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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 13, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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of "the hunger games" and ann occury co-anchor of the owed show, actress and humanitarian angelina jolie along with singer and new moms beyonce knowles also in the group. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have more ahead on cnn sunday morning. it starts right now. the dow had its worst week of 2012, and jp morgue annan's gap drives investors away. plus, one senator says the president's reversal on same-sex marriage couldn't get any gayer. and it's mother's day. we take a look at moms around the world and have a time magazine cover that sparked outrage in america has received eye rolls abroad. good morning, everyone.
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i'm randy kay. it's 7:00 on the east coast. 4:00 a.m. on the west. let's get straight to the news this morning. we start with your money on the line with several factors weighing heavy on our economy. overseas many greece. newly elected leaders are meeting right now to try and put together a coalition government. that new deposit was supposed to bring them out of the financial ruin that has sent shock waves through our own economy. you see, banks bet big on greece's recovery and the failure is being passed on to you. if greece capital come to a consensus, there could be new licks and more of a strain on the world economy. the problems in greece had a big affect on our stock market. pushing the dow to its worst week all year, and you add to that the $2 billion investment mistake by jp morgan chase. their stock alone dropped around 10% this past week. but help, well, it may be on the way. the much anticipated facebook ipo coming this week that could pump some life to investors and into the market. maybe california should invest in facebook.
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governor jerry brown is warning that big spending cuts may be on the way very soon. that's gauze the state's budget deficit has ballooned to $16 billion. that's nearly double the estimates from just a couple of months ago. but as i said, greek leaders are meeting right now to try and solve the gridlock over a coalition government, but really how is that affecting the u.s. economy? earlier i posed that question to cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance. >> we're talking about the possibility of greece crashing out of the euro zone, the single european currency, and that's unchartered territory. if that happens, it won't just -- it may not be greece that fails only. it may be the entire euro zone project, and that's important particularly for other parts of -- particularly for the united states. it was even the u.s., for instance, isn't that heavily invested in greek assets. it is heavily invested in other european assets and other european banks, and so if greece fails, the whole of europe could fail, and that will have says
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massive consequences around the world, including in the u.s. >> all right. that is matthew chance reporting for us. in other news, mitt romney hit all the high notes in his commencement speech at the liberty university. the speech was seen as a way for romney to reach out to christian conservatives while speaking at the largest evangelical school m nation. he didn't disappoint with comments on same-sex marriage. >> culture, what you believe, what you value, how you live matters. now, as fundamental as these principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time, so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> former presidential candidate
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rick santorum has some advice for his one-time rival mitt romney. grab on to the same-sex marriage issue and ride it all the way to the white house. >> you see, this is a very potent weapon, if you will, for governor romney if he is willing to step up and take advantage of the president who is very much out of touch with the values of america, and hopefully governor romney will continue to stand tall for his position on this issue and understanding how detrimental it would be for society to have this changed. >> then there's this from kentucky senator ran paul. he was speaking to a group of republicans in iowa where same-sex marriages are legal. >> the president, you know, recently weighed in on marriage, and, you know, he said his views were evolving on marriage. call me cynical, but i wasn't sure that his views on marriage could get any gayer.
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>> cnn's calls to ran paul's office haven't been returned. ran paul, of course, is the son of republican presidential candidate ron paul. well, you just knew the folks at "saturday night live" couldn't let the issue go without taking a few shots, so here's their take on the president's message and the vice president's role on getting the ball rolling. >> joe, you've been locked inside your room all day. what's wrong? >> what's wrong? are you serious? do you really not get it? >> does this have something to do with the whole gay marriage thing? >> ah, doy! it's not fair. okay? i was the first one who said it should be legal, but now you're the one getting all the credit. >> that's not true. >> oh, oh yeah? oh really? then why are you all dressed up? >> i'm going to a gala with lady gaga and elton john. >> oh, see? that should be me. vice presidents never get to go anywhere.
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>> pretty funny stuff. well, remember, it was joe biden who went on tv one week ago to say that he was comfortable with same-sex marriage. the president said biden got a little over his skis on that one, jumping the gun on the president's own revelation later in the week. well, imagine riots on the field after the super bowl. that's pretty much what happened in istanbul. take a look here. fans storm the field. they lit flares. they battled with police. all after the home team lost the turkish soccer championship. and then it got even worse. it spilled out on to the streets. fans took out their frustrations on store windows, cars, and, yes, police. well, if you didn't already know it, it's mother's day. i hope you remembered so you don't disappoint mom, of course, on this one. people will spend around $18 billion on mothers this year. that's an average of around $152 a person. if you just got that $2 card or $10 bunch of flowers, well, maybe mechanics year. a debate over how old is too
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old to breast-feed. this time magazine cover, take a look, it is what has people talking here in the states, but is it such a big deal to moms abroad? ♪ how are things on the west coast? ♪ ♪ i hear you... ♪ rocky mountain high ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas ♪ ♪ born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain.
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some say that's far too old to be nursing and, of course, all this is ripe picking for the folks at "saturday night live." >> really "time magazine?" this is the image you went with for mother's day. what is with the camouflage pants. you realize there's not enough cam flaj in the world to hide from the blow back this kid is going to experience. "time" don't get me wrong. i understand you have to do what it takes to sell magazines, and it's a good cover, but if upped a great cover, you would have photo shopped out the chair. >> oh, boy. we've only heard americans debate the issue, of course. nadia is joining me now. obviously the make zeen is published here in the states, but around the world they can read it on-line thanks to social media. what's the international reaction? >> there's been so much because of on-line, and some of my favorite things as a south african woman saying, yes, it's wonderful that she's breast-feeding, but two years too late. and all kinds of reaction from israel people saying, you know,
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reality is he looked like he was much taller than he was, didn't he? >> he did. >> that's the thing, when you first saw, it you possibly didn't see the chair. especially the way it was on social media. it looked like this rather tall boy was breast feeding. and then it reminded me of a very famous comedian line where she looks at the person in the front row and, darling, can you please stop breast-feeding your child, he is 14. all kinds of reaction, and much the same as there was here. some people completely horrified and shocked, and some people going let the woman do her attachment parenting thing. >> so the status of breast feeding around the world, though, i mean, is it pretty common? is it on the decline? where does it stand? >> well, in more industrialized countries, in fact, the u.s. is 36th in industrial countries in terms of breast feeding, but we looked at in one particular study from the oecb, and they said at norway, most nor weej anl children were breast-feed.
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almost 100% of norwegian children were breast-feed, and so the more women work, that was where the decline in breast-feeding was. >> now, the mother in this photo on the cover of "time" she's 26. is there any type of correlation between the age of the mom and breast-feeding? >> definite decline in the younger mother is, the less likely she is to breast-feed. >> really? >> that was a u.k. study that came out. interesting enough, the older parents tend to breast-feed more. >> interesting. do you remember in 2009 salma hayek, she was in the sierra leone, and she started to breast-feed a hungry child. >> people were shocked by that, weren't they? absolutely shocked that there she was, looked at a hungry child. she had been breast-feeding her own child, and she literally suckled the child. >> let's take a look at that video which to some will be very shocking and to people like me who come from south africa, where breast-feeding is a very common thing, it's probably not
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so shocking. >> my baby is one year, so she can suckle. >> i thought about it. >> isn't that incredible? i mean, that really is just to see this child in need and go and do that. i would rather talk about that that00 the time magazine cover. it's so amazing. >> because she did it. it was such an instinctive thing for her to do to just whip out the breast. here in the united states it's a little more shocking. >> is that what they do? >> in africa it's very common for people to just ob the side of the road and take out their breast and breast-feed. so much depends on your cultural background, where you come from, what you think about it, but certainly here in the newsroom if you were interviewing someone and they whipped out their breast, it would be a fairly shocking thing. >> you don't have to whip it out. just take it out. >> i suppose it would depend on the size, right? >> wow. >> do you whip or take.
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so many incredible contraptions for how you demurely cover that come in all shapes and sizes so you can do it in a discreet way. >> i'm in the airports all the time. you never know it. >> there are ways of covering, and some people do it, more or less. remember, you had alicia silverstone who literally chewed the food and put it in her child's mouth. >> that's a wholer other -- >> that's attachment parenting. the whole idea behind the time magazine cover are with we parenting in an attached way, so lots of debate, lots of controversy. >> all over the world, apparently. >> nadia, thank you very much. so is the guy who played borat putting out a modern day -- sasha barron cohen's latest character goes too far. ♪
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sasha baron cohen, he is the cambridge graduate who is known for his alter egos like borat, a sexist and homophobic reporter from kazakhstan, and bruno, his creator of an austrian fashionista, and some arab-americans are outraged over his latest movie. >> ah, america, the birthplace of aids. >> it is called the dictator. cohen's character is a hybrid of leaders like saddam hussein and muammar gadhafi, and some say the movie sends an ugly message. comedian dino has written an op ed piece about the movie. he joins me live from new york this morning. good morning, dean. >> good morning, randy. >> all right. you are a muslim-italian comedian who is certainly not afraid to poke fun at races and cultures. we know that. you say that cohen's new movie has really gone too far, that
7:20 am
it's modern day black face. how so? >> i think it definitely -- for people that don't know what that means. in the early 1900s white performers put on wlak face, and black performers, the worst stereotypes as baf oons and ridiculed for a profit. that's what this is. my point is, like, i'm not angry or offended by this. i don't want an apology or a boycott. my point is hollywood -- if you are going to make money mocking arabs and indians as well, include us in the creative process. make us part of the movie as writers, producers, and costars. just like last week ashton kumper was in brown face playing an indian guy. this week we have sasha barron cohen playing an arab guy, and he is not arab. that's my point. it's about hollywood. not this movie specifically. this is the jumping off point for a bigger discussion about hollywood. >> i'm going to share this woet that you have. arabs and south asians have long been ghettoized playing exclusively cab drivers, delhi workers, terrorists, and the occasional good guy who works with law enforcement who is usually killed later in the week
7:21 am
by a bad brown guy. again, you're saying that if you are in the creative process, if an arab is in the creative process, it would change that. >> i think it would make it a better movie. less cliche. we all know that depictions of arabs and indians in movies, it's cliche. anyone can write that stuff. the joke is like the terrorist puppet. they can be better. i actually give an example for hollywood because it makes it a better movie. in the 1960s there's a movie about mafia guides, and they weren't using italians, and they were failing. paramount, the same studio that made this movie found francis ford copalla and made a great movie about italian culture, neen a mafia movie. it brings realism and some actual authenticity and originali originality, which is a great thing in hollywood. >> were you upset when he made fun of people from kazakhstan or he played a flamboyant gay reporter from austria or the ignorant white rapper alig. >> i think those were different.
7:22 am
first of all, certainly there were people in those communities that were upset. let's remember. those movies weren't scripted. he was making a point by going out and showing a mirror to a people of bug on theory and closed-mindedness. this is a scripted comedy where he is playing an arab guy from beginning to end. there's no going out and talking to white people or non-arabs about your stereotypes, yoo you are fears about arabs and breaking it down. it's a scripted comedy. if we were involved in the process, even as one co-writer, i think it makes it a better movie for people. i don't mind him. he did k play an arab guy. of course, every minority, we want that. we want the opportunity to be part of hollywood. it leads to a better project and frankly for our community, it makes stars, and stars are things that opens manufactures. >> you know what, we reached out to cohen's representatives, and they say they're happy to set up a screening for you to come see the movie before it releases. how do you feel about that? >> i'm happy to see the movie, but, again, it's not the movie. there's nothing you can do to offend me. i'm a xheed wran. i'm offensive as it is. it's really not about this
7:23 am
movie, randy. >> i'm glad you said that. >> it's the bigger picture of hollywood. if you are going to make money mocking us, let us be a part of, it and i can promise you, it will be a better movie every time. we're going to add things you haven't thought of. you know nothing about our community or what you read and have seen on the news isn't great. >> great point and discussion. dean, thank you so much. have a great sunday. >> thank you too. there is a lot of news coming up in the next week that you are going to want to be prepared for, and it's all about money. investing money, gambling money, and how the world's biggest governments are handling your money. we're covering it all in our week ahead. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers.
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you're looking at live pictures now from the nation's capital where president obama is paying tribute to his mom, grabbed mother, and his wife in this special video. >> i think it's important to recognize that moms come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. ♪ >> you know, my mother was the stingle most important influence on my life. my grandmother was very different from my mother. very much stoic and very much displayed her kansas roots, but was a constant source of strength for all of us. >> michelle is the best mom i know. she cares deeply about family. >> this is my wife michelle. >> hey. i'm his date. >> that model of strong responsible women but also incredibly loving women has been a great gift for my girls because they can see every day the contributions that women are making in their own family, and i think that gives them an enormous amount of confidence as
7:28 am
they go forward. >> there is a big week ahead in politics. college campuses seem to be the rally says point for the presidential candidates right now as they try and shore up support heading into the election. here's cnn political editor paul stein hauzer. >> good morning, randy. call it the duelling commencement addresses. mitt romney gave the commencement speech at liberty university, the evangelical school founded by the late jerry fallwell. >> class of 2012, well done, and congratulations. >> tomorrow president obama gives his own commencement address at arter clish in new york city. there seems to be a strategy behind both speeches. romney didn't do especially well with social conservative voters during the republican primary, so his address may have been an attempt to solidify a crucial part of the gop base. as for the president, a speech at the famous women's college in new york city may be a way to reach out to female voters. a majority of women voted for mr. obama in his 2008 election
7:29 am
to the white house, and he wants to make sure they're with him again in november. also this week, vice president joe biden hits the campaign trail in ohio. the buckeye state, of course, a crucial battleground in presidential electrics. randy. >> paul, thank you very much. we'll have much more at the top of the hour when cnn sunday morning continues, but, first, sanjay gupta m.d. begins right now. ♪ the race is on. if you saw somebody collapse in front of you today, no heart beat, would you know what to do? would you be able to do it? explain. plus, the name game. this could be a pivotal time in the world of mental health. the dsm, the so-called sight bible, gets an overhaul and


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