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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 25, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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governor scott walker and democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett head to head tonight. will scott walker be able to tame the unions? bud light. the hurricane downgraded to a category 2 but still packing a punch. popular resorts of mexico in the crosshairs this morning. casting call from folks that brought you extreme makeover home edition comes a new game show based on the bible. jeff foxworthy live this hour and we'll talk to the people behind the game show. "newsroom" begins right now. good friday morning to you. i'm carol costello. 33 years ago today this little boy, etan patz, vanished on his way to school. this morning his alleged killer is expected to be in a new york city courtroom. his name is pedro hernandez. this is his picture on inside edition. hernandez confessed to the killing and may have solved a
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mystery that started a national discussion on missing children. susan candiotti is following the latest developments. hernandez is expected in court. what may happen today, susan? >> reporter: hi, carol. we expect that when and if he appears in court today we'll hear for the first time how the manhattan district attorney's office intends to charge him. the police said they expect that he will face second-degree murder charges but it is prosecutors who will make that final decision so we'll learn that. we'll also find out whether he is represented by his own attorney or whether one will be appointed for him. we'll also get to see him for the first time and see what his demeanor is as these charges are read in court. >> what do we know about this man, susan? >> reporter: well, we know this much. we know that he was a stock boy and only 19 years old at the time that this happened.
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we know that after etan disappeared, he no longer worked at this convenience store and moved to new jersey and worked as a construction worker but then got hurt and was living on disability. we know that he's married. has a teenage daughter and his neighbors thought very highly of him. said he always had family gatherings and they were really surprised to hear that this has happened. we also know from authorities, however, that they have no physical evidence and are relying at this point, they said, on what they call very detailed confessions that he allegedly made to police and that he also allegedly told other people as far back as 1981, according to authorities, that he had "done something very bad" and that he had killed a boy in new york but never specifically mentioned a name. however, police say they do have enough to charge him. here's what ray kelly said. >> what was it about his confession that makes you believe this is a credible
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story? >> well, the fact that he had told his story to others in the past and the specificity of what he said in the confession. >> reporter: now, authorities acknowledge that he was never questioned at the time although i was told by other sources that he was on the radar of investigators and they did speak to him briefly at the time but the fact of the matter is at this point there is no physical evidence according to police to link him to this case and they only have statements at this time and no motive. carol? >> susan candiotti reporting live from new york city. turning now to politics. a statewide contest that looms in the shadow of the presidential race. tonight in wisconsin the first debate will pit embattled governor scott walker against milwaukee mayor tom barrett, the democratic challenging walker in the recall election. wisconsin is a crucial swing
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state and many democrats are upset that president obama hasn't more vocally publicly supported barrett. and unions are also calling for mr. obama to help oust walker. he eliminated collective bargaining rights of state workers and their unions. polls lead walker leads by single digits. both parties are funneling big money into this race. republican groups more than 8$85 million. democrats just over $5 million. election day just 11 days away now. jurors in the john edwards trial get back to work at the bottom of the hour. it's deliberation day number six in the corruption trial. jurors asked to examine all of the exhibits yesterday. the former presidential candidate is accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions to hide an affair. >> chris christie, the governor of new jersey, betting on his state against the feds. the governor says new jersey will go ahead with plans to let people make sports bets starting this fall. a federal law only allows sports betting in four other states but christie is up for a fight.
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>> am i expecting there may be legal action taken against us to try to prevent it? yes. that's their burden to try to prevent it. i have every confidence we'll be successful. >> new jersey voters approved a referendum last november that allows sports betting. the man at the center of the general services administration scandal is no longer with the agency. jeff neely became the poster boy for wasteful government spending in organizing that lavish las vegas conference. the justice department could still go after neely in a criminal investigation. happening right now. high above the earth, these are just amazing pictures. the spacex capsule. i have a tiny monitor. i'm looking with you. this is spacex capsule on the way to history set to become the
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first commercial spacecraft to dock with the international space station and with the united states putting the shuttle program into moth balls, it's the new generation of the once mighty u.s. space program. john zarrella is in miami. i want to continue to show our viewers the cool pictures. i want you to take us through what's about to happen. >> the dragon is dragging right now. they got behind the time line again. what happened was they had run through a series of maneuvers and procedures to check out all of dragon's systems from its braking system to its acceleration system and when they gave the go ahead to move within 30 meters, 100 feet of the space station, at 70 meters out they said stop. they were having a problem with the onboard radar system. the system on dragon. what that does is measures the distance by sending a beam that reflects off a spot on the
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station and then sends that reflection back to the dragon. the beam was hitting the wrong place on the station and not the reflector it needed to hit. they are trying to figure out what they're going to do if in fact they can go ahead and proceed. we saw from nasa it looks like 10:10 eastern time now is the new target time for the actual grapple where astronaut don pettette will reach out and grab onto dragon and hold it there and then the other issue, carol, is because the astronauts are running into a time line here, a window where their work schedule for the day is starting to wrap up, there is the possibility that nasa and spacex will decide to just leave it on that arm and hold it overnight and actually birth it tomorrow. that's a possibility. >> this is a big test. i mean, if this thing isn't successful, this doesn't spell great news for the spacex program. >> reporter: it's huge.
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very quickly. the point was that nasa and spacex decided the last spacex mission went so well that they were going to try two in one. there was supposed to be one mission that went up and rendezvoused and a succeeding mission that would birth. so they folded two missions into one. they are still even if for some reason they can't pull this off on this mission, they are still ahead of the game and that at least is good news. i don't think this is a show stopper. they should be able to work through this issue. there's lots of smart people at nasa and spacex out in hawthorne, california, working this problem. both of these vehicles are traveling at 17,500 miles an hour. it is as you said, extremely delicate and they want to take their time. >> so people can make sense of the picture, they are being taken from the international space station so you are looking
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down at the thing which is why you see the clouds in the background. that's earth, right? >> just a few minutes ago they were over canada. headed to a mexican resort for the holiday weekend. you may have a hurricane to deal with. kind of early in the season for hurricanes, rob. wow. it's coming just in time. >> this one is a strong one. last night it was a category 3 storm. earliest we've seen a storm in the eastern pacific. we're up to the b storm and season started last week. here we go. winds of 110 miles an hour. it shrunk a bit. you see the eye going away. moisture canopy is just about to get to the coastline of mexico. at one point yesterday the official forecast track was to pretty much have it dissipate and not even make landfall. now we're thinking the national hurricane center is at least that it will make landfall tonight. sometime around midnight likely a category 1 storm that will hit cooler water and drier air and then eventually interact with not only the beach but
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mountains. they'll see heavier rain with this and certainly in the mountains at that could mean mud slides and flash flooding. that's what's going on with hurricane bud off the western coastline of mexico. the other tropical disturbance that we have to contend with for the lower 48 and southeast coastline. this is a disturbance that could become our next tropical storm and the folks who may see this is anywhere along the low country of the carolinas, georgia, and this wouldn't be a bad spot right here. that is where we need some rainfall. we're hoping maybe some of this gets in here for memorial day weekend plans it's not exactly the best case scenario and mind you june 1st is the start of hurricane season. this would be the second tropical storm that we've seen before the season even starts. it's only happened two years in previous history. remarkable start to the season for sure. carol? >> thanks, rob. we have to show you this video. it's so amazing. it will make you smile. this is the young maryland man
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who created a test for pancreatic cancer. he says he'll find a cure before he's 20. he won the big prize for his discovery. here's how he reacted after his big moment. doesn't that just make you smile? every time i look at this i smile and laugh. this guy's name is jack. his idea earned him first prize and $100,000 at the global science fair. he was excited when he won. listen to him. he's already talking like a seasoned scientist. >> what's so cool about the sensor is it can detect pancreatic cancer before it is invasive so survival rate can be
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the man arrested in the killing of etan patz is expected to appear in court. 33 years to the day the 6 year old disappeared from his new york city neighborhood. new york city police commissioner ray kelly says pedro hernandez is expected to be charged with second-degree murder. bud has weakened a bit but still expected to hit mexico as a category 2 hurricanes dumping as much as 15 inches of rain in some areas. turning now to arlington national cemetery where soldiers placed american flags at the graves of more than 260,000 service members. the tradition known as flags in
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is in honor of memorial day and taken place every year since 1948. now to a mystery in the nation's capital. a woman is beaten in her d.c. apartment. her husband, a prominent scientists, is away on business and cuts his trip short when he can't get in touch with his wife. he finds his wife on the floor soaked in her own blood and now is a suspect. >> reporter: the victim is a beautiful russian translator who lies in a washington hospital recovering from a brutal beating. the suspect, her husband of 18 years. david is a prominent marine biologist featured on "60 minutes." detectives executed a search warrant and confiscated his phone, computer hard drives, internet router and other items at his home late tuesday. in this interview with cnn, he insists he had nothing to do with her assault.
9:17 am
did you have anything to do with it? could you have harmed your wife in any way? >> no. never. there's no history of that. i would never hit her or anyone else. with very a very peaceful marriage. >> reporter: david says he and his wife were on separate business trips. she sent him a text message thanking him to keeping the house clean. her adult daughter spoke to her on the phone the next day april 5th. david said he called his wife on april 5th but there was no answer. he showed us the frantic text messages he sent over the next two days. he was worried and came back to their washington, d.c. apartment and what he found shocked him. it was his wife lying on the floor wearing only a blouse, her head and face badly beaten. >> there was a lot of dried blood on the floor. dried blood in her hair. she had an awful black eye. she was shaking. semiconscious. >> reporter: she was rushed to the hospital.
9:18 am
david remained by her side while in intensive care with no memory of what happened. he stayed with her until april 19th. that's when police officers told him he was barred from the hospital. for a month he had no access to her and was prevented from getting updates from doctors. david was under a cloud of suspicion. cnn legal analyst jeffrey toobin explains why. >> if this was an assault, the lack of evidence of false entry certainly suggests it was someone she knew and a husband frankly is always going to be a lead suspect. >> reporter: and the metro police department said there was a note inside her hospital file in which she told a nurse her husband was involved with her beating. according to court records, it is her explicit wishes that plaintiff not be permitted to have contact with her. but david says that note has inconsistencies including two different dates. >> i was with her on the 19th. she was in no condition to give
9:19 am
any sort of statement on the 19th or before the 19th. i'm very suspicious of this memo. >> reporter: he thinks someone fabricated that memo. the metro police department and the district attorney's office declined to talk to cnn citing the ongoing investigation. there has since been sworn in an affidavit that her husband was not responsible and has no memory telling anyone that her husband was involved. david provided cnn with receipts from pennsylvania, new york, new jersey during the time frame when his wife was attacked. train receipts, one from a walmart and a starbucks. he remains a suspect but is now allowed to see her in the hospital. >> being able to see her now is -- i mean, i can't even express to you how emotional it is to be able to see her and care for her. >> reporter: david has not been
9:20 am
charged but he hasn't been cleared either. their apartment building has surveillance videos which the police now have but they are not releasing the tapes. >> aaa says high gas prices are not forcing americans to stay home this weekend. inside the big memorial day getaway. [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. [ tires squeal ] then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. see your lexus dealer.
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23 minutes past the hour. may your memorial day trip not turn out like this. >> i saw detour signs. >> i didn't see any. >> i saw them when you and mom were trying to fold the map. >> when they close the road they put up big signs like this one. >> i love that movie. of course that's from national lampoon's vacation. you won't fall off cliffs but you may get out of town for memorial day weekend. we have a reporter live at reagan national airport. that's where you are. so gas prices are falling a little bit. does that mean more traffic?
9:24 am
>> reporter: you hit the nail on the head there, carol. we're here at reagan national airport hanging out with passengers flying to their destinations but the truth of the matter is when aaa asked the majority of these people how will they get to their destination because of a tight budget, the majority of them say they'll be driving. expect busy roads this memorial day weekend. aaa says more people will opt to drive rather than fly. bill kelly is mentally prepared for gridlock from d.c. to virginia. >> it's going to take me hours to get down there. >> reporter: travel experts say a drop in gas prices is likely the reason for a busier travel weekend over last year. of those 35 million travelers the aaa says roughly 31 million of them are expected to drive to their holiday destination but they won't be going far. only 50 miles on average. >> i'm not one of the millions of people who are going to be taking my car and driving more than 50 miles away somewhere.
9:25 am
>> folks are traveling by taking shorter trips. >> reporter: travel experts say the shorter trips dubbed staycations will likely remain popular this year and aaa says it has seen a surge in family bookings for shorter vacations. exploring hometown tourists destinations or areas close by. all right. we spent a lot of time here. we spoke to a lot of passengers, carol. asked them how has the experience been and many say it was a breeze. not many lines here at reagan international airport. aaa says that although airfare is 7% lower than last year, the truth of the matter is nationally fewer people will fly this weekend. >> renee marsh live at reagan national in washington d.c. thanks so much. time for middle class talk back.
9:26 am
a segment we kicked off two weeks ago. we wanted to give middle class americans a chance to ask direct questions of the presidential candidates. today it is skip becker's turn. he's from hershey, pennsylvania. he's a semiretired small businessman wondering what the future will bring for his grandchildren. >> governor romney, i would like to ask a question about trust. i don't trust the government. i don't trust our legal system. i don't trust wall street. i don't trust the media. or the internet. i don't trust banks and i'm afraid the middle class is beginning to lose trust in each other. except for government, which of the remaining items do you think we should trust first and how would you and your administration help restore that trust? >> we went to both campaigns with your question and guess what? they had the same answer. both camps said we would love to help but the question did not relate directly to the campaign. it was just too broad.
9:27 am
skip, i didn't think it was too broad. i decided to try to find the answer for you. here's what governor romney said in new hampshire back in january. >> we have got to have that respect for one another in this country. if we see it among our leaders in washington and if they are men and women of integrity who we elect, i think we'll have greater trust and confidence in our government to do the right thing. i hope i'll be one of those leaders. >> as for president obama, he's pushing for financial reform on wall street and the dodd-frank law regulating banks will be fully enforced. >> the fact is this crisis has left a huge deficit of trust between main street and wall street. and major banks that were rescued by the taxpayers have an obligation to go the extra mile in helping to close that deficit of trust. >> so, skip, i know none of that directly answers your question but both men are in a tight race and they tend to answer
9:28 am
questions very carefully. but we will keep trying. we'll have another middle class talk back question next friday. a battle brewing in wisconsin could have implications across the country. the republican governor trying to fend off a democratic challenger in an historic recall election. the whole thing is coming to a head now. why are people across the country watching this race so closely? we'll have the discussion coming up. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month.
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opening bell rippinging ringing on wall street. a lackluster day despite a solution to the ongoing debt crisis in europe and investors show little signs of optimism and with a three-day weekend, trading volume is expected to be low today. the man arrested in the killing of etan patz expected to appear in court 33 years to the day the 6 year old disappeared from his new york city neighborhood. new york police commissioner ray
9:32 am
kelly says pedro hernandez is expected to be charged with second-degree murder. hurricane bud weakened a bit but the storm is still expected to hit mexico as a category 2 hurricane dumping up to 15 inches of rain in some areas. as the second named storm of the pacific hurricane season. another nail in the coffin for newspapers. the new orleans times says it's cutting back on daily editions. the paper will publish three days a week while continuing online coverage. three other southern newspapers owned by the parent company are also going to three day a week printing. the nation is watching wisconsin. the recall election there isn't just important for voters in wisconsin. it could fuel voters across the country in november. democrats and union leaders are trying to unseat republican governor scott walker who led the fight to strip republican employee unions of collective bargaining rights. tonight walker will debate tom barrett, his democratic challenger in the recall race,
9:33 am
with me now amy kramer with tea party express. thank you for being here. polls show that democrat mayor barrett is behind and some suggests that's surprising considering the passion surrounding the recall process. you guys got more than a million signatures so why is walker ahead? >> there's no doubt that our state is divided right down the middle. it's something that governor scott walker wanted to do. he wanteded to divide and conquer our state. that was his strategy last year. he wanted to drop the bomb. he said that last year. there's no doubt when we go down the street in any city in our state, you have a scott walker on one side and barrett and mitchell side on the other side of the street. polls don't vote. on june 5th the people will decide. >> some suggest it might be the
9:34 am
money factor. amy i'll address this question to you because it's crazy how much money has poured in from outside sources for this wisconsin recall race. while the democrats have attracted $5 million to wisconsin, republican groups have poured in $8.6 million to help scott walker. your group, tea party express, worked to raise money. why is wisconsin's race important to republicans nationwide? >> usually politicians are recalled when they don't do their job. the governor and lieutenant governor and senators did exactly what they said they were going to do when they campaigned and won the election and that is close a $3.6 billion deficit, balance a budget for the first time in years wisconsin is going to have a surplus. they are putting people back to work. and so that's what this is about and the public employee unions have been upset because they have to contribute more to health insurance and pensions
9:35 am
but it's completely within the normal range that most americans pay. if these people, if these politicians are making the right decisions and doing what's best for the state and they don't have the support that they need to defeat this recall, then no one else will have the courage to do that. you know, it's one thing to recall someone for not doing their job but simply to recall someone because you don't like their policies, that's just not acceptable. that's what we have elections for. >> and the creation of jobs i'm sure will be part of the debate tonight because some people say that scott walker didn't deliver the number of jobs that he promised. >> i don't think some people will say that. that's truth. we lost 24,000 jobs last year. last month we had a decrease of 6,200 private sector jobs and a month prior to that we lost 4,300 jobs. scott walker campaigned on bringing 250,000 jobs it our state in four years. there's no way that will happen. to amy's point, he didn't
9:36 am
campaign on stripping collective bargaining rights and taking workers rights away. what he did campaign on is fiscal responsibility and shared sacrifice. right now shared sacrifice seems like middle class citizens are sacrificing and they're sharing the wealth. he did not campaign on these issues. >> amy, along that point, i mean, it's a race important to people who live in wisconsin but outside groups including yours raising money and campaigning there so isn't this really all about the unions not so much about the good of wisconsin? >> no, carol. it's not. this is about standing up for these politicians that are doing exactly what they said they were going to do. he's exactly right. fiscal responsibility and the sacrifice. everybody is having to sacrifice a little bit all across america. why is it that these unions shouldn't have to contribute more? it's not right. the people that elect these politicians deserve to be represented by their elected officials and not elected officials that are beholden to
9:37 am
union bosses. what this is about simply is growing the state of wisconsin or allowing this to continue forward and going backwards. that's what it's about. going backwards. i'm sorry but the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.7%. the lowest it's been since 2008. there's been a net increase of jobs since governor took office of 20,000 plus. what's happening right now is uncertainty because of these recalls. the citizens of wisconsin have recall fatigue and they're not sure what will happen so of course employers aren't hiring right now. >> we'll let you address that. i have seen hard figures that there have been job losses in wisconsin. >> those are the real figures. almost 24,000 jobs last year. that's from the bureau of labor
9:38 am
statist statist statistics. that's every measure of every state in our country is measured by. we lost 24,000 jobs by that measure. when governor scott walker comes out with his own fuzzy math two weeks ago, those are his own numbers. we lost 6,200 jobs last month. we lost 4,300 jobs the month prior to that. almost 43,000 jobs lost since last year. those are real figures. those are real facts. this is more than just about jobs and about collective bargaining. this is about workers rights and middle class citizen. he cuts over $1.6 billion from public education. when you say we have a billion dollars in savings and he cuts from public education system in our state, that's hurting. when you say he saved $1 billion, he takes over 70 million from state aid shared revenue back to local municipalities which have to in turn layoff firefighters and close schools and layoff employees, that's not savings. >> that sounds a lot like what the president has said in his campaign speech. why hasn't president obama gone
9:39 am
to wisconsin and more vocally supported scott walker's opponent? >> i can't speak for president obama but i know any president, president obama has a very busy schedule. they have a lot of things on their agenda. right now we're concentrating on -- >> what about joe biden? >> he has been here actually. >> i don't think he has plans to go to wisconsin in the two weeks before this recall election. wouldn't that help? >> i don't know their schedule. right now what we're concentrating on in our last 11 days is getting out to the people of the state of wisconsin and making voices heard and making sure middle class citizens know they have a choice for tom barrett on the ticket. >> thank you very much. >> i think facts will stand for themselves and we'll see that governor walker and lieutenant governor clayfish will defeat this recall on june 5th. >> thanks to both of you. i appreciate it.
9:40 am
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have you been watching life in the big city saga of "girls" on hbo? we caught up with the director who has been defending the show against critics. so what did he say? >> basically, carol, his take is, come on, people. this is a comedy. hbo's "girls" has drawn praise and criticism in its first season. the show follows four 20 something women and their experiences while living in new york. where have we heard that before? some said that the show lacks diversity because the four main characters are all white women. others argue the characters are too whiney but the executive producer who has directed "40-year-old virgin" and
9:44 am
"knocked up" say it's situations like these that make girls fertile ground for laughs. >> the show is about people making a lot of really bad choices and so that's the comedy of it and fun of it but also some of the choices do drive people crazy. they are the mistakes we make. >> you know what? get ready for more bad choices and mistakes because hbo has renewed "girls" for a second season. >> a lot of buzz about it. i don't blame them. thanks so much. >> sure. you think you know the bible? maybe you should try out for this show. >> tonight, a game show unlike any other you've ever seen. a show that covers everything from the lord to locus. >> a preview of the american bible challenge. i love cash back.
9:45 am
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a new game show putting knowledge of the bestselling book of all time to the test. >> which one is found in the bible, okay? just so you know, we may have changed a word or two here or there like we might say thou shall not run a red light but these laws are actually found in the bible or somewhere in one of our 50 states. thou shall not allow thy pants to sag. thou shall not impersonate a priest. >> thou shall not impersonate a
9:48 am
priest. >> that is incorrect. last one. thou shall not wear cotton, polyester socks. >> it's thou shall not wear polyester cotton socks. >> that's right. >> this game is called the american bible challenge. comedian jeff foxworthy is the host debuting on the game show host. we have the executive vice president of programming for gsn. welcome. >> hello. happy memorial day weekend. >> same to you. i was watching clips of the show and it just looks like so much fun. i mean who knew the bible could be this much fun. >> you know, we at gsn knew the bible would be this much fun. it's been super fun to work on. we've been piloting it the last month or so. we've been casting in california in the last few weeks and we'll cast in atlanta and all over the country. chicago, dallas, we'll be in
9:49 am
dallas on june 2nd to find contestants. it's been amazingly fun. i think what's astonishing to us is how young people are really responding to this idea and coming at it in droves and they know their bible. >> i was going to ask you. there's a casting call in atlanta. how many people is it attracting? >> each city is different. today is memorial day weekend. weekend. i don't know how many people will come or not if that's a good thing or a bad thing. if you have nothing to do on saturday and sunday, please go to and find out where to go. but, you know, it's been astonishing to us. it's an idea that we've been kicking around for a long time. michael davies, who is one of the greatest game show producers of all time, brought it to us. and we also brought in tom forman, who produced "extreme
9:50 am
makeover: home edition" to get the back stories of the people who are playing the game. it's important to us that people know what they're playing for. everybody will be playing for charity. so it's something that's very emotional for them. you will also hear the back stories of how they came to their faith. so it's a very different kind of game show. we have a choir onstage. >> well, you're looking for contestants. gsn has said that the contestants will represent worthy faith-based organizations. so the only contestants that will qualify come from faith-based groups? >> no. it means they will be playing for them. so they will -- they'll be playing for groups that are of faith or for organizations that -- charity organizations that need money. those are one of the places that we're looking at. but everybody can try out for this. >> so the charities can only be
9:51 am
faith-based charities? it can't be any charity the contestants choose? >> no. it can be any charity. we're just looking at faith-based charities because they tend to know the bible better. but anyone who knows the bible can audition for the show. it has the same game show requirements that every game show has, which is you have to pass a test to get on a game show. i probably wouldn't pass any of the tests. i am not smarter than a fifth grader, so i probably wouldn't pass any of the tests to get on our shows. but that's what it is. so anybody can come out. >> gotcha. >> and we're playing for charities. >> gotcha. i'm just wondering about that polyester sock thing in the bible. but i'm sure if i watch the show later this summer, i will know. thank you very much for joining us this morning, amy. >> thank you, carol. >> sure. snoop dogg takes the mound. the rapper throws out the first pitch at a white sox game, and guess what he does?
9:52 am
well, it was a tribute to an nfl quarterback. we'll show you coming up.
9:53 am
9:54 am
stockbrokers left holding the bag on last week's facebook ipo want someone to pay up. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. what's the latest? >> facebook's ipo mess is getting messier. there's another layer to the fiasco. the companies or the stockbrokers that executed the
9:55 am
trades for the customers want the nasdaq to pay up. i'm talking about knight capital, citadel securities, ubs and citigroup say they are on the hook for up to $150 million in losses. here's how they say they lost the money. say a customer placed an order to sell the stock at $42 a share last friday. there was a delay at nasdaq as we have all been talking about. the trade took longer than expected to go through. by the time it did, shares were down to $39. but it's the brokers who have to cover that $3 loss. so the customer can still get their $42 a share. so what you do is multiply that by millions of shares, and you get the losses piling up on these brokers. what nasdaq is saying is that they may be only liable for up to $3 million in losses for these brokers. carol? >> alison kosik, live at the new york stock exchange.
9:56 am
the miami heat are moving on in the nba playoffs thanks to dwyane wade. the heat guard shot out the lights against the pacers last night. d-wade made 17 of 25 baskets, finishing with 41 points. lebron james added 28. miami beats indiana 105-93 to take the second-round series in six games. the heat will play the winner of the sixers-celtics series. those two have a game seven tomorrow night. slugger albert pujols had a horrible start with the california angels this season but seems to be getting his stroke back. yeah. that would be his fourth home run. it happened against the mariners last night. it's also his 450th career home run. the angels had a weapon on the mound too. dan herrin struck out 14 mariners and got career strikeout number 1,500. angels won the game 3-0. and snoop dogg takes the mound for the chicago white sox. actually he was up there to throw the first pitch before the
9:57 am
game last night. there he goes. yeah, it was a little high. we're talking about the pitch being high, not snoop. then the rapper tebows. yeah. there it is. snoop had some fun and so did the white sox as they beat the twins. ahead at 10:00 a.m. eastern, are we seeing the final death throes of print journalism? why four well-known newspapers are stopping the presses. and take a look at these live pictures. the docking getting underway now. space x linking up with the international space station. we will take you live to space in two minutes.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
this is cnn breaking news. >> they are initiating the capture of the dragon, standing by. >> ok. and this is history actually being made. it has been made in outer space. just minutes ago, a private unmanned spacecraft docked with the international space station for the very first time. yes, dragon has birthed, as they say. john zarella is watching this for us from miami. and it's always an amazing sight, isn't it? >> yeah. you know, carol, if you ever thought watching paint dry could be exciting, i mean, this was it this morning. it was methodical.
10:01 am
it was behind schedule. but they did everything by the book, by the letter, because they had never before captured a commercial orbiting spacecraft. and remember, both of these vehicles are traveling at 17500 miles an hour, although it doesn't look like it there, attached to the end of the space station's robotic arm. but just after the capture was made, astronaut don pettitte, who performed that capture operating the robotic arm from inside the international space station, said we have the dragon by the tail. how appropriate. and now they will sit there and they will wait a while, and they may go ahead and try to birth today, but they could just leave it out there on that arm overnight because the astronauts are kind of against a timeline. you know, their work schedule, so many hours a day that they work, et cetera, et cetera. so waiting to see what the next step is going to be. but success in space. historic, the first commercial company ever to rendezvous and
10:02 am
birth with the international space station. carol? >> well, you continue to watch paint dry because we're going to get back to you. at least it's history-making paint drying. >> absolutely. >> yeah. now to the arrest of a man in the decades-old etan patz case. at any time this man could walk into a new york city courtroom and answer for the disappearance of a little boy 33 years ago to the day. his name is pedro hernandez. this is a picture of him on "inside edition." police say hernandez confessed to killing the 6-year-old. etan patz vanished on his way to school, and that mystery kick started a national discussion on missing children. but for the parents, it was a daily battle of heartache and fading hopes. >> mr. patz was taken aback, a little surprised, and i would say overwhelmed to a degree. he handled the information very well, but we also agreed that we'll speak as the investigation goes further. >> susan candiotti is following
10:03 am
all of the latest developments. susan, welcome. what may happen in court today? >> reporter: well, for the very first time certainly we'll get to see this man in court, and we will hear how prosecutors plan to charge him. it's already been flagged by the police department. commissioner ray kelly saying they expect him to be charged with second degree murder. prosecutors are the final arbiter on that. so we'll find out whether he might enter a plea at this time. he doesn't have to. he's not obligated to. and the judge in this particular level of court could accept a guilty plea if he made one, but he will have a chance to address the court. also the next step after this would be that it would likely move to a grand jury proceeding to see whether he would be indicted on this charge. so of course this is just the very beginning stages of this process. >> susan, the headlines in the new york tabloids are just brutal. look at "the new york daily
10:04 am
news." this is the headline. choked, bagged, and thrown in the trash. for the parents of etan patz, seeing this thing, if they did see it, this has got to be tough. for 33 years, they have held out hope that etan would come home. they have lived in the same apartment, right? >> they sure have. what a heartbreak this has been for them throughout. an emotional roller coaster they have been on. and they haven't moved from that location because, they said, just in case he might show up. they never changed their phone number. they have the same message on their machine that they did so long ago. and even to the extent that a month ago when they were searching that basement, they put a note up on the door saying, please, we'd like to be given our privacy. but then later spoke with the author of a book on the investigation and told them, this is always difficult for them, the ups and the downs of all of this.
10:05 am
but according to police, they were surprised to hear this information when they were directly told by detectives about this. and they asked specific questions, but the authorities wouldn't share that with us. about you can imagine what this latest development means to them. >> it's just awful. >> and what else is interesting, carol, remember it was this family that years ago won a civil judgment against a man by the name of jose ramos who is still in jail on an unrelated child molestation case, and a judge found him liable for etan's disappearance. so this is just another shock to the system of this family. >> this is just an unbelievable incredible case. i want to introduce my next case, all too familiar with the anguish that etan's parents have felt for the past three decades. his name is mark klaas.
10:06 am
his daughter polywas kidnapped and her body was found two months later. mark started a foundation to help stop crimes against children, and now is joining us on the phone. thank you for joining us here. >> sure. >> the patz family haven't spoken out for many years and haven't spoke out yet today. what do you suppose they're feeling? and i can only ask you that from your own perspective. >> sure. before i get into that, i think we need to acknowledge the fact that today is national missing children's day, which was commemorated by president reagan based on the date that i.etan disappeared back in 1979. as far as the patz family goes, they have to have a sense of overwhelming relief, if they believe in fact that this is the guy that actually committed the crime. as candy said, you know, they go through this almost on a yearly basis around this anniversary.
10:07 am
but the fact that the police believe strongly enough in this character that they arrested him for this murder that there has to be a sense of overwhelming relief, but there's also got to be a sense of defeat. that finally 33 years later, that very thin thread of hope that they had held onto has finally been broken. >> yeah. i wanted to ask you a little bit more about what happens on anniversaries. this is the 33rd anniversary of etan patz's disappearance. and every anniversary, police get dozens of calls from people who say, i know who did it. so even though police say they have this guy, and there's no physical evidence tying him to the murder of etan patz, police only have his confession, as far as we know. so do you think there's a feeling of this may not be over so we don't want to speak out right now? >> well, sure. i mean, they have got to be very
10:08 am
cynical. how many times have they gone through this? the little boy was declared dead in 2001, i believe. they won a civil suit against ramos. people pointed fingers at ramos. were convinced that it was ramos. then this whole business last month. so it's got to be just excruciating to go through something like this. it's just got to be absolutely awful. and it has to raise skepticism. and it has to raise cynicism. hopefully they'll be able to get through that and be convinced that this finally has led them to the truth. >> yeah. because there have been many legal experts that have come out and said new york police only have this confession and nothing else. and what if this man recants the confession? so that means this starts all over for the patzes. >> well, it will never end for the patzes, unfortunately, tell? it really won't. they have been living with this doubt for 33 years now. that's got to grind you down emotionally, so many ways. you have to find some kind of a
10:09 am
middle ground. but they'll never get over this. i mean, this is their lives, unfortunately. and just put yourself in the position where the best news you can hope for is that the person that killed your child will finally come forth and admit to that crime. that's a hell of a starting point, if you ask me. >> yeah. and the saddest part about this is they'll probably never find this the boy's body. >> no. >> and it's just no closure. mark klaas, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you, carol. history continues to unfold in egypt, where votes are now being tallied in the country's first-ever free presidential elections. an election official reports roughly half of the country's 50 million registered voters cast ballots in the election involving 11 candidates. the muslim brotherhood is predicting its candidate, american educated engineer mohammed mor iszy, will force a runoff election with the former
10:10 am
egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik. and morning we want to share a conversation with chaen guangcheng. he spoke with anderson cooper for the first time since his dramatic escape in the home where he was being held. just don't call it house arrest. >> i want to correct one thing here. when we talk about my situation in the future, let's not use the word "house arrest." but instead let's use the term "illegal detention." it's hard for me to describe what it was like during the time, but let's just say my suffering was beyond imagination. >> did you feel like there was an end to it? did it feel like it was just going to go on and on? >> i didn't see much hope. >> you filed a class action suit on behalf of these women. do you know that the state would arrest you? did you know that you would get in trouble?
10:11 am
>> it would be dishonest of me to say i had never thought of it. but i didn't imagine they would disregard the law so blatantly. >> chen tells cnn that he and his wife were beaten periodically in china. they are now in new york, along with their children, so chen can study at a new york university under a fellowship. traveling to a popular mexican resort? you might want to call ahead. hurricane bud bearing down on the western coast of mexico. we are tracking the storm. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. deaf [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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15 minutes past the hour. it's a day that's been approxima33 years in the making. pedro hernandez, arrested in the killing of etan patz, is expected to appear in a new york city courtroom where police will formally charge him with second degree murder. 6-year-old etan patz vanished in 1979 while on his way to school. an annual military tradition more than 60 years old at arlington national cemetery where soldiers placed american flags at the graves of more than 260,000 service members. the event known as flags in takes place every memorial day weekend. if you're heading to a mexican resort for memorial day weekend, we've got some not so great news.
10:15 am
you may have a hurricane to deal with. and it's kind of early in the season, isn't it, rob? >> very, very early actually. and to have a hurricane this strong this early is pretty much unheard of. a category 3 storm last night. it's been downgraded somewhat, but still a category 2 storm. at the end of this hour, we'll have an update from the national hurricane center. but the latest as of this morning, winds of 110 miles per hour. you can see the satellite right here. well defined eye, heading into cooler waters and drier air so seeing some weakening. wouldn't be surprised if it was knocked down to a category 1 in the next few hours. at one point yesterday, the official forecast was to put on the brakes and dissipate before it made landfall. and the new forecast has it basically making landfall later tonight as a category 1 storm. already scraping the coastline with big waves and heavy rain. obviously going to be some wind with it. but the heavy rain will be the main cull briprit especially in mountains.
10:16 am
again, this is the strongest hurricane we've seen in the eastern pacific this early in the season. also unusual, what's going on in the atlantic basin. keep in mind, june 1 is the start of hurricane season for us. and we've already had one tropical storm. this disturbance right here, it's not very good looking here on the infrared satellite picture. but a lot of computer models are drifting it towards the coastlines of the u.s. it probably won't get that strong, carol. so we're hoping just to get some rainfall out of this, because this part of the world certainly needs it. but either way, a very active and unusual start to what has yet to become this year's hurricane season. >> and a lot of ruined picnics. >> maybe so. >> thank you, rob. if you're one of those people that you love to open up the paper, physically open it up, well, that tradition is quickly coming to an end in four southern cities. these papers are cutting back to three days a week. we'll talk about that. just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse.
10:17 am
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10:19 am
time for middle class talk back. a segment we kicked off two weeks ago. we wanted to give middle class americans a chance to ask direct questions of the presidential candidates. today, it's skip becker's turn. he is from hershey,
10:20 am
pennsylvania. he is a semiretired small businessman who's worried about what the future will bring for his grandchildren. this week, he had a question for governor romney and president obama. >> governor romney, i'd like to ask a question about trust. i don't trust the government. i don't trust our legal system. i don't trust wall street. i don't trust the media. or the internet. i don't trust banks, and i'm afraid the middle class is beginning to lose trust in each other. except for government, which of the remaining items do you think we should trust first and how would you and your administration help restore that trust? >> a lot of people have the same question, skip. so we went to both campaigns with your question. and guess what? they had the same answer. both camps said we'd love to help, but the question did not relate directly to the campaign because it was just too broad. well, skip, i didn't think so, so i decided to try to find the answer for you.
10:21 am
here's what governor romney said in new hampshire in january. >> we've got to have that respect for one another in this country. and if we see it in our leaders in washington, and if they are men and women of integrity who we electrici, i think we'll hav greater trust in our government to do the right thing. >> as for president obama, he is pushing for financial reform on wall street, and that dodd frank, the law regulating banks, will be fully enforced. >> the fact is, this crisis has left a huge deficit of trust between main street and wall street. and major banks that were rescued by the taxpayers have an obligation to go the extra mile in helping to close that deficit of trust. >> now, skip, i know what you're going to say, because i know you. i know none of that directly answers your question. but both men are in a tight race for the president, and they tend to answer questions very carefully, but that does not
10:22 am
mean i won't keep trying. we'll have another question next week. we all know that new orleans has been through a lot since hurricane katrina struck. now the city's newspaper readers are taking a hit they may not recover from. th "the times picayune" is cutting back to just three days a week, joining three other southern papers owned by the paper's parent company that are also going to three-day editions. "the times picayune" you may remember won a pulitzer for public service journalism following catreen a. let's get some perspective from media critic howard kertz. hi, howard. >> hey, carol. >> this big historic paper "the times picayune," you're a longtime newspaperman. what goes through your mind? >> it breaks my heart for somebody who grew up in newspapers, and especially for "the times picayune" who continued to get the paper out after the devastation of katrina.
10:23 am
it really is a sad story. but what makes it even sadder for me is the fact that i don't think this is the last paper and the last city that's going to go through this. new orleans now the largest city in america not to have a daily newspaper. there will be more. >> you know, newspapers have known this was coming for a long time. they just seem to can't figure out how to make money anymore. why is that. >> well, because all the action is moving online. and newspapers, some of them, have very good websites and have extended their reach. but the amount of money you make from online advertising is a fraction of what you make from printed ads. and so, you know, i know some people out there are probably watching, particularly younger folks, so what? just become a website. who needs a paper flplopping on your doorstep, that sort of thing? i guess i feel that for one thing, the economic of newspapers are such that without a vibrant print edition you can't support the newsrooms that do the kind of investigative reporting that we are accustomed
10:24 am
to. they are also slashing the staff. and there is something about holding it in your hands, you can take it on the subway. and you see things that maybe you don't see when you're just surfing along the paper's website. >> i think you have something there. we were talking about this in the newsroom. and when we read news on line, we tend to skim the articles. but when you're holding a physical copy of the newspaper, you tend to read it carefully. that's just from my personal experience. i wanted to ask you, though, about the "wall street journal" and "the new york times." "the new york times" just started charging for content online. is it working? >> it's working remarkably well. i think other newspapers are eyeing the same model. part of the problem is print circulation squlinks, as i mentioned, you don't get the revenue online. so now "the times," which is a big influential national newspaper, is letting people read i think the first 20 articles for free and after that you have to pay some on a
10:25 am
sliding scale. well, we can't give it away online forever. there has to be some kind of revenue coming in. at the same time, you don't want to drive everyone away and then you have kind of eroded your base. so "the times" can get away with it. the question is how many other papers can. "the los angeles times" now moving to a form of a pay wall. i think in two years you'll see most papers charging something for reading the paper online. and for people who say it's outrageous, i have to get it for free, somebody has to pay the salaries of the reporters and editors who produce this product. otherwise, you won't have this level of journalism. >> that's right. people say that to me all the time. and i'm like, i don't work for free. it takes a lot of work to report. it really does. i don't think people realize that. yeah, i want to be paid for what i do. >> well, we spoiled everybody by giving it away for free at the beginning because we didn't really understand the internet. and i think it's coming back to bite us. now "the times" is leading the way. but "the times" has a pretty affluent national audience. if you're a good regional paper in st. louis or boston or miami, it may be harder to pull this
10:26 am
off. but i think it's the only route to survival for papers as the new orleans case now indicates. they are clearly struggling. >> howard, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. jon huntsman. remember him? he didn't make primary voters swoon, but the aarp is swooning over him. they think he's really sexy. so is he the hippest dude in the conservative crowd? we'll pose that question to our buzz panel. aspirin, for pain?
10:27 am
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10:29 am
good morning to you. i'm carol costello. 30 minutes past the hour. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom, today the man arrested in the killing of etan patz is expected to appear in court. 33 years to the day the 6-year-old disappeared from his new york city neighborhood. new york police commissioner ray kelly says pedro hernandez is expected to be charged with second degree murder. and some call it bud light. the hurricane near mexico's southern coast has weakened, but officials are warning residents to make preparations now before expected landfall tonight. the storm is currently a category 2 storm. the man at the center of the general services administration scandal is no longer with the agency. jeff neely became the poster boy for wasteful government spending in organizing that lavish las vegas conference. neely was placed on administrative leave in march. yesterday a spokesman said he has left the agency.
10:30 am
the justice department could still go after neely in a criminal investigation. politic buzz is your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, smart answers. playing today, jason johnson, and chief political correspondent at politic 365 cnn contribu contributoor dana loesch. >> happy friday. >> let's begin with three seconds mitt romney wishes he could take back. listen. >> i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >> romney says that's the gaff that makes him want to try to be more careful about what he says. the late-night comedians aren't letting him for get it, though. jay leno milked it again last night. >> donald trump says he would be mitt romney's perfect choice as
10:31 am
a running mate. hey, come on, they do have one thing in common. they are both famous for saying you're fired a lot. >> so has that been the biggest gaff of romney's campaign season? dana? >> i don't think so. well, in the conversation that he was having and that speech that romney was giving, he was talking about the ability to be able to fire people that provide to you bad service, which under this administration there are a lot of programs in place that make this difficult, i.e., obama care, which is what he was getting to. but i think the biggest misstep of the romney campaign is when he went after rick perry on the topic of social security. i thought that remained the biggest gaff. but some of these attacks that i've seen, they are kind of rehashes of some of the primary attacks and the ted kennedy attacks too way back in the 1990s. >> jason? >> i actually think his worst gaff was saying i don't know much about nascar but i have friends who own nascar teams. that's terrible. not only is that offensive, he could have said like jeff burton who is from south boston, even if it's south boston, virginia.
10:32 am
it shows he doesn't understand nascar or his own constituency. he doesn't understand sports. and it redemonstrates this idea that he's sort of this rich old patriarchal guy that doesn't understand regular people. that's the one that folks will remember. the $10,000 bet and having the $15 million car garage, i don't think those are nearly as bad as not understanding nascar as a republican. >> on to question number two. a government study shows government spending is rising at the slowest pace since the earliest 1950s. a market watch columnist said that the obama spending bid that you hear about so much never heard. democrats are celebrating the news. republicans spin it. regardless, can president obama overcome the belief that he is a big government spender? >> i think he has more of a problem overcoming the belief that he is doing a terrible job as president. the fact of the matter is, he's cut back to the budget. but one of the reasons that unemployment has stayed so high is because of cuts in government
10:33 am
jobs on the state level. i think barack obama is fine on the issue of spending. he needs to demonstrate that he can get people back to work. he needs to demonstrate that teachers and firemen of the local level can be hired. that's his biggest concern. not whether or not he is spinning the budget deficit. we had that issue already with that sort of party out in las vegas. >> i'm not quite sure that market watch columnist was looking at because the cbo report i just spoke about yesterday morning actually discussed how really spending is still at an historic high, and the cbo projects that even by 2017, spending is still going to be at a historic high. so you can't really look at some of these programs that the administration is coming out with and saying they are cutting spending. this administration is a notorious spender. and the budget that was proposed was rejected by all of the democrats in the senate. there's that. we have a $15 trillion deficit that the president again according to the congressional budgetary office added $5 trillion to. these are big spending things. that you can't spin. >> ok. on to question number three.
10:34 am
what do george clooney and the former gop former presidential candidate jon huntsman have in common? yes, they are both on the aarp's list of sexiest men over 50. huntsman was just behind clooney. yes, jon hotty huntsman. there's just something about that leather jacket. is he the hippest dude in the conservative crowd? dana, i pose that question to you. >> carol, i have to be honest, i did not know that the aarp had such a list. i mean, this is -- we're talking about the sexy people list. that's basically what this list is. was it quite aware that it existed? but i have a new perspective on things now. i mean, jon huntsman has got nice hair. he is a nice-looking guy. i've met him. he is a very nice gentleman. i honestly don't know what to say to that. >> he has nice hair. that's a ringing endorsement, dana. jason? >> you know, my own assessment
10:35 am
of what sexy is probably not as good as either of yours. but the fact of the matter is, there's plenty of other republicans who are sexy. aaron schock, on the cover of "men's fitness." you have your candidate up in massachusetts. i think herman cain was kind of sexy. that might have been one of the things that got him in trouble. there's plenty of republicans out there who might be sexier than jon huntsman. >> that's good. oh, that was an enjoyable question. jason and dana, thank you for playing today. >> thank you. first president obama teased david beckham. now the superstar is kicking it up a notch with a special delivery to the white house. you won't believe what it is. details ahead in today's "show biz update."
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
ok. are you ready to feel a little bit old? maybe a lot old. 35 years ago today, a certain space movie hit the theaters. and earth has not been the same since. >> use the force, luke. let go, luke. >> the force is strong with this one. >> can you believe it? "star wars" hit theaters on this day in 1977, the movie that 20th century fox thought would be a disaster. well, guess what? box office mojo says the movie has taken in $1.4 billion in sales worldwide. so there. this morning, hollywood is
10:39 am
trying to knock the rust off "ironman." the movie franchise's third installment is in the works along with buzz of a new cast member. ni chel turner is in los angeles. spill it. >> i have a lot to spill for you, carol. you know, robert downey jr. has proven to be hollywood's iron man at the box office, right? but after the massive success of the first two ironman films and the recent record-breaking numbers from "the avengers," we kind of saw this whole third movie coming. now, of course every superhero movie needs a villain, and in the third installment one of the villains is a government cyborg called firepower. now according to "variety" former "dancing with the stars" contestant ashley hamilton is in talks to play this role. previous ironman bad guys were played by jeff bridges and mickey rourke. "iron man 3" the hit theaters next may. carol, here is a little back story for you. ashley hamilton and robert
10:40 am
downey jr. are good buddies so that may be one of the reasons he is getting a look for this role. so if you thought ashley hamilton sounded kind of weird, that's probably why. >> i did think it sounded weird, but i didn't want to say anything. david beckham, a present for president obama? >> yeah. this is a good one. it's one of those stories that kind of makes you do a double take. yeah. david beckham is sending the president, get this, some of his undys. >> no. >> here is the back story on all of this. >> no. >> yes, he is. while hosting the l.a. galaxy at the white house, president obama jokingly jabbed beckham about his h&m underwear line saying it's rare that a man like beckham can be so tough on the field but have his own line of underwear. beckham said he appreciated the president plugging his underwear and will send him a big box of it. he is known for his impeccable fashion sense as well as his
10:41 am
soccer skills. so president obama could be in for a big treat when the box of underwear arrives. there's one thing missing from the story, though. we didn't get to see the still of beckham in his underwear. they could have done us girls a solid going into the holiday weekend. >> yeah, what's up with that, executive producer brian? >> come on, executive producer brian. get with it. >> he's not answering me. actually, i was going to say, michelle obama will be more excited about the underwear than perhaps the president will be. >> there you go. >> i can't believe i'm talking about the president's underwear. thank you very much. >> you're welcome, darling. want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world? aj has it on "showbiz tonight" on hln tonight at 11:00 p.m. memorial day is the unofficial start to summer. as you spend time outside, which sunscreen should you use? a hint. the most expensive isn't always the best. andhydrating serum. it's new tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation.
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10:45 am
45 minutes past the hour. this just in to cnn. we have just learned that pedro hernandez, the man at the center of the disappearance and murder of 6-year-old etan patz, and undergoing an evaluation at bellevue hospital in manhattan. hernandez is expected to be formally charged with the killing of etan patz. new york police say he confessed to the crime, saying he lured him to the store with the promise of a soda before killing him. etan was just 6 years old when he vanished in 1979. this is puerto vallarta, mexico, where hurricane bud is moving on the southwest coast. the category 2 storm is expected to make landfall tonight. officials say it could dump up to 15 inches of rain in some areas. turning to arlington national cemetery where soldiers placed american flags at the graves of more than 260,000 service members. the tradition known as flags in is in honor of memorial day. it has taken place every year since 1948.
10:46 am
and in today's "daily dose", we're talking about your skin and the best way to protect it from harmful rays this holiday weekend. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here with the breakdown. i'm ready. >> ok. well, first of all, you have to hand it to "consumer reports." let me tell you how they figured this out. they took real people. divided their backs into quadrants. put four different sunscreens on each quadrant and exposed them to uva and uvb light inside and saw what happened to their skin. >> interesting. >> it is interesting. i would love to have that -- well, maybe i wouldn't love to have that job. what's interesting is their best buys, the ones they consider the best, are not really the fancy expensive ones. i mean there are products like no-ad, walgreens, copper tones got the best buy votes. money does not necessarily make a difference. and also the number doesn't make a difference. anything over around 30, 35, it
10:47 am
doesn't matter. there's no difference between a 30 and a 100. that just doesn't matter. so if you go to, you can see the press release from "consumer reports" that has their best buys. >> just give us the top three. i am interested. because i just bought with, you know, 100 spf in it. and you're saying it doesn't matter. >> probably not necessary. >> what are the top three best? >> the three best buys are no ad with aloe and vitamin e, walgreens continuous spray, and coppertone free poeming. >> is that just the top three, or do they list the best? >> they list the best and some they said didn't work as well. we are emphasizing the positive here, the ones you should buy. >> they also have some advice of whether you should spray kids with sunscreen. should you? >> yes, you see this all the time. parents spray their kids. my children went to a day care where they said we will only spray your child. we will not put lotion on your child. i think because it was quicker
10:48 am
to do the spraying. but "consumer reports" says, you know, you really shouldn't be spraying your child. there's all of these particles and you don't know what they are breathing in. and also it may not sort of cover them as well. but they recommend against spraying your children. just, you know, lotion them up. >> ok. so advice taken for this memorial day weekend. elizabeth cohen, thank you. you'll never guess who's gracing the latest cover of "vogue's" italian men's magazine. he is a pretty big gig. not in fashion. this guy is gracing the cover of "vogue." alina cho will explain. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth.
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10:51 am
"vogue" magazine is known as the bible in fashion. so when italian men's "vogue" recently put u.n. secretary general ban ki moon on the
10:52 am
cover, many thought, is this some kind of joke? it turns out it is not. the question is, why? alina cho spoke to the secretary general, and she's joining me now to tell us what he said. good morning. >> carol, good morning. you know, ban ki moon, fashion, not two words generally uttered in the same sentence. you know, when you think of ban ki moon, you generally think world's top diplomat, as u.n. secretary general, he travels the world, meets with presidents and prime ministers, and his mission is to keep the peace. so when he recently posed for the pages of "vogue," i had to wonder, why? lady gaga. uma thurman. nicole kidman. ban ki moon? wait a minute. is that the u.n. secretary general on the cover of italian men's "vogue"? it is. >> as you can see, i don't have much passion for fashion.
10:53 am
but i have a passion for africa. >> secretary general ban ki moon has made africa his number one priority, with the goal of saving 16 million lives by 2015. tal yen men's "vogue" devoted its entire may-june issue to rebranding africa, which is now he landed on the cover. inside, a lengthy interview and a full spread of photos, including ones with his wife and granddaughter, many of them taken at his home. >> the photo shoot was quite intense. >> that's right. >> tell me what that was like. >> you see, i'm not accustomed to this kind of interview. >> but in his words, important. >> magazines like "vogue," they have a great global reaching power. >> were you happy with the photos? >> yes, i'm happy. i'm very much honored.
10:54 am
>> he is not the first dignitary to grace the cover of italian men's "vogue." nelson mandela and al gore has also posed for "vogue." >> who cares about fashion for men? >> she says the magazine is about much more than just fashion. she interviewed the second general, and admits she was nervous. >> i really prepared myself. i couldn't come and just say, hello, here is "vogue," good quality, fantastic image, you being on the cover, so fantastic. it's a different approach. >> reporter: secretary general ban says he'd do it again. that cast on his left hand, a soccer injury. yes, he plays soccer too. he's on the road more than a week a month, and is serving out his second and final five-year term. and then what? >> retirement. >> who knows? he could have a future in fashion. >> you never know.
10:55 am
so are we seeing a softer side of ban ki moon, carol? well, maybe. a big reason why he decided to do the interview with "vogue" is because there's a big conference in rio next month on global advancement, and the secretary general thought it would be a great way to highlight his work he's doing in africa. as for the minor fracture on his left hand, i know you're wondering about this, i asked him when he'd be back on the soccer field. and i said in a month? and he said, well, maybe two. >> alina cho live in new york for us. thank you. >> you bet. facebook stock, it slips again. how much? alison kosik will tell us.
10:56 am
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♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. facebook stock down again. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. how much? >> well, you look at the week. monday and tuesday, you saw facebook shares drop about 20%. on wednesday and thursday, it was up about 6%. and guess what? it's down again. yes, we are seeing facebook shares down about 3.5%, trading at 31.85 below that $38 ipo price that we saw on friday. now the volume of trades, we are looking at that as well. the number of trades that are being made for facebook shares. the number of trades has fallen significantly compared to the first couple of days of trading. but it's sitting at about 14 billion shares trading hands, so
10:59 am
there is still interest in trading the stock. but everyone is kind of treating it like a hot potato because every day we come out with a new story of lawsuits, of brokers saying they're going to be out money, of morgan stanley having issues. so it's one issue after another. and we've got this long weekend coming up. so you're seeing investors not wanting to hold onto the stock over a long holiday weekend. carol? >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me today. "cnn newsroom" continues right now. >> hello, i'm fredricka whitfield in for kyra phillips. 33 years to the day after etan patz was lured to his death, a suspect has confessed. a court appearance is pending. and a mystery that inspired a movement may finally be solved. this man, 51-year-old pedro hernandez, told new york police he killed 6-year-old etan and dumped his body in the trash. the photo comes from "inside edit"


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