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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 23, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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lieberman, as well as the top republican on the committee, susan collins. senator lieberman really laid out what they want to get out of the hearing. not only do they want to hear from the director of the u.s. secret service, mark sullivan, what happened in columbia. this is the first time we'll hear publicly from the director himself. but also what the secret service investigation has found, and then the lingering question, many lingering questions, of is there a pattern here or a culture that has been many questions been raised within the secret service that the secret service should have seen this coming as senator lieberman has said. listen first here to the chairman. >> it is hard for many people, including me, i will admit, to believe that on one night in april 2012, in columbia, 12 secret service agents there to protect the president suddenly and spontaneously did something they or other agents had never done before. which is gone out in groups of
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two, three, or four to four different nightclubs or strip clubs, drink to excess, and then bring foreign national women back to their hotel rooms. >> now, i will say, kyra, that both senator lieberman and senator collins took a lot of time during their opening remarks not only to raise questions they have about whether there is a cultural problem in the secret service but also to compliment and commend the director of the secret service for being forthcoming and open with the committee throughout the investigation. the director himself i believe just wrapped up his opening remarks, in which he said he was deeply disappointed and wanted to apologize, that the distraction that this misconduct and this incident has created, has caused, and also emphasized -- and to many again and again emphasized that while the conduct of these nine, 12 people as well as another agency has been quite a distraction and
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he obviously does not condone it, he says it does not represent the high ethical standard of the agency and the many, many more people that were working for the secret service in cartegena at the time. >> kate we'll follow it. it involved raufly 20 prostitutes and cost nine service members their job. five u.s. military service members are also being investigated. egyptians are doing something today they have never done in their lives, voting in a free and contested presidential election. it's the next long awaited chapter in the saga of the toppling hosni mubarak more than a year ago. the military rulers are promising to hand over power to whom ever the voters choose. we'll have a live report from cairo moments from now. stocks fell at the opening bell, and you know exactly what that means to your 401(k) and your wallet. take a look at the big board.
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dow industrials down 164 points. and while many of you might think it's the facebook fiasco that's driving this, think again. alison kosik is joining us from new york. what's going on? >> we're watching stocks fall big time. the dow down 164 points. this after some new worries about greece leaving the eurozone. this as greece tries to tackle debt issues and tries to put together a government. there are reports that greece's former prime ministers say greece at this point is thinking about preparing to leave the eurozone. so the big concern here as wall street sees it is how will this affect the global economy. we have financials getting hit hard, anywhere from 1% to 3%. jp morgan chase, shares are down. tech stocks are hit hard after disappointing earnings from dell. they are down a whopping 17%. >> so now let's talk about facebook. i don't know -- i guess you could say some folks maybe thought this might happen. this investigation now going
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into morgan stanley, and the price of this stock, the fact that this is just tanked. what do you know at this point? >> so this goes along with all of those questions about big banks, big investment banks, possibly behaving badly. what regulators, kyra, want to know is if morgan stanley, the chief underwriter for facebook, only told some clients it was lowering its earnings projections for facebook instead of telling everybody, and instead of telling all of its clients. what happened was a week before facebook went public, facebook said, in an sce filing, it may be file struggling to make money. so what morgan stanley did was issue a weaker outlook. but should that information have been shared with everyone, including big and small investors? that happens, it's more fair, right? it levels the playing field because the guidance from morgan stanley helps everybody be more educated about the decisions they make when they are investing. now it's not clear if the information was shared with everyone. if the information only went to those big investors, kyra, that
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means they got a leg up. morgan stanley, though, says it did not blareak any rules. they say they followed the same procedures for facebook that it follows for all ipos. kyra? >> we're going to follow it. alison, thank you so much. a lot of people talking about this story, obviously. one more look at the big board. the dow industrials down 157 points. we will monitor the numbers for you throughout this hour. some 25,000 workers at hewlett-packard are expected to get the ax today. and that's the word from "fortune" magazine. the purge would amount to about 7% of their global workforce. ceo meg whitman minced no words in saying that the tech company needs to trim expenses to offset declining revenue. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. just a quick note near those of you heading out the door. you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or live from your desk top. go to back to egypt now where voters are savoring a first for the arab world. they are choosing a president from a field of viable candidates. these are the front-runners aiming to succeed the only president many egyptians ever knew. whose hosni mubarak was toppled
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almost 16 months ago. hala is joining me now. do egyptians feel the fact that they are making history? >> they do. there was a lot of excitement at a polling station i visited this morning, kyra. and people told me although they still have concerns because they are not sure that the process will be free and fair and transparent, they tell me they feel a sense of duty, that today for the first time in their lives and in the history of this nation they have an opportunity to hopefully cast a ballot in what they hope will be a transparent election. now what are the concerns of ordinary egyptians? they say, look, i want security. a want a job. but they are also worried that the slate of candidates they have to choose from is not what they would have wanted. they have former regime members, including moussa, who was the head of the arab league, or two
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islamists, one brotherhood candidate and one more modern islamist. so they say although it's imperfect, i feel it's my duty to take part in this today. and it is historic. it's the first time that an election is held in this country, egypt a major american ally in the region, where nobody really knows who's going to win. >> and there's also been a lot of concern about corruption. will this indeed be a fair election? have you found any signs of corruption thus far? >> no. we were at a polling station where everything in fact was going very smoothly. now if you know egypt, you know it's a very populist country. cairo is a giant metropolis. traffic is crazy. lines are disorderly. but when you go to a polling station today, surprisingly everything was operating pretty well. people are standing in line. there were no major issues. sometimes voters had to wait four to five hours in order to cast their ballot. so today, as far as we're able
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to observe, it was an orderly election and things seemed to run rather smoothly. the question is going to be will there be complaints. there are ngos observing the process. and if those complaints become a big issue going forward, then whoever wins will lack legitimacy. but so far, everything seems to be going pretty le, kyra. >> just one more question. even within all of that, folks are pretty skeptical that military rurlers, even though they say they will, will hand over power once a winner is announced. >> that's one of the big concerns. i mentioned the economy and security. and that is one of the big concerns. some of the voters this morning told me, look, the military, the supreme court council of the armed forces as it's called here, they have promised many things in the past and have not been true to their word. as viewers know, there has been violence in the streets.
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there have been clashes that have resulted in death and bloodshed on the streets of cairo and other places in egypt. so, yes, that is a major concern. the military promised to leave power on july 1. that will be a big test in this country. what happens after that if they don't is anyone's guess. >> hala gorani, we'll be talking a lot throughout the whole process. and more proof that the whole world is watching these pivotal elections, jimmy carter accompanied a team of observers today in the capital. results of this first round of voting aren't expected for at least three days. [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida.
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it's been about three weeks since the justice department took an interest in a sexual assault allegation at the university of montana and the surrounding city of missoula. the feds want to make sure that the school, campus police, as well as missoula police and prosecutors are investigating rape claims completely and charging appropriately. at issue are 80 sex crime reports by missoula women over the past three years, including 11 at the university in just 18 months. here's what the university president actually told cnn when the federal probe was announced.
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>> the goal of this university is, one, to prevent sexual assaults from happening in the first place, two, to care for victims of sexual assault, and, three, to get rid of perpetrators of sexual assault. >> and here's the latest. a series of emails just obtained by the missoula newspaper and the "wall street journal" suggest that openness and full disclosure were not the top priority. "wall street journal" reporter stew wu has more on that. he is one of the reporters that broke the story. as i was reading through what you wrote, what you got, talk about damage control, trying to contain this scandal. if you were to pick one or two emails, what stood out to you the most and led you to write more about the fact that this was such a -- the allegations of cover-up are for evident? >> the one that stuck out the most, kyra, was one from the president's right-hand man, the vice president of the united
11:17 am
states. -- of the university. and he said in one email, isn't one of the alleged rape victims, is she violating the code of conduct in any way by publicly talking about this rape? and that's one that stuck out the most. and there's another in which he's talking about -- they are using the word gang rape to describe what happened to some of these women. and he says, why aren't we using the term "date rape" instead? >> when you started to read these emails, what was your -- what did you think about this? and you had obviously realized you were onto something that a lot of people had assumed for quite some time. >> right. there's been issues with the football players. you know, i went to campus last month, and a lot of the people around campus are saying, there's a sense of swagger about this football team that they are kind of untouchable. and some people get the feeling that the university is trying to protect them. and the feeling i get is that the university is desperate to shape the image of these sexual assault allegations.
11:18 am
like many universities, they have been trying to recruit more out of state students who pay a higher tuition. so that could be an issue if this blows up on the national radar, which obviously it already has. >> stu, even though the feds got involved about a month ago when we first became familiar with the story and we wanted to follow it, but actually it looks like there have been reports about gang rape by the football players that go all the way back to 2010. >> that's right. all of this really started rolling in december of 2011 when two women accused three football players of rape. and then after that happened, another woman emerged saying, hey, even a year ago there was a gang rape involving five guys. four of them on the football team. after that, one of the running backs was arrested for a rape that happened -- for an alleged rape that happened in september of 2010. and then a little after that, the team's star quarterback was accused of rape as well. >> so the local prosecutor isn't too thrilled by the federal scrutiny here either. let's take a listen.
11:19 am
>> there was no basis for it whatsoever. it's unfair to us, to the missoula police department, to the community of missoula to imply that there's that kind of a problem here. >> how do you respond to that, stu, after what you uncovered? >> well, to be completely fair, only one of the football players, bo donaldson, has been charged with a crime. i talked to one of the alleged victims, and she says, well, you know, after the alleged assault that happened to me, i went straight to the hospital and then i went straight to the police and gave them a report. and then after that, the police department and the county attorney decided there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. so it's unclear exactly what's happening. there's clearly an issue here. but to be fair, there's only one football player charged so far. he is awaiting trial this far. >> and his name again, stu? >> bo donaldson. a running back on the football team. he was. >> bo donaldson, the running back. what more do you know about him?
11:20 am
what have you been able to find out about him? >> i pulled the court document for that. in september of 2010, a woman alleged that bo donaldson entered her room and while she was unconscious had sex with her. and a year after that, police secretly recorded a conversation between bo donaldson and the victim in which he admitted to taking advantage of her. his lawyer alleges that's all he admitted to. he didn't admit to raping her or anything. we'll find out more in the fall when the trial starts. >> interesting. has he mentioned any other football players, that he's not a lone ranger in this game? has he pointed a finger at anybody else? >> he has not. in that particular case, it was only one man and one woman. the other ones involved, you know, as many as four players in one rape. >> stu woo, sports reporter for the "wall street journal." great job. keep us updated, stu. >> thank you, kyra. >> you bet. former montana congressman who serves on the university's
11:21 am
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in this week's "human factor," we'll introduce you to a young man who came to the united states in search of the american dream. but a month before graduating college, an apartment fire took his roommate and changed his path in life. he credits his parents and therapists for helping him push through the pain and keep that dream alive. here's dr. sanjay gupta. >> reporter: in 2004, his family couldn't have been more proud because he was coming to america to purdue university to complete his degree in computer engineering. just a month from graduation, however, his life changed forever. his neighbor two floors below intentionally set a fire with his wife and child still inside. >> by the time my roommate and i
11:25 am
woke up, the whole apartment was on fire. >> reporter: he and his roommate tried to escape but they couldn't. >> my roommate collapsed in front of me, and i started running down the stairs. >> reporter: he only made it a few steps before he collapsed. a fireman found him still alive, but on the way to the hospital he could hear paramedics talking about how badly he had been burned. >> at that moment, i was thinking about my family, what i had come here for, to get a good education, and now this guy is saying that i don't have a chance to survive, and i passed out. and then i woke up in university of chicago burn unit after four months of induced coma. >> reporter: he had burns over 95% of his body. so far, he's had 54 operations. but he didn't give up. and he credits three people for his survival. >> my father, my mother, and my
11:26 am
occupational therapist, shannon hendrix. >> reporter: he says his father saved every hard-earned penny so he could get an education. >> my mother kept on telling me have some faith and keep your eyes on the goal. >> reporter: and then there's shannon, whom he calls her guardian angel. he says she's gone way beyond her duties as an occupational therapist to help in any way she could. >> on top of my therapy, she would take me to church every sunday. i think that was the only thing that kept me from going crazy because i -- as a 22-year-old, i was living in a nursing home. and it was really, really depressing. >> reporter: his biggest accomplishment so far, getting his mba. he recently graduated with the highest honors. >> i'm still happy that i can live an independent life, and now, you know, i have gotten my mba and hopefully i'll get a job soon and have a good life. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta,
11:27 am
cnn, reporting. for more on this and other "human factor" stories, just watch "sanjay gupta md" every saturday and sunday. an 83-year-old war vet received a huge surprise when he went for a pep rally at a connecticut high school. all of a sudden, he heard his name being called to receive a high school diploma. here's the deal. joseph ali dropped out of school to fight in the korean war. and now because of a law that passed just last year recognizing those who dropped out to serve, he's getting the diploma he never received. and here's the best part. not only did the students give him a standing ovation, but he came to the mic and he told everybody he now no longer has any regrets in his life.
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egypt's first free presidential election comes nearly 16 months after the arab spring uprising forced hosni mubarak from office.
11:31 am
in the words of one pretty excited 70-year-old woman, i'm voting for the first time in my life. 30,000 monitors are on the ground making sure it's fair. and joining us via phone from cairo, ian lee. based on what you have seen so far and observed, any signs of corruption? >> kyra, so far, everything is going pretty well. we're out with observers today monitoring the election. we are with one group in particular that has over 30,000 people, a small army, all over cairo making sure that everything goes smoothly. and so far, there haven't been too many reports of too much activity that would raise any concerns. there have been some minor issues with campaigns or people who are supporting candidates around the polling stations telling them, hey, you need to vote for our guy. but by and large, things have been pretty clean today, pretty fair. a lot of people were concerned
11:32 am
earlier that the military might try to interfere in the election to put forward someone that they desired. the military has denied that, saying they are going to try to have a fair election. and so far today, everything's been going pretty smoothly. very smooth. >> who's expected to win? >> well, one thing that a lot of people are wondering, there's basically four candidates that are the front-runners right now. you have a former member of the muslim brotherhood, and you have your more liberal candidates, the former head of the arab league moussa and the former aviation minister. so you have relatively two islamic candidates, two liberal candidates, who are the ones -- four in total that are ones that are expected. one of them could be the next
11:33 am
president of egypt. >> and final question. and i asked hala gorani who is there as well covering this for us, ian. the military says, ok, whoever wins, we will hand over power. what is your sense that that will actually happen? there are a lot of people according to hala and others that, you know, folks on the ground are skeptical that that will take place. >> well, definitely, hala is right. there is a lot of skepticism that the military will hand over power. they are very much adamant about handing over power. but i can tell you this much. talking to people, different groups, the muslim brotherhood, different revolutionary groups, if the military doesn't hand over power a lot of people believe there could be another revolution in egypt. >> thanks, ian. for more on the revolution, anderson cooper will be talking with cnn reporters in the field risking their lives to report on the arab spring uprising in egypt, libya, and syria this
11:34 am
friday, 8:00 p.m. eastern. hundreds of pages of docs, audio recordings, all of this compelling evidence in the hazing death of drum major robert champion, proof that prosecutors say will now be used against the 13 former band members charged in the college's hazing scandal. george howell has more now on the details of these documents. after reviewing all the evidence, what do prosecutors believe happened the night that champion died, george? >> kyra, first of all, we're talking about 11 different defendants in the case. you can imagine this is a pretty thick stack of astrffidavits th we have to look through. more than 2,000 documents. and it's giving us a clear idea of what prosecutors believe happened on the bus. witnesses described two different types of hazing, two hazing right yats. the first is described as the hot seat. the witnesses describe a process where the victim has a blanket over his or her head. then fellow band members will hit and punch repeatedly.
11:35 am
and that is what we learned from the witness statements with the hot seat. the other is crossing bus c. and with crossing bus c, that's what witnesses say happened to robert champion. with crossing bus c, the victim starts at the front of the bus and moves to the back of the bus, all the while being hit repeatedly. and one of the witnesses in these affidavits says that he saw robert champion on the ground. he saw someone jumping on top of him. so a lot of information. we're still poring through it. a lot to look through. >> and what is this that apparently in one of the depositions, one of the defendants here said that champion had asked to go through this hazing ritual? >> we came across that, coming from a defendant, jonathan boyes. he was a fellow drum major who says that he wanted to protect robert champion, but he has some quotes that stood out. the first saying that it was a respect thing, this idea of crossing bus c.
11:36 am
and he also alleges saying, quote, robert wanted to do it all season. now, kyra, that goes against what pam champion has long said, that her son was against hazing. also we have heard that from many of robert's friends, that he was against hazing. so that is some new information that i'm sure we will hear from pam champion about later. >> and you've been talking to so many family members. what's the response? anybody saying anything about all of this new evidence? >> well, especially with this information from jonathan boyes, the champion family describes the information as shocking. we do expect to hear from them at noon eastern time. a news conference, where they will talk about all of this information coming out today. >> all right. george howell, we'll follow it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and two out of the 13 of those charged pleaded no contest for exchange for misdemeanor charges. they'll spipd 30 days in a work camp followed by one year of probation. the remaining 11 of those accused face felony hazing and are set to be arraigned june 14.
11:37 am
a new round of nuclear talks with iran is taking place in baghdad today. the key objective, prevent a new middle east war. key question, will this round be anything more than just talk? it's a follow-up to last month's meeting between iran and the u.s., france, russia, china, and britain. western powers fear that iran may be trying to build nuclear weapons. inir iran insists the program is only for peaceful purposes. the nfl has a new rule. team owners have voted to make thigh and knee pads mandatory starting next year. they say all other levels of football have the rule already, and this does not include hip pads. still, the union is not too pleased with the development. friends and family will bid dune summer goodbye at a private funeral in nashville, 10. the queen of disco died last week at the age of 63. she lost her battle to lung cancer. about 1,000 people are expected to be at the service.
11:38 am
>> you know, just says after she lost her life, the song there, "i feel love," has been selected to join the national recording registry in the library of congress. why don't we listen to it as we go to break. ♪ my cut hurt!
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if you're leaving the house right now, a quick reminder you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from your desk top. just go to by now, most of us know that it's illegal to text and drive. but now a new jersey couple is taking it a step further. arguing that it's not just the person driving who should be held responsible, but the person who sends a driver a text as well. david and linda cooper were out on their motorcycle in 2009 when a car slammed into them. both of them lost their left legs. well, it turned out that the driver, kyle best, was allegedly replying to a text that he got from his girlfriend. and the coopers' lawyer says that makes her equally responsible for that accident. >> in this particular case, as unique as this case would be,
11:42 am
there were facts, there were time elements, that bespeak the fact that she knew his schedule very well. >> deb is following the story for us. deb, this could really change the way we drive. and handle our devices. what are the chances of this lawsuit and will it go anywhere? >> well, you know, that's really what's so interesting. and that's essentially what a judge is going to decide over the course of the next couple of days. he's going to decide on friday whether in fact this should go to a jury. but the coopers are suing both the driver and the girl he was texting at the time of the accident. and the lawyer argues that even though the girl was not physically in the car, she was there electronically so that every time that cell phone chimed and the text came through, it was as if she was putting her hands over the driver's eyes. and so that is really their argument. now the girl did testify in a deposition that perhaps maybe she knew that her friend was
11:43 am
driving. but the lawyer says this suit should not go forward because the person sending the message has no control over the person receiving and responding to that message. so this is really what's at the heart of all of this. and there's no case law dealing with the issue of texting. so it's really going to be interesting to watch, kyra. >> so, then, how is it possible to prove in a case like this, right, or any case, that the person knew when the other person would actually read a text? >> well, you know, that's what's so interesting. and it's all about patterns. let's say, you know, you and i are texting and i'm just checking in with you. your little cell phone chimes and you leave it because you're driving. but in this particular case, they were texting just before the 19-year-old reached his job swimming at the y. there were no texts during the time he was working. as soon as he finished his job, the texts started again. so argue ebl when the girl was texting him, she knew he would
11:44 am
be on his way home, and that's the pattern that makes this really so effective. and he dialed 911 after this crash within nine seconds, i think, of his last text. so really it was just -- this was a head-on collision that just happened in the blink of an eye, kyra. >> what kind of penalty can they expect? >> well, you know, it's a civil case. and the coopers are suing for an unspecified amount of damages. instead of suing one person, they are trying to sue two people. but consider this. the husband and wife each lost their left leg. their lives were changed forever. they live with the pain of surgeries, recuperation, physical therapy. the driver, and you saw the truck there that was smashed, he did plead guilty to careless driving, failure to stay in the lane, and improper use of the cell phone. he served probation and was ordered to talk to 14 high schools about the dangers of texting and driving. so the coopers are saying, look, our life was changed and we
11:45 am
deserve at least some compensation for that. so it's going to be very interesting. >> all right. deb, thanks so much. we'll follow it. and new jersey is among 19 states with laws banning drivers from texting, by the way, but those laws don't penalize people who knowingly call or text drivers. a decision on this case is expected on friday. all right. now a question for all you political junkies out there. how many years did mitt romney serve as ceo of bain capital? be the first person to tweet the right answer @kyracnn and i'll give you a shoutout right after the break. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts. ♪
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just before the break, i asked how long mitt romney served as ceo of bain capital. the answer, 15 years from the time he helped found it in 1984 until he left in 1999 to become president and ceo of the salt lake olympic organizing committee. congratulations to brad from los angeles for being first to tweet the right answer. we are less than six months out from voting for our new president, a new poll shows that obama and romney are in a dead
11:49 am
heat. so what issues matter most to the candidates going forward and what could trip them up? robert, let's start with you. what issue will help obama and romney, and what issue could trip them up? >> well, i think the obvious answer you hear all the time is the word "jobs," and that's a fair point. but each campaign has to approach it from a different strategy. for president obama, he's got to be able to give confidence to the american people that his preliminaries are working and helping increase that sense of optimism. both national polls poles we sa recently show a growing pessimism. for governor romney he has to take a different approach to show that he can address the issue of jobs by connecting with middle class voters. what will trip them both up is if they diminish their message with a kind of disgraceful tactics we have witnessed already whether the obama campaign referring to mitt
11:50 am
romney as a vampire or governor romney's campaign calling obama a socialist. >> dana. >> well, i think for president obama definitely the biggest hurdle he has to overcome is jobs, is the economy. his record as president has been anything less than stellar. mitt romney, his problem is a problem that i see that reoccurs with almost every republican candidate this fall. it is being able to really articulate conservatism well. it is selling on why limited government is the best and how mitt romney can best handle the economy. that has been from my perspective his biggest hurdle. they each have their own unique challenges. i think barack obama has the biggest hill to climb up. >> let's talk about the battles over bain. a new nbc shows 53% aren't sure
11:51 am
what bain capital is. while the commercials and ads and public bashing when 53% of voters basically don't know what it is? >> absolutely correct. of course, part of the strategy is to address the character issue. here is the challenge for mitt romney. if governor romney's argument is that his leadership of bain gave him expertise in creating jobs then why when he was governor of massachusetts was the state 47th in job development in the country. likewise, if he has such a brilliant investment strategy how did he walk away from the most important investment, the investment in america's automotive industry which has been a tremendous success. and governor romney said let it
11:52 am
go bankrupt. that speaks to why his investors are wealthy people but doesn't show he has the leadership or skills to create jobs. >> you are talking about why it is an issue. i'm asking both of you that 53% of voters don't know what bain capital is. >> i can answer that. and i have two quick points. when it concerns the auto industry usually with an investment you get a return on it. as far as mitt romney being governor of massachusetts he did have a state legislature to work with. when it comes to bain capital i'm confused as to why the obama campaign chose to go this route. we saw newt gingrich's attack on bain capital and how that blew up the right side of the sphere. why the obama campaign chose to do it and execute it in an even poorer fashion than gingrich did i have to ask who is running the
11:53 am
clown car. a lot of people don't get into the weeds of private equity. these are the resources that small businesses rely on when it concerns creating jobs, paying higher wages and growing those businesses. republicans need to get that message out. >> it sounds like someone on both sides needs to explain to voters why this is an issue and why they need to understand it. why they need to know about romney and his background. >> he made it as a job creator. when the obama campaign starts equating the issue of capitalism is not an issue. the issue is whether the experience at bain gave governor romney the experience to create jobs. we saw that he didn't understand the importance of investing in the automotive industry. if he is letting it go bankrupt that is his strategy.
11:54 am
>> dana, 15 seconds. >> that wasn't an investment. that was nationalalizing a huge amount of the private sector. that sl the resources up on which small businesses depend on to pay workers. >> i hope those 53% of voters were listening to you two because i think we got bain 101. thanks so much. former first lady nancy reagan was a no-show at a republican speech last night in california. apparently mrs. reagan who is 90 is recovering from broken ribs after she fell in march. i didn't even hear about it. she was scheduled to attend a speech by house budget committee chairman paul ryan at her late husband's presidential library. an aid says she was advised by her doctor not to attend large functions too far from her home.
11:55 am
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look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month. kevin costner is getting ready to wow the screen in a new mini series. the actor took time to talk to cnn, talking about life in general and being bullied when he was younger and advice to bobbi kristina. >> i went to a lot of different schools. i remember there was tension sometimes. and it wasn't so simple just negotiating your way from one class to another when the bell
11:58 am
rang. those tensions ran very high. i was involved in bussing. i have experienced that and understand it. anyone that is experiencing that on a daily level you can see why they can just sink into the great depths. when you are trying to get by as a kid in a school you can't think. all you are thinking about is how to get to the next class without running into these guys or this situation. you can't concentrate on what you are supposed to be. i really hope that the teachers are responsible. you can see what is happening out there. you can bring that to a stop in my mind. certainly if bobbi wanted to call me i think that she could. i didn't know that my remarks had an affect on her. there is a lot of love around her and a lot of support. and i think the people realize that they have to step in in a very supportive way for her. we live in a world where a lot
11:59 am
of eyes are on her and a lot of cameras on her and a lot of people questioning what she does and doesn't do. she is operating in a difficult way. when you deal with that kind of loss. >> costner says bobbi kristina should decide for herself if she wants a hollywood career. thanks for watching. you can continue the conversation with me on twitter. i want to get right to. less than a week after facebook's stock went public share holders are suing now the social network and the ceo mark zuckerberg. the lawsuit claims that facebook concealed crucial information about its stock in the days leading up to the initial public offering or ipo. the suit comes into looking whether morgan stanley was given
12:00 pm
negative information about the company before the stock offering. we are learning new details now about the scandal involving secret service agents with prostitutes. this is the first congressional hearing on this manner. the panel told agents went out in four groups before bringing women back to their hotel rooms. it is a nerve racking waiting game for former presidential candidate john edwards. jurors in his campaign fraud corruption trial are in the fourth day. edwards is accused of using almost $1 million in campaign donations to keep his mistress hidden. doesn't get any bigger than this for democracy. we are talking about millions of voters in the most populous country picking a president.
12:01 pm
we are talking about egypt. this is the first time they are able to cast a vote for their leader in a democratic election. i know the polls are staying open for a couple more hours today. can you explain how this works? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned there it is two days for the first round. if no clear winner emerges in the first round meaning 50% of the vote plus one vote then there will be a second round on the 16th and 17th of june and the supreme presidential election said it will announce a winner on june 21st. there is still several weeks to go before we know who is elected president in this country in the first presidential election since the ouster of the long time dictator hosni mubarak but the first ever free and fair election for this country. egypt which is a key region and a very important u.s. ally in
12:02 pm
the middle east. today i went to a poling station and spoke to several voters. there were really men and women, young and old. one grandmother told me she was casting a ballot today for her grandchildren because she said she didn't feel it was fair for them to deal with the mess from the previous regime. another man told me today it was his duty to cast cast a ballot even though he wasn't sure that this process would be free and fair and transparent. he said he was armed with hope and where there is hope there is life. and there is a lot of life here in egypt. as you mentioned the most populous arab nation. what presidential powers will the president have. the powers haven't been defined. these are men running for a post that doesn't have a proper job
12:03 pm
description yet. >> and there are 50 million people eligible to vote there. have a lot of people been turning out? is there a sense or fear of violence? or has it been largely peaceful? >> reporter: it's been largely peaceful and orderly. a country like egypt as you know if our viewers have visited egypt it is chaotic at times, very busy, very crowded. the traffic is insane, no other word for it. in the poling station people were standing in line for sometimes four or five hours before they were able to cast their ballots today. it seems to me when i visited this poling station i saw two today a pretty orderly process. this time around it seems pretty peaceful, as well. >> this is different than the united states. i understand active military and police are actually not eligible to vote in this election.
12:04 pm
why is that? >> well, there is a sense that if you are part of the military you are part of right now the ruling council. essentially the military is in charge of this country. this is not a democracy yet. this country had a revolution 15 months ago. there is still not a free and fair and representative government in place. bringing up the military is one of the most interesting points. will this military give up power? it promised to hand over power to a civilian president on july 1st. if that doesn't happen you are going to have a lot of anger on the streets. what happens at that point really is anyone's guess. >> there on the ground. history is being made. this election the determination to replace a dictator with democracy is what egyptians fought and died for during the uprising. their 18-day protest brought
12:05 pm
down hosni mubarak who had ruled for 30 years. he is being held in a military hospital waiting for a verdict. he has been charged with ordering to kill protesters. i want to bring in michael holms to talk about this. it is just incredible how far they have come. bring you back to 2005 in may. first lady laura bush was there. she had approved mubarak's plan to say the challengers, it is okay. you can challenge me but you have to have the approval of the members of my party first. that was considered progress at the time. egyptians were angry and frustrated but that's where we were. >> that also is part of why the u.s. didn't have great standing among many people on the arab street because they supported that sort of thing. >> exactly. they did not appreciate it. the muslim brotherhood thought this is ridiculous. this is not a real election.
12:06 pm
describe how this is different today. >> it is different because it is at the moment looking free and fair. there are observers on the ground. and so far things seem to be going well. and you do have a broad swath of candidates from hard line islamests through to not western side but candidates. so you have that broad base. people can vote for who they want. anyone can stand but they had to fit to rule. >> who are the top two contenders? >> i'm going to give you three. amre moussa. he is the one that is running on a nonreligious line. he is also going to support the treaty. then you have abol-fotoh.
12:07 pm
a lot of people think he is a moderate. and then the third guy is mohammed morsi. he is an american educated engineer. he has vowed to stand for democracy and women's right. he is also an islamest. a lot of people think he is saying the right things. >> the president and the white house are watching this very closely over the next few days. they want to see if they have a real partner to work with here. hosni mubarak guaranteed stability. >> and friendship. >> and we still don't know how stable this new leadership is going to be. who do you think is the guy who the u.s. would pick? >> mosri, former minister. he is the guy most likely to do
12:08 pm
business with the united states. as you point out he was former minister. former head of the arab league, a man of very good standing in the west. he is the guy that the united states, what the united states fears is islamest candidates. someone to do harm with israel and someone who is going to be denying rights. you get these more extreme candidates in you don't know what they are going to do. >> we have covered over and over when you talk about rapes. we saw the sexual abuse of the protesters during the arab and the virginity test. who is the candidate to promote women's rights and is there a female candidate? >> there is not a female candidate. there was one but she with drew early on in the race. in the first parliamentary
12:09 pm
elections when hundreds were in parliament nine were women. two were appointed. there is a lot of concern. there are women abused and gropes and assaulted even on the street now not necessarily only during the protests that we saw. egypt is a funny place because it's one of the places in the middle east with the most women rights. women were front and center in the protests. not every woman is wearing a head covering. they were outspoken. a lot of candidates want to roll that back. a lot of women activests are afraid of some of these candidates. >> it will be interesting to see what the representation is if the women come out and cast their ballots. >> what is interesting you have the dichotomy. you have candidates who might roll back women's rights. they are all sucking up to the women because women were the biggest part of the undecided
12:10 pm
vote. so in recent days you saw a lot of courting of women by candidates who might do women's rights harms. makes the point, too, and it is a very important point when talking about a lack of a permanent institution, what will the military's power be after the vote happens? what will the president's powers be. >> it is all uncertainty. >> we are going to follow this tomorrow because the elections continue. >> results by the weekend. >> thank you, michael. this is what we are working on for this hour. >> fear of a nuclear iran has brought world leaders to the negotiating table after months of tension and speculation that iran would go to war. then mitt romney pushing hard for the latino vote today courting powerful latino business leaders. but will a stance on immigration get in the way. and the terrible consequences of texting while driving. now one couple who lost their legs in an accident sues the
12:11 pm
teen who hit them and the girl he was texting. >> if shannon knew that kyle was leaving work and she was texting him then i believe she is just as responsible. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea. support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points they've earned and get even greater rewards.
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12:14 pm
what is his message to this group? >> i have to tell you this is an important business lunch for mitt romney. he is going to be talking to a big crowd of hispanic business leaders who gathered here in
12:15 pm
washington d.c. right down the street from the white house. i have to tell you there is some breaking news coming from the campaign trail that will be reported here very shortly. mitt romney has apparently done a 36 minute interview with "time" magazine dealing with his time at bane cin capital and pu back on the attack of bain capital. we are waiting for that to come back at any moment. but getting back to what is happening here today. he does have to i guess mend some fences with some sectors of the hispanic community although this is a pretty business friendly republican friendly crowd here. he is going to be talking about the subject of education reform. mitt romney is going to be laying out his proposals for education reform in this
12:16 pm
country. he will be talking about school choice which is a very controversial issue. he is expected to call for a policy to allow parents to take their education dollars with them to put their children in the school of their choice. and the obama reelection campaign has already fired off an e-mail saying they like obama's education reform so there is a back and forth going on that issue. some news on the bain capital issue is about to break momentarily. >> let's talk a little bit about that. this is very important the fact that he would spend that amount of time with "time" magazine specifically to address bain capital. it is something the obama campaign feels they can capit capitalize and use to show that he did not create jobs but rather he fired people, plants closed down and people lost their jobs. what is the strategy behind the
12:17 pm
romney campaign in explaining how he did business? >> so far suzanne the romney's campaign is to contain the damage. they have not put mitt romney out a lot to talk about this. he has not until this interview really defended himself in this latest assault. he did talk about it a little during the primaries. what the romney campaign has done pretty effectively in the last several days is they have been pointing out all of the democratic surrogates who have been saying these attacks on bain capital might not be the smartest strategy when you consider the fact that equity does create jobs and part of the american capitalism system. there are people from that side of life who did support the president and are donors to his
12:18 pm
campaign. so the romney campaign has made pretty effective use of that. it is basically giving all the ammunition they have on this issue. what is going to be very interesting is to hear what mitt romney has to say in defense of his time. this is a question that has daunted him throughout his career. this issue just keeps coming up over and over again. question is today does this interview perhaps put that to rest. we'll have to wait to find out. >> what do you make of the timing of this? because you do have a democrat mayor coming out and this whole hoopla over comments he made when he talked about he was nauseated by the campaigns going back and forth and some of the character assassination taking place and how nasty it has gotten on both sides but felt bain capital had done some good and created some jobs and then
12:19 pm
turned around and said he thought it was fair game however that the obama administration go after romney on his leadership in bain capital. i wonder if they think they can capitalize off the fact that they have people like corey booker and others who don't think this is the right line of attack. >> keep in mind steve who is president obama's auto czar, the czar in charge of the auto bailout. steve was out saying this might not be such a great idea going off on bain capital. i should note that it is interesting in the new york times today there was an ad elaborating on how he feels that maybe mitt romney hasn't been all together forth right in creating jobs. even though he initially came out and said enough with the
12:20 pm
bain capital stuff he has come out to say maybe romney is fudging a little bit on job creation. and you saw that with corey booker. first he talks about how he is not happy with the line of attack and then has to clean it up. the same is happening today. we'll have to see what mitt romney has to say in this interview. >> we will get back to you because there is news there. we'll get back to you in a little bit. a married couple both lose a leg in an accident and the guy who hit them is accused of texting while driving. >> i saw the young man with his elbows steering. his head down and he was texting. >> now the driver and the girl he was texting are both being sued. is that possible? we are going to take a look. you can watch cnn live on your computer while you are at work. head to
12:21 pm
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12:23 pm
texas while driving consequences can be deadly. a lawsuit in new jersey says it
12:24 pm
is not enough to hold texting drivers responsible for the accidents they cause. it claims anyone who knowingly texts a driver is also to blame. deborah is reporting on the tragic accident that led to this lawsuit. >> reporter: the accident happened in new jersey. motorcycle buffs were out for a sunday drive. >> went around the curve and i saw a pickup truck coming right for us with i saw the young man with his elbows steering. his head down and he was texting. next thing i know he hit us. >> reporter: both david and his wife lost a leg in the head on collision. cell phone records show the driver was texting a girlfriend virtually at the moment of impact. saying the girl knew her friend was likely driving home
12:25 pm
especially since the two texted each other almost every day. >> if she knew that kyle was leaving work and i believe she did and she was texting him then i believe she is just as responsible. >> reporter: although not physically in the car the lawyer argues her texting put her in the car electronically saying she helped trigger the disastrous crash. >> it is as if you are putting your hands over the eyes of the driver preventing that driver from seeing ahead of him. >> reporter: kyle pleaded guilty to careless driving. the couple is suing for an unspecified amount in damages. during a deposition she testified she may have known her friend was driving. her lawyer argues the suit should be dismissed because a message sender has no way to
12:26 pm
control when or how a message receiver acts after the message is sent. >> it could have been prevented. it was not an accident. >> reporter: a judge is set to rule on friday whether the kuberts can move forward. i want to go to mitt romney making statements in washington at latino coalition's small business summit. >> as hector indicated i helped guide the olympics and had the opportunity to lead a great state. i learned early on that the only way to succeed in tough situations is to bring people together in a common purpose. that's how you achieve greatness and that's how you accomplish any goal. dividing people and pitting one side against another produces nothing but failure. we have seen way too much of that from this administration and that's in part why we are facing the slowest economic
12:27 pm
recovery since the great depression. and it's why this president and his party have failed to address the most serious problems that have facing the country. it is not time to divide. it is time to come together and remain one nation under god. now, when the president took office he faced a jobs crisis. it's barely improved. he faced a spending crisis. he's made that worse. and he faced an education crisis. and i would love to be able to stand here and tell you that we are celebrating the end of our education crisis. wouldn't it be great to look back on the last four years that the crises has been confronted and turn the corner towards a brighter future? that has not happen. the tragedy is not a matter of test scores and international
12:28 pm
rankings. it's the frustration of a sixth grader who wants to learn more but is stuck in a class that is hardly moving at all. it's the embarrassment of a tenth grader who knows he can't read the books he's been assigned. it's the shame of a 12th grader who is supposed to be ready to graduate but hasn't mastered the skills he or she needs to succeed in the jobs of today. in this country every child has something to contribute no matter what the circumstances were that they were born into. every child has a dream about where they can go or what they can become. whether that dream is to invent something or to start something or to build something or create something it all starts with basic skills and confidence that come from a good education. yet today way too many dreams are never realized because of
12:29 pm
our failing education system. more than 150 years ago our nation pioneered public education. and yet now we have fallen way behind. among the developed countries of the world you probably know this already. united states comes in 14th out of 34 in reading. 17th out of 34 in science. how about this? 25th out of 34 in math. our public education system is supposed to ensure that every child gets a strong start in their life. yet one in four students in this country fails to get a high school degree. think of that. one in four. what are they going to do? and in our major cities half of our kids don't graduate. half. imagine that. imagine if your enterprise had a 25 or 50% failure rate you would consider that a crisis. you would make changes fast
12:30 pm
because if you didn't you would be out of business in a hurry. but america's public education establishment shows no sense of urgency. instead there is a fierce determination to keep the things just the way they are. here we are in the most prosperous nation on earth but millions of our kids are getting a third world education. and america's minority children suffer the most. this is the civil rights issue of our era and it's the greatest challenge of our time. [ applause ] >> listening to mitt romney there at a speech before latino business leaders. we are going to bring you president obama in colorado springs, colorado where he will be addressing the air force academy at their commencement address just moments away. we will take a quick break first. great shot.
12:31 pm
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12:34 pm
like generations before you you will be charged with the responsibility of leading those under your command. like classes over the last ten years, you graduate in a time of war and you may find yourselves in harm's way. but you will also face a new test. that's what i want to talk to you about today. four years ago you arrive here at a time of extraordinary challenge for our nation. our forces were engaged in two wars. al qaeda which had attacked us on 9/11 was entrenched in their safe havens. many of our alliances were strained and our standing in the world had suffered.
12:35 pm
our economy was in the worst recession since the great depression. around the world and here at home there were those that questioned whether the united states still had the capacity for global leadership. today you step forward into a different world. you're the first class in nine years that will graduate into a world where there are no americans fighting in iraq. for the first time in your lives and thanks to air force personnel who did their part, osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. we have put al qaeda on the path to defeat. you are the first graduates
12:36 pm
since 9/11 who can clearly see how we will end the war in afghanistan. what does all of this mean? when you came here four years ago there was some 180,000 american troops in iraq and afghanistan. we have now cut that number by more than half. and as more afghans step up more of our troops will come home while achieving the objective that led us to war in the first place and that is defeating al qaeda and denying safe haven. we are not just ending these wars but doing so in a way that makes us safer and stronger. today we pay tribute to all our extraordinary men and women in uniform for their bravery and their dedication. those who gave their lives in iraq and afghanistan to make
12:37 pm
this progress possible including 16 graduates of this academy. we honor them. we will always honor them. for a decade we have labored under the dark cloud of war. now we can see a light, the light of a new day on the horizon. so the end of these wars will shape your service and will make our military stronger. ten years of continuous military operations have stretched our forces and strained their families. going forward you'll face fewer deployments. you'll have more time to train and stay ready. that means you'll be better prepared for the full range of missions you face. and ending these wars will also ensure that the burden of our security no longer falls so heavily on the shoulders of our
12:38 pm
men and women in uniform. as good as you are you can't be expected to do it alone. there are many sources of american power. diplomatic, economic and the power of our ideals. we have to use them all. and the good news is today we are. around the world the united states is leading once more. from europe to asia our alliances are stronger than ever. our ties with the americas are deeper. we're setting the agenda in the region that will shape our long term security and prosperity like no other, the asia pacific. we are reducing our nuclear arsenal with russia even as we maintain a strong nuclear deterrent mobilizing dozens of nations to secure nuclear materials so they never fall
12:39 pm
into the hands of terrorists. rallying the world to put the strongest sanctions ever on iran and north korea. we are leading economically foraging trade packs, boosting our exports stamped with three proud words, made in america. >> you have been listening to president obama before the air force academy. we are going to break down that speech and talk about broader political issues in the campaign.
12:40 pm
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you're watching two events this afternoon. president obama going before the air force academy delivering their commencement address. also mitt romney addressing a group of latino business leaders in washington d.c. i want to bring in mark prestton to talk about both of these. when you look at the venues it
12:43 pm
says about where we are heading in the campaign. mitt romney courting latino voters very important and president obama addressing this national security, foreign policy. that is a strong area for president obama. explain a little bit about the optics if you will. they are trying to bring up the strengths that they need to in the next six months. >> they are both walking a very tight, tight rope i guess you can say. president obama is the commander and chief. he has to give commencement addresses at the military academies. he does not want to make it appear too overtly political. everything he is saying is being looked through the prism and through the reelection. he is talking to the young cadets who are going to graduate. some will still be sent into harm's way even though we have seen that the military has removed all of the combat troops
12:44 pm
out of iraq. we have a situation going on in afghanistan as well as problems all across the globe. in his speech today it is different than what he said two years ago when he was speebing at a similar commencement address at west point where he talked about some of the problems and some of the circumstances they are going to face and some of the real dangerous situations that they were going to be in. today he talked about the fact of the matter is that war is winding down and that these cadets will have more time to be prepared not necessarily in the fear of combat but to defend the nation. you also have the same thing with mitt romney trying to get latino voters. that is a very tough thing for him to do because republicans are having a tough time trying to woo latino voters. >> talk about what we anticipate coming down the pike in the next
12:45 pm
hours or so, excerpts from the interview that mitt romney did 36 minutes sitting down with "time" magazine defending his record at bain capital. that seems to be something gaining momentum and steam. i think perhaps the romney campaign feels a bit inboldened that you have people from obama's campaign and supporters like corey booker, the mayor of newark saying that bain capital let's see if it did create jobs. >> we spent the last 72 hours thinking about how difficult this has been on president obama because he has had such voekal surrogates out there. they are starting to rachel that back a little bit. here is the problem for mitt romney and a very prominent republican strategist discusses with me yesterday. he said we have to be careful that it doesn't look like we are
12:46 pm
just defending big business. while mitt romney is going to be defending his career at bain he has to because he is running as a business leader. there is a little bit of concern in the republican party that they don't want to appear that they are siding entirely with big business and out of touch with middle class voters. >> thanks. good to see you, as always. we are going to get back to that mitt romney event in just a little bit. first the fed chairman warns the economy is going to fall off what he calls a fiscal cliff down the road. now there is a warning that we are headed to another recession unless congress changes direction. it's juicy. it's tender. it seems like it just melts in my mouth. that's a nice steak. only one in five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium beef. you are eating walmart steaks. really? this is fabulous. the steak is excellent. i'm gonna go to walmart and bring it here. [ laughter ] walmart choice premium steak. try it, tell us what you think on facebook.
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12:50 pm
keep greece in the eurozone. there is talk about warnings for others to get ready for greece to leave the eurozone. you are seeing financials really get hit hard. shares of jp morgan down. tech shares are also getting hit quite hard. dell shares are plunging 17% after a dismal earnings report that came out. hp shares down 1.25%. it hasn't let up all day. >> thank you. fires near reno, nevada are threatening dozens of homes. we are going to show you the attempt to save them. e-trade 360 is the world's first investing homepage that shows you where all your investments are and what they're doing with free streaming quotes, news, analysis and even your trade ticket. everything exactly the way you want it, all on one page. transform your investing
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a rough day ahead for firefighters battling a ferocious wildfire in nevada. high winds are expected to fuel the flames that are already moving dangerously fast. seven homes have been destroyed and about 100 more are threatened. firefighters are attacking the flames from the ground and air. fleet week kicks off in new york with a spectacular sight. a parade of ships from around the world sailing up the hudson river. several military vessels are sailing with the ships. the fleet week commemorates the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. a rare meeting are world
12:54 pm
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12:56 pm
in baghdad today a big negotiating table. officials from iran are there. they are hoping to hammer out a deal to allow u.n. inspengters to get a close look at nuclear plants there. i want to bring in sarah live in jerusalem. i want to talk first of all
12:57 pm
about the israelis that are keeping a watchful eye on the talks. we are heard from benjamin netanyahu talking about the fact it was just a little while ago launching attacks on iran's nuclear sites. now they are hoping that there isn't a deal on the table here. what does israel hope to get out of this? >> israel has been pretty strong in saying just ten years ago that he had three major demands that he believes the world should be putting on riran. one is that iran close its facility, the underground nuclear facility and stop enriching uranium and that all that is enriched should be sent out of the country. are those likely to happy? is iran likely to say we'll do that? not likely at all. those are demands being made by israel. right now what you are seeing is
12:58 pm
these talks happening in baghdad. they are just trying to get iran to open up so that they can have their inspectors to see exactly what is going on. basically some of the images shown there was activity going on particularly at that facility and that they want to know if iran is going ahead and trying to cover something up and going further with the enrichment program or not. >> what do we anticipate will come out of these talks here when they have the world leaders. you have the representatives around the table with iran, what is the hope that comes out of this? >> i think everyone is saying it is good that we are actually talking, that we have at least that. but a lot of people are worrying that this will be talks about more talks in the future. israel in particular saying this process is going too slow. the slower it is the more time
12:59 pm
it gives iran to try and go forward with their quest to try and create a nuclear weaponry. iran is denying that saying they are using the enrichment for things such as power. i think what is really happening at this table sthatd the p 5 plus 1 is trying to allow to see if it is going further with the program. >> let's see if there is agreement. want to get you right up to less than a week after facebook stock went public. lawsuit was filed this morning claiming that facebook concealed crucial information about its stock in the days leading up to the initial public offering. facebook's under writers including morgan s


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