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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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his family said the former libyan intelligence officer died today at a hospital in tripoli. he was 60 years old. his death comes two and a half years after his release from a scottish prison. he was let go on compassionate grounds because he had prostate cancer. he was expected to live only a few months. at the time of his 2009 release, victims' families were outraged after he received a hero's welcome in libya. many believe al megrahi was just a small player in the bomb plot, and the case needs to be pursued. earlier today, i talked to a former spokesman for the victims' families who lost a brother in the attack. they want those in the u.s. and britain to find all the responsible parties. >> it's now up to obama and cameron, the families have persevered for over 20 years, and with the support of the media we kept this as a front page story worldwide.
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i do believe we could put the pressure on them to find the truth. and i would love to meet with president obama. i met with bush 41 on april 3rd 1989 for over 90 minutes. and i would love to have that one-to-one meeting with the president. >> amerman and other family members suspect there are people right now in libya, syria and iran who played a part in the bombing and should be brought to justice. earliier i asked nic robertson f secrets of the pan am bombing died with al megrahi. >> reporter: there certainly will be people out there with information. megrahi has perhaps died with the -- you know, with him is the ability to point at the people in the regime who he could perhaps say to go to this person and this person, and then you'll get the truth. but we know that the head of libyan intelligence, who directed, who was essentially the -- megrahi's boss will have
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a lot of information about this. moammar gadhafi's son, still alive. he'll have a lot of information about this. >> moammar gadhafi never denied a connection to the bombing. he paid $2.7 billion in compensation to the victims' families. let's take you right now to chicago, the host city of the nato summit, 50 nations, leaders of those nations are meeting there inside. and then outside you've got a number of protests, at least demonstrators who have gathered. many have said they're trying to make a statement about the economy. others have said they've tried to make statements about the u.s. and its involvement in the afghanistan war. many pleading that the afghanistan war needs to be stopped, or at least the u.s. involvement stopped immediately. again, these live pictures taking place right here, thanks to our affiliate wbbm providing the images. right now you just see a whole
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lot of people milling about. unclear what kind of activity is happening there on the ground, as the leaders of 50 nations meet inside. a wider view, you can see it's a sizeable crowd. at least from the surface it appears to be peaceful. we're not getting any indication of reports that anything other than that is taking place. this is a peaceful gathering of demonstrators outside the nato meeting. meantime, inside, with those leaders of 50 nations, afghanistan is dominating the talks. before the summit began, president barack obama met with afghan president hamid karzai. let's bring in chief white house correspondent jessica yellen traveling with the president. what can you tell us more about this meeting with karzai and obama? >> reporter: hi, fredricka. it is note worthy that afghanistan is so important in this nato summit, that the meeting took place, as you point out, before the summit convened. hamid karzai in that bilateral
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meeting in the presence of the media, thanked president obama and the american taxpayers for all the support that the u.s. has given to afghanistan. he assured the u.s. that afghans will be prepared to take the combat lead in 2014. and even said that afghanistan will soon no longer be, his word, a burden on the u.s. and in return, the president said that the u.s. effectively will not cut and run. here's the president speaking earlier. >> we are working with the afghans over the next several years to achieve a complete transition for afghan security, one which continue to provide support for the afghan national security forces, that have made slept progress over the last several years. and also painting a vision post-2014 in which we have ended our combat role, the afghan war
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as we understand it is over. but our commitment to friendship and partnership with afghanistan continues. >> now, fredricka, addressing this issue in an election year, for the president is a careful political dance. on the one hand, he has to be very wary about talking too much about afghanistan, which is, frankly, an unpopular war with the american public at this point. but at the same time, he has a great interest in holding together the support of nato nations, because he wants both funding and troops from 9 coalition partners on this. for the afghan war. i'll point out today, mitt romney has an op-ed in the "chicago tribune" that in part accuses the president of weak leadership on nato. saying that he has undermined nato. >> meantime, we're looking at live pictures right now inside that summit, where it appears we're seeing a pretty nice wide view of some of the military
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members who are involved in this meeting as well. which appears to be a tribute taking place right now. what else more might be up for discussion tomorrow? >> reporter: the president and cabinet members and staff will be discussing a number of issues tomorrow, but also in the remaining hours. >> go ahead. looks like we lost our audio there with jessica yellin there in chicago. we'll try to resume that, as soon as we reconnect. italy's prime minister mario monte is heading home from the nato summit after a strong earthquake shook parts of his country early this morning. the u.s. geological survey says the epicenter of the 6.0 quake was just northwest of bologna. they're still looking through the rubble looking for survivors. at least seven people are dead and 50 injured. a blind chinese activist is
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spending his first sunday with his family in new york. he got here only after a tricky diplomatic. after a lot of mediation, he was given clearance to leave the country. he spoke through a translator after arriving in new york yesterday. >> at the most critical juncture, the american embassy in china provided a safe haven, and the american government has provided great assistance. and given me partial citizenship rights here. >> chen will begin his fellowship at new york university here. nyu offered this opportunity after the chinese government said he could leave the country to study abroad. i spoke to chen's friend, an nyu professor, jerome cohen, earlier. he was involved in the mediation that finally helped chen leave
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china. he said chen could offer a lot of insight into chinese law. >> most people in china don't live in beijing, shanghai and the many other modern cities. they live in rural, often poverty-stricken conditions. and what law means to them is different from what it means in the cities. chen can tell us a great deal. and he can tell us a lot about how china needs to do more to protect the rights of those who are disabled people, as he is, because he's blind. >> chen will be studying comparative law at nyu. all right. in chicago, a nato leader's meeting inside, while outside a number of demonstrators. so what exactly is at stake for the president of the united states politically? ♪
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the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this. i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. this weekend president obama has the world's stage, hosting both g-8 and nato leaders. it's a powerful political image for a man facing a strong
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political challenge at home. cnn contributor and former george w. bush adviser is joining us from washington. good to see you. >> thank you. >> and cnn political contributor hilary rosen joining us from new york as well. >> hey, fred. >> okay, yesterday it was the g-8 at camp david. today it's nato in chicago. so hilary, you first. does hosting these two summits further kind of cement president obama's strengths on foreign policy? >> well, first of all, separate or apart from politics, it's actually his job to be the leader of the united states, and to welcome foreign alliances. and clearly president obama has a real feather in his cap with the leadership he has shown on foreign policy over the last several years. not just in terrorism, people talk all the time about osama bin laden being killed. but also in strengthening the nato alliance which was somewhat frayed after george bush. and we've had, you know, record
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amounts of cooperation from nato countries in things like afghanistan, and libya, and syria, and iran. and, you know, that's to president obama's credit. the extent that he's out there looking strong, and actually being strong, that helps the politics. but that's not obviously why he's doing it. >> it is his job, but he does particularly poised and comfortable in these arenas when meeting with other heads of state of various countries, whether it's amicable or whether there is conflict. david, should it be expected that real business is brokered here? >> president obama has a number of foreign policy accomplishments. he can take credit for. as hilary said, libya, the killing of osama bin laden. but he also has an enormous foreign policy failure on his hands. and two, terrible unresolved policy dangers. >> what is that failure? >> the failure is the president's decision to massively increase the american role in afghanistan. made the united states even more
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hopelessly dependent on pakistan than ever before. even when osama bin laden is discovered inside pakistan, revealing complicity by at least some very important people inside pakistan, the united states is helpless to do anything about it. can't even talk candidly about it, because the overcommitment to afghanistan to serve for the president's campaign promise in 2008 has made the united states so dependent on pakistan. the two unresolved questions are iran and the euro. both of which are huge threats to the united states, the world hanging fire out there. and that may go very bad at any time. >> in afghanistan and pakistan, do you feel, david, that the president's at a point of no return, that it is too late to try to recover what you believe to be failures? >> we're so far past the point of no return in pakistan, that bin laden was caught and killed a year ago. and we all know what that killing revealed about who had been sheltering him. what has been done about it, what is the message that has been sent to authorities in
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pakistan with how they can treat the united states? >> hilary, how do you see it? how does the president recover? how does the u.s., i guess, solidify or repair a relationship with pakistan? >> president obama inherited two wars, one in iraq and one in afghanistan. he's obviously pulled back in iraq. and in afghanistan has determined to pull back. and in fact, we saw the announcement today from president karzai thanking the american taxpayers, and assuring all of us that afghanistan is going to be independent within the next couple of years. and president obama echoed that commitment. when it comes to the relationships with pakistan, that -- you know, that is simply going to go on as it is. but the point that david's making, i think, is you have these delicate balances with our allies that as president you have to do. what i was appalled about this morning was mitt romney sort of stepping in there to try and kind of attack president obama
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and the nato alliance when he's been doing nothing but attacking europe over the last couple of months. you know, god forbid the united states should end up like europe, according to mitt romney, yet this weekend attacking president obama for somehow weakening the nato alliance. i find it appalling that mitt romney would sort of step in so -- with such a lack of grace into this foreign policy discussion over this important weekend. >> is romney in a difficult situation here, david, in that somebody running for president, you have to somehow stake your claim on what your foreign policy would be? however, we've heard from mitt romney that he wants to talk about the economy, and the economy solely. however, it's also revealing this is a major deficit for him, his comfort zone in foreign policy. >> the nato alliance is the united states and canada, plus mostly the eurozone. that's who's in nato. mostly eurozone countries. if the euro explodes, what is
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the effect on nato? we are facing -- this is, i think, something with mitt romney's economic concerns, we are facing the threat of a financial event in the world economy, worse than what happened in october of 2008, with consequences on both sides of the atlantic so terrifying, that all of our futures are in question. you have to talk about it. and it is poorly understood in this country. and i understand president obama's decision, again, to lead from behind. but the united states is acting as if this is a european problem, not one where americans will suffer, too. >> hilary? >> president obama had the g-8 leaders at camp david specifically over the last couple of days to talk about the euro and to talk about the impact. i think if mitt romney were actually focusing on the eurozone, as david talked about, and its importance and offering economic solutions, that would be something. we haven't seen that. we've seen sort of military conversations out of him. but, you know, clearly what
4:18 pm
happens with the euro is going to have a significant impact on us over the next six or eight months. and that's something that maybe no president of the united states can control. >> all right. hilary rosen, david frum, thank you so much. have a good rest of the sunday. >> take care. there's one presidential candidate we actually have not been talking about, until today. rose ann barr. yes, the very same. and the comedienne and actress said she is very serious about it. we'll ask the green party candidate what she has in mind in the next hour of the newsroom. and it has been one year since a deadly tornado devastated joplin, missouri. tomorrow, a new beginning for graduating seniors at joplin high. their keynote speaker, president barack obama. i talked to one of the s why at wells farg, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time,
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sgloishlgts this tuesday marks one year since the deadly tornado flattened and devastated joplin, missouri. 161 people died. it's the deadliest twister we've had in the u.s. in 60 years. so joplin high school, well, it got wiped out when that tornado hit. devastating so many of its students. lydia mcallister was one of
4:22 pm
them. tomorrow she and more than 400 classmates are graduating. she anticipates the day will bring we leave and will be particularly special because of the keynote speaker, president barack obama. >> i know it's really exciting for you. but at the same time there are lots of reminders just looking at the building behind you, of what happened one year ago. >> there are a lot of reminders still. but honestly i think we can all say we're happy with the progress that we've made. i think we've come a long way in a year. >> that's encouraging. you wrote on soon after that tornado that in your words, life has changed forever. what did you mean at the time? >> i think i meant just, a tornado definitely changed our lives, because, i mean, obviously i didn't have a house after the tornado. i didn't have a school. i didn't have half of a town.
4:23 pm
so a lot changed for me, and a lot changed for everyone in joplin. and i think it's still an ongoing thing. because there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about the tornado. and i don't think that that will ever stop. >> you've been really committed and very diligent to share your feelings with the general public. you wrote again for and you wrote about what you anticipate your feelings to be after graduation tomorrow. are you prepared to read a little passage for us? >> yeah, i have it right here. okay. on may 22nd i expect the feeling to be a relief, a relief that i survived and so did my family, a relief that my bomb doesn't look like a bomb was dropped on it. if all goes according to plan, my little brother will be part of the first class to graduate from the new joplin high school. but most of all, i will feel a relief that even though when my
4:24 pm
world seemed to end, the pain didn't last forever. and to know that this, too, shall pass. >> the president of the united states, president obama, will be the keynote speaker at your high school graduation. >> yes. >> what does that mean to you? what does that mean to your classmates, your family, the town of joplin? >> it's such a huge honor. honestly, i can't -- i can't even describe the feeling that we all have. because it's such an honor to have the president of the united states speaking at our school, and politics aside, it's such an honor. >> well, congratulations, well deserved. i know you're going to have a great time tomorrow, and beyond. thanks so much for your courage. and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. >> thank you. >> she's fantastic. read more about lydia's story, just go to our schools of thought home page on and she's off to the university of missouri to study journalism. so may is typically peak
4:25 pm
tornado activity month. and this year is no exception. a couple of twisters touched down in the midwest just this weekend. bonny schneider has more on that. >> that's right, we had twisters yesterday. at least 24 reports of them. luckily, we don't have any severe injury reports. we do have home damage, though. we have pictures of some of the twisters as they rolled through kansas and nebraska. it's been volatile over the past few days. reports have popped up across much of the region. we had one up towards the lincoln area. today we're monitoring a severe weather threat in a different part of the country. that is more towards wisconsin and even into parts of minnesota. so we're seeing powerful thunderstorms rumble through this region. mostly to the north of the green bay area at this hour. this severe thunderstorm watch box will continue into the evening hours. i think by about 8:00 tonight it should expire and you'll get better weather to deal with. things will be a little bit calmer as we go through. we're monitoring tropical storm alberto, the first named storm
4:26 pm
before the atlantic hurricane season begins, which is actually june 1st. the storm is definitely not as impressive on radar, or satellite as it was yesterday. let's take a look. you can see the movement now to the west-southwest. the storm is now away from the gulf stream. that's keeping it over cooler waters, which is one of the reasons it's weakening and it goes through. if we zoom in, you'll see some of the heaviest rain is moving into the jacksonville area, as well as florida and georgia. we have heavy rain sliding through the brunswick area. that's where some of the heaviest thunderstorms are at this time. but generally speaking, a lot of this rain is subsiding as it pushes south, because the intensity of alberto is dying down. having said that, we still have a tropical storm watch that does extend from parts of georgia into south carolina. so unfortunately we could see windy weather and downpours of rain. this is an area that's been so dry, that a lot of the rain that comes in will be beneficial.
4:27 pm
it's still so early, as i mentioned, tropical season, at least hurricane season on the atlantic side doesn't begin until june 1st. the first time we had a storm like that since 2003, anna, in this part of the world, before hurricane season began. it's a fascinating start and a ways to go. >> very early start. less than two weeks away before the start of hurricane season. thanks so much, bonnie. she didn't win the miss universe candidate contest, but she won anyway. if you're away from your tv today, a reminder, get cnn from your mobile phone or watch live from your laptop. just go to now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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4:31 pm
powerful earthquake shook parts of the country early this morning. the u.s. geological survey said the ep ecenter of the 6.0 quake was just west of bologna. john edwards heads back to a north carolina courtroom tomorrow to wait for a verdict in his campaign corruption trial. jurors ended their first day of deliberations friday without reaching a decision. edwards is accused of using almost $1 million in campaign donations to hide his sexual affair with rielle hunter and the baby they had together. a young woman makes history on a pageant stage. jenna began the first transgender contestant to compete in the miss universe contest last night. so, was this kind of a bittersweet defeat, or slash victory for her? >> reporter: i saw her this
4:32 pm
morning. she obviously is quite tired. you could see on stage she was quite disappointed she didn't make it to the final five. perhaps it was unrealistic. there are a lot of strong candidates out there. but i think to move this beyond an actual pageant, jenna, when we spoke to her this morning, said, look, i want this to mean something more. and i want it to mean legally transgender people can take this into other spheres, and fight for their right to compete. i want you to listen now to jenna talackova. >> i've never told my story out fully on my own. because i'm -- i haven't. but i have let them know a lot about myself thus far. so i did come out with what my statement. and that's that people should embrace their individuality, and follow their dreams like i did.
4:33 pm
>> you know, what's interesting here is that she says this isn't the end. she's going to write a book and that she wants to encourage others. she said she hasn't told her complete story. clearly there's more to this young woman and what she had to go through, starting from the age of 4, when her name was welzer, and she told mer parents, look, i don't feel like a girl -- i mean, apologies, i don't feel like a boy, i want to be a girl. i think you will hear more from her. she has said, of course, she wants to say in the perhaps reality show, and beyond that do speaking tours, how difficult it is, but how important it is, that if you're feeling this, that you can go through it and there are people around you who support you. >> paula newton, thank you for bringing us that story. now let's get a look at what's happening in the week ahead. a critical day in the worldwide dispute over iran's nuclear program. josh is here with that.
4:34 pm
>> wednesday this week, iran will be meeting in baghdad with key world powers for talks on its nuclear program. this is the follow-up to a meeting last month which both sides at the time described this constructive. big question hanging over this meeting taking place this week, will there be common ground. u.s. and european leaders have called on iran for transparency. and they're concerned the country could be working on building nuclear weapons. iran said its program is peaceful and calling on u.s. and european leaders to, in iran's words, restore lost trust. now, also ahead this week, the sentencing, this would be on monday, for the 20-year-old former rutgers student convicted of invasion of privacy and other charges in the case involving his former roommate tyler clemente. he used a webcam to spy on clemente. clemente committed suicide. there are extensive debates
4:35 pm
across the country, even parts of the world, of what sentence ravi should face. i had to read this several times to believe it myself. this is real. this week there will be an auction for a vial of president reagan's blood. let's zoom way in, folks. i want you to see this. the auction ends thursday. so i guess someone's going to get it. that's the vial right there. this comes from a horrible day in america, that all those of us old enough to remember, the day president reagan was shot in march 1981. he suffered a punctured lung and survived. the director of a lab let an employee keep this one vial. it's been in the family ever since. now the man putting it up for auction says he offered it to the reagan library, which then checked with federal agencies and got back to him saying, no one wanted it. the seller also says he did not offer it directly to the reagan family. so we'll see what happens with that. more details on that. i'll bet you'll want to see them. a lot more happening this
4:36 pm
week, all up on my page, facebook and twitter, and always stay ahead of the news. check out ahead of the curve on it comes out every sunday afternoon. we want to keep you guys ahead as the news comes during the week. fred, how about that. >> that last story stopped me in my tracks. i'm wondering if nancy reagan or other family members might still say something to halt that potential auction? >> they've got some time. it's interesting, because the auction put out this statement from the person auctioning it, establishing that the offer was given to the reagan library, which would represent in that sense the reagan legacy. but that said, there are still days if someone wants to come forward and say something. we have not heard a public statement on it from the family. >> keep us posted on that. >> i will. we are watching the streets of chicago. this is the city that's hosting the nato summit. however, while things appear pretty peaceful inside with the nato leaders, outside there are lots of demonstrations. we'll be taking you to the
4:37 pm
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the only man convicted in the 19 # 8 bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, scotland, will be buried tomorrow. he died in libya at the age of 60. cnn senior international correspondent nic robertson has more. >> reporter: he had been ill for some time, cancer according to his family. when this rare video was shot in august 2011, he already seemed very sick. apparently slipping in and out of a coma.
4:41 pm
his son, appealing for his father to die in peace. >> he will die a hero. >> reporter: it was al megrahi's return from a scottish jail in august 2009 that so inflamed passions. to his libyan countrymen, it was a triumphant return of a national hero, unjustly jailed in a foreign land. to relatives of those killed in the 1988 pan am 103 attack, his release, the only man convicted of the bombing, it was a travesty. >> he's not going to get forgiveness from me. and as far as i'm concerned, he should die in prison and his soul rot in hell. >> reporter: 270 people died when pan am flight 103 was brought down by a terrorist bomb, placed in a transistor radio. it exploded, as the pre-christmas flight from london bound for new york entered scottish air space. debris was strewn over a wide
4:42 pm
area. one of the engines landing in the town of lockerbie. 11 of its residents were among those killed. megrahi, a libyan intelligence agent at the time of the attack, protested his innocence right up until the time of his release. >> he said, look, i have five children growing up in tripoli. i'm desperate to go back. i want to go back as an innocent man. >> reporter: when megrahi boarded the controversial flight to libya, he had not proved his innocence and had served barely eight years of his 27-year sentence. his freedom granted on compassionate grounds, because doctors judged he had incurable prostate cancer, and gave him less than three months to live. but behind the scenes, according to leaked u.s. cables, libya threatped britain if megrahi died in a scottish jail, there would be enormous repercussions
4:43 pm
for british businesses in libya. the british government denied the allegations. but to walk free, megrahi was forced to give up an appeal against his conviction. at his trial in a a specially convened scottish court in 2000 in the netherlands, many felt the case against him was deeply flawed. the senior-most u.n. observer at the trial called the proceedings a spectacular miscarriage of justice. mcgra hi's appeal later won his sympathy among scottish lawmakers. >> there are people there who don't want the truth out. as far as i'm concerned mr. megrahi has been a scapegoat. >> reporter: after his release in 2009, he posted this inconclusive denial of his involvement in the bombing. in early 2012, documents in the hands of scottish lawmakers also seemed to undermine the case
4:44 pm
against him. but megrahi was never able to exonerate himself. he died, the only man convicted of the lockerbie bombing. >> we continue to watch the developments in chicago outside the location where the nato summit is taking place. there are a number of demonstrators. we'll take you there 4ri6. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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we want to take you back to chicago, where security is tight for that nato summit, and thousands of anti-nato protesters and demonstrators are in the streets right now. this is not far from the location where the summit is taking place just south of downtown, right on lake shore drive? >> reporter: no, not at all, fredricka. in fact, the demonstrators, say 1,800 and 2,200 have arrived here. off in the distance you can see over my shoulder, that is mccormick place. that is where the summit is taking place. the demonstrators, many of them chanting against nato. no, no, nato. saying we're against the drone attacks. saying they want the united states and nato out of afghanistan. largely so far today, a peaceful
4:48 pm
demonstration. nobody getting too out of hand. all calm. but you're pouring a lot of people right as we speak, still marching from bryant park up that direction. a lot of them coming into this intersection. in due time, all of this is going to become overwhelmed and filled up. if you're wondering if the protesters had any idea they're trying to make some sort of run toward mccormick place and the summit, you can't quite see, but at least a dozen officers on mounted horseback, and obviously a long line of officers in riot gear of the again, the chicago police department said things have gone smoothly for them, and so far, fredricka, they have been able to keep this as a peaceful protest. >> is this an organized group? is this a permitted demonstration and that's why police are generally on the periphery? they're not trying to stop the -- this organized demonstration? >> reporter: well, we can take it a step further.
4:49 pm
police have helped the demonstrators pass through the streets of chicago. they did the same thing last night, a couple hundred circling around, meandering. sometimes there were dust-ups, for lack of a better term. but right now, it's very calm. and if you think about it, it's basically a police escort in some ways. many of these people were choosing to leave this part of the demonstration, and they're doing so without any sort of harassment from police. and police have been facilitating what they're doing. there have been moments when we've heard demonstrators walk right up to officers and absolutely unload a bunch of expletives on them and they've just stood there. the police have obviously been warned that this could be a tense moment, but they have not been aggressors. but they do have the area cordoned off. these demonstrators will not have access, or get close to where the nato summit is taking place right now. >> is this one organization leading this or a conglomeration? >> reporter: no, it's a
4:50 pm
conglomeration. i think the organization that might be the most prevalent is the occupy organization. and we should note this weekend there was an arrest over the weekend, you may have heard, three members of the so-called black block party who police say had conspired to bomb obama's headquarters. they are in the black block group. that's one group that sort of has -- you'll watch authorities on edge, but so far as we said, no extreme violence here, fredricka. >> very good. paul, thank you very much. in chicago. keep us posted. a baby boy is sound asleep. then lightning strikes and it starts a fire. wait until you hear who was driving by, and then saved the day. rimp are awesome! tequila lime tacos. [ man ] delicious! [ male announcer ] it's festival of shrimp! for $12.99 try any two shrimp creations like new barbeque glazed shrimp. offer ends soon. we're servers at red lobster. and we sea food differently.
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an off-duty fireman reaffirmed what it means to love your job. he got delayed on the road, as he left a rockies game. and that's when he spotted flames coming from a house. what he did next has one family calling him a hero. here's kusa's nelson garcia. >> 10:00, this lightning struck. >> reporter: chad looks inside his home thinking it could have been much worse. his wife, sister and friends were hanging out at the house when the night got exciting. >> scary. >> reporter: chad had just got p home. >> i thought my girls were making it up. >> reporter: what they didn't know is lightning had struck their rooftop and a fire started. that's when nate kelly drove by, and saw the flames and like superman hopped over the fence in one bound.
4:54 pm
a guy dressed in regular clothes -- >> the first thing i thought was there was a couple of kids trying to mess with us. >> some kid with a flannel shirt, jeans and a ball cap jumps over my fence asking where my hose was. >> reporter: they didn't know kelly was an off-duty denver firefighter. >> i just wanted to at least try to put some water on the flame. >> reporter: flames which burnt -- >> you can see the ceiling. >> reporter: -- right above where 5-month-old jackson was asleep. >> my 5-month-old lives right up there in the room on the right. the fire had literally burned out the trusses above him. >> a few more seconds they would have toppled on top of us. so he saved his life. >> reporter: and their home. flying across the rooftop like a man of steel. >> i just jumped over. >> reporter: nearly putting out the flames single handedly. >> i felt god put nate in our path. >> what's the chances of an
4:55 pm
off-duty fireman hopping a fence to tell us that we need to get out of the house. >> he's amazing. and he's going to tell you that he's not amazing, but he is amazing. >> we think he's superman. he literally appeared and disappeared, just within an instant. >> i don't view myself as a hero. i just -- i'm just there to help. >> reporter: mild-mannered, fast as lightning. >> i never thought i would come across that. >> reporter: off-duty superman. >> that's so nice. nelson garcia from kusa reporting. a haunting melody turned one have centuries old. how buglers decided to honor the military tune. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel.
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between now and june 3rd. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. one of the most famous military signals, taps, just turned 150 years old, and nearly 200 buglers and trumpeters in arlington national cemetery honored that tune. >> this is part of the 150th anniversary of taps. and we're one of over 200 buglers that have been invited here today to give the playing of bugles all over arlington national cemetery. if this doesn't make you proud to be an american, i don't know what's wrong with you. [ playing taps ]
4:59 pm
[ playing taps ] >> it's just such an honor to play that for them. it's for the families as well. but i think of it as playing to that person, just a final thank you for what they did. hello again, i'm fredricka whitfield. -- captions by vitac --


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