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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 21, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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got to get to the "cnn newsroom." >> good morning. i'm carol costello. stories right now in the newsroom. clashes in chicago. police in riot gear trying to push back thousands of protesters racing to stop domestic terrorists. three violent plots to use guns and explosives have been uncovered and president obama addresses nato in one hour. time for damage control. newark mayor corey booker defends bain capital and calls the negative tone of president obama's campaign nauseating. then hours later, youtube video pops up with booker explaining. he gave us the soundtrack to the '70s. ♪ >> remembering bee gees cofounder robin gibb who passed away after a long battle with cancer. we have the amazing pictures of that solar eclipse.
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♪ but we begin in chicago. riot police are bracing for more of this. demonstrators say the havoc they unleashed this weekend is only the beginning and vowing more chaos today outside the summit of the military appliance. president obama is there rallying support for the nation's planned exit from afghanistan. the president due to speak at the top of the next hour. the same time occupy protesters plan to launch their next round of demonstrations. chicago police say they are ready. cnn's ted rowlands was in the middle of the weekend chaos and he is gearing up for today's chaos as well. hi, ted. >> reporter: good morning, carol. they were at it until after midnight overnight. more than 40 arrests for protesters and several injuries as well. some protesters were injured. some police officers were
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injured according to the chicago police department. four officers were injured. one of them apparently stabbed in the leg. the video from yesterday is jarring. you can see the officers in riot gear using their batons and using their 50s at times but the police superintendent here gary mccarthy defends his officers and he says if you're going to point fingers you should be pointing them at the protesters. >> these officers were highly trained, highly skilled, and if you think it's easy to ask people to do what they did, it's not. asking people to put themselves in harm's way, knowing that they are going to get assaulted and be able to stand there and take it, these guys were amazing. >> reporter: the superintendent, obviously, very emotional there. that was last night after that melee took place about two blocks away from where the nato
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leaders are gathering this morning. this morning, we are expecting another round of protests to start up at the boeing corporation a few blocks from where we are now in downtown. that is scheduled to start later this hour. protesters say they want to, quote, shut down boeing. as a side note, boeing has told their employees, obviously, to stay home today. >> a lot of groups are protesting in chicago. is occupy chicago to blame for the violence? what group specifically is responsible for this kind of stuff? >> reporter: well, it's difficult to say this group is responsible for it. i think it's individuals are responsible for it because people that are representing different groups are the ones that are staying behind after police are giving the order to vacate. so people, i think, are acting on their own some and some are frustrated because they haven't been able to get close to the nato leaders and others are here to cause problem.
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>> ted rowlands, thank you. we will get back to you. emotions running high in a new jersey courtroom where a former rutgers university student faces sentencing in the death of his roommate. cyberspying and bullying. tyler clementi killed himself after his roommate spied on his sexual encounter with another man. this morning, we could healer from the families of both men. our jason carroll is following the case and outside of the courtroom. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. the proceeding now is just now getting under way behind me. a little while earlier we saw robi arrive at the courthouse with his parent at his side. he is inside with support he's with hm as well and we saw tyler clementi's parents show up at the courtroom and also tyler's brothers are both here. before they entered the courtroom, i had a brief moment to speak with one of his
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brothers. i asked him how the family was doing. he said just fine. we are expecting to hear from both of tyler clementi's parents and at least one of his brothers during the sentencing. they will be reading what are called impact statements. we are hearing that those statements are expected to be very emotional. a lot of emotion on both sides of this particular issue. you know ravi faces at maximum ten years in pretty much, but there is some leeway in terms of how the judge can issue sentencing here. he could be looking at a minimum of five years probation and a number ravi supporters say that he should not be sentenced to jail time. he is appealing the jury's decision and a lot of folks on his side of the camp hoping he is not facing jail time when the day ends today. as for clementi's parents, they say in the very beginning here is what is interesting, carol. they did not want a harsh sentence for ravi but feel as though the end, they had no choice.
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they say he turned down a potential plea bargain which would have avoided jail time for ravi and they say throughout the whole process, he has showed no sign of any remorse. they say he has not even at any point apologized or accepted any responsibility for what happened to their son. before the trial got under way, i had an opportunity to speak to tyler clementi's parents and i spoke to them about what they were hoping for in terms of justice for their son. >> what we want is justice. we want accountability. and i have faith in the court system and the state of new jersey to get that justice. >> i think that we will see justice and if we don't see it here and now, we will ultimately see that justice. >> reporter: carol, once again, the proceeding now under way. scheduled to get under way at 9:00. it's expected to take several hours. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live
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from for us from new jersey. jurors return in the corruption trial of john edwards. they had the weekend off after beginning deliberations on friday. edwards is accused illegally funneling campaign money to his mess electricit mistress. >> the obama campaign has kicked off the new workweek with a new ad and rakes romney's career at bain capital over the coals. it has an office supply plant closing down at the end of 1994. listen. >> took our benefits. we didn't have any more retirement. in bain, mitt romney, they did not care about us as workers. they were looking at the mighty dollar. >> romney's campaign has defended his record at the private equity firm as an example of capitalism. newark's new jersey mayor said ads like that turned his stomach and his comment turned a few
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heads. corey booker, a democrat, is backing off what he told nbc's "meet the press." >> if you look at the totality of bain capital' record they have done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses and this to me i'm very uncomfortable. >> and, of course, he issued that youtube video later kind of clarifying his remarks saying that bain capital was fair game. of course, booker is a democrat and big obama supporter and as i said, not long after that interview, he said it's okay to make romney's business record an issue. here is the youtube clip. >> i believe that mitt romney, in many ways, is not being completely honest with his role and his record even while a businessperson and shaping to serve his political interests and not necessarily -- including not necessarily including all of the facts of his time there. >> booker says his earlier
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remarks were meant to express his frustration of negative campaigning in general. we will talk about booker's big backtrack. what was it? we will talk about that in 25 terrorists after cleveland members were busted for an alleged bomb plot. our extremist, are they harming the occupy movement or are they a part of it? we will talk about that next. now's the time to move from to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning.
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♪ all is calm in chicago right now but chicago police are bracing for more protests. protests that could become violent. in fact, protesters say they are planning a big march in 45 minutes. we will keep you posted there. there were arrests over the weekend. three men were arrested for traveling to chicago to domestic terrorism during the nato summit. these are the three men who were arrested. they call themselves anarchists.
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they had an initial court appearance on sunday. remember just two weeks ago, members of the occupy cleveland movement were also arrested? they were charged in a plot to blow up a bridge so people are wondering this morning if these two groups are connected. are they connected to the occupy movement itself? mark brace is a political organizers and spokesperson for occupy movement. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> good you're here. let's talk about the people arrested in chicago. police called them anarchist whos wanted to bomb the obama headquarters in chicago. they had molotov cocktails ready to go. are they part of the occupy movement? >> we have been clear from the first day that occupy is a nonviolent movement that our protest tactics have nonviolence and premised upon the values of
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n nonviolence. whether they have been a part of certain groups or not, i can't say. it's important to keep in mind the authorities have been known for using tactics of entrapment, that have been times they provided the materials for people and led them down this direction. that's important to be kept in mind before we know all of the details. >> mark, there is a group that play in these type of protests. they are called black block. a group of anarchists who taunt police into violence and you see them in the crowds. they have their faces covered with black bandanas so police can't identify them. is that part of the occupy movement? >> well, there's all sorts of people that are part of the occupy movement from right wing libertarians to socialists and liberals and a wide variety. it's important to keep in mind we are living in a context here where our civil liberties are restricted farther and farther and we have measures line the hr 347 reducing the latitude we have to protest. so it's not a surprise then that when we see these protests that
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police are beating people over their heads and people feel like they have to mass their identity to be covered by surveillance. nonetheless we are a nonviolent movement and we are anarchists that are part of the movement. i think it's mislead to go characterize it as simply being violent. >> part of black block -- part of their strategy is to taunt police into violence. they were chanting at one point during the protests in chicago, you know, "kill the police." >> well,, you know, certainly the occupy movement is not about killing people. it's nato the ones that are killing people. we are not the ones with unmanned predator drones dropping bombs in afghanistan and pakistan. i think it's important we realize there is a reason the media is focusing upon a few scuffles with the police instead of larger systems of economic violence and injustice. this system is organized crime and we are all the victims on a
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global level so i think that needs to be kept in context in terms of concussion about, quote/unquote, violence at police. if you look at the videos -- >> there was police officer stabbed in the leg. just to be fair, i mean, do people within the occupy movement think that these black block, for example, should be part of the conversation? doesn't that kind of muddy the waters where your message is concerned? >> well, we are very clear about nonviolent tactics and if people violate though and engage in something that is violence they are outside of that. there is so much larger violence at a structural level we are ignoring by only focusing on a couple of issues. if all this protests boil down to a couple of incidents with riot police we are missing the larger questions, why hundreds of children displaced each day in afghanistan and billions of dollars into war in iraq and afghanistan and make us more
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endaenged that servicemen and women have lost their lives and the questions i think need to be put at the forefront. we are a nonviolent movement but in context of what is going on around the world to use violence to describe both of these actions i think is a gross injust. >> mark gray, thank you for being here. >> thank you. the only person convicted in the bombing of pan am 103 over lockerbie, scotland, will be buried took today in libya. the terrorist responsible for that died over the weekend. he was 60. the bombing back in 1988 killed 270 people. megrahi was sent to a pretty much in scotland but released three years ago thinking terminal cancer would claim him soon. he managed to hang on until yesterday. cnn international accordance nic robertson managed to find megrahi in libya last year as the gadhafi regime was collapsing.
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>> reporter: it seems megrahi may be dying with some of his secrets. he said he would always prove his innocence before his death and he hasn't done that. there were many questions that remain did he pass over to his family any of those details that he wanted to use in his defense some some of the former regime members like gadhafi sons safe or his former intelligence that is captured and in detention right now, could they have further clues about the lockerbie bombing? perhaps significantly yesterday from the first minister of scotland, he said that the investigation into megrahi's role in the lockerbie bombing was still a live investigation. the scottish government believes that there are unanswered questions still there, carol. >> questions that probably will never be answered because, you know, this guy's release is still controversial but he is dead now. does that mean it's pretty much over? >> reporter: it seems unlikely
9:19 am
that there is going to be enough momentum to really bring about a full scale inquiry but there are people who have information. saif gaga daffy -- gadhafi is u. they were just beginning to do business with him and they seal the international community turned on him and put this man in open court and no limit what allegations he may bring forth or his views of the truth of the lockerbie bombing perhaps. these could be potentially embarrassing for some governments, some former politicians perhaps. we don't know. but the information may yet come out. >> nic robertson reporting live for us, thank. the president will visit joplin high school destroyed by a tornado last year. what he will be doing there next.
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president obama will mark the one-year anniversary of the devastating joplin tornado by giving the commencement address at joplin high school that is one of 7,500 buildings destroyed by the tornado.
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cnn's jim spelman paid some of the students a visit to find out what the last year has been like. >> reporter: when the tornado struck, rachel berryhill and her family took shelter in their bathroom. >> we shut the door and then we were just holding on to each other and our eyes were closed and we were all praying. >> reporter: they weren't hurt but emerged from their destroyed house to a scene like this. when did it hit you that your life wasn't going to be the same? >> i think once i found out that the high school was destroyed. >> reporter: joplin high school was reduced to are you able and classes in the district were canceled for the remainder of the year. administrators needed to find a temporary facility fast. and they did. at a local shopping mall. it just a few months, they took over a vacant end of north park mall and turned it into the temporary joplin high school. the students needed to learn and they also needed to be together. >> it's really important. like we get support from each other and from our teachers and it just hels ps us grow stronge
9:24 am
and stronger. >> reporter: it's easy to forgot all that the students have been through. do people talk about it much any more? >> no, not like they used it to. things -- storms, oh, my gosh, i'm really scared. >> reporter: if another storm is hit the school has installed these shelters. each student is assigned to a shelter. they come with few flargeshligh. the students will be out of the school and into their shelter in a matter of minutes. seeing things teenagers shouldn't have to see. >> it was hard. i went long time not being able to sleep and i got up to take medicine to force myself to sleep because like for the longest time, i had nightmares. >> reporter: counselors her students and he says just being together with his friends for
9:25 am
their senior year has made the difference. >> everyone going through the same thing so like you just talk about it and hear each other's stories. you know you're not alone. >> reporter: the mall school will remain in place two more years as a permanent school is built on the site of the old joplin high school. there must have been times where it was really difficult just to get through the next day. >> yeah. it was definitely stressful and it's so much harder than like how my life was. like it's changed a lot and it's still different, but i know it's going to be better. >> reporter: jim spelman, cnn, joplin, missouri. facebook investors are not liking the social media website stock so far and it's down in premarket trading this morning. what caused the technical issues on nasdaq that caused facebook's ipo to be delayed. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec®
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just about 30 minutes past the hour. facebook fiasco. the nasdaq has had some problems. it had problems on friday. processing facebook shares. trading was delayed for about 30 minutes. and some analysts say the nasdaq botched the biggest tech ipo in history. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. so any plans in place to fix it? >> reporter: yes. they are. they are sort of going back and try to find out what went wrong and trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. but as they look back, nasdaq ceo had a conference call yesterday and summed it up pretty well. he said it was not our finest hour. in fact, several reports saying that he said he was embarrassed about how things went down on friday when facebook made its public debut. now what happened was facebook was supposed to start trading at 11:00 a.m. and didn't start
9:30 am
until 11:30. part of the reason it was delayed some investors didn't know if their orders went through. what that did it created this domino effect and spooked investors and caused cancellations. nasdaq is blaming technical problems. you know, you look at some investors when tried to cancel their orders before the open and what it did was screw up the system. remember, the nasdaq is all electronics. all of this clogged the system. either way you look at it doesn't make the nasdaq look good at this point. >> no. no, it doesn't. actually, some say as a result of that, facebook's ipo was a disappointment. but what are you expecting today? >> reporter: okay. so here is the thing. you look at facebook shares right now. they are tumbling like a rock. they are down 7% as the bell just rang. you have to remember it's offering price was $38. facebook shares are falling below that offering price. now friday, clearly, it didn't live up to the hype.
9:31 am
you know, facebook rose just 23 cents. what morgan stanley had to do was go in there and profit up and keep on buying up shares. so if you were an investor looking to flip and make a profit, it was a big disappointment. but the ipo was a success for facebook, carol, because it raised $16 billion on friday and for facebook, it was a success. >> alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. stories we are watching right now in the newsroom. occupy protesters plan to take to the streets again today in chicago. mostly peaceful demonstration against the nato summit turned violent yesterday when protesters fought with police. dozens were injured. dozens more detained. president obama is expected to address nato in 30 minutes. a sentencing hearing under way in the death of tyler clementi, a rutgers student who committed suicide. these are live pictures from inside the courtroom. ravi could face ten years in prison and be deported to his native india for spying on his
9:32 am
room nate's sexual encounter with another man. more shaking in northern italy. a strong after-shock followed yesterday's 6.0 earthquake that killed seven people. workers now digging through the rubble and searching for survivors. some 11,000 people are out of their homes. many sleeping in cars or tents. it started out so refreshing. simply because you don't often here a politician to nonpartisanly critical. it didn't last long. on nbc's "meet the press" cory booker, newark's mayor urged both sides to cut out the sniping and criticizing obama's ad. hours later, booker released a youtube video clarifying his remarks. but there was another part of his mea culpa that intrigued us. >> ultimately my hope is this election will infer not be about the small things and not about
9:33 am
the divisiveness and not about denigrating and not about painting with a broad brush but about unifying our country around ideas. >> see? it's a call to action. let's discuss this. cnn contributor maria leans left and will cain leans right. welcome to both of you. >> thanks. good morning. >> good morning! so mayor booker asked voters to denounce negative campaigning but he couldn't quite bring himself to do it. why didn't he just stand up for what he said originally? maria? >> i actually think he did do that. he was very clear in his clarification about how the negative campaigning he thinks is going to hurt not just this campaign, but our american political system. he was very clear about that. i think what he also said in his clarification is that he can't really equate or he realized you can't really equate a smear campaign using jeremiah wright with a campaign where you are actually putting on trial what
9:34 am
romney himself uses as the reason why he believes he would be a better store to the economy and that is his record at bain capital. so cory booker, i think, has earned from all of us to be able to take him at his word and that so i'm going to take him at his word in terms of his clarification and in terms of his denigrating the negative campaign. >> booker didn't backtrack, will? >> oh, no. he did backtrack 100%. here is what is so commendable about what booker did on sunday on "meet the press." i think he was saying something substantive very important that was impressive to me that he was saying, attacking private equity is wrong on the merits. you shouldn't be doing that and that is what is impressed about cory booker. he understands both capitalism and the players within capitalism. where he goes wrong he says it's a small thing and not bickering
9:35 am
over the small things. that is a battle to be fought and i'm disappointed now the day after, actually later that day, he puts out a video where he suggests he might not be on the side of the issue that he originally suggested. so, yeah, that's a big backtrack. >> you're a former democratic strategist. did someone like call cory booker and say, look, listen! what happened? >> well, i don't know. i don't have access to cory booker's personal phone calls but i can tell you this, people actually do think about what they say on the air. i'm sure it's happened to will and it happens to me all the time. oh, my god, what did i say and how can that be looked at? when i really meant was and i seriously think that is what happened to cory booker. in his clarification, he talks about what he was looking at when he talked about bain. the fact of the matter is that and will i know will disagree with me here. the obama campaign is not basically denigrating private equity. what they are doing, though, is that they are taking to trial
9:36 am
and taking to task what mitt romney says is his number one reason for being the best -- of the economy his record at bain and basically saying, look, you can't say that your number one priority at bain was taking care of the american worker which is what your job is as president. because his record at bain included closing factories and companies and shipping jobs overseas, and making sure that american workers were actually out of a job, out of health care and out of their pensions. so that is the record. >> there is a new ad that came out from the obama campaign saying exactly that this morning. but i wanted to get back to this sentiment that cory booker expressed where he said the american voter should denounce negative campaigning. so i was wondering how exactly would the american voter denounce negative campaigning? isn't that up to the politicians? i mean, we have to listen to it, don't we? >> like most things in a merit
9:37 am
based society you don't reward it. if you don't like negative campaigning you don't reward it with your vote. >> they are both doing it! >> there you go. that leads to the question do we care about negative campaigning? >> not this again. >> yeah. i sort of agree with will on this. and to your point, carol, what we have seen is actually a lack of voter participation. the last 20 years it has hovered between 50 and 55% of voter participation and i think part of that is this disgust with both sides in terms of negative campaigning as well as a lot of other issues. >> i got to rebut one thing. won't take long. mae roo a let me tell you this. they mate not be denigrating private but showing a fundamental la lack of understanding of private equity. job losses is part of what is a machine that produces net job growth over time. >> that's fine but don't headache that the reason why you would be the best american president because that wasn't your job is to look out for the american worker. >> we have to leave it there.
9:38 am
thank you both so much. >> thank you. she was a big winner at the billboard awards but british sing adele wasn't there to accept any of her trophies. we will find out where she was. a.j. hammer has the scoop.
9:39 am
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i'm sure you've heard we have lost another '70s singer. robin gibbb passed away from colon cancer. ladies head to a.j. hammer for more. >> rob gibb was one of the three that made up the bee gees. he died on sunday. they grew up in england and grew up in australia and worldwide sensations in the 19 seventh. their career singing started in the '60s but really the sound track for the movie "saturday
9:42 am
night fever" in 1977 that made them worldwide superstars and that fever sound track and the group's 1979 album "spirits having flown" sent six songs in a row to number one and made the bee gees the only group in pop history to write, produce, and record that many top charting singles. they were inducted into the rock hall of fame in 1977. their sound track album "saturday night fever" was the top selling album of all time until a little album by michael jackson's "thriller" claimed that in the 1990s. >> let's talk about something happier now. adele won a whole lot of awards at the billboard show but was he she wasn't there but a good reason for that? >> she scored 12 awards including some of the biggest. the top artist and top female artist and top album. lmfao was there however.
9:43 am
they not only kicked off the show with a huge performance but they took up six awards. but while current winners were being celebrated at the billboard awards the show was taking time as you expected to honor robin gibb and donna summer who passed away last week. and whitney houston and one of the beastie boys. when you look at what we have lost in the misk world the last several months i don't recall a tougher time of so many huge losses. >> a.j. hammer, thanks. he is back next hour with kristen wiig's good-bye to "saturday night live" religi "saturday night live." [ female announcer ] the best way to predict the future...
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46 minutes past the hour. french prosecutors say they are opening a preliminary inquiry into gang rape allegations against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. the allegations stem from statements made by two women it called escort girls after an incident in washington, d.c. two years ago. now this is the latest in a string of sexual allegations against strauss-kahn. atika shubert is following the latest in london. tell us more. >> reporter: what we know is part of the ongoing
9:47 am
investigation that is known in france as the carlton affair and basically it involves these allegations that there was a prostitution ring being operated and that is -- and -- two of these women were brought to washington, d.c. and this is where this allegation of gang rape comes from. it's supposed to to have taken place in d.c. two women are allegedly involved. now, we don't have any information at this point for the prosecutor other than the fact that an investigation has been opened and the women themselves have made no public statements except for that br f brief -- that brief news you saw from that one newspaper. what we do have is a statement from dominique strauss-kahn lawyers saying the investigation will establish that dominique strauss-kahn has never committed acts of violence or had any relationship whatsoever without the skernt of hconsent of his p. we will see where the investigation impose from here. >> i know we don't have many details but the two women were
9:48 am
taken from where and taken to d.c.? what we know from that media report is they appear to be women from belgium which is a short distance away from lial which is where this prostitution ring is alleged to have been operating. then then were flown to washington, d.c. where dominique strauss-kahn was the head of the imf. we don't know those -- many of those details yet because the prosecution is still investigating this case but this appears to be what the leads that they are following. >> so these two women are flown from belgium specifically for allegedly dominique strauss-kahn? >> reporter: well, this is the part that is unclear. remember, when these allegations first came about a few months ago, his lawyer specifically said they had a very interesting response. they said they didn't deny that he engaged in sex parties at specific hotels but they said that he did not know that the women there were prostitutes. and that has been their line of defense so far.
9:49 am
now, we will have to see whether or not that changes as these new developments keep coming forward. it's an ongoing investigation so i suspect that more and more of these details will keep coming out in the months to come. >> atika shubert, reporting live from london for us. it's not hurricane season and we have a storm churning in the atlanta. we will introduce you to alberto. now you can apply sunblock to your kids' wet skin. neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community.
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captivating, dazzling,
9:52 am
amazing. i'm talking about the ring of fire, solar eclipse that wowed crowds from china to texas. many held viewing parties. that's so awesome. this is the first eclipse of this type since 1994 and if you didn't catch it last night because you western in the right geographic area you'll have another chance but it won't be until 2023. just saying, mark your calendar now. speak being of rare events it's not even hurricane season and we have our first named atlantic storm the year. tropical storm alberto is hovering off the coast of georgia and south carolina. for meteorologist, rob marciano, it sounds exciting but it's not. >> but it's rare to have one this early in the season. it's not the season yet. this is the second un. the eastern pacific season which starts on may 15th we had a storm for that one two days earlier. first time in our history we've seen the eastern pacific basin and atlantic basin have storms
9:53 am
before the season starts. by the way, that means month thing for the rest of the hurricane season. it doesn't mean it will be that much more worse. here's the center of this thing. doesn't that look mean. isn't that impressive? doesn't have a lot network with here. the gulfstream goes in this direction and water temperatures here are about 79 degrees. that's not enough to do any sort of interesting things as far as hurricanes go. it's having a hard time getting itself together. winds 459 miles per hour. drifting to the southeast at about 5 miles per hour. the forecast is for to it continue to, well meander around this area. full disclosure, our system is running some hiccups. this is plucked from the national hurricane website. here's the forecast track. keeps it offshore at tropical storm strength if not dissipating over the next few days. tropical storm alberto, got an early start back in 2006. we rotate the storms every six years. in '06 it formed in the first
9:54 am
week of hurricane season. so it has a reputation. >> we're following a lot of developments in the next hour of the cnn newsroom. still ahead we'll take you to chica chicago. also this morning a case that raises questions about privacy and cyber bullying. a former college student faces sentencing in his roommate's suicide. plus you probably know one of them, the rambler, the multitasker or perhaps the dominanter. if you ever felt trapped or people who hijack meetings some professional advice on how to rein them in.
9:55 am
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gingersnaps. soup can tower. 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at grocery stores. it pays to discover. ♪ time for sports. my favorite part of the broadcast. >> thank you. >> unfortunately we have to talk about lebron james, not my favorite basketball player, but i hear he did well. >> arguably the best. >> all right. >> yes. the big question with lebron is can he ever win a title? right? of course. he's in trouble again in this post-season downed the indiana pacers two games to one in the best of their seven series. time for the heat to come back. did lebron ignite it. look at lebron and dwayne wade going in the second half. they feed the dunk and return the favor. there's wade for the three. the heat huge second half. in fact, lebron and wade
9:58 am
outscored the pacers by themselves in the second half. they went 101-93. the series is tied at two games apiece. san antonio spurs looking unbeatable. danny green hits this three from the corner. that ties the game with the clippers at 92. tony parker puts the spurs on top for good. they beat the clippers 102-99, sweep the series, advance to the western finals. the spurs have won 18 straight going back to the regular season. can anyone stop them? to baseball. the dodgers called up slyke and last night the younger van slyke goes deep. his first major league home run. andy's son -- andy played 13 seasons in the major. he was at dodger season last night. look at the team going nuts for him. >> so nice. >> we're celebrating. president obama and some other world leaders got together this
9:59 am
weekend, first obama showing off his form throwing the football. that's at soldiers field last night. the technique is not great. but tebow doesn't have great technique. and then he watched the soccer finals. david cameron is excited because chelsea beat munich . german chancellor angela merkel, not so excited. look at the friendly hug afterwards. >> so nice. they are real people. >> once in a while. >> who was president obama throwing that ball to? >> that's a great question. he's got to work on the form just a little bit but, again, i know he has other priorities. >> he does. he is a good basketball player. >> that's right. >> jeff, thank you. the next hour of cnn newsroom begins right now. good morning to you i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now clashes in chicago. police in riot gear trying to
10:00 am
push back protesters, racing to stop domestic terrorists. president obama addresses nato. just about now. time for damage control. newark mayor cory booker defends bain capital and calls the negative tone of president nau. he's a democrat. hour later a youtube video pops up. remembering bee gees co-founder robin gibb who passed away after a long battle with cancer. blazing ring of fire. in case you couldn't see it where you live we got the amazing pictures of the solar eclipse. we begin this hour with president obama because at any moment we're expecting to hear from the president. he's in chicago at the nato summit. this hour he'll lay out the u.s.
10:01 am
exit strategy in afghanistan and the president says he expects the military alliance to sign off on the plan. in the meantime the summit itself has been largely overshadowed by all of this. demonstrators say the chaos they unleashed this weekend is only the beginning. they are vowing more today. in fact occupy protesters are launching their next round of demonstrations right now. what are they doing this morning, ted? >> reporter: carol they are going boeing headquarters here in chicago a few blocks from where we are in down. their strategy is to close boeing for the day. they are surrounding the building. boeing, of course, knowing this was happening has told their employees to stay home. over the weekend as you mentioned, specifically yesterday, some violent protests going on near the nato summit meeting spot, about two and a
10:02 am
half, three blocks away where protesters clashed with police in riot gear. many were hurt. about 40 some arrests. some of the injuries were to police officers. four injured officers including one that was stabbed in the leg. take a listen to the police, the top cop here in chicago, the police superintendent as he talks about criticism after viewing that video. he says if you're going criticize anybody, criticize those protesters. >> these officers were highly trained, highly skilled and if you think it's easy to ask people -- to do what they did, it's not. asking people to put themselves in harm's way knowing that they are going to get assaulted and be able to tanned there and take it, these guys are amazing. >> reporter: as you mentioned the chicago bracing for one more day of potential protests after
10:03 am
the boeing protests are over the question will be will these people splintered out throughout the city as they have done in days prior on friday and saturday and sunday, that's what they are worried about today. a lot of businesses here in chicago telling their employees to just stay home today. carol. >> also happening right now in new jersey, emotions running high there in a courtroom where a former rutgers university student faces sentencing in the death of his roommate. these are live pictures from inside the courtroom. you know, this is a case that stirred a national discussion on privacy, cyber spying and bullying. tyler clementi killed himself after dharun ravi secretly used a webcam to spy on a sexual encounter with another man. this morning we could hear from the families of both men. right now jurors are back to work too in the corruption trial of former democratic presidential candidate john edwards. they had the weekend off after beginning deliberations on friday. edwards is accused of illegally
10:04 am
funneling campaign money to his mistress. he could face up to 30 years in prison. facebook shares. they are tanking this morning. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. how bad is it? >> pretty bad shares. they are down 12%. pretty much holding steady around $33.43. clearly facebook shares are falling below that offering price we were talking about, that ipo price was at $38 a share. clearly it is not holding up to that. how is that ipo price set? it was set by a group of banks based on how much interest there was from investors and there was strong demand. on friday it didn't live up to the hype. facebook shares rose only 23%. i just talked with a trader and he said what's happening right now after this whole weekend of all this negative news of facebook that it was overhyped and overvalued all of that is
10:05 am
now coming to fruition in the trade that now investors are taking another look and saying you know what? maybe facebook doesn't have the best business model. i'm getting out. what you're seeing a lot of shares trading hands. 75 million shares trading hands and we're only in the first half hour of trading. >> i was just going to ask you to make an educated guess on how low it could go. >> you know that's anyone's guess. it's holding steady. it sounds bad ice plunging 12%. it's not going below that $33 mark. what happened on friday you have to remember, it was kind of artificially propped up by the unwriter, by morgan stanley. it wanted to keep facebook from going below $38. guess what? morgan stanley is not coming to the rescue and that's one of the reasons why you're seeing shares drop the way they are. >> okay. keep an write on it for us. barry gibb is the only
10:06 am
surviving bee gee. his brother robin passed away after a long battle with cancer. coming up we'll take a look at his remarkable career that helped define but wasn't limited to an era. throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day women's 50+ healthy advantage. why? i thought jill was your soul mate. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night. whatever helps you understand man. i'm watching you. oh yeah?
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10:09 am
we're talking more about the death of robin gibb this morning. he and his brothers the bee gees helped define the '70s. ♪ >> john travolta might have been the star of "saturday night fever," the movie but the sound track made legends of the bee gees. they were huge. of course robin was famous long before disko and a successful singer an composer until his death. ♪ >> reporter: as recently as april 10th an audience was listening to a concert of new music composed by robin gibb. it was a collaboration between robin and his son robin john. written to mark the cetennial of the sinking of the "titanic".
10:10 am
fans know his contribution to pop music. with record sales of over 200 million including 60 hit singles and several grammies the bee gees remains one of the most successful pop bands in history. robin gibb first scored chart success in australia before the family returned to their british homeland and reached for much bigger audiences. ♪ the band made a change in direction during the 1970s with the dance music exploded, the bee gees music provided the sound track for "saturday night fever". the film made worldwide superstars of actor john travolta and the bee gees. it provided iconic tracks including "staying alive,"
10:11 am
"night fever." >> the bee gees became the big guest group in the world. they paid a price. they got tagged as a disko group and suddenly, you know, once that wave had receded, you know, the white suits and the puffed up hair and the funny stage moves didn't, weren't so entertaining for people. >> reporter: although their popularity faded in the decades that followed their songs were covered by artists. their musical contributions were recognized by induction into the rock and roll hall of fame alongside as abba. what we were doing like abba and why our songs are still on the radio is because of melody, harmonies and human relationships and that reaches out to a lot of young people and human emotions never go out of fashion. they are always appealing. >> reporter: the band was brought to an end by the death of cancer of robin's brother morris in 2013.
10:12 am
but robin continued his passion for music, culminating in the "titanic" requeim. >> this is not about how complicated music is. it's about how simple and relative to the human spirit. >> reporter: while the suite had a premier, robin gibb was in a hospital battling pneumonia. he slipped into a coma where family and friends maintained a bedside vigil. barry gibb is the last surviving member of the bee gees. their youngest brother andy gibb died of heart failure in 1988. 030 minutes past the hour. lockerbie bomber, abdelbaset ali mohmet al megrahi will be laid to rest today. he died yesterday after fighting
10:13 am
pros sta prostate cancer. he's the only person convicted of the bombing of pan am flight 103. some families expressed relief about his death, others anger. >> he died in libya comfortably with his family around him and my daughter, 20 years old with everything to live for died a brutal horrible death. >> he was involved, he put the bomb on the plane but somebody made the bomb, somebody told him to do it so he paid for the whole thing. >> abdelbaset ali mohmet al megrahi was released from a scottish prison on compassionate grounds. prison officials in mississippi have taken over a riot at the correctional facility. they now say employees are safe. one guard was killed in the disturbance. 19 people including three inmates were injured. more shaking in northern
10:14 am
italy today a strong after shock followed yesterday's 6.0 earthquake that killed seven people. workers are digging through the rubble searching for survivors. some 11,000 people are out of their homes. many sleeping in cars or tents. the bleeding gets worse at jpmorgan chase. the bank first reported losses of $2 billion but now those loss could add up to $7 billion. more on what we're learning just ahead. typhoon! first prize! it's a cheese grater. wooooo... this isn't scary. are you kidding me? look at that picture of your mom's hair from the '80s. there's an easier way to save. wooohooo... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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10:17 am
a quick check on what's happening in chicago, illinois. the nato summit is going on right now. you see president obama is chatting with the secretary of state hillary clinton right now. he soon will make remarks to the nato summit on afghanistan. and the exit strategy supposedly nato has signed on to the agreement between the united states and the president for getting most of our troops out of afghanistan by the year 2014. when the president begins speaking -- oh, he's walking to the podium and still shaking hands. when he starts speaking we'll head back to chicago. let's talk about this. captivate, dazzling, amazing, i'm talking about the ring of fire, solar eclipse that wowed
10:18 am
crowds from china to texas. many held viewing parties. rob marciano is here to explain why we all couldn't see it. >> just one more party that i wasn't invited to. you had to go somewhere to see it. if you lived in west texas or anywhere in the western part of the u.s. you got a glimpse of it. it was certainly special. reason being is remember when we had this big super moon a couple of weeks ago because it was so big and so close. the opposite occurred when it went on the other side of the earth. it was further away. not all of the sun was blocked out as during a total solar eclipse. ring of fire where 93% of the sun is blocked out. it's an eerie thing. the next time we'll see an eclipse in north america won't be for another 10, 11 years, 2023. a total eclipse where the whole
10:19 am
thing is blocked out for several minutes is coming to north america in 2017. so that party we're invited to. you just moved back to atlanta you have to stay here because it will be visible across the southeast in 2017. >> i'm putting it on mika len car. >> stand by all year because i can't remember the particular day. >> thank you, rob. thanks for sharing the pictures. now on to a new era in the nation's space program. this is the first private spacecraft headed to the international space station. >> two, one, zero. and liftoff. we've had a cutoff. >> yeah. it never got off the ground. the launch was scrubbed a half second before liftoff. we go to washington. they will try again, right? >> reporter: they are going to try again very early tomorrow morning. and what happened, carol, you saw that announcer, you heard
10:20 am
that announcer sound a little bit confused. they got to the end of the countdown sequence and they had a reading that showed too much pressure in one of the engines. there are nine engines. this is a very complicated thing. and one valve essentially said we have too much pressure and the computer went into automated shutdown mode. when you think about that is a good thing. it's designed to do this. they don't want to lift off with something going wrong with too much pressure in one of the engines or as they traced it back a faulty valve in one of the fine engines that's supposed to power dragon that's the name of that capsule up to the international space station with lot was stuff in it, cargo supplies and all sort of stuff like that. >> it will go to the international space station. and that's just going to be their new business, nasa is out of that business right now. >> reporter: nasa is out of that business. you talked about in the introthe private space flight business.
10:21 am
this is a big shift for nasa. we saw the end of the shuttle program and what's going on is this idea that a private company in this case spacex and it's run by elthe ceo of testa motors. so it's a big ship but this unscores the trial and error nature of how this stuff works. you got to try, try, and try again and sometimes you have very dramatic liftoff shutdowns that happen just before liftoff is supposed to commence like we saw over the weekend and they are going to try again very, very early tomorrow morning. >> okay. i'm a little distracted right now because i'm watching what's happening in chicago. the president is about to speak before the nato summit. let's check back in chicago. you see the secretary-general
10:22 am
there preparing for obama's remarks and you same karzai the president of afghanistan sitting beside him. the president is expected to talk about afghanistan and the exit strategy for u.s. troops and, of course, many other countries as well as nato is involved in that so when we come back hopefully the president will be speaking about afghanistan. if he is we'll bring those comments to you live. the mayor of newark, new jersey is back tracking. we're asking our political buzz panel what's up with that? that's coming up. pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria. neosporin® plus pain relief. for a two dollar coupon, visit
10:23 am
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10:25 am
nato allies and partners that make up the international security assistance force in afghanistan. i want to welcome the presence of president karzai as well as officials from central asia and russia. nations that have an important perspective and continue to provide critical transit for supplies. the presence of so many leaders and nations illustrates once again this is truly an international mission and that's because the region and the world have a profound interest in an afghanistan that is stable, that is secure, and that is not a source of attacks on other nations and today as always our thoughts are with our brave forces who are serving in this vital mission. two years ago in lisbon, our nations agreed on a framework for transition in afghanistan
10:26 am
that would allow us to responsibly wind down the war. we agreed that this transition to afghan lead force security would begin in 2011 and that it would conclude in 2014. at the same time we said that we would seek a long term partnership with afghanistan. and the afghan people. over the past two years we've made important progress. our forces broke the taliban's momentum, more afghans are reclaiming their communities, afghan security forces have grown stronger, and the transition that we agreed to in lisbon is well under way. this past week we saw more progress. we very much welcome president karzai's announcement of the third group of areas to begin transition. this means that 75% of the afghan people live in areas where afghan forces will be
10:27 am
moving into the lead. today we'll decide the next phase of the transition, the next milestone. we'll set a goal for afghan forces to take the lead for combat operations across the country in 2013. next year. so that isaf can move to a supporting role. this will be another step towards afghans taking full lead for their security as agreed toby 2014 when the combat mission will end. today is also an opportunity to ensure our hard won progress is preserved. the strategic partnership agreement that president karzai and i signed in kabul ensures that as afghans stand up, they will not standalone. today we can agree on nato's long term relationship with afghanistan beyond 2014 including our support of afghan
10:28 am
security forces. so we have a lot of work to do. again i want to thank all of my fellow leaders and our partners for being here. our nations and the world have a vital interest in the success of this mission, and i am confident because of the leadership represented here as well as the leadership of our out standing armed forces, that we can advance that goal today and responsibly bring this war to an end. mr. secretary-general. >> thank you very much, mr. president. and now i would kindly ask the immediate where a to leave the room so that we can start our meeting. >> as you can see the secretary-general asking the media to leave the room so they can have a private conversation. you heard the president talk a little bit about the exit strategy from afghanistan. sounds right on schedule at least from an american perspective that most of our troops will be out of afghanistan by the year 2014.
10:29 am
we'll have much more on this throughout the day on cnn. wolf blitzer will sit down and interview the president of afghanistan at 4:00 eastern time. political buzz is your rapid fire. playing with us cnn contributor, one leaning to the left and one leaning to the right. happy monday to you both. it's monday. first question, newark's mayor cory booker's nausea cleared up quickly. first he criticized obama's campaign going after mitt romney's bain capital. then later he goes on youtube and says bain is fair game. >> mitt romney in many ways is not being completely honest with his role and his record even while a business person and shaping it to serve his political interest and not
10:30 am
necessarily including all the facts of his time there. >> okay. so why did mayor booker back track? maria? >> i don't think he back tracked on the criticism of negative campaigning. if you look at the video he still talks about how that is a deceptive part of american politics and why some people are turned off. what he did think twice about is the fact that mitt romney's record at bain is absolutely fair game because mitt romney is using it as a number one reason why he should be elected president because he'll be a better source for the economy when in fact his job at bain was not to create jobs, it was to make money and whether that meant shipping jobs overseas and closing factories so be it. >> come on you know why he back tracked, because he said what he really felt in the morning. then somebody called him and said mayor booker you got off message, what are you doing. they got him back on message promptly. in the morning he said he
10:31 am
believes in capitalism and private equity. in the afternoon they told him, cory, we're criticizing all of that. don't you know we don't believe that. they got him back on message. if he wants to have a political future in the democratic party. >> ouch. second question the naacp has endorsed same sex marriage as a civil right. a big shocker. the group says marriage equality is a continuation of its historic commitment to equal protection under the law. but the timing is certainly interesting. so why now, will? >> well, i mean because they followed president obama's lead. i'll give president obama credit on that. this is what a leader does. he takes position on an issue. certainly one that's not in the mainstream, it's moving in that direction. naacp followed. that's how it's supposed to work, right? a leader takes a position and those that follow will follow. president obama deserves credit for bringing the naacp on to the side of the issue that he believes is right. >> maria. >> i agree 100% with will.
10:32 am
look the naacp is a leadership organization. so they took their cue from president obama and now is the right time because this is clearly a difficult issue not just for african-americans but for a lot of americans still it is moving in the right direction in terms of acceptance and for the naacp to becoming at it now is going to show their leadership in hoping to move that debate where it needs be. >> okay. here's your buzzer beater. third question. according to the "the washington times" tcensus is under attack. house republicans voted to defund a major part of the census bureau. the question should census die? maria? >> no. absolutely not, carol. that's a ridiculous assertion by republicans. census actually has a very important job and that is to give us information about what this country looks like, businesses use it.
10:33 am
so i'm really surprised that republicans are using this because businesses actually need this in order to make their plans, in order to understand where they need to grow. so i think it's ridiculous and this country needs that information. >> will? >> the debate is not so much over census bureau whether it should exist but should it exist. when you talk about what kind of flushing mechanism your toilet has you wonder whether the constitution of the founders thought they meant when they said take a head count. there's a legitimate debate about what should be asked, how far it's crept. all that is legitimate. by the way we shouldn't worry about it. federal government knows everything they need to know about us and not through census bureau. >> i'm listening to you and i'm thinking man, people say more than that on facebook. thanks. >> mick jagger has so many moves he brought the cast of "saturday night live" to tears during a
10:34 am
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10:37 am
"saturday night live" season finale was emotional and it was a very funny last show for kristen wiig. let's get to "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer. i'm going miss her. i'll see her in other places. . >> of course. "saturday night live" was her home for a long time. one of the sweetest sendoffs i've seen as kristen wiig graduated. >> this one is for you. ♪ >> you have to believe she never in her life ever imagined being
10:38 am
serenaded by mick jagger and as you can see she's dancing with her co-stars. she's trying not to get too emotional. she finished her dance moves with the show's executive producer lorne michaels. "saturday night live" hasn't confirmed wiig is leaving the show. it seems obvious this was a big good-bye. two other snl main stays leaving the show. jason is getting emotional as wiig took their dance turn. moving on to greener pass tuesday. we'll see them somewhere. sad ending to the show and season. mick jagger, wow what a great job he did as the host. he's been a musical guest before. he did have a couple of great performances. he backed up first by arcade fire and then by the food fighters and gave wiig her big sendoff. it was pretty funny in some of the sketches. i want to show you one of them
10:39 am
now. ♪ >> that is perfect mick jagger face. >> i've never seen mick jagger make that face. he's falling asleep at the microphone. >> that is classicager. >> that's not, that's not classicager. >> so there you go. a great way to end the season. we're into summer rerun mode starting next weekend with "saturday night live". >> i loved it when mick jagger was impersonating tyler. want information breaking on the entertainment world. a.j. has it on tonight at 11:00 eastern on hln. lebron and d. wade help the heat even their playoff series while the spurs stay perfect in the post-season. sports next. [ pilot ] flying teaches me to prepare for turbulence.
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43 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories. lockerbie bomber, abdelbaset ali mohmet al megrahi will be laid to rest today. he died yesterday of prostate cancer. the former libyan intelligence officer is the only person convicted for the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103 that killed 270 people. some victim's families expressed relief others anger about his death. designee died in libya, comfortably with his family around him and my daughter, 20 years old with everything to live for died a brutal horrible death. >> he was involved, he put the bomb on the plane, but somebody made the bomb, somebody told him to do it so he paid for the whole thing. >> abdelbaset ali mohmet al megrahi was released from a scottish prison on compassionate
10:44 am
grounds in 2009. prison officials in natchez, mississippi have taken control of a riot at the correctional facility. at one point there were 24 hostages but employees are now safe much one guard was killed in the disturbance. at least 19 people were injured including three inmates. more shaking in northern italy today, a strong after shock followed yesterday's 6.0 earthquake that killed at least seven people. workers are digging through the rubble searching for survivors. some 11,000 people are out of their homes. many sleeping in cars or tents. let's talk sports. lebron james, maybe he can do it at the end of the season. >> the eastern conference playoff picture is a jumble. first derek rose got hurt. then chris bosh he got hurt. it looked like the heat could be in trouble down two games to one. down at halftime.
10:45 am
lebron james turns it on in the second half. he and his teammate dwayne wade completely control the second half. they outscored the entire pacers team in the second half. there they are. they win 101-93. the series is now tied two games apiece. game five heading back to south beach. san antonio spurs look unbeatable. that's danny green hitting a three. the spurs pull it out as if you doubted it. they beat the clippers 102-99 sweeping the series against l.a. advancing to the western conference finals. the spurs have won 18 in a row going back to the regular season. they will face the lakers or the thunder. when i was a kid i brought a glove with me to every game hoping to catch a foul ball. on a wet saturday one denver what did one rockies fan use? an umbrella. >> that's some umbrella. >> snagged it. i've seen butterfly nets, not an
10:46 am
umbrella. >> the umbrella survived. >> he still can use it. i still never caught a foul ball. i'm still hoping one day maybe. josh hamilton easily slugging his way to incredible numbers this season, best slugger in the majors right now and the texas rangers are honoring him. when you say how can we honor this great player what would be a true lone nor? how about a two-foot hot dog. it's called the great braut beano. comes with sauerkraut. i don't know why when they thought of josh hamilton they thought of a two-foot hot dog. >> oh, my head hurts after that one. i shouldn't comment, though. thanks, jeff. >> any time. >> we're getting some professional advice on how to handle high maintenance personalities like jeff fischel at company meetings. we know who they are, we just don't know how to handle them.
10:47 am
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did you ever get pulled into one of those endless meetings that never get anything accomplished. you feel you get tricked into attending like in this career builders commercial. >> look, doughnuts. >> wait you don't want those doughnuts. >> yes, i do. >> they use them as bait to trap people into pointless meetings. >> that's cruel. hey ice cream cake. >> glad you could make it todd. >> i'll see you in about eight hours. >> once you're there you know what's next listening to people who can be difficult to deal with like the rambler, the multitasker, the dominator. the president of professionalism matters and she's here to give us some techniques for managing difficulty meeting personalities. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> i can't wait to hear your solutions to these problems.
10:51 am
but first let's talk about the types of people in these meetings that drive us all crazy. first the rambler. >> i think every meeting has the rambler. it's that person who goes on and on. they are giving you the war and peace version when you really want the live notes version. >> how do you make them stop? >> several things you can do. one technique i really like ask them to summarize their point for the meeting notes. it's an opportunity to compliment them but also speed them up. so you might say you know jill you're make being some great points, but i'm worried we might not capture them correctly. can you boil it down to one phrase for us. >> so the best advice isn't please shut up now. i've never done that but wanted to. it's a fantasy i have. the next person is the multitasker. what do they do at meetings that drive us crazy. >> the multitasker not only are we frustrated we've all been the musty tasker.
10:52 am
that's the person on their pda, ipad. all of us. one of the things we can do is try to develop a ground rule right at the beginning. don't ignore the problem but bring it up and say hey guys i know we're all busy, we're trying to check our e-mail, text messages, let's develop some sort of ground rule about how we'll handle devices in our session. >> do you say the person's name like hey joe listen -- >> that's another recommendation actually. yeah. you can call them out and say hey, bob, what are your thoughts on this point. it not only startles them and gets them back engaged but it sends a signal to everybody else they need to focus. >> the dominator. >> yes. a lot of times we're so afraid of the dominator. that's the person that's sucking up all the wind in the room and they are really dominating and not letting other people get in a word edge wise. one technique i highly recommend
10:53 am
i call compliment, document and then pivot. that's what you'll do. you might say carol these are some really great points you're breaking up, this inventory issue i hadn't thought about that. let me be sure we get that down on the flip chart and i'm wondering mark and greg what are your thoughts on the inventory issue and do you have any other suggestions as well. >> you interrupt that dominating person? >> yes. i try to interrupt with something positive. it's a comple it's a complimentary statement. >> meetings in general and most meetings are pointless and maybe it's my imagination and i'm just like too hyper active to sit down for an hour to listen to a bunch of people talk. >> no, you're exactly right. actually it's funny. when i teach people how to repair for their meetings i tell them to ask the who, what, where, why and when but ask the why question first. because if you really can't
10:54 am
convince yourself that you really do need to have a meeting you don't need to have it. >> why do people have so many meeting? where do businesses require so many meetings in >> i don't know they are requiring them but honestly in some ways we've gotten lazy. people have proximate and issues and instead of figuring out the best way to tackle it they say let's have a meeting and they invite everybody to the meeting. i think it becomes the go to solution and we need to question that going forward. >> dana, thank you so much for coming in. it's been very interesting and enlightening. we're back after a quick break. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. okay. we just got word you're looking at live you pictures from a new jersey courtroom, this is the brother of tyler clementi.
10:58 am
just a short time ago tyler clementi's father josef made an impact statement. as you know tyler clementi's roommate is about to be sentenced for hate crimes in the suicide death of tyler clementi. i want you to hear what his father, tyler clementi's father, josef, had to say. >> mr. dharun ravi never met or knew my son before arriving at rutgers university. he had no call to do what de. tyler never did anything to mr. ravi to make him dislike him or to cause him to retaliate for some wrongdoing. mr. ravi did these criminal acts because he saw my son as not deserving basic human decency and respect and because my son was different than him. below him. and because he was gay. >> dharun ravi could face ten years in prison. we should know later today what that sentence will be. he could be deported to india. >> in his daily dose, teenage
10:59 am
obesity. just released study published in the journal pediatrics found the number of young people with diabetes or pre-diabetes more than doubled from 9% to 23% in a span of less than ten years. th does it for me. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. cnn newsroom continues right now with ashley banfield. >> hi. it is 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00 on the west coast. and the fighting is not over not by a long shot but a formal end to the war in afghanistan is within sight. as we speak the 28 member states of nato along with many nonnato partners in the of a gown mission are planning their disengagement and pull out which is set to be complete by the end of 2014. day two of a


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