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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 19, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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place less than two weeks shy of hurricane season actually beginning? >> that's right, fredricka, and not uncommon to see tropical activity flare up before hurricane season officially begin, june 1st for this part of the world. the area highlighted is just off the coast of south carolina pap concentrated area but it has been rapidly developing. that's why the national hurricane center is keeping a close eye on it. the latest advisory says this could develop into a tropical depression or maybe even a tropical storm as early as sunday. possibly later tonight as we see we've had a lot of convection, meaning thunderstorm activity developing with it and enhanced here. you can see areas here in red and yellow. those are the higher topped thunderstorms. something to keep watch on and the first name of the season is alberto. we'll keep a close look at this already active season that hasn't officially begun for 2012. >> this potentially could get a name. it. william to intensify eve before the season begins? >> absolutely. if it becomes a hurricane, it
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gets a name. >> thank you. keep us posted. terrorist charges brought against three anti-nato protesters have taken place. chicago announcing felony charges, a weekend whn they're playing host to leaders in two summits. paul vercammen in chicago. paul what led to these arrests and these pretty severe charge there's in chicago? >> reporter: well, fredricka, according to authorities here, they basically infill tramt atr group aimeded at disrupting the nato summit. after a while they determined this group, these three men were planning serious, serious destruction and mayhem in chicago during the summit, including possible attacks on the headquarters, the campaign headquarters of barack obama, mayor rahm emanuel's residence and at least four police stations. they said part of their plan, again, what authorities are alleging, to disrupt the rest of the, undermine the rest of the
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police officers' efforts while they carried out these attacks. now, these three young men's defense attorneys say these charges were basically a setup. that the infiltrators were the ones who bought molotov cocktail-making equipment. very serious charges right now. all of this just developing at the time, but what started as, well, perhaps these terrorists had beermaking equipment, now molotov cocktails, other weapons, a mortar and more, fredricka. >> what more do we know about these suspects? >> reporter: all three are from out state. from florida, new hampshire and massachusetts pap massachusetts. according to prosecutors, started in florida and are all members of this black bloc group. basically, in court today. all young men. did not speak out. held on $1.5 million bond. their defense attorneys saying, no, they came here peaceably. the authorities saying no way.
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this wasn't just beermaking equipment. these guys were up to serious in good. >> paul vercammen, thanks for the yum date coming out of chicago. on to maryland. the place of the other high-profile summit taking place. camp david. president obama is playing host to that second critical summit. the g-8. the big focus, europe's financial crisis and how. could impact the u.s. recovery. under pressure here, germany, which backs austerity measures across the eurozone. barack obama is pushing for growth and less belt tightening. a dramatic development in the saga of the chinese blind activist chen guangcheng. chen seen here in a wheel. chair at the beijing airport and his family are scheduled to arrive in new york in matter of hours today. chen ig night admiral firestorm when he escaped house arrest in china and sought refuge in the embassy. a human rights organization says chinese authorities told chen and his family today they needed
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to pack up and leave right away. >> and i talked with him for six times before he boarded his flight today. he sounded very upbeat and although he -- i can tell he's very concerned about his extended family members that he will leave behind who are facing some real serious retribution by the local authorities. >> and chen ultimately received his passport and visa to leave china and come to the u.s. after an invitation was extended by new york university to be a fellow. all right. a bombing outside a school in brindisi, italy killing one teen and wounding at least six others. take a look at the crime scene. there are childrens notebooks, backpacks just lying around in the street there. investigators say they found three gas cylinders near the school entrance that had been detonated with a remote control.
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officials say it's not clear why the school was targeted, or who may have been targeted. canadian police want to know why a jilted boyfriend strapped on explosives and blew up his ex-girlfriend's home. that happened earlier today, and he also killed himself. the standoff with police lasted nearly seven hours in a small town northeast of vancouver. negotiators got him to release the girlfriend. the woman's new boyfriend and four children, well, they escaped earlier. >> and then i heard the children screaming. so i came to the front window and saw the two girls running out of the house, quite hysterical and crying. so i ran to the front door. as i got to the front door another man i've not seen with a smaller child came running out screaming at the girls to run. >> police say the man apparently died in the explosion and fire, but they have not yet found his body. john edwards heads back to a north carolina courtroom monday. he's waiting for a verdict in
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his campaign corruption trial. jurors ended their first day of deliberations without reaching a decision. the former presidential candidate is charged with illegally using nearly $1 million in campaign funds to hide his affair with rielle hunter. a special correspondent covering the case says it won't be easy to prove. >> reporter: i'll tell you, the prosecution has a very high bar to cross here. they have to prove after all is said and done that john edwards knowingly and willfully broke the campaign finance law. now, you know, they have to prove that he knew what the law was, and that, oh, well, i'm going to go ahead and break it anyway. that's pretty tough to prove. >> deliberations resume monday. the family of disco queen donna summer says the singer died of lung cancer, but they want to be clear. she was not a smoker. in a statement, a family representative said numerous factors can be attributed to the cause of cancer in general, but
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any details regarding the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of ms. summer's case remain between her family and a team of doctors. summer was 63 years old when she died thursday. the iranian government is threatening to sue google. it says the search giant is guilty of a mischievous act on its popular maps. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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♪ mine! [ female announcer ] glidden brilliance collection paint and primer in one. available only at walmart. got a day? get some color. ♪ glidden paint makes it easy to add color to your life. glidden gets you going. i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. iran is taking on one of the world's internet giants. the iranian government is threatening to sue google over something that's not on its maps. josh levs is here to explain. something's mitting in its view? >> yeah. the way iran sees it. zoom in. if you search for persian gulf on google maps it takes you to
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the persian gulf area. i searched for it. that's why there's an a there but doesn't actually name this body of water, and it does name the bodies of water nearby. the gulf of amman. it doesn't name the persian gulf. who cares? why is this a big deal? iran and a lot of iranians have been fighting to call it persian gulf in as many places at possible. a lot of us know it. some call it the arabian gulf. the u.s. navy's official rule itsome to be called the arabian gulf. experts in the region tell me names connote ownership. iran wants the world to see this critical waterway centrally at its waterway and persia would refer to iran. on state-run media, iran said, toying with modern technologies and political issues is among the new measures by the enemies against iran and went on to say google is being used as a play thing by enemies of piiran. google told me they didn't label
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this. they don't name sites. not gervin an example. google is smart trying to avoid controversial. the latest step in a battle that's going on for decades. a lot of people don't realize how important this is to a lot of iranians around the world. at one point iran band a publication for calling it the gulf and launched protest against the louvre in paris for doing the same thing. ultimately, this could blow over. it's not clear iran could or would actually sue google, but they are dangling that threat and bringing this debate back to the forefront all to make that point, fred. >> this seems highly unusual. >> right. >> but have there been other battles like this, whether against google or other mapmakers about sites that should or were removed from the maps? >> interesting. google is so powerful. where google put the border between nicaragua and costa rica, a big deal between organization there's. among google, similar war of
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words. one example, the asian nation called myanmar. in the united states we call it burma. out of support for the democratic opposition. an official stance. disputes with israel. some refer to the west bank and judea summaria, buy liiblical. and the falklands. latin america called hope to the mulvinas because argentina continues to press ias its land. fred, we'll see what happens with this google debate. meantime, iran has brought this back to the forefront. >> appreciate it, josh. when a kentucky kmart store was going out of business, one man bought everything on the shelves, and then gave it all away. that them come the summer santa. a party?
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christmas came early in clark county, kentucky. a rankin painter heard the local kmart store was closing. so he bought everything on the shelves. $200,000 worth of stuff and then gave it all away to the needy. they call him the summer santa.
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>> it will mean the needy this fall will not go cold. and they won't go hungry. >> ah. his shopping spree tied up four registers for 6.5 hours. he says he grew up poor and wants to give back and help others, and he just did. hiv testing in your own home. a new kit could be coming to a store near you soon.
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in today's "healthforher" key developments this week in the fight against hiv. an advisory panel that works with the fda has preapproved an in-home oral hiv test. it's called oraquick. if approved by the fda this test would be available to consumers over the counter. the doctor is a physician at premiere care for women in atlanta. doctor, good to see you. pretty extraordinary. why such an incredible breakthrough this would get pre-approval? not a green light from the fda, but close? >> it is. the advisory committee recommended the fda approve this test. why this is exciting is about 20%, or almost a quarter million
2:19 pm
people, 1.2 million people in the u.s., who have hiv don't know they have it, and by not knowing, that's how we think most new cases of hiv are being spread. so being able to get tested in the privacy of your own home is hopefully going to increase testing and that's awesome. >> how does it work? >> a simple test. the same test used in doctors offices and hospitals since 2002. it's very accurate. you take this thing and swab it on the inside of your upper gum, inside of your lower gum. place it in this solution. just like a pregnancy test, two lines for positive, one for negative in about 20 minutes. it's very fast, very accurate and very easy. >> you already said a lot of doctors feel its accurate just like the test you would take, or blood test or even saliva test you take at your doctor's office, however, you know, a lot of folks might be reluctant to take the next step. while they may be reluctant to go into a doctor's office, they can do this at home, but then it's incumbent upon you if you get a
2:20 pm
positive test to take it to the next level. you do have to reach out for assistance? >> definitely. if you get a positive test, there's a 24-hour hot line, counselors can talk to you. for sure, you need to go to your health care provider for a confirmatory test. if you diagnose it early, the odds of survival are much greater. it's in your best interests and take precaution of decreasing the risk of transferring it to others. >> when you get the kit, if indeed it hits the market, do it dos it more than once? what if that initial positive or negative is not right? >> absolutely correct. a really important point. there's a window that's known there when you get exposed to hiv. someone got exposed yesterday. you're correct. their test might be negative today but can be positive within three to six months. it's very important if you think you could be exposed to repeat the test at timely intervals.
2:21 pm
the cdc does recommend that adults 13 to 464 g64 get a test routinely. knowing when to get tested is going to be key. >> once you take this test, counseling seems like it really ought to be pretty imperative. to hear you tested positive, even in the comfort of your own home is a tough pill to swallow. >> counselling is key. the company has a hot line. community agencies with counseling available. definitely, if you get a positive test result, the thing to do, find out what is your next step, which will be see your health care provider for a confirmatory test and get started and treatment early, because that's the key to survival. >> when might this be on the market or available? >> good question. the fda usually takes advisory committee's advice. should get approval. the cost anywhere around $60. we talked to the company and got information from them. they're excited about this obviously. they think it is going to help a lot of people.
2:22 pm
i did homework too. you can walk into any lab test place and get a blood draw for about $49. the test is comparably priced and available at retail pharmacies. >> the difference, some feel more comfortable doing it at home as opposed to going to a doctor's office. >> the idea, encourage more people to get tested because that's how we're going to stop the spread of hiv. >> dr. reddy, thanks. appreciate it. and space may be the final frontier, but getting there can be rather tricky. why the dawn of a new era of commercial space flight won't be today.
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spacex aborted its first attempt to fly a private spacecraft to the international space station. >> two, one, zero -- and liftoff -- >> spacex and nasa officials say chamber pressure in engine five was high. it was shut down. designed to see whether it can deliver cargo. the next launch attempt could come as soon as tuesday at cape canaveral. you know prince harry is third in line to the throne, but
2:27 pm
he's also a soldier and he's been his brother's wing man. our special, "the fighting prince" has a lot more details coming up in a few minutes. 3:00 eastern time, hope you'll join us. she had to fight for her right to compete in the miss universe pageant. but a transgender contestant, this one right there, says she is in it to win it. i'll see you at 3:00 eastern time. right now our special with prince harry. today is going to be an important day for us. >> are you ready? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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hey! then and now. >> right -- >> at his happiest, in combat uniform. >> it's about running through the mud. it's the way i am. i love it. >> and now the streak of irreverence, but for now, one of the lads with an eye out for the next party. >> he is a party prince. he likes to go on holiday. he likes to have a drink or two, and i think that's what people actually respond to him with. >> then and now. a son, and a brother. d. all washing out? >> he does, but leaves most in the sink and it comes back in the morning and i have to wash it out. >> oh, the lies. >> prince harry is third in line to the british throne. four years ago, his grandmother,
2:32 pm
queen elizabeth 2 sent him off to afghanistan to fight. this year celebrating more than 60 years on the throne she has a different appointment in mind. she's sending harry on a royal tour to the caribbean. protocol and ceremony are to be properly observed, of course, but this will be, we're told, very prince harry. >> he can't sit there with a stiff upper lip and not get involved. i have never taken myself too seriously. so prince harry's arrived here in belize. a big test. defining his own public role and the first time he's represented the queen abroad. a big thing for him and the palace. let's see how he does here. how he shows his own personality, but at the same time represents the queen, the head of state in the u.k., but also in belize.
2:33 pm
♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, his royal highness, prince harry of wales. >> the dress relaxed. >> we could not have asked for a better mate, shining -- >> reporter: the prince has a boulevard to rename and an audience to charm. >> when it became clear i was to represent my grandmother in belize, my heart leapt, for a good reason. for the noisy corner here. more noise on this side, please. and just remains for me to name this street the majesty queen elizabeth boulevard. >> reporter: and so the party
2:34 pm
begins. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with prince harry, say those who know him what you see is what you get. >> there's no pretends to him. he's straightforward himself, which he is. and that, that is an incredible charming personality. he's very much his mother's son. he's got very much the common touch among commoners and that natural empathy, that human touch that is straightforward and none pretense at all. >> reporter: that common touch was something his mother, the princess of wales was always keen to foster, even as her marriage to charles was breaking up. >> diana! >> reporter: when harry lost his
2:35 pm
mother before he'd even entered his teens, his composure like that of his brother was astonishing. as his father acknowledged in a speechless than three weeks after diana's death. >> thank you so much. >> and unbelievably proud of the children, william and harry. they've been quite remarkable. and i think they've handled an extraordinarily difficult time, as i'm sure you could imagine, with quite enormous character. and the greatest possible digni dignity. >> reporter: speaking on a trip to africa two years ago, harry made it clear that die nana rem as real presence in his life and in that of his brother. >> wherever we are, whoever we're with, i particularly always wondered what she woman think, would she be thinking, having a laugh, sitting in the background, playing football with the children? all these things. that's i suppose what keeps us
2:36 pm
going every day, that thought of, what would she be like if she were around today? >> reporter: the reaction harry provokes in the bahamas is reminiscent of the effect his mother could have. it's hard not to get swept away by it all. >> it's good to be here. some of us would never get to england. so it's a privilege. ♪ >> i explain to him, this is the yeen queen's grandson. he's only 7. so it's wonderful. it's a pleasure. >> reporter: we >> well, that was something else.
2:37 pm
for a royal. he took belize by storm. they love him. that's a story. still to come, the military highs -- and the night club lows. >> i was quite shocked, in fact. >> reporter: when "harry, the soldier prince" continues. isn't today the reunion? ♪ you're doing it again, sweetheart. hmm? the thumb thing. ♪ -mine. -mine. -mine. ♪ mine! [ female announcer ] glidden brilliance collection paint and primer in one. available only at walmart. got a day? get some color. ♪ glidden paint makes it easy to add color to your life. glidden gets you going.
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glidden paint makes it easy to add color to your life. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. [ gunfire ] >> inside. up on the right. >> reporter: four years ago, prince harry fulfilled a burning ambition. he was deployed to afghanistan to fight.
2:39 pm
>> the guys were bummed, because nothing was happening for the first few days i was here, but things are picking up again now. subsequently it was boring and nothing happens down there. >> reporter: britain's royals are expected to serve in the armed forces. prince charles was in the navy, as was his brother, prince andrew. he flew helicopters during the war in 1982. prince william is in the air force, flying search and rescue. >> on the right! >> reporter: for prince harry, though, it was always going to be the army. he was an officer cadet at school, leading the parade. age 20, his father handed him over to the santos military academy where britain trains its officer class. the regime here is unforgiving. >> they start pretty early. we say here that many of the cadets who turn out have been used to working for four hours a day and sleeping for 20, and
2:40 pm
generally it's reverse that cycle. >> reporter: one year later, and he was a commissioned officer. and desperately keen to serve on the front line. >> as i said, no, you can't go to front line, then i wouldn't drag my sorry ass and i wouldn't -- be where i am now, because the last thing i want to do is have my soldiers go away to iraq and me held back home twiddling my thumbs thinking what about them? rrmt at fir >> reporter: at first he was off to iraq. >> the decision has been taken by myself he will deploy with his regimen in due course. >> reporter: two weeks later, it was off. >> i have decided that the risk to prince harry is too great. >> reporter: finally, with the media sworn to secrecy, he was deployed. if prince harry had wanted to get as far away as possible from his military base in britain, he
2:41 pm
had suck ceded, in the south of helmans province working face-to-face with the taliban. >> they poke their heads up and that's it. then if the guys are coming under a lot of fire, then i call the air and as soon as the air comes up they disappear, jump down the holes or go into bunkers. [ gunfire ] >> a large compound just confirm. many craters from air ordnance. >> we dropped two days ago. this is a big emphasis, and they're building up. the whole place is deserted. knop compounds. craters all over the place. looks like something out of -- >> reporter: he also undertook foot patrols and embraced his an nom anonymity. >> nice to be just like everybody else. walking around, and next door through the walls with holes and
2:42 pm
interpreters. i have a chat with them a cigarette with them and wish i could say a beer, but that doesn't happen around here. >> americans have arrived. >> reporter: a few weeks later, harry -- now with a scorcher of armored vehicles and still clearly in his element. >> i was going to -- kill or die. the dogs -- killer dog. not so good. >> reporter: on one occasion, as it was about to cross a dry river bed, the pa prol sdtrol dd a roadside bomb. >> an iud at this point. >> ordnance now. >> reporter: still working as an air traffic controversial it was harry's job to bring in the disposal unit. >> we waited about four hours for the eod team to come out. >> if you can possible not land directly on it. >> between the three of us, pe
2:43 pm
sueded the helicopter to land. a lot easier. they came down, 12 of them, and expecting a long night out. they got the job done and dp a controlled explosion. >> three, two -- >> and then we called out and -- well looking back on if essentially we saved numerous people's lives, whether ours or just locals. a good job, well done. >> reporter: members of harry's squadron gave him a favorable appraisal. with an odd qualification. >> he's a prince, royalty, but also an officer. he's a good officer as well and let's get on with it. >> give us a little benefit. we do get surprises tucked away from different units. obviously, they want a bit of time with mr. wales. there's no problem whatsoever. >> just take a time out. >> i need breakfast. >> actually he gets in his bed
2:44 pm
at nighttime, passing on and always calls someone over. absent-minded and falls to his bed. yeah. >> reporter: harry's time in afghanistan ended abruptly after word of his deployment leaked out. he was quickly brought home and immediately champing at the bit to go back. >> i'd love to go back and i want to go back very, very soon. i don't intend on leaving army but i want to say to you, if you ask, once you're back from operatio operations, you go back to your unit and day in, day out, same routine. nothing changes. that's the way it is. at least in operations, you're kept on your toes the whole time. that's what guys join us for, i guess. that sort of adrenaline. >> reporter: it was never any doubt that his caribbean trip
2:45 pm
would include a visit to an army base. >> yo. >> reporter: and perhaps inevitable that afghanistan on the other side of the world should still cast a shadow. today was meant to be the day a sense of a military prince, dressed up in military gary but also the day six british soldiers were killed in afghanistan. so the whole event is being toned down. harry doesn't want to be seen to be having fun on day service personnel are killed. so he wants you to go up this r rap pel rappel tower. the man is changed. now he's just going to watch this going on. >> reporter: he does, though, take part in some shooting practice. >> stand at the other end. >> reminding those in the press pack of his noted marksmanship. as prince harry gets down to business, scoring a near perfect
2:46 pm
39 out of 40, i find mouse inys conversation with an old mate of his. >> the prince harry that i know is very dedicated, and you may think this is a prince, right? but he's really one of the guys. he's really one of the boys. he's dedicated. always gave his 110%. always dug in when it's time to dig in. always get down to the grind, into the dirt or platoon, as we know it group we trained with, still very tight knit. on most of the social network. >> reporter: you speak to him on facebook? >> he's not on that. sometimes his number changes. >> what do people speak about? being a royal? >> being a royal. harry potter series. >> reporter: excuse me. harry potter? >> sometimes. >> reporter: the lieutenant described an impressive fellow cadet to me but also a period in prince harry's life when he made
2:47 pm
mistakes -- in public. tln wethere were stories of drugtaking and heavy drinking. there were stories of brawling outside nightclubs. >> this is the first i've ever seen pris harry, first time photographed him. i was quite shocked, in fact. >> reporter: not forgetting the infamous occasion he went dressed as a nazi to a fancety dress party. >> another royal mess and once again it's prince harry in the firing line. >> reporter: that earned him a rebuke from some of the country's senior politicians. >> several of the -- the prince is showing such immaturity. >> i think a public apology is appropriate. >> a part of him growing up, learning, perhaps not being aware of how much the media were going to scrutinize him. i think definitely harry hasn't so far had a gaffe from him until quite a long time. i think he's all right,
2:48 pm
actually. >> reporter: seen here, royal sources agree. he's matured, they say, and the impulse vness that used to land him in trouble now shows itself in a sense of fun. never more so than in jamaica when harry pays a call on the fastest man in the world. you say, bolt. -of--o yousef bolt. amp a bit are banter, a bit of goofing. harry pulls the old distraction technique. [ laughter ] >> he's here because they really wanted him -- the jamaicans wanted harry. princess diana was here. he twisted and did everything to get him and i think he's thrilled about that. >> he is a wonderful person, as i said. professional, late back, very cool. he's a professional.
2:49 pm
>> reporter: the call of duty, and absolute loyalty. as "harry the soldier prince" concludes in a moment. sure that. sure that. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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♪ >> reporter: royalty or not, he can't come to jamaica and expect to escape without winding your waist. ♪ >> the warm reception that we received has been utterly amazing. ♪ >> reporter: and where there's dancing in the backyard of a youth center or touring the
2:52 pm
wards of a children's hospital, it's clear how easily harry responds to the young and they to him. [ singing ] ♪ you're very, very special, very, very special, special you ♪ ♪ special you >> i think it's often said he's a bit of a child himself. his words, not mine. and i think he just -- he can play at their level and understand what's kind of going on in their heads, and as i say, either pick up the board or just flick or stick his tongue out or whatever it might be. he's just -- i don't know. the way he engages is great. [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ >> reporter: children are at the center of prince harry's charity's in bali when he set up in 2006. around a kingdom in southern
2:53 pm
africa, made a deep impression on harry when he spent two months there during a gap year after finishing school. >> an aids problem centered in africa. somewhere where no one really knows. no mention of it never hearve h this place. try it out. ever since then, love at first side. >> reporter: one of the highest aids and hiv infection in the world. the charity tends to look after those with the disease. a terrible myth that sex with young children can cure suffering of the disease. prince harry is spared none of the reality listening intently. >> sexual abuse is happening to children, like the court case that i went to this morning. stn still pending. >> this is going to take time. you can't expect to see changes in three years, even though, as far as i'm concerned, coming here two, three time as year whenever i can, and the changes i see are fantastic, and mainly
2:54 pm
the changes you see are within the children. >> actually means forget me not. reminds me of his mother. it's his first that he has driven very lard to establish. i think he's very contemplative and certainly spending time with him in africa and you can see him really, really thinking about things, and, i mean thinking both cerebrally and in his heart. he's on his way to doing that. >> reporter: one goal harry is desperately keen to achieve is to serve again in afghanistan. earlier this year he completed his training as an apache helicopter pilot. if harry's deployed again, it's not expected to be done in secret. the palace doesn't believe he'll need extra security flying attack helicopters means harry will be largely anonymous. the apache is certainly a target
2:55 pm
for taliban fighters, but crucially, harry's presence been not heighten the risk to anyone else. so britain's royal family now has two of its most senior members flying helicopters in the armed forces. the relationship between the two princes is extremely close. royal sources describe it as a double act set to last the rest of their lives. >> cook and feed him every day. he's done -- >> the other way. work harder. >> oh, gag. we are quite -- known to the griffin. there are -- >> off the ground. just off the ground. >> going over there. boldness. >> pretty rich coming from a ginger. so -- >> he's very modest tab. but he's doing very well. >> i notice that -- at the end of the day, though -- >> i don't think anyone, rallies, within the royal household sees prince harry as
2:56 pm
the spare heir. they are, you know, when they do things together it has huge impact, whether it's an overseas tour to africa or whether when you see them coming together for things like a royal wedding. and at the jubilee this year. so much impact together and therapy aware of that and they use that. >> reporter: the arrival of the duchess of cambridge into the family, served only to strengthen those bonds. in fact, harry gets on so well with kate, he's described her as his sister, rather than sister-in-law, and in the course of making this program, cnn discovered that harry has now moved into an apartment at kensington palace where william and kate have already set up home. the two brothers wanted to be together, we're told. something harry has talked about in the past. >> despite me having sort of maybe uneasier -- of trap, and that i must not forget his life is going to be harder and more demanding and i need to be there for him whenever he needs me. >> reporter: royal forces say
2:57 pm
harry would never see himself as a statesman, yet that's exactly what the queen asked him to be when she sent him to the caribbean. in jamaica, as on the rest of the trip, he does it his way. >> her majesty asked me to extend her great wishes to you all and is sorry she can't be here. so you're stuck with me. but don't worry, because every little thing is going to be all right. >> reporter: meeting the prime minister who talks publicly a few weeks earlier about jamaica becoming a republic, harry diffuses any possible embarrassment by suggesting a hug. >> ended up hucking the jamaican prime minister. >> she hug immediate. she did ask, and she loves hugs, and she hupged my father as well. >> reporter: by the end of the day, this unorthodox 27-year-old statesman is feeling comfortable enough to gently flirt with the prime minister. >> my date for tonight. >> reporter: as the trip comes
2:58 pm
to an end, the word from home is that the queen is very proud of what harry has achieve and this, his first trip representing her majesty overseas. >> reporter: there's likely nothing, not even serving with his regiment abroad, will please the soldier prince more than to know he's done well by the queen. >> i've had an amazing time. i've had a gas. i just hope my grandma is proud. of what i've done. ♪of what i've done. ♪ my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education.
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