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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 9, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> did you kill it first? did you kill it first? >> brother, you have a lot more style. now grow a beard. >> carol costello, take it away from me now. it's turned in a fashion show. >> don't you love when men talk fashion? yeah. >> good morning, christine. good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. stories we are watching right now. judgment in oklahoma. the shootings of five black men by two white men rallying a community and raising questions. was this a hate crime? up close and personal. cnn getting rare access inside north korea's rocket station just hours before launch time. in a country where people go hungry, north korea remains defiant. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> we are live in pea pyongyang.
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jury selection is today. will they find 12 people who won't be swayed by hudson's celebrity? secretary of state shown with a wicked sense of humor. this morning the hip side of hillary. god's quarterback tim tebow pulling in tens of thousands for an easter service in texas. the pastor joking in krive christianity right now, it's the pope and tebow. masters green. bubba watson winning his first major championship title. slipping on the green jacket and a spot in golf history for the south african. in oklahoma, we are waiting on the court appearance of two men accused of a deadly shooting spree in tulsa, oklahoma. 19-year-old jake england and 33-year-old alvin watts accused
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of four separate shooting attacks that left three people dead and two others were wounded. the victims appeared to have been targeted at random. now investigators are trying to determine whether the violence was racially motivated. the hearing is set for the top of the hour. jason carroll is in tulsa this morning. so, jason, do race and revenge play a part in this? >> reporter: well, i think that's one of the components that police will be looking at, specifically they will be looking at a facebook page from jake england. he's the 19-year-old that you mentioned. just a little bit of history here with england. two years ago, carol, his father was killed by an african-american man and, apparently, england really never got over that. he wrote about it on his facebook page. he used a racial slur. he said at one point, quote, it might just be the time to call it quits. he also made reference for people to get ready for another funeral. so these are just some of the things that investigators will be looking at in terms of whether or not they decide to charge these two suspects with
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hate crimes. i actually this morning had an opportunity to speak with the police chief and i spoke to him about what sort of criteria is used in deciding whether or not hate crime charges are brought. >> it has to be against a protected class and it has to be derogatory or threatening statements. you know, that's basically all it takes. but, you know, in this case, to be quite frank with you, we're going to give any information we have to the d.a.'s office. >> reporter: so once again, up to the district attorney's office to make that final der determination. oftentimes when you see hate crime charges brought, it's when you have seen a lever crime occur, a misdemeanor. authorities are looking to sort of up the ante and provide more teeth by throwing on top of that hate crime charges as well. in this particular case, what you see is two people who are charged with capital offenses but having said that, when i
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spoke to one of the local councilman here this morning, he said if this is an issue of hate crime, he said this is something that i clearly, the councilman's words, i clearly see as being a hate crime. >> jason carroll, live in tulsa, oklahoma, this morning. another story touched the nation's racial nerve the trayvon martin case in florida. a grand jury might take up the case as early as tomorrow. two prosecutors are working to determine if there is enough evidence to bring charges against george zimmerman. he, of course, is the neighborhood watch captain who says he killed martin in self-defense. the special prosecutor says she has never used a grand jury to decide on charges in a justifiable homicide case before. today, the u.s. navy will start giving out checks to people who lost their homes and belongings when a jet crashed into their apartment complex. the first payouts will cover housing, meals and clothing about $2,3 p00 per person. families get more.
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>> a navy lawyer available as well to talk to any residents that have any questions or they need assistance. any time we have a mishap, we want to get to the bottom of it and any people that have pictures or they have witness statements they want to provide the investigators, we would love to have that. >> reporter: the crash on friday in virginia beach destroyed dozens of apartments and no one killed or seriously hurt. expect fireworks when congress starts hearings on one of the most controversial vegas blowouts in years. last week we told you the general service administration spent more than $800,000 money for a conference complete with the mind reader and clown and commemorative coins. >> i'm glad the gsa administrator left. it's one of the agencies that i have responsible for under the appropriations committee. we are going to have a hearing as to what or actually happened here. it's an absolutely outrageous expenditure of taxpayers' money. the white house made it clear the group in charge would be
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dismissed and resigned and they did. we got to see whether it's democrats, republicans, whether it's a state of illinois, ohio or washington, that kind of misuse of taxpayers funds is totally unacceptable. >> the first congressional hearing on the gsa vegas batch is next week. morning nuclear tensions are spiking over north korea and latest efforts to taunt the international community. some time this week, the communist regime is due to launch this rocket. the u.s. and its allies see it as a possible test for long-range missiles that could reach south korea shores. >> i'm very disturbed. >> translator: he can deny that? he can deny that? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: look for yourselves with your own eyes. then you can judge whether it's ballistic missile or whether it's a launch of -- [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> so what is it? cnn's paula hancocks is in seoul, south korea. tell us more. >> reporter: well, carol, the concern that south korea has, at this point, is that north korea may actually be preparing for a third nuclear test. there's a south korean intelligence officials report which cnn has obtained which says there is evidence of a freshly dug tunnel in the area of north korea where two of these nuclear tests have been carried out before. now, they have shown us satellite imagery which shows that there is a tunnel in the final stages of being built. earth and sand around the entrance. the report says the past few weeks increasing in size so they do believe there could be a third nuclear test after this rocket launch that north korea will be carrying out it says in the next few days. now, the intelligence source says this would be a grave provocation and what north korea might do is wait for the
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international condemnation that is sure to come after this satellite launch and then use that as an excuse to carry out a third nuclear launch. certainly this is of great concern to south korea, to all of the regional powers and to the united states as well. and analysts say there is really not a way for the u.s. to penalize north korea at this point because the sanctions are so crippling already. >> paula hancocks reporting live from seoul, south korea this morning. a man accused of jennifer hudson's mother and brother and nephew, the accused killer is on trial this morning. huds hudson's celebrity status could complicate things. >> reporter: in october 2008, singer, actress, jennifer hudson was told her mother darnell and mother jason murdered and 7-year-old nephew julian was missing. hudson returned to chicago where a frantic search under way for
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julian. >> neighbors reported hearing gunshots 8:00, 9:00 this morning. >> reporter: three days later the little boy's body was found inside this abandoned suv. he gidied of a gunshot wound. the hudson family knew william balfour quite well. he grew up here in their neighborhood on the south side of chicago and ended up marrying jennifer hudson's older sister julia. balfour known as flex on the streets has a long criminal history and according to people who know the family, the hudsons, including jennifer, didn't want julia to marry balfour. prosecutors say balfour killed his ex-wife's family members because he was jealous that she was seeing another man. the defense says there are no eyewitnesses and no fingerprints linking him to the murder scene which has hudson's neighbor michael jones concerned that balfour could walk. >> in a murder, especially in the black community, is so easy
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to beat. >> reporter: three and a half year later the hudson home in chicago is boarded up. jennifer hudson has said very little publicly about the murders but recently talked to piers morgan about her mother. >> moi mother was a very wise and strong person and i feel like she raised us well and she prepared me well. and so that's what i live by. >> reporter: opening statements are scheduled to begin april 23rd. jennifer hudson who is on the witness list is expected to attend. ted rowlands, cnn, chicago. this morning a man named bubba sits atop the golf world. florida native bubba watson won the masters. watson broke down in tears and regained his composure only long enough to don the green jacket. he is as surprised as anyone to win his first major title on the legendary course. >> i've never had a dream go
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this far like i've been saying so i can't say it's a dream come true. the thing thing, is golf is not my everything. i'm not going to go home. if i would have lost today i would not go home and pout. for me to come out here and win it's awesome for a week and get back to real life. i haven't changed a diaper yet so probably have to change a diaper pretty soon. >> yes, he will because two weeks ago, watson and his wife completed the adoption of a baby. the process four years in the making. watson known for his brilliant play and hair trigger tear ducts. he'll say, he'll cry, quote, at everything. strong emotions for tiger woods who was going for a fifth masters win but the hopes unraveled along with his composure. i tied for 40th and worst ever finish in augusta. two weeks earlier he won his first pga tour event since 2009 when injury and scandal derailed his dominance. first family is hosting the easter egg roll on the south lawn. you are looking at pictures from
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last year's event. we are expecting the president to kick off this morning's activities with the march around 10:30 eastern. when it comes, we will have it for you live. tim tebow having fun at easter event in texas. pastor tries to get the former florida gator to put on an lsu helmet? tebow kicks it away. the current new york jets quarterback got serious when talking about his faith. >> whatever happens in life, good or bad, whether you're the hero or the goat, whether you like it or not, you know that someone has a plan for your life and it's a special plan. when you can trust that and you have hope in that, then you have peace in all decisions and everything you do and it brings a lot of joy to your life. >> tebow says he is happy to get others thinking about their faith. coming up on newsroom, iconic journalist mike wallace showed a tough side when he interviewed people. hear what his colleagues are saying this morning and get insight from a historian who
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mike wallace has died at 93. aggressive, legendary, pit bull like. mike wallace's name is synonymous with bold reporting. love him or hate him the one thing people did was respect him. long time colleague morley safer remembers wallace this way. >> he was fearless really. i mean, he would -- he interviewed some pretty nasty guys in his long career, and he was absolutely fearless. he would get to the very core of the story and the very core of -- he loved villains. he loved villains because they made such great copy and he has had the charm to talk to the broadcast initially, and then the tenacity to eviscerate them
9:17 am
or allow them to eviscerate themselves. >> former cbs news news anchor dan ratherer said, quote, mike wallace was from the beginning and for many years the heart and soul of "60 minutes." in that role he helped change american television news. among the ways that this change was for the better, tv news became more investigative and more aggressive and relevant. mike was sharp and quick of mind, a fierce competitor and aer interviewer, end quote a long time colleague and close friend of mike wallace was another esteemed journalist, walter cronkite once known as the most trusted man in america, cronkite died in 2009. douglas brinkley's book, he is sharing some of those moments with us this morning. hi, doug. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. you talked with mike wallace while cronkite's biography. what was he like on the other side of the interview? >> well, i was at cbs for a while as a historian.
9:18 am
i knew mike and don ewid before don had died. they were warm, funny, at the top of their game in many ways going on the way out. but i've written in cronkite less than personal with me but the history of cbs news. it's key to remember that mike wallace served in world war ii and was a graduate of the university of michigan, a college guy going into tv and radio. and i think the turning point was in 1962 for wallace, because doug edwards at cbs was losing his newscast and they were looking for replacement and wallace was high on the list but they chose cronkite over wallace and others because they thought he was too tough of an interviewer, that in order to break through the glass and in people's living room and tv you need to have cronkite's style. he made being the tough interview really who he was. as late as '86 he was kind of
9:19 am
floundering. nixon, of all things, offered running in 1968 for president, offered mike wallace to be his press secretary. wallace said no and, instead, got escorted out in the famous chicago democratic convention where things blew up in a mayhem and really from '68 on wards, he just kept perfecting the type of interrogator that would just drill down on a subject looking for truth and as morley safer rightfully said, he just loved villains. >> amazing how long he kept at it, too. well into his 80s. you write about the conversations the two men had, sharing one story walter cronkite's partner joanna simon shared. walter, don't you want to die? i've done everything i've wanted to do. how about? cronkite says i want to live forever. i get one look at the water, the sunshine, the beach, and the trees here, every day, mike is a
9:20 am
blessing. parse that out for us. it's usual for somebody to say i've done everything i've wanted to, i'm ready. >> that is right'. wallace were a part of the martha vineyard set that included cronkite and art bu buchwald and many others. they were relaxing and out of nowhere, mike wallace said kind of i'd like to be dead. we know he had a great history of depression. but he said it in a kind after normal conversation way and it startled cronkite so much that along with joanne simon, they decided after that evening talking about it that they were going to do the last things they wanted to do in their 80s before they had health problems so they traveled the world. cronkite having this exchange with wallace on the vineyard was quite meaningful and it gave him and extra impetus to not get that way in his last years as we know mr. wallace the last few years has been taken care of. he wasn't somebody you could talk to or interview because his
9:21 am
illness had sidelined him the last few years. >> last question. are you planning to write mike wallace's biography and if you are what would be the first sentence describing wallace? >> tenacious, pit bull interviewer, and somebody who was our national journalistic watch dog. you mentioned dan rather a moment ago. you know, when rather had his problem with the national guard and george h.w. buw. bush. there was a bathroom that got balled out for mike wallace not quitting. a nice article that a reporter should pick up their papers papers and walk out the door if you had a dispute over the story. he was the real deal. kind of a lost breed in journalism but it continues on the legacy with his son chris wallace who has become one of our nation's great interrogators
9:22 am
particularly of politicians on fox news. >> so much like his dad, it's scary sometimes. doug brinkley, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. for wall street, good friday will not equal a good machine. stocks taking a dive following friday's disappointing jobs numbers. opening bell is minutes away.
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checking stories across the country. in california, efforts under way to find out exactly what killed famed american painter thomas kincaid. seen here in this file interview on "larry king." he decide unexpectedly at hi home on friday. family spokesman says it was from natural causes. an autopsy is set to begin today. kincaid was just 54 years old.
9:25 am
in san francisco, a utility worker had to be rescued after falling ten feet into a man hole. he apparently hit his head during the fall and was unable to crawl out on his own. the worker was trapped about an hour until firefighters managed to pull him out. in los angeles it wasn't usual easter egg hunt. a crowd at cross point church waited for the eggs to drop from the sky. 10,000 easter eggs fell from a helicopter and they were stuffed with candy and vouchers for prizes including disney tickets and ipod touch and an x-box. wow! no one got hurt, don't worry. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big story of the day. the question today what should president obama's campaign slogan be? strange question, right? but according to the website politico the 2012 obama campaign has a problem with branding. in 2008 it seemed to come so
9:26 am
easy with a change we can believe in. >> we can prove that the one thing more powerful than that kind of politics is the will and the determination of the american people to change this country. yes, we can. >> pundits hail the obama campaign team in 2008 as branding geniuses although later critics like sarah palin found it easy to pan the president's quote hopi changy stuff. i digress. ronald reagan had morning in america. bill clinton, bridge to the 21st century. gop challengers mitt romney has his slogan, believe in america. >> i believe the principles what this country was founded upon and why our phrase is believe in america. believe in the principles that made us the nation we are. >> still even a great slogan can't win an election. democratic strategist robert
9:27 am
zimmerman says a candidate needs to have a clear and defined agenda to give a slogan relevance. zimmerman says in 2008, it was about hope and change. in 2012, it should be about progress and results. but the talk back question for you today. what should president obama's 2012 campaign slogan be? cnn and i'll read your responses later this hour. have you seen the texts from hillary clinton? they are not real but they are realistic, hilarious and they have become an internet sensation. we will talk about the hip side of hillary in a few minutes. fr. you're probably muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. cubanhe first day you take it. cajun raw seafood pizza parlor french fondue tex-mex fro-yo tapas puck chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska
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all eyes on wall street as the opening bell is about to ring. that disappointing jobs report on friday is shaking the market already. christine romans is here to break it all down. good morning. >> biz whiz? i want to trademark that. >> i'm glad you like it. >> maybe 1% loss in the early going for the dow and s&p and i'll tell you why, carol. they didn't get a chance to react to the march dat on a friday and only a little bit in the bond market and disappointing. three months in a row we have had 246,000 jobs created and 120
9:31 am
wasn't enough to get people excited. so the dow probably falling below the 13,000 mark today as investors try to assess whether the job market is going to kind of falter here or whether this was just one month. we simply don't know quite frankly. something to keep in mind. stocks the s&p is up 30% since last october so if you're looking for an excuse to take profits as they say, some investors are doing that this morning. the politics of this is icky too. you start to see both sides, you know, blasting each other about the direction of jobs and who is better to create jobs. already the democrats or debbie wasserman schultz and others in the democratic party saying republicans want a weak jobs picture so they can blame the president and they like weak jobs markets. conservatives say this president is squandering to recovery. his policies are making it so businesses don't want to hire so where you get the politics step into it too as investors are selling stocks this morning.
9:32 am
>> i know you'll keep an eye on it for us. christine romans, thanks so much. >> yes. good morning to you. stories we are watching right now in the newsroom. we could see a breakthrough in the trayvon martin case. a grand jury might take up the case as early as tomorrow. two prosecutors working to see if there is enough evidence to bring charges against george zimmerman who says he killed martin in self-defense. people who lost their homes friday when a navy jet crashed into their apartment complex will get payouts for their losses. checks going out today. the money will cover housing and meals and clothing about $2,300 per person total. >> we will have a navy lawyer available as well to talk to any residents that have any questions or they need assistance. any time we have a mishap, we want to get to the bottom of it and any people that have pictures or they have witness statements they want to provide
9:33 am
the investigators, we would love to have that. >> the crash friday in virginia beach destroyed dozens of apartments. no one killed or seriously hurt. expect fireworks which congress starts hearings on one of the most controversial vegas blowouts in years. the gsa spent more than 800,000 for a conference and complete with a mind reader and clowns and commemorative coins. here is what senator durbin said about it. >> i'm glad the gsa commissioner left and one of the agencies i have responsible for under the appropriations committee. we are going to have a hearing as to what actually happened here. it's an absolutely outrageous expenditure of taxpayers money. the white house made it clear that the group in charge was going to be dismissed and resigned and they did. so we got to see whether it's democrats, republicans, whether it's a state of illinois, ohio or washington. that kind of misuse of taxpayers funds is totally unacceptable. >> the first degree of medical hearing on the gsa's vegas bash begins next week.
9:34 am
hillary clinton, cool? the u.s. secretary of state is not only interfueling interpret jokes in a good way but democrats are begging her to run for president in 2016. we won't be seeing this at the democratic convention this year, we know for sure. >> whether you voted for me or you voted for barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. >> no but that was then. according to the huffington post for the first time since 1968, clinton will skip the convention because she sort of has to. cnn contributor lz granderson and will cain are here. >> good morning. >> good morning. >>ton's people say she can't attend the convention because as secretary of state she can't engage in anything political. is it a bummer for those
9:35 am
unenthusiastic democratic voters not to see her at the convention? >> first of all, i'm trying to figure out who exactly is unenthusiastic democratic voter. i think any democrat that is watching the gop debates found their enthusiasm. they may have some disappointment in barack obama's policies but they would definitely have some enthusiasm to vote democrat in november. with that being said, you know, hillary clinton has been, is, and always will be a rock star. and so, yes, you will miss seeing her but, fortunately, she's got her backup showing up, bill clinton. so i think we will be okay. >> i was just going to ask will bill clinton be at the convention? >> yeah. so i guess he's a good second place to hillary. >> that's all you have to say? >> no. i mean, i think it's worth pointing out. we just talked about bill clinton playing backup to hillary here. it's telling. >> oh, yeah. >> it's interesting. i would be independence in lz's feedback on this. i don't know that hk has and always been a rock star.
9:36 am
there wasn't this rock star or popular aura around hillary clinton. something has happened since the 2008 election has elevated her status. i mean, her popularity amongst democrats i think is at an all-time high. why? >> before you answer that, lz, did you see this text from hillary? it's become an internet sensation. we picked out three. there are a lot more. most of them are hilarious. let's see the pictures now. there it is. joe biden asked so you know what the bartender says? hillary, really, joe? >> this says, the second one. let's go to the second one. okay. so mitt romney supposedly texting hillary, any advice? hillary, drink! >> here is another one. president obama, hey, hill, what you doing? hillary, running the world. there are a lot of these and their hilarious and portray
9:37 am
hillary clinton if this kind of cool way that you don't really think of hillary clinton or at least you didn't. >> hillary clinton has been through a lot of changes but i think her base, i think women have always gravitated towards her because they appreciate her strength and appreciate the fact she never ever allowed herself to stay in the shadow of any man that was in her life. the fact she has even stronger since becoming secretary of state, i think, has a lot to do with the fact that, overall, president obama's foreign policy has gotten some pretty good views in terms of how he has handled conflicts and, obviously, the death of osama bin laden coupled with it. last year, hillary clinton gave one of the most powerful most touching speeches at the u.n. which she said that gay rights are human rights. i think that just captain putapr to a human rights ab take visits
9:38 am
and people love and people saw a strong leader in and why they want to see her run in 2016. >> let me answer my own question real quick. i think she has seen the rise for two reasons. you have to recognize there is level of disappointment among democrats and barack obama. i don't understand it. it seems to me like he has fulfilled the democratic agenda very well but i have talked to many democrats and they consistently express some sentiment of disappointment. second, she, hillary, has managed to avoid the political quagmire of the last several years this kind of back and forth, you know, heel biting, pettiness. she, secretary of state, whether or not you agree with everything that has happened in foreign policy substantive the last couple of years she has managed to remain out of that and i think why she is so popular. i would add one fact. if she runs for president in 2016 she would be 678. if elected she would be one of the oldest presidents. ronald reagan and george h.w.
9:39 am
bush would be the only presidents older than what hillary will be. >> you know the backlash? >> go ahead. what backlash? >> i was going to say, do you know the backlash you would hear if you start saying hillary clinton, a woman, is too old to run for president? >> i knew you were going to say that! >> you know the backlash? because it's true! >> you can talk about john mccain's age and you can talk about ron paul's age but don't talk about a woman's age, whatever you do. >> thart's right. i'll let you guys fight that out behind the scenes. thank you for an interesting discussion. a new investigation and, yes, it involves lindsay lohan. find out what the actress is being accused of this time that could land her back behind bars. whitney houston's daughter wants to play her mother in her first starring role. more on that ahead. sometimes, i feel like it's me against my hair.
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released from strict supervisized probation, lindsay lohan may be in trouble again. a.j. hammer is here, please, really? >> well, no not necessarily. we don't want to jump the gun here. the operative word here is she may be in trouble. here is the story. the west hollywood sheriff's department confirmed to showbiz tonight a woman accused lindsay lohan of battery saying she shoved her at a nightclub last wednesday night. the sheriff's department say they will look into the incident while quick to point out at this stage, this is just an allegation and will prevailing opinion it's not a big deal. the incident that may have happened on thursday wasn't reported until saturday. there is some reports that lindsay wasn't at the club in q in question and her publicist said you have to wonder about someone who calls the media before the police.
9:44 am
the other factor is here, of course, lindsay's recent change in probation status. any arrests that had taken place when she had been under supervised probation would have led to jail time but she doesn't need to get caught up anything like this so have to see if the investigation leads anywhere but i'm not putting much stock into the story at this point but i'll follow it for you but i don't think it's going anywhere. >> thanks. a.j. will be back bus the next hour with more showbiz headlines. alec baldwin fan gets too close for comfort and ends up getting arrested. a brutal attack involving students at a colorado state university. the main suspects are members of the school's football team. ale ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors.
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checking story across the country now. three members of the colorado
9:48 am
state university football team have been suspended accused of brutally attacking several students on friday night. police say four people were injured in the brawl. two of them seriously. strong winds are fueling several brush fires in central florida. firefighters spent much of the weekend knocking back the flames from fires burning north of orlando. no homes so far evacuated. in ohio etch a sketch manufacturers are cashing in. ohio is launching a new ad campaign and products that poke fun at politics in general. the ads will appear on social media. new products expected in stores by late spring or early summer. we asked you to talk back on a big story of the day. the talkback question what should president obama's campaign slogan be? this saying preserve medicare
9:49 am
and social security. this from steve. i killed bin laden but the rest is their fault. eric, the other guys, really? love that one. please continue the conversation at thanks for your comments. after the break, the "titanic" epic anniversary. the cruise and survivor stories are next.
9:50 am
9:51 am
. memorial cruises, movie releases, new specials and survivor stories are marking the titanic's 100th anniversary. it is making it an epic event.
9:52 am
the 3-d version of james cameron's epic titanic, number three, still able to bring in the big bucks 15 years after the original release. >> open your eyes. >> the box office estimates the movie banked more than $17 million at this weekend. titanic's memorial cruise left south hampton harbor in england where it set sail 100 years ago. the 12-night voyage retraces the doomed ship's original route. cnn's stan rivers spoke to the grandson of a titanic survivor. he shares his grandfather's story. >> there is a picture of him on the rescue ship, on the car pale ya, quite clearly, dark hair, dark mustache. six months later, he goes back to work, issued with a new discharge book. in the front of that, it says, color of hair, white. between april and october, he
9:53 am
went completely white through the effects of shock. >> wow. the titanic memorial voyage is scheduled to arrive in new york on april 19th. stories we are working on in the "cnn newsroom." at 10:30 eastern, president obama makes remarks during the annual easter egg roll on the south lawn of the white house. about an hour later, he meets with brazil's president in the oval office. thomas robinson holds a news conference on his future plans, saying he will enter the nba draft. following a lot of developments. let's check in with jason carroll. >> reporter: carol, two suspects charged with shooting five african-americans here in tulsa are due to be arraigned in court any minute. will they be charged with hate crimes? i will have the story coming up at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm ted rowlands in chicago. william balfour, man accused of
9:54 am
killing three members of jennifer hudson's family is in court today as jury selection in his murder trial continues. we'll have more coming up at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm dan lothian at the white house. easter may have been officially yesterday but it continues here at the white house with lots of entertainment, lots of eggs and a whole lot of people. i will crack open the details at the top of the hour. >> oh, dan. that was bad but i enjoyed it. thanks to all of you. also rising tensions with north korea. it plans to launch a rocket in days but will the north be launching a satellite as it claims or is it something else? this is south korea now thinks the north is planning another nuclear test. just ahead, cnn's stan grant is in north korea and takes us along for a close-up look. the freedom you can only get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. he a you have to love it when a man named bubba wins at masters. >> bubba played at the university of georgia, never had a golf lesson, totally self-taught. your master's champ winning his first title. a great battle with louis oosthuisen. it has never been done before, a
9:58 am
double eagle. some call it the albatross. they would finish the round tied. a suddenplayof playoff reaction. this is the incredible shot from bubba watson. he hooks it about 30 or 40 yards around the trees on to the green. watson was so emotional. he lost his father a year ago. he had a huge hug with hi caddie, breaks down in tears, gets the green jacket, $1.4 million, still keeping things in perspective. >> for me to come out here and one win, it is awesome for a week and get back to real leif. i haven't changed a diaper yet. so will probably have to pretty soon. >> his wife wasn't there. they just adopted a baby boy
9:59 am
this past week. what a week for bubba. it is great. he is truly one of those guys that everybody is rooting for on tour. >> let's do nba hoots, chicago bulls superstar, derrick rouse. playing the knicks in madison square garden. watch rose hit. it is a four-point play. the knicks answer to carmelo anthony, huge game. 43 points. watch this three-pointer as time is running out. hits it. forces overtime with the bulls. in overtime, it is melo again. he sinks another three to win it for new york. the knicks playing well right now. they win, 199 in overtime. baseball's opening week tend. tigers sweep the red sox in the 11th. alex avila goes deep for the walk-off home run. the tigers get three in the ninth to tie, three in the 11th to win. 13-12. this was a celebration and a celebration in your house, right?
10:00 am
>> we were jumping with joy. jim leyland looked as happy as he could look but bobby by valentine had the death face on. >> red sox are 0-3. red sox and yankees both getting swept on. >> it's a shame. i'm sorry. thank you, jeff. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. just ahead. five people shot, three killed, two charged. the suspects accused in the shooting rampage making their first court appearance. we are live in tulsa, oklahoma. a moment rarely seen from korea. a government spokesman smiling and laughing when talking to reporters. [ speaking in korean ] >> we are taking you inside north korea to talk about why he is in such a good mood. the hunt is on at the white house, the hunt for easter eggs, that is, live at the 134th annual while house easter egg
10:01 am
roll and even bo, the first dog, is getting in on the act. >> bo just laid an egg. the man behind te tebowing draws thousands at an easter event. two men are set to make their first court appearance. 19-year-old jake england and 33-year-old alvin watts are accused of a vicious killing spree in tulsa. four separate shooting attacks in all. three people killed, two wounded. the victims appear to have been targeted at random but may share a common thread. jason carroll is in tulsa. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. the question for many in the african-american community here in tulsa is whether or not these two suspects will, in fact, face charges dealing with hate crimes
10:02 am
and speaking to the police chief this morning, he says that their investigation, carol, is still very active. they are still in the process of gathering things together, gathering information, trying to come up with a motive for what happened. they will be looking very closely at the facebook page from jake england. you are very well aware of what was on that page. he used a racial slur in referring to something that had happened to his father. his father, to give you a little bit of history here, was killed, murdered two years ago, shot by an african-american man. apparently, england never got over that. he wrote about it on his facebook page, used a racial slur as i said before and also wroe wrote something to the effect of, get ready for more funerals. police will be looking carefully at that. one local city councilman i spoke to, jack henderson, said in his mind, it is very clear that a hate crime has been committed. >> i think i know pretty much a hate crime whether i see it.
10:03 am
we have an individual who is white, male, going to a black, predominantly black community, shoot at five black people and with the other evidence of the online stuff and some of the things that were said leads me to believe that that was totally a hate kram. crime. >> reporter: ultimately, it will be up to the district attorney to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to charge these men with hate crimes. so far, they are charged with first-degree murder charges as well as shooting with the intent to kill. their arraignment expected to get underway any minute at the courthouse. carol, they will not actually be present inside the courthouse for the arraignment. it will be done by video conference from the jail. carol? >> jason carroll, reporting live from tulsa, oklahoma. also, jury selection begins today in the trial of a man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's mother, brother, and
10:04 am
nephew. the singer is expected to play a crucial role in the trial. ted rowlands explains. >> reporter: in october, 2008, singer, actress, jennifer hudson, was told her mother, darnelle and brother, jason, were murdered and her 7-year-old nephew, julian, was missing. hudson returned to chicago where a frantic search was underway for julian and for the gunman. >> neighbors in the neighborhood did report hearing gunshots sometime earlier this morning, about 8:00, 29:00 morning. >> three days later, the little boy's body was found inside this abandoned suv. it led to the arrest of 27-year-old william balfour. >> reporter: the hudson family knew william balfour quite well. grew up in their neighborhood and ended up marching jennifer hudson's older sister, julia. balfour, known as flex on the street, has a long criminal history. the hudsons, including jennifer,
10:05 am
didn't want julia to marry balfour. balfour killed his ex-wife's family members because he was jealous she was seeing another pa man. the defense says there are no eyewitnesses or fingerprints linking him to the murder. this has michael jones concerned that it could walk. >> a murder especially in the black community is so easy. >> reporter: 3 1/2 years later, the hudson home in chicago is boarded up. jennifer hudson has said very little politically about the murders but recently talked to piers morgan about her mother. >> my mother was a very wise and strong person and i feel like she raised us well and she prepared me well. so that's what i live by. >> opening statements are scheduled to begin, april 23rd. jennifer hudson is expected to attend.
10:06 am
>> ted rowlands is live. her status could affect this. explain to us how. >> reporter: she is planning to be in court every day. she may take the stand. the jury will absolutely be aware of their presence. they filled out a jury questionnaire, a lot of questions about jennifer hudson. every day, they are going to come in. in every case, if there is a victim family member there, it helps, because the juror has empathy with a victim family member when the victim family member is a celebrity on the level of jennifer hudson. it is a huge difference and prosecution for the prosecution. jurors, people inherently are not going to want to let down a family member. that said, the evidence will have to be here in a murder case. her celebrity status and the fact she is planning to be in court every day is going to make a big, big difference in this case. >> i wonder if the judge will give any instructions as to what facial expressions she makes during the trial. >> well, the judge will tell the
10:07 am
jurors each and every one of them and during the voir dire process, which is happening here this week, to ignore that, to as much as they can and then part of this questioning will be from the lawyers, saying, can you be impartial? can you look and know that jennifer hudson is going to be in this courtroom and put that aside? you are talking about human nature. how much people can put it aside, it's really tough to do. i just covered the conrad murray trial up in los angeles. janet jackson was in the courtroom almost every day and every single day, that jury would come out and they would look and watch janet jackson and the jackson family's reaction to basically everything that went on in the courtroom. >> ted rowlands live in chicago for us this morning. today, the navy starts giving checks to people who lost their homes and belongings when a jet crashed into their apartment complex. the first payoff will cover, housing, meals and closing, $23
10:08 am
$2300 total. >> we want to get to the bottom of the mishap. anyone that has pictures or witness statements, this he want to provide to the investigators, with he would loof to have that. >> the crash friday in virginia beach destroyed dozens of apartments but no one was killed or seriously hurt. just check out the numbers. you can see mitt romney is the presumptive gop nominee. he has 651 delegates, leading his closest rival, rick santorum by more than a 2-1 margin. the number three man in the race cease the inevitable now. >> you have to be realistic, given the size of his organization, the number of primaries he has won, he is far and away the most likely republican nominee. if he does get to 1144 delegates, i will support him. i will do everything i can this fall to help him defeat obama. the primary goal of the entire republican party has to be to defeat barack obama. >> he wants to help set the gop
10:09 am
platform at the the august convention. top issues, energy independence, social security reform and religious liberty. a white house easter tradition going to the dogs or maybe just one do. that would be barack obama. get it, bo laid an egg. the obamas bet and pun any ears promoting the easter egg roll getting underway on the white house south lawn. dan lothian is there to crack the story. >> reporter: you like that, don't you? >> i did. >> reporter: you know you are getting old when you look at the lineup of the stars that are going to be here and you have to check doing google. stars like janelle monae, michael chang and cody crow. i did think of checking with my young daughter. some of them are actors, others are singers. some do both.
10:10 am
they will be entertaining the large crowd of young people who are expected to be here today. 35,000 people, not all here at the same time but coming at different ways. now, for those of you who like the more old school entertainers, we have a couple of older tennis stars, chris everett and michael chang, remember them. also, some actors, forest whittaker and julianne moore will be reading stories to the kids who will be here today. >> reporter: keeping with the theme about schools, carol, are you ready for a quiz? >> i'm ready. >> reporter: you like these, right? >> i love them. >> reporter: one of the request es i always get when you say you are covering this event is when did this all get started? who was the first president that started this annual tradition. so i throw the question to you. was it, number one, president madison, president lincoln, or president hayes? >> i am going with hayes. >> reporter: you would be
10:11 am
correct. the official easter egg roll began in 1878. there are unofficial egg rolls that took place. it is kind of squishy as to when the unofficial tradition began. you are correct, that is when, he was the president when the first official easter egg roll took place here at the the white house. then, one other question, because no quiz is complete without more than one question. the second one being, has it ever been canceled? >> i am going to say yes. >> reporter: you would be correct again. so you get an a plus for this class. it has been canceled either because of weather or because of wars at the time. oftentimes, while it would be canceled here at the white house, they will move it either over to the zoo or to the capital, somewhere else, but, yes, it has not taken place every year since it started. today, the weather is very, very nice and no chance at all of it being canceled. >> thank you, mr. lothian. we will get back to you.
10:12 am
the president and the first lady will be speaking at the easter egg roll. when they do that, we will bring it to you live. that should happen around 10:30 eastern. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you today. what should president obama's campaign slogan be? according to the website politico, the 2012 obama campaign has a problem with branding. in 2012, it came so easy with the slogan, change we can believe in. pundits hail the obama campaign team as branding geniuses. later, critics like sarah palin found it easy to pan the president's quote, hopey-changy stuff. i digress. he could take a page from pass slogans, ronald reagan, morning in america, bill clinton, bridge to the 21st century. mitt romney has his slogan,
10:13 am
believe in america. >> i believe in the principles this country was founded upon. that's why our phrase is believe in america, believe in the principles that made us the nation we are. >> still, even a great slogan can't win an election. robert zimmerman says a candidate needs to have a clear and defined agenda to give a slogan relevance. zimmerman says in 2008, it was about hope and change. in 2012, it should be about progress and results. so the talkback question for you this morning, what should president obama's campaign slogan be? go to north korea shows off a rocket that is fueling nuclear tensions. we will take you inside the communist nation for a rare glimpse. colleagues share their
10:14 am
memories of tv newsman, mike wallace, a fixture at 60 minutes for 40 years. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] fast relief, fresh breath, all in a pocket sized pack.
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10:16 am
nuclear tensions are spiking with north korea. cnn has ahold of an intelligence report that says pyongyang has a nuclear testing. cnn's stan grant has a rare view from within north korea. >> reporter: this is what north korea has been keeping hidden from the world, not anymore. a long-range rocket, 30 meters
10:17 am
long, only 100 feet that much of the world suspects will launch the next phase of the reclusive country's missile program. north korea insists, there is nothing to fear, not a missile test but, in fact, a satellite launch for scientific research. to prove it, they have taken an unprecedented step opening up the launch sight to the eyes of the international media. for pyongyang, this represents a proper coup. this spiritual moment as the north korea people struggle to open the gate to a prosperous and powerful future, this man says. the united states and its allies see it very differently, a country still technically at war taking another step closer to perfecting a missile that experts say could reach american shores. >> i am very disturbed.
10:18 am
>> reporter: he can deny that it is a missile. >> translator: if you look for yourselves, with your own eyes, then you can judge whether it is a ballistic missile or whether it is a launch vehicle to put a satellite into orbit. to show that, that's why we've invited you to this launch site. >> reporter: we certainly get the grand tour today shown all around the site. the control center, even the actual satellite that will be launched into space on the rocket. one independent european analyst visiting the site says he sees nothing to be concerned about but -- >> reporter: i don't know what they want to do in future but today what we see is a space launcher. >> reporter: to travel to the site is to get an all too rare glimpse through the window of what's been dubbed the hermit kingdom. we will get on this train and
10:19 am
travel for five hours until we get to the satellite launch site itself. from the carriage of our train, a barren landscape. people scattered working the harsh fields of a country where many people struggle even to eat. not an issue, north korean officials were looking to pursue. >> reporter: is it more important than food? >> translator: what was the question again? we don't want to answer that. we will have a chance before the interview. >> reporter: to a country obsessed with its self-defense and presented a strong face to the world, this they argue is money well spent. anyway, as we are constantly reminded, this is a satellite launch, not a missile test. despite north korea's assurances, the skepticism is going to remain, particularly from the united states, always wary about the intentions of an unpredictable country.
10:20 am
stan grant, cnn, north korea. up next on "newsroom," a look back at the life and career of mike wallace. also, a campaign in search of a catch phrase, a slogan, a mantra, whatever you want to call it. it is just not there this time for the obama campaign. it was sure a lot easier in 2008. we are going to pose this dilemma to our political buzz panel next. ♪ [ piano chords ] [ man announcing ] what we created here. what we achieved here.
10:21 am
what we learned here. and what we pioneered here. all goes here. the one. the accord. smarter thinking from honda.
10:22 am
you cannot deny this. what a beautiful day in washington, d.c., the south lawn of the white house where the easter egg roll is taking place for the 134th time in our
10:23 am
history. 35,000 people are there. they signed up for this thing months and months ago. mr. obama is expected to speak in about five minutes when the president begins speaking, of course, we will bring it to you live. looks like a lot of fun, though. mike wall ace in a class of his own. his aggressive questioning and desire for news shaped his career. sandra endo has a look back. >> reporter: i am mike wallace. >> reporter: he was known fr his hard-hitting journalistic style and aggressive questioning. >> how many blacks are there on your top campaign staff? >> i couldn't honestly answer you. >> reporter: decades before, millions of tv viewers watched him on cbs news. mike wallace already had a colorful career. he was born myron lee on wallac
10:24 am
in 1915. he started his career in radio. his work as a radio host landed him spots in tv, as an actor in a police drama, as a program host and even in commercials. >> get golden. that's some apple pie. >> reporter: his love for news made him drop that type of work in 1963 when cbs news hired him as a correspondent. >> i'm wagging my finger at the president of china. >> reporter: his feisty, brazen style made him a good fit for the network's new magazine show "60 minutes" which debuted in 1968. wallace didn't cower to american or world leaders. he said this to ayatollah khomeini during the iran hostage crisis in 1979. >> the iman, president sa ddat egypt, a devoutly religious man, a muslim, says that what you are doing now is, quote, a disgrace
10:25 am
to islam. he calls you, imam, forgive me, his words, not mine, a lunatic. >> reporter: media critics say wallace's attack dog style was relentless. >> sometimes he went too far. he pioneered the ambush interview, which has fallen out of favor. he used hidden camera investigations. he taught generations of younger journalists about how to go get that story. >> reporter: in 2006, teek on a smaller role on 60 minutes. >> you made your living in the early days of black and white television, as i did, you know that sometimes it was a little like the early days of flying. >> reporter: his relationship with cbs viewers spanned decades and he will have an everylastla impact on the field of journalism. mike wallace was 93.
10:26 am
sandra endo, cnn washington. >> colleagues are sharing their memories. dan rather said mike wallace from the beginning the heart and soul of 60 minutes. he helped change the role of american television. he was sharp, quick of mind and a fierce competitor and master interviewer. morely saver remembers wallace as fearless. >> well, he was fearless, really. he interviewed some pretty nasty guys in his long career. he was absolutely fearless. he would get to the very core of the story. >> 60 minutes will air a special program dedicated to wallace that will air next sunday. did you see "saturday night live" needle mitt romney? the needle was sharp. they suggested romney will say
10:27 am
anything to get elected. the way they made their point, well, you decide. our political buzz panel will weigh in right after the break. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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with xerox, you're ready for real business. checking our top stories. minutes ago, a video arraignment for the two men accused of a deadly shooting spree in tulsa, oklahoma. a judge ordered 19-year-old jake england and 33-year-old alvin watts to be held on bail with more than $9 million a piece. they have not yet been charged in four separate shooting attacks that left three people dead, two others were wounded. today, the u.s. navy will start handing out checks to people who lost their homes and belongings when a jet crashed into their apartment complex. the first payoff will cover housing, meals and clothing, about $2300 per person. the crash friday in virginia beach destroyed dozens of apartments but no one was killed or seriously hurt. easter fun to the at the white house, 35,000 people now participating in the white house easter egg roll. the obamas are going to deliver
10:31 am
a speech in just a couple of minutes. when that happens, we will bring it to you live. political buzz is here. rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us today, pete dominic, will king, and dana lesh. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> hey, carol, morning to you. >> much better. >> first question. listen to what democratic congressman emanuel cleaver of missouri said on cnn's state of the union. he is talking about the role of religion in politics. >> it is becoming a political issue every two years and then for sure every four years, we try to put god on the ballot. i think that the american public is tiring of it. >> so, guys, is god up for re-election every four years?
10:32 am
are voters tired of it? dana? >> i think this happens every single election where you have instances such as this. if we are going to talk about a particular parties putting god on the ballot. i think you can very easily make the argument that especially with the health care law, you have the president that took a stance against religious liberty whether religious entities were disallowed to conscientiously object against having to offer something that goes against their belief system. there is that argument to make. if that is something that representative cleaver is doing, good. he did say the war on women was a fabricated tactic. i appreciated that. >> i am one of those 16% of americans that doesn't identify with any major religion. i agree with imhad. hearing rick san fortorum speak say what they say, the issues
10:33 am
are gay marriage, which we are progressing to equality, which is great. abortion will always be on the balance lat. senator james inhofe, to say, the arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to think what god is doing to the climate is outrageous. i will agree that soes comments from senator imhauf are outrageous. >> will, he will yield to you? >> he yields to me. i think religion is invoked every four years, or two years to soften your position on gay marriage and abortion. that's why and how it is used. we talked about this last night. we should focus on electing moral human beings, not what religion they adhere to. your faith, religion is shorthand for being a moral person. it is not just a province of the right alone. president obama is using it right now to put forward his plan for tax reform, i'm my brother's keeper stuff as god
10:34 am
cares about the tax code. it is entirely too invoked on both sides and inappropriate to pimp god out. question number two, we all know what barack obama as campaign was in 2008. just in case your memory needs jog, here you go. >> yes, we can. >> it was so easy then. this time around, the campaign has nothing. apparently, yes, we still can is not under krrgs. we posed this question to our facebook friends. i want to read you a couple of their suggestions. this is from manesh, finishing what we started. from greg, women and children first. this from linda, change it back. this from alori, together we can all live that american dream. this from matt, i am running out of things to blame george bush on. dana, what's your suggestion? >> this is one of my favorite questions that you have ever asked me. it would be difficult to choose just like one. just a couple, just a couple.
10:35 am
"o" is for oops, no, we didn't and let's do it for brazil for the whole oil thing. i kind of like "let's do it for brazil" personally. >> will? >> i don't have one. i didn't come with one prepared like dana. it reminds me of that scene in oh brother where art though when pappy o'donnell is talking to his campaign adviser, his son, about campaign messages at work and he says, we ought to get some of that reform. he said, we can't run on reform, we are the incumbent. he is at a little bit of loss, yes, we can and hope and change don't really work when you are the incumbent. >> pete, top that, pete. >> i can't. that was quite a rif, will. how about, obama 2012, come on, i've already got the keys or, change, it takes more than four, or, i inherited a crisis i did not create and ush ped through a
10:36 am
lot of widely effective policies. that's too long. this one is a sure winner, obama/clinton, 2012. >> you might be on to something. >> the third question, your buzzer beater, 20 seconds each. "saturday night live" clearly thinks mitt romney will say anything to get elected. listen. >> in all honesty, i can't remember a time when dungeons and dragons wasn't an important part of my life. >> no one wants to get sick. you know, but frankly, i've always thought if i had to develop a chronic disease, i hope it would be a adult onset diabetes. >> people ask me, mitt, just how many pier many piercings to you have? i always say, more than i need and less than i want. >> we didn't play the part about how he loves fighting roosters. they didn't use that term. >> you have to let dana go
10:37 am
first. >> i thought this was really harsh. dana, can we lay off mitt romney, please? >> i like making fun of all the candidates equally. won't any candidate say anything to get elected. the last one, the democrat, certainly said anything to get elected. i am going to end the wars but not until 2014 in iraq. i am going to commit more troops to afghanistan and then libya and then we are not going to close gitmo. after they get elected, they like to forget they said that stuff. it is power for the course. i think it is funny. >> i like dana's point. this is a characteristic of virtually every politician. mitt romney is a particularly egregious offender. we have ventured way too far into he is unprincipled. this is a guy that gives away 10% of his income. gave away two years of his life early on. i don't know that those are
10:38 am
characteristics of an unprincipled person. >> he gives it all, mostly, will, i think to the mormon church which we are not allowed to talk about. i think snl nailed it. i'm the comedian here. the truth is funny. mitt romney goes to alabama. you talks about brits. he goes to his home state of michigan and talks about how high the trees are. he will say whatever he thinks they want to hear. he doesn't know what they want to hear. mitt romney doesn't seem to know what human people like. >> i just remember that picture of barack obama bowling. >> of course. it was bad. >> i like the high waters riding the bike. that's my favorite. i arer that too. >> dana, will, pete, thanks for playing today. we appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. the newest quarterback, a home field advantage in texas. tim tebow rocks an easter sunday event. you will hear what he has to say about tebowing after this. they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times.
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i like it too. this is product y. this is a much more expensive product. you will not see a lot of savings with this one... harsh. you chose geico and you did not choose their competitor. was this your first car insurance taste test? lindsay lohan may be in trouble again, may be. that may is the key word. let's head to new york and showbiz tonight host, a.j. hammer. tell us more. let me break this down for you, susan -- carol, i'm sorry. i was just reading about our friend, susan. let's talk about the west hollywood sheriff's department. they have confirmed that a woman is accusing lindsay lohan of battery. we are going to have to see if this investigation goes anywhere. the prevailing opinion seems to
10:42 am
be, it is not a big deal. i am not putting a whole lot of stock in this point. this woman is alleging that lindsey shoved her at a nightclub last thursday night. the incident wasn't reported to police until saturday. they are going to be looking into the incident. they pointed out that right now this is just an allegation. there are some reports out there that lindsey wasn't even at the club in question. her publicist responded to our questions about the incident by saying, you have to wonder about someone that calls the media before the police. great point. if this had happened to lindsay while she was still on supervised probation, just allegation would have gotten her in trouble. she doesn't face that threat now but she doesn't need to get caught up into anything like that. the down side of being lindsay lohan. >> tell us about this woman that is allegedly stalking alec baldwin. >> canadian actress who has been arrested for allegedly stalking him at his home and apartment.
10:43 am
she met him on the set of the film pluto nash. he had a cameo in the film and according to the internet movie database, she worked as part of the crew. he first filed an official complaint with local police after she alleged to show up to harass him at his hampton's home on march 21st. when she showed up at his new york city apartment, he wasn't home but the doorman filled him in and he notified police and had her arrested. we did reach out to ball win's rep for response. he told showbiz tonight, stalking is a serious issue. we have turned this matter over to the new york city police department. the down side of fame, carol, it can be very, very scary. >> you got that right. a.j. hammer, many things to you. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it tonight on showbiz tonight at 11:00 eastern. 20,000 fans cheering tim tebow on a sunday, still five months from the start of the nfl season. the jets quarterback did attract a crowd to an easter sunday event in georgetown, texas, not to watch him play football but
10:44 am
to talk about his faith. the former denver quarterback says he can't explain why tebowing went viral. >> it is kind of crazy. i really don't think i was the first athlete to get on a knee and pray. it is funny, because i have actually had this same routine the last seven years and just this year, they started calling it tebowing, which i have no idea why. i have been doing same thing for the last seven years. this year, it just seemed to get popular. but i do think it is pretty cool because at least prayer is being talked about. >> there was a funny moment when the pastor tried to get tebow to put on an lsu helmet. the former florida gator, he kicked that helmet off to the side. it was a joke. we are going to take you live to the easter egg roll. are we taking you live now? we are going to take a break and come back when president obama is expected to begin speaking. we will be right back. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
10:45 am
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bet you think you're pretty quick? yeah, i guess it is pretty quick. jesse?!? jesse? jesse?! much obliged. suddenly, everything else seems old-fashioned. ultrabook. inspired by intel. let's go to the white house south lawn and the obamas. asthma l malia and sasha an
10:47 am
always know, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> thanks you, honey. my job is simple as well. i just want to officially welcome you all to the white house easter egg roll. it is a beautiful day, perfect weather. we are so excited to have you all here. we've got a great set of activities planned for you. there is something for everyone. we are going to be over there doing a little egg roll. i think the president is gig to try to beat a 3-year-old, which i hope he does not. we also have a wonderful yoga garden, some storytime guests, great readers here this year as we do every year. you can get your face painted. we have wonderful musical guests. rachel was amazing and she is a really sweet kid, which is more important. we've got wonderful athletes here. we have chris everett. my gosh. and many, many others. the harlem globetrotters are here. you can do an obstacle course. we are going to be down at the kitchen learning how to do some
10:48 am
healthy cooking with some of our celebrity chefs. so it is a wonderful day. i hope you all enjoy it. i hope you put on your comfortable shoes. we have got ours on. right, all the obamas here? on behalf of our family, i also want to wish you all a happy easter and a happy easter egg roll. in the theme of this year's easter egg roll, let's go, let's play, let's move! >> thank you, everybody. have a great time! we will see you down there. >> did you get to see the big easter bunny? he was standing there on the balcony right beside the president. the president kept talking to the easter bunny. the president is going to go down. there is the easter bunny. the president heading down to begin that competition with the 3-year-old. we are going to take a short break. we will be back with more. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? at e-trade, our free online tools
10:49 am
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10:51 am
let's go back to washington, d.c. on the south lawn of the white house. the president is shaking the hands of the lucky 35,000 people that get to take part in the annual easter egg roll at the white house. there is michelle obama there. you see her in e yellow sweater. she was talking about her exercise campaign. not only will the kids be having those easter roll competitions. they will also be invited to partake in different exercise routines. even the harlem globe trotters are there. maybe they will play a little basketball. who knows. dan lothian is at the white house. while the obamas were on the balcony, i thought i saw michelle obama's mother in the
10:52 am
back, a woman we rarely see. >> reporter: i was scrambling to come out here so i did not get a chance to see who was there in the background. we have not seen, if, in fact, she was out there. we have not seen her around in public in quite some time. i am being told she was, in fact, out there. during the first year or so, we would see her around the white house quite a bit, at events, would even see her shopping around town from time to time. she has pretty much stayed in the background. this is a day for the entire first family to come out and greet americans who have traveled from far away, some from down the street or some from across the country to come here and be part of this annual event. it is not only a chance for these young people to be entertained, to meet some of their favorite tv stars or movie stars up close but also a chance for them to learn about fitness, about staying in shape, about good eating habits and so forth.
10:53 am
they can get all of that right here at this annual easter egg roll. >> let's listen, dan. >> dan, that is a cute picture. so apparently there is like a long waiting list every year for the easter egg roll at the white house. who gets to attend? >> reporter: well, you know, you can go online and sign up for this. then, if you are the lucky winner, you get a chance to come
10:54 am
here. there are a lot of slots as we have been talking about, 35,000 people. much more, i think, than previous years. i believe they have been increasing it every year. so it gets quite crowded. right there, it doesn't look that chaotic. if i could tell you a personal story, a number of years ago, i had the opportunity to bring my kids here and my daughter has not forgiven me for this, because she was in the easter egg roll right there. a big kid came and rolled over on top of her and knocked her down. so she has not lived it down. it gets pretty chaotic. >> you didn't have her back, dan? >> reporter: no, i'm sorry, i was busy working. so she was out there with my wife. so, yes, she got rolled over by an older kid. that's what she talks about to this day. it's a great event. as the afternoon, as i pointed out, as the afternoon moves along, you will see it get very crowded out there as everyone
10:55 am
comes in to take part, not only in the roll but also face painting or playing around on some of bouncies or whatever else they have to entertain the kids. >> we are going to take a short break. we will be back with much more on "newsroom." are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
10:56 am
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will benefit them and their babies. efforts are underway to find out what killed famed american painter, thomas kincaid. he died unexpectedly at his home on friday. family spokesman says, an autopsy was set to begin today. kincaid was just 54. a utility worker had to be rescued after falling 10 feet into a manhole. he was unable to crawl out on his own. he was trapped about an hour when firefighters pulled him out. in los angeles, it wasn't your usual easter egg hunt. instead of searching for easter eggs, they waited for them to drop from the sky. 10,000 easter eggs fell from a helicopter. they were stuffed with can and vouchers for prizes, including disney tickets and ipod touch and an xbox. that does it for me. thank you for joining "newsroom." cnse


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