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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 28, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- ahead this hour, police say he murdered his wife and daughter, then tried to burn down his house, but that didn't work. now a seattle s.w.a.t. team is staking out this underground burnger where police think this suspect is hiding out. >> this isn't a hole in the ground. it's a large built up structure but hidden. it took some time to find it. >> also ahead the future of our food. wait until you see how some americans are shaking up their eating habits in a big way. are you on the bandwagon yet? and what happens when you put lindsay lohan and kim kardashian in the same room as the president? well, we're about to find out. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye.
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it's 10:00 in new york, 7:00 in los angeles. let's start with the news. a man accused of murdering his wife and daughter is believed to be holed up in a homemade bunker. a s.w.a.t. team put in tear gas. they believe there's booby traps, so they're waiting. this isn't a hole in the ground. this is a large built up structure, but hidden. it took some time to find it. in fact, our tactile team smelled the wood smoke coming before they actually saw it. >> while the police are being patient, one friend of keller's wife isn't hiding her feelings. >> i hope he resists. because i want him to know what a bullet feels like. you know, i can't stop being angry. >> the bodies of keller's wife and daughter were found in their home on sunday. the house had been set on fire. keller hasn't been seen since.
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the secret service now has a new code of conduct coming in the wake of the prostitution scandal in colombia. the new rules say that agents on assignment in other countries have to act like they're still in the united states. also, they're forbidden from having anyone else in nair room. there will be a list of places they have to stay away from, and no drinking alcohol within ten hours of reporting for duty. meanwhile, sources with knowledge of the colombia investigation tells cnn that arthur huntington is the agent at the center of the scandal. he's the one who had the pay dispute with the prostitute that brought the whole thing to light. huntington, we're told, has left the agency. a florida judge is considering what to do about $200,000 in donations collected by george zimmerman. zimmerman is facing a second-degree murder charge for the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. prosecutors have asked the judge to raise the amount of zimmerman's bond because of the donations made to his website. the bond was originally set at $150,000. zimmerman paid $15,000 in cash
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to get out this week. $5,000 of that came from the website donations. >> a former aide for john edwards says he feared for his life when dealing with the senator and two big campaign donors. it was described as bizarre when he helped edwards con s.e.a.l. nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions. prosecutors say he used to money to conceal an affair with his mistress. andrews faces 30 years in prison. he denies doing anything wrong. he was playing video games when a stranger came into their house and grabbed his mom's purse. >> when i seen his face, i was like, that's nobody i've abosee before. he came in, yanked on it, i yanked back. he yanked harder. and he ran out the door. >> well, that little boy won that one. his dad chased after the
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suspect. the man ran into a busy highway, was actually hit by a car. he's now in the hospital. by the way, that purpose had no money in it. would you stay put if a towering volcano started spewing gas, ash, and rocks 100 feet into the air? that's just what mexico's second tallest volcano is doing. it started rumbling two weeks ago and it hasn't really stopped. authorities say they're keeping close eye on the rumbling giant and say there's no reason for alarm or evacuations just yet. it is being called the nation's, quote, largest community improvement movement. some 10,000 volunteers are expected to take part today in the great american clean-up. it's happening in nearly all of the 50 states and including picking up litter and planting trees. ten cities will have large-scale trash removal. last year's clean-up results in the removal of 177 million pounds of crash. well, reynolds, that sort of inspires me to get out and clean something up today.
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how about you? >> i agree. it sounds incredible. how many pounds did you say it was? >> 177 million. >> as long as we don't have to take it to the curb. >> that would be a big task. >> something big might be the weather we're going to see across the united states. there will be a chance of poeshl flash flooding, small hail, damaging winds, maybe even tornados. we'll talk about that plus your travel coming up. >> okay, reynolds. looking forward to it. a scare tactic for kids. that's one complaint against a book. the book promotes veganism from a very young age and uses graphic images to illustrate a very fine point. i'll talk with the author of the book and ask her what message she has for the readers. cute little duckies. it's a great story about some wayward wad lers you might like.
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get headed in a new direction. ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. ♪ tell me something good good morning, washington, d.c. beautiful shot of the capitol for you this morning. it seems like mother nature has everything in store for us today. sunshine, some rain, maybe even some snow. reynolds wolf is keeping an eye on all of it for us again. good morning. >> good morning. things are going to be nice on parts of the east coast and certainly out to the west with the shot we have of san
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francisco. here's pier 39 in the bottom on the screen. here you see the sun coming up from the east toward the west. that's the way it normally works. what we do anticipate, though, is there will be a chance of severe weather today, randi, across parts of the ohio valley and into the central and southern plains. the best chance of severe weather will occur later in the afternoon and early eechk as temperatures begin to warm up and frontal boundary increases. what we meet be dealing with is large hail, development of damaging winds, possibly isolated tornadoes. in any spot you have travels say into st. louis, cincinnati, even toward dallas and oklahoma city at will roger, you might have some backups. some across the ohio valley into the mid-atlantic. plenty of sunshine out to the west and rain if there the pacific northwest with high temperatures in seattle. it's going to be nice. 61 degrees. not bad at all.
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southward into san francisco, mostly 60s. 58 in salt lake city. 70 in kansas city. 44 in chicago. 85 in atlanta and wrapping up in washington, d.c., exactly where we started. 61 degrees your expected high. that's your forecast, randi. >> okay, reynolds. thank you. you know how i can't resist a really good animal story? look at this one. some auto mechanics in new hampshire found themselves working on a different kind of problem when a mama duck caused a commotion when her ducklings fell into a storm drain. they used a bucket and got them out and took the duckilings and her mom back to the river. give them a hand for all the hard work. you know how you use this for pancakes, you're going to use it like this. >> congratulation to this california boy who's now the youngest child chef on pbs. it's called "hey, kids.
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let's cook." he may be only 8 years old but he started learning his way around the kitchen at the ripe old age of 5. wow, that's making me hungry. veganism for kids. there's a new children's book that paints a stark picture. is it too much for kids to handle? coming up i'll talk live with the author about the message and the controversy it's created. we'll be right back. no matter where you go. no matter what you do. when you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, there are times it feels like your life... revolves around your symptoms. if you're tired of going around in circles, it may be time to ask your gastroenterologist about humira.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. . welcome back, everyone. we're focusing on food. what you eat, how, and how safe it is. you have probably heard of the mad cow scare. public officials say there wasn't any danger to the food system but it's these kinds of stories that fuel the debate between eating meat and becoming veg tear yags. as my next guest says vegetarianism and veganism isn't just about eating healthy. ruby roth is the author of a controversial new book called "vegan is love." tell me. is the book meant for kids or
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parents? >> it's absolutely meant for kids, best when red for parents. it serves for those. they want to learn more about how they can have a positive impact on the planet and their own health. >> what do you think are some of the advantages to veganism because you are a vegan yourself. >> yeah, the first thing i noticed was i was completely thriving on the diet. i stopped getting sick. i was getting colds or tonsil lie it is several times a year and that went away completely. my energy went through the roof, and my eating habits now match my morals and values. so the positivity and the benefits are really endless as i started looking into it. >> let's take a look at a couple of pictures from the book. the first is titled "animal testing." take a look here with us. i'm just wondering and obviously you don't think this.
10:15 am
a lot of people might think this is too graphic. you see only animals with bruising, open sores, wounds. do you think this is appropriate? >> think is completely appropriate and let me explain. when we adults look at this, we know the horrors. we have a context for what actually goes on in reality inside of the lab. we think of exposed organs and restrictions and restrapgts and pillories. when kids look at this image they're seeing animals in cages with ouchies which i think is a completely appropriate place to have a jumping off point for discussion about animal testing and what we can do alternatively to protect these animals and make better choices. >> you became a vegan, though, as we just talked about for health reasons and it has made you healthier. so i guess why not just focus on that instead of some people might say, oh, she's trying to scare kids into being a vegan? >> well, i think there's a wide
10:16 am
range in the vegan community of why people go vegan. some are more health-oriented. some are more animal rights-oriented. to me, i fall straight down the middle of the line. think if the american public knew the level of both disease and abuse going on in meat and dairy and really any commerce that involves using animals, then the outrage would really be directed toward those industries and not a children's book about choices alternative to the status quo. >> this book is certainly getting a lod more attention. i have a lot more questions for you. stay with me, ruby. when we come back, i want to take you through a lot more pages through the book and also at home what the kids are saying about the idea of vegan. much more with ruby. but first good morning to hollywood. folks waking up there on the west coast, glad you're with up us on "cnn saturday morning."
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we're focusing this morning on food issues, safety and choices. back with me now is ruby rocket, author of "vegan is love." it's a children's book. we asked people or our hit okay kracy blog to weigh in. 48% say veganism is fine for kids as long as they're getting nutrition. 32% say kids should decide for themselves when they're older. we know know you have a 7-year-old daughter. did she help you in the writing of this book? >> yeah, i definitely bounced ideas off of her and she saw the images throughout the process,
10:19 am
and, of course, i wanted to make the book manageable for a child's capacity, and she definitely had input. she love this lifestyle and chooses it on her own. it's never been about controlling. in the back of the book i say in the end you need to decide how to eat and live. it's really about giving the kids the information that allows them to make educated choices. that's what goes on inside our househo household. >> you don't limit it. you say kids should know more about it and you say stay away from the zoos and the aquarium. i can hear all the parents now. what do you say to those parents? >> well, the great alternative is going to an animal sanctuary or go to a voluntary shelter where kids can get up close. really instead of just a feeling
10:20 am
of wonder, you're actually learning a real reverence for animals. when we look at zoos and circuses and marine life parks, even the best ones have track reports of abuse, unnecessary deaths and illegal trafficking of animals. so they're really the opposite of what they purport themselves to be as far as animal protection in an animal conservation. >> and encouraging the kids to become vegans, i mean is that part of your message here? do you want every parent who reads this book to encourage their child to become a vegan as well, and what are the benefits for the children? >> the purpose of this book is really for anybody and everybody who wants to raise kids to love deeply, i think critically, and act responsibly. i think, again, it's a book that is a great resource for people who want to have a positive impact and engage their children in the public realm. i think there's no age too young to begin discussing how our
10:21 am
choices affect the public realm, and i really believe that anybody can benefit. you don't have to be vegan to make vegan choices. and this book is an introduction to just how powerful our daily choices can be. >> we had hundreds of comments on our cnn eatocracy blog. what have you been hearing from people and parents, some of the criticism and some of the good stuff? >> well, the support has been tremendous. again, i'm linked into a very powerful and excited network around the world of vegans. but i think what's most interesting about the controversy is that by calling my book controversial that we're admitting that we're doing scary things to animals, too scary to talk about and that means people want to remain willfully
10:22 am
ignorant. that's unacceptable. we know what happens in the world, the atrocities throughout history that happens when people become willfully ignoranignoran >> what do you say to the critics? it's a nice message but it's still a little too much and maybe a little too harsh for kids. what's your final word to them? >> this back definitely has a strong message, but one of the most important lessons that you'll learn in this book is that we don't have to fear anything, that we have the power to change. >> ruby roth. great to have you on the show. >> thank you so much. >> i look forward to seeing what kind of comments we get. we've asked people as well if you have a comment or any thought on this you can certainly tweet me @randikaye. send me your thoughts. the book is called, once again, "vegan is love." thank you. so nice to see you. >> thank you so much.
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cnn heroes introduce hard "showbiz flashpoint"s and help others. a woman is receiving death threats just because she's trying to stop violence against women. >> translator: two years after the earthquake, the situation is still the same. the people are still under their tents. they don't have electricity. there's no security where they sleep. they are getting raped. in haiti, things are very difficult. before the earthquake, there were rapes happening. now i can say it is total disorder. >> translator: adults are not spared. mothers are not spared. even babies are not spared.
10:24 am
my name is malia via apelon. i am a victim of violence. i'm on a mission so other women do not fall victim. we do awareness in the camps. we were working in 22 camps after the earthquake. now we are trying to work in others'. we tell others to come out of silence, do not be afraid to say you have been victimized. we offer psychological and legal support. we have a call center. we company the victim to the hospital. and we have a safehouse program. for me, the first thing is justice that i want. i was a victim and i did not find justice. but i know i will get it for
10:25 am
other women that are string tims. victims. we have to fight so we can say what was said in the past. beloved haiti. this is great nation. there will be a change. >> and, remember, all cnn heroes are picked from your suggestions. send your ideas to so you can nominate your hero. a father takes matters into his own hands when he suspected his special needs son was being abused at school. what he found was shocking. now he has strong words for one teacher who says she didn't do anything wrong. my interview with that father just ahead. what is that? it's you!
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welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. bottom of the hour now. let's get you caught up. checking top stories, police near seattle say a man wanted in the killings of his wife and daughter is, quote, contained in a fortified bunker. s.w.a.t. and teams are waiting outside the bunker citing the danger of rushing in who they believe is armed. the man has not been seen since a fire last weekend of his home where the bodies of his wife and daughter were found. a pair of robbers opened fire at a convenience store shooting a clerk at close range in the arm. they fired shots at customers before leaving but they weren't injured. police say they may be responsible for a string of police robberies. while the u.s. is safer, ail kai day remains a threat. panetta noting, there's no silver bullet to destroy the network. the family of a 9-year-old
10:30 am
girl is trying to get a restraining order from her classroom bully. a young boy has tormented her daughter. she once had to go to the hospital after allegedly being karate kicked and says the boy harasses and threatens her. the girl was moved to a different classroom, but that didn't solve the problem. the louisville school says they have a program aon anti-bullyin. they said they stopped doing interviews because they were getting threats. someone set their trash cans on fire. the little girl is going to class but they fear for her safety. the restraining court hearing is set for next week. you may remember this story last week about the apparent suicide of a 14-year-old boy that rocked the community in iowa. he confided in his friends when he admitted that he was guay, bt the relentless bullyg that followed was just too much. in response, they featured a
10:31 am
bullying editorial as their full front page this past sunday. the paper makes a powerful argument saying schools, parentsnd and the community must take a stand against bullying. here's a quote. some in our community will say bullying is simply a part of life. if no one is physically heart, they will say what's the big deal? it's just boys being boys and girls being girls. those people are wrong and they must be shouted down. we must make it clear in our actions and our words that bullying will not be tolerated. in new jersey, a teacher at the center of a bullying scandal says she did nothing wrong. kelly alternburg is one of the teacherers who verbally abused the boy. the boy's father taped some of this disturbing interaction. listen. >> you go to the lie brave to see any books or just look at
10:32 am
sculptures? but alterberg's attorney says it's not her voice i started by saying we recollect his advocacy but at a point there had to be a time that the comments he's saying my client said are simply inaccurate. i spoke with the boy's father. he said the teacher is not telling the truth when she said she was. in the room. he also said he can prove it. i started by asking stuart shay fitz how his son is doing now. >> he's just a joy. i was thinking of him and smiling. he's such a happy kid. i heard the video and got as angry as the first time i heard it and my heart broke again each time i heard sniet what do you feel when you listen to that? that is just outrageous if that's going on in that classroom. >> you know, sit is as a father
10:33 am
or for any parent when you hear your child in distress and you can't be there to protect him, it's the worst feeling in the world. i wanted to go forward to one day show him that people cared, that what people did to him was wrong and also showing him what an even i demmic bullying is. all the children in that class had verbal impaetschments so none of them could tell their parents and they just ran -- and the staff ran wild saying whatever they wanted, venting on the children, which to me is the ultimate act of a coward who can't fight back and can't talk back. my son learned to fight back and he relaid a message to me saying help. it was a cry for help. >> how did you know that something was up? what were you hoping to learn? >> well, when we started getting notes back that he was hitting the teacher and the aide, that
10:34 am
to me sent -- that immediately to me showed that something was wrong because he's such a gentle and loving human being, and we had meetings with the school. they brought a behavioralist in. the behavioralist never saw anything. he tried to aggravate akaia to the point he would lash out. once that happened i knew there was something going on in that class that was specifically setting him off and i said the only way i can find out because he couldn't talk to me was to put an audio recorder into his pocket and thank god i did because otherwise he'd still be there today still probably being tormented. >> as you know, stuart, the teacher in this case denies being in class and making those comments but i want you to hear what her lawyer told cnn. >> what we want to respond to is i went through every allegation that's been made against my client. i went through that youtube video and we identified each instance in which he -- the father of the student placed on the screen what he thought were
10:35 am
the transcribed words and one by one, we're just addressing each of those. the board of education details after their investigation that they determined that the people that said those word were no longer employed by the board. the attacks continue and now it's necessary for us to say, again, those words were not hers, the voice was not hers, those comments were not made in her presence. she didn't con dose those words. she didn't instruct them to act that way. >> she calls the words disingenuous. we want to ask you how you plan to prove it coming up after this very quick break so, stay with us. think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪ [ female announcer ] end the struggle with weak, damaged hair with new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. it nurtures hair back to strong, healthy life.
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domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. welcome back. before the break we told you how stuart cha fets secretly recorded the teacher bullying his son. what he heard was both shocking and disturbing. listen to a bit. >> ru go to see any books in the library or do you just look at sculptures. oh, akian, you are a -- >> she said she denies being in the classroom the day that these tapes were made. she calls your allegations disingenuous. i'd like to get your response to
10:39 am
that. >> first of all, they are incredibly disingenuous. their press release says she wasn't there for the first hour and claim i knew that. i did not know that. that was a totally false statement. at no point was i ever told she was not there. also the worst things that happened i did not credit to her. it was the aide jodie and the clip they played where they called my son bastard, i cannot say 100% who it was. let me say since they went public with this, i held onto one clip that i did not release publicly but i'm going to be releasing this next week where the teacher was directly involved in what i call bullying of my son and i'm going to release that along with more unreleased audio showing what else was going on in there. >> can you give us a hint of what she said in that or what she allegedly said? >> it was involved a situation where my son was reading and he
10:40 am
innocently put his finger in his nose and yelled at by the teacher's aide and was told it was gross and hue mill yaled in front of the whole class. if they want to take me on and make out like i was putting out something gross did not put it anything they think was false and i'm going to release this audio next week. i may have a press conference with additional things. i'm kind of handling things all by myself. there were other statements she made during that day that i think people need to know. she's no innocent person in this. that was her class. she was the ceo. she, i believe, is responsible. and when you hear some of the other things she said, i think it's going to cause a bit of an outrage. >> how are you planning to move it? are you going to get a voice expert? how will you prove that is her voice on the case. >> because someone calls her kelly right in the middle of it and she goes on for an extended period of time after it and goes
10:41 am
on talking about something i have from a previous audio where i can identified her. right in the middle of the incident you hear someone call kelly. >> i'll put it out to her and her lawyer. see if you can deny this was her. >> i want to play another clip, stuart, of what was recorded in that classroom very quickly here. >> oh, boy. knock it off. [ inaudible kwkts go ahead and scream because guess what? you're going to get nothing until your mouth is shut. >> i'm not sure but i'm pretty sure that's not how teachers are supposed to respond when your son is having a probable there in the classroom? and let me say something. this is critical for people to know. the only times that he screamed or got upset was following when they had humiliated him. you know, that was -- what really started that he has
10:42 am
autism, he sometimes talks to himself. it's not an issue. it's not a problem. and whoever it was said to him, who are you talking to, nobody, and he got very upset by that. so he doesn't just scream for no reason. he was reacting to being made fun of. each time he got made fun of, he got upset. and then they reacted worse to him. so it really was an absolute nightmare, it truly was. >> most parents they send their kids to school and they worry about them being bullied by other students. they certainly don't worry about them being bullied by teachers and you've exposed here quite a case. stuart cchaifetz, thank you ver much. >> thank you so much. >> if you hide like to share your thought os thn story or any story on bullying, something i'm vir passionate about you can tweet me. i'd love to hear from you on
10:43 am
this one. coming up, politics and hollywood mingle tonight at the white house correspondents dinner. politically active stars like george clooney are going but so are lindsay lohan and kim kardashian. i cannot wait to talk with comedian bill santiago and hear what he has to say about this one.
10:44 am
the time between spring and summer is a great time to visit the islands. >> traveling between the islands can be pricey, so you may want
10:45 am
to pick one or two islands for your stay. >> every island has its own flavor. they're more rural and less visited. maui is a great place for families and people wants a resort experience. the big island is ideal for adventurers. oahu is very metropolitan and a lovely blend of asian and american culture. and kauai is that lush tropical vacation. >> you may also not want to plan too many activities. the lax pace of the islands may frustrate those rushing to do it all. >> everything in hawaii happens on island time and you just need to be able to embrace it. as long as you slow down and allow it to take its time, you're going to enjoy your vacation. >> a good rule for any destination on the go.
10:46 am
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welcome back. glad you're starting your saturday with us. tonight is the white house's correspondent dinner. as some like to call it, the nerd's prom. late night jimmy kimmel has been asked to host this event. what can we expect from him? joining me now is huffington host blogger bill santiago, a pretty funny guy himself. good morning, bill. >> good morning, randi, how are
10:49 am
you? >> i'm well. this has go to be tough for any comedian. jimmy kimmel loves to make fun of the exact people who will be sitting in front of him tonight. how does that work? how does that happen? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. it's definitely a tough gig but the big question tonight is who is he going to kill tonight but who is president obama going to kill tonight. tomorrow is the day after. i don't know if you remember last year. obama took out osama. as he's sitting there laughing it up, he's got the navy s.e.a.l. team. if i were ahmadinejad, i would be very nervous. it is a tough gig though. it is a tough gig. i think it could be a new tradition. it's like the opposite of partoniparton i -- pardoning the turkey. tomorrow we take out who we got to take out. >> speaking of the president, can jimmy kimmel make fun of
10:50 am
him? can you go there? >> sect th myer did a great job. he entertained but he did not make people walk out. colbert set the standard. bush didn't even know what he was talking about. he went in there, ripped him a new one and the next year they were so upset about it they brought in someone to do lasse impressions. at least he's no jimmy fallon, you know. it will be fun. >> let's talk about the guest list. ice a lot of a listers, george clooney, stevie wonder, martha stewart. but kim kardashian -- her mother, they're getting a nod and two of the real housewives of new jersey. >> don't forget lindsay lohan, she's on the list too, yes. >> what's going on? >> yeah. i don't understand how it works but they can invite -- greta van
10:51 am
susteren is the one who invited lindsay lohan and she brought kim kardashian. greta is the one who, correct me if i'm wrong, she wanted to boycott a recent d.c. award sew because she thought the host was denigrating to women. so she brings along these women who -- i mean public displays of jen i tallial and homemade upon tapes are a credit it to her gender. i don't understand the thinking. >> this is a family-friendly morning, don't forget. >> this is what's going on. the second that this event starts to achieve some sort of visibility, they completely undermine its relevance and credibility and eventually what's glorified in this country is stupidity. i will say this though. it does prove by having them there that obama is not an
10:52 am
elitist when it comes to education or college. >> very true, very true. bill, listen. stay with me. we have a lot more to laugh about because i want to talk about mitt romney possibly hosting or at least showing up on "snl." i want to get your take on that right after this very quick break.
10:53 am
welcome back. i've got so much more to talk about with comedienne and 00ington post blogger bill santiago. watch this first. >> i'll bet you dollars to doughnuts the broncos give the
10:54 am
patriots quite a run for their money on the gridiron tomorrow. let me tell you. i'll be watch ghamg along with my five human sons and my expectation is that i will enjoy it very, very much. what's that? it's being played tonight? well, that's wonderful news. the fact is the whole family and i love to watch sporting events on television of a weekend. so normal are we. >> oh, yeah. well, that was jason sid day was imtagt mitt romney. do you think he can pull this off? >> that's the rumor. the funny thing says he will only do it if he deems the sketches funny. i don't know how he would be able to tell. it's not like he has that kind of perception. if he finds a way to install a human recognition program hee eh might have a chance at this.
10:55 am
let's put it this way. he's hilarious, not intentionally. it's like the idea of rosy o'donnell doing gymnastics. it's great tv. we know, of course, sarah palin did a guest appearance on "saturday night live." president obama did it, of course. is this the new norm for presidential candidates? does it work. >> you know what? it can't turn it down because it seems like you're not willing to poke fun at yourself. you have to go through it. it's no guarantee that it will get you any closer to the white house. it depends on the jokes. it may enhance your problems, in this case, that romney is so unaware of himself and how he does not -- the kind of disconnection he has with the people. the visuals are going to be great, you know. i would like to see some sort of sketch where there's a dog driving a station wagon with mitt romney strapped to the top.
10:56 am
>> that's very funny. he took a lot of heat for driving his car and putting his dog on top of the car. >> shamus. >> let's talk about lindsay lohan. she's going to the white house correspondent's dinner but she's also going to star in a lifetime movie about elizabeth taylor. rosie oh doable took it further suggesting that she can't pull the role off. what do you think? look at them side by side? do you think she can do it? is she the right person to play elizabeth taylor? >> remember, she was a drug tailor for 35 years, in and out of rehab, married like eight times. lindsay lohan has done her homework. she's prepared her whole adult life. she's ready. all she has to do with pop in the violet contacts and she's good to go. >> what would be your advice to
10:57 am
her in this movie? >> be yourself. >> think that's good advice. all right. bill santiago. always fun to see you on a saturday morning. thanks for the laughs. we'll see you soon. >> yeah, let's do it again. >> we will, next saturday. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> all right. let's do it. >> stay right there. much more. cnn newsroom right after a very quick break. we'll be right back. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. of all our different items in our festival of shrimp so we can describe them to our customers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's festival of shrimp starts now! for just $12.99, pair any two of 9 exciting shrimp creations
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