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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 10, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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that against other concerns that they also have. it is raising it to the front page. >> let's stay on the issue and get me an answer to the question l it cost him votes in november? >> it could because i can't speak for the whole community. i can speak for the fact that many will be concerned and it could affect him. >> let's listen here to president obama putting this into a christian perspective. here he is. >> the thing, you know, at root that we think about is not only christ sacrificing himself on our behalf but it is also the golden rule, you know, treat others the way you want to be treated. >> the golden rule, we all learned it, right, treat others the way you want to be treated. you're a christian man. does that resonate with you, what he said? >> if the golden rule increase ignites with me but not to contradict other things jesus said and he said in matthew 19 that marriage is between one man and one woman. you don't use that rule to skip
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the institution. god defines what marriage is. society is supposed to implement his definition. when it creates new definitions, it creates chaos. it is written law. whoever owns the family owns the future. we must fight for the family from a biblical standpoint particularly if you say you're a christian christ should have the last word. >> i understand you're a man of god and go by what is in the bible and you have someone like representative barney frank and acknowledged gay member of congress. he is speaking about the president raising gay marriage. here he is. >> i think about 15-year-olds in school somewhere being picked on and bullied and now the president of the united states said, you know what, you're assist important as anybody else and you have the same right as anybody else and it has enormous impact. >> he is essentially saying this stance will now help persuade
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people. i know you cannot speak for an entire community but from our own opinion do you think that you could be persuaded by the president making this defiant stand? >> well, i think the persuasion ought to go the other way. i think we need to work harder in persuading the president to reverse his reversal back to a biblical frame of reference. it is non-necessity goesh ashl. god has spoken on the issue. there is god's answer and everybody else's and everybody else is wrong when they disagree with him. he is inex trickably clear. this is not only hurtful to the cause of christ and the faith but to the well-being of society. i would agree bashing people, miss streeting people, is wrong. >> how is it hurtful? >> it is an institution. >> how is it hurtful to the well-being of society in your opinion? >> well, first of all, when you look at the african-american community and how it is being decimated with the breakdown of the family, we need to get back to the family the way it was intended to be, not create other
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nuances that are against god because we have enough problems as it is within our community. in addition to that, when god created marriage, he created it not only for companionship but proceed creation. that can't happen unless it is a heterosexual union. god has this mapped out. >> i am listening to every word you said. when you say nuance i can hear folks saying nuance, are you saying men and men and women and women in a loving relationship can't further strengthen the african-american community with love and children, et cetera? you say no. >> they can't do it in a way that's acceptable to the creator. he says no. i am only repeating what he says, and he is not offered all of these fwtwists and turns everybody wants to have. we should love people regardless of where they come from but we're talking about an institution. you cannot redefine god's institution without expecting there will be breakdowns when you do that. >> there are also, reverend,
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seems to be a perception black opposition of same sex marriage is monolithic and i am not sure that's true. we have been going through the polls and this poll shows acceptance of same sex marriage has grown steadily among blacks but it is growing, and this is a poll taken just last month and you can see opposition to gay marriage if you flip to the next one, 66%, 66 in '96 and here you have 49% now. it is growing, and it is not even a majority now. you have 39% of blacks favoring gay marriage and one more thing i want to get in. this is a tweet from newark, new jersey, cory booker, and he says he was asked some sort of to give a statement on the president's gay marriage announcement from yesterday and he tweets, i told them i would give them one once i stopped dancing. really, my last question to you, reverend, is do you fear being marginalized by your position that this opposition, this
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institution, this belief because of what is in the bible and the creator who you very much so fervently believe in, this opposition to gay marriage? >> i am not concerned about marginalization at all. i am supposed to stay with him even if i am in the minority. i have to stand before him, number one, and he has orchestrated government. government is not a human institution. it is a define institution that humans are to run on his behalf. when they create their own rules they become against the creator and what he intended for government to do. >> thank you for sharing your perspective. we really appreciate it. now a lot more to cover. watch. the feds say a group of white supremecists were preparing for a race war and they say they were training near disney world. i am brooke baldwin. the news is now. zip, zero, z il ch, that is how
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much half the country is saving for retirement. i know. it is disturbing. where do you stand? plus, he certainly got experience speaking off the cuff, but how angry really is the white house at vice president joe biden for tipping the president's hand on same sex marriage?
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much half the country is saving marriage? neo-nazis training for a race war miles from the happiest place on effort. they are facing charges at this hour. according to investigators the af is a domestic terrorist group that believe a race war is
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inevitable and here is where they're accused of training to kill jews, immigrants, other minorities, and this is a back woods compound, all of 11 miles from walt disney world near orlando. three of these suspected white supremecists appeared in court tuesday. they were considered so dangerous they were kept in cages and away from other inmates. want to bring in john following this investigation for us today. john, do we have any details about what exactly the group was thinking they were going to pull off? >> clearly by what the court documents say there is no question that they believed that there was an impending imminent race war and they were preparing for that and turned the compound that you showed literally into a fortress and according to the court documents, one of the leaders, marcus fiella, actually was attempting to make ricen, considered a weapon of mass destruction and they were also, he and his wife patricia and the
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followers talking about some sort of disturbance they wanted to create at the orlando city hall in order to gain attention for their group because they believed the media attention would attract new followers to the group. now, they're both now out on bond and reporters caught up with them. patricia, of course, denied all of this. >> i don't consider myself a racist. it looks like we're being persecuted for our politics and we're out here. just because some things do make us uncomfortable but we're not wanting to bother anybody else. we just want to be left alone. >> she added, look, why don't you wait and at the end of the day when everybody r everything comes out you will see we're not who they say we are. >> how did they get caught? >> how did they get caught? an informant was undercover for
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almost two years from middle of 2010 up until just a couple of weeks ago when that informant got very nervous because he said that marcus fiella threatened to kill anybody who if he found out that they were informants, so immediately this informant went to the police and that's when they began to move in on the group. >> this compound 11 miles from of all places disney world. john, thank you e. more than 100 million tons of trash sent to landfills in the u.s. each and every year, but a florida man helping the environment by making a fashion statement with garbage in this week's solutions. he is making garbage fashion ablg. in 2004 he started ecoist, turning waste into products like handbags, jewelry and home
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accessories. they get rolls of discontinued wrappers or labels from company that is would otherwise throw them away and it takes 60 to 200 candy wrappers to make one handbag. >> our estimate is that we have saved about 40 million wrappers from going to land hills. >> we start with this one. >> marco's mother created the designs for many bags and the company employs women in peru to make them by hand. >> there is a lot of love that goes into these products. we're targeting people that appreciate the fact that we treat our workers fairly and give them the opportunity to make progress. >> ecoist is expanding pairing up with artists to create designs from different waste materials. >> there is so much waste that amazing raw material, that's unique, that is free, and it creates an amazing statement. >> this minute the prosecution
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finishing up its case against john edwards and instead of hearing from rielle hunter, the mistress here, we're hearing how badly john edwards wanted to be vice president. a fer rar i stunt back fires and goes horribly wrong and we have the video and the backlash. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ the video and the backlash. ♪
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more news unfolding. rapid fire, roll it. >> first up, we now know about this u.s. drone strike that's now killed eight militants connected to al qaeda in
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southern yemen. today's attack targeted a convoy of senior leaders in a militant network and security officials said the drone strike was followed by strikes by yemen's air force and just a short time ago we heard from defense secretary leon panetta addressing this particular strike at today's defense briefing. here he is. >> we will continue to take all of the steps necessary to try to go after those who would threaten our country and threaten the safety of american people. >> newly elected russian president vladimir putin won't be attending the summit at camp david. he called president obama to say he needs to finalize his cabinet and the prime minister will attend in his place. putin and obama shown here, a 2009 meeting in moscow. the white house says they will meet next month around the g-20 summit in mexico. ferrari, skidmarks, a
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landmark where this car is skidding and doing doughnuts on top of a 600-year-old city wall in china, all part of a p.r. stunt that back fired big time, offended the chinese and can couldn't get the tread marks up off this landmark. ferrari says it is sorry for the damage. and now we have breaking news here in the world of weather. go to chad myers. we're talking texas and tornado warnings. >> right. a couple of tornados on the ground. small tornados on the ground. if you're in corporate us chris and i south of corpus christi, the north padre island, we're seeing rotation and not far from chapman ranch and there are people in condo that is run through here at north padre island and back towards the northwest we're talking about a little farther to the north near campbellton and this form right there, brooke, live oaks moving
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and wet set a little storm and pawnee seeing rotation and small tornados nout but they could be bigger as the day goes on and could be significant. if there is anything on the ground significant we'll certainly run right on you here. >> no damage yet. >> no damage yet, just to farm land and a couple small tornados reported by spotters and nothing any houses and no homes at all. >> let us know if that changes. hopefully it won't. nasa today making a big announcement. it has scientists and us, folks like chad and i very excited, plus potentially big news if you pay mortgage or may soon be paying a mortgage, there are new rules involving extra costs. this is the smith family. we asked them to bring in their favorite dvds because we want to show them something new. you guys ready? yea! let's go go go! walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital. no kidding. cool. ♪ now you can watch them on your laptop, tablet, phone... any time, anywhere. like here. or here. or here!
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here is a disturbing finding. half of all americans saved z il ch for retirement and something new in space. time to play reporter roulette.
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tell me about this new report discovering that many americans saving goose egg for retirement. >> goose egg. >> why? >> na da. it is mostly young people that aren't saving anything. this is 56% of 18 to 34-year-olds and as you said they're not saving a dime for retirement. this coming from the financial trade association that actually looked at what the contributions looked like for their iras and 401(k)s and there was nothing in them and it is unfortunate. when you're young, it is the time to save. look at this. if you go ahead and save $200 a month starting around 25 years old, and let's say you earn about 7% a year, you'll have about a half a million dollars by the time you're 65 years old if you wait until you're 35 and you start saving the $200, have you less than half as much by the time you hit 65. you only have 235,000, so you know the lesson here, start saving early and save often,
3:23 pm
brooke. >> from saving to paying, people paying mortgages or preparing to pay a mortgage, there is new pesky fees being considered. do tell. >> looking to throw some of these fees out. when you apply for a mortgage, so much is lost in the fine print. if these new rules get the okay, you know, it may make the whole process easier. the new rules would be coming from the consumer financial protection bureau. it would keep mortgage brokers and loan officers charging you a fee based on the amount of the loan. that's how it is done now. if these changes go through, it would be a flat fee. this was really a big deal because it was seen as one of the more predatory practices. if loan officers could push you into more and ens sif loans, they make bigger commissions. that would be thrown out. a huge win for consumers. the second and final thing, the other change, home buyers, usually pay what are called points to lower their interest rate on their loan and in the
3:24 pm
past paying for those points didn't always translate to a lower interest rate even though it should have. guess what? now that lower interest rate will be spelled out in the documents and also these changes will help you be able to kind of weigh the options and find the best deal for yourself just because you will be able to delineate where the fees are coming from. keep our fingsz crossed the changed will go through, brooke. >> consider them crossed. thank you. next to chad myers in the discovery that nasa scientists say they found something unlike anything else they have seen in the solar system. >> correct. an astroid that never broke up. it is in the astroid belt that's not coming to the earth but it is an blake sphere oid. what does that mean? >> oblate. it was round enough and molten enough it became a sphere and not just an old rock that doesn't have form to it.
3:25 pm
this is now spinning around and not hitting the earth because the earth's orbit is here. mars is here. the astroid belt is way outside here. give you an idea, mars, mercury, moon, sears, and it is a rock formed with iron in the middle which is important, that means at some point in time it was melting and melted and it is 4.5 billion years old, one of the oldest things they have ever found and pulverized for 4.5 billion years and none of the crust is even left here. this is a bottom right here. that's the bottom. you can't tell because it is so old. that is a crater, a crater that lost so much dust into the astroid belt and that debris could fill 1,000 grand canyons
3:26 pm
with all the stuff that was knocked off of this oblique sphereoi d. >> use that in the dinnertime conversation. work it in. i dare you. next, news just in. we'll go straight to north carolina for this. we know the prosecution wrapped its case against john edwards. since his trial started back on april 23rd jurors have seen his daughter walk out in tears, his ex donor call him sick and evil and they won't be seeing his ex mistress rielle hunter despite the fact she is the reason he allegedly misused his campaign funds as he ran for president. instead, jurors were told edwards tried to snag a seat on the highest court in the land once he knew the oval office was out of reach. what happened today, joe? >> reporter: brooke, as you said, the government rested its case, about 14 days now of testimony here in greensboro, north carolina, the last thing the government did before resting the case is pretty
3:27 pm
interesting. they played a tape of an interview with john edwards on abc's night line from august of 2008. this is a very famous interview, infamous if you will because during that interview john edwards admitted this celebrated relationship with his mistress rielle hunter but did not admit to fathering a child with her and as we all know, he did in fact father a child with her and later admitted to that. so they played that tape apparently to show the kinds of lies john edwards told on television. that was the last thing the jury saw and heard. interesting, i saw hands and faces and hands and hands over mouths and the jury and people paying a lot of attention to that. now what's next, the jury is not coming back tomorrow because the government and the defense are going to get together with the judge. the judge is also going to hear a motion to have this case
3:28 pm
dismissed because the defense is going to take the traditional position that the evidence has not proven the guilt of john edwards on any of a number of the counts in this indictment. we're expecting that to go on pretty much in the morning tomorrow. traditionally and typically judges don't grant these motions and so the expectation is that they will begin with some kind of defense case on monday, brooke. >> here is my follow-up question for you, i guess, joe. that is there is a lot of surprise that this ex mistress, rielle hunter, the reason allegedly that edwards is accused of miss using the campaign funds and would have had prosecutor to herral immunity had she testified. why not? >> well, she has been deemed by a lot of people who have actually taken the stand assist a potentially volatile witness. she has been called crazy, apparently in some of the testimony that's come out, even john edwards has said she is increase, so there are some
3:29 pm
people who are just a little bit concerned about what she would say even though both the defense and the prosecution have said in documents that they think she could help their case. the government decided not to put her on, and of course we have asked the defense whether they plan to put rielle hunter on. they haven't responded to those questions at all. a lot of guessing here at the courthouse that rielle hunter is just not going to he show up, brooke. >> joe johns, day in and day out reporting on the ins and outs of this trial. thank you so much. fbi agents right now digging up the yard of a reputed mobster looking for stole loan artwork with to the tune of $500 million. this involves one of america's most famous unsolved heists. it is just a quick note, if you're heading out the door, keep watching us from the mobile phone or pop open that laptop, desktop, what have you, and keep watching. just go to and
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this is quite the story. this was one of the boldest well-planned most expensive art heists ever and after 22 years trails apparently led investigators to this backyard in connecticut, the home of this reputed mobster and as we speak the fbi is digging robert gentile's home, this is manchester, connecticut and his lawyer says they're looking for $500 million worth of art in this guy's yard. 13 pieces of stolen art from the gardner museum from 1990. milton is covering the story for the boston globe. question one, are the feds saying anything about what exactly they're doing at this home, what they're digging for? >> well, they have long said that mr. gentile was an interest to them and interesting to their investigation and i would imagine that part of that
3:34 pm
investigation means combing through everything and seeing what they can and can't find and that means bringing in all the resources and as we heard today, that means ground penetrating scanners and two beagles, a ferret. we're not sure what the animals are doing. they're really looking for something there and not saying much. to bring in all of these resources, you have to think it is something worth it, and again this is a man they connected to their investigation into the heist. >> quickly, just because i saw you smirk and i have to ask, a ferret? what is a ferret doing here? >> i really don't know. i think that's the story within itself. that's coming from the lawyer. that's coming from the lawyer, but two beagles and a ferret, and really doing something on the property and this is a person -- >> sorry, sorry. >> this is a person -- >> who obviously he is in jail and busted back in february on federal drug charges. i think his wife still lives in the home. what is it that makes authorities think that he even has all of these paintings?
3:35 pm
>> well, up until today's indication they haven't said that they think he has it but they do believe he may have information mainly because of his connections. he is an established reputed mafia member and does have connections to another mobster in prison for a long time on murder and cocaine charges and this person from boston and the mafia started talking, started talking past crimes and apparently started talking of his old friend, mr. gentile, and apparently that information may have included some discussion about the heist. >> this mr. gentile, where exactly does he fall in this mafia hierarchy and how would he even be involved in a case like this, this stolen artwork, do you even know? >> we know that he does have some connections to the mafia based in philadelphia. that mafia had crews in boston
3:36 pm
including robert luiz, a well known capo in boston that tried to do a little work up here before he was arrested, so there is a connections to the mafia and also the connection to a well known new england mafia figure, cadillac frank silemi and so mr. gentile has this connection to the mafia that's been established and has long been suspected the mafia may have played a role in the heist or in the aftermath of the heist, so connecting the dots, really i think they're just trying to connect the dots and see what's there in this long unsolved mystery. >> i just have to ask you because everyone loves a good art heist. take me back to 1990. i have been to boston a number of times and this was the day after st. patrick's day when they dressed up as cops and took this art. >> right. i mean, the artwork is significant within itself but just the way the heist was carried out, just makes this story all the more mysterious. two men dressed as cops knocking
3:37 pm
on the door after the st. patrick's day celebrations in boston which as you mention can get quite crazy really and so they knock on the door and saying they had a disturbance in the fenway and they were checking something out at the museum and they then barged their way in and tied up with duct tape the security guards inside and meticulously cut down 13 pieces and went in there for just over an hour and went in and seemed they knew what they wanted to do, what they were going after, and the security guards again were duct taped and all the witness has is a car possibly leaving, a red car possibly leaving the area. this is drama type of crime investigation all the while dealing with the most magnificent paintings in world history really. >> known to man, really. just imagine these investigators digging out a rembrandt under this guy's backyard. that's the money photo. milton, thank you so much. boston globe.
3:38 pm
we'll be following your reporting there and see if they find anything. president obama once said his position on same sex marriage was evolving. that's an understatement. we're about to show you a clip, this reel really of all of his stances and we'll go all the way back to the '90s and will this hurt his standing with hispanic voters? ♪ under blue moon i saw you [ young man ] whoo-hoo! ♪ so soon you'll take me there he is! the party's arrived. ♪ [ both hiss ] [ screaming, explosions ] oh, he-- [ crickets chirping ] [ owl hooting ] [ gasps ] ♪ fate ♪ up against your will
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the president's stance on same sex marriage has done more swerves than a mountain road and as mary snow shows us his new embrace of the notion puts him really right back where he started. >> gay and lesbian americans should be treated fairly and equally. >> you could say he has gone full circle, illinois senate candidate barack obama support marriage for same sex couples back in 1996. in a questionnaire for a gay newspaper he responded, i favor legalizing same sex marriages and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages. the evolution of his opinion had just begun. 1998, another questionnaire, this time his position unknown. by 2004 the political climate
3:42 pm
was demanding clarity. in a debate obama clarified. >> i believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> that was before this, his 2004 convention speech. >> we coach little league in the blue states and, yes, we have gay friends in the red states. >> he was running for president and went to a debate on gay issues. i am a strong supporter, not of a weak version of civil unions but of a strong version. by 2008 many polls show young americans supporting gay marriage and mtv asked about proposition 8 that re peeled same sex marriage in california. >> i am not in favor of gay marriage, but when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that that's not what america is about. >> president obama couldn't decide what he decided. his staff said he was evolving. >> my baseline is a strong civil
3:43 pm
union that provides them the protections and the legal rights that married couples have, and i think that's the right thing to do. i recognize that from their perspective it is not enough. i think this is something that we're going to continue to debate and i personally am going to continue to wrestle with going forward. >> six u.s. states wrestled with the same question and opted to allow the marriages. >> i think it is important for us to work through these issues because each community is going to be different. each state is going to be different. >> pressure was building. the president had allowed gays to serve openly in the military and banned discrimination in the federal government. a "washington post" review of donor list it is found 1 of 6 bund lers for the presidential campaign is gay and then the cabinet began to speak out. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and women marrying women and heterosexual men and women married are entitled the same
3:44 pm
exact rights. >> three days later abc broadcast this news in a special report. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> mary snow, cnn, new york. we have talked before about african-american voters and possible backlash but there is mother minority block they're concerned about now, that being latino voters here in america. welcome. >> great to be here. >> talk about a key voting block, especially in specific battle ground state, have you hispanic americans and many of whom are devout catholics and how is this resonating with them? >> i think it is sinking in. it has been over 24 hours and people are just reacting and the reactions we have seen from latinos is similar to the rest of the country. >> how so? >> some people are ecstatic. some people are happy. people who fight for gay rights
3:45 pm
and then there are other conservatives and people who feel family is being put in danger and think this is more of of a gay agenda and the president is trying to promote, so it is sinking in there, but it is surprising that a lot of people are really taking it well and others are looking at what's going to happen. >> is this something, though, seems like people are all over the spectrum. is this something that could sway a vote away from the president come november? >> the immigration issue is more touching. in this case, it is just sinking in, 24 hours beal see what happens, catholic church going to have a message in the mass and they will tell the people in the pews where to go and they did with birth control, and there is a big evangelical block of latinos growing, and it is probably growing faster than the catholic church and they're also concerned about gay marriage, so it could be an issue. let's see what happens in november. it is going to be more this message coming from different sources such as the evangelical
3:46 pm
leader and the catholic leaders could be interesting. >> we'll see what message comes from the pulpit, i suppose. >> tired of being told what to wear? where to sit? one man says he had to do something to make him feel good and i promise you you won't want to miss this. ere on schedule. ere on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. time for the help desk with answers to your financial questions. joining me, greg olson, a certified financial planner and partner at lenox advisers and lynnette, thank you both for coming in. interesting question for you from ann in washington. ann wrote in i have two credit cards and a credit score of 770.
3:48 pm
i always pay my bills on time and never spend more than 10% of my total credit limit. i would like to open another credit card that offers cash back and points on gas purchases. will opening that hurt my credit score? >> first of all, congratulations for being so financially responsible. it could slightly negatively affect your credit score. you want to really think about before you open up another card. if you really need to, because of the benefits that go along with it, maybe ask for a lower credit limit. if it is just for gas, maybe $500 a month would be sufficient. the other thing would be possibly look at the other two credit cards that you have and if you really need the third one and say which one don't i need and this way you will keep your overall credit limit about the same and that shouldn't negatively affect your credit score. >> and closing one, that could hurt the credit score? >> it really depends in that situation, overtime you're constant i opening and closing cards so i would seriously consider it depending on how good the next card really you
3:49 pm
need the next card. >> lynnette, your question is from joe in arizona. he wrote in after a short sale on a bankruptcy how long do i need to wait to buy another home? should he even buy another home? >> not immediately certainly. you have to get the credit cleaned up and back on track financially. generally speaking the short answer would be as little as one year believe it are on not or as long as three years. depends on two things. one, the type of loan you get, fha or government-backed loan versus a conventional mortgage and, two, the type of bankruptcy proceedings that he was in. believe it or not you could be in a chapter 13 where you reorganize debts and pay them off over a period of three to five years and you could get a mortgage one year and get a mortgage one year after you file bankruptcy and get it in while you have bankruptcy proceedings and your trustee and i've gotten back on the right track, but legally you can do it. the government wants to make sure that people don't just walk away from homes and foreclose and get it again, so the one to three-year time period is the
3:50 pm
general rule. >> thank you, guys, just send us an e-mail any time to help
3:51 pm
>> well, here's something you don't see every day. a man -- let me say this, riding a unicycle across the blej bridge and yep, we're blurring out the tuckus because he's naked and he was charged with indecent exposure. >> the officer kept his distance as best he could. obviously, he wasn't armed as we could tell and we did what we had to do and we cuffed him and moved him to the side of the vehicle to get him out of the view of the public. >> why is the guy unicycling on a bridge in the buff.
3:52 pm
get this, he told police he liked the way it felt. okay. and -- hi, wolf. wolf blitzer coming up in a couple of minutes in "the situation room." i have no -- what's coming up? >> let me tell you what's coming up, we have an exclusive interview with josefina vidal. she's the top official in the cuban foreign ministry dealing with north american affairs. i spoke with her from havana. we spoke about the imprisoned american alan gross and she explains what it would take presumable toe free this american who has been in prison in cuba for two and a half years and we're getting reaction already from the state department. earlier hillary clinton, the secretary of state, spoke about it. you might remember last friday i interviewed alan gross. there's stuff going right now. we're watching it very closely, the interview with the cuban foreign ministry official. it's exclusive. that will be aired here in "the situation room." that's coming up.
3:53 pm
also, brian todd and he's got new information about al qaeda in yemen and what's going on in that front so that will be a big part of the day as well. >> defense secretary talking about that at that briefing and we'll look for it, we'll see you seven minutes from now and the reporter was fired not for what she does on the clock, but what she did after hours. she is hiring a well-known attorney claiming sex discrimination. weir on the case. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well, shoot, that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too.
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3:56 pm
online she's known as the angry stripper. in houston, sarah tress ler was known as newspaper reporter by day who stripped by night, but since the newspaper fired tressler. sunny hostin is on the case with us today. so glaria allred just finished this news conference and she says her client is the victim of sex discrimination. let's listen. >> sarah feels that when she was terminated that termination was sexually discriminatory in violation of the title 7 of the civil rights act. most exotic dancers are female and therefore to terminate employee because that employee had previously been an exotic dancer would have an adverse impact on women. since it's a female-dominated occupation. terminations like this would also discourage women from trying to improve their lives.
3:57 pm
>> okay, sunny, i want you to explain this to me. sex discrimination, how so? >> i don't know if i can explain it, and i'm a gloria allred fan. i know her. but i think this is a stretch. the bottom line is employers, if you don't have a contract can fire you for no reason or any reason at all as long as it's not a discriminatory reason and gloria is alleging that he was discriminated because she is a woman and that women are typically -- i guess strippers are women and not necessarily men, but i don't know that that argument really translates. i mean, was she fired discriminatorily, i don't see that here, but i haven't seen any paperwork that gloria has filed and many she'll make a cogent legal argument, but at this point i think it's a stretch to argue that she was fired because of sexual discrimination. >> i remember reading this article in "the houston
3:58 pm
chronicle" not too long ago where this woman was, i think she covered the social scene or socialites in houston by day and here she is stripping at night and all i -- obviously, a lot of people were wondering this is a lot of publicity for this young woman, is she looking for a book deal, a movie deal possibly here? >> i've read the same things. people are saying that, but she was a very qualified journalist. got her masters from nyu, was also a professor and sort of did this apparently because she was down on her luck and needed some money and so did this stripper job affect her job as a journalist for "the houston chronicle" which is arguably a pretty conservative newspaper? i don't know. will she get a book deal? perhaps. will she get a movie deal? perhaps. she's well on her way since she's being represented by one of the best attorneys of our time, right? >> that is right.
3:59 pm
sunny hostin, thank you. we shall see. just a quick reminder before i let you go. we are on verdict watch for the man accused of the horrible crimes against jennifer hudson's family. the jury is now deliberating in the case of hudson's former brother-in-law william balfour. he killed hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. so we'll be watching now how the jury ends up finding this man. it's been a very emotional case. so many people have testified first being jennifer hudson herself. that is it for me. thank you so much for watching here. i'm brooke baldwin. cnn headquarters in atlanta and now to washington to my colleague wolf blitzer. "the situation room" begins right now. >> thank you very much. frustration inside the white house. the frustration of joe biden as the president admits the vice president inadvertently forced him to announce his support of gay marriage sooner than


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