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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 31, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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7-elev 7-eleven. athena. >> quote a lot of activity. last night at 7:15 the lucky winner used the red machine behind me, a quick pick. this person bought a quick pick ticket spending $1 for one line of numbers. now they will take part in this huge jackpot. i've just been handed updated numbers for maryland mega millions lottery saying the total, overall total is $656 million. it'sing up from the 640. they are computing all the sales that happened into the evening last night, which means each of these three winners will take home before taxes $2 18.6 million. it's a record jackpot. it's much, much bigger than that $390 million figure from 2007. so these are some really lucky people. we had a chance to speak with the maryland lottery director about the kind of device they give to winners.
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let's listen to what he had to say. >> our advice to the winner, to the extent we give any advice is good advice. hopefully they will reach out to trusted advocates for them financially and legally. then at an appropriate time come in and make a claim on the ticket. >> now, of course it's only been a little over 12 hours since this person would have found out they won the personal locally. according to maryland law people don't have to take part in publicity, some other states. we may never find out who is the lucky winner here, fredricka. >> that might be the smartest strategy. suddenly you get new friends and relatives. meantime store benefits as well. 7-eleven is hoping to cash in for themselves? >> that's right. they get a little piece of that luck as well. they get $100,000 just because
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they sold the ticket. that's in addition to all the money they made on ticket sales. they get $0.05 on every tibet sold. we're told the owner of this particular 7-eleven is out of the country. great news when they get back. in baltimore county it's believed at least one winning ticket sold right there at that 7-eleven. again, winning tickets in maryland, illinois and kansas. there are other smaller winnings still up for grabs. if you got some but not all of the winning numbers. let me know. what would you do with your winnings. tweet me at fwhitfield. island read responses later this hour. also in sanford, florida, naacp rally for slain teen trayvon martin is one of several events going on today. we expect demonstrators to hold a justice for trayvon martin in d.c. in the next hour.
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martin's football team will hold a candlelight vigil in his honor in miramar at 6:00 eastern. these are pictures out of sanford, florida where the numbers are quite significant there. people march to the sanford police department. george howell is at the rally in sanford. george, tell me what's going on. what's the real objective here today. >> fredricka, the objective for the naacp that's hosting this rally is two-fold. first of all to see george zimmerman arrested and also the police chief to step aside to see him fired or resigned from his post. you see thousands here, photojournalist jerry simon son. you see people wearing shirts, in fact, wearing this shirt that brought a lot of attention. a lot of people out here. manyeople passionate about what happened in the state. also rodney hurst, one of the people who come a long way from
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jacksonville. >> that's correct. >> tell me why you decided to drive to sanford. >> because the situation that happened, it can happen in jacksonville. it affects all of us. so african-american males, i had to come and show support. >> as far as the family, i know a lot of people have been talking about coming together to support the family. what are your words to the family. >> if i could just say to the family, it affects us. we grieve like they grieve. i can't sit and say i'm feeling what they are feeling but we are grieving the situation. this is going quite a bit in florida, other states, counties, whatever. we just want them to know we support them and are here for them. >> thank you. one of the thousands out here in sanford for the rally at naacp. keep in mind george zimmerman not charged with anything in this case. we have heard from some of his family members and friends, many people standing up for him. but again, this case now in the
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hands of state prosecutors to determine whether he will be charged in this case, fredricka. >> all right. george howell, thanks so much. in sanford. we'll check with you throughout the afternoon. you know there was a pretty significant town hall meeting on our air last night. going to get a chance to see that again. perhaps you missed is the first time. we're going to replay special town hall "beyond trayvon" hosted by soledad o'brien at 2:00 eastern today right here on cnn. gop presidential candidates are joking for support in wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. rick santorum is speaking at a faith and freedom coalition in southeastern wisconsin this hour. it's a popular venue. front-runner mitt romney and newt gingrich already have spoken there today. an nbc maris poll shows 40% of likely wisconsin voters support romney followed by 33% for santorum, 11% for ron paul and 8% for newt gingrich. president barack obama
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delivers a message to middle class americans in his weekly radio address. >> the rising cost of everything from college tuition to groceries. you're the ones who deserve a break. so every member of congress is going to go on record. if they vote to keep giving tax breaks to people like me, tax breaks our country can't afford, then they are going to have to explain to you where that money comes from. >> the president is pushing congress to pass the so-called buffett rule. the idea, which is named after billionaire warren buffett, would make people who earn more than a million dollars a year pay higher share of their income in taxes than the middle class. overseas now in syria, more fighting despite the u.s. envoy's demand for an immediate cease-fire. the syrian military clashed with defectors in damascus. an opposition group says at least 29 people were killed. undermines peace initiative of
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kofi annan, united statesened arab league to syria. president assad accepted the trms of the plan tuesday but the violence has not stopped. all right. they are making progress, wildfires southwest of denver are now 70% contained. more than 600 firefighters are trying to stop the flames from spreading. as for investigators, they are trying to figure out why some people didn't get a reverse 911 call warning them about the fire. the jefferson county sheriff's office says that problem was probably caused by a software glitch. it's a documentary about bullied children. the producers want every child to see it. >> punch me, strangle me, take things from me, sit on me. >> he's not safe on that bus. >> i've been on that bus. >> only thing is the film went from an r rating to no rating at
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[ male announcer ] go online to reach every home, every address, every time with every door direct mail. at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. all right. this is what's happening right now. many places across the country, there are rallies, continued rallies for trayvon martin, the 17-year-old that was killed in sanford, florida. right now a very sizable rally taking place led by the naacp in sanford, florida. thousands of people, as can you see right here in these live images, made their way to the sanford police department. in large respect we heard from reporting from george howell
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earlier. they are demanding the arrest of the shooter of trayvon martin. the man by the name of george zimmerman. still no arrest. no movement from the police department in terms of offering new information today about the investigation and where it stands. we see a variation of points of view here, the live images out of sanford, florida and the large number of people who have turned out to this naacp rally. >> we'll continue to keep tabs and give you updates. meantime they are tough guys right now. but some wrestling stars know what it's like to be bullied, they say. world wrestling entertainment superstars are making the rounds now with anti-bullying messages. some wwe superstars are telling personal stories of being bullied as a kid. part of an international effort to stop bullying. that effort is called, be a star.
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meantime the film "bully," an eye-opening documentary about bullying in schools opened this weekend unrated. producers fought the r rating the motion picture association gave it and decided to release the movie without a rating at all. in the movie they follow five kids who are victims of bullying and show some of the horrors they endure every day. >> how can i help you guys. >> my voice is shaking. i'm very upset. i'm going to be honest. i'm upset enough i don't want him to ride the bus anymore. >> move. move. >> what? >> if they are out of your care they are in someone else who is just as capable of keeping them safe and i don't feel like you. >> i've ridden 54. i've been on that route. i've been on a couple of them. they are just as good as gold.
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>> it is hard to watch. the producers know that. cynthia is a writer, producer of "bully." cynthia, good to see you. so you -- >> good morning, fredricka. thank you. >> you and other producers, director, i spoke with lee hirsch recently all fought for a pg-13 rating so more kids could see the movie. the mowings picture association felt pretty certain it needed to be r rating because in large part there were profanities laced throughout the film. when you lost that fight with the motion picture association to drop that rating so more people, more kids, in particular, would be able to see it, you decided to release it as unrated. do you feel like this is a victory or defeat? >> i think this is a commitment to make sure that we do not participate in glossing over what 13 million american kids are experiencing in this country every year. we have the mpaa gave us an r
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rating for six uses of f word. unfortunately, this is language many kids in this country hear every time they get on their school bus, every time they get in their schools, in the halls, in their communities. we felt like in a film that is honestly about depicting stories and experiences of kids who are bullied that we are not able to do this unless we honestly tell the story. unfortunately this is language that is used as a weapon of bullying. therefore we felt like we needed to make a commitment to keeping
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that language in the film and to making sure that we really don't look the other way. >> so when i spoke with your director hirsch a few weeks ago and asked him why not bleep out some of the language, he said it would minimize the experience of bullying. if you had done that, you would have reached a larger audience. so is this kind of the compromise you felt you had to contend with? this was the only route to go? >> i think we will reach a very, very broad audience. i think we're reaching kids, i think we're reaching educators. we're reaching parents. nearly half a million people signed the petition on urging mpaa to lower the rating on this film to pg-13. those signatures were not just signatures, they were stories from many people who are saying regardless of this rating we want to see this film. we want to access this film. this is our story. we want our voices to be heard. >> how and where will people see it? unrated films aren't necessarily shown in all theaters. they may be in a more limited capacity. >> absolutely. we have gotten great support from the amc theaters that are
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going to be releasing this film. they are going to be making it accessible to young people who come with or without their parents as long as they have a form of permission. they have a release on their site, on the amc site so kids can download it. they are going to bring written notes. amc has taken a really great stand along with us to say parents are aware of what the language is is this film but they also know there's been a call from so many people across this country saying this film is something kids really need to be able to see whether or not they are able to attend the theater with their parents that day. so i think that that's really an incredible stand they are taking with us. the car mike theaters are also screening this film. they will treat it as an r. parents will be able to bring their kids to see it. i think we're seeing a lot of people engage in the dialogue saying how can we make this
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accessible? how can we provide guidance for kids to see this film but also make sure it's something they can access. >> those theaters committed to it. is it your hope other filmmakers, producers of this project that perhaps school districts or a number of schools will commit to showing these in their assemblies, right there on campus. is that possible? >> absolutely. that was one of our biggest hopes with this film is that we would be able to get this film in front of educators, in front of administrators -- >> is it still possible. >> in school settings. >> with a no rating, is it still possible for you? >> i think that common sense media has given this film a pg-13 plus rating, the same rating given to "hunger games." we're hoping teachers and administrators across the country will stand with us. we had a screen last night with united federation of teachers. they all said we want this film in our classes.
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we want this film in our schools. every principal we've shown this film to said i'm bringing this film to my school. i know this film is something that needs to be shown to kids in middle and high school. i think we're asking everyone to really partner with us and say we want to provide kids' guidance but we want them to see it. >> cynthia, one of the writers and producers of "bully," thanks for your time. perhaps we'll have an opportunity for a follow-up on that on what the school districts ultimately have to say. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, fredricka. all right. there is no question that tim tebow is a hot commodity these days. so much so that two major shoemakers are battling over the jets quarterback. our legal guys take a look at who will get sidelined in this lawsuit next. nike or reebok.
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our top stories right now, there are at least three winning tickets in last night's mega millions drawing. lottery officials have confirmed tickets were sold in maryland, illinois, and kansas. according to maryland lottery officials the payout will be $656 million. so we want to know, what would you do if you won that kind of money. tweet me @fwhitfield and i'll read some of your comments.
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the food and drug administration says it will not ban the use of bpa in food packaging. they do plan to research more on its health affects. an informal group wanted the compound banned. fda says the ruling may change when information is visible on health risks, if any. apple is being sued by an 83-year-old woman for a million dollars. let's bripg in ong in our legal avery friedman and richard herman, defense attorney from las vegas. good to see you as well. let's talk about this case of 83-year-old woman who said they walked into a long island apple story. before schett into the store she walked into that glass facade you see in so many apple stores across the u.s. and around the world then broke her nose. avery, she's claiming this store was negligent. they should do more to offer more protections for its customers who come in.
12:23 pm
does she have a point? >> no. i think the reasonable person walking into an all glass door using reasonable amount of caution would probably not run into this. there are literally millions walking in and out. i'm sorry for her. she did not see the door. i feel terrible. bonked her schnozz, i'm sorry it broke. the test is reasonableness. was it foreseeable? i don't think any jury on earth, fredricka, is going to determine that the design of the door is unreasonable. i don't bee it. >> richard, everyone has walked into a glass door, sliding glass door or something. i think most could empathize. this never happened to you avery? >> come on. >> sure screens and doors, sure, happens all the time. >> because it does happen,
12:24 pm
richard, doesn't the store knowing hundreds of people come through all the time, don't they have to put something up to make sure that people see this is glass. doesn't miss passwell have a point? you're shaking your head no. >> they would love you on the jury. they would love you on the jury. fred, if there was a pattern of people banging their heads into the glass in the store, then, and only then, i think would apple have a responsibility to put a warning to advise. >> no precedent. >> fred, listen. this is also in a very conservative jurisdiction in new york. i mean, a broken nose case at best may get $25,000. this jury is going to give her a doughnut. she'll be bounced out of court.
12:25 pm
she'll get nothing. they won't be sympathetic to her. you have to look where your walking. otherwise you assume the risk. she's done. she's going to get nothing, fred. >> gosh, you guys are tough. maybe she's going to happen you're not in the jury pool. >> right. >> let's move onto something else all the rage in the new york area. tim tebow making his way to become a jet. but wait there is a real scrap going on between nike and reebok, avery. this being one of the makers decided to go ahead and make the product with his name on before the other would become the official nfl merchandise producer. so what's at issue here? nike is suing reebok. >> yeah. nike as of today takes over as the official shoemaker for the nfl. in anticipation of losing the contract, what reebok did after the trade from denver to new york, they grabbed tim tebow and started cranking out tebow
12:26 pm
stuff. well, nike claims, well, look, the deadline is today. that's not fair. it's unfair. it's violating certain intellectual property rights. therefore, we think we're entitled to relief. actually what happened here, fredricka, is that tim tebow's lawyers jumped in. on march 1st, reebok lost all rights to tebow's name. they went ahead and this past week a federal district judge granted a restraining order against reebok from putting any more material out there and making any more marketing on behalf of themselves. >> even though that production, richard, took place before the handover? they wouldn't be able to sell that product? >> fred, you don't tug on superman's cape. nike has the contract now. reebok had it for 10 years. asafry said it expired march 1st before the tebow trade. in order to produce and manufacture merchandise with the
12:27 pm
tebow name on it and everything, you need two nfl property rights, one by the nfl and one by tebow. reebok had neither. nike had both. because he's the newest thing in the world right now, tebow coming to new york. people are going to flock to buy these first run jerseys with tebow's number and jersey, jets, tebow. >> what do they do with the merchandise now? do they have to toss it? >> there's going to be a forensic accounting done against reebok. it's going to get hit for enrichment. it might settle. i have the complaint here, the southern district of new york complaint. it's a dynamite complaint. reebok hasn't responded but i don't know what their defense will be. >> it will settle. more to talk about, not reebok and nike but another case i want to bring you back in 20 minutes to talk about that, andrea yates. remember that name? she was the mother who drowned
12:28 pm
her five kids 10 years ago in texas. now she's looking to get a little bit of freedom out of a mental hospital in order to go to church. we're going to explore that with avery and richard. new surveillance video from a school bus overturned during that tornado outbreak last month. >> everybody stay together. our group together. right now. go, go, go, go, go! >> how a school bus driver saved nearly a dozen kids from being tossed by a twister. that's next.
12:29 pm
team ruben constart -- we bring these veterans together to be a part of a team once again. they are almost recharged. >> you get out and have that feeling of what are you really doing that's important in the world. team rub provided a need. >> most is emergency triage, chile, sudan, pakistan. here at home we've been in tuscaloosa, joplin doing debris removal. we have about 80 military
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like, don't even know what that means, but i guess it's cool. (laugh) horrific abuse alleging their coach physically assaulted them. they are speaking out decades later hoping to keep him from ever coaching again, cigarette burns, abusive training methods. some say the physical abuse led to sexual abuse. he hasn't respond to our request for comment. in an interview with kcnc, he said the women are lying. one of the students injured in that school shooting in ohio is back in class. 17-year-old nick walczak is excited about it. but he says day-to-day
12:34 pm
activities are still very difficult for him. >> it's hard because it's different. no one really realizes how hard it is just to slide onto a couch or a bed. it's weird they are gone. >> 17-year-old t.j. lane is accused of shooting and killing three students in february. >> katy perry slammed for her new video, "part of me." she says it is propaganda for the marine corps and asking people to boycott it. she suggests perry was paid by the government for that video. perry says she is only singing
12:35 pm
about female empowerment. enhenryville, indiana, new video from the outbreak a month ago showing a school bus driver saving a group of kids. i must warn you. what i'm about to show you just might be a bit disturbing. you're looking at surveillance video from inside a school bus being lifted by an ef-4 tornado. nearly a dozen kids were on board but the bus driver, angel perry, got them to safety just minutes before the bus was hit. in the audio recordings from the surveillance you can hear her taking charge. >> everybody stay together. all our group together. go, go, go. >> all right. perry outran the tornado quickly rushing the kids out of the bus and then to safety. now take a look at a very sizable crowd right outside the sanford police department. the naacp led this march in honor of 17-year-old trayvon martin. the demonstrators are demanding
12:36 pm
the arrest of trayvon martin's shooter george zimmerman. we're going to be following the story throughout the day. our george howell is there, however. george, you're right there on the ground talking to people. what inspired them to come out on this day? so many marches taking part across the country. why in sanford. what's their new demand today. >> fredricka, a lot of people watching the story on the news. today they decided to drive here to be part of this event, part of this rally. our last photojournalist jerry simonson i'll ask to pan over. a lot of signs like this, it's murder, let's call it what it is and treat it as such, always bag of skittles. people with skittles for this protest. a lot of people i've been speaking with. tell us your name, please. >> robert wright, jr. >> robert, tell us where did you come from driving in and why are you here?
12:37 pm
>> from south that. i came to support the martin family and support a movement that will hopefully end something like this ever happening again. >> i want to ask you your name and where did you drive in? >> sherry wolf from brooklyn, new york. >> brooklyn. what do you think about what you see now? >> i think it's heartening, a bunch of people around the country marching for a new movement. we need to stop criminalizing black men in this company it has to end. >> thank you. your name. >> shirley dean. >> quickly, why did you decide to come for this? >> i'm here to support trayvon martin and his family and to try to put pressure on the city of sanford to do the right thing and give trach and his family justice. >> thank you for your time. that's what you're getting from here, a lot of people want to see george zimmerman arrested. >> thanks so much in florida. we'll we'll check with you this afternoon. meantime the race for the white house.
12:38 pm
among the contenders, rick santorum speaking at wisconsin's faith and freedom coalition forum this hour. earlier newt gingrich and mitt romney speaking there. what the presidential candidates are saying and how this just might impact the election next.
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12:41 pm
the gop presidential candidates are stumping in wisconsin with no one showing signs of dropping out of this race. mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich are at a faith and freedom meeting gearing up for tuesday's primaries in maryland, wisconsin and d.c. our shannon traveres is in waukesha, wisconsin. hope i said that right. did i say that right? >> you did. >> what's going on there? >> it's called the faith and freedom forum so these candidates are talking about issues of concerns to christian evangelicals. let me note rick santorum is speaking now so i'm drawing from my inner voice. in terms of what he's talking about, one things he mentioned, keep in mind these candidates are actively courting christian vote irs in wisconsin. rick santorum said a few moments
12:42 pm
ago, sided a critic said you know whether or not, someone said it would be twake an act o god for me to win the race. i believe in god. that's what you're hearing. you know the primaries on tuesday. one thing we didn't hear earlier from newt gingrich and mitt romney is them go after each other. we've heard a lot of this on the campaign trail but a little bit less of that now. we know my colleague rachel has been reporting mitt romney is pivoting to the general election his speeches aiming them more in a general election mode. newt gingrich, newt gingrich is actually going after mitt romney a little bit less as i've been following him lately. fred. >> i wonder if that's in large part, at least for mitt romney, he's getting a lot of heavy duty endorsements from big names in the republican party. that's boosting his confidence. you do have to wonder what is that doing to newt gingrich and rick santorum. they aren't getting those kinds of endorsements. >> that's right. they are not. they are losing out on the big
12:43 pm
ones. three big ones mitt romney just got, george h.w. bush, the former president, florida senator marco rubio and the very popular congressman paul ryan from here. so yeah, there's a sense that mitt romney may have this thing wrapped up by a lot of supporters. >> very fascinating. shannon travis, thanks so much from wisconsin. appreciate that. of course you want to join us sunday 4:00 eastern time for a special hour focusing on the 2012 presidential contenders. making the road rules friendly for amish buggy drivers in kentucky a bill has been passed. is it a religious victory or traffic hazard? our legal guy weigh in next.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
all right. a battle over religious rights and public safety. the general assembly passed legislation to allow the amish to use reflective tape instead
12:47 pm
of orange safety triangles on the back of their horse drawn buggies. avery cleveland and richard herman, gentlemen, one more time. an issue of religious freedom versus traffic safety. there was an alternative that everyone seemed to be happy with, richard. the amish said these safety triangles were -- they objected to. they said, you know, these were -- representative symbols of the trinity they are not allowed to display. what's the alternative? how are they going to be safe and at the same time their religion respected. >> i guess people are crashing into buggies in kentucky. i don't know why the triangle couldn't be made into a square. wouldn't that be the simplest thing? any event it's now a silver reflective taping they are putting on the back of these buggies so that cars, on coming cars can see them and avoid crashing into these buggies.
12:48 pm
i don't know. you're right, fred, you're claiming the triangle represents the trinity and that violates religion. they were getting fined and going to prison for not paying fines. the governor has to sign off on it. i don't know which way he'll go. couldn't the triangle be a silver square? come on. >> avery, if in kentucky this is taking place. what about places like pennsylvania where there's a significant amish community. might we see pennsylvania following kentucky's lead or the other way around. >> i hope so. i'm intrigued. i'm respect of the amish and orange triangle, indeed, is the trinity. it's unholy to display it. this is a wonderful compromise. governor martin bashir in kentucky the sign the legislation. we're going to see it in pennsylvania and other states. i think this is a wonderful balance between public safety and religious freedom. i think it's a wonderful way of
12:49 pm
resolving a real crisis, not only people being arrested, people being killed because they wouldn't put the trinity, triangle up. a wonderful ending to the story. >> let's move to another story in texas, andrea yates. many people might not recall her name but remember what happened back in 2001 she drowned her five children. at the time she called 911. her message was she killed her children and satan asked her to do it. now she's in a mental institution after pleading insanity in that second trial, avery. she's in this state mental hospital. now she says she's found a congregation that will welcome her to leave comp us, go to church -- leave campus, go to church. how will the court respond to this? what are they going to think about the idea of her leaving campus for a church visit?
12:50 pm
>> i have some strong feelings about this. i covered andrea yates trial and did commentary in 2001. she murdered five children based on religious beliefs, fredricka, she murdered them. now she's arguing i want other religious training and somehow i would be free to do that. i would feel a lot better if someone were employing science in do doing this. it's in texas, south texas. believe it or not, i believe they are going to let her out so she can go to church. i think there's something wrong with that especially when they have not considered the science of the consequences. >> richard, the last 20 seconds on this. what will the court entertain. what are the things they will consider. >> they are going to get letters from her doctor that say it's a good thing for therapy. not guilty by reason of insanity. she killed those children. only six years has gone by. it took hinckley 19 years, john
12:51 pm
hinckley 19 years to be able to get out for a little bit. i don't think they are going to go for it in texas. i'll be ashamed if they go for it in texas. this woman, she has to pay for -- fred, i have people on facebook say she's going to try to plea bargain her way into heaven. that's why she wants to go to church. satan told her to kill those children, now she wants to go to church. bad, bad, bad. >> rich herman, avery friedman, great to see you every weekend. thank you. >> good to see you. >> fred, you said if you won the lottery, you'd be at work today? >> yes. >> if it was me it would be legal guy. >> you don't just love this. >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm being real. >> that's fine. hey, i know you guys have not heard this name in a while. it's made you unhappy. there's a case closed. lindsay lohan, now her probation over, done. >> i'm thrilled. >> doesn't look like we're going to be talking about her anymore?
12:52 pm
>> we will. we will be, fred. >> i hope not. >> time will tell. we will. >> i hope not. >> i got the whole segment then, avery. >> you can handle it. avery, richard, thanks so much. let's take another view of what's going on in sanford,, florida. we've been mentioning throughout the hour a huge number of people have turned out. see there reverend al sharpton leading the rally. they are demanding the arrest of george zimmerman. he's a man who admits to shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. came to watch the rally throughout the afternoon. meantime you may have caught it and want to see it again. last night was a town hall meeting taking place right here on cnn. perhaps you missed it all together. you have an opportunity to see it today at 2:00 eastern time. what you can expect from this discussion next. what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares
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now the latest in the trayvon martin case. live pictures of the naacp rally there in sanford, florida. demonstrators holding a justice for trayvon martin rally in d.c. martin's childhood football team will be holding a candlelight vigil in his honor in miramar 6:00 p.m. eastern today. last night soledad o'brien hosted special investigation called beyond trayvon. it dealt with a wide range of issues surrounding the case including racial profiling and standard law. miami's former police director said neighborhood watch volunteers should not be armed. >> it is a thing that is really designed to be extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement. it's termed watch for a specific reason. it's not engage.
12:56 pm
it's not apprehend. it's not attempt to be a police officer. it is designed to watch and ultimately report to law enforcement. occasionally you will have an individual described earlier through profile might not be assigned as a crime watch person or crime watch captain. i encourage and ask all crime watches in america if you have this type of personnel in your watch group or organization, by all means, get rid of him. >> zimmerman's friends and family members have come forward saying he is not a racist, he was protecting his community dealing with a rash of burglaries. you can watch a replace of beyond trayvon at 2:00 eastern right here on cnn today. three winners hit the jackpot. earlier i asked you how would you spend the big bucks if you won. responses after this.
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earlier we asked you what would you do if you won $656 million. here is what you had to say. kelly said, i would fix everything that needs repair in my house and cars, then share with the rest of the family after a tiny shopping spree. buy my parents a house, move to new york city and make my ma


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