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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  May 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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call their other targets. there's mi new mrs. social network. mark zuckerburg marries a a day after an anti-climatic ipo. >> i'll have another had another. will he break the triple crown drought? and exceedian jim has new stand-up special that's bringing laughs to you and money to military veterans. my interview with him later in the hour. it is sunday, may 20th. good morning. i'm randy kay. we start with the action many chicago as leaders of the nato nations prepare to meet today. for several days now protest ares have crowded the streets of downtown, but what is expected to be the biggest demonstration of them all is scheduled to start a little later this morning in the grant park area. his bill is a major anti-war protest. the war in afghanistan, of course, is going to be front and center on the agenda for president obama and the other nato leaders. police say there were only a handful of arrests during protests yesterday even though
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things got pretty tense at times. >> look, look, look, look. >> shoot. roll, roll. >> listen, things are getting -- things are changing a lot here. this had been a very peaceful march for a long time, and then this police van tried to come through. knocked a person down right here, and they're calling out for a medic. calling now for a medic. >> that was our jim spellman reporting from the middle of the chaos you saw there. earlier protesters stood in front of other police vans trying to stop them. those vans were mostly filled with bri on the police who are stayed on the sidelines during much of the demonstrations. despite that incident, the protests have pretty much been peaceful, but according to police that wasn't the intention for a few of the protesters.
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lemen were snatched up and charged with planning a series of terror attacks meant to coincide with the nato summit. cnn's paul has more on the alleged terror plot. >> the young men sitting in jail on $1.5 million bond each are all in their 20s. they are brian church, 22, jared chase, 27, and brent betterly, 24. according to authorities, they all came from florida to chicago to cause mass mayhem. >> the terror suspects stood handcuffed and expressionless identified by police as self-proclaimed anarchists. prosecutors charged they had planned to commit extreme acts of violence and destruction during the nato summit. authorities say the three men were members of a group that was blamed for violence and protests like the one in rome last year marked by clashes in police and the tomping of police cars. they're being chashlged with conspireing to attack president obama's campaign headquarters.
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chicago mare rahm ae manuel's home and police targets. >> specifically plans were made to destroy police cars and attack four chicago police department stations. we disrupted devices in an effort to undermine the police response to the conspirators other planned actions many the mato summit. loo police say they seized four of those destructive devices, malakoff cocktails ready for use and a mortar gun, swords, knives, and throwing stars. their attorneys describe the defendants as peaceful activists trained by undercover agents who infiltrated their group and even brought them the materials for making firebombs. >> what we've learned now we believe it is a setup, an entrapment to the highest degree, and it is sensationalism by the police and the state to discredit the protesters that have come here to nonviolently protest. >>. >> reporter: supporters of the defendants could be heard scoffing at the allegations in
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court, but prosecutors allege that the men in custody are domestic terrorists. they say one of them asked while making a firebomb have you seen a cop on fire? before the hearing the defense sort of being tossed out there is that these young men were involved with beer making material, not firebomb making equipment, and then the charges were read, and suddenly the defense attorneys were talking more about entrapment. back to you, randy. >> before heading to chicago and the nato summit, president obama hosted the leaders of the g8 nations at camp david. the day-long talk centered on problems in the euro zone. the financial failures in places like greece and spain threaten the world economy, but the g8 leaders came away way consensus that growing jobs could combat those troubles. >> there's now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now in the context of these fiscal and structural reforms. that consensus for progress was strengthened here at camp david. >> the g8 leaders also
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declaritied their commitment to promoting transition many the middle east and providing food aid to africa. applause for human rights activist chen guancheng. it was holed up in the u.s. embassy in beijing before finally getting clearance to come to the u.s. he had earlier escaped house arrest in china. he is now slated to be a fellow at new york university working with the university's law school. he spoke to the crowd through his translator. >> translator: at the most critical junctures, the american embassy in china provided a safe haven, and the american government has provided great assistance and given me partial citizenship rights here. >> several times during his comments he mentioned his family members back home saying he hoped that they wouldn't face retribution over his high profile flight from china. while many of you are
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sleeping, italy was shaken by a deadly earthquake. at least six people were killed in the quake centered in northern italy. 50 others were injured. there are fears that more victims could be found when search crews reach remote villages in the region. you can see some of the damage caused by the 6.0 magnitude quake. and this morning we are watching two weather extremes. let's bring in reynolds wolf. all right, reynolds. we have some dry weather out west fueling wildfires, and we also have the big storm brewing off the east coast, so you pick which one you want to start with. >> let's start with -- a little bit closer to home. this thing is an anomaly. we're talking about tropical storm alberta and it has formed off the carolina and georgia coastline. what's amazing is that hurricane season in the atlantic basin doesn't even get underway until we get into june and then goes all the way through, of course, november, but it's very hard to see, but we have a little bit of development right off the coast. close circulation. with that closed circulation, we have tropical storm alberta with winds right now sustained at 50 miles per hour. i'm telling you, though, this looks really, really bad. convection is not that deep.
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i would not be surprised if m next couple of updates this thing actually just falls apart altogether. we're going to watch it for you again. very unusual to see this. this may be a sign of what could be an interesting tropical season, randy. >> let's talk about those wildfires out west. have they been able to get a handle on them yet? >> i'll tell you, things have been better for them. what they've been seeing out towards the west, if we have videos of wildfires, here you go. you see the plumes of smoke popping up across the area. you have wildfires not just parts of arizona or colorado or even parts of new mexico, but from all over the country that have been joining forces to battle the blaze, and you take a look at this map that we have up and it will give you an idea of how much containment we have there, and we're making good headway, and especially the sun flower fire where it's 33% contained, and they have a long way to go, but they made big strides yesterday. gladiator fire, 12,000 -- over 12,000 acres burned. 12% contained. the problem is that as we fast forward into tuesday and even
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into wednesday, what we expect will be very dry conditions, and, unfortunately, the winds are going to be back. we still have plenty of foliage out there, strong winds. flames spread once again. >> all right. reynolds, thank you for the update on both of those stories that we're following. what a week for facebook founder mark zucker berg. first he made billions off that little ipo on friday when he took his company public. now an even bigger change. a status update from sfwlukerberg and his long-time girlfriend. married. it was announce odd facebook. there's the we go photo right there. yep, they actually announced it on facebook. updating their status. zuckerberg wore a suit. can you see it there. not his signature hoody. very nice. congratulations to them. i'll have another had another. the kentucky derby withiner made it 2 for 2 with a win in the preakness. that means we are one win away from having the triple crown winner in 34 years. the next race is the belmont on
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june 9th. wow. what a win. here's a rundown of some of the stories we're working on. the naacp takes a history iing stand formally endorsing same-sex marriage. zirjs and if you don't camp it tonight, massa says you may have to wait just another 11 years. i'll have a preview of a rare solar eclipse. plus, heads or tails? how one texas election was settled with the flip of a coin. then he is using stand-up comedy to take a stand for veterans returning from war. my conversation with comedian jim gatlin. dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick.
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the naacp overwhelmingly voted to back same-sex marriage. he said many part "civil marriage is a rival right and a matter of civil law. the naacp's support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment." in an interview with my colleague don lemon julian bon, chairman of the naacp, explained what some are calling a historic decision. >> president obama brought it to the for when he talked about it. giving permission to people to talk about it and to think about it, i think we were saying to each other for our board, if the
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president can do this, perhaps we could do it too. it's a welcome surprise to me. i was just -- i just can't tell you how happy i was that this happened. >> you realize that this is something that the majority of african-americans are opposed to, same-sex marriage, and this, again, is the naacp. are you worried about any backlash? how might this go over with african-americans? >> i think the thinking people will think about it and say i may not agree with it, but there it is. they've done it. i support the naacp. i always have. i'm going to continue to do so. it's like president obama. you know, people are going to say i don't think people are going to say i'm not going to vote for him because he took this position on same-sex marriage. unless you weren't going to vote for him originally, then i think you would be encouraged to vote for him now and some people are going to be more encouraged to vote for him now, and i think people will feel the same way. i have been flooded with congratulations by e-mail from people all over the country, including many whom i don't know saying thank you. , god bless you, we're so happy
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you did this. >> same-sex marriage has been a contentious issue among african-americans. last year a poll by the pew research center showed that 62% opposed it. from controversial to something rare. so star gazers get ready to view the moon and sun in a way that hasn't been seen this century. we're just a few hours away are from it happening. ♪ can i just make some more romance with you, my love ♪ with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta.
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♪ here comes the sun good morning, los angeles. yes, we promise, the sun will be coming your way any time now. still dark there. we're glad you're with us on your early start weekend. good morning to you. get ready to look up to the skies tonight. a rare solar eclipse is going to be visible over parts of the u.s. tonight. reynolds will tell us more about it, but this is what the first one of its kind, like, 18 years. >> what makes this one really different is that this one instead of blocking out the entire sun, it's still going to have a really well defined ring around it which makes it distinct. the thing is, again, you don't want to stare directly at it. >> not fwood for the eyes. >> not good at all. here's what you need to know. plain and simple, it's the moon passing between the earth and sun. the best viewing is in the eastern asia and western u.s. unfortunately, not everyone is going to have a picture perfect view of it. partial eclipse for much of asia spifk and western two-thirds of north america. to give you a timeline of what
6:16 am
all this is going to shake out, in lubbock, texas, you should have a pretty good view of it. that being said, you're still going to have a lot of smoke coming into the four corners, which is a hazy effect as we get to the grand canyon, and you should be able to see it around 525 and reno, nevada, 5:15, and around 7:37. it's not going to happen super fast, and then we get to california, it begins at 5:12 and ends at 7:36 p.m. it is something that's certainly amazing to watch. if you have welders glasses, you should be able to see it pretty well. also, there's specially designed sunglasses that you can also use to get a good view of it. do not look at it with the naked eye. you can actually tune into cnn. we'll have a multitude of images from eye reports from around the globe giving you some of the greatest shots and certainly a safe way to view it. >> are you going to try to check it out, reynolds? >> knowing me, i will probably have eyes like barney rubble if i stare at the thing. i'll be tempted to look, but will probably hold off owner. >> we'll healed off on the
6:17 am
pictures until tomorrow. thank you. don't look directly into the sun without that special viewing equipment, and you can visit years for more on how to stay safe this evening to check it out. speaking of rare events, the first transgender contestant strutted across the stage last night in the miss universe canada pageant. jen didn't win, but finished in the top 12. you'll recall this is the person who got donald trump and his miss universe organization to change the rules to allow contestants who weren't born a woman with. as for the winner, the crown went to sahar. a family didn't even realize that the roof of her home was burning when suddenly they saw a stranker running into their yard. >> the first thing i thought was that there was a couple of kids trying to mess with us. >> some kid with a flannel shirt, jeans, and a ball cap jumps over my fence asking where my hose is. >> and now they're saying that stranger saved their lives. plus, firefighters rushed to
6:18 am
put out a raging fire at a warehouse, but it's what they found inside that's now turned into a criminal investigation. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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good morning. a lovely picture there of the white house. folks waking up. a little bit of sunshine. hopefully a sunny day for all of you watching from washington d.c. this morning. let's check some stories for you across country. kansas has been hit by another tornado. a storm chaser caught this twister ripping through farmland yesterday. this morning there are reports of damaged homes and some uprooted trees. the storm prediction center says there were at least 17 reported
6:22 am
tornadoes. a firefighter -- then in the same building they found an inlegal indoor pot growing operation. officials say there were hundreds of marijuana plants and grow lights. the warehouse is next door to an apartment building. the fire didn't spread, and nobody was hurt. in colorado an off duty firefighter driving home from a baseball game spotted a fire burning the roof of a house. nate kelli leaped a fence, grabbed a hose, and started to fight the flames. the fire was burning right above where a 5-month-old baby was sleeping. >> a few more seconds, they would have toppled on top of him, so he saved his life. >> i believe without god putting nate in our path, that my son would be gone. >> what's the chances of an off duty fireman hopping a fence to tell us that we needed to get out of the house? >> he is amazing. he is going to tell you that he is not amazing, but he is amazing. >> we think that he is superman.
6:23 am
he literally appeared ask disappeared just within an instant. >> i don't view myself as a hero. i don't -- i'm just there to help. >> sounds pretty amazing to me. family members said they heard a light ming flash before the fire, and they think that's what caused it. luckily, everybody is okay. across the country behind closed doors more than a million children are caring for ill, disabled, or aging family members. nearly one-third of them are under the age of 12. this week's cnn hero is bringing this hidden population and their labor of love out of the shadows helping them stay in school and hold on to their childhood. we introduce us to connie. >> here. let me help you. >> my mom has been safe for as long as i can remember. >> we need more methodone. sfoo helping her out is a bigger priority than going to school because i don't know what i would do if something happened to her. i wouldn't be able to really
6:24 am
live. >> in the united states there are at least 1.3 million children caring for someone who is ill or injured or elderly or disabled. they can become isolated. there are physical effects. the stresses of it and the worry. >> thank you, baby. thank you so much. >> but as children, they suffer silently. people don't know they exist. i'm connie. i am bringing this precious population into the light to transform their lives so that they can stay in school. >> good? >> we offer each child a home visit. >> has the rent been -- >> we look at what we can provide to meet the need. we go into the schools with a peer support group and we offer out of school activities that give the child a break. >> this is so relaxing.
6:25 am
>> so they know that -- we give them hope for their teacher. >> nicolas. >> now i am getting a's and b's, and i feel more confident. >> we have a long way to go. there's so many more children that really need this help and support. >> and, remember, cnn heroes are all chosen from people that you tell us about to nominate someone who is making a difference. go to cnn your nomination could help them help others. chaos on the streets of chicago. protesters have a message for the nato leaders in town for a major summit, and police have a message for the protesters. colorado firefighters are working overtime trying to put out the last flames of a wildfire. we'll tell you why one man is especially hoping they hurry up, and it has nothing to do with saving his neighbor's homes. i love cash back.
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welcome back, everyone. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kaye, and it's just about half past the hour. the leaders of the mato nations are preparing to meet today in chicago. for several days now protesters have crowded the streets downtown, but what is expected to be the biggest demonstration of them all is scheduled to start a little bit later this morning m grant park area. it's billed as a major anti-war protest. the war in afghanistan, of course, is going to be front and center on the agenda for president obama and the other nato leaders. meanwhile, police picked up three suspected domestic terrorists as part of an ongoing investigation. they say the florida men were plan aing series of attacks coinciding with the summit. some of the suspected targets include police stations and president obama's campaign
6:29 am
headquarters. we'll have much more on this at the top of the hour. a california company is recalling more than a ton of chopped red onions distributed to 14 states and canada. the company fears the onions could carry the listeria bacteria. listeria can cause high fooefrz and severe headaches and is potentially fatal. all of the onions are pass past their use by dates. the company grills onions and says throw the onions out. a school bus driver is in the hospital this morning after a chain reaction crash not far from atlanta. six school buses were carrying kids to an amusement park when one rearended another setting off the multi-vehicle wreck. at least 65 people were taken to area hospitals. most were treated and released. a camper in colorado could be forced to pay millions of dollars for starting a wildfire. authorities say a camp stove started the fire. now 7,600 acres later, firefighters are close to having
6:30 am
it under control, but a guy who authorities say started the fire could be forced to pay for all the firefighting efforts. the other wildfire we're watching this morning is in arizona, the gladiator fire. it has burned 14,000 acres. joining me now on the phone is karen from the southwest arizona incident management team. karen, good morning to you. how close are firefighters to getting this under control? >> we're looking at only a 12% containment, and the fire activity has been pretty high, so we'll have to see today, the next two days are a turning point for watching the fire. >> what exactly is being threatened by this fire? >> we have a few communities that are evacuated right now and also some communication towers that the fire is actually next to some fires to burn out just to protect them last night. >> and how many -- can you give me an idea of how many teeams o
6:31 am
the ground there, on the frontline? >> the total personnel is approximately 1,050 at this point. >> how does this compare to others that you have had to battle? >> as far as wildfires? >> yes. >> well, we had the -- here last year in new mexico, and each one of them have their inherent problems because of the location in the wild and urban interface, and they threaten community and properties. this is just something that will continue as more people move into these areas. >> yeah. so my word -- speaking of people -- when they might be able to get back into their homes? >> it's pretty early right now to see. as i said, we're at turning points right now to see what the fire is going to do. we do have some heating up of temperatures and wind increasing the next couple of days, and that could put another spin and challenge. >> we were talking about this other fire that appears to have been caused by a camper and a
6:32 am
stove. any idea what might have caused the gladiator fire? >> the gladiator fire was started by a home in the crown king area. as far as exactly what started it from that home is unknown. it did come from the kitchen, as far as i understand. >> all right. karen, appreciate the update. good luck with the battle there. >> thank you. we are just one win away from the coveted triple crown after a big win at the preakness this weekend. plus, the best of the best. highlights of christian wig's hilarious performance on last night's "saturday night live." thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany. so how much do we owe you? that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive. who do you think i am, quicken loans? [ spokesman ] when you refinance your mortgage with quicken loans, you'll find that our rates and fees are extremely competitive.
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for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. well, weekend back, everybody. reynolds and i were just talking about some of our favorite moments of the week and the weekend, one of them, no doubt, right, the preakness yesterday. did you get a chance to see it?
6:36 am
>> i did. heart-pounding, no question. >> it was incredible. an mazing finish. you could say that i'll have another, yes, had another. listen to the exciting finish from nbc. okay. we're not going to listen to it, but you saw it there. it was pretty great. we can try and voice it, but we're not going to. lots of scream and cheering. it was really cool. we might have a triple crown, right? the first time in, like, 34 years. >> absolutely. the next race is going to be one of the big ones, and it's been a while. affirmed was the last one to actually get the triple crown, so definitely history in the making. >> june 9th, and it was incredible because if you saw the kentucky derby, i'll have another did the exact same thing. started way back, and in the very last literally second came up and went right by. bodemeister, never going to make it there. >> it's getting close every time. >> ins a nightmare of mine. it didn't happen to me, luckily. i don't know if you ever had a nightmare like this.
6:37 am
maybe your wife has. i'm always afraid i'm going to drop my wedding ring down the garbage disposal or sink. lord knows what. it actually happened to this woman, a woman in massachusetts. actually, threw away her wedding ring by accident. her engagement ring and a ring that her father gave her and two more. she had taken them off her hands, right, to wash her hands, which we do all the time. and i guess dumped it in the garbage and then she called and the truck was almost at the incinerator, reynolds, but she was able to get waste management to stop and they dumped it, all 15 tons of dirty, stinky, lord knows what stop into the transfer station and she got to go through it all. >> a couple of things. first of all, it's easy to understand how this could happen. it's a mistake any one of us could make. going through 15 tons to find it. well worth it. >> she had some help, though. eight guys apparently very nice guys came out and helped pour through all that trash. happy ending after just 30 minutes they actually found those rings.
6:38 am
i mean, i'm always afraid to take them off. >> 30 minutes to find, it and how much time to clean them? what do you think? how long would you spend? >> they probably still smell a bit, but i would still want them back. >> look, there they are. if you were up late last night or maybe you are still up from last night, who knows, and if you are a fan of christian wig from "saturday night live" and films like "bride made." take a listen to her amazing performance last night. it had our whole team cracking up this morning. >> i got some great news. i'm planning on proposing to cathleen. >> oh, my god. sdoo she thinks this is just going to be a casual dinner, and i'm just with family and friends, and she has no idea that i'm going to pop the question. >> oh, my god. >> how romantic? >> i bet she's going to cry. >> my god.
6:39 am
here? >> what's going on with you? >> i love surprises. i love being involved. god, i'm so freakin excited. >> i think it's going to be a really fantastic -- what the? hey, all right. who just tried to hit me with a drinkable yogurt? haley. haley. >> what? >> gilly, did you launch a drinkable yogurt at me? >> sorry. ♪ her name is gilly and she's at it again ♪ ♪ causing lots of ruckus ♪ she's often in trouble, her hair looks like a bubble ♪ ♪ knock, knock, who is there, it's gilly ♪ >> sorry. >> sisters do as sisters should. we're all together, sisters. ♪ i'm janice ♪ i'm holly
6:40 am
♪ i'm norah ♪ and i'm judy ♪ i like waterfalls ♪ i like butterflies ♪ i like rainbows ♪ i like chasing cars >> that is just so disturbing. i mean, right? probably should have given you a warning at home. >> man, that was the spinoff that was the mock of the lawrence welch episode. oh, my gosh. >> i lot of the first one, though, that we showed you where she cannot contain a surprise, and she's done that skit before, and she ends up breaking through a wall and sharing the surprise, and she's just so great. the reason, obviously, we're showing some of this this morning is because it appeared to be her last show, actually, last night. there was a big send-off. i guess maybe she's heading into hollywood for sure. >> that was really funny. that was really, really fwood. >> she's so funny. every word of it. i'll have to watch it again. that is fun. thanks for that. >> you bet. thank you. all right, now is some advice for you. if you are known to text while you walk, well, you might want to watch out.
6:41 am
it can be dangerous and even deadly and, yes, also expensive. more and more communities are starting to fine people for careless walking. just this week fortly, new jersey, fines people $85 if they're caught. other places are taking a kinder approach. posting signs "look up" on side walks. just an example. you remember this video, right? a woman texting and then she walked right into the mall's fountain. it was all caught on surveillance tape. oh, yes. there she goes. oops. or you've seen this video of a guy walking up on a hungry black bear while texting in los angeles. yeah. didn't see it. so busy with his nose and his little phone there that he was rather surprised. yeah. run. so we want to know what you think about this. should cities fine people for texting while walking? is it really that dangerous? is it worth a fine? how would you feel about it? tweet me randi kaye, cnn. >> breaking a tie in texas. we'll show you how a city council race came down to $1
6:42 am
that neither candidate could spend.
6:43 am
a little you2 to wake you up this morning. a lovely shot of chicago there. beautiful city. good morning, chicago. president obama is in chicago today. before heading there he led talks among g8 leaders on the growing financial crisis in europe. the gas station did 8 leaders came away way consensus that growing jobs could combat their troubles. >> there's now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now in the
6:44 am
context of these fiscal and structural reforms. that consensus for progress was strengthened here at camp david. >> the g8 leaders also came together to express concern over a lack of progress with getting iran to give up their nuclear program. so it is a busy weekend for president obama with nato and the g8, but come monday it is back to being candidate obama. here is cnn political editor paulsteinhauser. >> good morning, randi. barack obama and joe biden hit the campaign trail in crucial battle ground states this week. >> it is good to be back in iowa. >> mr. obama heads to the hawkeye state while biden stumps in new hampshire. mitt romney speaks before a latino group here in the nation's capital on wednesday. friday his campaign released a spanish language version of their new tv commercial. [ speaking spanish ]
6:45 am
>> the speech and the ad seem to be part of an outreach to latino voters who may have been turned off by romney's tough talk on illegal immigration during the battle for the gop nomination. polls indicate president obama holds a large lead over romney among latino voters. also this week, primaries on tuesday in arkansas and kentucky. randi. >> paul, thank you very much. a coin flip has decided the election in texas. imagine in it was always that easy. the city council vote was tied after last saturday's vote, so the candidates agreed to settle it with a coin flip. heads won. >> the city secretary texted me that we had tied. i technicaled her back, can we just flip a coin? more of a jock wresh. >> i did not want to concede because that would just be giving up, and certainly spending the taxpayers' money to do another election was ridiculous thought, so the other option was to cast lots, as they called it. >> i think they might have a
6:46 am
point there. pretty good idea. a special election to break the tie would have cost the small texas town around $10,000. he is one of the funniest guys in the world making the most mundane hilarious. >> you ever make the mistake of reheating mcdonald's fries in the microwave? they become packing peanuts. doesn't stop you from eating them. these aren't even good anymore. yours aren't good either. >> tim isn't just looking for laughs. he is supporting veterans with a new stand-up special. just a quick note for those of you heading out the door. we know it's early, but if you are on the go, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or if you are heading to work, you can also watch cnn live from your desk stop. just go to
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there's a mcdonald's denial. we all embrace it. no one is going in there innocent. we're walking into a red and yellow building with a giant m over it. what's this, a library? i'll get some fries while i'm here. those mcdonald's fries are truly amaze, right? has your mother ever made anything as good as a mcdonald's fry? not even close. >> that is jim's hilarious new special "mystery universe" and for starters, it's $5 for more than an hour of laughs, and number two, one out of those $5 goes to the bob woodruff foundation. it's a nonprofit that's helped more than a million service members and their family members
6:51 am
reintegrate back into civilian life after war. the very talented, very funny jim joins me now from new york. jim, i've seen clips of this. it is pretty hilarious. do you know how well it's been selling so far? >> it's been -- i've kind of intentionally not been all over the sales because i didn't really expect it to be -- to change my life. it's doing well. i ran into someone today that said that they bought it, so -- and that's just walking down the street in new york. >> you are offering this as a download from your site for $5. we saw comedian law wisconsin c.k. release an album last year in a similar way. is this the future of stand-up specials? will more and morale bums be self-released like this? >> it's an interesting question, and it's one of those where i don't know the answer. i know that louie's success -- is he definitely the hottest comedian today, and he is
6:52 am
brilliant. there is also something of the element of seeing the jazz musician on a subway. the first time you see it, you want to give money, and then maybe the next or third time you are less interested in giving money. so i don't know if the novelty will wear off, but i don't know. i think it's -- i wouldn't even guess because in three years it might be a completely different thing. >> true. >> who knows? maybe it will be on our glasses. >> the second we booked you for this interview, my producer norah started shouting hot pockets, referring, of course, to one of your most popular routines. how often do craze where i people -- how often do crazy people shout out things like that at you? >> well, the hot pocket thing, it's strange. you know, i certainly don't mode any more people yelling hot pocket at me in the airport. when one of our children was born, secretly in the back of my head i'm, like, i'm not going to
6:53 am
be surprise iffed this baby comes out and looks at me and instead of say dada says hot pocket, but i don't know. it's a blessing and a curse, right? i'm very blessed to have the career that i have, but i don't know if i need drunk college kids yelling hot pocket at me on a friday or saturday night. >> i want to talk more about the foundation that you're giving some of your money to in this case. the bob woodruff foundation. how did he get involved with them and why? >> well, i had done a comedy show benefit for the woodruff foundation, and i met bob and lee, and they were really super solid people, and when i was doing the download, i knew that i was going to do a charity element, and i ended up deciding on veterans and their families because i think that it's -- it's a very well known secret -- a very well known fact that i don't think that veterans get
6:54 am
treated fairly in this country. whether it be from the government or veterans affairs. i'm not trying to start a war or anything or a fight. i just think that it's kind of ridiculous how we treat veterans. i don't come from a military family. i think it's kind of ridiculous, and so when i did the charity element, i didn't think that it was going to be that big of a deal. i just thought that it was maybe the right thing to do and that it's kind of the way my parents raised me that you kind of do the right thing, but i don't know. the veterans thing, it does feel a little bit that, you know, it comes up. it's in time magazine, but i feel as though -- i think we're going to be embarrassed how we're treating our veterans in ten, 15 years. >> in no question. >> my conversation there with jim. just ahead, the family of ann frank, a well known face of the holocaust went to clean out an
6:55 am
old attic and found a treasure-trove of momentos that ann and her family had left behind. ann frank's cousin will talk with me about the never before published photos in the next half hour. dave, i've downloaded a virus. yeah. ♪ dave, where are we on the new laptop? it's so slow! i'm calling dave. [ telephone rings ] [ male announcer ] in a small business, technology is all you. that's why you've got us. at the staples pc savings event, for a limited time get up to $200 off select computers. staples. that was easy. [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay!
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6:59 am
it is the one year anniversary, a somber anniversary, for residents there where a tornado devastated the town and left 161 people dead. also on tuesday eyes will be focused on washington. that's because the issue of wall street reform will be the focus at a senate hearing. it comes as jp morgue al arian, the nation's biggest bank, deals with the fall-out from a trader blunder that has cost the firm $2 billion, and that's just so far. on wednesday we have another big hearing in d.c. the secret service director mark sullivan will be in the hot seat as the first hearings on the agency's prostitution scandal are held in the senate. nearly two dozen agents, you may recall, have been implicated and nine have already lost their jobs. and, finally, it is known as the greatest spectacle in racing. yes. one week from today we'll put it right there on sunday for you. next sunday some of the sports biggest stars will start their engines at the 96th running of the indianapolis 500. thanks for starting your morning with us.


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