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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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as soon as he speaks, we'll bring it to you live. they're the men accused of the ultimate evil against the united states. plotting to fly planes into the world trade center. khalid sheikh mohammed and four other suspects facing arraignment today in guantanamo bay. it seems like these men are doing whatever they can to drag this thing out. >> you said it, don. the 9/11 terror suspects have turned the arraignment into a chaotic court appearance. one of the detainees, one of the accused refused to come to court. he had to be hauled in, shackled to a chair. another shocked the courtroom when he shouted out, comparing some of the camp guards here in guantanamo bay to dead libyan leafer, moammar gudoadhafi and suggesting they may try to kill them and make it look like suicide. and khalid sheikh mohammed, who
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boeshed he was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack, has kept completely sile nlt. he has ignored the judge and refused to participate, because as his attorney has said, he feels these hearings, these military commissions, are not fair, and this is a choice not to acknowledge them. don? >> and chris, i understand there was an outburst during the proceedings. what happened? >> yeah, that was when ramsey bin al sheeby, he was from yemen, he was accused of financing al qaeda, and helping to get some of the hijackers into the united states. he was sitting there, and all of a sudden, again, after a morning of silence, he blurts out that maybe this is the last time you will see me. the judge told him he was out of turn, that this is not the time and place for it. but that's when he continued and said, you know, mention moammar
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gadhafi, said perhaps there were threats to them that they could be killed and it would be made to look like suicide. it shocked to courtroom, and then that was it. they quieted down and didn't say much. don, there interesting thing is although they're not participating in the actual court hearing, when we're on recess and the cameras are off, you can see the five of them, they're talking amongst each other, they are laughing. at one point, a few of them had a copy of "the economist" magazine they were passing back and forth between them. don? >> chris lawrence in guantanamo bay, thank you very much. other news, a former adviser to john edwards has testified that he repeatedly urged the candidate to steer clear of reelhuree rielle hunter. later to be revealed to be her mistress. edwards refused and then told him to back off. prosecutors say edwards broke law by accepting money from donors to pay for her health and
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living expenses. >> there are a bunch of fools, says the escort whom the secret service probably wishes it could forget. dania suarez said she's the one who got into a fight with an agent in a colombian hotel over $800 he supposedly owed her. that snowballed into a massively embarrassing scandal for the embassy. she said she didn't even know the guys were agents at the time, and they didn't seem too concerned about their own security. >> translator: of course, at that moment, if i had been a member of one of those terrorist gangsuric would have been able to get everything. just like the newspapers say, i put them in check mate. they're a bunch of fools. they're responsible for obama's security and they still let this happen. i told them, i'm going to call the police. so they would pay me my money. they didn't care. they didn't see the magnitude of the problem. even when being responsible for obama's security. i could have done 1,000 other things. >> eight secret service agents have lost their jobs over this
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prostitution scandal. we'll have to wait to learn whether junior seau's career in football played a role in his suicide. he killed himself on wednesday with a gunshot to the chest. this family's pastor said scientists will be allowed to examine his brain. they'll look for signs of trauma he took from punishal of 20 years in the nfl. so it begins, the president's first official campaign rally, and he's already taking jabs at his opponent. hear what he has to say. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country. from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn... financing industries that are creating jobs in boston...
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we're here because we want to restore. >> you're looking at live
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pictures. richmond, virginia. that's the first lady speaking. this is the president, his first official re-election campaign. that kicks off today. earlier, he made a stop in ohio. ohio state, now he's in virginia, he and his wife. you see them getting revved up. it's going to get heated and it's going to get tense. we'll be following all of it for you. the first lady speeching now in richmo richmond. >> they're the opening shots in a political battle we'll be tracking all the way through november. president obama making stops in virginia and ohio. just a few hours ago, at ohio state university, mr. obama laid out his case for a second term, reminding the crowd how much progress has been made on the economy. he says by reminding them that there's lots more work to be done as well. >> yes, there were setbacks. yes, there were disappointments. but we didn't quit. we don't quit.
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together, we're fighting our way back. >> the president also warned the audience that mitt romney will work with republican in congress to do in his words rubber stamp their agenda. as you heard moments ago, the unemployment rate drops because some people stopped looking for work. how does that make sense? the clear explanation of how the jobless rate is determined is coming up next. doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen.
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quoting an average gas price in america is like quoting the average temperature. it's different depending on where you live. the difference is the taxes. the government breaks down gas prices like this. taxes make up 12% of the price of a gallon of gas. 6% of the cost is shipping and advertising. 6% is refining it, and 76% is the cost of crude oil. high oil prices mean high gas prices. >> people see those numbers and they cannot understand how everybody who is reaching into their pockets isn't making money. but not everyone is making money at gas prices at $3.80.
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>> the big profits have been in exploration and production. a lot are getting out of retailing, a lot are getting out of refining. >> the good news for you, the average gas price is now below where it was a year ago. >> i think you'll see prices retreat as we get into the season. >> normally, prices peak around 4ths of july. i think they're peaking right now. >> here is that pesky average again. if you live in the northeast, refinery closures mean prices could stay high. and every dollar in here is a dollar not spent on consumer goods or on a 529 college savings plan or your retirement savings. that's why gas prices are the economic indicator we love to hate. >> all right, hold on. this isn't the segment that you think it is, i promise you. the unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a point to a8.1%, but that's mostly because some people simply stopped looking for work.
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they're still unemployed. why does the jobless rate go down? mathias shapiro breaks down the big ideas visually and explains the unemployt rate to you. >> a lot of time, people think about the unemployment rate, they think of it as a measurem of people without jobs. but it comes from a definition that isened what we expect. 21 of those people are too young to have a job, five are in college, 46 are working, 5 match the technical definition, and the rest may or may not want a job, but they haven't been looking at them. we only look at two groups, the 46 with jobs and the five people who have been looking for a job in the last five weeks. if all of the people had a panic attack and barricaded themselves indoors, four weeks from now, the unemployment rate would be 0 pest. it just means people who are
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stocking up on zombie repellent aren't counted in the work force. they're now out of the work force. that's a growing concern because the working group has been shrinking for the last decade. the unemployment rate will recover in time, but as the baby boomers begin to retire, we'll see a smaller and smaller percentage of people with job. it's the money that these 46 people make that helps support the 54 other people. they may do it directly or indirectly. so as the jobless number s rise more peep move into the top group, which means more weight on the dwindling support group. getting people out of the unemployed category and into the employed category is what we need for an economic recovery. >> being out of work can be traumatizing. you knethis, or you have seen others go through it. dr. wendy walsh, human behavior expert in loss, career counselors, one of the most important tools for people out of work is their team, friends
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or family cheering them on. how valuable is that? >> well, not to just cheer them on in an artificial way, but to give them usable connections. the bigger your social network is, whether it's your family and friends in your neighborhood or former work, but also the ones you can meet online. there's very important to get connected and have a lot of people rallying around you. >> for people who are trying to find work, they're struggling now. how is the experience different for men and then for women? >> well, you know, it's hard to generalize by any gender, i hate to do that, but traditionally, jobs have been so associated with men's identities, so part of their depression if they're feeling it after a long-term job search is that they're losing a piece of their identity when they're not working. and you know, we don't often see the same signs of depression in member that we see in women. they're more quiet about it, they may go home and drink a beer. it's important that we watch for that in our men.
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women, the big challenge for them, of course, especially the ones in the sandwich generation is they also have the burden of care giving. many are taking care of elderly family members or children. as they're hunting for a job, they're also taking care of other people and looking for affordable child care. >> you have to really feel it out because if you're close to someone looking for a job and they could be getting discouraged, how do you know, especially with unemployment like it is, how do you know when to push and when to lay back and play the cheerleader? >> that's a $2 million question, and family members have been asking it for all -- about all family members in need. when diz your support become enabling? i would ask myself, how much is this person tying into the victim motif? i'm a victim of this awful recession, of this, but yet, have they used the last two and a half years to look for jobs or retool themselves or are they flying on the victim thing?
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sometimes it has to be tough love from family members who are feeding these people. >> and you know this story personally because you went back to school, and so you were unemployed for a while, going to school. you had to downsize and had your team there cheering you on, but you also had to support that team and that family. you had to pay the bills. so what if someone doesn't have a support system like you? what should they do? >> they should do exactly what i did. i built a brand on facebook and twitter. i'm not joking. i found every colleague i had ever worked with before, and rather than saying i'm desperate, i wrote blogs so people could see my ideas and action. i put posts on books on that i thought were faceinating so the people who looked at my online google search and i messed with it and messed with it. you can do that in numerous ways. learn about how you can have an electronic footprint that will look great to an employer. >> i think this is a very valuable piece of advice, not
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only did you do that, but you downsized. i don't want to get too personal -- >> you're going to tell stories out of school. >> you told me, you downsized, rented out your home, moved into the downstairs apartment, and you also said you went to target or to a discount store and you bought just several colorful sweaters, inexpensive. that's what you wore for a while, and you dressed them up. it's valuable advice. >> i not only moved to a small apartment, my two children and i lived at the height of the recession in a one-room apartment, not a one-bedroom apartment, but a one-room apartment. i went to target because america was on sale in 2009 and 2010. i found these brightly colored sweaters that were $6.66 each, and i bought ten of them, and that's what you saw on cnn in the past few years. >> well, look at you now. look at you now. thank you. >> look at me now. >> thank you, dr. wendy. good seeing you. happy birthday. i really enjoyed it. >> a great party. >> look at her now.
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very successful, dr. wendy. >> in this tough economy, one company has stayed in the black by finding buyers for its protects beyauond american borders. athena jones has that story for us. >> business is good at marlon steel. workers here make steel baskets, wires, and other components for industries like maining and telecommunications. >> these are parts that we make for the military. >> for the military, all right. >> these are components that will be used in afghanistan and pakistan. by our soldiers. >> marlin's revenue grew 20% last year. and the company added three jobs to its staff of 25. they have expanded their floor space and are planning to fill two more positions. >> we're hiring a mechanical engineer on monday. a new controller the following
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monday. >> company president said he expects to hire as many as ten more workers this year. the baltimore based firm represents a bright spot in an otherwise mediocre recovery. while the unemployment rate fell to 8.1%, the economy added just 115,000 jobs. not nearly enough to plug the hole left from the recession. >> there's still a lot of folks out of work, which means we have to do more. >> in fact, the dip in the jobless rate came as 342,000 people dropped out of the labor force. >> we saw a drop in terms of economic activity. we see a slow down in activity in march and april. >> still, the manufacturing sector has performed well, adding jobs in april. >> manufacturing has added just shy of 500,000 workers in the u.s. that's about 13% of all the jobs created in the economy. >> much of marlin's success is
5:21 pm
due to exports, which make up 25% of its sales compared with zero a few years ago. >> when i bought the company, wi were in brooklyn, and experts to us was exporting to the bronx. now we're going to china, to mexico. >> the company, which buys steel domestically, ships the product to 36 countries. it's a list he hopes will keep growing. athena jones, cnn, baltimore. >> thank you. >> remember all of the stories about how the fool moon makes people crazy? well, how crazy are they going to get with tonight's super moon? be afraid. very afraid. d from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with double miles
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[ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. we don't quit. together, we are fighting our way back. >> that is the president speaking now at virginia commonwealth university in richmo richmond. today, everyone has been saying he's been campaigning, campaigning for a while. this is his first campaign rally today. earlier, ohio. now it's richmond, virginia. it's his re-election campaign. we'll follow that president speaking live. earlier, you saw the first lady here on cnn. we're going to monitor that for you. in the meantime, i should stelyou that tonight, the moon is going to be a super moon. what does that mean? some people are freaking out about this. but they say moon lunacy strikes again. the impending super moon is to
5:25 pm
an average full moon what a 16 pizza is to a 15" pizza. relax. >> fun. >> an astrophysicist language, chillax. we're not going to turn into werewolves. >> howl for me, don. >> trying to get me in trouble. always trying to get me in trouble. you first. >> no. >> see? beautiful moon behind us. what is a super moon. >> it's basically when there's a full moon, and it's within 90% of its closest approach to the earth. and so this, like our friend just said, it happens on average four to six times per year. it's not terribly unusual, but what makes this one kind of unusual is that we're at almost 100%. so this happens at 11:30 tonight, when the moon is full. at 11:35 is when we're at perigee. that's when the moon is at its
5:26 pm
closest tomorrow. we have our earth. our moon, and the moon, right, goes around the earth. but it's not a perfect circle when it does that. it's an elliptical pattern, right? at one point, it's at its farthest away, and one point it's at the closest point. it's going to appear bigger. we have a couple graphics. it kind of spells it out for you a little bit. there you can see the perigee i was referring to. the moon comes within about 222,000 miles from the earth. so astronomers love this because they're going to get a slightly clearer view than they but get, and the moon is about 30% brighter and 14% bigger. this happens last year. that was actually a better show than this time around. >> i remember talking to you saying my goodness, it was bright because of the super moon. >> you might notice it more. >> crazy things happen when there's a full moon. are we 30% more likely to have
5:27 pm
crazy things happen. >> i love that. not necessarily. one thing it will do, it will create great er tides. so we have coastal flood advisories. the pull creates bigger waves. >> so anytime, there's not a special time, anytime tonight when the moon is up, it will by -- >> it's at that big peak around 11:30 eastern. as it's rising on the horizon, it will appear bigger than no normal. if you can get a tree line or house t will make it look bigger than normal. >> when we're driving at home, it will be at peak time. thank you. >> be safe. don't get pulled over. >> will do. thank you very much. >> we want to take to you about this now. one baby, an owl, believe it or not, born addicted. a shocking statistic. now in one state, a felony for the mother. that's next.
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all right, that sound right
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there means it's time to check inheadlines. five men accused of plotting the september 11th attacks are being arraigned in guantanamo bay. among them, khalid shaeikh mohammed. they have been silent for most of the proceedings, but there was a brief outburst when one of them yelled, quote, they're going to kill us. >> president obama speaking this hour at richmond, virginia. the second of two stops as he kicks off his re-election campaign. let's listen. >> friends in congress think that the same bad ideas will lead to a different result. or they're just hoping that you won't remember what happened the last time we tried it their way. virginia, i'm here to say that we were there. we remember. and we're not going back. we're moving this country forward. >> all right, the president in
5:32 pm
full campaign mode in richmond, virginia. he's highlighting his accomplishments there while also reminding the crowd that he's well aware there's still plenty of work to do on the economy. we'll continue to monitor. former adviser to john edwards has testified he repeatedly urged the then democratic presidential candidate to steer clear of his mistress, and edwards refused and told him to back off. prosecutors say edwards broke federal law by accepting money from wealthy donors to pay for rielle hunter's health and living expenses. he could face up to 30 years in prison. >> tennessee state police have issued an amber alert for three sisters seen over a week ago, ages 14, 12, and 8, may be in extreme danger after they were abducted by 35-year-old adam mays. he is thought to be armed and taking the germs to arizona or mississippi. >> a controversial alabama law
5:33 pm
has attracted the attention of a number of women's groups and the a aclu. it's made to crack down on women exposed to a methamphetamine lab. now it's used to prosecute women who take a legal drug. >> hi, don. >> first, are health officials allowed to drug test a newborn without the mother's consent? >> they are. the supreme court said no, that is a circle seizure and it's illegal if you don't give consent. if they suspected a drug or alcohol problem, they would have to get a warrant. >> some are saying and arguing that the law as it's being applied now violates a woman's constitutional rights. so what are those rights? >> well, you know, a woman certainly doesn't have a constitutional right to do drugs and a pregnant woman doesn't have the constitutional right to
5:34 pm
harm her child, but there are issues, are we focusing on just pregnant women, just women, and is that discriminatory in nature. >> they don't have a right to do drugs. absolutely. they say constitutional right to privacy, no one is saying it's right to do drugs, but a constitutional right to privacy. >> that's right. there is some thought if you have a human being inside of you and you're doing something to harm that human being, the law does allow the government to step in and say you can't do that. >> harming someone else. okay, so listen, according to "new york times," the case is going to the alabama supreme court in the next few months. so what is the court going to consider when making this decision? >> well, the terms of this statute really apply to people bringing their kids to methlabs and having the meth labs explode in their faces. nowhere in the statute does it say this is about a pregnant woman or the womb or a right to
5:35 pm
fetus. nothing has to do with that law. i think the supreme court here, the state supreme court is going to strike down the law and say, listen, if you want to make it illegal to take drugs while you're pregnant, pass a law that says that. this law does not say that. >> karen, the interesting thing is i guess, you know, everyone wants to help the mothers and to help the child, right? this is about addiction, whether you're addicted, many people can't help themselves. do you actually think that this is going to deter mothers from doing drugs while they're pregnant? >> i think not. and it's going to have very bad adverse effects here because what is going to happen is the women aren't going to seek addiction treatment, aren't going to seek addiction care, and many are going to decide to have the child in their home and not going to the hospital because they don't want to be arrested. we want to protect the kids. we can't do these things if it's going to harm the child more. i think that's what's going to
5:36 pm
happen. >> the question is, too, you touched on this, where does it end? is the mothers who smoke, mothers who drink, drinking is ha harmful? if you eat bad foods that could be harmful, not getting enough sleep, not exercising, where does it end? >> where does it end, and what about the woman who is anorexic and doesn't eat enough to nourish her child. about a guy who has sex with a known meth addict? is he conspiring? it's a slip lpery slope. the law needs to be firmed up if we're going to have one. >> thank yous. >> he's known for his punches from his fist and also his mouth. boxer floyd mayworth, hear what he has to say about jail, his dad, and oh, yeah, this year. big, biggest fight. strained drir in a motor vehicle. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse.
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i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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it's got a nice bouquet. our second car insurance, y. mmmmm, oh, i can see by your face they just lost another customer. you chose geico over the competitor. calm down, calm down. you're getting carried away. living in iraq, dreams of war were hard, explosions,
5:40 pm
kidnapping. we wanted to come here. >> the united states, where some of the most refugees in the world. many are from iraq and they're being resettled in san diego. when they get here, they're learning a new language. they have to find employment. their struggle is just beginning. my family came from beirut, i was nine years old. working as a refugee case manager, i saw kids idle, alienated, having a normal childhood is something they deserve. my name is mark, and i use soccer to motivate refugees to succeed in the yoourns. >> everybody is doing to be on their toes. >> let's go, and it's what we're trying to do with the kids. we have 200 refugee youth in our program. these kids come from all over africa, asia, and the middle east. their families have endured the same struggle, when they realize that, they become like brothers and sisters. >> soccer is an escape. it's confidence, it's making them feel like they belong. and it's just fun.
5:41 pm
it uses soccer as a hope, and then we have them in the education program. try to get them on to college. >> they helped me to find friends and they teach me how to speak english. now, with yella and coach mark, it's a fun live. >> families have sacrificed every for their kids to have a better life. if we can do knk to help them, it's my honor. >> all right, so this is what everyone has been tweeting me about. here you go, sit down. the biggest fight of the year so far, just hours away in las vegas. floyd mayweather jr. challenging miguel cota for the heavyweight title with a mouth as quick as his fist. he's never lacked for talent or trash talk. you can believe that. i spoke with him about what will happen tonight after he and cotto touch gloves. >> it's going to be a real
5:42 pm
exciting fight. the puerto rican boxing background is truly amazing. and he's the king at 154. i'm the pound for pound king. so when you bring the two together, you get a very, very exciting fight. but i already know who you say is going to win, and that would be who? >> i believe in my skillsuric believe in myself always. >> hey, listen, i have to ask you this because i have been reading a lot about you today. you have been everywhere. they're saying this is like the largest -- the biggest amount of money anyone, any athlete has ever gotten. does that put any added pressure on you? >> i'm just very, very thankful, you know, i'm blessed to be in this position. the fans, you know, all the fans. they have supported me for 16 years. and i have been just dedicated to my job, which is boxing. >> do you put a time limit on yourself, you have a handful of fights left. it's not going to last forever.
5:43 pm
are you ready for that? >> well, you know, nothing lasts forever. but you know, you just be thankful for the position that you're in. you take advantage of it while you're in the position. >> even you, you put a deadline on yourself. you said, i'm only going to do it so long, so many foithsd left in me. why put a deadline on yourself? it seems like you're at the top of urgame. >> there's a limit to everything. i want to move on to different things. spend more time with my family, and do a lot of things i didn't get to do. so you know, it's a deadline for everything. you want to move on and do what, like what? >> the main thing is just, you know, give my children a lot of my time, and spend a lot of time with my mother. she's getting older, and that's very, very important to me. >> yeah, i'm going to quote you here. you said that you're guaranteed the $32 million that you're
5:44 pm
guaranteed. you said money to you is nothing but comfort. you know, why do you say that? when your name is money may weath mayweather? >> out with the old, in with the new. i didn't give myself that name. everyone else gave me the name. it's just a nickname, it doesn't have to do with money, but they call me money mayweather. and you know, i make a lot of money in the sport of boxing, but i'm blessed to be where i'm at. >> you make a lot of money, and i'm going to ask you this because i ask every professional athlete this. i read about you and they said in recent weeks you put a single bet for $1.3 million obkentucky's basketball team, you put your rolls royce fandm on ebay and on and on. are you going to have money in ten years at this rate? >> a lot of these stories that you are hearing are not true. i mean, no one can predict the
5:45 pm
future. i can't say what the future will be. floyd mayweather or anyone else. only god knows what the future is going to be. >> tonight, floyd mayweather will be in a ring, and in less than a month, will be in a cell for domestic violence against his ex. >> it's just like any situation. with oj and nicole, you saw pictures of her battered, and a lot of domestic cases, you see the women battered. and beat up. you have yet to see pictures of a woman battered or beat up. >> we'll hear more from floyd mayweather on the jail sentence that looms after his payday. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat.
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floyd mayweather jr. will pocket a guaranteed $32 million regardless of whether he beats miguel cotto in the ring. in less than a month, he reports to jail for battery on his girlfriend. i got into that with him and an open bout he has with his father. >> i watched the hbo special with you and your dad. you have this very tense relationship. you enjoy each other and then all of a sudden, a big fight breaks out. and you also said you want to try to repair your relationship with your father. what do you mean bike that? how are you doing it? >> i just -- i wish my dad nothing but the best. no hard feelings. it's like any family. different families go through downs. but the thing is with me and my father, my father, he sometimes can be stuck in his ways. but it's no hard feelings. >> after this fight, you're going to -- you live in a mansion now. you're going to have to spend time in the confines of a small
5:49 pm
jail cell. does that -- is that a distraction for you? you smile when i ask you. you're not worried about that, floyd? >> i like how you said it. >> when that presents itself, i'll deal with it. as of right now, my main focus is just going out there and performing and performing well. when my jail sentence, when it's time to deal with that, i'll deal with it. >> there may be some women out there who might be fans of yours and then they hear about domestic violence and that sort of thing and go, oh, that guy. if you're not guilty of it, of your hurting your guy." if you're not guilty of hurting your ex-girl friend, why take a play then? >> you just said you have watched "24/7." i don't want to drag my children or my family through the mud. it's just like any situation.
5:50 pm
with o.j. and nicole, you see pictures of her battered. in a lot of domestic situations you see the woman battered or beat up. you have yet to see pictures of a woman battered and beat up. when all is said and done, only god can judge me. >> you're going to see pictures in jail of manny pacquiao in jail and you're going to be going to jail. is there any irony? >> i wish manny nothing but the best. >> when are you two going to fight? that's the match everyone wants to see. they keep saying there's an excuse there, there's an excuse there. when are you two going to get into the ring? >> bob aaron, manny pacquiao' promoters, he's in the way. i can't be out here chasing a fighter. only thing i ask is if you're
5:51 pm
the best, take the test. miguel cotto took the test, ortiz took the test, i'm taking the test just to clean up the sport of boxing. >> if we held this interview on sunday, the day after the fight, what will i be interviewing? will i be interviewing you or will i be interviewing cotto for the win? >> most likely, 90% -- 100% chance you're going to be interviewing me. >> oh, yeah. he is confident. he is confident. that fight just hours away. great conversation. thank you, floyd mayweather. good luck to both men. coming up, teaching dolphins how to be dolphins again. rescued from disgusting conditions at a tourist attraction, they had to relearn their natural instincts. but, , with every door direct mail from the postal service, you'll find the customers that matter most: the ones in your neighborhood. print it yourself or find a local partner. and postage is under 15 cents.
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and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. in today's human factor, dr. sanjay gupta talked with a firefighter who battled to reclaim his life after nearly dying on the streets of new
5:55 pm
york. >> december 2005, new york city is in the grips of a massive transit strike. public transportation is completely shut down. new york city firefighter matt long has no choice. he must hop on his bike to get across the city to the fire academy. so this wasn't just training, you needed to get somewhere. >> i needed to get to work. i made it four blocks. >> four blocks and then disaster. a bus that had crossed multiple lanes of traffic made a right turn and in the process slammed directly into matt long. >> either didn't see me, didn't know i was there or whatever and took me right under the front wheel. >> in an instant, the self-described fitne nesness ju had gone from dominating race courses to barely surviving. >> from my left leg, every bound compound fracture, tib-fib,
5:56 pm
femur, might rigleft shoulder, severed my femoral artery. i was bleeding out. >> he stayed in the hospital for six months and underwent 40 operations. he survived physically but mentally was battling crippling depression. >> i said i'm glad you pray for me to live but i wish you'd pray for me to die because i can't do this. >> learning to live in his new bodies was his biggest challenge. >> i didn't think about saying what i can't do anymore, i started saying "i will," i will get back on the bike, i will get back on the run course and do the best i can. >> now retired, long coaches and motivates others. >> all right, doctor. >> two rescued dolphins are ready to return home.
5:57 pm
we tell but the group that had to reunite the dolphins natural instincts so they could live in the wild. >> reporter: meetom and meisha. two male bottle-nosed dolphins on a remarkable journey. originally captured in the wild and now after years in captivity, they're about to get their freedom. >> what we're trying to do is right a wrong, trying to bring them back and give them an opportunity to be wild again. >> hi, thomas. >> reporter: tom and meisha first attracted the attention of animal rights activists two years ago. they were being kept at this tushish resort where tourists paid to swim with the dolphins in a shallow, filthy load. >> the fecal material was building up on the bottom and the water was turning green. they were living in their own
5:58 pm
feces. >> reporter: activists eventual li brought them to this sea pen off the turkish coast the animals have been in the care of a team from the wildlife conservation group born free, led by marine mammal expert jeff foster. >> it's like taking your dog. for years you've been training these animals to interact with people and depend on people and then we have to retrain them to be wild. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges has been teaching these dolphins how to hunt for their own food. >> we had literally thousands of fish in the pen and they just would look at them because they've been so used to being hand fed that they didn't recognize fish as a food source. >> reporter: but now tom and meisha somersault and flip like pros in pursuit of their prey. they'll be suited with satellite trackers in a couple days so foster can monitor these animals after their release. >> your dream for this guy when
5:59 pm
he's released is what? >> is a lifetime in the wild, if possible. >> reporter: their biggest danger in the wild will come from human beings, from their fishing nets, their motor boat engines propellers and the pollutants that come out of cities like this, from the very same species that have held them captive and that have fed them for years. ivan watson, cnn, istanbul. >> there's hope. commonwealth university. the president on his first official day of campaigning. obviously there's going to a lot of this, a whole heck of a lot of this. everybody's campaigning. i'm don lemon at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. "the situation room" with mr. wolf blitzer begins right now. >> you're in "the situation room." we go behind the scenes of president obama's clandestine trip to afghanistan this w


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