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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 15, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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violations. prosecutors say he illegally used almost $1 million from donors to hide his pregnant mistress. we'll have a live update in about 10 minutes. >> it's called white washing, the casting of white actors in non-white roles. we see it in films like the dick dater but it's nothing new. remember mookie rooney playing an asian. a controversial practice as old as hollywood itself. here's how this so called cease-fire looks in parts of syria. government forces continue to launch attacks against their own people in many cities, and opposition group says 22 people were killed today alone. there are areas where rebels are not in complete control. ivan watson has a look.
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>> reporter: the journey to syria starts with a brisk walk through olive groves. that's how you get into syria, through a hole in the fence. this is a country of rich rolling farmland that's in open revolt. in many towns the rebels are now in complete control. in one village, a rebel occupies the desk where the police chief used to sit. the rebels claim they forced out the security officers from this police station nearly two months ago and since then they have been using it as a mini barracks for sleeping, also storing aid, bags of clothing donated in turkey, some of which are being stored here in the prison cell. it's here that we meet a homeless mother in mourning. she says three of her sons were killed in recent months while
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defending their village from the syrian army. a surviving son was shot through the leg. the family is now homeless. soldiers torched our house, she says, and shot our livestock. but the syrian government's vicious crackdown has done lit tool crush the local spirit of defiance. at school children burst into songs denouncing their president, even though his government still pays for their school books. classes are still in session here at schools in opposition-controlled syria. in a bizarre twist, the teachers here were afraid to appear on camera for their own saext despite the up rising and fighting they still get their salaries every month from the syrian government. on a country road we find a band of rebels making a show of force.
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many of these fighters from the so-called free syrian army are defectors from the syrian security forces. >> we want freedom. our blood most expensive, for this mountain, for this, for our freedom. our blood is cheap. >> "the fighter"s have a prisoner. a 19-year-old boy they say they intercepted as he was on his way to perform his mandatory military service. and the commander shows the documents to prove it. the prisoner gets an ultimatum. if you want your freedom, defect. the boy renounlss the government and agrees to join the rebels. the newest not so voluntary rebel recruit in a conflict that has no end in sight. ivan watson, cnn, in northern syria. >> i want to bring in mohammed
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from lebanon. first of all, ivan was in these places that the rebels hold. what is it like in those syrian cities where the government is clamping down? >> reporter: well, suzanne, we keep getting more and more reports just horrific stories, mortars raining down on these towns, storming by army personnel of these villages, mass arrests. just today the syrian observatory for human rights tells us at least 46 people killed across syria as the army continues to raid more and more of the towns and villages where there is resistance. let's talk about one town that is in idlib province. this is amateur video. we can't confirm it. very disturbing. it purports to proprotesters very close to army personnel, then the army, you see there, very close to the protesters,
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start firing on the protesters. we heard there were multiple deaths in the city. this is a city, in fact, that today u.n. monitors were in. there is video that we have that shows u.n. monitors. we have reports from the u.n. mission in syria that in fact the convoy that was in that town was struck by an impromized explosive device. there is amateur video thatp purports to show when that happened. this shows how dangerous it is even in towns where members of this u.n. mission are right now. >> we're looking at these pictures and we see the u.n. on those white vans in the middle of this. i imagine that the people there are trying to take comfort they have somebody looking after them but they look ineffective. now you have the eu imposing more sanctions. does anybody on the ground that believes that it's the outside forces that can protect them?
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>> more and more of the activists and the opposition groups in syria continue to say that they don't believe that anybody could really protect them from the syrian regime. they want a military intervention if that will help but what's going on so far hasn't been able to sees the violence. yesterday the e.u froze the assets of some firms and put a travel ban on people they say were funding the regime. that's the 15th time that the eu has taken such steps since this trying to ratchet up pressure on the syrian ra cheap to cease. this it doesn't seem to be helping. you have monitors there, whether it's the arab league there or the u.n., the crackdown continues. >> and finally, got to ask you who is responsible for what is taking place on the ground.
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you have the syrian government saying it's terrorists. and then you've got a third jihadist group taking credit, then denying it. >> the finger pointing is interesting. since the beginning of the uprising in syria, you've had the ha sad regime blaming armed terrorist groups for the turmoil in the country. the opposition groups, they say no, there are no armed terrorist groups. this is an excuse to crack down on the people that want to change. and the leadership there. what's happened-have been more and more reports that possibly jihadist groups are trying to support the uprising. this is one jihadist group earlier in the week there had been twin suicide bombings in damascus. it seemed they were claiming responsibility for those two attacks but in the past couple
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of days you've had the groupcy no, we did not take responsibility for those. this was -- so it goes to show the finger pointing, the fact that the regime continues to say they are terrorist, the opposition says no, not the case. >> very confusing situation. thank you very much. >> he went from having the white house within arm's reach to becoming the poster boy of the trail. >> i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i caused my daughters. >> he's the so-called brown reporter from "the daily show"." who thinks hollywood is guilty of white washing history. then he pulled sim self out. >> this is a test of our character. >> how jay z can lift itself
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the john edwards corruption trial, we don't know whether the former presidential candidate is going to take the stand in his own defense but we are expecting his daughter to testify. so, joe, good to see you here. do we know if his daughter is going to be called to the stand today? >> reporter: we don't, frankly. there is right now on the stand a former fbi agent, suzanne, who offered some fascinating testimony that i didn't know before today. that was that in a period well after john edwards got out of the campaign twoyn in 2008 riel hunter received payments over $70,000 from fred bearron. she got that irrespective of any middle men and it went trait to rielle hunter. which would suggest that maybe all of the money that went back
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and forth didn't have anything to do with campaign financing, which of course is the issue in the trial. so, after this fbi agent, the former agent finishes testifying, that's when we expect we might hear from kate edwards. so we've got a way to go. maybe the very end of the day. we're predicting if not some time tomorrow. >> joe, do you have any sense what if that could mean for john edwards to actually have his daughter there on the stand? >> reporter: well, you know, suzanne, it's probably important on a couple different levels. it's important on the emotional level for sure. here is this daughter of elizabeth and john edwards, who is just a very sympathetic figure sitting in the courtroom. she looks like her, by the way, and she's pretty much been there every day behind john edwards, despite the fact she lost her mother, her father is just in terrible trouble right now. she lost a brother some time ago
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too. so that makes her a sympathetic figure. a lot of people would like to hear from her on the story. but the substantive part is equally important. she was there presumably close to her mother during difficult times. the question is what does she know about this question that's come across the court about whether elizabeth edwards wanted to try to keep information about john edwards' affair from jumping from the tabloids to the "national enquirer" over to the main stream media, or was you know, elizabeth edwards just too frail and not able to actually have the story of reel hunter's baby make the public rounds. which was it? was elizabeth edwards involved, or was she just too frail to be involved. that's something we could hear
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from kate edwards and maybe she could answer. >> joe, paint a picture if you will, what have you seen in the courthouse, how does john edwards look in terms of his mood, is he self confident in moving forward in his defense? >> reporter: it's really interesting. he hasn't been sending signals, the big question is whether john edwards himself might get on the stand. he came in on monday morning with his shoulders lifted pretty high. a little bit more of the john edwards swagger we are accustomed to during the campaigns and on capitol hill. he had lost some of that, i think, over the years. especially when we got into this indictment. he's sitting with his shoulders a little straighter and he's been engaged whenever his defense attorneys make a good point. he's indicated he was pleased with that. i've also seen in some very difficult times more than once he leans back on the table and
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grips the table as tight as he could fast he was letting the tension out of his left hand. there are ups and downs in trials like these and john edwards has seen both sides. >> absolutely. still a long way to go there. good to see you. thank you. it's just hours after france's new president is sworn in he gets a scare. you can watch cnn live on your computer. head to hrough it al, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. like the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal that made our world a smaller place. we supported the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, so you can get cash when you want it. it's been our privilege to back ideas like these,
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first day on the job, lightning strikes his plane? we're talking about the new french president france wau holland, he was sworn into office today. he took off for germany to meet with the chancellor angela merkel. his plane had to turn around after being hit by lightning. richard quest is joining us live from paris. richard, i don't know, is this a sign or something? really? >> reporter: oh, suzanne, i tell you. all day we've had signs. i don't know if signs of what. every time francois holland put
1:20 pm
his head out the door the heavens opened. he went to late to eternal flame. the poor man got trenched as he went up and down. he went to pay respects at tombs and cemeteries, he got drenched on. he got to the airport, he got drenched on. i'm not suggesting that it's a message from above, but i am saying that it's been a difficult day. he's now -- his plane has landed in berlin. he will b having a meeting now in the next hour or so with chancellor angela merkel. it's fascinating. the issue is clear cut. he wants more growth policies, similar to those of the united states, angela merkel wants to maintain austerity similar to the rest of the europe that seems to be in trouble. >> so richard, it's pretty telling. some people say programs he is even there to kiss the ring of
1:21 pm
angela merkel there. but the fact that on his first day that he is making that stop, it says a lot about the importance of that relationship, yes? >> reporter: oh, absolutely. could you imagine the next president of the united states within hours after having walked up pennsylvania avenue, nipping on a plane and going up to ottawa or nipping across to new mexico. it's just you know, or even going to california. this is extraordinary. it is a huge indication that if he is going to get his policies through in france he has to take berlin along with him, and merkel has to go along and agree to. and not only that, at the weekend both of them will be in washington and camp david for the g-8, and hollande will have to try to convince president obama that he knows -- that hollande know what is he's doing
1:22 pm
in france. >> talk about that. we know that president obama and sarkozy got along well. they were friendly. what do we know about hollande, is he going to get along well with president obama when he comes to chicago? >> reporter: yes, i do think they will. for this reason. we can argue about how left president obama is from the center. but there's no doubt that france holla hollande is a left wing socialist. i can hear it left wing socialist from europe. but the sort of policies that he is putting forward are similar to the sort of policies that have been the halmark of the u.s. recovery, stimulus package, tax cuts in certain areas, the sort of measures needed to get things moving. and that's what hollande is
1:23 pm
suggesting. think of hollande less of socialism, more of social democrat. once you think about that, you start to understand that he and obama probably have much more in common than divide them. >> yes, you think? >> reporter: perhaps. [ speaking french ] >> i have to tell you the president from here his english is no. >> i'm going to see how they get along. richard, merci beaucoup. >> you probably heard facebook expected to begin selling stock to the public starting on fr i. early demand for it has been so high that the company has raised the price range for the shares. if facebook gets the price it wants it would value the company
1:24 pm
at $81 billion worth more than the entire economy of kenya. why wouldn't you scramble to get a piece of the action? ten reasons why you don't want to buy facebook shares. >> as the countdown continues to the facebook ipo here are ten reasons you might want to think twice. 10, your family on facebook. ♪ with the extended family on, people might start logging off. as saturday night life warned years ago. >> well, it finally happened. your mom is on facebook. >> num ber nine, he wore what? should the ceo of a multi-billion-dollar public company wear a hoody all the time? at his company's road show? >> who wears hoodies. when mark zuckerberg is asking people to invest, for their money, he should show them some respect. >> eight, see you in court.
1:25 pm
the arch enmes aren't giving up. >> our dispute is with mark zuckerberg the person, not the product. >> reporter: and facebook warns about new lawsuits. seven, he bought what? >> looking back. >> zuckerberg bought instagram for $1 billion. without consulting anyone. six, show me the mobile money. >> no ads around here and that's a problem. more and more people are logging on to facebook using phones but their mobile advertising massively lags the desk top version. >> five. they know what about me? >> do you like the fact that if you don't touch your profile any one can search your name and see everything you're up to? i don't like that. >> to grow profits facebook has to grow money off of our information and that could turn users off. four. so, 20th century. new platforms could make facebook obsolete. >> sorry for being such a
1:26 pm
square. >> three, can you say hello in mandarin. zuckerberg tried to learn the language in a year. cracking the chinese market may take longer. he said what? facebook's own ipo filing says simply put, we don't build services to make money, we make money to build better services. you are zuckerberg's interests aligned with shareholders. the reason not to buy facebook, does any one really need hundreds of friends. share life with people you love. users in search of a more intimate experience may look elsewhere. >> i'm getting bored with facebook so don't invite me. >> maggie lake, cnn, new york. >> oh, my god. that's all i can say. what, where was the breakdown? >> authorities say he had a fake id that gave him security access to one of the country's busiest airports. took them 20 years to catch him. what is his story?
1:27 pm
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>> an illegal immigrant allegedly stole a man's identity and ended up working as a security supervisor at newark international airport. marshall cramer with wcbs has the amazing story. >> at newark airport this man is known as jerry thomas, and for nearly 20 years he has guarded some of the most secure areas of one of the nation's busiest airports. he was arrested today after authorities discovered he is really an illegal nigerian immigrant with four other alias who is entered the country in 1989. >> what was it like living with a dead man's i.d. >> the defendant used an elaborate and complex scheme of identity theeft defraud his employer, the state of new jersey t federal government and the port authority. said the port authority inspector. somehow the man managed to get
1:31 pm
the social security number of a man murdered in queens in 1992. he used them to get a new jersey driver's license, a security guard license, airport i.d., even credit cards. amazingly he worked security at newark including access to the tarmac and passenger planes without ever being detected. at the time of his arrest he supervised 30 other guards. passengers were stunned. >> oh, my god. that's all i can say. what, where was the breakdown? >> it's not what is supposed to happen. >> terrible, terrible. shouldn't be like that. >> i'm stunned. you hear things. you can't believe this kind of thing happens. particularly at a major metropolitan airport. >> it's a very scary thing. >> you can't trust anybody. >> authorities want to know how the man got the i.d. and whether he was involved in the man's death. the nypd is comparing his finger prints to those found at the scene of the still unsolved murder. authorities are also investigating if the nigerian, one of the aliases, bimbo,
1:32 pm
involved in criminal activity at the airports. >> that was marsha cramer from wcsb. by the way, wcbs, a tip helped investigators build the case. we don't know when he's going to have his first court appearance. >> a mile or two from capitol hill some seniors are now struggling to eat. that is right. we're looking at why millions of seniors, most of them women, are going hungry. >> he started out hustling to survive in the projects while he became a hip-hop revolutionary. we'll hear from jay-z. ♪
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what do you think of americans going hunry you might not think of seniors in the suburbs. a new report finds that millions of seniors t majority of them women, are going hungry every day. barbara starr has the story. >> reporter: just a few miles
1:36 pm
from the power centers of washington, down the streets of this modest suburb, 87-year-old georgia and her daughter jeanette have been waiting for georgia's daily delivery from meals on wheels. >> are you ready for lunch? i'll go in and heat it up for you. >> okay. >> it's good today. >> good. >> you're going to enjoy it. a nice salad and fruit. and i think they have some chicken and string beans. >> reporter: it's a life saver for her mom who lives alone. >> because we know that she's going to have a well-balanced meal every day. in case we can't get here. >> reporter: for volunteer tom irvin he says isn't just a healthy meal. >> we are the only people they see sometimes in the whole day so i think it's good that we have a chance to meet with them. >> reporter: hunger is a growing reality for millions of senior citizens across the country.
1:37 pm
many who are isolated behind closed doors. >> a lot of older people don't speak up. >> reporter: enid oversees the meals on wheels across the nation. serving more than one million meals each day. for seniors, it's just one hot meal a day. a new study by the group shows how much more needs to be done. >> what we have found is we have 8.3 million people in america, seniors in america, who are in fact facing the threat of hunger. it's an incredible amount of people. and of that, 60% of them are women. >> reporter: so borden enleyed the help of celebrity seniors to bring this message to capitol hill. >> we are trying to spread the word that people don't know, i didn't know. >> these women and these men may be stuck in their homes and not be able to go out but we'll be their voice and we will speak loud and clear for them. >> you look at the face of senior hunger in america, she is
1:38 pm
an african-american woman usually living in the south, she is raising her grand children, it's becoming an epidemic in america today. >> reporter: 78-year-old mary lives alone and has no immediate family. >> i fell and i couldn't get my meal so and they are a life saver. >> reporter: really. >> yes. >> reporter: that's because it's hard for you to get out. >> it's hard for me to go in the kitchen to cook because like you see my leg, i'll fall down. >> reporter: mary knows how quickly any senior suddenly may need help. >> i was a mother's helper with children. and i left that and then i started working in hospitals, and nursing homes and private homes taking care of people like i am. never thought it would be a day somebody would be taking care of me. >> reporter: according to borden it will take 3.3 million more meals a day to provide for all of the hidden hungry seniors.
1:39 pm
barbara starr, cnn, washington. >> he calls himself the brown correspondent. he sees nothing funny in the way hollywood portrays minorities. i have three daughters and my son, and then i have eleven grandkids. right when you see them, they're yours, it's like, ah, it's part of me. it's me again. now that i'm retiring they all have plans for me. i'm excited. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day women's 50+ healthy advantage. some americans are outraged over the latest movie by british comedian sasha cohen, the dictator. >> ah, america.
1:42 pm
the birthplace of aids. >> the skark a hybrid of leaders like saddam hussein and moammar gadhafi. some say it's a film and a practice as all of this hollywood itself called white washing. when white actors are cast in non-white roles. ase is joining us from los angeles. you recently wrote a satirical op-ed about this practice that happens. great to see you, first of all. love your work. you're very funny. >> thanks. >> what do you make of this? why does this upset you? >> well, because i think you know, i think this practice of white washing in hollywood has been going on for a long time. i think the problem is that this attitude that sort of you know, white is the normal. and everything else is not. so there is this kind of idea that a lot of times roles that are originally come from sources
1:43 pm
like comic books or novels and things that are ethnic roles are often given to white actors when it's converted into a film. most recently "the hunger games" or stuff like that where you have a white actor playing what was an ethnic role in the novel. so i think this upsets a lot of ethnic people, ethnic actors because this was -- this is something that is perpetuated by hollywood and this idea that white is the norm and if you want to identify with the hero, identify with the person on the screen he or she has to be white. and america's not the same as it was 50 years ago and i think those things should change now. >> sure. what is the point of your character on "the daily show"? that's kind of satire itself, you throw it out there as the brown correspondent. >> right. well, what we do, the point of my character i guess if there is a point is i play into this idea
1:44 pm
that there is this brown correspondent, there is this muslim correspondent. we satirize you guys so you know, we're doing -- the satire of that. >> that's okay. everybody can take a little ribbing, and everybody's got room for improvement. what do you make of the case some folks in hollywood say this is what is going to bring money to a movie, to a film. angelina jolie when she played mary ann pearl in the movie "mighty heart" that pearl asked for. maybe this movie is not going to get made if you don't have somebody that has that kind of box office cachet? >> that is the reality of hollywood that white people spend the most money on stuff and so therefore you know, you have the biggest box office stars are caucasian.
1:45 pm
i think it's a larger issue. it's a issue of expanding that because america is -- 50 years ago you could almost excuse it but today, you know, you do have a much more multi-ethnic society and much more multi-cultural society and the world is smaller. hollywood exports these films across the world and you know, we now with the internet and facebook, we're much more aware of the multiculturalism we all live within and that hollywood doesn't reflect that. in the way it probably should. >> you know the business better than i do. why do you suppose that's still happening in this day and age? >> i think it's just a -- a mind-set that exists from a long time ago, that like i said, white is the sort of norm. we want to project ourselves onto the screen in the form of a hero or heroine.
1:46 pm
that's been sold to us for decades. >> it's an interesting point and interesting read as well. it's great to have you on the show. we'll have you back. we'll talk about other things as well. the brown correspondent role and you do an accident job on the daly show. you satire all of us. thanks. >> thank you. it's statistic that you have to see to believe. we're talking about 90% of asian kids may be nearsighted. and there's a surprising reason why. >> later, from self-described hustler to business man we'll hear from jay-z on everything from the economy to same-sex marriage. sues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical,
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listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. >> having astonishing statistic to tell you about. up to 90% of school kids in major asian countries are nearsighted. how bad is that? check this out. school kids in the united kingdom have nearsighted rates 20% to 30%. researchers blame it on parents who keep their kids indoors too much. "time" reporter alice hart has been writing about it. thanks for joining us here. first of all, have you gotten pushback on this story? are people saying what, i really just can't believe this because
1:50 pm
90 percent, that's an astoni astonishing statistic. >> the number, you know. and it is a huge number. the researchers called it an epidemic. it's 60% to 90% of kids graduating from high school in some major cities and countries like singapore, taiwan, south korea, china are nearsighted. while yes, you can wear contacts, glasses, i wear contacts, to correct my vision, but what concerns the researchers is that about 10% of kids who develop nearsightedness can develop more advanced forms that can progress to blindness. it's a concern when you see high rates among children who are so young. they wanted to get to the bottom
1:51 pm
of this. clearly genetics probably play some role. there are no genes that directly relate to myopia at this point but genetics play some role. they felt some intriguing evidence. so when they, for example, looked at singapore there were three different ethnic racial groups in there. the chinese, people of indian origin and people from malaysia, different ethnic groups, they all seemed to show the same rates of very high myopia or nearsightedness. that was one piece of evidence. the other piece of evidence came from populations that emigrated, went to other countries so if you looked at chinese students who left china and went to places like australia where they were more likely to spend time outdoors in the sun, rates of nearsightedness among these chinese and australia were much lower. >> so do they make a connection here, are they saying they are
1:52 pm
nearsighted because they are spend tog much time indoors and this is taking place in majority of asian countries? is that what the study is saying? >> the study is saying that since the rates are so high they were trying to find some of these possibly environmental factors that may play a role. and there is an explanation for why kids who stay indoors more and perhaps spend more time reading, more time studying an don't go out as much and get exposed to sun light might be more prone. that has to do with a brain chemical called dopamine. it is involved in depression and mood but affects the development of the eye and it affects the development of the eye ball. so nearsightedness occurs when light does not hit the retina at the right place. the eye ball develops too quickly and is too large. that's what's happening to these kids because dopamine will increase levels and dopamine will then sort of control the
1:53 pm
development and the size of the eye ball. >> unbelievable. the numbers there as high as they are. alice, thank you. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> well, he grew up in poverty, now he runs an emtire. [ male a] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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1:55 pm
hip hop mogul jay-z knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed. he's one of the most successful
1:56 pm
hip hop artists in the country. recently he sat down to talk business and economy with our poppy harlow. >> let's talk about business. you're a businessman, a very successful one. when it comes to america, when it comes to the american economy, what are you seeing? can we call it a recovery? >> this is a test of our character. you know, for a long time, we had it pretty good in america and we were floating on this high. you know, well, we were hiding some of the troubles that we were going through. so i -- i just see this as a test of our character. i think we'll get there and test and resolve of our americans. >> who will make a better president for the economy right now? president obama or mitt romney. >> that's an easy question. president obama by leaps and bounds. i don't know anything about -- much about mitt romney to speak on him other than the things that i've heard.
1:57 pm
and they don't sound great. >> so you're endorsing president obama this time around again. and just last week president obama became the first seated u.s. president ever to publicly support gay marriage. what was your thought when you heard that? what does that mean? >> i mean, i've always thought it as something that's still holding the country back. you know, what people do in their own home is, you know, their business. you can choose to love whoever you love. that's their business. it's no different than discriminating against blacks. discrimination, plain and simple. >> poppy harlow is joining us live from tampa, florida. poppy, does jay-z think -- he says plain and simple it's discriminati discrimination, does he this i the president's position on same-sex marriage is going to cost him votes in november? or is he confident that he's still going to be able to win?
1:58 pm
>> it's a good question, right? because we saw especially over the weekend a lot of religious leaders in the african-american community coming out against this. we know the president called a number of leaders to explain his position. and i asked jay-z that question for that reason. he said look, it's not about votes, it's about what the right thing to do is as a human being. he said to me, it's not about votes, suzanne, it's about people. he didn't address whether or not this is going to cost the president african-american votes. we know how important that base is for the president. but for jay-z followers, if they're following what he says they would be onboard with this. >> and we know he's a big obama fan. did he talk at all about the economy and the kmptations that people have for the president and how he's doing creating jobs, that type of thing? >> he did a bit. we talked about this also about a year and a half when i sat down with him and he told me at that time, look, the president was two years in. h he said look, it's hard to
1:59 pm
undo eight years of the previous administration. but i think the most interest interesting point he got on is we can't vilify people for being successful. that's the argument, income disparity and the middle class and healthy americans getting wealthier. he said our economy is based on free enterprise. we have to be careful about that discussion. i skad asked if the obama administration is sending the wrong message when it comes to being successful and free enterprise. he said absolutely not. he said he supports obama leaps and bounds over mitt romney. >> all right. good to see you. interesting to see jay-z as well. we continue right now with ashleigh banfield. >> thank you. i'm sitting in for brooke baldwin today. el low, everybody. first in this hour, house speaker john boehner with a
2:00 pm
warning for america. an economic disaster may be headed our way. boehner says we are heading to a, quote, fiscal cliff. if the obamaed a many i stra igs doesn't stop its out of control spending. these are boehner's words. all of these coming before a big showdown in congress over tax cuts. we'll keep an eye on this first, though, the john edwards trial. they're bracing right now for the biggest witness of the case so far. can i say this? it's a family affair. edwards' eldest child kate could be taking the witness stand when the trial resumes this afternoon. she has been at her father's side every single day of the trial. you see her walking in, you see her walking out. she sits at his side. she sggives him advice. she's a harvard law grad. people are frankly asking at this point, just what can she say and do for her father's cross.
2:01 pm
what does sh bring to his defense case? >> well, it's actually a clever way of getting around the issue of edwards himself testifying. edwards has so many credibility problems. he has lied on video about his relationship with rielle hunter and so many things in connection with this case. but his daughter gets to tell his story, but she will not be able to get cross-examined with his lies. so i think it's a clever attempt. we'll see how successful it is. >> is it an attempt to somehow soften the image oof a man who has come off as a real dirty bird, a bad family guy who cheats on his wife dying of cancer and lies to the press about a mistress and a baby. is there a way to mitigate that
2:02 pm
using this daughter? i think that's absolutely right. one of the core issue of this case has been that the defendant was simply trying to cover up an embarrassing personal situation, not violate campaign finance laws. and the implicit argument of kate edwards' appearance is look, if his daughter could forgive him, if she is still regarding him as part of the family, if she hasn't written him out of the book of life, then you the jury shouldn't punish him either. >> it's no surprise the defense team of john edwards spent some money, doing its due diligence. one of the people is a former fib fub agent. he testified that today fred baron who was one of the, you
2:03 pm
know, for lack of a better word, money bags. a real heavy duty contributor to john edwards campaign was sending money to rielle hunter, the mistress over a period of six months in 2008. is there in ig to it with regard to the charges that he's facing in this courtroom? >> well, actually, i do think it's potentially good for the defense, that information. because one of the defense theories here is that andrew young, edwards' close aide was using his friendship with the candidate to make money from -- to make money from fred baron who gave a substantial a of omoney, and from bunny millen, the heiress who gave even more money. the charge in this case is that the money they gave was, in fact, disguised campaign
2:04 pm
contributions. and if the defense can show, in fact, that at least part of this operation was andrew young's attempt so make money himself and put money in his own pocket, that's pretty helpful to the defense, i think. >> i'm trying to read into the testimony. some of fred baron's money -- and sadly we can't ask him. he's no longer with us. he's died since all of this transpired. but he was wiring rielle hunter, the mistress directly, which would circumvent any campaign process or any sec laws as i understand it. >> yes, that's one way of looking at it. the ore way of looking at it is this is not part of the campaign. this is the cover-up of an
2:05 pm
extramarital affair, the birth of a trial, a betrayal by a husband. and the fact that that money is passing from fred baron to rielle hunter suggested that john edwards was not really involved in this deal. it is pretty far afield from a traditional campaign contribution. this whole situation is so weird, it's hard to know whether the jury will look at this in terms of campaign finance or simply what an awful guy john edwards is. >> nekd say you don't know if we really violated the law or not,
2:06 pm
but i do not like what you did and i choose to side where you will pay. >> that's the paradox, that's the heart of this case. >> that's the question. the jury has to focus on that. the judge will instruct them the same way. the question is how the jury will actually respond once the case is in their hands. >> how is this for your first day. the plane carrying the brand-new french president, hit by lightning. hours after his inauguration.
2:07 pm
and we had word that francois hollande was on his way to germany. lucky to report right now that everybody is okay. he's the first socialist president in 17 years. no relation to the lightning strike. he, of course, replaces nicholas saar cozy. and president obama joining thousands this morning, paying tribute to the nation's police officers. if you did not know this, mark your calendar. today is peace officer's memorial day. and the president took part in the ceremony thanking families of fallen officers. >> today with heavy hearts we honor those who gave their lives in the service of that mission. their families are in our thoughts and prayers as we remember the quiet courage of the men and women we have lost.
2:08 pm
>> and we have a lot more to cover in the next two hours. roll it. what do you get when you cross the vatican, a graveyard, a mobster, and that missing girl. you get a story that rivals the da vinci code. only this time it's real. i'm ashleigh banfield, and the news starts no uh. two drivers are shot to death, and now police warn it could be the work of a fake cop who's on the loose. but how do they know that? $2 billion gone. poof. and the man in charge of one of the america's biggest banks on the hot seat. what did jamie dimon know? and was it possible to know everything? plus, he's violent, he's dangerous and yet the government paid this career criminal to be an informant. i saved a fortune on car insurance with progressive.
2:09 pm
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2:12 pm
this is the same day that president obama complimented the ceo jamie dmy on on "the view." >> jpmorgan is one of the best run companies there is. jamie dimon is one of the best bankers we have. and they still lost $2 billion and counting. precisely because they were making bets in the derivatives markets. we don't know all the details yet. >> the shareholders decided despite the billion dollars of blunders, he's going to keep his $23 million salary. it's called the composition package, executive compensation packages were on the agenda today. let's go to poppy harlow. he gets to keep his compensation package. a bunch of other things decided there as well. and there's mr. obama saying h he's terrific. those messages just seem odd to
2:13 pm
people who are looking at massive losses and wondering why their 401(k) may take a hit. >> i've got to put it in perspective. yes, jamie dimon got a 9-1 approval by shareholders. so he's going to keep both his titles. chairman and ceo. this is a bank that despite this $2 billion loss is going to be profitable this quarter. they're also expecting to make $18 billion this year. so despite this loss, they continue to jut outperform lot of their peers on wall street. you've got to look big picture here. the other big thing we have to talk about, what happened, why did this loss happen despite wall street reform. the question a lot of people scratching their heads right now, what if this loss were bigger. what if this were a bank that was not as well run? what if this is a bank where
2:14 pm
jamie dimon called the best risk manager, what if it was run by someone else. lis is lindley was fighting to break up that chairman and ceo title so dimon doesn't have so much control. take a listen to why. >> the board represents us and the person at the helm of the board shouldn't be the same person who's the ceo of the bank. i think it's time that we as shareholders stop treating our ceos like rock stars or star athletes. you know, when a rock star has a meltdown, no one else gets hurt. when a bank has a meltdown, millions of people lose their jobs, their homes and their retirement security. it's just too important to leave up to one person.
2:15 pm
>> they say they're changing their management or policy or procedures. >> i think a lot of people wondering if there would be pro-terss outside the meeting. would there be people like your last guest there who were really defiant in this meeting or demanding changes. >> there was a small protest. some spoke against him, when it comes to how mired jpmorgan chase is in the mortgage crisis.
2:16 pm
>> it seems like the $2 billion loss should open the fact that mr. dimon is not on top of everything. >> what it shows is that jamie dimon and chase are pushing for weak financial rules that allow banks to continue speculating, to continue to risk take and continue abusive practices that harm the economy. they may not be secure tiezing mortgages, but it's the same thing. >> that's the concern. >> the shareholder meeting concluded before white house press secretary jay karcarney d confirm that investigation into the $2 loss. that investigation wasn't known a the time. >> i'm wondering if we're going to see any more heads roll.
2:17 pm
thank you. >> there is a murder mystery in mississippi. two bodies found on two highways. both of them in the middle of the night just days apart. and now, strangely enough, drivers are being told to call the police if they see those flashing blue lights in their rear-view mirror. is it a fake police officer trying to pull feel ov-- people over? or is it something even more sinist sinister? are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
2:18 pm
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2:20 pm
>> you're driving along, you see flashing lites in your rear-view mirror and something doesn't feel right. you can't be sure. now officials think two recent murders might be the work of an imposter, someone impersonating a police officer and asking you to pull over. now they're telling people there to be careful. >> under mississippi law, if you do feel like there is a problem or that you're worried about being pulled to a lighted,
2:21 pm
populated safe area. >> when i saw that comment, the first thing i thought is how on earth did you extrapolate that this could be a fake police officer? what is the theory? >> the police will be the first to tell you it isn't necessarily a fake police officer, however, the circumstances that they're investigating leads them to believe that it could be. they walk that fine line between they don't want to panic the public, but also want to make the public aware. two people have died now on remote stretches of mississippi highway in the morn part of that state. it happened last week. one on a tuesday, one on the from i had. the first was a 74-year-old man, the other is a local woman, 48 years age that happened at 2:30 in the morning. the one thing they've noticeds
2:22 pm
is that in both cases it appeared the vehicles pulled to the side of the road. there's nothing wrong with the vehicles. so this is where we get to the extrapolati extrapolation. why would someone pull over in the middle of the night if there was nothing wrong with their car? maybe someone told them they need to pull over and that's where they think it might be the police. >> if i'm a 78-year-old man on the side of the road and i might pull over for help. i'm surprised they would go with this theory to the point they're on television telling whaus do we need to do if we're suspect. what are we supposed to do? >> in this particular case, you can't just avoid the police. you need to take a certain precaution. number one, if you think it's the police behind you, call the police. >> call 911. >> and then turn your flashers on and at a safe speed, drive to a well illuminated, well lit and well populated area before you pull over to the side of the
2:23 pm
road. there have been shell casings that have been found. this is how they're linking the two hoshootings. in one days, they were shot more than once, the other more than once. >> what about robbery? did they take anything? >> they're not talking about robbery. >> they didn't answer that? >> they say it's part of their investigation and they want to make sure they don't get people who come forward and say oh, yeah, that was me. i did it. well, if you did it, what did you do? >> you and i have been around the block on crime store prips they always hold something back only the killer would know. >> i see their problem. they have to alert the public. some wonder why did they wait so long. the last incident was friday, the fist was on a tuesday. they waited until the weekend before informing anybody on monday. >> certainly that panic you said, there's some panic out there. >> welsh it's our real big worry, isn't it? out there on a highway alone. >> i want to be a law-abiding citizen but i'm putting my
2:24 pm
flashers on and going to the nearest 7/11. former president george w. bush returning to d.c. and he's talking freedom. he's talking freedom, uprisings and how america chooses which side to be on. that's not even the headline. you're going to hear what he had to say about mitt romney. >> also, how is is? two ferraris at high speed lose control. and now one person is dead. one is in jail and another is walking free. you got all that? we'll explain. the best part of any great meal?
2:25 pm
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2:28 pm
mr. bush was in washington to talk freedom. >> america does not choose. america's message should ring clear and strong. we stand for freedom and for the institutions and habits that make freedom work for everyone. >> yes, we do. >> first lady laura bush also attending that event. rebekah brooks once a key player in rupert murdoch's empire is a i accused of hiding evidence from police. the former has been lloyd evidence and her husband are among the first people charged in britain's phone hacking scandal. here's one for you.
2:29 pm
a registered sexual offender elected to office. he nabbed a city council spot way, way up in the texas been a handle. got a two-year term. he is a former mayor who had to step down over sexual indecency with two minors including an 8-year-old girl. that said, he got more votes than any other city council candidate. that's all i've got for you, folks. but i'll move on. what does rush lind baugh have in kbhon walt disney and roy rogers? they are in the hall of fame of famous missourians. ♪ she's a superstar. but lady gaga's indonesia concert got the ax by the government there. her permit to perform next month's born this way show has been denied. and the reason sdsh security concerns.
2:30 pm
turns out all that dancing around in your bikini and your bare feet didn't sit well with the islamic protesters there. they were criticikricriticizing and a bag of chips. two speeding ferraris killed a man that was simply in the wrong place at the wromg time. the victim of the crash was riding his motorcycle outside the met life stadium when one of the cars jumped a curb and hit him head on. police say the driver worked for gotham dream cars, gefing people a answer r chance to drive sports cars around that temporary track inside the stadium. the crash did not happen inside the stadium. it happened outside. both of the drivers arrested. one has already bonded out of jail. feast your eyes on these
2:31 pm
pictures. 8 to 10 inches of rain rushed other a levee for about 10 hours causing it to break. it's amazing just to see it happening. caught on tape, too. lindsey whitty said chunks just kept falling and falling. let's bring in chad myers. that's a lot of rain. and i got to say, when i see it happen, i keep wondering, one flash flood or is this the result of many floods or a lot of damage. the ditch was fine, the grass is not there. eight inches of rainfall literally in a coup of hours, all of it just washed down. you don't really do it perfectly. you have some problems there and the erosion happened quickly. the problem is with the erosion on the right and the left side of this ditch.
2:32 pm
a drought in florida is causing something similar, causing big sinkholes. this is erosion, just taking the dirt and pushing it down the train and eventually into the bay or the ocean. it was all man made levy and system. i've got to say, just looking at that happen, i'm a sinkhole fan. a bit geeky when it comes to sinkholes. >> we're going to tell you the story and tell you how this broke down.
2:33 pm
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2:36 pm
>> a woman held for day against her will, sexually abuses her, and you and i picking up the tab as tax players. take a good look. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and explosives used him as an informant. a "seattle times" investigation found atf put him up in a cheap mo tell last year. and it was then and there he told woman he was an undercover agent and then attacked her for days. we want to bring in one of the reporters who helped uncover this case. you actually found the domation. how did this happen?
2:37 pm
>> well, we were closed about mr. jackson's es capades in the motel. we assessed, you know, what kind of background he had and what the atf might have known when they brought him in as an informant. we've reached out to them here at cnn. we couldn't get an interview but we could get a statement. we could not identify a confidential informant. however, i that must adhere to strict rules. atf officials are investigating the allegations made by the "seattle times" to ensure that employees are complying with all
2:38 pm
a liapplicable law enforcement d the general public. is it possible they may have actually complied with all the different laws in trying to use this certain as an informant and something just went wrong that might have been out of their control. one of the things they are to look at is criminal history as well as the potential threat an informant would pose to the public. in mr. jackson's case, he had a long history of domestic violence of conduct in prison arrest record in 43 states.
2:39 pm
on its face, it seems like those issues would have razed red flags and brought in questions whether mr. jackson was indeed suitable to be an informant. he spent 11 months in solitary. there are things i can't say on television. but you've probably seen him in lock-up shows on television. he's a bad dude. if he adhered to the law, i still don't understand how he could have been with members of the general public unsupervised. >> we don't know how much
2:40 pm
contact they had because atf won't talk about rare shelgs wip with mr. jackson. we did speak to a hotel manager with mr. jackson lived who speaked to mr. jackson's handler and he quoted the handler as saying mr. jackson was high maintenance and didn't know when to draw the line at times. where is he now. >> well, now we can rest easier that he's back in prison. thank you for that and good work. >> this is one of the most secretive jobs in the world. but you're about to get an inside peek into the life of a cia agent. one of them is opening up.
2:41 pm
talking to cnn. and here you go. here's a teaser. he's talking about how porn plays into their techniques. he's talking about spying here in america, too. you don't want to miss this. [ mechanical humming ]
2:42 pm
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2:44 pm
spies, porn and a very watchful big brother. this is all part of a new book "the art of intelligence" by a guy who knows a thing or two about it. he's a former cia officer who says his frustration with his spy work was, quote, decades in the making. those words from our suzanne kelly who interviewed crumpton and wrote about it for she's kind enough to join us live. porn in the cia. i thought great, this will be a book like james bond. but even james bond didn't full frontal nudity. >> the funny thing is, you've got this sort of expose in hank's book into a little bit more detail than we' seen before. about sources and methods, traditionally, something cia officers will never talk about. completely off-limits. but he did talk about hey, when i needed information in north korean leaders, they wanted something, too. and it happened to be porn.
2:45 pm
they have an appetite for porn. you have to do what you need to do to get the job done. but it does expose that inter t interesting underlife. the other thing we haven't heard a lot about that he talks about in this book is the national resources division. it's a little agency within the agency, if you will. and it's the cia's sort of domestic function. so it goes to tell you, you'll remember the cia is really an overseas spying operation for the u.s. for them now to operate here in the u.s. kind of tells you a little bit about the evolving threats and home grown terrorists are more of an issue than ever before. we have the sleeper cells, hezbollah being here in the u.s. the cia is really all over the world now. >> th >> so this isn't necessarily akin to the wiretapping. this is not spying abyou and me, this is spying on foreign nationals who are walking amongst you and me. >> yeah. they're still not allowed to spy
2:46 pm
on you and me. we're here -- although when we come into contact with foreign nationals, if there's something interesting going on there, they may be paying attention to those corn nationals that we contact with. enwhen i talked 20 him the other day, he talked about nano technology. he brought up this interesting conversation going can on between our own intelligence agencies and the private sector. he said technology is just taking off and it's developing so quickly. now a cia officer could go into a tailor, get a suit made and there could be a beacon, a microscopic beacon sewn into the suit and that officer could walk out of the building and not know somebody was tracking h im. it's those nuggets you get in the book. it casts a lot of light on things we haven't heard about. >> i keep thinking in europe, i
2:47 pm
often wondered if nano technology is the next poke so you can tra ill and listen in. i can't wait to follow this stuff. good stuff. looks like a good read. here's another strange story. a bride found dead. still in her wedding gown. and in the bathtub. and police say they somehow know what happened. we'll explain. >> and also a quick note for you. if you're heading out the door, you don't have to leave us. neck no. you can watch us if you're headed to work. just go to you can find it all there and we encourage you to do so and do so often. back in a mole. the key is to have a good strategy. sdsh -- moment. the same goes for my retirement. with the plan my financial advisor and i put together, a quick check and i know my retirement is on course. [ male announcer ] with wells fargo advisor's envision plan, you always know where you stand.
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a newly released 911 call from the father of a 6-year-old birl isabel celis back on april 21. her screen to her window had been removed and her father called 911. >> i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. she's 6 years old. >> yes. >> why do you think she was abducted? >> i have no idea. i woke up to get her ready for the baseball game and she was
2:51 pm
gone. i woke up my sons and we looked everywhere and noticed her window is wide open and the screen is laying in the backyard. >> tucson police won't say why they came to an agreement that celis has to stay away from his sons. two days after walking down the aisle, a bride is found dead, multiple stab wounds and she's still in her wedding gown. >> why? why would you take her from us? >> even more strange, police say they found her in a dry bathtub in her apartment just south of chicago. the officers visited her place after her sister called because she had worried that she had not
2:52 pm
yet picked up her kids. >> she was a lovely human being, caring. more like a sister to me than a cousin. she's 26 years old. she still has a life to live. you know? you just -- it's unexplainable pain that my family and i are going through right now. >> police tell our affiliate wbbm, they believe the killing is an isolated domestic incident. your family, your life, your community, the events that you share with us every day when you share cnn your ireports, and we thank you. the second ireport awards are under way and now's your chance to let your voice be heard. we' been scouring through thousands oof ireports and selected the most compelling examples. now we want to give you the
2:53 pm
kwhans for the community choice award. watch and then go to cnnireport i feel like i'm at the oscars. here are the nominees for the breaking news category.
2:54 pm
>> that is the biggest earthquake to date. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is just incredible work by so many of the ireporters out there. hard to choose between them, but we do thank you for your remarkable work. you shed light on stories that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. big chanks to you. president obama's campaign goes negative. and the i a tacks come out at mitt romney for his business experience. but is everything in the ad factual? i'm about to challenge a representative of the obama campaign for one of the ads that's gone blistering. we'll find out what he has to say about it. and then a mystery at the
2:55 pm
vatican. crews are digging up a mobster's coffin in a graveyard there. and they're searching for clues in the disappearance of a girl. guess what? they found something. and it is really, really weird. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. where we switched their steaks for walmart's choice premium steak. let's see what people think. it's a steak-over. it's juicy. it's tender. it seems like it just melts in my mouth. that's a nice steak. only one in five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium beef. you are eating walmart steaks. really? this is fabulous.
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2:58 pm
the crypt has been unearthed of a mafia boss who was laid to rest at the vatican. the mob boss's body was fully intact, where they could get his fingerprints. but they also found other remains. those remains are about to be tested to see if they're a match for this young woman kidnapped back in 1983. confused? barbie, this is a weird one and it does sort of sound like a da vinci code story. what on earth is this all about? why is a mob boss buried at the vatican? why on earth are other remains buried with him? and are we going to get answers about this missing girl? >> we're not going to get any answers very soon. this particular man who was a well known affiliate of a crime gang in rome was killed in 1990.
2:59 pm
in 1997 an investigative journalist discovered he was buried in the vatican. why he was buried among bishops and cardinals and pope asks a mystery. it's something the vatican has been very cagey about. there are reports miss family donated a huge amount of money to the vatican and that's why he got that prime real estate. the reason he was exhumed yesterday was because of an alleged tie to a 15-year-old girl who was kidnapped in 1983. she was the daughter of a vatican employee. in person stumbled upon some information -- >> barbie, i'm losing you on the skype connection. rats, we've almost lost your audio completely. you're just getting to the good part.


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