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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 19, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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on cnn saturday morning which starts right now. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is c nn saturday morning. a bride stabbed to death in her bathtub, the suspect her husband, the fbi follows leads to mexico. a multi-million dollar business. international baby adoption. a heart wrenching story sheds light on the struggles of overseas adoptions with the baby business in focus. how many people like facebook's initial public offering, you be surprised. we break down the new circle of friends. good morning, everyone i'm randi kaye, 7:00, thanks for waking up with us, get you caught up on some of the news. we start with the glitch in the new space plan. >> 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.
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and lift off -- we've had a cut off. >> that is the drag on spacecraspac-- dragon spacecraft, when they hit zero on the countdown, nothingrellfii miami. a half second left when they aborted. >> reporter: .5 seconds before zero. the on board computer system shut everything down because they had experienced a glitch in engine number five. it was running with too much pressure, could mean a bunch of things, bottom line is at lift off, they need all nine engines to be firing and firing
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perfectly. just finished a news conference at kennedy space center where the president of spacex talked about how this, that they will have people at the launch pad later today, but that this is not a failure. >> this is not a failure. we aborted with purpose, it would be a failure if were to have lifted off with an engine trending in this direction. >> reporter: gwynne saying had you lifted off bad things could happen, they would not have been able to probably reach orbit and certainly not the international space station, which is the mission. spacex attempting to be the first commercial company, randi, to actually get a spacecraft, their dragon spacecraft to the international space station, to
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rendesvous and berth. >> it's a demonstration flight, has cargo on it, should something go wrong it won't be terribly missed is the way it was put to me but understand this -- this need to be successful because nasa decided that it could no longer continue to fly space shuttles, and build a rocket that could take humans to an asteroid and mars, just not enough money, they are turning over low earth orbit, servicing the international space station to commercial companies. spacex is the first one ready to make this next leap so it's hugely critical they get it right down the road. >> a lot of jobs on the line, too. >> absolutely. >> john zarella, thank you very
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much, appreciate it. >> sure. the hunt for a man accused of killing his bride on their wedding night moved to mexico. that is where the fbi believe ts arnoldo jiminez has fled. his parents live there. has been a week since he stabbed his new bride in his illinois apartment. she was found in the bathtub. jiminez phone was tracked to the texas-mexico border, charged with first degree murder. president obama kicks off a major international gathering at camp david in a couple hours, hosting the leaders of oert g-8 nations, front and center on the agenda the stakes are high, the leaders are working on plans to head off trouble in the eurozone. protesters are gathered in chicago for the nato summit. afghanistan is expected to be one of the main points of discussion there. donna summer's family wants to clear the air about the singer's death. ♪ i'd love to love you baby
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>> the disco queen died thursday at the age of 63. her family says it was lung cancer but donna summer wasn't a smoker, and the family says the cancer wasn't related to smoking. the family wanted to quell any rumors surrounding her cause of death. they also say details about her diagnosis and treatment are between them and the doctors. a firey ex-lotion ended a six hour stand off. a man who strapped explosives to his body was holed up in the house, holing his ex-girlfriend hostage ahonk with four children and new boyfriend. but they got out before the blast. police say the suspect, presumed to be dead, was distraught over the break-up two years ago. a blind chinese activist fled house arrest in the dead of night and sought shelter at the u.s. embassy in beijing for six tense days. chen guangcheng, his wife and
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two kids are on their way to the u.s., all of this unfolding this morning. stan grant is joining us from beijing, good morning, stan. chen arrived at the beijing airport today was the timing unexpected? >> reporter: took us by prize and a lot of other media as well, suddenly heard chen was at the airport, spoken to people saying he had arrived there without a passport. he appeared his family ready to fly to new york for the new life in the united states. apparently chinese officials were holding documentation with them until they cleared immigration and security this is a dramatic twist, a cliche but this does read like a hollywood script. blind activist escapes house arrest, flees to the u.s. embassy, diplomatic stand off between china and united states, finally china gives him the
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passport, now on his way to the united states. he can't stay in china, fears for his life here in recent days, said his family, who have pen left behind, brother, nephews, extended family have been arrested, beaten. his nephew placed on attempted murder charge for defending himself against these attacks. not the environment he felt safe in, now winging his way to new york. >> he's headed to newark, you mention the job at nyu, do we know where he will stay or does he have help or guidance there. >> reporter: there has been a lot of support for him, a big chinese community in the united states. a big chinese christian community very vocal and supportive throughout the story. he has friends within the academic community, close friend in new york university who provided this position for him. so it looks as though things will be taken care of at that end.
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he is a man who has lived his entire life in china, doesn't speak english, mind, self-taught lawyer, lived in a small village and going to be in new york, leaving behind everything he knows, and the family he is very, very unlikely to ever able to return and see again. >> why is china so willing to let him go? >> reporter: that is a puzzling question when you consider how tense the stand off was, you hear about the reports behind the scenes, randi, the raised voice, finger pointing, china is demanding an apology from the u.s. for allowing chen to hold out in the embassy. many people they want to get rid of the problem. someone they have seen as an enemy of the state, jailed him, put him under house arrest. they want him out of the country
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racism a campaign in the media to blacken his name, portray him as a traitor, as a u.s. spy. china is determined he is not being seen as a heroic figure. stan grant, thank you very much. a run down of some of the stories we are working on. a guatemalan mother said her daughter was stolen. now the girl is in a battle between that mom and the adoptive u.s. parents. opened with a bank, facebook stock falls flat. kim ckardashian helped sell skechers, but they didn't do what they were supposed to do. now they have to pay up. plip pl
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giving love to a child in need, it's that desire that drives thousands of people in the u.s. to open their hearts and homes and adopt children. it is our focus this morning. but for one family in missouri the love may soon turn to heart break. that is because they may be forced to give up the little girl they adopted in 2008. her name is karen, but this woman claims to be the girl's biological mother and calls her angelle. >> i had gone shopping, a woman was following and when i returned, my girls stayed playing in the yard. it was from there she was stolen. >> she says she discovered her on an adoption website, three years after she went missing, it was then she started the process of trying to get her daughter back. >> translator: it has been proven she was stolen from me and i never gave her away
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willingly, much less did i get any money for her. >> a court ruled the baby was stolen and ordered her return. ten people charged with human trafficking in the case but the missouri couple, they are not sold on the story. they say they will continue to advocate for the safety and best interests of their legally adopted child. the u.s. government is staying out of it. they say guatemala had not signed an international treaty on child abductions in time so they have no standing in the case. >> there are privacy concerns related to this, there are legal concerns related to this, but beyond that, our view of this is that the appropriate venue for contesting this or cases like this would be in the state courts. >> a civil suit will be filed in missouri in what may be a final effort to get the girl back. cases like this cause guatemala to suspend all adoptions in
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2007. last year, china was the top destination for u.s. families adopting oversees. 2587 children. after, that ethiopia, 1732, russia, south korea and ukraine. a monster wild fire out west has tripled in size and firefighters are struggling to control even just a little bit of it. we'll check in with meterologist reynolds wolf to see if relief is in sight soon. a quick note for those of you heading out the door, continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or heading to work, watch cnn live from your desk top. go to c music. games. photos. shows. we share stories, laugh... and truly engage. it brings us closer and that is my happy place. ♪
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this morning we are monitoring wild fires burning in several states out west. one of the biggest fires is in northern arizona, the so-called gladiator fire, another city was forced to evacuate. firefighters barely have any of it under control and burned up to 20 square miles already. reynolds is back with us, what is fuelling this? >> unfortunately, you have a lot of basically brush out there. a lot of pine, coupled with dry conditions and yesterday winds from 20 to 30 miles per hour, you had fires spreading like
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crazy, damage is income -- incomeprehensible. gladiator, 13,000 acres contained. one of the issue we will be seeing, conditions belter what i mean by that, they are going to cool-down a little bit at the same time the wind should drop, but it's going to be crucial for firefighters to really get a handle on these first this weekend because as we get through sunday and monday and tuesday, we're going to see something else develop over the southwest, an area of low pressure we refer to as a heat low, that will increase the winds by next week. so you're going to see fires moving through canyons, ravines, where there is the foliage. it could accelerate next week. they have to get a good handle on them. >> reynolds, thank you for the update. check back with you later on.
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witnesses in the trayvon martin case paint a conflicting picture of what happened on the night the florida teenager was killed. i'll ask a well-known attorney about the new evidence just released.
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they have never been seen before, new photos of george zimmerman seem to show signs of a struggle the night trayvon martin was shot and killed. as you can see zimmerman has small cuts on the side of his nose. another set of photos shows bloody gashes on the back of his head. we're getting a look at what could be trayvon martin's last moments before his fateful encounter with zimmerman. a surveillance video showing the teen at a local convenience
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store. randy kessler here to talk about the case. let's start with the trayvon case, what do you make of the new evidence just released, a mountain of evidence. >> manna from heaven for a defense lawyer. there are always two sides to every story. the defense lawyers are happy now. >> let's talk about the pictures, they showed wounds, george zimmerman said he killed trayvon martin in self defense how important do you think it is to have the pictures at a trial if it dpegets to that in. >> extremely important. if he was a racist you don't wait until you're getting beat up that badly. if you have an agenda, you will shoot somebody not consistent with wounds and a fight and struggle. a criminal case, the prosecution has to win yard, not just tipping the scales. this makes it harder to get that beyond a reasonable doubt
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standard. >> trayvon martin's girlfriend on the phone with him says she was on the phone with him at the time he encountered george zimmerman she heard him say "get off, get off" how critical do you think her testimony is? >> it's important but she is biased, you don't have much more of a biased witness, you have the victim's family, they are perceived as biased because they feel -- >> one sergeant on the line during the 911 call heard someone yell for help 14 times in 38 seconds. but the fbi is saying that the voice analysis is really in conclusive who was yelling for help. what will the jury make of this, do you think? >> i think it will cancel each other out. people on the jury will want to find him guilty or innocent each
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will hear what they want to hear. if the only people saying that is him or not him, it will be hard. i think the evidence will wash it out and it won't be a big part of the case. >> would that be the same thing, some people say i think it was trayvon martin on top during the struggle on the ground and others who say it was george zimmerman, it's the same thing. >> a tussle is a tussle, a fight is on fight, people get on top and bottom. there was a fight. i don't think zimmerman should say i should win the case because he was an aggressor. i ended the fight, i was fearful for my life, i stood my ground. >> getting back to the 911 call, there was a question whether zimmerman made a racial slur during the 911 call. he was told to not follow trayvon martin but he did that. his family said he's not a racist, a white hispanic, but there is a co-worker who came out in this discovery evidence that was released saying not
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only is he racist but bully, this guy said he was always taunted by george zimmerman. could this effect the case? >> there is a very slim possibility, if they charge him with a hate crime, enough evidence to prove -- >> what they are trying to do. >> if it gets to that level, it westbound relevant. did he kill him in self detense premeditation whether he was a racist against. >> if you were sitting at the defense table with george zimmerman how is the case looking for him? >> better than a few weeks ago, much, much better. >> the evidence helps? >> makes it confusing. a lot of reasonable doubt. all the defense has to do is poke reasonable down in the prosecution ts ca prosecution's case, if all 12 people can't agree, he walks. >> as you look at the bruising on his head and nose, you have
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to look at how will they prove those bruises and cuts are consistent with his head being slammed in the pavement as he said trayvon martin did. >> that's true. the truth of the matter is all of america could think maybe he did it or more likely but that is not the standard. the standard isn't he probably did it you have to convince 12 people that he murdered him that will be a hard standard. >> getting back to stand your ground. stick around i want to continue our discussion on some of these other big legal cases. we have new details in the search for a man suspected of murdering his new bride. her body found in a bathtub. i want to hear what you have to say about this case. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide.
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siemens. answers. it about half past the hour here welcome back i'm randi kaye, thanks for starting your day with us. we're back with randy kessler with more on the big legal cases. we talked about the trayvon martin case. now the john edwards corruption


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