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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 2, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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let's get you up to speed. the commander in chief has returned home from the afghan war zone. president obama marked the first anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden with an aun announced trip to afghanistan. >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for our national security. >> within two hours of the president's departure, a suicide bomber rocked kabul. at least seven people were killed. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. the nfl suspended four players from the new orleans saints today. anthony hargrove, scott fujita, will smith, and jonathan vilma were all named in the so-called bountygate scandal. players were allegedly offered bonuses for hurting players. the league has already suspended sean payton for the 2012 season. hillary clinton is in china there to talk economic strategy, but the name on everyone's lips
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is chen. that's chen guangcheng who is now we are told at a hospital in beijing. chen is the blind human rights activist who was convicted and thrown in jail for leading protests against the government. he spent six days under american embassy protection after escaping house arrest. it's not clear if he left the embassy by choice. a friend of the activist said chinese authorities threatened the family. and this is central cairo in egypt today. angry protesters are rioting because a candidate for president is not being allowed to run. demonstrators have camped out in cairo for several days. today was especially violent. at least 11 people killed by rocks and firebombs. newt gingrich officially ending his run for the white house about two hours from now. his campaign was a roller coaster ride from the very start. gingrich is expected to signal his support for mitt romney and talk about defeating president
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barack obama come november. a spokesman says plans are under way for a formal endorsement of romney later. in less than an hour charges are expected to be announced in that suspected hazing death of florida a&m drum major robert champion. the 26-year-old student died after being beaten on a school bus following a marching band performance in november. a source says several people will be charged in the case. during a news conference last month, champion's father expressed frustration at the lack of arrests. >> there's anger because my son has been passed away now for five months, and no one has been arrested. no one has been charged. it's hard on my family because everybody wants to know what is going on, what happened, and we don't have any answer for that. >> a former aide who was there when john edwards met his mistress, rielle hunter, is expected to testify next in the edwards trial. his testimony comes after cheri
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young's turn on the witness stand. she is the wife of edwards' former top aide. edwards is accused of illegally using campaign cash to cover up his affair. diane dimond is a special korcht f correspondent for "newsweek" and the daily beast and she's joining us for an update on what's happening in court today. fill us in on what's taken place this morning thus far, diane. >> reporter: fred, so far the youngs are in the history books. cheri young, there was about 20 minutes of some cross-examination with her ending with a big flourish from the defense attorney, you agreed to have your husband do the -- claim paternity for edwards' child. you went on the road with rielle hunter. you did all this he said for the money, and she said, no, sir, we did not. and that was that. the next witness on the stand was josh brumburger. all the tension in this courtroom, this is day number eight of testimony, it just left the room. you know, the youngs were very nervous.
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they answered everything with yes, sir and no, sir, but josh a former staffer for john edwards early on in his career, from 2002 to 2006, he ambled into the room. he has a mop of dark hair, a big smile, differentle different di the jury seemed to be engaged with this young man because he was telling a narration of something that he really didn't have anything to do with. he was just a bystander to watch howriel hunter first came into john edwards' life. i think the most compelling thing he said, fred, was three times, three separate times he said to john edwards himself, senator, we have a perception problem with this new videographer you have hired. the woman you first met in a bar in new york city, and he said the senator just sort of glossed over it. the last conversation they had
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was in an airport. they were all supposed to go to china. and john edwards had found out that josh brumberger had gone to other top staffers and said i'm worried about this relationship. and john edwards chewed him out with "f" bombs which were said in court, which i will not repeat here, but he said he was red in the face, very angry, and he seemed sort of surprised that it didn't end in a fistfight. >> was there any eye contact between john and josh today? >> reporter: yes, there was, and, you know, john edwards sits at the defense table with his chin raised as if he's ready for the next photograph to be taken of him, but josh ambled in and he looked over and, you know, said hello, and edwards nodded back at him. it seemed like during the testimony, especially when josh brumberger was talking about going to visit the uber billionaire very wealthy bunny melon at her estate.
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when i looked at john edwards he was fully engaged in this description of a meeting they had had with bunny as if, fred, he was back in that time. he was back running for president of the united states. he was back meeting in the wealthy parlors of supporters and lining up money for the next run for president. it quickly turned pretty ugly with josh's descriptions of all the other conversations they had, and i think, my opinion, john edwards looked pretty sad when we took the lunch break. >> lunch break for now, but prior to josh's testimony, you know, the attorney representing -- or at least one of the attorneys representing john edwards was trying to paint the picture of the youngs, that they were opportunists, that they were schemers. how well do you think that went over? >> reporter: well, you know, we were talking about that earlier this week and last week with suzanne during this time period. andrew young was very stiff. he was very nervous. he looked like a deer in the
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headlights, frankly. many times he just answered, you know, i don't recall, i don't know, and that was that. his wife, cheri, brought a real human element into the courtroom, i thought, because here is this little tiny woman. she maybe weighs 100 pounds. mother of three criss-crossing the country with the pregnant mistress of a presidential candidate around trying to keep their lives together. in her telling the story i think there was more compassion and humanity. today with josh brumberger backing up the things that the youngs said, i don't know that the jury will remember precisely what the youngs said. what you last hear is what is top of mind. i think that's what the feds are hoping for here. >> after the lunch break, what's the expectation? >> reporter: well, we're going to have more josh brumberger. we're not sure exactly when, but we did hear when we left there are two more people waiting. i have not caught sight of them, but they are two staffers, i believe, christina reynolds, and
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matthew nelson. we have heard about matthew nelson being the driver for many of the senator's campaign stops and campaign rallies. he is the one who took everybody to bunny melon's that day they had such a fabulous day. matthew drove back to new york but josh brumberger and the senator got in bunny's private plane and took off from her front yard going to north carolina. josh made a big fun story out of that, and the jury, again, seems really engaged with this young man. >> yeah. and in the end trying to establish that much of that $925,000 came into john edwards in large part given by bunny was to cover up the affair with rielle hunter and the allegation here, too, is he was using campaign funds. in the end we're still yet to see whether this was indeed campaign money or whether this was money separate from that, private funds. all very confusing, but fascinating nonetheless. >> reporter: and what was john edwards' intent?
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all we've heard so far was john edwards had checked with financial advisers, campaign finance people, and he was told that it was perfectly legal to take this money. prosecution is going to have to get over that hurdle. i think they need somebody to come forward and say, oh, no, no, he knew that this was a risky business. we haven't heard that yet. >> diane dimond, thanks so much from greensboro, north carolina. keep us posted. here is a rundown of some of the stories we're covering over the next hour. how social media almost blew the president's cover by talking about his trip to afghanistan. also, a major nfl team signs a football player who was paralyzed. we'll find out why. and an up close seat to see the reverend al green charm the crowds at this year's new orleans jazz fest. but, y'know, with every door direct mail from the postal service, you'll find the customers that matter most: the ones in your neighborhood. print it yourself or find a local partner. and postage is under 15 cents. i wish i would have known that cause i
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time for today's "punch line." jay leno on the president's trip to afghanistan. >> president obama made a surprise visit to afghanistan. he's in afghanistan right now. of course, the secret service is not happy. you ever been to afghanistan. booze is illegal, there's no hookers. oh, my god, you got to do your job and guard the president. no! have you heard about these new rules. the secret service announced agents will now be assigned chaperones on certain trips. what, are they 14? what is that? i thought the secret service was the chaperone? in fact, did you see who president obama brought along with him to keep an eye on the secret service on this trip? tim tebow. he's going to be watching. >> the commander in chief is home from the war zone. he arrived back at the white house about an hour ago after
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his trip to afghanistan. the trip was unannounced for obvious security reasons, but by use of social media, his cover almost blown. brian monroe joins us live here in the atlanta studios. good to see you, brian. >> thanks for having me. boo. >> an afghan news organization apparently tweeted out once learning that the president had arrived or was about to arrive? >> they tweeted out he had arrived but he had not yet arrived, and very quickly it caused a big kerfuffle, a big drama in the media world. other people picked it up, "huffington post" retweeted with a question, is it true? the new york post wrote a story about it, put it up on the website and then it disappeared. >> so the white house has to anticipate to some degree that word might get out, that somebody might slip up on the embargo. yes, the u.s. mainstream organizations agree not to reveal what they know until the white house says so in a case like this, but the white house can't really control the whole communications world.
1:14 pm
it's quite the quandary, isn't it? >> especially in the world of social media. we can nick walsh reporting earlier that day at the presidential palace in kabul that they were told to clear it out. they didn't know why. it started the buzz about a vip visit. whether or not that led to the news report that then led to the tweets that then led to the story and then all that had to be taken down or undone. >> so give us an idea of how this transpired. what was said exactly and, you know, how potentially dangerous was this? >> it's always very dangerous when you have a head of state, a president, going into a war zone. afghanistan is still a very hot war zone. and the president coming there has to come under cover of darkness. air force one is blacked out. we heard john king talk about his trip with president bush a few years ago where he had to come in and they almost had to corkscrew down to make the landing. on this trip, according to our pool reports, the landing was
1:15 pm
almost a straight down to come onto the runway and then everything was very dark. so it's very dangerous. there are still thousands of shoulder-mounted grenade launchers out there unaccounted for in afghanistan. so it's a scary place. >> do we know anything about once the afghan news report went out, whether there was any effort by the white house or anything to kind of dispel, kind of throw a curve, anything like that for the kind of information that had already been tweeted? >> we saw, for instance, "the new york post" piece that went up around 9:30 or 10:00, that very quickly the embassy in afghanistan, in kabul, said, no, he is not in afghanistan. and made a point of saying that. what we didn't know at the time was he was on his way but he had not yet landed. so the white house, one of the spokesmen, contacted several news organizations that put things out and according to a story we have up on right now, that he specifically asked them not to report that at the moment.
1:16 pm
>> all right. brian monroe, thanks so much. fascinating stuff. it's going to be very difficult to control from this point forward because the world of social media only seems to expand and people's dependency increases as well. >> you can't put that genie back in the bottle. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. a pastor tells his congregation to beat their kids if they think the child might be gay. now he says he was just joking, but no one is laughing. i don't really know what it's for. isn't aspirin like a vague pain reliever? aspirin is just old school. people will have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. that's why we developed bayer advanced aspirin with micro particles. it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of pain. we know it works. now we're challenging you to put it to the test. visit today for a special trial offer. then try it yourself and tell us what you think. what ?
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making it to the nfl, it is every college player's dream. well, today that dream came true for eric legrand, an athlete who is paralyzed after a devastating on-field injury during his junior year at rutgers
1:19 pm
university. the tampa bay buccaneers announced the signing of legrand. the coach says legrand's character, perseverance, and spirit are an inspiration. legrand showed that tenacious spirit during a news conference last november. >> my doctors, i just tell myself, i can't stay down. there's someone out there that's always worse than you, and that's what i tell myself. if there's somebody out there that's worse than me, why am i campaigning, why am i crying? i have a whole world behind my back waiting for me to get up out of this chair. i have to keep on going. >> joining us now by phone, "sports illustrated" writer john worthheim. what role will legrand have within the buccaneers? why did they make this decision. >> the new coach was the coach when legrand was injured. he has seen eric legrand deal with this adversity. i think his role is to be determined but i think this is
1:20 pm
an extraordinary figure. we did a spes fpiece for cnn a months ago. we were so blown away how charismatic he was, how upbeat he was. he's a magnetic force. it's easy to see him in not a playing role but easy to see him having a role with this organization. >> so a role in that he is one to help encourage verbally someone who not necessarily just on the sidelines during a game, but one who really invokes some sort of team spirit? >> exactly. i mean, this is someone who can be a motivators, someone who can work with some of the young players. this is a guy who is really mature beyond his years. he knows football. maybe there's a coaching opportunity. he's outspoken he had like to be a broadcaster. i think this is a nice gesture from his former college coach but this is a player that can add value to that franchise. >> what kind of physical condition is he in right now? what has transpired with him in
1:21 pm
the last few months? >> i think it's a cautious optimism. he updates his status on his twitter feed sometimes multiple times a day and it's gradual. there's still a lot of question marks, but there has been this incremental progress, and he's very -- he's relentlessly optimistic. he's also relentlessly realistic. he knows what he's up against, and, you know, he takes a great deal of satisfaction and optimism in these sort of incremental steps and improvements. he's come a long way from when he was injured in the fall of 2010. but, you know, he still has a ways to go. >> so, you know, the bucs, that they are doing this, this really says a lot about the team. it says a lot about the coach you just mentioned. you know, what are they hoping to really gain from this kind of relationship that they have just forged? >> i mean, obviously they helped eric a great deal.
1:22 pm
he can now say he signed a free agent contract in the nfl and probably cynically there's some good publicity at play here, too. but this is a figure who really could help this organization. i wouldn't be surprised at all if eric takes on a real significant role with the tampa bay buccaneers. >> have you ever heard of an nfl team doing this before? >> no. it's funny, someone asked me that, too. i was remembering that last year the texas rangers drafted a player, a baseball player from the university of georgia, jonathan taylor, who had been injured during a game very similar to eric legrand. i think he was the last player picked with their final draft choice with jonathan taylor, this baseball player. but i have never heard about a free agent contract like this. that's a new twist. >> congratulations to him and the bucs. both for showing a lot of courage. john, thanks so much. a north carolina pastor issues an official retraction
1:23 pm
after telling parents to hit their children if they showed signs of being gay. pastor shaun harris was preaching about marriage ahead of a vote on an amendment to the north carolina constitution. it would define marriage as the union between a man and a woman. here is part of what he told the congregation. >> dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. man up. give him a good punch, okay? you're not going to act like that. you were made by god to be a male, and you're going to be a male. and when you're daughter starts acting too butch, you rein her in. and you say, oh, no, oh, no, sweetheart, you can play sports, play them, play them to the glory of god, but sometimes
1:24 pm
you're going to act like a girl and walk like a girl and talk like a girl and smell like a girl, and that means you're going to be beautiful, you're going to be attractive, you're going to dress yourself up. >> in an official statement, harris says he retracts any words suggesting that child abuse is appropriate. he also said, quote, i apologize to anyone i have unintentionally offended. i did not say anything to intentionally offend anyone in the lgbt community, end quote. but then he went on to say this, quote, i do not apologize for the manner in which the word of god articulates sexual immortality, including homosexuality. end quote. as you can imagine, the pastor's comments set off quite a reaction on twitter. one tweet simply saying, quote, shame on you. capricorn 1226 tweeted, get with the times. what one chooses to be is none of your business. and from bittwysted, pastor sean harr harris, you weren't joking and
1:25 pm
you should be arrested for promoting violence against children. thanks gor yofor your tweets on issue. it is illegal, by the way, if it happens on a street corner. taking a big turn here, but what about on a website? we'll hear more about the battle to end online prostitution. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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here is a rundown of some of the stories we're working on. the battle to end online pimping and the website that's coming under fire for it. also details of a messy divorce made public by former football and basketball stair deion sanders. even the athletes kids are getting dragged into it. and love and happiness with the reverend al green. no one can sing it like him at the new orleans jazz fest and beyond. and a major battle is going on between legislators, mothers, and a website called it advertises adult enterta
1:29 pm
entertainment services but some argue what is behind that is illegal and leading to the exploitation of women and girls. deb feyerick takes a deeper look. >> reporter: how would you feel, for example, as a mother if you saw an ad like this? or an ad like this? or i mean, this girl, she says she's 19. if you saw your daughter in this -- like this -- >> i would be horrified and i'm horrified for those mothers and my heart goes out to those mothers and to their daughters who are victims of exploitation. >> reporter: am i wrong? isn't prostitution simply illegal? >> prostitution is illegal, and we don't permit illegal activity on the website. >> reporter: but what are we selling? >> there are legal adult entertainment services. >> you are playing a role in this problem. >> reporter: as's lawyer liz mcdougal has a tough job trying to convince people what is advertised is legal.
1:30 pm
tough, too, because prosecutors nationwide are demanding backpage shut down what they call a hub for the sex trade. >> when we get a case involving the trafficking of prostitution, usually the story is going to start on >> the daughter i know is a kid that likes to color. >> reporter: for dawthat's exactly where the story took her 15-year-old girl, a child who apparently ran away with a man who seduced her online. within days that man had posted pictures of the child on selling the girl into prostitution. allegations detailed in a criminal complaint. >> he officially took her and beat her into submission to raping her and then held her into prostitution. it totally, totally crushed me to know that somebody actually did this to her.
1:31 pm
>> reporter: the accused pimp in that case has pleaded not guilty pending trial. it's one of more than 50 cases in 22 states of people charged with advertising underaged girls for sex on the classified ad website, similar to craigslist, let's people post all kinds of ads in different states. when you look at the escort section there's little doubt what's for sale. some would say all you're going to legitimizing post tution. that you're in the prostitution business. >> we're not in the prostitution business when we're doing everything possible to impede prostitution, to impede the exploitation of women, children, boys, men, labor, sex trafficking. the internet is, unfortunately, the vehicle for this. we are trying to be the sheriff. >> reporter: backpage is the leading website for adult service ads in the u.s. mcdougal argues it's better to have these ads on a website that
1:32 pm
works with law enforcement to stop chould exploitation than it is to drive it underground. we asked them if they considered themselves part of a problem. >> if we had a silver bullet to eradicate it, we would. in the meantime, we will be the best allies possible with law enforcement. >> isn't the silver bullet shutting it down? >> no, i wish that it were. as you can see, when craigslist shut down, people had said that was the silver bullet, and that made no difference. >> reporter: no difference because people simply moved their erotic ads over to and that's meant huge dollars, almost $27 million last year according to aim, an internet research group. you benefited, you picked up the slack, you filled the void. >> you're right. a tremendous number of the ads came to us. >> reporter: adult service ad sales were $3 million in march. up more than 30% from a year ago. backpage says they monitor ad content targeting some 25,000
1:33 pm
terms and codewards used by traffickers. it then checks ads manually before posting. yet ads like this are not hard to find. i'm having a hard time with this, too. make me beg, smack me, spit on me, degrade me, choke me. >> if that's online, that's a mistake. that should never be permitted. it violates our terms of use. >> reporter: the policy prohibits ads selling sex for money, yet ask this mom we'll call violet. >> what was your initial reaction when you clicked on escorts? >> i was actually disgusted. all i saw was naked behinds, naked breasts. >> reporter: her 14-year-old daughter ran away and police say she was prostituted by a man she met at a bus stop who advertised her on >> the worst part was the to torture i had to hear about. >> reporter: her daughter was missing for more than three
1:34 pm
years. it just seems morally wrong to have this as a business model, no? >> to me it would be morally wrong to have the opportunity to rescue women, children, boys out of exploitation and to walk away from that opportunity. >> mcdougal says alerts the national center for mtioni missing and exploited children of about 400 a month. a lot of excellents licelebo give their babies offbeat names. this is no exception to the rule. we'll tell you who just named their daughter maxwell. u4qbl?5ç?
1:35 pm
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it's a real life war of the roses between former nfl and baseball star deion sanders and his wife pilar. nischelle turner joins us from los angeles. okay, nischelle, what's the
1:38 pm
latest on this very public and nasty divorce? >> this is ugly and it's getting uglier. the battle between deion sanders and his wife, pilar, is drawing more attention after he gave an interview on "good morning america." she was taken into custody as a result of an encounter. listen to what deion told "good morning america" earlier today when asked if he assaulted his wife. >> not whatsoever. i mean, this has been going on for quite some time. unfortunately, the court sees who people that are separated and going into divorce being in the same house. i don't understand how that works. this is a very volatile situation, but i have kept my peace. i have honored my children. i can say my kids have never seen me yell, scream, hate on, call a name or provoke my soon
1:39 pm
to be ex-wife. >> you know, he has now been scrutinized for tweeting about the dispute and putting his kids publicly in the middle. after this domestic dispute he tweeted, pray for me and my kids now. they just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. he later sent out pictures of himself and his two sons 10 and 12 filling out paperwork about the assault. he later removed those pictures, fred. while some people think this is over the line, deion says in this day and age where allegations are spread everywhere, he feels like he needs to be public about what's happening to protect his image and his livelihood. he's an ant list falyst for the neatwork. pilar says she hasn't been giving a fair shake by authorities. her attorney says the whole story will come out in court. in february she filed a suit against her husband and his aunt laura jones alleging the aunt
1:40 pm
attacked her while deion watched. they have both refused to leave their suburban home. it's 29,000 square feet, but they're both lying there. the sheriff's department have served pilar under an emergency protective order. she's forbidden from returning to the home in 61 days. if you got all that, you understand how crazy that is. >> this is messy. meantime, there was a fire that broke out tyler perry studios in atlanta. what do we know about that? how significant was this fire? >> this was a big fire. it tore through part of his multimillion dollar film studio last night. according to the fire department, the blaze caused one building to partially collapse. no one was hurt. perry was at the complex tuesday night, and he just released a statement to "showbiz tonight." he thanked the firefighters for their quick response. he also says that 99% of the damage is limited to a backlot facade. it looks like and it sounds like this could have been a lot
1:41 pm
worse. >> okay. and then good times, happy times for jessica simpson. she had her baby. give up the scoop. >> yeah. yeah, you know what? lets end this on a good note, shall we? we'll give congratulations to jessica simpson. jessica and her fiance, eric johnson, they have a new baby girl, maxwell drew johnson. she announced the news on her website tuesday proudly proclaiming the baby weighed in at 9 pounds 13 ounces. they said, quote, we are so grateful for all of the love, support, and prayers we have received. simpson wrote that this has been the greatest experience of their lives. and i have to tell you, people are wowed, you even were wowed about that 9 pounds 13 ounces. i was 9 pounds 15 ounces. >> really? oh, your mama. bless her. that's tough. you know, jessica simpson is so petite. that was a big little baby. but congratulations to her. >> indeed.
1:42 pm
>> to the whole family. nischelle turner, thanks so much. for all the latest entertain am news from hollywood and beyond, watch "showbiz tonight" 11:00 eastern on hln. all right. after years of swimming in a shallow filthy swimming pool, these two dolphins are about to be set free. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge!
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1:45 pm
our ivan watson introduces us to tom and misha. >> reporter: meet tom and misha. two male bottle nose dolphins on a remarkable journey. originally captured in the wild and now after years in captivity, they're about to get their freedom. >> what we're trying to do is right a wrong. we're trying to bring them back and give them an opportunity to be wild again. hi, thomas. >> reporter: they first attracted the attention of animal rights activists two years ago. they were being kept at this turkish resort where tourists paid to swim with the dolphins in a shallow filthy pool. >> the bio load and fecal material was growing up and the water was turning green. they were living in their own
1:46 pm
feces. >> reporter: they rescued the dolphins and brought them to this sea pen off the turkish coast. for more than a year the animals have been in the care of a team from the wildlife conservation group born free led by marine mammal expert jeff foster. how did they look when you first met them? >> they were really thin. >> not nearly as strong. you can feel how muscular they're becoming. >> reporter: born free's plan to row introduce tom and misha in the while is ambitious, controversial, and risky. >> it's like taking your dog. for years you trained these animals to interact with people and to depend on people and we have to retrain them to be wild. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges has been teaching these dolphins how to hunt for their own food. >> we had literally thousands of fish and they would just look at them. they're so used to being hand fed in a captive situation they didn't recognize fish as a food
1:47 pm
source. >> reporter: but now tom and misha somersault and flip like pros in pursuit of their prey. they'll be fitted with satellite trackers in a couple days so that foster can monitor these animals after their release. your dream for this guy when he's released is what? >> is a lifetime in the wild, if possible. >> reporter: scientists say if tom and misha join a family of wild dolphins like these living off the coast of istanbul, it will be a huge success, but their biggest danger in the wild will come from human beings, from their fishing nets, their motor boat engines and propellers, and from the pollutants that come out of cities like this. from the very same species that had held them captive and that have fed them for years. >> ivan watson joining us live from istanbul. is there a time table for returning tom and misha? >> reporter: well, right now, fredricka, the born free
1:48 pm
foundation wants to keep that secret to protect the dolphins from boats and cure i don't say onlookers and the threat of poachers who might want to recapture them. there are very few successful cases of reintroducing wild dolphins or wahales back into te wild. one case was kiko the killer whale who died a year after his release ten years ago. they think these guys have better chance because there are two of them and they can work together. one thing nobody knows is how they will interact with wild dolphins, especially females, which they haven't seen for years. >> and be accepted by those wild dolphins. all right. ivan watson, thanks so much for bringing us a nice inspiring story of tom and misha. back in this country a mother with an obsession for bronze skin allegedly letting her 5-year-old daughter join her in a tanning booth. we'll take a look at how dangerous a tanning salon can be. get ahead of it!
1:49 pm
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with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart ways to sweeten. same great taste. splenda® essentials™. a new jersey mother who likes to stay tan is now in trouble with the law. police say she took her young daughter to a tanning booth and the little girl suffer some had serious burns. patricia kent sill is due in court facing kichild endangerme charges. let's go to elizabeth cohen. so new jersey law bans kidding from under 14 from being in tin
1:52 pm
tanning booths. it is potentially dangerous. >> ucv rays are dangerous for al of us, but particularly kids. a kid gets one sunburn it more than doubles their chances of getting melanoma later in life. and the uv rays are 15 times stronger in the tanning beds than outside. >> so people think they're getting a safe tan in the bed. >> i don't know why people think that. it's actually 15 times stronger. >> which is why you don't have to intespend as much time. >> right. >> still defies logic when you're talking about kids who potentially may be exposed to rays or i guess anyone of any age. >> right. kids are just more vulnerable. they're biologically more vulnerable to those rays. and we're not only talking about problems with skin cancer, we're talking about other problems, as well. and this is for kids an adults. too much uv rays can cause eye damage, can weakenen the immune
1:53 pm
system. and if that doesn't do it, too much time in the tanning bed can cause premature aging of your skin. why would you give yourself wrinkles? >> especially when many of us spend so much money that they don't go anywhere near us about. >> and we have more information on >> so what about the tanning industry? it is big business. what are they saying about these potential dangers or restrictions? >> they say that tanning is not more dangerous for kids than it is for adults. now, doctors beg to differ. dermatologists will tell you it is who are dangerous for kids and the american academy of dermatologists wants tanning beds to end, period. they think there should be a ban on them all together. because they're so dangerous. >> given free enterprise that's not likely to happen. >> no, but it is interesting that 11 states do ban tanning for kids. they just ban it all together. and you have on wonder if there will be more because this has been happening very quickly. >> and a lot of times people are
1:54 pm
using the tanning beds in the offseason and then once the summer rolls around, they're out in the sun getting the same kind of exposure. maybe not the same level of intensity, but this is year-round exposure. >> and when they're in those beds, again, 15 times stronger. the uv rays are 15 times stronger than sitting outside. >> and sunscreen is not going to do you justice in a tanning bed like when you're in the natural sunlight. >> because it is so much stronger. that's right. >> thanks so much. tanni inning bed 101. thank you. you heard the president's imitation. sound familiar? ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ >> no one can forget that. nor can the man who sings the real deal. making the crowd swoon at this year's jazz fest. i caught up with him.
1:55 pm
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the new orleans jazz and heritage festival is one of america's biggest cultural celebrations and weekend two begins tomorrow. so much food, music, a sense of community and it is 100% new orleans. i was this for weekend number one and talked to one of america's musical royalty about what makes jazz fest so special. i'm talking about the one and only reverend al green. i also asked him what it feels like when the president of the
1:58 pm
united states sings your song. >> hi. >> thank you. so great to see you. is this will your favorite spot to perform? >> yeah, one of my heartfelt spots. >> really? why? >> because its see close to home. i'm a southern boy, so it's really unique for me. >> we hear people already making requests. >> yeah. there's 130,000 folks, that's a lot of folks, a lot of requests. we'll try to do our best. >> i imagine that one of the requests has to be let's stay together. >> that's our national anthem. >> president obama gave his rendition. >> i said wow! he was good, though. >> he was good. >> honestly, he was good. he sounded great. >> so how tlflattering is it fo
1:59 pm
the president obama to sing your song? >> i thought that was so unique. i never had that happen before. but when a president do it, then that's kind of -- that's kind of special. >> what kind of grade would you give him? >> his sinking would kinking oi plus, but i don't want him to take my job. >> i don't think al green has anything to worry about. watch for awfufl all my reports throughout the weekend. jazz fest weekend number two beginning tomorrow in new orleans. right now the cnn newsroom begins with brooke baldwin. >> hi, everyone. a huge show on tap. let's get right to it. it any moment how the lives of several college students could change forever. they're the ones prosecutors say responsible for killing this florida a&m university student,
2:00 pm
robert champion, was going to be named the school band's drum major of the year. but witnesses say the people he made music with hazed him to death. that was last november. since then, expulsions, dismissals, the suspension of the band, reforms at his high school, but no arrests. take a look at this live picture. this is what we're watching for. the mikes are set up. news is about to happen. perhaps lives will be affected. happening now. a florida state attorney is going to be holding a news conference to announce the criminal charges here for champion's killing. so we'll wait and watch for that. in the meantime, i want to bring this in george howell who was all over the story. i remember last fall. and george, bring me up to speed here. remind us, do we know the range of charges, how many people could be charged? >> just got off the phone with the state attorney's office and we do now know the range of charges it that we will hear here in a few minutes in
2:01 pm
orlando. it will range from misdemeanors to felony charges. and we know that in the state of florida, hazing is a felony charge. but, again, could this be manslaughter. could it be murder. how many people will be charged in it case. we have yet to see. but certainly a lot of questions as we hear from these prosecutors. >> i remember it was champion's parents just last month talking about how they are seeking justice in this case. those who hurt, who hazed hair son needs to be charged. take a listen. >> my family needs justification to my son and the kids in the school that go to sam u need to be caught. there are kids walking around in their environment that don't know who they're walking around with, don't know it can happen to tell or not. >> have you george, i know you've been in touch with the champions, have you been in touch with them at all today ahead of this news? >> not today, but we do know that pam champion will be on ac
2:02 pm
360 tonight and they will speak to anderson obviously about waiting for this moment. and also her relief. her feelings about what she hears today from orlando. but, brooke, one important thing to point out, the people who will be charged in this case, they're still out there. no one has been arrested. and keep in mind this happened in orlando, the school is intal has ci tallahassee. it will take time to work with the different municipalities and make the arrests. but again, we know that several people will be arrested in this case. >> remind me when this was last november, it was a hazing ritual called crossing bus c about if i remember correctly. what did that entail? >> what we've learned, it's when a person walks backwards from the front of the bus to the back of the bus while band members beat, punch throughout that process. and if you don't make it to the back of the bus, you start over again. take's what we've learned about
2:03 pm
crossing bus c. and it's really interesting to point this out. the family filed a civil lawsuit and in that civil lawsuit, they allege that the bus driver knew that hazing was happening on the bus, knew that robert champion was being beaten. and they also allege that hazing occurred routinely when the bus traveled with the band. whether the bus driver is part of this criminal case, we have yet to see. but those are the allegations that the family's attorney is putting forward. >> george howell, stand by, of course we'll be watching for that signal out of orlando. as soon as we see the news, we will bring that to you live. meantime, more news unfolding now. rapid fire. roll it. a blind human rights activist who escaped house arrest if china tells secretary of state hillary clinton i want to kiss
2:04 pm
you. chen guangcheng left the u.s. embassy today, finally confirming he had been hiding there for six days. chen arrived at a beijing hospital for treatment and a reunion with his family. china want an apology for what it calls u.s. interference. clinton is piecepleased with th the u.s. handled the case. a deadly day in cairo three week before the start of egypt's presidential election. at least 11 people were killed in clashes between unidentified attackers and protesters calling for an immediate end to military rule there. many of these protesters outside egypt's defense ministry are islamists. they're upset that an ultra conservative candidate was kicked off the ballot. spectacular sunsets obscured by smoke as texas firefighters battle their first major wildfire of the season here. flames have charred 24,000 acres. the remote and rugged davis
2:05 pm
mountains. west texas here.fires are threatening the scenic davis mountain resort. everyone who lives there under orders right how to get out. the fires were started by lightning. and punishment handed out today for thornew orleans saint players. the harsh,est penalty given to number 5 1rks john thnathan vil banned without pay for the entire 2012 season. also suspended three other current and former saints players, hargrove, smith. sean payton was already suspended for the season. gregg williams was suspended indefinitely. magic johnson officially a new other than of the wner of t. dodgers. take a listen. >> so believe this, we're going
2:06 pm
to win again and hopefully all of you will come and support that winning organization, hopefully you will support dodger pride, and we're committed for the long hall. we'll be on it for it the long haul. >> the dodgers merged there bankruptcy just yesterday paving the way for the $2 billion deal. $2 billion. brand new video shows a shadowy figure jumping off a duck boat right before this deadly crash in philadelphia. two hungarian students were killed when a barge slammed into this disabled tour boat. this was just about two years ago. why seeing the video now? because attorneys for the students' parents one week before a federal trial in that wrongful death lawsuit. they say the jumper is an employee of the duck boat operator. investigation. investigators are searching for the cause of the spectacular fire that ripped through part of terry perry's multimillion-dollar studio overnift. you see the aftermath.
2:07 pm
some of it chancing. several building are entirely charred. his rep says perry's grateful no one was injured and nearly all the damage is limited to the back lot facade. >> and we've all had days like this when you want to scream. more than a century after edward monk created it, could could scream into the record books tonight. the auction house expect to sell for more than $80 million. the highest pre-sale element in history. other experts say it could fetch $200 million. got a lot for you over the next two hours. watch this. live during it hour, newt gingrich is expected to call it quits. but will the republican mention a certain political enemy when he does so? the news is now. when a 6-year-old died, he had scars all over his body.
2:08 pm
and weighed just 29 pounds. now as his parents sit behind bar, we're hearing there were many chances to save this little boy. plus the body of a secret agent found naked, locked inside a duffle bag. was it murder or a sex game gone awry? and the man who john edwards fired after a reported argument about rielle hunter takes the stand and tells his side. we take you live to orlando. attorneys speaking in the case of potential charges in the hazing case. >> i have come to believe that hazing is a term for bullying. it's bullying with a tradition. a tradition that we cannot bear in america. famu is a fine university.
2:09 pm
it has a lot of fine traditions. but will there are some that we would rather not acknowledge. the tradition of hazing in our nation's colleges and universities is something that will continue to happen out of sight until a student like robert champion pays the ultimate price. a family has lost their son. a university has lost a fine kind young student. thanks to a thorough investigation, we're able today to move forward in the process. earlier today, we were able to speak with robert's family and discuss with them our plan for moving forward. this case is complicated. investigators worked vigorously to contact students who live out of town and out of state.
2:10 pm
based upon their investigation and the medical examiner's reports, we know that robert champion died as a result of being beaten. his death is not linked to one sole strike. but is attributed to multiple blows. there are three distinct points i would like to make. i want to relay them to the public, are a public that has watched this entire matter in total disbelief. first, in 2011, the florida legislature in an earnest effort to stop will this type of violence passed a well written law that defines hazing. the law sets out felony level penalties for participants when hazing results in serious bodily injury or death. florida statute 1006 provides that hazing means, among other
2:11 pm
things, any brutality of a physical nature such as whipping, beating and branding. and then it further goes on and says a person commits hazing a third degree felony when he or she commits any act of hazing upon another person and the hazing results in serious bodily injury or death of such other person. it's a very different burden of proof than we have in a normal homicide case. this is a homicide by hazing and the way the state statute addresses it is by calling it hazing with death. second, after working closely with my homicide team, we're ready to announce the filing of charges against 13 individuals stemming from that tragic incident. the majority of those charges are hazing resulting in death. felonies of the third degree.
2:12 pm
which because of death score out differently than a normal third degree felony. if the defendant does not have a prior record, the maximum punishment is just right at six years. we've also filed over 20 counts of misdemeanor hazing. those involve different victims who were not seriously injured. at this time, i'm not going to parse out the specifics of the charges or the names of those charged due to the fact that they are at large. you'll matter from the florida department of law enforcement today and they will tell you about the efforts that they're making to bring these people in to custody. with this many defendants, the prosecution of this case much like the investigation will belabor intensive and time consuming. but obtaining justice for robert
2:13 pm
champion, his family, and by extension the university family, is paramount. we never shy away from difficults from kugsdifficult s fr prosecutions. lastly, high temy team and i be that the orange county sheriff's investigation, the florida department of law enforcement's good worknd at medical examiner's report provide more than sufficient evidence to charge the case. however, let me strongly state that i urge anyone who has facts about this homicide to come forth and tell the whole truth. especially those not charged. because further charges may be forthcoming in the future. while the public will eventually see the medical examiner's report, i would like to share some small parts of it. it illustrates the violence of
2:14 pm
will this homicide. do i so to put robert champion's death into perspective for those who may doubt that this thwas a homicide. i worked closely with dr. garavallia and their report states in part, robert champion died as a result of hemorrhagic shock due to solve the tissue hemorrhage and incurred by blunt force trauma sustained during a hazing incident. it goes on farther to say he had extensive contusions on his chest, arms, shoulder, and back with extensive hemorrhaging in deep muscles. in other words, robert champion tragically died from being beaten to death on that bus. this case will not be tried in
2:15 pm
the media for which some unknown reason tends to be the trend in our country. remember, these charges are only allegations and do not constitute proof guilt. every defendant has a right to trial by jury and is cloaked with presumption of innocence. we will do our talking in court. while we will follow the law regarding public records which means as you know when we furnish discovery upon defense demand, those records which are discoverable and sent for discovery will be released to the media. well not be provi we will not be providing interviews or off the record comments to anyone. this case is too important to the future of florida and indeed to the future of america and its university system. >> state attorney speaking there outlining horrific details in the hazing death. he says without a doubt this was
2:16 pm
homicide as a result of hazing, multiple reports of blunt force trauma. he was detailing some of really just the gruesome details in that medical examiner report just to prove the point that he is saying this is in fact a homicide. the news that we heard, we knew there would be criminal charges filed. we just heard they are now officially charging 13 individuals specifically in the death of robert champion, hazing resulting in death, a felony in the third degree. and he mentioned if any of those individuals do not have any priors against them, that the maximum punishment for that is six years and on top of those 13, there are 20 counts of misdemeanor hazing and that is unrelated to the robert champion death and related to other victims of hazing. want to bring in george howell. i know from your. >> reporter:ing on the case that there were something like four students expelled as a result.
2:17 pm
so the number 13 really jumps out at me. >> and the other interesting point, obviously those four, that happened a while back. interesting to see whether they are part of this. and you heard the state attorney, he's not giving these names yet. and obviously because as i mentioned, this is going to be an extensive process to make the arrests. again, there were more than 30 people on that bus that we now know 130 individuals will be charged, 20 different misdemeanor hazing counts. the process of going to all the different municipalities, it will take time for these investigators to make those arrests. >> george howell, we appreciate it. you can't help but think about the parents of robert champion. pam champion will be on ac 360 tonight. meantime, the than who john edwards fired takes the stand today. tells his side. and it involves a big warning. h.
2:18 pm
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. so john edwards sitting in a bar one night, woman comes up, you're more handsome than john edwards is. that chance flirtation involving rielle hunter triggered the events that ended john edwards political career. now edwards entering court each and every day to fend off federal charges. today the than who witnessed that fateful encounter is on the witness stand in greensboro, north carolina. joe johns is there for us. hey, joe. >> reporter: brooke, there's been a lot of heavy and combative testimony during this trial, but this morning josh
2:21 pm
brumburg brumburger, before edwards declared his final run for president with edwards' mistress, rielle hunter tagging along, she was shooting web video the of edwards including on a trip to uganda which can be found on youtube and other places. he said he was the bearer of bad news to edwards issuing several warnings about hunter, the first warning, shortly after she walked up and introduced herself to edwards at the regency hoete in new york. he said she looked a little putty, he researched things she posted on the internet and found all sex, drug, rock and roll and astrology. later he said he was surprised to see hunter with her camera traveling with edwards and essentially said he wasn't impressed. brumburger now off of the stand, testimony continues here in
2:22 pm
greensboro. back to you. thank you so much. naked, locked in a bag, inside his bathtub. is the death of a secret agent spy a murder mystery or sex game gone awry? the coroner just shared his opinion. it is very surprising. ah, welcome to i get it...guys weekend. yeah! if you're looking for a place to get together, you came to the right place. because here at, we're only about hotels. yeah! yeah! noooo. yeah! finding you the perfect place is all we do. welcome to homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city.
2:23 pm
if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now.
2:24 pm
a british spy with whispers of a kinky sex life, his naked body jammed into a duffle bag locked from the outside. this is definitely not out of a james bond movie. the mysterious death may stay a
2:25 pm
mystery forever. but the coroner suspects something criminal happened. and as dan rivers reports, it could have been a sex game gone wrong or even a professional hit. >> reporter: he had been recruited as a code breaker and a spy. but williams' life in the shadows has been thrust under the spotlight by his death. his body was found at his government provided apartment here in central london. it was zipped into a sports bag like this and padlocked with the key inside. there was no sign of a struggle or a break-in, and his body had no visible injuries. the inquiry look manage in to his death appointed this expert to see if it was possible to climb inside the bag, zip it shut and lock it from the inside. after 300 attempts, he was able to get close, but still unable to lock it. theories about what happened include that he was drugged by a
2:26 pm
foreign intelligence agent who placed his body in the bag, or that he was taking part in a bizarre sexual game with someone else, a small trace of someone else's dna was found on the bag. williams worked here at britain's top secret government communications headquarters where sensitive e-mails and phone calls there around the world are intercepted. he was then temporarily transferred to mi-6, where fictional spy james bond worked. his bosses told the inquest williams had recently qualified for operational deployment, but don't think his death is connected to his work in cyber security. his last movements were caught on closed circuit tv shopping in central london. but it's also been revealed he had $32,000 worth of women's designer clothes in his apartment and had visited say dough mass kiss tick website, thoul his families deny that he
2:27 pm
was gay or that he had a secret sex life. pathologists at his inquest say key have suffocated in the bag, but also may have been poisoned. because it took more than a week to discover his body and no traces of toxin could be found. despite numerous experts making their best guest about how he died, none of them can be certain p his body was simply too badly decomposed. meaning the enigma of the code breakers death may never be solved. dan rivers, cnn, london. so today the coroner released her findings in the death. from what i understand, she definitely thinks something s sinister happened there? >> that's right. she did not make a verdict of an unlawful death. she said there wasn't any concrete evidence of that. however, she said that it was highly likely that a third person was involved, she believes perhaps locking him in
2:28 pm
the placing the bag in the bathtub and she believes that that third party may have had some sort of criminal intent. but again, there is no clear evidence of this. this is just based on the forensic evidence that was there on that expert witness that you saw that was not able on to lock himself into the bag and perhaps most telling, the lack of evidence. no hand prints, no footprints or anything in the bathtub near the bag. >> so the duffle bag, the $32,000 in female designer clothes, the visits to the websites, ultimately how does this look for the agency mi-6? >> well, it certainly didn't look good. however, it's interesting in the coroner's report, she says that all of these clothes that were found in the apartment were unworn, still in their packages. and it seems like he just had a
2:29 pm
very deep interest in fashion and may have been giving some of these away as presents. none of them had been worn before. and the visit to websites had only been four different sites and it was a very small part of his browsing activity. so all of that seems to have fallen by the wayside in the report. she said that his employees -- his employers at mi-6 did not report his death for almost a week after he failed to show up to work and she criticized that saying in a was a major oversight. and also that they held on to evidence, including nine memory stakes and did not give it over to police until several months later. >> wow. thank you. you have heard the speech. you have heard the plan. but what you have yet to hear are the secrets behind president obama's surprise trip to afghanistan. one reporter says the whole thing played out like a spy thofl. i remember the days before copd.
2:30 pm
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it if michelle obama makes a secret trip to target, somehow we find out. president goes to five guys, we find out. so how can he make it all the way to afghanistan without someone spilling the beans? you saw the pictures yesterday. to be welcomed like this. so how did they pull this this off? for answers, we turn to the pentagon, barbara starr. barbara, what exactly is involved in pulling something off like that? >> well, brooke, every once in a while, washington can keep a secret. not too often. but when it comes to the president of the united states traveling into a war zone,
2:34 pm
everyone involved is sworn to secrecy. the planning starts weeks in advance. the small numbers of traveling press going with the president, they were absolutely sworn to secrecy. air cell phones, their laptops taken away just in case they got tempted. arriving in darkness absolutely. that's for maximum secrecy to make sure that he is not seen arriving on the ground or that there's any understanding beyond that small group that he's actually there. he goes in it helicopters that are heavily armed. massive protection at all times. getting him into the war zone in the middle of the night was just the beginning of the challenge because once the world knew that the president was in the war zone, then the challenge becomes getting him out. if he stays too long, the threat really does mc. so they got him wiout life befo day break. >> 7:30 eastern, the president spoke to the nation. i want to play a little bit of
2:35 pm
the sound from last might. >> this time of war began in afghanistan. and this is where it will end.n. >> this time of war began in afghanistan. and this is where it will end.i. >> this time of war began in afghanistan. and this is where it will end. with faith in each other and our eyes fixed on the future. let us finish the work at hand. and forge a just and lasting peace. >> so the president threw out a couple of thumbnumbers. he said he's committed to pulling out the 23,000 troops by the end of the summer, turning over security fully to the afghan government by 2014. he is committed to a full and just peace as he points out. so how does the pentagon make this happen? >> well, that middle of the night agreement that the president signed with karzai, the president of afghanistan, was a key step. that's a strategic partnership agreement. all the big sounding words there. there will be agreements on economic and security assistance, there will be shared values about democracy, but you're right, the hard work
2:36 pm
really begins. how do you get reductions in the 88,000 troops still there. there is every indication now that the two countries will agree that u.s. troops will stay there believe it or not until about 2024 in some fashion. smaller numbers, training, helping, assisting, maybe some combat. but still you're looking at the potential of a quarter century nearly of u.s. troops in afghanistan. so the big question may be what do the taliban have will miin m. they seem to keep being able to pop their heads up and launch these attacks. that may be the long term challenge. >> right after the president left, there was the car bomb killing seven i know. barbara starr, thank you. next i'll tell you a story that you will never ever forget. it's about a 6-year-old little boy who is now dead. his body pound with scars only weighing 29 pounds. you're about to hear how this happened and why will this child
2:37 pm
could have been saved. i read it this article, and i teared up. this is next. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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this story made me so angry. this "philadelphia inquirer" piece. how could a 6-year-old with signs of alleged overlooked? some of the details are hard to hear. kalil's parents took him to the hospital back on march 19th, but it was too late. he was already dead. he was covered in scars, in fact kalil had so many scars it took a medical examiner more than an hour to log all of the marks on his tine any body. when i say tiny, i mean it. because kalil weighed a scant 29 pounds when he died. that is less than two-thirds of size of a normal al 6-year-old
2:41 pm
boy. he reportedly slept in a fillity bed, locked in a room without furniture and was beaten with books and extension cords. all of this seemingly right under the noses of city social workers. the "philadelphia inquirer" reports they visited the home multiple times. they saw little kalil, but they never opened a case file. and i want to bring in mike newell, staff write who are did an incredible job digging in to will this story. mike, i want to begin sort of i guess in reverse order with kalil's death. you write in your piece doctors described his body as extremely emaciated. how did he die? >> blunt force trauma. his mother said that she unlocked his room, took him into the bathroom for a bath. he was trying to put on his pants and slipped on water on the tile floor. she yelled at him to get up quick enough and he didn't get up quick enough and she hit him
2:42 pm
in the back of the head and he was unconscious before he hit the floor. >> and to add on to that, par t parents, i use that word loosely, didn't take him to the hospital for more than ten hours. >> you're right, they waited 13 hours. his biological father laid video games, made himself a steak. his biological mother went to popeye's before they realized that it was an appropriate time to take the child to the hospital. >> in the final let's say eight months of kalil's life, i want you to describe in detail the abuse that he endured. >> like you said, it's tough stuff. his parents in their confession said they beat him almost daily with extension cords, with belts. as understand, he had so many bruises on his -- scars on his body that the medical examiner just said there was too many to put a count on. in the last year of his life, he
2:43 pm
had some type of stomach issue and would throw up sometimes two to three times a day. his biological parents thought he was doing this on purpose and would lock him in his bedroom. and if he got sick during the night, they would beat him for it in the morning. >> you mentioned around thanksgiving, they hammered the lock on his door so he couldn't leave his bedroom. but i want to point out, life was not always this nightmare for this little boy because he was with foster parents who it sounds like loved him. if you can just sort of juxtapose that experience in those years with that man and woman versus his biological parents. >> yeah, that's what's so striking about this. the first three years of his life, he lived with a relative, alisha nixon, who was his foster parent and trying to adopt him and he lived a happy little life of a toddler. and he was healthy, he was getting medical treatments.
2:44 pm
the only five days that he spent with his biological parents before he was returned to them, he wound up in the hospital dirty, soiled with assin asthma attack. but first three years, he was happy, healthy, and in the words of his foster mother, a bubbly little boy. >> when a judge ruled that kalil should go back to the biological parents, you quote his foster parents as saying when they get him back, they're going to destroy him. you report on the scars, bones protruding, the fact that dhs had previously pulled seven of his siblings from that same home for neglect. my question is how in the world did this child wind up back in this home? a quick break in. u4qbl?5ç?
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
[ female announcer ] everything that goes into a lennox system is engineered for comfort. like parts that create the perfect temperature and humidity or parts that purify the air. together these parts can cut your heating and cooling bills in half. that's comforting. call now to get up to 1,375 dollars in rebates.
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or zero percent financing for 18 months. plus download our free lennox mobile app with an energy-savings calculator to show how much you'll save... with lennox. innovation never felt so good. i just want to note a lot of you have been tweeting me and you're mad and i'm glad you're had because we can do better here. back to this story. i know you spoke with two of his older sisters who told you they with hatheir own eyes witness ts had abuse and yet they did not do something better, they did not call police. why not? >> they were worried, they didn't want hair mother to lose her children again. so they thought -- they were worried if they notified police, that she could lose kalil and his will littlittle sister. >> do they regret that decision?
2:48 pm
>> i think they do, but i also think that they grew up in this house with this woman and so i think there was -- i don't think the abuse is a new thing in this house hold. >> i do want to point out we reached out to dhs as i know you did. they can't talk about the specifics of the case, but i do want to read you, we are committed to a continuous review of our performance and are now engaged in a carefully review of our policies and practices as well as our response in this particular case. when the review is completed, we will make any necessary changes to ensure the safety of the children we serve. >> and i think -- >> go ahead. >> i think at the heart of will case is the tension at the heart of every child welfare system which is the desire on dhs to want to reunify families, but also to protect children. and time and time again in this boy's life it seems like in moving toward reunification, they missed opportunities that could have helped him. >> and as you point out, there are thousands of cases going
2:49 pm
like n. front of judges and the judge doesn't get all the information, essentially there is the tendency to rule toward as you point out reunification with the parents. >> yeah, and i think that's obviously a noble thing and i think it will athere are teacha moments good and bad. the moments we're looking at is when they decided to reunify the parents or the child with the parents who had seven children removed, was the bar high enough and i don't think minute agrany that it was. and the last eight months of this boy's-socilife, social wor had their eyes on him and he was in great danger and that was visibly so according to those who knew him and according to the medical examiner. so was this a systemic thing, was it individual workers? we just are trying to find out exactly what happened. >> i commend you in pointing this out and hopefully the bar will be raised as a result. we need to be having this conversation nationally. and my final question, as we
2:50 pm
pointed out, the biological parents are in jail facing charges of starving and torturing their son to death. my question is about the foster parents who truly loved this little boy. how in the world are they handling this? >> alisha nixon and her mother are fighting just as hard now as they did when he was alive to get the facts of his case out there and to ensure that whatever teachable moments that can come from his case can help other kids. but obviously they are completely grief stricken. >> mike, i thank you for your journalism and your reporting. we can do better. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it!
2:51 pm
one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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this 44-year-old is a new jersey mother of five and you're looking at this and i think to say she likes to tan is a bit of an understatement. ladies and gentlemen, she love it is apparently. here she is explaining her tanning habit to a reporter. >> it is obvious you tan a hot. >> yeah, i do. my whole life. >> would you say you tan too much? >> no, i love to tan. >> okay. so what's the big deal? she's an adult. she can tan herself to oblivion if she so chooses. but the problem is this. police say she took her 6-year-old daughter to the tanning salon and she suffered burns as a result. she's now facing child endangerment charges. next hour, i'm going to talk with joey jackson about withis case. a defensive tackle paralyzed
2:54 pm
while playing college ball even though eric legrand is in a wheelchair, he gets signed by an nfl team and i'll speak with him live. plus in a matter of moments, newt beginnigingrich will call quits. there is drama in whether he mentioned mitt romney, the man he ripped apart over the last year. we'll take you will live. but first, buying a prosthetic arm could soon be like buying a pair of shoes. details in this week's te technovations. >> it's like putting a backpack on. >> bill has that new type of prosthetic arm that could give hope to people all around the world. created by a group of engineering students from the university of illinois, the arm doesn't have to be custom made. >> it's designed to be able to be taken out of the box or off the shelf and fit to someone in less than 20 minutes. >> open socket tech knowledge
2:55 pm
makes the arm effective and affordable and the device will cost less than $300. >> the socket is the part where we've done our innovation. it uses both rigid plastic pieces and flexible cloth pieces to enable to be very easily adjustable. >> the students founded the nonprofit ipt during their senior year in 2010 to help people who can't afford prosthetics. >> the vast majority of people who are in need of prosthetic care are living in developing countries. but the key for us will really be partnering with aid organizations to get it out there and in the hands of people who use it. >> the group is working with amputees in guatemala to test the device. >> everyone has the right to have access to ross threat tick care. by creating this technology, we can allow people to regain independence that they may have lost by losing their limb. ♪ ♪ i can do anything
2:56 pm
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a sad development in a story that has touched a lot of you. a dad writes a bucket list for his infant daughter. six months old suffering from a rare gentleman met tick disorder. doctors said she wouldn't live past two. so her parents set up a blog writing about her final days. and all the things they had hoped to do with her. like get a fake tattoo, play with a pinwheel. but today, we're learning that little avery has died.
2:59 pm
on the blog, her dad writes in part, yesterday afternoon, and i'm quoting, one of her lungs collapsed and she went into cardiac arrest. i immediately performed cpr on her and was able to bring her back to life. but only for a brief period of time before she passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. avery's passing this quickly came as a complete shock to all of us as she had just been given a thumbs up at ter last doctor's appointment three days ago. he says they never lost hope despite the severity of her condition. >> we've got all the time in the world to cry. we can cry, you know, when she's no longer here. but for now, we want to try and enjoy the time we do have with her and just make memories. >> and now top of the hour, we have breaking news here. the man at the center of will international crisis between the u.s. and china is speaking now to cnn's dan grant standing by live


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