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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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abdul al megrahi died today at a hospital in libya. he was 60 years old. his death comes two and a half years after his release from a scottish prison. al megrahi was let go on compassionate grounds because he had prostate cancer. he was expect to live only a few months. at the time of his release, victims' families were outraged after he received a hero's welcome in libya. they believe he was just a small player in the bomb plot. i spoke to a former spokesman for the victims' families who lost a brother in the attack. i asked him when he heard about al megrahi's death. >> i received the phone call about 8:30 this morning. i'm pleased he's finally left this earth. it was tempered because of, i was exhilarated when gadhafi was overthrown and killed last year. he was the big fish in ta that
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story. this is not the last chapter in pan am 103. >> he and other family members suspect there are people right now in libya, syria and iran who played a part in the bombing. and should be brought to justice. cnn's alison kosik is joining us now. >> i sat down with one of the victims of the bombing. the flight that went down over lock i lockerbie, scotland, was 29 years old at time. he was working for goldman sachs in london. that's when he was home for the holidays. his family have followed each and every twist of the investigation to bring al megrahi to justice, demanding more information. when they heard the news about al megrahi's death, they had mixed feelings, they said it is
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a step forward, but the sadness is still there. >> miss him a lot. good kid. would have been a contributing member to society. i'm very sad about that. sad for him. we're hurt, he's gone. all the other people -- just think, one family, lost five members of a family. unborn children. so sad. >> boy, that is powerful. so despite al megrahi's death, alison, it seems a lot of questions remain about the attack, the aftermath, those involved, right? >> reporter: you're right about that. mark's parents told me that they believe others are still out there responsible. they told me they feel it's disgraceful that al megrahi was actually let out of prison early to go home to tripoli rather than serving his life sentence. at the time he was said to be cancer stricken with three
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months to live. but it was three years later. to this day, the family still has a hard time understanding why al megrahi died surrounded by family when mark couldn't be. new york senator chuck schumer warts more investigation into megrahi's release. >> it is a grave injustice that this evil terrorist, who caused so much heart ache and havoc, died in freedom instead of behind bars where he belonged. it's particularly offensive that he was able to spend his final days with his family when he deprived so many others of that opportunity. >> now, schumer and many family members believe the oil company bp cut a deal for his release, as part of a deal to secure an oil drilling deal in libya. bp has denied those allegations. fredricka? >> alison kosik, thanks so much. the growing anti-nato protest taking place right now in chicago.
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some live images right now. paul has been there reporting in the crowd, says it really is a conglomeration of demonstrators. some people who are protesting the u.s. economy, the state of the u.s. economy. the others who are protesting the war in afghanistan, demanding an immediate withdrawal of u.s. troops in afghanistan. meantime, crowds have been growing there all day. as these demonstrators have been assembling outside. inside, just a few blocks away from where they're assembling, leaders of 50 nations are at the nato summit, which is being hosted by the president of the united states. so those leaders are gathering at that summit. and top of the agenda, afghanistan. let's bring in chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. so, jessica, the new french president has announced he is withdrawing french troops early. does that upset this tightly r choreographed plan? >> reporter: excellent question,
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fredricka. the u.s. has found a way to spin, or i should say found an elegant way to spin or explain the early french withdrawal of troops from afghanistan. which is they're drawing down troops from a region of afghanistan where they were already planning an exit, and transition to afghan control. the u.s. is saying they're transitioning out french troops and the french are leaving in troops to train and help afghan troops take the lead. which is what the goal is in afghanistan in general. and that allows the president to continue to say that the coalition is together in nato. and which is the goal here in general. and allowed the president to say this earlier today when he was meeting with afghan president hamid karzai. >> the world is behind the strategy that we've laid out. now it's our task to implement
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it effectively, and i believe that we can do so in part because of the tremendous strength and resilience of the afghan people. >> reporter: fredricka, another task for the u.s. and all the countries here is to get agreement on international financial support for the plan in afghanistan going forward. more than $1 billion a year through 2014. and also, to figure out what international military commitments will look like in afghanistan after 2014. fredricka? >> and a neighbor to afghanistan, pakistan, that is being discussed as well. and apparently there are some reports of the u.s. being denied access to some of the roads in pakistan. what's going on? >> reporter: so, for the past many months since the fall of last year, the u.s. has not been allowed to use, until very recently with some exceptions, has not been allowed to use supply routes in pakistan. that's important, because it's
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the easiest and fastest way for the u.s. to get troops and equipment in and out of afghanistan. that matters, because as we talk about withdrawing troops and equipment from afghanistan, it will be increasingly important that there's an easy way to get in and out. and so the u.s. has been trying to negotiate with pakistan to get out, to get these routes open and there was hope that there would be a deal cut here with the pakistani president here. no deal will be cut sources tell us. and the pakistani president, with secretary clinton, lots of hope on both sides that they'll get something done in coming weeks. and that's the hope leaving here. >> jessica yellin in chicago, thanks so much. also, in the midwest, storm chasers couldn't resist going after this one. this tornado was swirling around near lawrence, nebraska. although officials warned residents to stay indoors, the
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storm chasers were out running after the twister. the evening storms were accompanied by high winds and hail as well. life is looking pretty sunny for mark zuckerberg, after making billions of dollars off facebook's ipo yesterday. he got married. and of course, there was no better place to tell everyone he and his longtime girlfriend went on facebook, of course, and changed their relationship statuses to married. in the next few days, expect news on two big scandals. josh levs has a quick look for us. what do we expect this week? >> a lot coming up this week. we start off with tomorrow when the jury in the trial of john edwards former democratic presidential candidate will resume its deliberations. the jurors ended their first day of friday, without a verdict. edwards is charged with six counts of accepting illegal campaign contributions, conspiracy and falsifying
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documents. if convicted on all the charges, he faces up to 30 years in prison. and also, $1.5 million fine. another scandal, take a look at this, on wednesday, the secret service scandal, there will be a public hearing on that prostitution scandal involving the secret service agents in colombia. they'll speak to the senate homeland security committee, one of several committees investigating what took place at a hotel in colombia before president obama traveled to that region for the summit of the americas. one more thing you should know about happening this week, folks, pink slime. workers there getting pink slips. we're talking about beef products incorporated, the primary producer of a product that's got a lot of attention this year. it's had to close three of its four factories. 650 workers are expected to be let go at the end of this week. celebrity chef jamie oliver
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railed against the lean beef trimmings. microbiologistskind another name for it. but the u.s. government said it's completely safe. a lot more to that story at fred, coming up later this hour, we're taking a look at more things happening this week. we've got a really interesting unique event for vietnam veterans. also, why some creators of apps are getting a lot of money from the u.s. government. we'll have that in about 20 minutes. >> interesting stuff. thanks so much, josh. >> you got it. roseanne barr running for president. there she is. seriously, she's fighting for her party nomination. she wants your vote. is that a wrist band to prove it? >> well, this is the last thing i went to. >> oh, okay. you'll have to tell us all about that. roseanne barr, she's joining me live. isn't today the reunion?
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comedienne and actress
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roseanne barr is running for president as a green party candidate. we last saw her on the reality show of "roseanne's nuts." she was running a macadamia nut farm in hawaii. now she's running for the highest office in the land. roseanne barr, joining us now from los angeles. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> so this is not some nutty idea. you're not joking. you're really running seeking the green party nomination, yeah? >> absolutely. but i'm glad you used the words nutty. because i'm also a nut farmer in hawaii. >> you are still doing that? >> i'm nuts about my nuts. nuts are a great way for people to get protein, and, you know, if people were to get their protein from nuts rather than beef, well, there wouldn't be any global warming, or any of
5:15 pm
that problem, because there would be enough grain and stuff also to feed every hungry person. >> okay. >> so, you know, the green party is kind of out there. but it's my kind of out there. >> and you are nuts about representing the green party. why are you trying to encourage people in california for the presidential primary to vote for you instead of voting for obama or romney? >> well, because here's why. because it's a free vote. because each of those candidates, you know, are already, you know, shoo-ins to get their party's nomination. so it's not taking any votes away from obama or romney. but i have this message, that monday in california, that's tomorrow, is the last day that people can register as greens. and why i encourage democrats to register as greens is because, you know, you can still vote for
5:16 pm
obama, but you can send a message to the democratic party, as can republicans who want to register as greens, and i think there's a lot of stuff in common that both can agree on, to send a message to washington -- >> what is the message to washington? >> the message is to all of washington, d.c., that the american people are tired of the corrupt two-party system that, you know, is totally irrelevant to, you know, the american people. because both of those parties have indeed marginalized 90 some percent of the american people from each of their parties. so that's what the greens are about. it's also about bringing progressive issues, specifically the ten key values of the green party. which i think all of the people on the left and right side of the aisle can agree on. it's a party of solutions. a party of small, yet efficient government. you know, of a good -- you know,
5:17 pm
being good to mother earth, and thinking of alternative ways to make things happen besides the ones that got us in this big mess. >> and some of the other issues that you're hoping to promote as part of your platform, ending the involvement in foreign wars, afghanistan -- >> yeah, all wars. i'm for -- i try to live my life according to what i think is right and what i think is right is a whole new -- i want us to stop and start over with a new kind of system from bottom to top, that eliminates a kind of system that is the end to slavery, war and usery. all the kind of capital sins that brought us here. and if we would do just a fraction of those, there wouldn't be any more problems. they'd all be solved. so i'm for, like solving solutions, and one of my suggestions is a debt jubilee.
5:18 pm
and that is to ask the bankers of the fed who control everything in this country, and are in cahoots with those who control everything in the world, to lock at the idea of debt forgiveness, and -- >> especially as it pertains to student loan debt? >> yeah, that's in the united states to forgive the student loans as a stimulus to the housing market. i'm just applying common sense to it. while a lot of these kids have moved in with their parents, they can't pay off their student loans. believe me, the parents aren't thrilled about it either. they would like to see their kids move out. the kids could use that same money to put a down payment on a house which would bring housing starts, which is, you know, what stimulates our economy and brings back our middle class. so for bankers the most powerful among us, to join in with us instead of being our adversaries. and put their patriotism above their profits and join with the american people to do their part
5:19 pm
in, you know, forgiving a portion of this debt and asking themselves, is there a way that you could increase debt forgiveness to a mere 1% instead of 0%? >> okay. >> and i just want to appeal to, you know, what is good and decent in all americans, that we definitely have to solve our problems and help our people. >> roseanne, i have some more questions for you -- >> we need to do that. i think efficiency -- >> tell me after the break, actually. we need to take a short break. i want you to tell me about that. >> i know, i'm bad. i know i go on. >> you're not done. >> i go on forever, i know. >> and whether you have any concerns about, you know, whether people might call you a potential spoiler, whether you would help -- >> oh, i'll talk about that. >> -- whether the repeat of the election decided by the u.s. supreme court. at the time your predecessor ralph nader was the green party
5:20 pm
candidate and representative. i want to talk to you more about it. don't go anywhere, okay? >> okay. i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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continuing our conversation with roseanne barr. yes, comedienne and actress,
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she's running for president as a green party candidate. she wants to win that nomination of that party. so roseanne, you know, let's talk again. you say you want to legalize marijuana, close america's foreign military bases, do away with federal reserve, among other things. but if you don't win, you know, the race to the white house, do you -- >> those are small points. >> those are small points? >> no, they're huge, actually. so those are all huge points. >> if you were to get the nomination for your party, do you worry at all this might promote kind of a repeat of what we saw in 2000, that there would be a splintered vote that potentially the election could be decided by the u.s. supreme court again? or at least with their participation again? >> well, you know, i'm glad you asked me that question, fredricka. >> i'm glad you're glad. >> i think what we need to do is we need to have paper ballots. and i think that's the real lesson, not whether ralph nader ran, or there's a third party
5:24 pm
that actually stands for progressive issues. which it does. and there are ten key values everybody should take a look at. but it's really about paper ballots and how the votes are secured and how the votes are counted. and i think that was the problem, not ralph nader. >> okay. and if it comes to the point where there is a victory speech, are we going to see roseanne barr -- i know this is a serious run -- but you are a comedienne, too. we've heard your rendition of the national anthem. >> i'm the only serious comedienne in this race, fredricka. >> would we hear it again? seriously? >> would you hear what? >> the national anthem. >> oh, my god. you're trotting that out? you know what, i'm going to speak to that if you'll let me do that. i dated that on my roseanne's nuts cable show. and people have come up to me since then to say that they loved my second rendition. you know what, i think the
5:25 pm
lesson here is people make mistakes, and then they -- after they've apologized 9,000 times, they should be forgiven and it should be forgotten. you can, again, stop and start over again and do things better. which i indeed did in my second rendition. i'm very proud of it. my grandson was with me. i sounded real good. and i encourage everybody to go over there on youtube and see me sing it in a real respectful version. >> is this going to be the rendition number one or number two, people? >> number two is the better one. >> okay, number two. let's hear it. ♪ o, say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming
5:26 pm
♪ >> i like it. that's beautiful. and that's a hard song to sing. >> well, i like the idea that you can get better over the years, if you try, and you practice. you can get better. >> agreed. practice makes perfect. well, of course, all the best in your pursuit of the green party nomination. >> thank you so much. >> and the run for the white house. >> vote for me. bye. thank you so much. >> thanks so much, roseann barr. >> thanks. a woman loses her wedding ring in 15 tons of trash. find out how she figured out where it was.
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which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. back to chicago now, hosting city of the nato summit. and where anti-nato demonstrators are gathering. paul is there. paul, you're just two blocks in the summit site along lake shore drive? what else is happening now? >> reporter: well, just a short time ago, i'd say at least 60 former veterans of iraq and afghanistan came up onto that podium behind me and they grabbed their medals, many of them said they were apologetic, and they threw them. and as we speak right now, a little bit of movement in the crowd here as more people try to get close to mccormack place. this is where the nato summit is taking place. so various speakers have come up here. police estimate between 1,800 and 2,200 people filling into
5:30 pm
this park, participating in this demonstration. they marched from grant park in chicago earlier. and basically it has been very peaceful. now, there have been some taunting of police by protesters, most of them in black or bandannas. and just below us, we're now being told that we might have to move. you can see policemen in riot gear. some sort of effort is taking place, or police in riot gear are going to mobilize right now. so far, though, as i said, fredricka, it has been a peaceful demonstration. >> all right. paul, keep us posted. thanks so much from chicago. a new honor for vietnam veterans, and a lot of money for people who make smartphone apps. >> look at this. one of the things we're following this week, vietnam veterans honored in a whole new way. tomorrow at fort hood, texas,
5:31 pm
the military will hold a welcome home ceremony for those veterans. they said they did not get the welcome home they deserved. >> fort hood is going to give our vietnam veterans the welcome home they deserved. alongside our brave men and women of today and in front of hundreds, perhaps thousands of supporters waving welcome home banners, vietnam veterans will march onto the field so we can finally say thank you, job well done. >> looking forward to that. the military set vietnam vets from around the nation will get the same fanfare when present-day veterans get. this is an interesting one from the u.s. government as well, creators of apps for smartphones and tablets are getting a chunk of $100,000 of the u.s. government, giving away for the apps for energy program. the competition is taking place throughout the spring. we're going to learn who the winners are. these are for apps designed to help people save energy and also
5:32 pm
save money. so we'll find out who's getting that right there. let's do a little pop culture. one of the most successful shows on tv, that's called "house." the show starring the brilliant hugh lawyurie. two-hour final event tomorrow night. expect a lot of talk about that. he is pretty amazing. and we'll expect to talk about it the next day as well to weigh in on how people had their big finale. check out's ahead of the curve. >> where have i been. i didn't know house would be closing its doors. >> there were so many potential doctor metaphors i could have used and i decided to steer clear of all of them. >> and i jumped right in with -- >> you did. >> well, bye-bye to "house." . thanks a lot, josh. >> you got it. if you're one of those
5:33 pm
people who's ever had a scare after taking off, say, your wedding ring. take a look at all the trash you're about to see. well, deb kirby had to go through all that trash after she took off her wedding and engagement rings, along with three others. she accidently threw them away. and the dump truck had already taken off. >> my voice was shaking. i think i said, aaron, i'm completely freaking out. i said, i believe i threw away my wedding rings. i really felt so stupid. i thought i was going to be all by myself in a pile of trash digging for this. eight men came out and helped me. >> 15 tons of trash in the pile itself. and we were looking for a black bag with a blue tie on it, which there was a lot of them. >> oh, my gosh. that is amazing. in the end, it took 30 minutes to find those rings. in all of that trash. that's pretty remarkable at that time. just that little bit of time.
5:34 pm
it had all the makings of a classic hollywood story. a scrappy horse comes out of obscurity to win a big race, and then another one. now a lot of people are watching for yet another. a triple crown perhaps.
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football fans in london are celebrating. you know i'm talking about stock car, right? the homecoming of the new european league champion, chelsea, took home the trophy. the team squeezed in the deciding penalty shots. on its own turf. this is the first time chelsea has won the champions league.
5:38 pm
best to them. the upset in the making in the facebook play-offs. i know this sounds like i'm talking about a drink, but i'll have another looking at the triple crown. let's start with the nba play-offs, mike. the miami heat is packed with superstars, including lebron james, who just won his third mvp award. it's the favorite to win this year, until the heat ran into the indiana pacers. mike, these teams are playing this afternoon. the game has been going back and forth. but is there potential for a full-on meltdown? >> there certainly is. the juggernaut, the indianapolis bound in the indiana pacers, they'll knock the heat off. no one saw this. they lost chris bosh, their big man. without him, opponents can pack it in, and just dare them to shoot from the outside. so then the burden doesn't come
5:39 pm
down on lebron james, though everyone likes to blame lebron james for everything, including the economy. but it comes down to dwayne wade. dwayne wade has to hit his shots. in the first few games of this series, he hasn't made a three-pointer. that's why the heat are traveling 3-1 going into this game four. it's really close. i have to tell you, if the heat lose this game, they probably won't win the series and it will be a huge flameout, no pun intended. >> bosh is out, injured. that was a good one, though. he's injured. dwayne wade. that's a lot of pressure on player. is he the kind of player who does even better under pressure? >> dwayne wade has been a great player. he's only 6 feet tall. he's the most defensive 6-foot-tall guard i've ever seen. but he's getting older. when lebron james signed, it was assumed they would be the big three, bosh james and wade would be. with injuries, with age, with things happening, sometimes the big three have been forced to be the big one and a half or the
5:40 pm
big two. and other teams are good. and teams like the pacers are really balanced and they get scoring from five, six, seven, eight guys. the heat are basically three guys. when they're forced to be two guys, in this case kind of one and a half guys, even lebron james can't win under those circumstances. >> let's hope the heat don't go down in flames. >> we're one done and pun. exciting horse race yesterday. the kentucky derby was exciting. this one was a real nail-biter at the preakness. here we go again, i'll have another, indeed had another. >> yep. you know, if you had ti voeed the kentucky derby and turned on the preakness, you would say, oh, this is the same race. here we see bodiy meister go wire-to-wire, and caught at the end by i'll have another. i'll have another, the -- what they're referring to is cookies.
5:41 pm
i don't know if you knew that. i'll have another cookie. here we have the situation where since in 1978, it was secretariat won a triple crown in '78. 11 times horses have come in to the belmont stake, 11 times they've failed. i'll have another will try to be the 12th horse. this is like the equivalent of teenage athletes, it's the longest course in america, longest track in america. even though i'll have another will be the favorite in that race, i would say he's a long shot. i don't know if he's a roseanne barr winning the presidency long shot, but he's certainly a long shot to win that race. because horses better than him have tried and failed. the horses he'll be racing against often are fresh. they don't have to be entered in the other two triple crown races. so you have a horse like this who's raced three times in six
5:42 pm
weeks, against a really fresh horse, it's a very tall order. >> back to roseanne barr, hey, she said nuttier things have happened. mike pesca, have a great rest of the sunday. >> yes. you're welcome. seven cnn viewers have been chosen to train for a triathlon with dr. sanjay gupta. they spent this last week in kona, hawaii, with sanjay at a fit camp. he chatted with denise, who is also a below-the-knee amputee. >> i'm about to introduce you to one of the most inspiring people i think you may ever meet. she also happens to be a member of our lucky seven. denise, how is it going? you're here in kona. >> i know, life is great right now. >> denise, people see you right away, that you are missing below the knee on your right leg. >> yes. >> tell us what happened. >> in 2008, while i was a senior in college, i was sliding into
5:43 pm
second base and broke my leg. from that day i just had an infection, and there were problems with surgeries after that. so i ended up an amputee. >> did you at that time, i imagine there were so many things going through your mind, one of which was, i may never be an athlete again. >> yes. i remember very clearly being laying in a hospital and right after the amputation thinking, okay, you need to pick up the covers and take a look at your life now. and it took a lot of courage, but i decided i had to face it head-on, and try to regain my life back. >> you are going to be competing in this triathlon with everyone else now. >> of course, yes. >> is this a wholesale change in your life, meaning this is obviously an event in malibu in september, but how much of an impact for denise's life has this made? >> now that i'm doing this, i know that i can do absolutely anything. i mean, the possibilities --
5:44 pm
it's limitless fou. >> i appreciate that. it's a real inspiring thing. real honor to know you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> incredible. to find out more about denise and the other members of the team in training, go to fit nation. the triathlon is in malibu in september. life is good. if you want to see something really cool, you'll want to stay right here. a rare solar eclipse is happening today. we have live pictures from hong kong where people are gathering to watch. there are a lot of cloud cover right now. we'll tell you when and where you might be able to check it out from where you are. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief.
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how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
5:47 pm
they want to see that ring of fire. very rare solar eclipse is happening today. pictures right now, something called the ring of fire eclipse,
5:48 pm
because the sun appears as a thin ring behind the moon. people in parts of asia are about to get a good look at it. if only those clouds would move away there in hong kong. hopefully you'll get to see it somewhere in the u.s. bonnie schneider, help us. where can we find it? >> a lot of people, especially the southwestern part of the u.s. hong kong, a little overcast, but there's a lot to talk about when it comes to this solar eclipse. the best viewing is in eastern china, southern japan, and western part of the u.s. it's a partial eclipse for parts of eastern asia and western north america. we'll see part of it, not the full thing. really along the red line from start to finish, across asia all the way to the u.s. is the best chance for viewing. and to the north of that is really where we see the partial eclipse. so keep that in mind. looking at the u.s., where our focus is along this red line from beginning to end, is likely where we'll see the eclipse.
5:49 pm
the cloud cover from northern california may impact your viewing. for those of you in redding, 5:12, that's when you're likely to see it. reno, grand canyon, terrific spots across the southwest where the weather is good and skies are clear. albuquerque is another place on the map. it's important to note if you're going to try to view it, don't look directly at a solar eclipse, because it's dangerous for the naked eye. here's the obscure fact for you, for those of you who are welders, if you use filter number 14, it works. it's okay. generally speaking, places in the observatory in los angeles, they have special goggles they can wear. folks out west are taking this as a celebration. watch it online, of course. do it safely, and enjoy it. >> okay. that's very cool stuff. thanks so much. wish we could see it. we'll just have to
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
is p blend of fung,
5:52 pm
lovers of go go music are remembering one of their own, chuck brown. many knew him as the god father of go go. funeral arrangements are not finalized yet. the mayor of dc said that flags will fly at half staff when the funeral happens.
5:53 pm
we sat down with brown not too long ago. here is a look at his life and how he got his nickname. ♪ ♪ >> a music style heavy on percussion and audience participation. it's called go go music, born and bred in washington d.c. back in the 1970s. >> it's d.c.'s music. it's where it originated from. it will always be here. >> chuck brown lived here for 70 years and for 50 of these years he made the sage his home. known by many as the god father of go go, brown was the driving force behind the unique brand of music. >> i have always been inspired by people like james brown and bb king.
5:54 pm
i was looking for my own sound ♪ it don't mean a thing if you ain't got the go go swing ♪ >> that sound, a blend of fung, rhythm, blues and hip hop. he had a number one smash, bustin' loose. >> that was a national anthem in d.c. i feel like bustin' loose. it was the national anthem. it was such an amazing moment. >> go go reached peak popularity in the 1980s and it didn't stop with chuck brown. >> everywhere you go, you going to hear it. not just my band, but other bands. you know? ♪ ♪ >> they had their moments on the
5:55 pm
national and international stage but it never went mainstream. but that is something that didn't bother the d.c. locals. >> d.c. owns d.c. when you hear go go, you think d.c. i am proud of that. >> it is really unique to d.c. it is something that was created and we have ownership of it. >> never professionally trained, the grammy nominated brown was legendary for marathon concerts, and he performed right up until the very end. >> a lot of people ask me when i'm going to retire. that's something that i always give them the same answer. i'm still here. i still have a desire. 5. >> wow. what an icon. so though it's unclear when. >> brady:'s funeral will be, family and friends have been talking about doing it big.
5:56 pm
and you know the right thing? smile when you hear the music. >> an example, yes? >> i hope he does get residuals. >> we're going be talking about someone this is a grandma and this is her last wish but it's not what you think. she is healthy and going strong. but i got to tell you about her last wish in a in my opinion nut. she has got to be one of the fies fiestiest 80-year-olds i know. look at her. >> you and your 80-year-old dimples just reached -- >> i may be an old lady, but i'm not shady. >> yo, we got a birthday in the house. >> what's up? she's on twitter.
5:57 pm
she wanted 80,000 twitter followers. >> now i get the whole name thing. >> that's her. >> cute. we look forward to that. thanks so much, don. see you in a few minutes. all right. that's going to do it for me. much more in the newsroom with my colleague right here. have a good week. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
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