oil price information service 60 cents or more higher by may. >> oh, my goodness. >> chicago, new york, l.a. >> before memorial day. >> it does every year. other things working there too.
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>> christine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> rob marciano is someone else who never leaves the office because if he left the office we would never know what was happening in the weather. >> oh, there's more qualified people who could tell you that. >> you sell yourself short. >> happy day after weather man's day. thank you for the cards flowers and candies. yesterday it was 70 plus. i'm thinking this is super bowl weather and i get an e-mail from the national hurricane center. we're checking something out in the northwestern caribbean. something that has a chance of developing maybe a subtropical low or tropical low itself. not looking all that healthy this morning. nonetheless, gives you an idea how whacky our weather is. our models are taking it to south florida. regardless if it develops, it will be a rain maker. some of the rain will get into the carolinas. mild weather. temperatures will be in the 50s from new york to d.c. to chicago. 45 degrees there.
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where's our winter? well n london they got some. here are pictures out of heathrow -- that's london. heathrow they had to cancel a good chunk of flights because of snow over the weekend. from london to rome, cue the violins. snow east of rome. folks are without power. this is part of a two-week onslaught of winter that has killed hundreds of people across especially eastern europe. as far south of rome they're getting snow. even some of the canals in venice are freezing over. >> i have never -- i don't know if i've ever heard of that. have you? >> it's only snowed in rome to that extent three times. they've been keeping records since 1975 or '85. >> how are they going to get around? >> they're going to need ice breakers. >> just wait for it to melt. >> rob, i had to look it up because i didn't believe you. national weather man's day is february 5th. congratulations to you. >> thank you. again, thank you for all the
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gifts. >> i'm sorry, i forgot. >> we'll send some. >> it was supposed to be in my calendar. i just forgot. >> we'll get you on your birthday. let's move on to international news. there's a lot happening on the international front. this one is breaking as we speak. this building collapse in pakistan's second largest city, lahor. apparently the reports are coming in that at least two dozen people are feared -- are dead and that dozens are trapped at this time. thirteen people so far apparently have been rescued from this complete disaster. the explosion happened in a three story factory building that was apparently making veterinary products. here's what's so sad. apparently it had been ordered closed but it had re-opened. >> ashleigh, there is no letup to the violence in syria. the government forces have been bombarding the cities of homs overnight. the bodies are piled on hospital floors. this comes on the heels of that
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failed u.n. resolution to isolate president al-assad. china and russia vetoed that measure. danny, syrian activist, desperately pleading for help from the west. >> we're not animals. we're human beings. we're asking for your help. they have rockets. they're going to kill us all. if you don't help us, they'll kill millions and no one will find out about us. >> you heard what he said, they're going to kill us all if you don't help us. the obama administration is adamant so far that the united states will not intervene militarily in syria. state department is saying it is, quote, deeply concerned about the possibility that 19 americans could be facing trial in egypt. 43 people in all are facing prosecution. it all has to do with those ngos in the crackdown. the defendants include sam lahood. if that name sounds familiar,
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it's because he is the son of our transportation secretary, ray lahood. ben wedeman is live in cairo. ben, there has been lots of posturing before with people who are detained, even high-level people who are detained, but there seems to be a different essence here, that there is really some fear. in fact, mr. lahood isn't feared for his safety. he fears for his future. >> reporter: yes. in fact, sam lahood who runs the international republican institute is one of several americans who have taken refuge in the u.s. embassy here in cairo, ashleigh. i got off the phone with one of those americans involved in the case, and he says their lawyers are flabbergasted, that they've been shown no documents. all their attempts to meet with justice ministry officials here in cairo have come to not, that they haven't been, for instance, served any legal documents in
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this case. one of the lawyers apparently saying that it's not lawyers they need in this case, it's diplomats. nothing seems to make sense. these americans are flabbergasted with the way the egyptian justice system is dealing with their case. it's widely believed that this is something of a ploy by the military rulers who run this country at the moment trying to deflect public criticism away from them given the clashes in the streets of cairo that have been going on now for their fifth day. that they're trying to shift public anger away from themselves and on to some sort of mysterious foreign hand that some of the egyptian media is suggesting is sort of riling up all of the trouble in the streets here. ashleigh? >> ben wedeman, keep an eye on that for us. thank you for that. it is 5:16. a family tragedy in washington state. a husband of a missing woman kills himself and his two songs. how did he do it?
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it was an explosion. why did he do it is what we're trying to figure out. two florida cruise ships hit by a fast spreading stomach virus. 500 passengers sick. heard this story before? so why does it happen over and over and what's going to be done about it now? former mississippi governor, mailly barber, he's under fire for those eleventh hour pardons before leaving office. he's making a very public appearance today. where is he headed? we're going to tell you. you're watching early start. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at
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20 minutes past the hour. time to check stories making news this morning. at least two dozen people were killed and a dozen injured when a boiler burst in pakistan causing a three story building to collapse. those are the images. up to 35 people could still be trapped inside. 30 more civilians killed today in homs, syria, bringing the total to 300 people killed. china and russia blocking a u.n. resolution over the weekend calling for president assad to step down. the state department is saying
5:21 am
it is deeply concerned about egypt's plan to put 19 americans on trial, including the son of u.s. transportation secretary, ray lahood. nonprofit organizations are accused of helping stir up political unrest. the new york giants beat the new england patriots, 21-17. they won super bowl xlvi in indianapolis. i bet you already knew that, but what you might not know is that in a super bowl sit-down with nbc, president obama said he doesn't just want a four year term, he said he deserves four more years. we'll tell you why. the race for the gop nomination. the next contests will take them to caucuses on tuesday in minnesota, colorado, then a nonbinding primary in missouri where no delegates are at stake. yes, that is strange. memorial vigils are
5:22 am
scheduled at elementary schools for two boys killed in an explosion. officials say their father, josh powell, intentionally blew up the home. >> you might remember he is the husband of that missing woman, susan powell, who vanished two years ago in utah. it was that strange story where josh powell said he was just out winter camping with his two little boys when his wife disappeared. so he was a suspect right from the get-go. josh powell's brother-in-law is now reacting to this tragedy. >> we're in shock. we are simply -- it's beyond belief. we had suspicions of various things josh was capable of, but i for one didn't think he was capable of this. >> we turn now to thelma gutierrez who is live from washington. so many questions about this incredibly layered story, but just for start, where does the investigation go from here or is
5:23 am
it over now that josh powell is dead. >> there are so many unanswered questions. that investigation continues on, as you said, to try to figure out exactly what happened. did this man have this plan for a while. there are so many questions that people want to know, especially in this area. this home was about 100 feet behind me, you can see the police car, behind me. it has been reduced to ashes. now this was an unspeakable tragedy. two children, seven years old, charlie. five year old brayden powell brought by a caseworker to visit their father, josh powell, sunday afternoon. it was supposed to be a planned supervised four-hour visit, and then all of a sudden the caseworker reports that the children get to the door. they are pulled inside by their father. she smells gas and immediately starts to pound on the door, which is locked by that point.
5:24 am
then she goes out to call her supervisor. about two minutes later she reports that the home explodes into a ball of fire. neighbors in the area say that the explosion was so violent their homes rocked. they didn't know what was going on. in fact, they didn't even know that josh powell lived in this neighborhood with his father, steven. now steven powell was arrested back in september for possession of child pornography, also on 14 counts of voyeur rimp. that is the point at which josh powell lost custody of his children. they went to the grandparents, to the parents of susan powell. josh powell was trying to regain custody of his sons. last week he went to court. the judge denied it asking him to go through psychological evaluation and taking a polygraph test, but at that point authorities say he became very disspon dent at losing his
5:25 am
son and -- or his sons and losing that custody and right before -- >> i just didn't want to interrupt you but i have to say all the way through this case josh powell has acted in such a bizarre way. he has avoided investigation. he has refused to speak to police officers on so many instances in the disappearance of his wife, susan. his father has acted in a bizarre way. they launched a website to diminish susan suggesting she probably ran off with some man. there's been sort of whisper rumors all along that josh and his father may have acted complicitly in the death of susan. so are the investigators now with the death and the tragedy -- the death of not only the father but his two sons, are they looking at steven, josh's father now, to continue this investigation and find somebody who might have answers about where susan is? >> reporter: well, you know, that's exactly what they're going to have to do because he
5:26 am
is the only one who is left now to talk about this, to respond to these questions. all along the sole person of interest, sheriffs have said all along, has been josh powell in the disappearance of his wife. as you had said, this is a very bizarre situation. right after that explosion people say -- several of his relatives say that they received e-mails saying i'm sorry and good-bye. also his attorney received an e-mail and so they believe that this had been planned for a bit. >> you know, i spent some time -- i've got to tell you, it's ashleigh. i know we sound difficult over the satellite lines. thel thelma, i spent some time with susan powell's parents, the coxs in washington. they were dispondent. they were not allowed to see those children before that action was taken to take those kids out of that house. josh powell wouldn't allow them
5:27 am
to see their grandchildren. this is such a -- almost a pathetic question, but how are they doing now having to deal with this horrifying tragedy? they lost their daughter and now their grandchildren are dead. >> reporter: it's so hard to imagine how they must be feeling right now. i don't think anyone could put themselves in their spot at this time. however, through an attorney they did release a statement just asking for prayers, privacy at this time. very difficult time. >> thelma gutierrez, thanks so much. its a he a difficult story. we appreciate your work. >> isn't his dad behind bars as well for some -- i think they found some child pornography? >> the child pornography issues as well. let me tell you something, he is also being investigated. he is part of the investigation on the disappearance of susan powell. there are some very strange stories yet to come out in the press about his behavior with susan powell before josh and susan left washington to head to
5:28 am
utah. >> i remember that. i'm sure there will be much more. >> it's so sad. >> it is indeed. 27 minutes past the hour here. ahead on early start did you hear president obama say idea sr. of a second term? did you hear him explain why? did he make a convincing case? we're going to have our panel of experts weigh in on that. you're watching "early start." nothing's better than gold. [ female announcer ] roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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welcome back to "early start." it is 5:31 in the east. time to check the stories making news this morning. two fort lauderdale princess cruise ships are clean and are returning to sea after 500 cases of neural virus reported.
5:32 am
the cdc is trying to determine the cause there. an appeal hearing in florence, italy, will determine whether the captain of the "costa concordia" will remain under house arrest, go to jail, or be freed. a decision is expected by thursday. former mississippi governor haley barbour still under fire for his controversial last-minute pardons. he's expected to speak publicly this afternoon at a ceremony at the reagan library. mayor michael bloomberg is announcing there will be a ticker-tape parade for the beloved super bowl champs, the new york giants, scheduled for tomorrow morning in lower manhattan. get your brooms ready. president obama making his case for four more years in the white house. did you hear it was a super bowl interview with nbc with matt lower. he says the economy is turning around and he needs that time to complete the jobs. >> i deserve a second term but we're not done. we created 3.7 million jobs over
5:33 am
the last 23 mopts. we've created the most jobs since 2005, the most manufacturing jobs since 1990, but we're not finished. >> i should have said to complete the jobs agenda. let's talk about this. democratic strat at this gist jaimy harrison. paul steinhauser and from chicago we have conservative commentator, leny mccall lisster. paul, aim he going to start with you. you heard president obama touting those numbers. they were much better than expected. romney not too happy. let's listen and talk about it. >> not so fast, mr. president. this is the 36th straight month with you be employment above the red line your own administration drew, and if you take into account all of the people who are struggling for work or just stopped looking, the real unemployment rate is over 15%. >> so romney was citing an economist there with those numbers who says with under
5:34 am
employed it's 15.2% actually. president obama's numbers are correct, paul, because we were trying to do some fact checking this morning, however, it leaves out the government jobs are on the decline. but the unemployment rate is definitely improving. the lowest since february of 2009. the political headline this morning was 2012 game changer. so it's an improving economy. is that a problem for romney? >> it sure is a problem for mitt romney. his whole argument has been since he's been running for the white house is i can do a better job for creating jobs than president obama. the unemployment level is inching down. that sound you played from romney was from saturday night. he had another very big victory in the nevada caucuses, two in a row. he's starting to become the firm front-runner obviously in the battle for the republican nomination, but he needs to, i guess, change his message a little bit. if the economy continues to improve and if the unemployment level continues to come down, that is an issue for him as he
5:35 am
takes on president obama if he wins the nomination. >> len spls ny, let's talk abou. here on top of that, tea party supporter from a house majority leader dick army's take on this. >> i don't think newt will be able to replicate that magic moment he had in south carolina. he had a confluence of circumstances that came and he had just one masterful moment where he transformed himself from perpetrator to victim, attacked the media. i think he's played that string up. >> lenny, can he get the magic back? >> he's going to have to get the magic back by way of debates. this is something he's done previously. he does not have the money. he doesn't have the money for the ads therefore. the only way he can close the gap is through the debates. the problem is he fell flat during the two debates going up
5:36 am
to the florida primary. because of that people are saying romney's going to gain momentum in these weeks before debates. he's starting to pile up victories. is there a way for newt to catch up. with the debates being spaced out, he's going to have a hard time recapturing that momentum. plus, he's already done this two or three times. people are getting a little exhausted with newt riding this roller coaster of momentum. they want to get behind a candidate sooner than later. this will play for a disadvantage for newt. >> matt, we can say it's all been very exciting, up and down, all of the debates. jamie, next month a lot of races are scheduled. the pace changes. previously late last night decision in the iowa caucuses, we were very excited about that. then a sudden shift in the iowa results robs romney of the victory. then gingrich's victory in south
5:37 am
carolina so it's been debate after debate. it's been a thrilling political theater, right, but now it's a bit of a lull. so what does this month mean politically? how can we get all of that excitement back? >> well, you know, right now mitt romney and newt gingrich are definitely going at each other. i think just yesterday newt gingrich called governor romney timid. so those definitely are fighting words if i've ever heard them. so i expect the speaker to do a lot of things, probably a lot of atypical things in order to generate headlines and just to continue to build on momentum. he definitely needs it right now, but his goal is to fight till super tuesday when some of the southern states will be up with either a primary or caucus. >> all right. paul, lenny, jaime, thank you. still ahead on "early
5:38 am
start", the best super bowl ads of the night. >> did you see them? >> i saw a lot of them. i think i might have seen the best of them. >> so we're going to preview them again. also ahead virginia lawmakers consider a so-called tebow bill. we'll tell you what this is all about. you're watching "early start." you're watching "early start."
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no, that's not a live concert you're hearing in indianapolis, but it is a live picture. nice to see you this morning in indianapolis. i'm sure you have a bit of a hangover, but what a city. what a party. what a performance. not just by madonna but by the teams as well and by the advertisers. welcome back to "early start." if you're like me, the commercials are why you watch the game. more than 50 commercials actually aired during that game. the math is amazing.
5:42 am
let's see, on average advertisers paid about $3.5 million for a 30 second spot. do the math and that's about $175 million. wow. zak knewcom also saying wow. they work with plans like virgin atlantic, nintendo, google. >> thanks for coming in. >> i watched the entire game, i did. >> so you got up early for us. we appreciate that. >> yes. >> let's talk about these. we aired in advance the commercial about the dog, the chubby dog. >> yeah. >> who chased the volkswagen. he exercises "rocky" style and is finally able to get out the dog door. it was adorable. how much do you think this resonated with people? is it the biggest talker of the day? >> i don't think the ad was that exciting. i think what was smart with vw, they had a lot of traction with the kid as darth vader. >> i loved it.
5:43 am
>> they were smart about harnessing the power of that and getting people excited. listen, something else cool is going to come out. like a trailer for a movie ad. they had all of these ads and bits and pieces showing -- >> it's hard to beat little darth vader, i have to be honest with you. >> i don't think they did. >> let's move on to pepsi. the minute i saw elton john, you had me at hello. then all of a sudden melanie alaro with the "x factor" started to sing. let's play a little bit for anybody who might have missed it. >> and what do you do? >> i sing. >> ha. ha. ha. ♪ all i want is a little respect, respect, respect, baby ♪ ♪ respect, find out what it means to me ♪ >> yeah, we just had someone in the studio yelling out, wow. i said the same thing because i
5:44 am
don't watch "the x factor." now i just might because of this young woman. apart from it being wow, elton on john, do you think they'll remember? >> "the x factor" is something that resonates with a large audience. people were excited about that. the commercial saved a lot of money. elton john, it was his wardrobe. he came on with it. >> those are his platforms? >> i he just showed up. >> i was a fan of his in the '0s. coca-cola, polar bears. i'm canadian. i love the polar bear commercials. this was different this week because with the scarves, they were supposed to represent pats fans, giants fans. they could actually react real time, like obviously this is a pats fan freaking out, you know? it's really clever. i have to be honest. i didn't catch that. i might be a bit stupid, but i
5:45 am
didn't catch it. do you think a lot of people would have caught it? >> it depends on the demographic. what they did that people don't realize is they had a website going at the exact same time of showing the two bears watching the game and so what happened is if the paths threw a big pass, the guy with the scarf would get up and start cheering. if the giants had a big play, aide do the same thing. >> how many people watched the website. >> they didn't show the number of people who liked it so you couldn't see the total audience. what would happen is the second the commercial came up one of the bears would leave and they'd show a spanning commercial. the commercials were different. they had different ones lined up. >> depending how the game went. >> now that i know i didn't know it at the time. bit thick headed. my fav, ferris bueller. i grew up with that. huge matthew broderick fan because of ferris bueller. so excited to see the commercial. let's play a little bit of ferris bueller. >> i guess i'll be okay.
5:46 am
>> i'm calling the studio, matthew. you're not shooting today. >> no. people are depending on me. movies bring so much joy. >> stop. it's done. just get some rest. diva. >> he bought it. how can i handle work on a day like today? >> okay. i loved this beyond, beyond, beyond. but then i started to think, while i loved it, i'm 44. i don't know that i'm always the target demo. you're 30. >> yeah. >> is this the kind of commercial that would resonate among the 18 year olds who were barely even cognizant when ferris bueller was a hit. >> you were giving me guff. i remember this. selling a honda -- >> i forgot they were selling a honda. oops. >> i might not be in the market for a honda. what was smart about it, they figured out a way to create a genre that would really resonate with people. "star wars" with vw. something that people can say this is awesome, so they wanted
5:47 am
to watch it. yeah. >> zak knewcom. great of you. you stayed until the end of the game. >> thank you so much. it's 5:46. rockets, gunfire, bombs. we have live pictures now as government forces launch another attack in syria. while the united nations still squabbles over a solution there. is there any hope for a peace plan? will the state of virginia produce the next tim tebow? this is for all of you home schoolers there. proposed state law could up the chances. details on a tim tebow bill. that's coming up next. you are watching early stafrmt start. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. with 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger...
5:48 am
look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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5:50 am
it is now 50 minutes past the hour. time to check your top stories. there is no end in sight to the violence in syria. the rebels there say the government is firing rockets
5:51 am
into its neighborhoods and homes. in the meantime the united nations failed. no resolution from that group to pass a resolution of peace. also, hundreds of people killed across europe during a cold snap that has lasted more than a week in which temperatures have dropped well below freezing. and a trial begins today for this young man. university of virginia lacross student on trial for murder. george hugely accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, also ayla cross player. she died in a violent attack at her apartment. the breast cancer charity, susan g. komen, deals with fallout after reversing its decision to defund planned parenthood. that is being blamed by komen insiders, karen handle. a new york woman is releasing a tell all book claiming she had an affair with john f. kennedy when she was a 19-year-old white house intern.
5:52 am
the virginia legislature considering a so-called tim tebow bill. it would permit home schooled students to play sports at local high schools as tim tebow was allowed to do in florida. >> good luck with that. >> i have to make a comment on that kennedy story. i read the excerpts from that book. it is a disgusting story, appalling. if we thought lewinsky was bad, that's nothing compared to what this woman says. >> the timing of releasing something like that. >> she's in her late 60s perhaps. i'm not sure what to make of the timing. the details will want to make you sick. the details, if true, are just repulsive. like i said, we were so blown away by the lewinsky scandal, this is child's play compared to what this woman says. remarkable stuff. >> wow. if you were watching "saturday night live." do you stay up on saturdays? >> no. if i do, ima he not watching
5:53 am
television, i'll tell you thach. >> stop right there, i don't want to know. there was this hilarious sendup about newt gingrich and his plans for the moon. he's not got a moonocracy. president of moontopia. his ambitions lamb poon. you're watching "early start." for a limited time, passages malibu
5:54 am
will be giving away free copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to
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5:56 am
you just knew that thfts going to happen, right? we were teasing a little bit about the moon colony. >> i didn't watch it. i'm looking forward to this. >> you're going to see it now, my friend. "saturday night live" doing a huge send-up about newt's plans for the moon. i can't even explain it so watch. >> hello, moon president, gingrich. >> what do you do, little girl? >> gi to school. >> and when you're not at school. >> i work as a janitor at school. >> they thought the idea of janitors was crazy. that's why they didn't want me to be their president. >> the people of south carolina wanted me to be their president. >> not all of america is as forward thinking as south carolina. >> a good moon to you. >> and may divorce be with you. >> mr. moon president. >> vice admiral herman cain.
5:57 am
>> blastoff! >> may divorce be with you. >> i heard it. >> i love that. there was also another point that was very funny. mitt romney showed up on the set as well. it wasn't real mitt romney, it was fake mitt romney showing up on the set. he was supposed to be a stowe away from earth who wants a job in the new addmoonstration. >> my delivery was supposed to be good. >> top story coming up next. we had a different look at super bowl ads. how did people respond emotionally to them? >> how can they tell? >> seriously, facial expressions. we have a facial coding expert who's going to talk to us about that. you're watching "early start." when you have diabetes...
5:58 am
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6:01 am
good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. we are give you the news from a to z. 6:00 a.m. in the east. it is a super celebration for the new york giants and their fans. the giants beat the patriots, 21-17. nail biter super bowl xlvi. second super bowl victory over new england in four years. president obama speaking just before the super bowl in a sit-down, the annual sit-down, saying to matt lauer of nbc, i deserve four more years in office, as the economy is headed in the right direction. and says, you know what? let's not stop the progress. syrian security forces shelling the city of homes again. activists say at least 30 people were killed today. also, the nation's leading breast cancer research organization, susan g. komen the
6:02 am
you're reversing that decision that it gives to planned parenthood for the breast exams. you know what? that did not end this conversation and it did not end this controversy. we will let you know what's up now. we begin, however, with what they like to say, deja blue, the new york giants feeding the patriots, 20-17, super bowl xlvi. >> eli manning there named the mvp. they have a ticker tape there on tuesday. mark is live in indianapolis. you were there with that nail-biter. how was it? >> reporter: ashleigh, zoraida, i tell you what, these two teams, they have a knack forgetting together, giving us fantastic games, whether it's in the regular season or in the grand stage of the super bowl. they've done it again. last night here at lucas oil stadium, seemed that all the momentum was in the favor of the giants in the first half. toward the second half it went to tom brady and the patriots'
6:03 am
way. but in the end it was eli manning beat r leading his team back to victory. second time in four years. the giants are super bowl champions. patriot fans feeling blue. eli manning on top of the world. >> this isn't about one person. this is about a whole team coming together, getting this win. so i'm just proud of our guys, proud of the team, the way we fought all year. never got discouraged. kept our faith, kept our confidence and fought to the very end. >> reporter: what a fight it was for the giants all season long, just getting into the playoffs. they beat new england in november, lost four in a row, came back. what a roller coaster ride it was for the giants this season, guys. but they're on the top of that roller coaster this morning, aren't they? >> here we have mr. eli manning, toast of the town here. >> new york post and "daily news." >> i wanted to see more
6:04 am
excitement coming from him. folks here in new york, mark, say, if he wins super bowl, it doesn't matter. >> how about the halftime show? you were there. did you give her a thumbs up or thumbs down to what madonna? >> she's getting mixed review? >> inside, it was an incredible show because of the lights and dabsing and the music. she's touching on old, new. one of the 68,000 inside lucas oil stadium you really had a good time. the crowd was really into it. they each had a tiny flashlight that lit up during "like a prayer" and everybody was into it. if you're inside lucas oil stadium you enjoyed the stadium, let the viewers say what they want to say outside, with had a good time. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that report. i want to get you to some breaking news. absolutely no end to the bloodshed? syria this morning. we have live pictures now in syria. violent crack down continuing
6:05 am
overnight in that beleaguered city of homes. there's been heavy shelling reported. shelling, not just armed fires, not just snipers, now all out shelling. the opposition says at least 30 people have been killed. the united states calling on, quote, friends of syria to unite and do what the united nations didn't or couldn't do. and that is isolate and remove syrian president al-assad. secretary of state hillary clinton says she's just outraged by all of this. >> what happened yesterday at the united nations was a travesty. those countries that refused to support the arab league plan bear full responsibility for protecting the brutal regime in damascus. >> travesty she's saying because essentially china and russia vetoed the whole idea of the resolution from the united nations. live in providence, rhode
6:06 am
island, is the former u.s. ambassador to nato and former undersecretary for political affairs. ambassad ambassador, thank you for being with us this morning. first question to you, what now? is it up to the arab league? is it up to, as mrs. clinton says, the neighbors to somehow exert some pressure on assad to stop this and perhaps step down? >> well, secretary of state clinton is right to call this a traves travesty. this is the worst violence we've seen in the arab world since the arab revolutions, the arab spring began over a year ago. the assad government has literally gone to war against its own people. they have to work outside the security council. >> how, how do you know by that? what do you mean outside? what does that mean exactly? >> and to work with turkey and to work with arab countries that are opposed to what the syrian regime is doing to try to isolate that government further. perhaps some new sanctions.
6:07 am
it would have been far pr preferable to work with the security council but they have shown they a far incapable of working with anyone else and to take responsible actions themselves. the cynicism is is quite striking here. >> i think if you look back, and i know you know your history, you worked it and lived it, this happens all the time in china and russia. they veto a lot of things. so i'm not sure that too many people were surprisesurprised, despite the level of violence in syria. and then to that end, what really would this resolution have done anyway? it was kind of toothless. and resolutions seem to have very little effect anyway in this part of the world. >> well, russia and china deserve the criticism because they appear to stand for nothing other than their own self interest in the world. the arab league represents the arab world and have the support of europe, it had the support of asian countries. it was 13 countries voting
6:08 am
against 2 countries, so it did reflect the will of the international community. it would have provided for a national unigovernment and assad's resignation. it would have stepped forward a way to respond to this extraordinary and brutal violence. now, i think the action will go towards turkey because turkey is harboring the incipient rebel army. it will force the army too go outside the security council and i think we're going to see unfortunately more violence, more bloodshed because of this action over the weekend by the russians and chinese. >> ambassador, i'm still curious though when you say forcing us, forcing the other arab nation, forcing the other arab league to, go quote, outside the security council, do you mean with further sanctions or do you mean with military force? >> i think the united states will avoid quite rightly any kind of u.s. military intervention. we will not see that. we will see turkey and the other
6:09 am
arab countries decide they have to both increase their support to the opposition in syria and try to find ways to enact further sanctions to isolate the assad regime. he is a pariah, president assad, and he is now responsible for the most human rights violation. >> pariah except in iran and iraq and lebanon. we all know why lebanon. i suppose the question is, this and i'll make it this. i've maid bashar al-assad, sat in a room with him, seems quite nice, but can we negotiate with this man or does this have to be a heavy-handed we are spo respo? >> i don't believe anyone thinks we can negotiate with him after a year of violence. you have the elements of a civil war forming, unfortunately. i think syria is going to descend into further chaos. the united states has done what it can do. i think as secretary clinton is right to say the arab world now needs to really think about what
6:10 am
it can k. do to weak the assad regime further, but we certainly can't sit by and not criticize this government. he deserves all the criticism he's getting. >> thank you. it's nine minutes past the hour. ahead on "early start," two dead, dozens injured in a three-story build collapse in pakistan. rescue workers with scrambling to save over 30 people trapped underneath all that. and also, a virus outbreak on a cruise. i know you've heard it before. this time it's 200 passengers sick. how does this happen and why does it keep happening so many times? and the cancer charity susan g. komen still dealing with a lot of fallout after reversing the decision to defund planned parenthood. who are komen staffers blaming for the decision now? you're going to find out straight ahead. first, though, a quick check on our travel weather forecast. the man to do, mr. rob marciano. >> good morning. mild day yesterday in atlanta.
6:11 am
i know you will celebrate it next year. look at this picture of the parade route down peachtree street for national weatherman's day. the crowd was gathering around 2:00 p.m. it was an insane scene. one person showed up. yeah, of course it wasn't a parade but 70 degrees in atlanta if national hurricane center is watching this item. might develop into something. regardless of that, not too impressive. rain across parts of south florida. elsewhere, quiet today. mild temperatures continue. but some wind in new york and boston and some fog in chicago and minneapolis and st. louis if you are traveling to cities. elsewhere, mild winter. 40 nasdaq chicago. lower 50s, new york. that's a quick check of weather. "early start" is coming right back. ah, welcome to i get it...guys weekend.
6:12 am
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this is the story that doesn't seem to want to go away. we have new details at the very public fight between susan g. komen's foundation for the cure and planned parenthood. if you will remember, last week reverse that controversial decision to end its money grants to planned parenthood. >> so today the huffington post says it saw e-mails approved komen's vice president for public policy karen handel was behind that decision. several online petitions are calling for handel's removal now. one has more than 25,000 signatures. this is how the pretician reads. quote, komen may have apologized but they stilt need to clean house, starting with the person who drove this atrocious decision. if komen wish toes rehabilitate its devastated reputation, and
6:16 am
gain back trust, handel needs to be fired. huffington post spoke to the source and is joining us now. thank you for being with thus morning. there is a lot of speculation about this. a lot of politics involved here. we want to know who the source is. how do you know this person does not have an ax to grind with this particular person? >> the reason i know that is because i actually saw some e-mails between the leadership that happened on the day that the planned parenthood decision was announced. so i have proof that the person was telling the truth. there's no ax to grind. unfortunately this is a case of komen lying to the public about their intentions and people are furious about it. >> and you saw these e-mails. we have not been able to see them. what specifically does it say? what is so damning? >> basically it just shows that karen handel, recently hired as the vice president of public affairs for komen, is handling and driving the decision behind
6:17 am
defunding planned parenthood and also driving the pr effort to sort of clean up what happened and to pretend like it wasn't about politics. the e-mails show that despite the fact that everyone at komen is claiming that karen handel had nothing to do with it. in fact, she had everything to do with it and she was the sole creator of the strategy. >> now, susan g. komen has a board. it seems really unusual that one person could make a decision like this that could affect this organization so much. was the board in support of the organization -- of the decision? >> the board did have to sign off on the decision. and i spoke with one member of the board on friday who said that he takes full blame for the board signing off on it and karen, while she wrote the criteria, she did have to pass it through leadership and then through the board. so this was a combined effort to get this passed, but she was the one who wrote the rules in the first place. >> do you think karen handel is
6:18 am
going to lose her job over this? >> i do. i think there's a lot of internal pressure as well as external pressure for her to resign. if she doesn't resign i have a feeling she'll be forcibly ousted. it doesn't seem like anybody is a big fan of her right now. >> you know, i saw a piece online, i believe it was an op-ed piece, that says that now the susan g. komen foundation is going to be looked at with more scrutiny. and one of the examples given, is komen gave money to penn state's medical center and one of the reasons why planned parenthood lost their funding was because no organization that was under federal investigation could actually receive any funds. so do you think that susan g. komen is going to be under more scrutiny now or do you think that if this woman gets fired this will make folks happy with that decision? >> this is not going to blow over any time soon, even if karen handel leaves. i think what people are most upset about, they're upset about being lied to. and they were lied to multiple times last week by komen's pr
6:19 am
department unfortunately and by nancy brinker, herself, went on "andrea mitchell" friday and bold-faced lie. i think they're going to have to operate with more transparency going forward and they're going to have to apologize to the public for not being straightforward. >> laura bassett, political reporter for the huffington post. thank you for joining us. we did call the komen foundation for a response. they have not returned our phone calls. it is 16 minutes past the hour. time to check the stories making news this morning. the new york giants came from behind in the last minute in a nail biter to beat the new england patriots, 21-17. that was super bowl xlvi. ticker tape parade is scheduled for tomorrow for the giants. explosion levels a factory building in lahore, pakistan. you're looking at those pictures there, dozens of people may still be trapped inside.
6:20 am
state department says it is deeply concerned about egypt's plan to put 19 americans on trial, including the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. military leadership in that country is cracking down on non-profit organizations and actually accusing those ngos or helping stir up the political unrest in egypt. also, former panamanian dictator manual noriega is o optized after a stroke. 77 years old. in panama city serving time for crimes committed during his rule. he's been in a prison cell for decades because of his crimes. ahead on "early start," president obama says the economy is recovering and that he actually deserves a second term. we're going let our panelists weigh in on that. general motors' remarkable
6:21 am
turn around. bailout to billions and it only took three years. so now gm is setting its sites everybody higher. how high and why? you're watching "early start." forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa.
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6:24 am
the eagles. ♪ i don't know why i've had such a crush on him. >> news, news, news. >> i know. sorry. >> dating yourself when we love the eagles. >> "hotel california" is one of the best albums. >> ashleigh, news. >> detroit making a comeback, car sales, earnings, last night's super bowl. christine romans is here with us. >> we're talking about wall street and bailouts.
6:25 am
report that general motors wants to make $10 billion a year but what about the $50 billion in the xwalout? how much do they get? >> they got $49.9 billion. the government made a decision to step in and fun any tens of billions of dollars to this country so that it wouldn't be gout of business. the auto workers work there. now you've got front page of the "wall street journal," a story about how gm is targeting $10 billion in profit. that was almost unthinkable three years ago. ush shurd through bankruptcy. a took a budge of our money and coming out the other side. people are outraged by this and others are saying this shows that the bailout worked. now, one of the things that's interesting, too. >> so many different, right? so then this, we see -- >> caught. bailouts being bailout. it will cost us a lot of money. in the end, the american taxpayer, we gave them money so they could turn around and make to the tune of $10 billion a
6:26 am
year. this company is hiring thie 13, workers. opening a plant in tennessee. all of them are pretty resure gent. ford -- one thing about gm is it us then't have to pay taxes for years as part of the bailout. which is something that i mean, if you were ford which didn't take a bailout, you would be like, hmmm. >> and the head of ford should not run for president because that's going to come back to bite him. hey, why should the average guy out there if he's feeling really angry about that, why should he maybe not feel so angry about that? >> whether you believe in bailouts or not, they happened. and would you be her more angry if you bald thiled them out and failed or would you be less angry if you bailed them out and they turned a profit and looking at the good old days of the p. 60s. they're telling me to wrap you but i want to show you this civil rad do ad from last night. >> what's this?
6:27 am
>> they didn't drive the most lasting, defendable truck on the road. they drove a ford. >> forth didn't want chevy -- post apocalypse. >> ford didn't want chevy do to do that but they did. they wanted a feisty detroit. i don't think we have time to run it but that clint eastwood chrysler, they say we don't. that was -- to me, that shows a surge in detroit. auto industry, american halftime, don't count us out. >> when the commercial ruz airing i was standing in front of my television like this, holding my heart. >> you want to be -- thank you. >> kristina, thanks. still ahead on "early start," does president obama deserve another term? and we have best and worst super bowl ads. listen to this, folks. there is a scientific way to
6:28 am
measure facial coding. we have the geeky person here to tell us all about it. you are watching "early start." >> and geek a good. >> this is a very good geek. yeah. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online.
6:29 am
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6:31 am
it is 30 minutes past the hour. time to check the stories making news this morning. syrian forces continuing their shelling of the city. violence coming on the heels of russia and china rejecting a u.n. resolution to isolate and oust president bashar al-assad. appeal hearing in florence, italy, this morning will determine whether the captain of the costa concordia cruise ship will remain under house arrest, be jailed, or go free. dae situation is expected later this week. two ft. lauderdale-based princess cruise ships are cleaned and returning to sea after nearly 500 cases of norovirus. >> reporter: reported. the cdc is still trying to determine the source. president obama sounding pretty darn confident pre-super bowl and it had nothing to do with football. >> deserves a second term. >> saying he deserves.
6:32 am
those are the words he used. annual interview. he gave it to matt lauer of the "today" show and basically said the economy is doing well, the jobs report just out on friday, so says he wants to finish what he started. >> i deserve a second term but we're not done. we created 3.7 million jobs over the last 23 months. we've created the most jobs since 2005, the most manufacturing jobs since 1990. but we're not finished. >> but we're not finished, he says. and live from washington democratic strategist jamie harrison joins us as well as cnn's political editor paul steinhauser and from chicago conservative commentator lenny mcallister. let me start with what you knew there was going to be response fast and four uurious right awa that i deserve. let's listen to mitt romney. >> not so fast, mr. president. this is the 36th straight month
6:33 am
with unemployment above the red line. your own administration drew. and if you take into account all the people who are struggling for work or just stopped looking, the real unemployment rate is under 15%. >> you know what's amazing is that mitt romney actually said that before the president's comments actually came out on super bowl sunday. but you can bet your bottom dollar that this is kind of where the stump is going to go. lenny, you know, everybody thought the numbers sounded so good on friday. and then came the reality check. so where will the reality checks be in terms of how the republicans see it? >> well, the reality checks start with this. 63.7%. that's the lowest percentage of participation the american job market in 30 years. that includes the height of the recession. so how can we celebrate the unemployment rate going down when participation has gone down as well. to me that means people are
6:34 am
falling out of the job market once again. same thing with the african-american unemployment rate going down from 15% to 13% in one month. when you have participation going down, that doesn't mean that people are getting back to work. that means a people are giving up hope. when you put those numbers together and the cbo coming out and saying that unemployment is going to rise over the next 12 months, possibly going back over 9%, this doesn't look good at all for the president regardless of how we try to spin it to matt lauer yesterday. >> although i just assumed there would be talk of lagging indicators as well. but who knows, i'm not the one strategizing these campaigns. let me turn to the jubl again becau -- super bowl again. christine romans brought up this great ad with clint eastwood that just sounded so american and patriotic that talked about the economy. for a minute there i thought it was a plolitical ad until i learned it wasn't ppt. >> it's halftime in america, too. people are out of work and they're hurting. they're all wondering what
6:35 am
they're going to do to make a comeback. and we're all scared because this isn't a game. the people of detroit know a little something about this. they almost lost everything. but we all pulled together, now motor city is fighting again. >> you know, i love clint eastwood for so many reasons and now i just love him all over again for that ad. then i was left scratching my head. jamie, i want you to weigh in on this one. at first i thought it sounded like an ad for the democrats and then i started to think, no, this is something the republicans can seize on. and then i started to wonder, what affiliation is clint eastwo eastwood? i had to look it up. there's a reason i had to look it up because he's been all over the map, supporting john mccain, gray davis in california. do you think there was a deeper message here or am i just reading in to things? >> no, i think the message is that america's back, that manufacturing in the country is
6:36 am
improving and, you know, the heartbeat of america is back. and so i think that's the underriding message in all of it. i think that's the message that president obama and the democrats will be echoing all this fall. >> i love how you say america is back, glass half full if you're answering a question like that. i'm sure if i asked lenny, he would say the glass is half empty. jump in on this, paul steinhauser. i saw stats out in the "washington post" and abc have a new poll on a national head-to-head matching between romney and obama and newt and obama. and it's kind of surprising. the numbers show that obama would win over mitt romney 52-45. over newt gingrich, he would win 54-43. you have other numbers that are more telling. tell me why. >> take a look at that poll and break it down among independent voter, not republicans or democrats.
6:37 am
the endies are the ones that say elections. look at this. what a training. president and mitt romney dead even among in thes. but three weeks ago, romney's lead among independent voters hay has disappeared. one being the negative campaign on the republican side. it has gotten augustlyier. the other thing, the economy as well. this poll is conducted half before and half after the unemployment numbers came out on friday. but, you know, the unemployment coming down a little bit and a little bit each month seems to be helping president obama. one other number from that poll that you play that sound of the president saying they sdefr another term, the poll asks us does president barack obama deserve to be reelected. dead even, 49 yes, 49 no. ashleigh? >> whoa. so, it's going to be a nail biter. jamie, paul, lenny, thanks so much, guys. >> thanks. >> thanks. 37 minutes past the hour. still ahead on "early start," a different look at super bowl ads. how do people respond emotion halle to them?
6:38 am
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welcome back to "early start." the super bowl is not only the year's biggest sporting event or is it also the biggest advertising event? $3.5 million spent for 30 seconds. advertisers went all out to connect with viewers. how did that do? our next guest tested emotional response of dozen of students using a technique called facial coding. dan hill is the president of censory logic joining us from indianapolis. we've been excited about this
6:42 am
interview. we know that you had college students that you tested. they watched six super bowl commercials on sunday night. three car ads. three dotcom ads. could you explain how this works? >> sure. facial coding originate with charles darwin, the first scientist to take emotions seriously. darwin realized that in your face you best reflect and communicate your emotions. universal, hard wired in the brain. the face is the only place in the body with a muscles attached right to the skin. so in this test, we programmed the computers so that we're remotely capturing the students "american idol" facial expressions as they see the commercials and the miracles of technology, the video file stream automatically back to our server so we can capture and quantify the emotional response of the students to these $3.5 million ads. >> how cool and geeky is that. why college students and maybe somebody like me, a mom who spends a lot of money? >> we thought this was the target audience they're trying
6:43 am
to get the brand loyalty to going forward over the years. it's very common for advertisers to focus on this demographic. so we took students both at emerson college in boston and the university of northern kentucky. so we had some geographical diversity as well. >> so you said chevy's happy grad did the best. we're going to watch it and then you'll explain it to me. >> i'm blindfold, mom, really? is this necessary? >> happy graduation, sweetie. >> ah! ah! whoa! i can't believe you got me this car! >> i watched it this morning. i bet if i was one with the facial recognition you would like the results. why did this one do so well? >> first of all, it engaged the students. if your emotions turn on, it's fabulous for advertisers because emotion and motivation have the same root word in latin, to move, to make something happen. you want to drive purchase behavior so you've got to get
6:44 am
them emotionally engaged. they did that fabulously. the other thing it did was deliver top-level happiness. when you're really happy, the muscle around the eye relaxes, that's why you get the twinkle in the eye, the lower eyebrow lowers a little bit. it delivered a lot of top-level happiness. it's a fabulous ad. most advertising is not so effective. the old joke half my advertising dollars wasted but i don't know which half, we have found in the same careful study, 10% of advertising really effective. >> you got me twinkling. >> c plus. >> you got me twinkling. i want to get through a lot of them. >> sure. >> so the next one that we have is an audi brand ad, it's called vampire party. let's take a look. >> exactly. ♪ >> there he is. >> party's arrived. ♪
6:45 am
>> you said attention grabbing but that it wasn't necessarily positive. can you explain that? >> yeah, it did not bring it home. it was engaging, absolutely, but about two-thirds of emotion of this commercial were negative. the students were often puzzled. their eyebrows together and there was a fair amount of contempt as well, like these are my friends and you're blowing them up? it just didn't make sense to the students. they didn't come home with it. >> okay. so dotcom ads. did not fair at all. why is that? >> well, tv is a visual media. what do they do in the first godaddy ad? writing on the woman's body. turned some people off certainly but it wasn't compelling tv viewing so home hardly liked this commercial. >> did much better. we're going to listen a bit and you can tell me why.
6:46 am
♪ hey baby i want that car ♪ hey baby i really want that car ♪ >> that's my confidence. it's been coming out on me ever since i won on >> i thought it was creepy. how about the students? how did they feel about it? >> it was a bit creepy. i can't say that it won them over emotionally like the camaro ad did but it did engage them. i think the reason for that is now you have two heads and you have two faces. the part of the brain that reads faces is eight times more sensitive than the part of the brain that reads objects. always looking at faces to understand how people feel. to that extent it worked. it didn't bring it hope successisuc successfully. >> you see that other head coming from behind, the back shot was weird. i got to ask you this because i put this out on facebook. my first reaction was, this is your job? somebody on facebook also wants to know, this is your job, this is what you do for a living?
6:47 am
>> it is absolutely. we do it for blue chip clients week in, week out. the truth is that focus groups and traditional ad copy doesn't really cut it. as i was saying earlier, most advertising is not as effective as it could be. the key is not just to be on-message, it's to be on-emotion, create the right emotion at the right time. we need to move from talking points to feeling points. as anything jagger said, i don't need more useless information, i need satisfaction. satisfaction is emotional. >> dan hill, thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. >> i love the vampire ad. >> i thought it was so creepy. >> did you really? >> totally, yes. >> the last part when we walked in front of his own headlights and goes poof. the blowing up. >> maybe i'm crazy. >> i loved it. soledad o'brien is now here with a -- first of all, i know this is a tease but look ahead, were you awatching the ads? >> yes. i don't like the vampire head at all but i like the guy with the head. that was hysterical.
6:48 am
>> it was weird coming out of his body. >> cool. >> i like it. i luke it., it stuck. i like that. >> that was what was most important. >> that's not what we're talking about this morning first. syria, the u.n. security council resolution has failed and that's because russia and china have veto'd it. we're going to talk to susan rice about what the next steps could be. also this morning, president obama says he deserves four more years. we will chat with the republican legislator who represents the great state of texas about where wl he thinks that's true. and we'll talk to steve perry. he will join us to talk about education in the wake of clairmont college pretty much making up their s.a.t. scores. we'll discuss how wide spread that and what that all means. "starting point" begins in 12 minutes. stay with us. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. oh that beautiful new york skyline. if you look at the empire state building you can see visions of blue. ah, for the giants this city has and this empire state building
6:52 am
has. congratulations, giants. my kids are dying over this because at 4 and 6 years old when they barely know how to speak, they're patriots fans. >> how is that? >> we lived in connecticut. they're only patriot fans because they have friends in first grade and preschool classes who are fans. i don't think they know anything else about football, though. >> i like to see that all lit up in blue. nice. time to check the stories making news this morning. authorities in washington state say josh powell, a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife two years ago, blew up his home yesterday killing himself and his beautiful two young sons. memorial vigils are scheduled today at elementary schools for those two boys. u.s. officials are concerned that 19 americans could face criminal trial in egypt on the crack down of the foreign financing of non-profit groups. insiders at susan g. komen blame the cancer charity's vice president karen handel for the decision to pull funding from
6:53 am
planned parenthood. komen has since reversed that decision after facing a backlash. animal rights group peta is challenging seaworld in federal court today. peta is claiming five whales are being held in slavery. wait until you hear how they're challenging. they say this is a violation of the 13th amendment regarding slavery. very unusual challenge. also in the news, a 69-year-old grandmother in new york is releasing a tell-all book claiming she had a lengthy sexual affair with president john f. kennedy. all of this back when she was just a 19-year-old white house intern. and the details are disgusting. virginia legislature is considering a so-called tim tebow bill that would permit home-schooled students to play sports at local high schools, like tim tebow was allowed to do in florida. and still ahead, did you see
6:54 am
it? madonna's half -- were you awake for that? >> i was not awake for that but i watched it this morning. >> she watches everything on tivo this morning. >> i do. or youtube. >> say what you want about madonna, but this production was incredible. just incredible. however, there was one little thing that you might not have scene because the cameras didn't catch it, that is the video cameras, but we have the still shot of what might be the mall function of, say, an appendage. you're watching "early start." this is an rc robotic claw.
6:55 am
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welcome back to "early start." the good news, it was not a wardrobe malfunction burks the bad news, rapper mia on stage last night off video cam but on still cam happened to just flip someone the bird, or as she likes to call it, flip them the g-6, that went out to the worldwide audience. hello. who is that directed to? >> i don't know. nbc and the nfl apologized calling the gesture inappropriate and disappointing. this is a family affair, friends. madonna's halftime show generated 8,000 tweets a second. >> you know -- well, you don't know but you assume that m.i.a. was trying to get some buzz about who m.i.a. is because when it's madonna on stage it's a little hard to get attention. >> she got a lot of attention. >> she's getting it now. i wonder how many of those tweets were about her? >> i don't know. 8,000. >> should we take that upon ourselves after the show to do counting?
6:59 am
>> sure. >> forget about it. she's hating me right now for this. i ashleigh banfield. >> i'm zoraida sambolin, "starting point" is right here. >> right here. right now. good morning. >> we will report those numbers back to you in a moment. >> you let me know when we're ready for them, we'll start down the show and go back to "early start" and then come back to "starting point". good morning. our starting point is president obama. he doesn't just want another four years, he says he's earned another four years. in a super bowl sit-down, the president says the economy is moving in the right direction. >> i deserve a second term but we're not done. we created 3.7 million jobs over the last 23 months. we've created the most jobs since 2005, the most manufacturing jobs since 1990. but we're not finished. >> and speaking of the super bowl, the giants take home the trophy. yay. but that's not what has people talking today.


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