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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 19, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not just in the u.s. inleaders from around the world are at camp david trying to avert a global disaster. >> organized terrorists or knuckle heads. they're accused of plotting to blow up the nato summit in chicago. >> and who is the fairest of them all? it could be the one born a man. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. world leaders are converging on the u.s. this weekend for two huge global gatherings making decisions that could affect all of us. the nato summit gets started tomorrow in chicago. the g-8 summit already under way in camp david, maryland, where leaders of the world are trying to hammer out a strategy to fix the world any. they're concerned that a collapse of the greek economy could affect all of europe and even the united states. beyond those concerns are iran's nuclear ambitions dominating
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discussions. what are leaders saying about irob? >> don, aheads of a crucial week, because it's this week that u.n. security counsel permanent members like the u.s. and others begin talks with iran on their alleged nuclear weapons program. you see the nations here trying to present a united front and trying to calm concerns because as sanctions get ready to kick in against iran, there are many who are concerned that could disrupt the world's oil supply, and affect gas prices. today, the g-8 nation put out a joint statement saying that they'll deal with those disruptions through the international energy agency, which coordinates the release of strategic oil reserves. as president obama trying to present a unified front. listen to what he said today. >> all of us are firmly committed to continuing with the approach of sanctions and pressure in combination with
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diplomatic discussions and our hope is that we can resolve this issue in a peaceful fashion. that respects iran's sovereignty and its rights in the international community, but also recognizes its responsibilities. >> u.s. sanctions on foreign banks do oil business with iran are set to kick in next month. after that, the european union sanctions really a boycott on iranian oil imports set to kick in. even japan which is here, is committed to reducing iranian imports by a fifth. all of this happening in a critical time, the next week, the next month, as we see the talks and the sanctions kick in as the u.s. and the allies try to pressure iran to get rid of its alleged nuclear weapons program and try to averta potential israeli strike, maybe, on iranian nuclear facilities. >> indeed, and that's what is
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happening. they're talking about in maryland. what about chicago? the president leaves for chicago, for the summit there later. what's on the nato agenda? >> that's right. the focus has been on irob and syria and the eurozone crisis here in maryland. in chicago, it's going to be all about afghanistan, a lot about standing questions about how nato countries deal with crime from afghanistan, how they make sure they can do that without really sending the nation into crisis. being able to make sure that afghan security forces are able to stand on their feet, and it's also the question of the price tag, because once nato troops leave, they're still going to be a large monetary commitment needed, about $4 billion a year to support afghanistan, that is not sorted out either at this point. >> thank you very much. appreciate your reporting. here's a reminder for you, president barack obama will speak later at camp david, and we plan live coverage for you. make sure to stain tuned.
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there's no world summit these days without protests, and this weekend's g-8 is no exception. athena jones reports on a demonstration not far from camp david. >> hi, there. we're here in maryland which is just a few miles from camp david where president obama is meeting with world leaders today. this has about 6,000 people, by loct standards, a large protesters. 200 to 300 mostly ethiopian activists here to protest the prime minister in ethiopia. one of only four african leaders that president obama invited here to take part in the section ability food security. but the protesters who bussed in on a least four buses, they see the prime minister, they believe he's a war criminal. they have been calling him a torturer. we spoke with one protesters about why he's here. listen to what he had to say.
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>> the message would be stop funding the regime. stop supporting the butch er wih our leader. >> all morning, they have been here chanting he has to go. stop genocide. they're holding signs that say stop support for him. a pretty big protest here. they have been marching up and down the streets. you have riot police here with riot gear who are here miainly for a precautionary measure. a bit of excitement for this small town. they have shut down the main intersection here. all to protest the inclusion of the prime minister in this summit of talks going on right now. >> thank you very much. police in chicago are bracing for trouble all weekend, too. keeping an eye on planned protests and ready to respond if demonstrators get ow of hand. president obama hosting a world leader -- hosting world leaders
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for a nato summit there. you heard brianna talk about it. that's his next stop after he leaves camp david. today, three men were busted with what prosecutors call planning acts of domestic terrorism. they face the judge who set their bail at $1.5 million each. police say they were stock piling fire bombs and weapons and planned to use them this weekend. they will be in court again tuesday. there you go, this one of those out of hand moments that chicago police are dealing with this weekend. a group of protesters tried to tear down a nato banner. thousands of people are in the city taking advantage of the nato summit to shine attention on their causes. the protests have been loud but peaceful. 60 world leaders will gather in chicago for two days. there you see protesters out on the streets there.
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they're using this summit to bring attention to all of their causes, inpolice will be looking into that as we reported. three men were arrested for allegedly trying to plot some sort of terrorist event in chicago for the nato summit there. the president, though, at this moment in camp david, maryland, meeting with leaders there, and he will be there soon. the president will be speaking before he leaves, he'll be speaking at camp david. we will bring that to you. we'll keep an eye on all of this for you. first in space history to tell you about has bib pout on hold at least temporarily. >> five, four, three, two, one. zero. and liftoff. we have had a cutoff. liftoff did not occur. wow. >> all right, spacex was attempting to become the first comrblsh company to send a sp e
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spacecraft to the international space station. a half a second before liftoff, the computer system shut down the launch. there was a problem with one of the engines. the company and nasa say the next launch attempt could come tuesday or wednesday. how is that? a second and a half. wow. >> all right, his escape from house arrest prompted a political fire storm between the united states and china. a prominent human rights activist is headed to the united states. and just in to cnn, the first tropical storm of the year has formed in the atlantic ocean. oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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a blind chinese activist is on his way to america to begin a new life far from his homeland. he left beijing with his wife and two children. there was almost no notice he waw leave. he is due to arrive in new jersey tonight. he spent the last few weeks in a hospital after escaping from house arrest. new york university has offered him a fellowship and a chance for freedom in the u.s. >> italy's prime minister has promised to fight crime after a blast in a school in iterally. it killed one girl and wounded two other people seriously. they found two other gas canisters. the mafia may be connected to attack. >> nine people were killed in
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eastern syria today. state run media said terrorists driving a booby-trapped car stormed a site, but opposition groups are holding the syrian government possible. they said they were among 29 total across the country today. the u.s. is refusing to pay pakistan stiff fees in order to open up supply routes to pakistan. they're requested $5,000 per truck for the use of roadways that lead into the country. the u.s. needs the supply routes to end the draw down of troops. they were closed november after a strike killed dozens of pakistani soldiers. >> thousands of british armed forces took part in a parade and fly over marking queen elizabeth's 60th year on the throne. 2500 military members marched past the queen and 78 aircraft flew high above windsor castle.
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she was joined by prince philip and other members of the british royal family. today, the kennedy fanlally said good-bye to another family member. mary richardson kendy was found dead at her mansion on wednesday. she was the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. the medical examiner's ruling, asphyxiation due to hanging. the kennedy family came to st. patrick's catholic church in bedford for her funeral, and joining us now is dr. wendy walsh. dr. wendy, hello. first off -- >> hi. >> you met mary kennedy and bobby kennedy jr. on many occasions. what was she like? >> you know, i have done a little bit of work with his amazing foundation, the water keeper's alliance, and my condolences first of all, go out to the family because this is tragic across the board. mary was a loving, sweet, kind woman who actually went out of her way to seek me out at charity events to thank me for my small contributions at
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hosting these events. the real message in here is that the trauma of divorce can affect anybody. and money is not going to help you, fame is not going to help you. sometimes that is hurt even. and the tragedy here is of course the loss to four children, her husband, and indeed, a community. >> yeah, it's odd when you're in that position of knowing somebody, especially to that degree of fame and has that caliber of influence. and because they realize the power of just, i don't know, speech and the power of one person doing something rather than big campaigns. it's not odd, you would think, to seek you out to do that, because they realize the power in that word of mouth. and i'm wondering if being married to a kennedy you think is a difference, is it harder than being a kennedy? what sort of stress does it place on someone. >> >> plenty of people have made the association between the
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american kennedy family and the british royal family. really, it's sort of one of our royal families. there's a whole bunch of public things your ror going to have to do. there's sacrifices you're going to have to make, and it could be a very difficult challenge. i only knew mary's public personality. i didn't know the thoughts and feelings that forced her to self medicate herself that eventually led to her dorse and death. i don't know the stresses on her. i know he's a good father and she was a good mother and they were trying to do the best for their children. but the trauma of divorce is very, very real. i want people to understand that. >> and also, when you -- if someone has famous as her from a family like that, dealing with an issue like substance abees, there are other parameters placed on top of that and conditions that many people might not be able to deal with. maybe she wasn't able to deal with it as well. >> it's hard to deal with public shame, perhaps. the shame of divorce, or even
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the shame of having an addiction, and getting treatment in a way you deserve. it's heartbreaking all the way around. and my heart goes out to those children. >> dr. wendy, thank you. good to see you. i wish i could see you under better circumstances. thank you for joining wrus. >> thanks. >> i forgot, you're going to come back. did you pull the covers over your head this morning? >> i did. maybe hitting the snooze button a couple times. one doctor said doing that can really mess with your waistline. we'll ask dr. wendy about that next. and listen, we want our viewers to stay connected with us through cnn while they're on the go. grab your mobile phone and go to you also watch cnn live. everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me.
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okay, boy do i know this. i'm going to self diagnose here. did you sleep in this morning? how about tomorrow morning? planning to stay in bed. sleep on this, the more you change your sleep schedule, the more likely you are to be obese. it's something one doctor calls social jet lag. messing with your sleep schedule, it messes with your waist line. dr. wendy, i suffer from this. dr. wendy is a co-host. i saw you this week looking good. on the doctors. you guys were talking about some sort of imaging thing that can
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help to find out where depression, an interesting topic. this goes into that, if your sleep clock is off, it affects everything, even your waistline. >> it can because it's affecting your sarcadian rhythms. i anyhow you have the hardest job in the world because two or three nights a week, you're working until well after 11:00. you're not home until midnight. i used to have that schedule. you're wired until 12:00 or 1:00, and you're probably up early working out with your trainer. you're going through sleep deprivation, and some mornings you're sleeping in and other mornings you aren't. that kind of crazy enough affects our biorhythms. >> oh, my gosh. this is an epiphany to me. i don't have a normal sleep schedule at all. i'm sure many people don't. it's not like i have a fooichk day a week job. sometimes i work mornings, sometimes i work nights, sometimes i work in the middle
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of the afternoon. there's no schedule for me. so what if your sleep schedule like mine is all over the place because of work, kids, parties, but you're adamant about exercise. is it going to become harder to lose weight because you're not on a consistent sleep schedule? >> yes, for a couple reasons. one is consistent sleep, and there's also some research looking at when that takes place. people on night shifts, even if they're on a regular schedule, have a harder time keeping weight off. our bodies are connected to mother nature and the sun and moon and need to be sleeping when the moon is out. that helps you keep your weight and your metabolic state where it's supposed to be. also, when you're trying to stay awake, you're unnaturally craving junk food because your body is trying to self stimulate to stay away. the big answer is to do what you can to get on a regular schedule. i happen to use by children like, i'm sorry, they don't go to sleep unless i'm going to
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sleep myself. we're like asleep by 9:30 in my house, and i find i'm doing that on the weekends. like, what, we can't go to a movie past 6:00. that's much too late for me. you have to do what you can to try to keep on a regular schedule. >> 9:00. that's for you west coasters. 9:00 is like, you know, we're just getting going in the east. that's dinner time. dinner time is 10:00 for me. >> i have to be up at 5:00. i have to be up at 5:00 talking to you in atlanta. there you go. >> i forgot about that. you have to do the early thing because we're already three hours ahead. thank you. good advice. i like that. >> thanks. >> beauty pageants aren't what they used to be, and neither are the contestants. a woman who was born a man goes for the crown and the sash. but first this. >> this may sound strange, but there's a benefit to selling your home below market value during a recession. it's called peace of mind when it's sold. and this week's smart is the new
5:23 pm
rich, christine romans looks at a couple who did just that. >> scott is a geophysicist, kate is a brain researcher. no question this couple is smart. but their savvyiest move of late -- tell me the best advice you got for staging. putting their home on the market for 10% less than they paid for it. >> this is how many brokers came through the house. >> 92 different brokers in there. >> some must be repeats. >> over 100 with the repeats. >> they have exciting new jobs in north carolina. they don't have much time to pack up and move, so they priced their house to sell quickly. >> it was definitely a bitter pill to swallow as we were mocking this decision. >> it may not be easy, but selling at a loss gives something valuable in return. peace of mind. robi ludwig said life can't wait for the housing market to improve. >> 5% or 10% loss is a good thing, really, in the end. we live in different economic
5:24 pm
times, so to measure things against an old economy doesn't really make any sense and isn't appropriate. >> it's the first spring selling season in years that hasn't been, well, miserable. housing affordability is the best in 40 years. relentless price declines are showing, and surveys point to prices creeping higher next year. housing starltts are up, and ho builder confidence is at a five-year high. mortgage rates are at all-tie lows, but it comes only with a better job market. >> the bottom line is you can't have a house hold you back from living your life. >> that's what we ultimately decided. even if we lose money, if that's the right move for us, we decided we have to do it. >> christine romans, cnn, montclair, new jersey. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
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it's beauty pageant night in canada. the contest will decide who will represent canada for the title
5:28 pm
miss universe, but the pageant is a bit different this year, and this is the contestant making it different. jenna pal acova. she's 23 years old, 6'1", that's without heels. blond and stunning in evening dress or a bathing suit. but jenna is not the name she was given as birth. the name was walter. she was born a boy. and had a lot of fighting to do just to be able to compete in tonight's pageant. live to toronto. paula newton. you talked with this ms. universe contestant. why is she going through the trouble and controversy. is the tiara worth it for hero is it more than that? >> i had to ask her, many people ask, why do we even have these kinds of contests. she said, i'm doing this for equality, which some people would say, that's a bit hypocritical. a beauty pageant? but i want you to listen to her
5:29 pm
in her own words as to why she wants to do it. >> the power you get from having the crown, you can inspire so many people with that power. so if i have to walk in a bikini for that, i will. >> you bow, it's so interesting, and i have spoken to some feminists in this city and outside the city that say look, we have to support her even though we don't support beauty pageants. this is a step forward in civil right. she has gloria allred behind her, who was in her corner, made sure that donald trump reversed his decision and let her back in the competition. they're still a little uncomfortable with this. they're hoping there's no backlash. they said she is one of 62 contestants. >> listen, to each his own. i don't see this as civil rights. i mean, i think it's a beauty -- being in a beauty pageant is not a right. it's fun. go for it, there are lots of ways where you can show that being a woman, born a boy, is
5:30 pm
equal. so i understand what the critics are saying. but equating it to civil rights, i mean, paula, that's a stretch, don't you think? >> you know, ask gloria and you might get your opportunity. she's at the event. many people have said that. don, you make a point that other people have made. and certainly, i said to jenna herself, you're walking in heels and a bathing suit on stage. is this really the kieth of fight you want to be having to advance equality? and yet other people i have spoken to equally oz vocal on h the right. they say, if you don't embrace it, it's a thin edge of the wedge. >> regardless of what you think of beauty pageants. >> listen, critics say that she's just doing this, some people say for pub lisly, but controversy aside, does she have a legitimate chance to win this?
5:31 pm
>> thanks, don, like i'm an expert. at 5'1" and 43. no, listen, i'm going to be completely serious with you, i'm old enough to be the mother of all these girls. i saw them on stage. they're incredibly talented, incredibly courageous to get up in a bikini and heels and a lot of them are doing worthy things. one thing everyone agrees is that this woman is a stunner where. she's 6'1", 6'3" in the heels, talleren that. she's poised, gorgeous. you would never know she was born a boy. i want to come back to something else you said. this might be a publicity stunt. a lot of people have accused donald trump of taking advantage of this. could they be wrong? probably not. jenna said i worked hard to get this body. she said that clearly. i look good as a woman. and i'm going to make the most of it, win or lose. she wants to go on to victoria secret modeling, maybe sports
5:32 pm
illustrated. i'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear of her, whether she wins or loses tonight. >> you have to start somewhere. maybe it's from the first trance gender winner or ms. juneverse to the first secretary of state. we'll be watching tonight. >> the first storm of the 2012 atlantic hurricane season named just about an hour ago. tropical storm alberto is off the coast of south carolina. bonnie schneider is here with more. the first one, and as i said, you have to start smair. . what is talooking like? >> it's getting an early start in the atlantic and pacific, too. this is the first time ever we had two early storms before the hurricane season started in the pacific and in the atlantic. let's talk about alberto, our brand new storm. you can see most of the convection is really staying off shore. the storm is positioned about 140 miles to the east-southeast of charleston, south carolina. the movement is to the southwest at 3 miles per hour, and really,
5:33 pm
when we take a look at the track, it looks like it's going to be looping as we go through the next couple days. it's kind of hard to follow through here. what i can tell you is that the slow movement is going to keep the storm around through the weekend. right off the carolina coast, and then eventually, by 96 hours, it becoming extra tropical, meaning it comes into cooler waters. it's not in cooler waters right now, along the gulf stream where the temperatures are more than warm enough to sustain tropical development. that's why we're waeping the storm stays as a tropical storm straight into monday, possibly tuesday, and it takes it past the california coastline. the cone of uncertainty stretches into the atlantic as well. you don't follow the skinny line because we could see fluctuation in terms of where the storm will go. we're keeping track of it here. first storm of the atlantic season, alberto. hurricane season for this part of the world begins june 1st. >> thank you, bonnie. appreciate it. battered and bloodied. new evidence released showing
5:34 pm
george zimmerman with batum scars. does it help his case? maybe. people with a machine. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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bloodied head, scrapes and scars, and a broken nose. new images released from the night trayvon martin was shot and killed in sanford ux florida. pictures of the 9 millimeter automatic police say zimmerman used to kill the 17-year-old on that rainy february night, and toxicology reports showing tr trayvon had thc in his blood, the active ingredient in marijuana. experts say it doesn't mean he was high. and this interview from trayvon's girlfriend who was on the phone with him as zimmerman
5:38 pm
approached. >> i heard a bump. you could hear that someone bumped him. >> karen conte is a trial attorney with trial and civil law speers. so much evidence released this week. what side does it help the most? >> it goes both ways. we see now that zimmerman real a was the aggressor in the whole piece, although from a legal standpoint, that may not make a difference in the long run. what really matters is just the moments before zimmerman took out his gun and shot. that's where the real inquiry is going to be. the medical evidence is probably good for the defense, that he was obviously injured. that trayvon martin did injure him, and that's going to really go to that self defense argument. >> and we heard from the girlfriend there. of trayvon martin, that trayvon was running from zimmerman. if that's the case, does the stand your ground law still
5:39 pm
apply here? >> it's really interesting because we have to parse this from a common sense wrong or right from a moral wrong or right, from a legal wrong or right, and from a legal standpoint, the aggressor really can't invoke the stand your ground law unless there is a time where they can extricate themselves. at the point where he was running after trayvon, there was nothing wrong legally with him doing that. chasing someone is stupid and it may not be moral, but it's not illegal. when trayvon turned around alt some point and started hurting zimmerman, could zimmerman get himself out of that? if he couldn't, then he probably should have done that and the law is going to kick in and say, he really couldn't have used lethal force. but if he's down on the ground and being pummeled and can't get up, then the stand your ground law is going to apply and he's going to get off if he can show he felt he was going to be hurt. >> okay. another witness says they saw
5:40 pm
trayvon on top of george zimmerman. take a listen to this. >> when i first walked out there, the black guy was on top, and the only reason i can tell that is because the guy that was on the ground under him at that point wrestling was definitely a lighter color. >> okay, so that seems to -- what you were just talking about, if he couldn't get himself out of it, he has a right to pull out his gun and shoot, yes? >> yes, he does. but isn't it hard to believe that he could pull out his gun and shoot this kid, but he couldn't extricate himself, couldn't get his arms and push the kid off? we'll never know because we don't have witnesses here. the only two witnesses. one is dead and zimmerman is going to be testifying on his behalf. so it seems strange that he couldn't with all his weight and trayvon wasn't a big kid. he was tall but he wasn't heavy.
5:41 pm
why couldn't he have pushed him off rather than pull out his gun? that's a question he's going to have to answer to the jury. >> so much has been said about profiling. is that evidence, or if there is evidence that showed profiling of trayvon martin, how does this affect the prosecution's case? >> well, they could go for a hate crime. they could up the charges and make this a hate crime. a hate crime is not just, you don't like somebody and you hurt them. they have to be chosen. they have to be chosen because of their color, their ethnicity or their gender. in this case, now we have evidence from this newly released group of evidence that he was -- zimmerman kind of looked at the african-americans coming into the community and did this on a regular basis. if that's the case, the prosecution could elevate the charges to a hate crime. >> interesting. a lot has been released this week. thank you very much. karen conte, joining us. >> you're welcome. >> when lyrics can kill and
5:42 pm
iranian rapper kisings about hi birth place, now he has a bountdy on his head. first this. you okay? let me help you. >> my mom has been sick for as long as i can remember. you need more methadone. >> helping her out is a bigger priority than going to school. because i don't know what i would do if something happened to her. i wouldn't be able to really live. >> in the united states, there are at least 1.3 million children caring for someone who is ill or injured or elderly or disabled. they can become isolated. there are physical effects, the stresses of it, and the worry. >> thank you so much. >> but these children suffer silently. people don't know they exist. i'm connie siskowski. i'm bringing this precious
5:43 pm
population if into the life so they can sustain their lives and stay in school. has it been helpful? we look at what we can provide to meet the need. we go into the school s with a peer support group, and we offer out of school activities that give the child a break. >> this is so relaxing. >> they know they're not alone. we give them hope for their future. >> now i'm getting as and bs. and i feel more confident. >> we have long way to go. there's so many more children that really need this help and support.
5:44 pm
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now to a story about music. an iranian rapper with a song
5:47 pm
that was meant to be prova provautative. but it's been much hoar than that. some of you may find the album cover and the lyrics offensive. >> his name as an iranian rapper, singer, song writer, but today, he is a wanted man with a bounty on his head. $100,000 to anyone who kills him. i think i laughed when i heard about it, he told cnn from somewhere in germany where he's hiding. it was funny to me. idiotic. his latest rap song with an album cover likening a mosque to a busm mounting a gay rights flag, was crazy on the blogs saying it offended one of the immans. >> he calls on the revered imom
5:48 pm
navvy to come back and save them from joblessness, corruption. he said it's a cuminitary on the hard life in iran. not an insult to islam. they contain sexual references and graphic languaglanguage. in days, they call ed him a traitor deserving of execution. then came a $100,000 reward offered to anyone who killed him, posted on the iranian website shia online. in the 21st century, someone from halfway across the world can put a bounty on someone's head t was funny to me, he said. it reminded me of salman rushdie. in 199989, he was declared a traitor to islam. just like rushdie did then, he
5:49 pm
plans to keep a low profile for a while. he says police are watching over him in germany where he has lived for the past seven years. he said he wishes all of the media attention was focused on iran's political prisoners, not him. >> translator: my life is worth nothing, i worry about my countrymen in prison. they deserve all this prison. >> he says his plan is to keep making music. keep speaking out, and never saying he's sorry for expressing himself. i have done nothing wrong, he says. i insulted no one. therefore, i will not apologize. therefore i will not apologize. >> i want you to check this out. it looks like a children's toy but it actually could save the lives of u.s. soldiers. wait till you see what it can do.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
you can toss it over a wall or even drop it from a three-story building. known as the throwbot, this is helping soldiers detect insurgents and ieds in afghanistan. >> soldiers and marines and swat teams and bomb teams use. you can take it, throw it into a room and up great live video feed of what's going on. >> the steer the robot by remote control and you see what it sees. >> it can be deployed in less than five seconds. >> infrared sensors let you see in the dark and it's small enough to fit in a back pack or
5:53 pm
a pocket. >> the thing that makes this robot unique is its size. back in 2010 when this first came out, a lot of the biggers systems were 30 pounds, 50 pounds, a lot to carry for soldiers. >> the u.s. military is using over 2,000 systems and more than 400 police swat teams are using this throw bot. >> if this goes in first, you're not coming out shot. you can get eyes inside before you go in. >> if you're tired of having to tow a boat every time you want to go into the water, ditch the boat and drive the car into the lake. we'll show you next. ♪ ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪
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this is really cool. it's an animal unlike any other, tearing up land and see sa with amazing speed. jeanne moos is here with a closer look at the amphibious vehicle called the sea lion.
5:57 pm
>> heads really spin when you take it for a spin in water. does it come with a guarantee that is won't sink? >> no. >> it's called the sea lion and it's for sale to the right sort of buyer. >> probably saw chitty chitty bang bang as a child and is into james bond. >> remember 07 james bond's car with a periscope that tops up? its wings detract. mark wit spent six years designing and building it using a mazda rotary engine. its claim to fame as an amphibious vehicle is its speed on land, it's eng neerpineered as fast as 180 miles an hour, a
5:58 pm
little over 60 miles an hour in the water. what do you have to do to prepare this for the water? it's real hard, drive her right in. >> an amphibious car can easily pull a skier. these are consumer vehicles but the sea lion is clearly an eraser with its bubble hatch, not a car to frolic around in the water. >> it's not scary? >> i've been scared in it, have i. it's not a pleasure boat. it's an engineering experimentation vehicle. >> the question is do you wear a seat belt and a life jacket? >> i've worn the life preserver and i've brought an oar. >> other amphibious makers promote their cars as chick magnets. the sea lion has been magnetic in its own way. the co-owner of fantasy junction, the dealer selling the racer says -- >> interest has been overwhelming and global. >> the sticker price, a mere $259,500.
5:59 pm
mark wit says he's never encountered fish out driving, though apparently the spy who loved me did. when you're asking a buyer to sink $259,000 into a car, it better have a slightly ambiguous amphibious horn. jeanne moos, cnn. >> do you need the wipers on all the time while you're in the water? >> you actually do. >> cnn. >> get me one of those now. president obama is expected to speak very soon from the g-8 summit. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer right now. >> you're in "the situation room." mitt romney rejects a nasty campaign advertising idea, bringing back the flap of barack obama's old


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