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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 13, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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reverend joseph barry and bond wrote it. he said in the african-american community and in the church, we could get some answers tomorrow when african-american pasters will be in the pulpit with mother's day crowds filling the pews. we'll talk more about that. mitt romney makes a personal appeal to conservative evangelicals. mr. romney addressed graduates at jerry fallwell's liberty university and never mentioned his own mormon faith directly but stressed common ground on issues like service, responsibility and the definition of marriage as between a man and woman tens of thousands of protesters in spain are fed up with their country's economic nightmare and they marched in madrid and other cities and marking the one-year anniversary of a movement against inequality and sky-high unemployment. now to the stories you're
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talking about. the conservative gay era, formed out of the closet and now he's speaking out on acceptance and a party divided. tough love for the testify gop. a cnn exclusive. a magazine cover worth a gazillion gulps. boobs, it's what's for dinner. we want to know does mom need it more than the kid? >> all that plus, dirty dictator. dirty words and some super clean fun. >> oh, boy, what a week for america and marriage. north carolina banned same-sex marriage and the next day the president says he's okay with gay people getting married. it seems like it would be red meat for conservatives but it is highlights the issues? arizona sheriff is my dmex guest. he republican and yesterday, you dropped out of the race for
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congress with the north carolina vote. and with president obama, what's your week been like? >> well, it's actually been a liberating and freeing week. there's by a lot of controversy about this issue. and it hits home with me personally. it's something that i am gay. i am a sheriff and i am a conservative, yet, this is something that i was opened to family and to certain friends but not to the public and that was used and it's my responsibility in the end and i take ownership of it. it was used as a weapon to harm me and now i'm dealing with it. >> so you gave them the ammunition, you're saying, but not coming out? >> absolutely. and that's a regret i have, don. i've always been honest about it. some team -- there have been scandals about people that are married and are gay. or who have a dpak girl friend. that's not me.
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i embraced it. i never lied about it, but i wish i shared it with the public in retretrospect but come to fid out, a lot of people say, sheriff paul, doesn't matter. and, in fact, it's your performance and your results and that's been so heartening to me to hear that. surprisingly, from a lot of conservatives. >> so you're having this experience now after having come out, right? >> yes. >> which if you had done that a long time ago all of this stuff that happened, there would be no need to. i did stories on you and one of them was a no-talking point segment where i said, had you been out in the first place nobody -- thus, no allegations. as you say, hold anything over your head or try to black mail you. that's what you say because that's not what your
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ex-boyfriend says. he believes that it's legitimate. but had you come out nothing. >> right. in retrospect and this is how i define myself, by my work. by the value i add and how i want toe measured is results. you know, it's been ironic because a lot of people who aren't -- because they look at me in a different light because i'm a sheriff, 20 years in the military, served a tour in iraq. >> so gay and conservative. and it makes their heads like, what's going on here? >> it does. >> your regret is not coming out and you would change that. what would you change about your party, if you could change anything. >> widers acceptance and understanding. it's a slow evolution. i'm really proud to see that the
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party is evolving and probably, to fast forward a decade and see where we'd be out. i think in essence of the party it does stnd for freedom. >> you would fast-forward your party ten years. what do you mean by that? >> well, i think you're seeing an evolution in thought and you're seeing -- forget the polls, but this is 2012. there is a poll released which a local news station here in phoenix. my strongs support even today, 75% of conservatives said that i should be re-elected to another four-year term. that's amazing. so to see that and they said that none of this makes a difference. so first it's not just toll reynolds it's respect because of who i am and what i've shown them in terms of my performance and results. quiet example has really helped
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evolve to a large degree. >> what say to people in your party including mitt romney and be on necessary, who say you haven't have the right to as they do? >> as people look at this and i know where they're coming from with their own experiences and understanding. i think this is more about religious freedom. and that the republican party and the democratic party, the government shouldn't be in the middle of all this when we have so many other issues and it really is, in my point of view, is that the federal government, the state should not be temperatures religious organizations, the catholic church, that you have to marry to men nor should they be able to tell the unitarian or methodist church that they can't. this isn't just about equality
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but -- >> i'm not asking you about equality. i'm asking you what would you say to people in your party and to mitt romney who say you shouldn't have the right to be married? >> they need to look at it a little witt further and not look at the old adage of the position of the rupp party. i can tell you knows of news our 40s and younger in the rupp party, there's far stronker support in the evolution of this for equality and for recognition of, hey, they need to understand that. and i think that even to see obama come out now and he's evolved and i think that the rupp party is lag on this particular issue. >> all right. >> we'll get there. >> so is the sheriff still in trouble with the law? >> yes. >> and is he the one to get social conservatives and gay people to finally talk and listen?
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i'm talking with arizona sheriff, the darling of the gop. i want you to watch this. >> have we got the right plan? >> plan's perfect. >> you bring troops, state, county and local law enforcement together and complete the dang fence. >> it will work this time. senator, you're one of us. >> paul, that was before you
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were -- that was before you were forced out of the closet to defend yourself from claims that you tried to have your ex-boyfriend deported. what about the rest of the party? do you think you're in a position to grinch the kaz m that straighted them? >> i believe i could be one. i won't be so boltd as to say i'm the guy. but we need some officials in the rupp party that just don't come out and say, hey i support these issues but actually, live their life doing their job first and that's most important but, also, this is a part of who i am and to see a prominent senator like john mccain still say, hey, you're my friend and you're a dam good sheriff and enough of this matters. that means the world to me and to have all my local officials in pinellas county to stand with me, it's really been tremendous. >> i know it's tough for you
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because you don't want this to be a referendum on mitt romney or the party. you're afraid to criticize the party. there's tough love. you can't criticize something you like, especially when it needs correction. >> it seems likes you're hedging a bit, a bit more than you might want to. >> you know why? because i believe the best way, a lot of us in the republican party get offended when you shove things in their face and it's all demanding things. i think they respect more about me that i've never done that and it's like, paul's a good sheriff. performed and done all these things and it's changed a lot of hearts. i believe that. it's not oech oh it's acceptance in the fact that the republicans are still super supportive of me to the fact that i have 75% of
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the, quote, conservatives, who control the rupp republic party. >> but you were afraid to come us out because -- did you think coming out is shoving it in your face. no different than someone who has kidser says they're going to a basketball game with their son. you know they're straight and have kids, but you saying that you're gay how is that shoving it in someone's face. >> no. that was more my own fear and projecting that on to everybody else and that's where i was pleasantly surprised when people said, you know, none of this matters. >> i get it. i get what you're saying. you say you believe the extremes of the party are hijacking it a bit. and you want to end that. you want to end the extremes and can you it quickly because i want to ask you about the
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investigation? >> yeah. >> to be truly inclusive and really be inclusive we have to show that. >> let's move on. the man claiming to be your ex-boyfriend said you threatened him with deportation. where is that investigation now? >> nearly complete. this is how a lot of it got catapulted out there. and then they corrected it. even the "los angeles times", they said there was never a threat of deportation or anything because he's not illegal. that's where a lot of it has taken on a life of its own. i'm in a position as a law enforcement, the worst thank you can say about somebody wearing a badge and carrying a gun is they threaten somebody and abuse their authority and it's awful to be in that position. i asked for the investigation and i'm confident that i will be exonerated because i know the truth. so i know how it will end.
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>> we'll be watching and if something happens, we'll be counting on you to come back whether you're cleared or not and talk about it. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> this is about making choices consistent loving care. [ everyone talk at once ] "boobs it's what's for dinner." and mitt romney, teenage bully. what happens in high school doesn't necessarily stay in high school.
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reaction to this week's "time" magazine cover of a woman breastfeeding a 3-year-old boy standing up, quote, if you can stand on a chair, your milk should come from a cow. a lot of people have been talking about this. the cover has america talking. a 26-year-old mother breastfeeding nearly -- her year inially 4-year-old son. the "time" magazine article is on "attachment parenting" and focuses on things like toddlers still breastfeeding and sleeping in the same bed as their parents. at the center of both the practice and the magazine article is dr. william sears. the author of the 199 3 book "attachment parent." >> this is a natural, instin instinctual, it's not indulgent or extreme and how i explain it to parents are if you're an
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island and there were no experts around to advise you how to parent your baby, attachment parents is what you do. >> a lot of people argued that the cover is sensationalizing something that's meant to be a personal issue 'this is heather from nashville. they practices attachment parent, and then in new york, dr. jeff gordeer. heather, what do you think of it? what do you make of the cover and the big uproar over attachment parenting now? >> i actually am sort of blog friends with jamie and i have a lot of respect for her and "time" contacted me when they were shooting the cover and i was disappointed when they went with another family. when i saw the cover, i felt relieved. it's not exactly representative of what full term priest feeding looks like.
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i think it was created for shock value. and i think it got that across, but it doesn't really represent the attachment paradigm in my opinion. >> because it's more than just breastfeeding? >> well, yes, and more intimate. the pose itself is a little depatched and jamie hers said when she's at home, it's different. her son is sitting in her lap and it's an intimate thing and that wasn't portrayed that way on the cover. my experience full-term breast feeding is that' very intimate and so -- >> they got people interested in this particular topic so there's some good. doctor, does that distract from the real conversation about parenting or does it draw attention to it in a good way. >> i think it certainly does take away from what attachment parenting is supposed to be about. it's not supposed to be the this super sexy thing.
1:21 am
there's this issue of intimacy that we can talk about in just a bit. but it really is about selling a magazine and it does a disservice to the whole idea of attachment parenting being about listens to the child and dedicating your needs to the needs of the child. i think that's that really just blows it out of the water. >> so here a question i've been asking. who benefits more from this really? is this more, heather, about the kid or is it reallybility the mom who may have trouble herself detach something. >> may have trouble detaching? that's an interesting question. when i first encountered attachment paenting, i didn't think i ever wanted to be a parent but i in and around it so fat natd, when a mother lace next to her instant child, the way the child's breathing synchronizes with the mothers and it seems like mother and
1:22 am
child are designed to be together. as i grew and decided i did want kids it felt so natural but it's not always been easy for me and i feel the choices i've made i've made for the benefit of my childr children. >> it sounds like you're saying there's a lot in it for you. and it may be more about you than the kid. i'm just saying. >> i think parenting is rewarding. if you're asking if i find using these cool of tools rewarding, the answer is yes. is it's easy? no. and i think that the children are really the ones that benefit. >> doctor you heard my question to her. what does her answer sound like to you? >> i'm awarding you a honorary ph.d., don. there's a lot in this for the parent. i think it's a correct interpretation on your part. i'm sure that mothers and this mom are not doing this on a conscious level to meet their
1:23 am
own needs but we hear this whole issue of intimacy and privacy and when we look at best feeding it brings all these components together but we have to also look at the sociology of this. how do we get our children to integrate with other children so by keeping them so much in the prief si and in the home with the mother it takes a little bit of that away, the development of the child in that way. so moms need to be careful and i would never tell them not to breastfeed between the ages of 3 and 4. that's a personal choice. but they should look at what's going on with integrating children. >> i have just a couple seconds left. we don't want to beat up on heather. she's -- do you think, doctor, going on too long can hurt the child rather than help? >> i think at some point there
1:24 am
is a diminishing especially when you look to integrate the child with another children. children do naturally begin to seay away from the breast at 3 or 4 years old. so there is something to this attachment parentsing. it is a personal choice and i ask parents, look at the needs versus the needs of your child. keep that straight and you should do okay. >> heather, maybe people should be grateful that it's drawn attention to attachment -- >> i i would respectfully disagree that my child isn't integrated. she's extremely social and very, very well integrate sflood i didn't say. i said we have to look at that. we have to balance that. i would never say that to you. i'm sure your child is absolutely beautiful. >> i wouldn't say that's what the research indicates. >> one more time? >> i wouldn't say that children nurtured in this way are any less socially adaptable than
1:25 am
children nurtured in other ways. >> that's going to have took tend. thank you, heather. we are appreciate it. >> so how far back into a politician's past is fair game? high school, apparently it is when it comes to mitt romney. seeing him on the go. grab your mobile phone. ♪ ♪
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how much weight do people like the reverend joseph lowrie carry on this issue. we could get answers tomorrow when african-american pasters will be in the pulpit with mothers and mother's day crowds filling the pews. a lot of worshippers have been wrestling with a question that goes something like this one. more important to support the nation's first black president or to be a quote/unquote, good christian and oppose gay marriage? let's talk about it with political comedian republic strategy, julian bond. i asked if the opened letter was opened to influence the sermon tomorrow. >> the reason i signed was because i support president obama and i supported his statement. i wasn't aware of any special strategies although i hope there were some special strategies
1:29 am
around this because as i said a moment ago this election is too important to take a care-free attitude towards it. anybody who stays at home is really voting for the other guy. >> they're trying to rally the troops. i thought it was an interesting question. when it was posed as we were talking about this. is it more important to be a good christian or more important to support the first african-american president of the united states. >> don, i think it will be great to see what happens tomorrow in the poll numbers. but i think i had the rare voter who uses one issue to vote on. they support him on everything except for one thing but i think it's good that they're standing up for this issue. it's all about treating all americans the same or whether we treat gay less than american like in the '60s, same thing. that's the way it should be
1:30 am
framed. that's the issue. >> anna? >> i think this reflects what i know to be true in the republic party and the democratic party. there are did vechanging opinio. some of us are pro gay right and some democrats are anti-gay marriage republicans. and i think this is a calculated move where the white house is coordinating with these black leaders who obviously support president obama as julian bond told you and it's a smart mover. trying to eenforce their base and send their base the message. we'll have to look at the entire pa j conditional. we may not like what he's saying but don't forget there's any other package. on the republic side the same thing. you saw mitt at libertity university today. you would have never expected him this to receive the very good reception he did, they were very hospitable to him and i think it's the same thing on our
1:31 am
side. look at the entire package. >> so this idea that blacks are opposed to same-sex marriage seems a little overblown. 49% of blacks are opposed to 43% of why this, according to the late latest pew study. is this being overblown, do you think? to say that 'african-americans are more -- i think it will take time, cobb on necessary, it is an evolution. your first guest, the sheriff, talked about that. the civil righters that make the case up until 1967, loving versus virginia. u it's treated americans less than equal and people of race and color should be more similar dhetic, to the situation of
1:32 am
people who guy and being scrimmage nated against. >> we talked about this when we talked on the airplane. we talked about how muslims femt about this and the thing is, anna, that i'm wondering when people say -- and i hate to use this term -- on the wrong side of history. like the republics will be on the wrong side of history with this. but be honest. aren't we going to look back one day and we'll be saying same thing about racial marriages? sure some people oppose it and ten years from now it will seem like that's where it's going. people may not agree with it. people didn't agree with integration but it seems to me, it's inevitable. do the rupps skmand a chance of
1:33 am
being on the wrong side of history or could this reverse and hurt the party if. >> i asked the sheriff that same question a moment ago. >> first, i don't think all reps feel this same way on this issue. i know many republicans including myself, who are pro gay marriage republicans and that are many republicans that are very house. >> you know what i mean. >> like cindy mccain and laura bush. people who have been part of campaigns, on gay marriage. so i think an unfair pinting with a very odd brushstroke. >> i'm generalizing is that when you hear people -- democrats but when you hear like mitt romney what he said today, what he said today, imagine that sound bite in 10 or 20 areas i'll still be like wallace in alabama. you know what i'm saying. >> right now this is a touchy
1:34 am
issuend the one that the country is struggles with. we're almost split 5050 on this issue as an entire country and i think the entire country, including our political leaders will evolve in this. 10 years, 20 years, we see gay as much more prevalent and pop culture but we're now more exposed to gays and the gay lifestyle. my father don't have a grey friend that he knows of. whereas you compare it to his daughter, 40 years later and i have a ton of gay friends i look at it from a very differ funnels. when you have gay friend it's hard to look at them in the eye and say to them, you have less rights than i do. >> quickly. >> why not evolve now?
1:35 am
51% of supporting this. >> dean, i have to ask you this, listen, something that happened nearly 50 years ago off mitt romney in prep school. i mean, really? i did some crazy things in high school i couldn't want to come back to haunt me. what do you think? >> you went tore leader of the free world. everything is fair game. doesn't mean voters will say it has no traction. romney has two quick problems with that. look at his pictures from high school. he looked like niedermayer from "animal house." and he has a like kt problem. he's 37% behind president obama. that doesn't mean it makes him lighter to being -- >> i'm sorry,'re gog don. got to get to other things. so listen, who needs a good superhero. a lot of us, apparently, judging
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let's head to the movies,
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shall we? >> oh, america. the birth place of aids. >> general, welcome to new york city. while you're here i highly recommend a visit to the empire state building before you or one of your cousins takes it down. >> sacha baron cohen's movie raising eyebrows as only he does. here's a former attorney and comedian. dean, you're of that heritage. you're muslim, what are your thoughts about it. >> i wrote for an arrested kel. it's mistral show. i don't want to apology or boycott. i want nothing. hollywood, if you're going to mock arabs and indians let us play ourselves or let us be part of the creative process if you culture off of it. i want us to be in the game.
1:40 am
it won't be cliche'. something inciteful and a little different. >> is there a double standard here? why did ashton kumper get so much heat. and then barron cone is allowed to -- >> for us -- >> very few people stand up for us. we, and the indians as well, they're the ones usually people can mock. nobody stands up for us. >> do you agree with that anna? >> don, we 4ri6 in a democracy where there's freedom of spees and i think we have to be our cone conscious we can vote with your money, frankly. if we think it's not property we won't go to movietion that don't make money so we should just ourselves. >> will people get the joke or
1:41 am
will they be offended? do you think it will stir up tensions in the -- >> that's not the issue. the bigger issue, they mafia guys and he -- it's not the freedom of speech. i'm not saying ban the movie. >> we got to go faster. i want to talk about the adventures. this movie is making money like -- 855 million worldwide. more than $555 million. why is this movie so popular? and quickly, here's the thing. what superhero you be. >> that's a very faint super man
1:42 am
thing and i grew up in this time of underroos so these ew t-shirts. >> we're supposed to be wearing them. >> there they are. i would be super man because i'd want to fly. >> all right. i'm wonder woman, don. >> and i'm captain america. i'm already marketing with product placement. >> why do we need superheroes. we start as kids and for adults, why do we need superheroes? >> because we love the struggle between good and evil, because they're uplighting. they have .powers you -- 2340 yb you don't. i would lover to use a uss serum. this movie is so popular
1:43 am
because, one, it's well made. and it has some beloved cartoon character that have been around and now they're all together. >> everything reminds me of my childhood. everything eld is new. i got to run. you got two seconds. >> my super power will be able to ply not not get stuck. that's our dream, to be able to fly. >> one guy he could use a good crisis avenger right now is john tra vol ta. that's next. thank you at&t. first, why don't you show her the curved edge... now move on to the slick navigation tiles -- bam, right into the people hub. see megan, colin has lots of friends. hey, colin, what kind of phone is that? whaaa -- oh megan -- when did you get here? [ clears throat ] ohh yea no, let's... [ male announcer ] introducing the beautifully different nokia lumia 900. only from at&t. rethink possible.
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saturday night fever getting hotter. a third man coming forward saying he propositioned him on a royal caribbean cruise in 2009. fabian said he was working on the cruise at the time. he said t got naked in front of him and hugged him and offered him $12,000 for sex. obviously, mr. tra vvolta denie this. what does john travolta do now? >> what pretty much what he and his people are doing. which is to avoid the temptation
1:47 am
to defend himself. that sounds counterintuitive by any measure but if you mount a vigorous defense against the charge that the strange and probably not true, all you do is send a message that you don't want to send, which is that, perhaps, you have something to be defensive about. so by playing it very low key, by only responding with specific facts, a, you said i did something on a certain day and i can prove that i was someelse else on the planet that day. you're how much better off than doing what comes naturally and instingively. to defend yourself. >> but he's saying through his attorneys, here's the response from travolta's attorney. this is another ridiculous claim by someone hopping on the bandwagon to guess his 15 minutes of fame. at the time.
1:48 am
supervisored didn't believe him. they confined him to his cabin and subsequently fired him. according to media reports, significantly, we never heard of this guy before the fact that we're only hearing about him now is that that speaks problem. royal caribbean said he was not fired he resigned. his attorney is now doing major damage control here. but the question is -- you said say nothing. but is the damage already done and because it's perception, reality, in this this case, even if it's not a true? >> a certain amount of damage clearly has been done and you can't erase that. the question now is, mitigation and as you say, damage control. it's very interesting, look carefully at the quote from his
1:49 am
lawyer and notice what he didn't say. i simply stated from their perspective are simple facts. >> he did do it? did he ever say that? >> enever he said he didn't do it. he never talked about what it was. i don't mean to get semantic when you're controlling damage to not do more damage by following your national instinct. >> david bartlett, thank you. >> you're quite welcome. a little right reading for you from page 78. it says my tongue tentatively strokes hits and joins his in a slow erotic dance. it only gets worse from there, how's that for a bedtime score. more, next.
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experience love that lasts.
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here to bird lake. here ask where josh was where the raft capsized and he went down. it's hard to believe that just like that, my son drowned and he was gone. my father, he instilled in us the fear of water and so, i, in turn, didn't take my son around water. children don't have to drown. my name is wanda. i save lives by providing swimming lessons and water safety skills. jacob kendricks -- african-american children are three times more likely to drown than white children. that's why we started to josh project to educate the families about how importants to be water safe. many parents don't know how to swim. >> he was afraid of the water. he was the first in my family to learn how to swim and he's come a long way from not liking water
1:54 am
in his face to getting dunked under. >> you like it? >> i'm so happy to see that so many of them have learned how to swim. >> good job. one life we save. >> it tacks me back to joesh and the tragedy was turned into the triumph and it makes me happy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. but if i grow this out a little bit, i look too much like an english country gent... naaah. a little this way
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our superheroes are back. dean and anna. mommy and porn aren't words you hear together too much. that's a description of the book "50 shades of grey." what is going on here, anna? i mean, it's a chick thing, like a chick flick. women can't stop talking about this. what in the world? >> don, it is pandemonium. i got to tell you, my superhero is el james, the author of this book. she was down in miami at the built more hotel about ten days ago and it was a frenzy of women to go see her. she's really hit a 234e6sh and i think it's because she does it in a suggestive way. it's porn but it's porn for women, by a woman. >> when i asked you earlier, i
1:58 am
said if you could be a superhero bring something representative. what did you say you were going to bring. >> i said i would bring some cuff links and 50 shades of grey. with you i brought a silk tie and anybody that's read it knows what i mean. >> handcuffs. >> listen, the interesting thing is that it's been banned from libraries. i could not find it today in the store. what are people scared of when it comes to the book and what's the uproar about? >> i have some points about it. there's no pictures in it, ridiculous. i have to picture stuff in my head, are you kidding me? brevard county banned it. it makes no sense. i did research. put in the word mommy porn there's a ton of stuff out there. it's written by adults and it's read by adults. if you don't like it, don't read
1:59 am
the book. we're going backwards where it's so broodish. >> if it's a movie would you go see it? >> don, i think people are buying the book. right now it's number one, two and three on "the new york times" bestseller. i don't know what shore you're shopping at but i went to the bookstore in miami today and there was a display i would tell you of about 200 of these books. >> i couldn't find it. thank you, anna and dean. see you again soon. tonight on "cnn presents." war rage on trial. some soldiers go through hell. and some soldiers bring it home with them. >> i would have never shot anybody if it hadn't been for ptsd. >> but is ptsd a defense for


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