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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 1, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> good morning to all of you. i'm carol costello. happening now in the "newsroom." may day, promises of mass protests from the occupy sect. we're asking this morning is this occupy's last stand? security alert. it's been a year since osama bin laden was killed in a covert overnight u.s. navy s.e.a.l. operation. this morning word that terrorists could use bombs implanted in someone's body. finding the missing. we have amber alerts, facebook, and now a new possibility to connect missing children with their parents. a crash landing in the desert. get this. it's on purpose. a new update on your facebook page that could change your life. this morning organ donation on your time line. "newsroom" begins right now.
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we begin this morning with new reports suggesting al qaeda could use so-called body bombs on planes in america. our affiliates in california are saying their law enforcement received the alert from the fbi and homeland security. they say al qaeda is looking into new ways of concealing explosives by surgically implanting those devices into their bodies. ray kelly spoke to cnn earlier this morning about the so-called body bombs. >> the information about planting bombs inside of people we've been looking at that, intelligence community has been looking at that for a while. >> new to us and not new to you. >> commissioner kelly also said the highest concern of u.s. intelligence continues to be the threat of nuclear weapons. in other news this morning, they are back. remember the protest from the occupy wall street movement? today they are hoping to rage against the machine again but
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will they? this was their show of strength less than six months ago and this is their fizzled fury today. this is a live picture of a modest turnout in new york city. more on that in just a minute. the group says it will hold demonstrations in 135 cities. they have chosen today, may 1st, because it's known across the world as international workers day and that of course underscores the group's theme. the rich get richer, the rest of us get poorer. organizers ask everyone to take part in a boycott of sorts. a day without 99% means no school, no work, no shopping and no banking. we've already seen some violence from the protests. vandals in san francisco smashed windows and threw paint at a police station in the mission district. but let's head back east and cnn's poppy harlow is in new york's bryant park. the beginning of a planned march. not many people there, poppy. >> reporter: not many people here. it's early. they tell me it's going to get a
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lot busier around 2:00 this afternoon when will march from union square to wall street. a very small turnout. 40 people representing the movement. you have have that many in terms of police officers. i spoke with commissioner ray kelly of nypd this morning and he said they'll have significant police force on the ground. he wouldn't give me the exact number. again, this is sort of a resurgence. the movement hopes it will be of the occupy movement and of the message as you said. they are saying no school, no work, don't bank, don't buy. i talked to a number of occupy members already. what they say to me is we are demanding economic justice. i asked has your message changed? they said, no, it's not just about a park. it's about changing laws. it's about progressing this movement. critics will say they can't do that. they believe they can. i want you to take a quick listen to the occupy member in charge of organizing today. we spoke with him just a few minutes ago. >> i think ultimately people
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would have been very dissatisfied if we just stuck to the park and did nothing else. we're trying to get at a grassroots level to organize people around issues that are important to them and that's where the movement will succeed or fail is those interpersonal connections because the world won't be changed by simply what happens on tv. >> reporter: i'll also tell you something that i noticed that has changed in this conversation. it seems to me like they are making it more mass market if you will. really bring the 99% sort of all of these working people on the street into their message and their movement and not alienate them by just being represented by what we saw in the park. >> it's rainy and cold in new york city and maybe later in the day people will gather. if there's not a huge turnout in 135 cities across the united states, what will that say about the movement itself? >> reporter: i think frankly my opinion it hurts them. i think they need this to be a day when they are visual all over the media.
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a day when they get their message out because we haven't seen them group together since that november 17th eviction of the park. the goal is not only to park a conversation, they've already done that but to change laws. to do that we have to be in the public eye and they have to emass more support and they have to emass more money and it's hard to do that if you don't have a big showing. that said, i don't think this is representative of what we're going to see today from what i've been told throughout the week from organizers. it's really going to pick up this afternoon. it's supposed to stop raining about noon. we'll see. this they need money and support and to do that they need masses. >> poppy harlow live in new york city this morning. story looks different around the world in the cuban capital of havana the streets are teaming with thousands of people marking international workers day. that's always a big day in the communist country when the citizen is celebrated. in spain, anger is driving people into the streets. union workers have shut down much of the country with a
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general strike. they are rallying against a failing economy and severe austerity measures. in moscow, the day of spring and labor. demonstrators were joined by leaders of the former communist nation. the russian president and prime minister vladimir putin took part in the annual march. in just over a month, wisconsin voters decide if they want to keep or boot their governor. scott walker is in a recall battle now. his fight with labor unions kick-started efforts to recall him. walker has raised an astonishing amount of money. more than $13 million in just three months. some of the ads his supporters are running make you think he's running against president obama, not his in-state democratic rivals. >> barack obama could learn a few lessons in leadership from
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wisconsin's governor scott walker. under obama america has lost more than 800,000 jobs. we owe billions to china. gas prices are out of control. and home values have plunged. >> i have never seen a president trash a country so fast in my life. >> i'm very concerned about what president obama is doing. >> under governor scott walker things in wisconsin have begun to turn around. >> scott walker is trying to have -- >> you get the idea. walker is getting help you can't put a price tag on. governor chris christie of new jersey will campaign with him today in green bay and milwaukee. christie is a busy guy with a growing national profile. look how busy and how national. besides wisconsin, christie is also a featured guest at events in washington, kentucky, and chicago all within a month and none of them in new jersey. christie's name has been floating out there as a running mate for mitt romney and in the past he said no way. he seems to be changing his tune. >> what i said before was i
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really have no interest in being vice president. but if governor romney called and asked me to sit down and talk to him about it, i would listen because i think you own the nominee of your party your respect. who knows what he will say. he may be able to convince me. he's a convincing guy. >> let's talk to john from "the daily beast." also a cnn contributor. looks like christie wants that vp spot now. >> well, he's not being shy about it. that's as close as you come to saying i'm interested. it's a game where people say no, no, it's not going happen. they try to downplay their interest. christie is a big personality. he's not a shy kind of guy. i think there's some wisdom to the argument of him joining a ticket even though conventional wisdom in washington centering around a more sober understated pick like senator rob portman. this is a process that will go on for months. i'm sure chris christie will be
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on a final short list. >> chris christie is going to wisconsin to hold these rallies for the governor there who is facing a recall election in june. why chris christie? >> chris christie is actually developed a fascinating profile in a short period of time. he's one of the few republican figures right now, governors who is able to unite the tea party movement, the business establishment, with a strong record of executive leadership and government reform with an eye toward reducing the budget. that really helps the republican coalition. he's become really a national republican celebrity as a result. when he goes out to campaign for scott walker, guess what? it makes national news. and this is a strong argument for scott walker to make. scott walker pushed through some budget reforms early on obviously. very polarizing. hasn't been the most popular guy in his state. raising $13 million is an amazing accomplishment. 46% of wisconsinites in a recent
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poll said they were disappointed in the results he's had. chris christie comes bounding in and adds charisma that scott walker needs to make him appear more appealing and to put his reforms in a national light. >> and just an added tidbit, wisconsin lost jobs and we all heard governor walker at the time promise to create 250,000 more jobs in wisconsin if he fixed the union problem. that really hasn't happened. >> yeah. you know, beware of politicians promising specific numbers. they are not magicians. they usually can't deliver on these things. it's like when a politician promises to lower the price of gas. walk the other way very quickly. that said, governor walker pushed through some very controversial but his allies see as important efforts to make long-term changes in balancing the budget arguing that wisconsin would be on a more stable long-term path. what's fascinating about this
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referendum, it's a complete reversal of that old tip o'neil wisdom that all politics is local. all politics are national now particularly this wisconsin recall which is a major test for fall. big business versus big labor. one of the arguments you're going to see laid out is that scat wa scott walker hasn't been spending a lot of time minding folks at home. he's been more interested in preserving his job than growing jobs for folks in wisconsin. walker's folks will say you know what? this is a major test. not only of the fall strengths and what could be a major swing state but a question on whether states can balance their budgets in the face of major public sector obligations that they just can't afford. it's going to be a fascinating national debate played out in wisconsin over the next five weeks. >> john, thank you. other stories we're keeping an eye on this morning, the department of homeland security launches a separate investigation into the secret service prostitution scandal and effective immediately new u.s. standards of behavior apply to
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all secret service personnel no matter where they are in the world. 24 people have been linked to the scandal. 12 from the secret service and from the u.s. military. the owners of the grand ole opry and wisconsin based water heater maker are seeking it millions of dollars from the u.s. government. they filed a lawsuit accusing the army corps of engineers and national weather service of turning the 2010 nashville flood into a man-made controversy that killed 11 people and cost $2 billion in losses. take a look at this. baseball sized hail. it's not a myth. it really exists. it busted out windshields in texas on monday and that will keep the insurance adjusters really happy and busy today. cnn meteorologist rob marciano is here. that's insane. >> yeah. and there was over 120 reports of hail yesterday along with six reports of tornadoes. busy day. severe weather wise. we'll have another busy day today. it's a season. may 1st.
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one of the reasons that we get severe weather in the spring is because at least at the upper levels of the atmosphere we still have a fair amount of cold air. that's where you get that uplift and the little ice pellets grow to be these big monsters when you get several rounds in the atmospheric elevator going top to bottom in the atmosphere where it is very, very cold. cold enough to make those giant hail balls and they fell with a vengeance across parts of oklahoma. we have a spot today, two spots actually, where we'll see threat for severe weather. this line of showers and thunderstorms moving toward chicago. at the moment not severe behind this as we get disturbance that will roll across the upper midwest is where we think we'll see large hail, damaging winds and potentially isolated tornadoes. the storms pro dicks center added another spot across the ohio river valley north and east of st. louis including evansville, indiana, and cincinnati, this afternoon and through early this evening. part of the reason is extreme warmth. it feels more like june out
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there than it does the first of may. we'll see temperatures that are 15 to 20 degrees above average again today. yesterday we had records across the board in some spots across the south well into the 90s and even washington, d.c. later on today will get into the mid 80s. we had an early spring. looks like we may have an early summer as well. >> figures, right? we have to show these pictures. dog video. >> it's good stuff. >> we don't like to put too many dog stories in the news. this dog guards the guy's bike while he's away. >> love it. and then on top of that, he hops on the back. i love it. perfect. >> that dog has to fall off eventually. >> not in this video. that's perfect stuff. >> thank you, rob. still to come, you heard about isabel celis missing in arizona. now an advocate for missing children says there's a huge
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resource out there that could help where amber alerts do not. we're talking about long haul truckers. marc klaas joins us later. osama bin laden, navy s.e.a.l.s killed him, radical muslims keep his legacy alive. we'll look at the global cult that has elevated him to sainthood. "cnn newsroom" back in a minute. ♪
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the condemnation of osama bin laden and his ruthless tactics was not universal. his name remains a rallying cry for many muslims who say he still inspires their cause. a report from cnn's matthew chance. >> reporter: among some british muslims, osama bin laden was a hero. his killing by u.s. forces a bitter blow. >> we will continue to produce the likes of osama.
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>> reporter: these were angry scenes outside of the u.s. embassy in london when president obama came to visit shortly afterwards. most british muslims don't share these views but analysts say the global cult of bin laden is still thriving after his death. >> i don't think bin laden has been forgotten. he will never ever be forgotten. after his death he's being treated in certain places as a saint. it will remain for a long, long time. >> reporter: the influence of bin laden on radical muslims in britain and elsewhere has been profound. his video message is given prominence at meetings like this one. some radicals viewed his 9/11 attacks as no different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan which followed and his killing has done little to change their minds. >> now the muslims have a point
9:20 am
to prove that this jihad will not begin in anguish. every mother wants to give birth to a child of osama bin laden to be on the front line as well. >> reporter: the killing of bin laden last year dealt a powerful blow to al qaeda. the network lost its charismatic leader. evaded capturing while masterminding attacks for years but the man is revered in some corners and the organization he led remains a dangerous threat. true, al qaeda's influence may have declined in places like iraq and afghanistan but analysts say elsewhere somalia to yemen, al qaeda expanded its reach by affiliating with local groups. in syria, it may not yet be a huge player nor does the network appear to have played much of a role in the arab spring uprisings of last year but analysts say it's constantly
9:21 am
looking for opportunities to insert itself. >> you think it would be a mistake for the united states for instance to think that because osama bin laden has been killed, the war on terror has been won. >> no way. no way. no way. it's wrong. it's still yet to say that and it's not war against terror. it's war against global revolutionary insurgency. they have many around the world and they are active and from time to time for certain reasons, military reasons, some will just go like a low profile. >> reporter: a year after his killing, it seems the cult of osama bin laden lives on. matthew chance, cnn, london. >> osama bin laden's death one year ago is turning into a political battle. the gop says the president is politicizing this day but it mitt romney about to eat his words? we'll explore that issue ahead. and a passenger plane crashes on
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a full scale war not over osama bin laden but upset that president obama would politicize the event. here's governor mitt romney today on "cbs this morning." >> let's not make the capture and killing of osama bin laden a politically divisive event. there are plenty of differences
9:25 am
between president obama and myself but let's not make up ones based on he might not have done this. it's disappointing. it's unfortunate. i think that it's take ing an event that brought america together a culmination of a lot of work and people and enormous sacrifice and people who put their lives on the line. let's not use this as a political football. >> romney will remain in new york where that interview took place and will observe the anniversary of osama bin laden's death by his side will be rudy giuliani. they will appear beside engine 24 surrounded by new york city firefighters. you can see the symbolism there. paul steinhouser is our political editor. i can hear democrats saying isn't mitt romney politicizing the death of osama bin laden? >> shocking that we have politics grandstanding during a political season. it's shocking.
9:26 am
this whole thing started last thursday when vice president biden also in new york city gave a major speech on foreign policy. he questioned whether mitt romney if mitt romney were president a year ago would have made the same call. remember an obama campaign web video made the same point. we're in the middle of a heated general election campaign that just got under way a few weeks ago. of course this is going to be a major topic of conversation. is it fair game for the president and his campaign to be doing what they are doing? to a degree maybe yes because the republicans, mitt romney and all of the other republican candidates are in the primaries slamming this president nonstop calling him weak when it comes to foreign policy. i think to a degree it is fair game for the re-election team to use one of the president's finest foreign policy moments and taut that. >> it's interesting the campaign has turned nasty and mitt romney doesn't have the nomination yet. >> he doesn't have it yet officially. let's be honest, he's all but
9:27 am
certain the nominee, presumed nominee, call it what you want. the primaries are over. we've moved to a general election. foreign policy is going to play a role and we'll see more of this and campaigns will use every tool they can on both sides. this argument just a taste of things to come. >> paul steinhauser, thanks so much. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you. occupy wall street, is it right on or irrelevant? they are back after months of mostly behind the scenes activism, occupy wall street is taking to the streets this may day. organizers are calling for a nationwide general strike or a day without the 99%. no work, no shopping, no banking. protesters vandalized parts of the mission district in california including a police
9:28 am
station but they insist the movement is mostly peaceful and has bipartisan appeal. >> regardless of who is in office, we need to push the issues of economic injustice because if we sit idly by the lobbyists get the real say in washington. >> you could argue the 2012 election has been influenced by the occupy message. president obama's latest campaign ad paints mitt romney has a man that outsourced jobs, tried to hide a swiss bank account and romney says free enterprise is good for america but even he has borrowed from occupy's vocabulaecabularvocabu. >> i want to help the 99%. i want to help middle americans get good jobs that pay good wages. i'm going to get to work to do that. >> the question for you this morning. occupy wall street is it right on or irrelevant?
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good morning for you. i'm carol costello. the fbi in cleveland, ohio, holds a news conference at the top of the hour to discuss arrests and charges relating to a national security case. this announcement comes just hours after news reports suggesting al qaeda might use so-called body bombs on planes in america. our affiliates in california say law enforcement received the alert from the fbi and homeland security. they say al qaeda is looking into new ways of concealing explosives by surgically implanting devices into their bodies. may day protesters are gearing up this morning from coast to coast. this occupy wall street map you will see in a second shows dozens of locations for protests today. they are calling for no work, banking or shopping.
9:33 am
the wife of john edwards' former aide returns to the stand this morning in edwards' trial. she testified this she wrote checks to pay the expenses of edwards' mistress. young says she asked edwards about the legality of using campaign funds for that purpose and that edwards got "very angry." i know you've noticed gas prices are on the way down. they peaked around april 2nd at $3.94 a gallon. the nation freaked out. so did the men running for president. mitt romney blamed president obama. this is what he said back in march. >> when he ran for office he said he wanted to see gasoline prices go up and energy prices would skyrocket and he's selected three people to help him implement that program. the secretary of energy, secretary of interior and epa administrator. >> romney said secretaries of energy, interior and epa should be fired.
9:34 am
at first president obama told voters there is no magic wand to control gas prices. then his approval ratings tanked with only 49% approval rating around the time gas prices hit their high. cue a rose garden presser where president obama has seen gas prices steadily decline since april 5th no thanks to the men running for president so why? greg is a senior petroleum analyst that shows all about gas and hot air. welcome. >> good morning, carol. >> so in a nutshell, why have gas prices declined? >> well, we've seen some good numbers from the department of energy. we've got good numbers on crude oil inventory, gasoline inventory, even refinery output has increased somewhat so all of those things are favorable.
9:35 am
at the same time crude oil is trading in a pretty narrow range between 102 and 105 a barrel. these things are helping to bring gasoline prices lower. that's why the national average today is at 3.80, which is about ten cents a gallon less than where we were a month ago. >> did anything the government did or any suggestion any politician make have to do with these drop in gas prices? >> i can't say that it did. i can only say that the current trends are favorable for continuing decline. incleme incremental decline. we have to watch what happens in the middle east and iran is engaged in with the u.s. security council. they started the first round of negotiations a couple weeks ago. they've got another round coming up in baghdad this month. we want to make sure that those
9:36 am
go well because crude oil prices are going to follow exactly what happens there. >> so that is something our government can do. let's assume negotiations will go well because i'm an optimist this morning. usually gas prices peak around memorial day. it seems they have peaked in april. did they? >> we believe that they did peak but i want to also say that we can't say that they usually peak memorial day. we've seen years when gasoline prices peaked in october and even in december. it's reasonable to expect prices to peak at this time of year but it is up in the air sometimes. >> i know. we'll keep our fingers and toes crossed. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. a plane crash caught on camera. a tv network gets a passenger plane to go down on purpose. isn't that amazing?
9:37 am
scary too. we'll tell you why they did this. also john mayer is known to date some of hollywood's most beautiful women but apparently there's one and i'm talking about jennifer aniston. he wrote a song about her. get out. that's coming your way in two minutes. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install. but it's really easy. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. yeah. you're not... filming this, are you?
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♪ >> that's john mayer. he's written this new song about
9:41 am
jennifer aniston and their breakup. a.j. hammer is in new york. a.j., there's more than one woman who dislikes john mayer for singing songs exactly like this. >> he is opening up about his relationship with jen aniston. if jen was bracing herself, it doesn't say anything bad about her in any way. it's more what he went through. they've been broken up for almost three years. aniston seems very happy with her current beau. mayer's new song "shadow days" is a farewell letter to jen. sounds like he had a tough time dealing with the breakup. let me read some of the lyrics. i found myself in pieces on my hotel floor. hard times help me see. i'm a good man with a good heart. i finally learned to let it go. can't we all relate to those lyrics. he's been keeping a low profile
9:42 am
for a couple years ever since he was too revealing in some interviews about his relationships with not just aniston but jessica simpson well but he's been on the receiving end of post-relationship lyrics. taylor swift wrote a song where she rips mayer for their brief and unhappy encounter but she's never publicly copped to it being about him. i think it's pretty obvious. >> i love that song too. that's a great song. we'll see if it's a hit and if many women buy his album. who knows. he spilled some intimate details about poor jessica simpson and also about jennifer aniston. >> i think that's haunted him. i think it changed a lot of the way people look at him. i don't know that he necessarily cares but he's changed his approach to the kind of publicity he does and stuff he puts out there. it's a good thing i think because he wants people to focus on the music. >> okay. a.j. hammer, thank you so much.
9:43 am
we've seen plane crashes in movies or the aftermath of plane crashes on the news, would you want to see a plane crash from inside the cabin as it happens? a tv crew did just that by crashing a passenger jet. these are amazing and scary pictures as part of a discover channel's documentary series called "curiosity." crash dummies were belted in as passengers and the pilot ejected minutes before impact. producers say the series will explore questions about how to make plane crashes more survivable. you can just see the fuselage in the front there. it just cracks. the episode is set to air later this year. a child missing for nearly a week didn't trigger a nationwide amber alert. there was no vehicle. no car tag for police to put out there. coming up next, a new idea that
9:44 am
might help where amber alerts don't. i went to a small high school.
9:45 am
the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
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just about 47 minutes past the hour. protesters from coast to coast gearing up for a big protest on this may day. organizers are asking people not to work, not to bank, not even to do housework. the fbi in cleveland, ohio, holds a news conference at the
9:47 am
top of the hour to discuss arrests and charges relating to a national security case. the announcement comes just hours after news reports suggesting that al qaeda might use body bombs on planes heading into the united states. also this morning, the department of homeland security launches a separate investigation into the secret service prostitution scandal and effective immediately new u.s. standards of behavior apply to all secret service personnel no matter where they are stationed in the world. 24 people have been linked to the scandal. 12 from the secret service. 12 from the u.s. military. an 8-year-old arizona girl has been missing now for more than a week. isabel celis's father went into her room the morning of april 21st to wake her up but she wasn't there. police in tucson say her bedroom window was open with a screen taken out. the search has expanded across the border into mexico. many times when a child disappears, you'll see a nationwide amber alert go out but in this case there was no amber alert because there was no vehicle description. at least one advocate for
9:48 am
missing children thinks there's another untapped resource out there that could help find isabel. long haul truckers. marc klaas joins us now. welcome, marc. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. you're talking about trucker tv. what is trucker tv? >> well, trucker tv is providing america's 2 million long haul truckers for the first time with the ability to access a broadcast quality suite of television programming such as you and i do from our homes during their mandated rest stops at various truck stops throughout the united states. >> so the tvs are in the truck stops and truckers will able to look at pictures of missing children to see if they spotted them in their travels. you need fcc approval for this, why? >> in fact, we do. it's a little more complicated than that. we talk about giving truckers the ability to set up the tvs inside their trucks and download the suite in there.
9:49 am
we need the fcc approval because it is a broadcast issue and quite frankly this is the longest running issue within the fcc. it's the longest running issue on the docket of the fcc at this time. >> what's the sticking point? >> i really don't know what the sticking point is. i think that's a very, very good question. when kevin martin was chairman of the fcc, he was writing an order when he termed out. the same thing we had a lot of suport from the interim chair but currently they have ignored this issue from the moment he got into office. i think the american people deserve to know where chairman jenokowski and the obama administration stand on the issue of blue collar
9:50 am
workers and to help find missing children and to do this at no cost at all to taxpayers. >> yeah, this will be low powered, it's not like the tv would be broadcasting other content other than pictures of these missing children. in the case of isabel celis, there was no amber alert because there was no vehicle. how do you suppose something like trucker tv would help find her? >> well, without getting into it too heavily, the amber alert doesn't work for the kids that need it the most. kidnappers don't advertise their vehicle information. what "trucker tv" can can bring her case and the case of other missing children into the trucks themselves at the truck stops. remember, carol, there are 2 million of these folks on america's highways, in the places where everybody has to drive and they're in constant communication with each other through their cb radios. so, by bringing isabel's case, by bringing other high-profile,
9:51 am
low-profile cases and even missing adult cases into the cabs of these trucks, it's going to raise an awful lot of awareness and going to employ a vast army of first responders that otherwise has been completely untapped. >> we'll keep following your efforts, mark klass, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. leaves miami with a big bandage. amar'e stoudemire punches a glass case and now the knicks will probably lose him. story and more coming your way in sports. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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9:54 am
we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. occupy wall street is it right on or irrelevant? this from steve, it's silly. no point but to create chaos. if 98% called in sick today there would be no doctors, paramedics, police, firefighters, nurses, no tv shows on, no where to grab a bite to eat, nothing. i don't agree with vandalizing property if the 99% actually did not go to work or go to buy things at stores, this country would actually get the picture. but it won't happen. looking for answers on what to do next. i think they're right on target and will be a major force this year. this from timmy, tim tim. it's funny to see the occupy people with the new iphones and ipads. good that they can afford to
9:55 am
upgrade. we are following a lot of developments in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom." let's check in first with dan simon. >> hi, carol. i'm dan simon here in san francisco at the entrance of the golden gate bridge. there is a heavy police presence out here, just in case there are any problems with "occupy" protesters. we'll explain at the top of the hour. and i'm dan rivers in london where this damming report by british mps and plotting the pressure on media mogul rupert murdoch. it branded had him as not fit to run an international company. more in the next hour. >> thanks to both of you. also in the next hour, just about five minutes from now, the fda is considering something radical. it might allow you to buy prescription drugs for things like, you know, diabetes medication and high blood pressure medication without a doctor's prescription. a doctor and former president of the american college of physicians will give us her insight. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss.
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time for sports. an nba playoff battle overshadowed by what happened off the court after the game. miami taking on new york in their first round series. dwyane wade, chris bosh combined to score 65 points. and the heat go on to win, taking a 2-0 lead in the series. frustrating game, though, for the knicks center amar'e
9:59 am
stoudemire. he only got off nine shots and then walking to the dressing room, he punched the glass surrounding a fire extinguisher. the impact left shattered glass and drops of blood on the floor. stoudemire left the arena with his hand heavily damaged. little chance he'll be back for game three of the series. stoudemire sent out this tweet "i am so mad at myself right now. i want to apologize to my fans and my team, not proud of my actions. headed home for a new start." it was a roller coaster off season for ryan braun, you know the mvp award, the drug test suspension and the appeal. last night braun was back on top. he hit three home runs and also had a triple, first time for that combo with the big league since 1975. this was also the first time a player has hit three home runs in a game in petco park, which is ironic, because just the other day the padres said they're thinking of bringing in the fences to help the hitters
10:00 am
out. braun needed no help. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. good morning to you, i'm carol costello. just ahead in the newsroom from asia to the middle east and in the united states, when organized effort today from the 99% urges people to stay away from works, banks and businesses. we're live across the united states with the look at todhe impact of today's protests. terrorists using bombs implanted inside their bodies to protect enemies. we're talking with the national security expert with the threat and what the united states is doing to stop it. jetblue a huge 727 going hundreds of miles an hour crash lands in the desert and it's all on purpose. but we start this morning with some breaking news. the fbi has scheduled a news conference to begin any minute now in cleveland, ohio. we expect them to be announcing arrests and charges related to a
10:01 am
national security case, but they have not released any more information or details. we can't share them with you. again, the fbi is holding a news c conference right now. this is happening in cleveland and we're working to get more information and once the fbi releases more details, of course, we'll pass them along. now, to a terror concerns that al qaeda could be plotting sinister new methods on this first anniversary of osama bin laden's death. there are reports that al qaeda could use so-called body bombs on planes in america. our affiliates say local law enforcement agencies received the alert from the fbi and homeland security. they say al qaeda could use suicide bombers with explosives surge surgery implanted inside of them. earlier we spoke to the new york police commissioner. >> there's lots of threats out there. obviously, we're concerned about any kind of nuclear threat, nuclear event. that is the thing that concerns
10:02 am
us the most. but the information about planting bombs inside the people we've been looking at that and the intelligence community have been looking at that for a while. >> okay, so, on the phone with us now is fran townsend, the former homeland security adviser to president bush and now a cnn contributor. hi, fran. >> good morning, carol. >> so, this sounds, well, it doesn't sound so crazy in light of all we heard in the past about the terrorist groups. they really want to implant bombs in people's bodies. >> you know, carol, we heard about this concern about a year ago when there was another threat warning put out and we may learn more today. the federal government has said they're going to release documents seized at the bin laden compound at the time of the raid. that could shed some light on this. we may learn more. we haven't seen any instances of them actually doing it. you know, they often come up with ideas and they have to work on them and some of them never come to fruition. so, we don't really know. we know that they've continued
10:03 am
to be obsessed with western aviation. people will see when there's a heightened sense of risk, more swiping of hands at airports because, of course, particles of the explosives remain even if you wash your hands. so, if someone were handling an explosives and there's a concern about that, you'll see at airports around the world, not just in the u.s., but an increased use of the hands swipes for explosive detection. >> so, if a person with an implanted bomb is just going through the metal detector, let's say, that wouldn't pick up the bomb, but those like, naked body x-ray machines they have in airports, would that pick up the bomb? >> it may. they look, the scatter back, the second kind, not the metal detectors, but the scatter back x-ray can pick up anomlies and they're also trained the tsa screeners are also trained to have behavioral observations. there's a whole series of things that you may look for to
10:04 am
indicate that someone is trying to hide something. that taken together with the x-ray and the explosive detection equipment increase the odds that you'd be able to detect such bomb. >> i would like to pivot and talk about what's happening in cleveland this morning. supposedly fbi agents there are going to talk about a national security concern. can you tell us anything about that, fran? >> you know, the only thing we're hearing is that it may have been related to a plan to blow up a bridge. that's all we know at the moment. carol, truthfully, that's just rumor. we really need to see the indictment and hear from the fbi and the united states attorney there what the charges are. i think we'll learn a lot more during the course of the day and, particularly, after the press conference. >> the press conference is starting up just about now. we'll monitor that. when we get information, we'll call you back. fran townsend on the phone with us, thank you. an interesting footnote to that story. al qaeda is widely unpopular among muslms. majorities, mostly large ones,
10:05 am
expressing negative views on the terrorist group in egypt, jordan, pakistan, lebanon. for example, in pakistan 13% of muslims hold a favorable view of al qaeda and 55% have an unfavorable view and about one-third have no opinion. they're back. remember the protests from the "occupy street" movement? today they're hoping to rage against the machine, again. so far fairly modest turnout in new york city. more on that in just a minute. the group says it will hold demonstrations in 135 cities. they have chosen today, may 1st, because it's known across the world as international workers day and that underscores the work's theme. the rich get richer and the rest get poorer. asking everyone to take part in a boycott. the day without the 99% means no school, no work, no shopping and no banking. let's take you to larksburg, california. ariel pictures of a protest
10:06 am
happening right now. we have the story covered from east to west and dan simon is in san francisco where things turned violent overnight. poppy harlow in new york city and let's begin with dan at the golden gate bridge because, dan, we have heard over the last several days that protesters were going to shut the bridge down. what are you hearing? >> well, hi, carol, we're keeping an eye on things that may happen here at the golden gate bridge. let's pan and show you the traffic coming in and things are moving normally, but you can see behind me, there's a bit of a heavy police presence here and that's because, as you said, there were some initial plans that protesters may try to disrupt the morning commute and actually try to shut down the golden gate bridge. we're not seeing anything of that sort, but, as you mentioned, there are some problems in larksburg for people who rely on ferry service to go
10:07 am
to san francisco. they're not going to be able to do so in larksburg and the nearby town of sausilito. workers are planning to return to the ferries this afternoon. there will be service. this is part of, as you know, the may day protest and workers over there are concerned about an increase in medical benefits in terms of the money they pay for them. as you also said, some problems in san francisco last night. this was in the mission district. some protesters vandalized some businesses. they also targeted the local police station there and, so things got ugly. lots of broken windows, et cetera. we're also keeping an eye on things that may occur throughout the day in the san francisco bay area. of course, we remember what happened a few months ago when there was violence in oakland. hopefully we don't have a repeat of that today but we'll watch things here. >> thanks, dan. let's go to the east coast now and cnn's poppy harlow is in bryant park. the beginning of a planned march
10:08 am
and not many people yet, huh? >> no more than when we spoke last hour, carol. we just went in the park to see if there were any more. 30, 40, 50 protesters telling us they're going to leave early and march down to union square which which is in lower manhattan and then head down to wall street. the rain has stopped and not many more have come. i will tell you a few blocks from here, a big bank of america building and i want to show you some video. there were protesters that were marching outside of bank of america. just about an hour ago they were chanting, bank of america, bad for america. you had a group there. that is about the most action we've seen this morning overall. i did have a chance earlier today to talk to some of the leaders in the movement, some of the very active voices in the "occupy" movement here in new york. one of them is aaron black. one question i asked him, all right, you guys are trying to change laws, not just change the conversation. but i asked him really about
10:09 am
that welt alth divide. is it okay to make money and make it big in america because the perception a lot of people have of "occupy" they don't want people to succeed and make it. take a listen to his answer. >> it's okay to make money. having money is not a crime. what's immoral is when you use money to hurt people. this thing is not going to get any better until the 99% becomes 100%. >> so, this is what i was talking about earlier in the hour. the sense that i get, they are trying to broaden the appeal of "occupy wall street" and not make it what zuccotti park recommended. another member told me we're arguing for a sensible middle class existence. keepal people in their homes and making health care affordable for everyone. so, the message is becoming more mass market, carol. >> thank you, poppy. i'm distracted because we have this breaking news happening outside of cleveland. we now know more about this national security threat.
10:10 am
fbi agents are now holding a news conference. has the news conference begun? i'm talking to my producer. we're monitoring. this is the bridge that supposedly anarchists were to blow up in the cleveland area. they've arrested five people. this is on aurora road over the cuyahoga river and you see the park below it. fran townsend back on the line with us now. so, interesting target? >> you know, what's most interesting to me, carol, is that this is not, you know, on the anniversary of the bin laden raid, i think folks were expecting when they said there was a national security case that it would be an international terror case. interesting that this is a domestic group and, as you described it, an anarchist group targeting a bridge in cleveland. it's not clear why or what the motive is. what political message they were trying to send. but, you know, it reminds us,
10:11 am
terrorism is terrorism and when violence is used to achieve an objective against the civilian target, that's a crime. so, it will be interesting to hear more how the fbi identified the defendants that have been arrested and charged and what the charges themselves are. >> we're just getting bits and pieces of information coming in. supposedly these five people, we're going to use smoke grenades to detract police and then they were going to blow up the bridge. i don't know what materials they would use, but, of course, that will come out of this press conference that is now ongoing. you have said many times before that these home-grown terrorists are really our biggest worry right now. >> that's right, carol. mostly, home-grown terrorists are very difficult to detect and they often don't act in groups. you know, we heard the phrase the lone wolf problem. this sounds like it was a group. it also sounds like it's not sort of the traditional international juhadi terrorist
10:12 am
but a domestic group with a u.s. agenda. it will be interesting to read the indictment or the complaint to see what they were trying to achieve. what materials were they going to use to blow up this bridge because that will tell us if they were able to obtain them. >> they were going to use c4 explosives and remotely detonate the bridge. they were going to send out smoke grenades to detract police and then c4 explosives and then remotely detonate the explosives and the bridge would blow up. so, i know there is not much information -- >> no, c4 is a military, originally a military explosive. the notion that they were going to use a remote detonation devish at least shows us they had some technical capability. interesting. we now have to find out, did
10:13 am
they actually obtain the c4. the other thing we've seen increasingly, you know, over the year, the use of fbi and undercover sting operations. have yet to figure out if this is what this is. that is not to say it's not a serious case, of course, it is. but it would have been less of a threat if they would have never gotten their hands on the c4. >> right, we often heard of maybe an fbi agent infiltrating the group and then e-mailing traffic and the like and sort of stopping these would-be terrorists before they buy explosives or do any damage. >> correct. so, that's why i say it will be interesting to find out how far the group got along in its plot and whether or not this was an undercover sting operation. >> okay, we'll continue to monitor this and, fran, you'll stick around, right? we may have to call you back, again. >> okay. >> thank you. coming up on "newsroom" a media mogul at the center of a
10:14 am
huge phone hacking scandal is told he is not a fit person to run a huge media organization. of course, his media organization includes "wall street journal" and fox news. the latest on rupert murdoch's fate. that's coming up next. çñv,>wvs[rk÷=$fí]çffs8rkaglcçñ [ pilot ] flying teaches me to prepare for turbulence. the key is to have a good strategy. the same goes for my retirement. with the plan my financial advisor and i put together, a quick check and i know my retirement is on course. [ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisor's envision plan, you always know where you stand. in fact, 93 percent of envision plan holders say they will retire on their own terms. get started on the plan you need today -- wells fargo advisors. together we'll go far.
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author and executive editor of jack, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, great to be here. >> can't wait to hear what you have to say. so, question one, how should you be paying for our purchases? credit or debit cards? >> most financial advisors will tell you, you know, the debit card is safer because you can't spend more than you have. that's true and i agree with that. but a credit card offers a lot of protections that debit cards don't. so as long as you have your debt under control, zero balance on your credit card, you can go to a gas station and pay with a debit card and only if you put 30 bucks in your car the station may put a hold on 80 bucks and they won't reconcile their books for a couple of days and you could overdraw your bank account. it is even worse in a hotel, they could put a hold on $1,000. until they reconcile their books, you can't access that money. credit card has extended
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10:21 am
harvest, $664,000. >> just lost my breath on that one. sorry, it's not worth it. that's just me though. >> the key is, get that education. >> that's right. food purchases, organic or conventional? >> sure, as a dad, i struggled with this because i would stand there in the grocery store and i'd look at the strawberries and they all look the same. one box costs a dollar more. am i a sucker if i buy the organic or bad dad if i buy the conventional. the department of agriculture studied every vegetable and fruit and look for the ones that have the most pesticides. in the book i list the dirty dozen, that include strawberries, grapes, lettuce and a few others. i, of course, recommend people buy the book and check out that list. the general rule of thumb is if it has a peel, it's probably safe. a lot of the pesticides are going with the peel and they're
10:22 am
not in you. in some of the worst cases, the department of agriculture found 15 pesticides on certain fruits and vegetables. >> great advice. if you want more advice from jack, buy the book. new book "worth it, not worth it." simple and profitable answers to life's tough financial questions. thanks for sharing this morning, jack. >> glad to be with you. coming up, facebook users can now add organ donor to their timelines. we'll tell you how facebook founder mark zuckerberg got that idea. we're back in a couple minutes. hey, it's me -- water.
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now is your chance to talk
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back on one of the big stories of the day. the question this morning "occupy wall street" is it right on or irrelevant? oh, they're back. after months behind the scene organizers are taking to the streets this may day. a day without the 99%. no work, no shopping, no banking. in san francisco, "occupy" protesters vandalized parts of the mission district including a police station and they insist the movement is mostly peaceful and has bipartisan appeal. >> regardless of who's in office, regardless if it's a democrat or a republican, we need to push the issues of economic injustice because we found over the years if we just sit idly by, it's the lobbyists who get the real say in washington. >> you could argue that the 2012 influence. mitt romney who outsourced jobs and cozies up to big oil.
10:26 am
even he has borrowed from "occupy's" vocabulary. >> the 1% is doing fine. i want to help the 99%. i want to help middle americans get jobs that pay good wages and i have to go to work to do that. >> so, the talk back question for you today, "occupy wall street" is it right on or irrelevant? president obama unleashing the first dog. putting bo on the campaign trail. bo probably wants to make flees illegal and bacon mandatory, but the president is hoping to appeal to pet lovers. more on that, coming up. an instrument that cleansesch as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. olay pro x advanced cleansing system.
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visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? all right. as we have been telling you following the breaking news out of cleveland, ohio. the fbi arrested five people in
10:30 am
a plot to blow up a local bridge. douglas wright, 26 years old, brandon baxter 20, anthony haim, joshua stafford, 23. seemingly all american born. i'm going to read you the complaint from the fbi. as to what these men allegedly were plotting. according to the complaint, the initial plot involved the use of smoke grenades to detract law enforcement in order for the co-conspirators to topple financial institution signs atop high rise buildings in downtown cleveland. the plot later developed the utilization of explosive materials. contain c-4 explosives contained in two improvised explosive devices to be placed and remotely detonated. the defendants discussed various bridges and various targets in and around the cleveland
10:31 am
metropolitan area and resulted in the northfield high-level bridge being the designated target. that's in cuyahoga county, that's where cleveland is. this is also according to the complaints. supposedly they were going to have these smoke grenades and blow up this bridge and then do something to top financial institutions in downtown cleveland. the fbi saying this group of men are self-proclaimed anarchists. they never managed to actually buy the c-4 explosives because the fbi had infiltrated their group. our homeland security expert fran townsend, we're trying to get her back on the phone to kind of like figure this out and tell us how serious. fran is in. fran, you're on the phone right now. i don't know if you heard any of that. i hope you did. >> you know, carol, as we learn more, the fbi has said at the
10:32 am
press conference the explosives were in earth. what that means to me, they had either doctored them or they had been, as we suggested earlier, as part of a sting operation, they had made them and were providing them. they were confident it was never a threat. >> part of this fbi report says the public was never in danger from the explosive devices which were controlled by an undercover fbi employee. what does that mean to you? >> so, as we suggested earlier, carol. this was a sting operation and we don't know yet how the fbi identified the group, but, clearly, there was an fbi agent who posed as the individual who would have been supplying the explosives at the request of these defendants who are now charged and did not, the explosives the fbi agent would have controlled were in full
10:33 am
strength. in other words, were never able to be exploded and, two, the agent would have remained in control of them. the public would have never been put in danger. >> supposedly these men are part of a group of anarchists. this is something we've heard back in the '7 60s, but not so much today. >> you know, carol, as we see more of these protests, the "occupy wall street" most of which have remained as sort of civil disobedience and peaceful protest marches. we have seen instances where there has been some violence or clashes with law enforcement. so, unfortunately, this group brings, you know, a bad name, if you will, to those otherwise peaceful protesters who have a political message. >> the other interesting aspect of this story is those five suspects, i mean, they all have american sounding last names. >> right. i mean, this is clearly not an international terrorism case. this is a group that had a
10:34 am
domestic u.s. agenda. you know, tends to be, you know, the anarchist are anti-globalization, anti-government and, so, theirs is a political message and they cross the line. you know, the constitution protects free speech, however crazy your idea is. whatever your idea is, you're entitled to say it, but you're not entitled to take action that may harm your fellow citizens and this group, in contact with an undercover fbi agent clearly crossed that line, according to the fbi charges. >> well, it just makes you understand how difficult investigators' job is to uncover these plots because they come from all different factions within our country. >> that's right. and the fbi, though, most of their counterterrorism resources have been trained on international terrorism in the wake of 9/11. the fbi has always maintained along with state and local law infoforcement, a domestic
10:35 am
terrorism unit that focuses on just these groups. you know, we've seen it from not only the anarchist groups and radical environmental groups and others here in the united states who have their own agenda. and are willing to use violence to advance it. >> and the final thing i think this shows us is that, you know, we always concentrate on los angeles or new york city. they had a plot like this. but this certainly proves it could happen anywhere in the united states. >> that's right. and that's why campaigns, frankly, we should remind our viewers, that's why campaigns have just, if you see something, say something, which started here in new york under commissioner kelly and now a nationwide campaign under the department of homeland security. it's important that if you see something that is so beyond the norm that go businees beyond wo alert law enforcement. >> good advice. fran townsend, thanks so much for your input. we appreciate it. >> thanks, carol.
10:36 am
can't make it to your doctors, but you need a prescription filled? well, the fda is considering a plan that would let you get some prescription drugs without your doctor. we'll talk with one doctor who thinks this is a bad idea. çñv,>wvs[rk÷=$fí]çffs8rkaglcçñ
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>> thank you, carol. i like that introduction. >> first question, mitt romney on cbs this morning going after president obama saying he politicized osama bin laden's killing. >> let's not make the capture or killing of osama bin laden a politically divisive event. there are plenty of differences between president obama and myself, but let's not make up ones based on he might not have done this. it's disappointing and it's unfortunate and i think, it's taking an event that really brought america together that was the culmination of a lot of people and enormous sacrifice and some people who very put put their lives on the line. let's not use this as a political football. >> today romney observes the anniversary of osama bin laden's death in new york city with rudy giuliani at a fire station that lost 11 firefighters on 9/11. so, could the obama camp say that romney is politicizing bin
10:40 am
laden? ron? >> no, i don't think so. i think romney is doing the right thing. on 9/11 the politicians go to firehouses to celebrate the fallen. you know, it's a right move to attack president obama at the firehouse i think would be a problem. hut he had a right to respond to president obama. it was distasteful to include him in that osama bin laden ad and, you know, the president just taking credit for the killing and not made it political, i think he would have come out much better than he did now. >> goldy. >> well, i don't know if he would have come out a lot better. i do happen to agree with governor romney when he says this should not be a politicized event and going to a firehouse is certainly not in my event, you know, politicizing the death of osama bin laden. let's be very clear about this. the president has not overly celebrated or memorialized the killing of osama bin laden. in fact, i think if republicans
10:41 am
had their way and this happened on the gop watch, maybe we would have painted mission accomplished on the top of the compound. >> dean? >> i think some of the bigger story, carol, is that giuliani is endorsing mitt romney. so, i can't wait until today's photoopand see if he has a lot of quotes. you know what, i agree with goldie and ron, don't polites is this. president obama does not need to. and the world trade center back being the biggest building in new york. no need to polites is t s ies i killing. >> listen to this. >> what i said before, i have no interest to be vice president, but if governor romney called and asked to talk about it
10:42 am
because you owe the party that level of respect. he knows what to say. he might be able to convince me. >> he is campaigning with governor scott walker in wisconsin. what's the deal here? is christie campaigning for a vp? goldie? >> he is a terrific spokesman in one way that he does not had help the ticket is in joining the ticket. i mean, it's a net-nothing gain. you have two guys from the northeast, you know, presumably both fairly moderate on the issues. you need someone on this ticket who is going to balance it out and going to be a true conservative, who is going to have a lot of deep relevance with the tea party. i don't think chris christie can do that and he's on the record of saying pretty distasteful things. >> i think it's a good idea that chris christie put himself in
10:43 am
the maybe category. he does excite the gop. he is an exciting figure and a great person to come to mitt romney's offense and go on the attack against the obama campaign, which is going to be very vicious this summer and fall. i think it's a good idea that he would consider it and that the romney campaign takes a strong look at him. >> dean? >> you guys are looking at this politically. i'm from jersey. christie wants out of new jersey as often. it's a death trap, he just wants out of new jersey. i agree with goldie, though, he's not the right guy. the conservatives are lukewarm at best for mitt romney. evangelicals are lukewarm. i think romney, you know, i think christie just wants out. he'll campaign for anyone. if there is a mayor race in new mexico, call him, he'll be there. >> new jersey is a beautiful state. >> i'm from new jersey, i can speak of it. >> whatever.
10:44 am
okay, question number three, your buzzer beater, 20 seconds each. look who is drooling over president obama and his anti-romney. the first dog, bo. he is leading pet lovers for obama. is this another way to shame romney over shamus? ron? >> this is a great self-preservation move because president obama, as we now know, likes dogs in more way than one. putting him out there, putting him at the head of the pack is a really smart move and we know po portuguese water dogs are pretty bright. putting him in the first place like that could come back to bite him in a big way. >> it was funny. i will say this. i'm a little over the dog eat dog, dog on top of roof type of stuff. i like the levity this brings to the race, but i want to get back to the issues and let bo go on to live happy and one of them,
10:45 am
healthy lives. >> seamus is not with us any longer. he was an old dog. dean? >> carol, don't mess with our dogs. do what you want to cats. wear them as hats, use them for skeet shooting targets. eat them, i don't care. dog is a man's best friend and a politician's worst nightmare. don't mess with our dogs. i think it's a good move from president obama and ron is very funny about preserving his life that way. that is part of it, as well. don't mess with the dogs. >> you should have stole that line, dean. thanks for playing today, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. okay. back to our breaking news out of cleveland, ohio. more on the plot to blow up a bridge there. peter bergen will talk to us in a minute or two. first, the fbi held this news conference in cleveland about these five arrests just moments ago, so, let's listen. >> planned anarchists conspired
10:46 am
to develop multiple terror plots to impact the greater cleveland metropolitan area. law enforcement took swift, collaborative action based on this intelligence and undertook a techniques in order to eliminate the risk of violence and protect the public. i want to stress and we all want to stress that at no time during the course of the investigation was the public ever in danger. applauding these individuals continue to evolve and eventually came to be centered on the use of explosives. the co-conspirators considered and researched possible targets and ultimately settled on the plot to damage the brexville, northfield, high-level bridge, which provides route a passage over the cuyahoga national park from brecksville to saga moore hills, ohio. the individuals explored the
10:47 am
illegal purchase of explosives, as well as the concept of using precursor chemicals and internet knowledge to make homemade explosives. they ultimately negotiates with fbi undercover age aants and purchased two inert, improvised explosive devices, ieds remote act aivated i.e.d.s. last night the co-conspirators placed them at the base of the concrete support pillar for this high-level bridge. attempted to remotely detonate the devices from a location that they deemed safe and one that would possibly give them an alibi. all five co-conspirators were taken into custody last night by the fbi shortly after they attempted to remotely detonate these inert devices. just want to say real quickly
10:48 am
and then turn it over to steve, the joint terrorism task force and its partners are working every day to prevent and deter terrorist acts motivated by ideological or political views have unacceptable and will be investigated to the fullest as evidence by this investigation that we're talking to you about today. >> let's step out of this news conference. you heard what the plot supposedly, was supposed to do. peter bergen is our cnn national security analyst. he is on the phone. it is disturbing, peter, that these five suspects, actually planted this inert bomb because the fbi had infiltrated their group and they really were, allegedly, going to blow up this bridge. >> well, carol, i think what's interesting about this case is i work at a think tank together with syracuse university. we looked at all the cases since 9/11 involving terrorism, including the cases involving
10:49 am
groups linked to al qaeda and also, you know, virmal terrorists, right wing terrorists, eco-terrorists, an k and the like and they are in a group of jihaddi terrorists. a very aggressive campaign against all these groups in terms of inserting informants and it's a reminder on the day that bin laden was killed that, you know, terrorism comes with many flavors and one of the other take aways of this research, carol, is that in terms of radiological bombs, devices that will cause a fair amount of panic. the people who really experimented with this are not jih jihadi terrorists.
10:50 am
people motivated by right-wing ideas. >> should we be changing our thinking? >> the take away from the research, the fbi has this pretty well covered. just think about this case to the extent that we know the details. they, you know, very early on inserted an inert materials into the plot so that, you know, there was really no threat to the public. and, you know, we have something like 100 joint terrorism task forces around the country which does not only includes fbi but law enforcement and extremely good cooperation with, you know, dhs, which is, you know, overseeing some of this. there are a lot of resources to put the terrorism problem and not just al qaeda or groups like it. but any form of political violence and, you know, this is a good news story. >> definitely. so, i'm just curious. i know we don't know a lot about this case, how does the fbi
10:51 am
infiltrate these groups? how do they find out about them most times? >> really two routes. the undercover officer route. often informants are people who have legal problems themselves and often they're making money and often not the world's greatest individuals. after all, they're ratting out their friends or supposed friends. typically, what you often see an informant in a case like this, not infrequently you'll see another undercover officer. of course, that is a local cop or an fbi personnel who is insert under to the group. i'm not, i'm not sure we understand exactly what happened in this case. but in, i think in something like 40% of most terrorism cases in the united states since 9/11, you're going to see an informant or undercover officer involved. >> peter bergen, thanks for your input. we appreciate it, again, this morning. in cleveland they arrested five
10:52 am
men who allegedly tried to blow up a bridge and targeted other buildings in downtown cleveland, ohio. much more on this story throughout the day on cnn. "newsroom" will be back in just a couple of minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a little bird told me about a band... ♪
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. recap for you on breaking news out of cleveland, ohio. the fbi arrested five people in a plot to blow up a bridge in cuyahoga county right off aurora road. they say the public was never in any dangerous. the explosives were inoperable. and all five suspects between the ages of 20 and 35 years old. anth aany hain, conner stevens and yaush wustafford. authority say three of the men are self-proclaimed anarchists and the plot evolved over time with changing targets and goals. the fbi terror task force is the suspects ultimately settled on
10:58 am
this bridge as their target. it crosses over from brecksville, ohio. here's what the fbi had to say earlier. >> they negotiated with fbi undercover agents and purchased two inert, i say inert improvised explosive devices, ieds that were presented as c-4 based remote activated ieds. last night, the co-conspears placed the two ieds at the base of the concrete support pillar for this brecksville, northfield high-level bridge. attempted to remotely detonate the devices from a location that they deemed safe and one that would possibly give them an ali alibi. >> of course, cnn will continue to follow this developing story, bring you ever bit of breaking news from cleveland, ohio. thank you for joining "newsroom" with carol costello. hope you have a great day.
10:59 am
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