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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 25, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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who might have helped pay for the ads, people who work for the company the obama camp is hammering. that would be bain capital. and a terrifying discovery. radiation from the meltdown of a nuclear power plant actually built into the foundation of an apartment building. wolf blitzer's off today, i'm gloria borger, and you're in the "situation room." and it could happen any minute now. a suspect finally charged in the disappearance of etan patz. exactly 33 years ago today, the 6-year-old vanished launching a national campaign to find and protect missing children. the suspect pedro hernandez allegedly has confessed to killing etan, but there are many
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nagging questions still out there. such as what was the motive? did police miss clues for decades? and could they have gotten it wrong now? our national correspondent susan canada yac candiotti is outside the district attorney's office in new york. susan, hernandez is going to be arraigned from his hospital bed? >> reporter: well, it's a possibility, but we have some new updated information on that, gloria. having learned that he is now been admitted to the hospital under a suicide watch, a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered. earlier today he was brought over to the hospital from the jail because he needed some medications that were not available at the jail. not psychiatric in nature is what i'm being told. but when he arrived at bellevue hospital here in new york which does have the psychiatric unit, he began making statements according to law enforcement source including i want to die, i want to die. at that point, the psychiatric
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evaluation was ordered and you could say that he's now under a suicide watch. so what this means in terms of whether an arraignment will indeed happen today first court appearance or whether it happens by hospital bedside or at all, remains unclear, gloria. but it's one of many things that happens today as investigators continue to look at this case. >> nypd crime scene investigators snapping pictures in manhattan's upscale soho section. the location just blocks from patz' apartment where his parents still live. 33 years ago, the shop was what new yorkers call a bodega or convenience store, it looked out on patz' bus stop. at the time, 19-year-old pedro hernandez was a stock boy. now 51, he's seen here in a photo obtained by "inside
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edition." >> hernandez described to the detectives how he lured young etan from the school bus stop at west broadway and prince street with the promise of a soda. he then led him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there, and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >> lisa cohen wrote a book about the patz case. she had not heard of hernandez until two days ago. he was never a suspect. but part of the story might fit with what patz' parents told her about the day their son disappeared. >> i know he had that dollar when he left for school that day or at least that's the story i've always heard from his parents and that he had talked about buying a soda at the bodega before he got on the school bus. >> hernandez came to the attention of police last month after authorities dug up a basement in a different soho building. that dig didn't turn up much,
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but the publicity prompted a tip about hernandez. >> and he is following etan's disappearance, he had told a family member and others that he had, "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> but hernandez has no criminal record and his arrest is raising plenty of questions. his neighbors in new jersey say hernandez kept to himself. >> he seemed like an all right guy. he had a wife and there was a young daughter. and they were, you know, they said hello and everything. they were always smiling, and, well, this guy -- like they say confessed to it 33 years, he's been living in his own personal hell. >> it's also been a difficult 33 years for patz' parents. flowers and a note saying god bless you, you'll always be remembered greeted stan patz on the stoop where his wife kissed her son good-bye never to see
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him again. >> reporter: and so more difficult days ahead for the patz family, still so many unanswered questions. gloria? >> thanks, susan. unanswered, indeed. and whatever hopes his parents had of finding their son gave way to pain and resignation as police followed one false lead after another. and now with a suspect under arrest, our mary snow looks at all the twists and turns this case has taken. mary? >> well, gloria, the early hopes that he may be found alive was the initial reason why the family never moved or changed their phone number. this case has taken investigators across the country and around the world. but for 33 years, there's never been an arrest until now. >> when etan patz vanished in 1979, police swarmed the manhattan neighborhood where he lived and disappeared. many people were looked at, but it took three years before a potential break in the case. investigators zeroed in on a
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drifter named jose ramos. police were led to a drainpipe where he had pictures of little boys. at the time, the lead went nowhere. then in the mid-1980s, investigators turned their attention overseas when a photo of etan patz surfaced in israel. once again, no arrests. then attention turned back to ramos. lisa cohen says ramos had been friendly with a woman who walked etan to school. and she said the renewed interest in ramos came after it was learned ramos molested her son. >> he ultimately said he took a boy to his apartment that day that he was 90% sure was etan patz and he tried to have sex with that boy and then said he let him go. and there have been various other pieces of circumstantial evidence over the years that make him a prime suspect. >> reporter: but prosecutors never had the evidence to charge
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ramos in etan's murder. he was convicted in another molestation case and remains in jail in pennsylvania. in 2001, etan was declared dead. in 2004, a judge found ramos guilty in a civil suit filed by the patz family. >> this man stole our son's future and he should pay. >> with jose ramos due to be released from prison in november, stan patz insisted in asking prosecutors to reopen etan's case. in 2010, manhattan's new district attorney did just that. this april, investigators dug up a basement in a building near the patz home with police focusing on a handyman. but again, nothing panned out. >> and stan patz has been so convinced that jose ramos killed etan that he said he contacted ramos twice a year in prison asking him what he did with his son. he sends those messages on etan's birthday and the anniversaries of the day he disappeared, which is today.
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gloria? >> thanks a lot, mary. and let's now bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin to dig in a little deeper with this. jeffrey, what happens now in this wrongful death suit against jose ramos? >> well, that's one of the many unanswered legal questions here. that judgment is a sitting judgment. it exists now. he owes the patz family $2 million. of course he doesn't have $2 million, he's penniless and in prison. but if he is -- if the new case proceeds, then that case will presumably be dismissed or something will happen to it, but certainly the priority now is the criminal case against -- with the new arrest. >> so let's talk about the criminal case and the new arrest. why has this been so difficult? there are conflicting reports about mr. hernandez and whether he's been on their radar for a long time and disregarded.
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he has no criminal record, he's allegedly confessed. should we believe now that this is truly the murderer? >> well, i think we have to wait for the judicial system to operate to reach a firm conclusion. but the police have to know that a confession out of the blue after 33 years has to be treated with some skepticism. you know, why confess now? the bizarre fact is false confessions are real. people confess to crimes that they did not commit. that especially happens in high-profile cases. i'm sure many people remember a couple of years ago when a lunatic named john mark carr confessed to killing jon benet ramsey, turned out to be totally false. the nypd certainly has to be aware of that and presumably is convinced that this is a true confession by hernandez, not a false one, but it's going to be very important to see if there is any sort of physical evidence
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that corroborates this confession. and 33 years later, it's going to be hard to find physical evidence. >> can it be proven without physical evidence? >> it can be. it's ultimately up to a jury and we'll see what they believe. but he is going to get a lawyer and he is going to -- he may or may not fight these charges. if he is truly full of remorse, he may simply plead guilty. but if he decides to go to trial, i would imagine the police are going to have to look very hard for some sort of corroboration because a confession alone is a very thin read in which to support a conviction. >> and he apparently may be charged with second-degree murder as opposed to first-degree murder. can you explain why that would be the case? >> well, that would -- in new york state, first-degree murder only applies to murder of police officers, i think. so second-degree murder is the most he could be charged with under new york state law. and murder is the only crime for which there is no statute of limitations. so even though it's 33 years
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later, it will be legally permissible to charge him with murder. >> okay. thanks so much. our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin, thanks for being with us. and president obama is hammering mitt romney for his record as ceo of the financial firm bain capital. you've heard that all week. but it turns out the president has his own connection to people inside that very company. plus, if mitt romney is elected president, will his first term spending plan drive conservative republicans crazy? and vice president biden talks with the families of fallen troops about his own painful, personal losses. >> i got a phone call. saying that my family had been in an accident. and just like you guys know by the tone of the phone call you just knew, didn't you? i'm freaking out man.
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president obama put mitt romney on notice this week that he's going to keep hammering away at his record as ceo of bain capital. but it turns out that the president has his own connection to the firm. and that would be a money connection. here's our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. >> well, gloria, the obama campaign has always prided itself on getting contributions small and large from all walks of life. but one source of campaign cash can be described with one word, awkward. >> they closed it down and filed for bankruptcy. >> testimonials like this about bain capital, the private equity firm mitt romney used to run. >> like a vampire, sucked the life out of us.
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>> the irony, some of the money to pay for this tv ad may come from the same company that mitt romney is demonizing in it. bain capital. it turns out employees had given $124,900 to the obama campaign. and three of those bain capital donors mark nunnelly, stephen pagliuca have given the maximum amount by law, $35,800. in the case of levine, he didn't just write his own check to the president. he's what's called a bund ler. a fundraiser that raises money from others. $125,000 is a lot of money from people who work at a company the obama campaign and its allies vilify, like in this super pac ad. >> bain capital always made money, if we lost, they made money, if we survived, they made money. it's as simple as that. >> all of the nearly $125,000 in
4:17 pm
donations to the obama campaign from bain employees were made in 2011 well before the president's team started accusing romney of killing jobs while at bain. still, the obama campaign tells cnn they do not intend to return any campaign cash from bain employees. no one aside from mitt romney is running for president highlighting their tenure as corporate buyout specialist as one of job creation when, in fact, his goal was profit m maximizizatio maximizing. here's the democratic chairwoman's answer. >> accepting a contribution from a particular person involved in venture capital and criticizing mitt romney who has made his record as a venture capitalist at bain the central focus of his credibility and his qualification for being president are completely different things. >> now, we put calls in to the
4:18 pm
bain capital employees who donated to the president to ask if they're going to demand their money back. no one returned our calls, but gloria, a spokesman for bain capital did get back to us and said in a statement it is not a "political organization and take no position on any candidate." he also said that bain capital celebrates the fact that their candidates are active in civil affairs with various policy and political views, gloria. >> dana, but you know, if you're working for private equity and you want to give a political contribution now, do you think twice about it? particularly the obama campaign who seems to be sort of taking a whack at you? >> it's hard to imagine not, particularly -- it's not just private equity, be uh in this particular case, the very company that is a subject, of course, of all of these ads and attacks by the obama campaign. just talking anecdotely to people who i know raise money for the romney campaign for the romney campaign, i should say,
4:19 pm
they have told me that many contributors who traditionally gave to president obama on wall street are no longer doing it specifically for this reason. certainly getting money from private equity, but some of them are switching over to mitt romney because they're sick of being vilified. >> yeah, i'm sure they're actively courting him. dana bash, thank you so much. and now let's bring in john king, also the anchor of "john king usa." how does this look for the president with regard to bain capital? criticizing them, taking their money. >> and taking other private equity money. some people say, mr. president, you're trying to have it both ways, wait, mr. president, that's hypocritical. look how quickly james clyburn from south carolina, he said earlier this week, i don't take money from companies that rape other companies. raping other companies. the campaign quickly said we denounce that language. why? because that's essentially james clyburn saying the president's a hypocrite. if he knew that, maybe not, i don't know. we're in a comparative election. they're going to raise money wherever they can raise money.
4:20 pm
the question is whether governor romney tries to make an issue of that. campaign finance, where you get your money, unless there's a scandal or illegality, doesn't usually sway votes. >> here's my question, when mitt romney's been asked about bain capital, he seems to be deflecting and starts talking about the message on the economy instead of really taking bain capital sort of head on saying actually we helped this company, that company, this company, that company. do you think they're going to start taking it on more directly? they've been attacked on this since the '90s. >> they wrestle this with every day and every one of his campaigns. ted kennedy did this in the campaign. i just talked to rick perry moments ago for my show, he did this just a couple months back in the republican -- >> vulture capitalism. >> he said, well, it won't work. they go through this every time. are they going to have to do more? yes. how much more? that's the challenge. because every second that mitt romney's talking about his record at bain, he's not
4:21 pm
assaulting the president's three years of presidency in the united states in his record. voters want to make this a referendum on the president not on his record 25 years ago. >> the question is whether this fight over bain is going to resinate with middle class working voters out there or whether it's going to be an argument that seems to kind of not matter to their lives. >> and so we know each candidate's weaknesses. the president has weakness among white, working class voters. we will ask some exit poll question about bain capital. i hope you write it downright now. will we learn from that question whether this had an impact? maybe, maybe not. what do you look at? do people think governor romney's on their side? does he share their values? president obama has a big advantage there right now. >> absolutely. >> down scale white voters tend to be more governor romney's voters. can the president peel enough of them away? he's not going to win down scale white voters. by saying who will fight to keep
4:22 pm
your job? if the bain attacks are successful and will help the president in the margins there, which means in a place like wisconsin and a place like ohio in battleground pennsylvania, voters with whom in the past the president has struggled. again, he might not win them. if he can change the margins a bit, that's where we'll watch that battle. >> and look in the battleground states, it's very competitive. so -- >> it's very competitive and it's very fluid. you have sometimes you see people a bit more optimistic about the economy but then they see something happening in the neighborhood. you have to go state by state, some states are doing better than others. this is a fascinating, close race. right now, this is as close as you get. >> we take it day by day. now get to work and do your own show. thanks a lot. and mitt romney is now suggesting he would not drastically cut spending right away if he were elected president. so is that going to fly with conservatives? and a powerful tribute by joe biden. the vice president gets emotional and very personal with the families of fallen troops.
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and joining me for today's strategy session, our democratic strategist and cnn political contributor, and former bush white house speech writer and cnn political contributor david fromm, also a contributor to as am i. welcome both. mitt romney had an interview with "time" magazine this week in which he said something that conservatives might object to. he said he wouldn't make huge cuts in the first year of his presidency. let me read to you what he said.
4:27 pm
"i do it in a way that does not have a huge reduction in the first year, but instead has an increasing reduction as time goes on and given the growth of the economy, you don't have a reduction in the overall scale of the gdp. i don't want to have us go into a recession in order to balance the budget. now, that sounds a lot like something conservatives might object to who want to cut, cut, cut, not raise taxes. david? >> it's great policy. it's the right answer. and it's, by the way, what we would -- we would -- we see conservative governments doing in germany and canada that you don't make these massive cuts. but the danger is that there are people in the republican party in the name of government have rejected a lot of the economic effects of what cutting government does. but it is a reminder -- >> called tea party? have you heard of that? >> but it's a reminder that mitt romney is a highly intelligent man, highly sophisticated student of the economy and safe
4:28 pm
pair of hands. >> well, i agree with the first one. he's a highly intelligent guy, really smart. but he has committed to a document called the ryan republican budget. this is a budget the house republicans have passed. this is a serious document, it's a budget blueprint that the republicans have passed into law. and it contains -- go take a look at either the congressional budget office, senator for budget priorities. they said center for budget and policy said the romney/ryan budget will be the gradual demise of traditional medicare all for tax cuts for the rich. i suspect he was just trying to etch-a-sketch. >> but it also calls for tax reform, which is something democrats want to do, they want to reform the tax code. >> what romney calls reform is cutting taxes for guys like mitt romney, to the lowest levels since they've been under hoover. it's in the budget. look it up. >> the ryan plan, and i'm not a supporter of it.
4:29 pm
let's remember most of the things that happened in the ryan plan happened three, five, eight, ten years out. and the idea that ten years from now that congress is going to say, well, here's something that the american people would like us to do that we would like to do, but we won't do it because thus paul ryan ten years ago and the words of paul ryan are true and binding forever more, i don't think that's going to happen. >> mitt romney used the words in that interview grand bargain, which is also something republicans may not want to hear a lot about. let me move on to the "washington post"/abc news poll. and it showed an advantage for mitt romney that struck me. and that is an advantage over the president when it comes to white middle class financially struggling voters. if you take a look at this poll, who would do more to advance the economic interests of you and your family? you see there barack obama 32, mitt romney 58%. how big a problem is that for the president? >> well, first off, he wants the vote of every american. >> of course.
4:30 pm
>> the same subset voted 58% to 40% four years ago and we call mr. barack obama mr. president today. there is real pain there. and the president's got to do better about reaching them. but the argument is going to be this. who's better to create an economy that works for the middle class? that same "washington post" poll gives president obama the six-point advantage. when you ask people who is going to cater to wall street? romney by 23 points. >> what does it tell you about the voters? >> financially struggling americans are like students who have been recruited into some psychology experiment. they're inclined to press the other button and hope they don't get the big zap. they know obama equals pain, maybe romney won't equal pain. >> is romney doing anything to help them push that button as far as you're concerned? as you point out the problems for mitt romney are on the feels my pain quotient. >> romney is offering hope and
4:31 pm
change, the same thing that obama offered in 2008. you know it's pain with this alternative, maybe it's better with the other. that's hope, and that's change. >> romney just screams millionaires and billionaires. that's his problem -- >> no, you scream millionaires and billionaires. >> oh, look at him. nobody believes anything. when he tries to talk to these middle class voters, i said this before, he looks like the queen of england at the cow chip tossing contest at the county fair, completely disgusted by middle class people because he's not one of us and voters pick that up. >> would you argue that the president actually had a pretty bad week this week? here he was with his bain capital ads and cory booker coming out saying these things are nauseating and stepping on the white house -- on the administration's message. >> if bain capital -- if this is bad for the economy, why didn't the president and democrats do something about it? their view is, look, we are not going to stop this kind of activity, bain capital can lay off everybody it wants, it can do all of these terrible things and we're completely fine with it unless somebody from that company wants the president's job. in which case we'll call him
4:32 pm
names, but we have no policy response to this whatsoever. >> first off, our viewers should know i'm helping the pro-obama super pac that's running these things. it's important to disclose that. and here's why we're running them, right? because this is a huge problem for mitt romney, he wants to bring those values to the public square. if a private company wants to do it, that's one thing. he wants to set up a government that runs by the same rules. everything goes to the rich and the middle class gets hammered. >> and obama will do what to prevent the government -- >> it's still not what we want the values of that kind of guy to impose his values -- >> these are paul's ads -- okay, thank you very much. thanks to both of you guys. >> thanks, gloria. to change subjects, radiation hits very close to home after japan's nuclear plant meltdown. the scary discovery inside an apartment building shakes one family to its foundation literally. and vice president biden opens up about the black hole you feel
4:33 pm
when you lose someone you love. standby to hear his very emotional remarks.
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4:36 pm
vice president joe biden making an emotional and very personal tribute to the troops. ahead of memorial day, biden spoke to surviving families left behind by fallen military members. and he talked about his own loss of his first wife and daughter and how he can relate to those who contemplate suicide. >> when i was a 21-year-old kid, i got elected to the united states senate out of nowhere. and i got a phone call like you guys got someone walking up to me. on december 18th, i was down in washington, i'm the first united states senator i ever knew. and i was down in washington hiring my staff and i got a
4:37 pm
phone call. saying that my family had been in an accident. and just like you guys know by the tone of the phone call you just knew, didn't you? you knew when they walked up the path, you knew when the call came. you knew, you just felt it in your bones. something bad happened. and i knew. i don't know how i knew, but the call said my wife was dead, my daughter was dead, and wasn't sure how my sons were going to make it. they were christmas shopping and a tractor-trailer broad-sided them in one instant. killed two of them -- and, well -- that black hole you feel in your chest like you're being sucked back into it. looking at your kids, most of
4:38 pm
you have kids here. and knowing -- it was the first time in my career, my life i realized someone could go out and i probably shouldn't say this with the press here. no, but it's more important -- you're more important. for the first time in my life, i understood how someone could consciously decide to commit suicide. not because they were deranged, not because they'd been to the top of the mountain and they just knew in their heart they'd never get there again. it was never going to get -- never going to be that way ever again. and just when you think maybe i'm going to make it, you're riding down the road and you pass a field and you see a flower and it reminds you. you hear a tune on the radio, or you just look up in the night and you know you think maybe i'm
4:39 pm
not going to make it, man. because you feel at that moment the way you felt the day you got the news. >> and biden went on to talk about happier times and about learning to love again. and his wife jill was at his side and he told the story of how it took five proposals for her to say yes. also for memorial day weekend, soldiers place small american flags on more than 280,000 graves at arlington national cemetery. every available soldier from the u.s. army's third infantry participated. flags were also placed a t ed a tombs of the unknowns. and radiation nation. some japanese are making a shocking discovery in their homes, we're tracking the nuclear fallout. and egyptians finally free to
4:40 pm
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iran might be one step closer to a nuclear weapon. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and some of the other top stories in the "situation room" right now. what do you have for us? >> well, the u.n. says inspectors found uranium in iran enriched up to 27%, that's the highest level ever found there. iran says it may be due to technical reasons beyond the operator's control.
4:44 pm
this after iran held talks with several nations. many believe iran wants to build nuclear weapons which includes 90% uranium enrichment. and the trainer for i'll have another has been handed a 45-day suspension, tied to a 2010 race with another horse. but doug o'neill will be able to participate in the june 9th belmont stakes because the suspension won't happen until at least july 1st. i'll have another won the kentucky derby and the preakness and could become the first triple crown winner since 1978. a fugitive penguin captured in japan, this 1-year-old penguin on the loose for nearly three months after escaping from a tokyo aquarium. it somehow scaled a 13-foot wall and a barbed wire fence to get in the tokyo bay. finally captured the run away bird by hand yesterday. they said the penguin is a little excited after its journey. and the rapper taking the
4:45 pm
mound for the chicago white sox last night. he threw out the first pitch before the twins/white sox game. and after the pitch, snoop playing it up, taking to the knee to do his best tebow. you see him there. the white sox beat minnesota 11-8. so good for him. looks like he had a ton of fun out there, gloria. >> i think that's a hard thing to do, particularly when you're a guy and there's so much macho on the line. >> i think you're right, but obviously he has skills, not just as a rapper but obviously on the baseball field. yep, good job. we have to see it again. >> hard to get it over the plate, really hard. >> and you know, also, a little toss out to tim tebow, of course. >> of course. >> he looks very different. he looks very different in the jersey and everything else. it's a good look too. >> a little different look. right. thanks a lot, lisa. and never listen to what the government tells you. that's what distraught japanese are saying. why they can't trust what their
4:46 pm
leaders say about radiation. and newspapers, well, they take another step in the way of the dinosaurs. how much longer can the business hang on? howard kurtz joins us right here in the "situation room." [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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4:49 pm
liberty mutual auto insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? a terrifying discovery. more than a year after the earthquake and meltdown at a japanese power plant, an in-depth report of members of one family who discovered radiation right under their feet. >> reporter: one mother's rage. local government representatives have finally shown up to talk to her husband and two young children months after a horrific discovery at their apartment complex. this brand new building's foundation is radioactive. they found a level ten times higher than average exposure in japan. but this city is supposed to be in a safe area, 40 miles away from the so-called danger zone around the fukushima nuclear
4:50 pm
plant. so how did this happen? this cement came from this quarry just miles from the crippled nuclear plant. when the triple meltdown happened, radiation rained down on the quarry, the radioactive rock was shipped around the country and used to build this apartment building. residents from the first floor all moved out. but they live on the third floor where the government keeps trying to tell her it's safe. >> do you feel nervous even just standing out here? >> translator: yes, i'm worried. it could be coming out of the ground. we don't know. >> reporter: it's not just the apartment building, the contaminated rock from the quarry made its way to nearly 1,000 different locations across this entire region. it's right under my feet in this new section of this little canal. just an example of how radiation from the fukushima nuclear disaster has worked its way into ordinary life here in japan.
4:51 pm
radiation tainted straw was fed to cattle which became tainted beef that ended up in supermarkets and restaurants across japan. radioactive particles flew across the country and landed on green tea fields which ended up in teacups. and airborne radioactive particles appeared to have entered a baby formula factory, formula which ended up on store shelves. all these scares have led to the opening of nearly 100 independent store fronts across japan where residents like yuki can test food and soil for radiation. i can't believe the government, we don't believe them. we have to protect ourselves. that's what we've learned from fukushima. japan's government is constantly monitoring radiation in the air, ground, and water on a local and national level. but she is a living example that the government can't control the spread of radiation everywhere. never listen to what the government tells you, she says, if you do, you'll pay. she and her family go back
4:52 pm
inside with little relief from the government. they'll try to handle this crisis on their own. cnn, japan. and the 9.0 earthquake that unleashed a tsunami and japan's nuclear crisis was the fourth largest quake on record and the biggest one, of course, ever to strike japan. and egypt's historic presidential vote may be headed for a runoff. and there are concerns that one leading candidate could turn egypt into another iran. new orleans is about to become the biggest metro area in the world without a daily print newspaper. and is donald trump angling to be mitt romney's running mate? really? i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way.
4:53 pm
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this is a disturbing story for those of us who love to hold and read a printed newspaper whatever our ipads allow us to do. one of america's oldest papers, the new orleans times will offer you only three printed editions a week beginning in the fall. and new orleans will become the largest metro area in the nation now that doesn't have a daily print newspaper. and joining me now is howard kurtz, washington bureau chief of "newsweek" magazine and also the host of cnn's reliable sources. we have seen this starting to happen at newspapers for years now. we know that the economy is going in the wrong direction as far as newspapers are concerned. but the "times picqune" was so
4:57 pm
important. >> this is a newspaper where many of the staff members lost of had damage to their homes during that devastating home. kept writing, kept publishing, and now new orleans becomes the largest city in the united states not to have a daily newspaper. >> so does this mean that eventually if it can happen there that print editions of all daily newspapers are going to go the way of the steam engine? >> i certainly hope not as a lifelong newspaper guy and you worked for a newspaper a long time ago. >> and magazines. >> i'm sure some of the younger people watching are saying so what, so it'll become the website. for one thing, i like the idea of being able to step outside the door and take a physical product and take it on the subway and things you miss online surfing at hyper speed. they also need the revenue of print advertisements because online ads produce a fraction of the money coming in. >> print ads account for most
4:58 pm
newspaper revenues about 86%. so can you shift that to the web? >> well, that's the reason that we don't see papers like the "times picayune," you get some of that ad revenue. but look, the trend is moving in this direction. really pains me to say that. i don't think print is going to disappear completely, but it may in some communities. i think the "new york times" is a national newspaper, "wall street journal," usa today will still be around. but in these mid-sized cities, they are really struggling. and here's the problem, gloria, when you shrink the revenue and cut the staff, which is also happening in new orleans, you are crippling the reporting those communities rely on. >> what does this do to the quality of journalism? i think we sound like two dinosaurs here who both used to work in print and now you're on the web and here i am on tv and i write for the web. but -- but what does this do to
4:59 pm
the quality of investigative reporting, for example, which costs an awful lot of money, you know. >> you know, newspapers are already cutting back. for example, you go to any state capital in the united states and there are far fewer print reporters there than there used to be. fewer people keeping an eye on the governor, on state legislators, on contracting, that's important stuff if you live in that community. and i don't see local tv or websites stepping up to fill that breech. they can't be everything to everyone anymore. but they do some things very well. sports and entertainment. but also if you're in new orleans or tampa or st. louis or san francisco, you rely on that local paper to hold your public officials accountable. we'll be seeing less of that. >> i fear that's going to be the case. we'll see you sunday. >> absolutely. and you're in the "situation room," happening now, donald trump says he'll do anything to help mitt romney, but can his new comments about barack obama's birth hurt the man he
5:00 pm
wants to help? he says he wants to turn egypt into an islamic state. should america be worried that one of its allies will become another iran? a cnn exclusive, u.s. commandos train with troops from other american ally. learning how to capture or kill terrorists. we'll take you behind the scenes in jordan. welcome to our viewers from the united states and around the world, wolf blitzer's off today, i'm gloria borger, and you're in the "situation room." donald trump is bringing some buzz to the romney campaign that may or may not be a good thing for mitt romney.
5:01 pm
the outspoken real estate tycoon is speaking out about the possibility of being romney's running mate. and he's once again asking questions about barack obama's birth. so would trump be a boost or baggage for romney? our lisa sylvester is looking into that. lisa, what do you think? >> okay, so gloria, you know this, donald trump and mitt romney both very successful businessmen. but personality wise, they are very different. still, the two are teaming up. trump raising money for the gop candidate. and could there be a romney/trump ticket? >> reporter: donald trump guest hosting on "the view." >> before we start, can i just say something? >> i have something for you. my birth certificate. >> huh. >> don't believe it. >> i'd like to see obama's. >> in the opening minutes, needling president obama over the birther issue. trump endorsed mitt romney back in february, the straight-laced romney side-by-side with the
5:02 pm
colorful tv personality trump, a story of contrast. >> there are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. >> ask now if you would consider being romney's running mate, trump said who could turn it down? >> a lot of people are asking that question. i think probably that won't happen, but i'll do anything i can to help this country get balanced again. >> reporter: trump is lining up major donors for romney. he's holding a fundraiser in las vegas next week and offering romney supporters this, a chance to dine with the donald for as little as $3. if that sounds familiar, george clooney did a similar fundraiser for president obama. but is trump an ally for romney or more of an albatraz? >> he had brought it up a lot last year and continues to bring it up. both in his tweets and what he
5:03 pm
says and that is something that could be real turn off to voters. so if they associate donald trump with mitt romney and the birther issue comes up, that is definitely not a plus, but a big minus for mitt romney. >> reporter: few you thought the birther issue was put to bed when trump took credit for getting the state of hawaii to release president obama's full birth certificate not so fast, here's one of trump's recent tweets. then there's the trump ego. he's not a guy to run from cono. >> should you attack back? >> i believe yes. and i believe as -- i mean i can give you lots of examples. but if you're known as a patsy, somebody that takes it, i think it's terrible. >> in trump's world, he's number one, not used to playing the role of number two. >> and the reality tv star flirted with the idea of running himself for president but ultimately said that he wouldn't because he didn't want to end his show "the apprentice," gloria. >> that's a good reason not to
5:04 pm
run for president, right, gloria? >> right. and so we have to ask, will having donald trump in mitt romney's corner help him at all? so the revival of this birther issue, let's get it out of the way. isn't this just kind of embarrassing for mitt romney? don't you wish it would stop? i mean romney has said it's not an issue. >> yeah, well, that's correct. i can't speak for donald trump, gloria, but i can tell you that mitt romney accepts that president obama was born in the united states. he doesn't view the place of his birth as an issue in this campaign. we have many serious challenges facing this country dealing with jobs in the economy. that's where we should center our discussion. and as i said, you know, mitt romney has made it clear that this is not an issue for him. >> so why is mitt romney sort of throwing a party with donald trump to raise money?
5:05 pm
well, you know, not too long ago, jay carney, the spokesman for the white house made a statement which i think is correct, and that statement was that a candidate can't be responsible for everything that their supporters say. and in this case, mitt romney has made it clear that the place of the president's birth is not an issue for him. he accepts the fact that he was born in hawaii. and we have many important challenges facing our country, and that's what we'd rather talk about. >> okay. let's get back to serious politics then. and let's talk a little bit about this bain capital issue which the obama campaign has launched attacks against you on bain capital. are you getting ready to launch in advertising direct attacks back defending mitt romney and his record at bain? >> well, i think you've seen with the advertising that we've produced so far, there's two ads which simply answer the question, what would a mitt
5:06 pm
romney presidency be like? >> but they're not about bain? >> no, they're about what mitt romney would do to turn around this bad economy from repealing obama care to approving the construction of the keystone pipeline to tackling our debt and deficit, tax reform that will create growth in the economy. these are the issues that we're addressing in our advertising. look, i think this has been a bad week for president obama. the reason it's been a bad week is because he's attacking the underpinnings of our economic system. when you take on risk taking and entrepreneurship with these attacks on bain capital, i think that sends a very negative message. and that's why his campaign strategy has been received so poorly by leading voices within his own party. >> do you think that president obama should return the money he's raised from bain capital given what he has said about bain capital? >> no, i think he should stop attacking our free enterprise
5:07 pm
system. free enterprise is not a partisan concept. it's an american concept. and what people want to know is what are your plans to get this economy moving again? 23 million people who are unemployed or can't find the job that they want, that should be the subject of our discussions and our plans. most incumbents, gloria, by the way, most successful incumbents run on their record. when you don't have a successful record to run on, then you create these misleading distractions which the president is doing with his attacks on bain capital. >> well, it's clear from the bain capital attacks, one of the reasons they're doing it is because they want to portray as mitt romney as elite and out of touch. and if you look at the polls that is mitt romney's problem, you do pretty well handling the economy and not so much on feels my pain and understands my problems. how do you fix that? and let the american people know that your candidate is somebody who does understand their
5:08 pm
problems? >> well, look, this is going to be an economy election, a referendum on the president's handling of the economy. i think that the governor's experience 25 years in the private sector is what qualifies him to lead on jobs in the economy. i think it's -- i think it's wrong of the president to focus on simply the underperforming elements in the bain capital portfolio. you need to look at the entire record. and over the period of time that mitt romney was in leadership at bain capital, they had an extraordinarily successful record in turning around troubled enterprises, starting up companies, creating value, and by creating value creating employment. >> what about when he was governor of massachusetts? one other line of attack against you is that when mitt romney was governor of massachusetts, massachusetts was 47 out of 50 states in terms of job creation. what's your response to that? >> well, when mitt romney was
5:09 pm
elected governor of massachusetts in 2002, the state was in recession. in many ways, the circumstances of the economy were similar to what the nation is facing now. we were losing thousands of jobs every month, the budget was completely unbalanced. after four years, mitt romney had turned that situation completely around, we were creating jobs, the budget had been balanced four years in a row without raising taxes. on a net basis, gloria, we created between 30,000 and 40,000 jobs, that's more jobs created in the tiny state of massachusetts on a net basis than this president has created for the entire country. >> isn't this a problem for you? because you're saying the reason mitt romney had a difficult time creating jobs more quickly is because he took over when the state was in a severe recession. that's essentially the same argument president obama is using saying in explaining why unemployment hasn't gone down faster in the country. he says, look, we were really in a ditch. and it's taken me a while to get
5:10 pm
out of it. isn't he making the same argument mitt romney is making in a way? >> no, i think the difference is this. mitt romney had a positive jobs record, and this president has a negative jobs record. he's down 800,000 jobs. mitt romney was up 30,000 to 40,000 jobs. when mitt romney took office, the unemployment rate in massachusetts was close to 6%. when he left, it was 4.7%. the unemployment rate under this president has gone up over the last 3 1/2 years. so i think their job creation records are entirely different and, of course, they have plans for getting this economy moving again are different. >> and we'll be talking about that a lot in the future. thanks so much for being with us today. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. and they're counting ballots in egypt. and so far the muslim brotherhood's candidate is in the lead. should the west be worried? plus, a huge fire raging just a few miles from disney world. chad myers is tracking the flames for us.
5:11 pm
also, a historic moment which could change space travel forever.
5:12 pm
5:13 pm
5:14 pm
could egypt's landmark presidential election end up being settled in the streets? egyptians are proud of a history going back thousands of years, and now they're finally free to choose their own leader. but 15 months after the arab spring revolution -- pitting a muslim fundamentalist against a mubarak ally. so where does the ballot counting stand as we speak? >> reporter: so the results we have are not official, they don't come from the presidential commission, but party observers as well as a semi official state newspaper are all reporting that the muslim brotherhood candidate mohammed morsi and the last prime minister of the mubarak
5:15 pm
regime will both be in the runoff on june 16th and 17th. this is a surprise to many. what this means, gloria, is that the centrist candidates didn't make it in the run-off. i'm talking about the secretary general of the arab league and a former foreign minister for hosni mubarak. and another candidate who was considered a more moderate islamist. this means that the political landscape in this country has become very polarized between an islamist and a man very closely associated with the regime of hosni mubarak. a regime that was overthrown more than 15 months ago after the initial uprising in january and february of last year. this as far as revolutionaries are concerned, gloria is an absolute disaster. it's the worst-case scenario for them. it means they have to pick between a man who wants to inject more islam into politics and a man who was very closely
5:16 pm
allied with the dictator they overthrew. gloria? >> and do we know the candidate in third place is going to endorse and whether that will make any difference at all in the outcome? >> reporter: well, that's a very good question. because you were talking about sabahi, a man viewed more as a revolutionary, as spousing the principles of the nasa era in the '50s. he came in third according to the non-official results. there were reports that the muslim brotherhood candidate morsi had offered him -- had offered to talk to him in order to form a political alliance. now those reports were denied by the campaign of sabahi. so it seems right now talks, perhaps, or at least overtures are being made to defeat the prime minister. back to you. >> thanks so much. and could the islamist
5:17 pm
front-runner in egypt's election try to turn the largest nation and american ally into another iran? our brian todd takes a closer look at the muslim brotherhood candidate. brian, so as holla points out, this is causing a fair amount of concern in lots of quarters, particularly in this country. >> that's right, a lot of concern among western observers, gloria. this man was the backup, the spare tire candidate. but when the leading man was barred from competing, mohammed morsi became the top choice for egypt's president and has a good shot as holla mentioned as beating hosni mubarak's ally in the runoffs. >> reporter: the prospect he could be egypt's next president might be unsettling to the u.s. and its allies. >> in person he's quite hostile toward westerners and consistently says he wants egypt to be an islamic state and has very unpleasant things about key american interests, including
5:18 pm
the treaty with israel -- >> eric traiger was in egypt during the arab spring and has interviewed morsi. he said he wouldn't rip up the treaty, but a harder line toward israel than mubarak did. he said morsi and the brotherhood wants to implicate sharia law. >> the brotherhood is trying to, first of all, roll back the laws against sexual harassment, which they have said is due to women's nakedness. and secondly they've tried to repeal the ban on female genital mutilation. >> an ally of morsi's responded. >> do you yourself believe that? is any democracy that would allow this to happen? we're totally against this. we've had women's rights in islam has been there for 1,400 years. we're not talking about a new
5:19 pm
civilization. >> reporter: he says morsi, who had a post graduate engineering degree at usc and has two children with american citizenship wants to build bridges with the u.s. but he has also pledged to work for the release of the so-called blind sheik serving a life sentence. >> we would like to look at this as a legal case. it's his rights and we're going to support legal rights everywhere in the world. >> i asked him a bottom line question for westerners about mohammed morsi. >> under his leadership, egypt is the next iran? >> we might not have an iran per se, we're more likely to have a pakistan in which a strong military intervenes in a radical, political sphere at will. >> i put that to morsi's ally, as well. if he wins, egypt will not be like pakistan or iran. he says they won't move toward
5:20 pm
being a theocratic government. and says we shouldn't be listening to people he calls islamaphobes. >> so would the military try -- or could they, pull him back if they felt he was likely to be too antagonistic to the united states? >> analysts say they probably would do that if it involved foreign policy and he tried to get in america's face about different things because the egypt and military are still powerful. but it's on the domestic affairs front. if he tries to impose sharia law and suppress women as some think he's going to do, the military wouldn't necessarily stand in the way of that. they care less about that than they do about the relationship with the united states. >> thanks so much, brian. that's a little unnerving, i think. >> could be. and training for terrorists. u.s. troops joining forces with their middle east counterparts in a story you'll only see here on cnn.
5:21 pm
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france's new president makes
5:24 pm
his first visit to afghanistan. our lisa sylvester has some of the top stories in the "situation room." what's new? >> hi, gloria. francois hollande is reaffirming his country's commitment to withdrawing 2,000 troops from afghanistan by the end of this year telling a joint news conference with afghan president hamid karzai france's task in afghanistan has come to an end. hollande also met with troops and stressed france's ongoing commitment and partnership with the country. a disoriented american airlines passenger is in federal custody for allegedly rushing toward the cockpit just after the flight from jamaica landed in miami. two passengers were reportedly able to restrain him before authorities arrived. >> i accidentally -- and from that point i was able to maneuver him and flip it. and as you know, if you get in
5:25 pm
this kind of position and you're locked and one arm's up, the more it goes up, the more pain and more pressure, the more pain you're going to be in. >> officials say there were no injuries or damage to the plane, and there appears to be no link to terrorism. graphic video as a dui suspect goes on an alarming rant in the backseat of a police car. >> all the officers -- stealing my money! stealing my money! >> hey, stop banging your head. >> oh, hard to watch that. the anesthesiologist who bloodied his face banging it against the divider was pulled over after running police off the road. troopers reportedly found $40,000 in his pockets and another $14,000 in his car. he's now charged with dui, resisting arrest, and property damage. gloria? >> that's a lot of money to be just kind of riding around with. >> that's a very mysterious story and also the motive. i know he had been drinking,
5:26 pm
allegedly, but even still, that video's kind of hard to watch actually, too. >> very difficult. thanks a lot, lisa. and president obama, of course, wants every vote he can get. but he may have trouble luring a specific group, and that's veterans. find out why next. and plus, you don't see this every day. the u.n.'s top diplomat on the cover of a fashion magazine? >> as you can see me, i don't have much passion for fashion. [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida.
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you can use a mobile device to easily catalog your belongings in advance, so you're always well prepared. home protector plus, from liberty mutual insurance, so your life can settle right back into place. to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? if u.s. troops are called in to fight terrorism in the middle east, they may have a close ally in jordan. americans special ops forces have been training there with their jordinian counterparts. and in a cnn exclusive, our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has gotten a behind the scenes look. >> gloria, now more than ever, jordan's elite special forces
5:30 pm
are a key ally for u.s. troops here in the middle east. this is jordan's counterterrorism battalion. expert snipers -- always ready. the same skills u.s. commandos are practicing here. we are showing a mock house used for training. u.s. troops have seen this before. >> this is the kind of training those navy s.e.a.l.s got before they assaulted osama bin laden's compound. coming up a dark staircase not knowing what is waiting for them at the top. >> reporter: cnn was granted exclusive access as both sides share the latest secrets on how to capture or kill terrorists. we can only show you u.s. army
5:31 pm
captain rory from behind. his 12-man special forces team uses these to raid compounds in afghanistan. but here the jordanian forces show americans how they do business. light, open trucks for long rides across the desert. >> the air's blowing in your face, i've never done it before. me getting in a vehicle and having them drive us around is a great experience. >> reporter: the reality, if a new war comes to the middle east, u.s. and jordanian special forces will be fighting side-by-side doing these types of raids and assaults. for jordanian colonel who commands this tough jordanian unit, he says the threats of countries like syria don't worry his men. >> it gives us more guts and courage to work on daily basis. >> reporter: officials here in
5:32 pm
jordan tell us one thing they would like is drone technology. the same type of drones that are being used to attack terrorists in pakistan and yemen. but so far, neither the cia or the pentagon is willing to sell that technology to this key ally. gloria? >> thanks, barbara. and polls show that foreign policy is an area of strength for president obama. he scored points for aggressively combatting terrorism. and now obama's campaign is making a push to gain support from veterans. cnn white house correspondent dan lothian has spent some time looking into that. dan? >> and why the push? well, because the campaign realizes this will be a very close election and that veterans could make the difference especially in those battleground states like virginia where you have a big military presence. >> president obama rarely misses an opportunity to talk about the help he's offering to military veterans and their families. >> we will care and serve our
5:33 pm
veterans the way they've served us. >> reporter: it's about policy and politics, his reelection campaign is actively courting veterans who have traditionally supported republicans. launching a grass roots effort, veterans and military families for obama. >> it's door-to-door, person-to-person, grocery store to grocery store. >> reporter: in 2008, president obama lost the veteran vote to senator john mccain 55% to 45%. but the demographics are shifting and democrats sense an opportunity. a recent poll shows mr. obama with a 44% to 37% lead among this group over likely opponent mitt romney. team obama is looking for voters like josh. he's a recent graduate of george washington university law school. who served with the army in iraq. he's a proud veteran and a loyal republican. >> the first presidential election i could vote in was 2004 and i voted for president bush. >> but for the first time, he's
5:34 pm
looking to both the right and the left. he likes former massachusetts governor mitt romney, yet president obama's foreign policy has gotten his attention. >> and he's impressed me with the way he led the drawdown in iraq and afghanistan, as well. >> reporter: the killing of osama bin laden has won over some former critics. that's the sales pitch democrats are making. republicans say this outreach is honorable. but they're skeptical of an election year appeal to veterans. >> they deserve, you know, support every day of the year, but not just when it's convenient. >> reporter: taking nothing for granted, former veterans affairs secretary in the bush administration is pitching mitt romney to veterans and their families. >> we'll be doing our work as aggressively as we possibly can to make sure that the veterans understand who governor romney is and we'll cast their vote for him. >> using proposed defense budget cuts and concerns about america's military strength to raise doubts about the president's policies. on the military time's website,
5:35 pm
one veteran posted i simply can't vote for a president who advocates deep military cuts for those who gave so much to our nation. another one wrote, this is one president i could never endorse. >> reporter: now one other issue, the unemployment rate among veterans is at 9.2% well above the national average. that could be a factor on election day. and republicans believe it could hurt the president. gloria? >> thanks a lot, dan. and this quick programming note, sunday on "state of the union," candy crowley is giving us a report card on veterans issues. you won't want to miss it. right here 9:00 a.m. eastern. and the happiest place on earth is also now among the smokiest. we have new information on a huge fire just miles from disney world. plus, the historic moment that could change space travel forever.
5:36 pm
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disney world sending flames shooting high, and forcing authorities to close down part of interstate 4. let's turn to chad myers in cnn's weather center. chad, this sounds quite dangerous. >> it sure looked it for a while. 13 acres burned just to the east of i-4. there's the brush fire right there, and epcop center only 2 miles away.
5:40 pm
magic kingdom maybe more six miles away here. but the smoke was all blowing to the southwest, not toward the theme parks, but right toward many of these hotels. so if you're driving to orlando thinking, hey, we've got a great hotel, it may not be a nonsmoking hotel tonight. it could be a little bit on the smokey side for sure. a couple things we're going to talk about here too is the potential for some weather coming in to the southeast that could help florida and the wildfires, gloria. >> so, well, is that the rain, the hurricane that's threatening the southeast? >> it's not a hurricane yet, but you're right on top of it. >> see. >> it could be a tropical storm. right now it is just an area of low pressure off the east coast that's really gathering some moisture, gathering some strength. and the forecast is for this thing to gather enough strength that it could become a tropical storm. if it does, it'll become tropical storm beryl.
5:41 pm
not barrel like a barrel of monkeys, beryl. and the forecast for it to stop going north and meander right through florida. that would be fantastic because the entire southern half of georgia and almost all of florida in a significant drought, a severe drought because you can see where the wildfires, what they were doing there across parts of florida. it would be great to get a couple 3 inches of rainfall in any one of these areas as that continues to move to the southwest. it will ruin some beach vacations, i'm afraid. because saturday and sunday look very wet all across the east coast and all the way as far west as panama city beach, florida. >> how about the hurricane that may be threatening mexico? >> that is hurricane -- let me find that. see where i have that there. it is hurricane -- right here. it is hurricane bud. doesn't sound too menacing, bud. >> another "b." >> right. exactly. where did this go? the storm here -- what's that? there we go. thanks for taking care of it for me there.
5:42 pm
we do have it moving north at 7 miles per hour. it has lost a lot of strength. last night it briefly got to 115 miles per hour because it was a category 3 for about 12 hours, now down to a category one. this will not be a major wind maker, maybe 50, 60 miles per hour, but the issue will be the rainfall in the mountains, gloria, could equal 15 inches. it could add up to enough to cause a lot of mud slide and a lot of flooding across the area. that's the biggest threat when a tropical storm or hurricane hits the west coast of mexico that rain goes into the mountains, that rain has to go back down and as it comes down, it comes down as a mud slide and big time flash flood. >> thanks a lot, chad, we'll keep an eye on that as i'm sure you will. and you've never seen this before, why nasa says this scene is at the top of the list of most historic moments in space travel. t. that's the way i need it. any way you want it. [ man ] all night?
5:43 pm
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a huge milestone and a whole new space era. the unmanned commercial space x "dragon," love that name. successfully linking up with the international space station. cnn aviation and regulation correspondent joining us with the amazing details. well, it can't get much better than that name. >> the space x -- >> "dragon." >> and i think they knew. elon musk is not exactly a shy guy. but this is an historic moment. the first private space flight to reach the international space station and it's one that's paving the way for much more private commercial space flights. >> capture is confirmed. >> grabbing the "dragon" capsule with the space station's giant
5:47 pm
robotic arm, astronaut don petit had a line for the history books. two hours later the unmanned capsule was connected to the international space station ready to deliver the half ton cargo. >> many times talking about historical -- historical moments, things we've done that's never been done before. and this rates right at the top. >> reporter: nasa retired its storied shuttle program last year. >> about 30 meters away from the international space station. >> reporter: now, several commercial companies are competing to ferry cargo and eventually astronauts to the station. space x is the first to succeed. >> i'd like to thank the whole space x team. you guys are all awesome. >> despite all the good will, this mission was not exactly glitch-free. its initial launch was delayed and today space x had to fine tune a laser. still, the company's billionaire founder was thrilled. >> this was a crucial step and
5:48 pm
having achieved the step, it makes the things in the future and the path toward humanity much more likely. >> it was perhaps a fitting date for another first in space. 51 years to the day after president kennedy made this challenge. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> now, we're in a new part of the space challenge moving firmly from the public sector to the private. one footnote, elon musk is 40, the average age of his workforce, 30, all too young, gloria, to have witnessed the first space race. they're working on this second coming. >> boy, to remember walking on the moon or any of that kind of thing, right? thanks a lot, lizzie. and one week since
5:49 pm
facebook's troubled ipo offering. the price slipped again today closing below $32. this amid a new report that banking giant citigroup has already lost about $20 million in trading. joining us now cnn chief business correspondent ali velshi is hosting erin burnett "outfront" tonight. and the major banks are not alone here. lots of every day investors who thought they'd get in on a good thing early, they're thing earl losing money, too. >> i'm not all that bothered by professional traders losing money. this is their business. they make it up somewhere else. the issue is twofold. we've talked about this trading mess, the ipo not working properly and the glitches, and that's where a lot of these folks lost their money. the bigger issue, that facebook closed at $31.30, that's about 15% below where it priced at $38 a week ago. that is inauspicious at best for the most anticipated ipo that most people can ever remember.
5:50 pm
and so that's a separate discussion. the trading glitches are one thing. the issue is why is facebook doing this poorly. one of this things we have to remember is facebook the company and facebook the ipo have to be separated in people's minds. this was a botched ipo. morgan stanley botched it. facebook may have had a role in that. that's separate and apart what you think about facebook doing as a company. >> you think it was overpriced a week ago and people who paid that price were kind of suckered or misled? >> that's the beauty of the market. the market will take the price down to exactly what they think it is. if it's 15% lower than it was a week ago, that would suggest it was overpriced. you'll remember when facebook fist made the announcement of going public, the range of the stock was $28 to $35. that's where they said they were going to go public. they changed it a few days before, and that's common when a lot of people seem to want the stock, from $35 to $38 and decided it was opening up at the high end of that range at $38.
5:51 pm
spent the last few days trading between $31 and $32 which means they could have kept it the way they wanted in the beginning. you want to price it low and let the market take it up. that feels like success in an ipo. they do seem to have done that incorrectly. as for your question about misled, it is a market. as i like to say, this isn't a public vaccination. nobody told anybody to buy facebook stock. the media did a great job of inundating everybody with every last bit of information you needed including lots of warnings, if this isn't your game, be careful. >> maybe that's the lesson for all of us. thanks. >> good to see you. he's not exactly the face of fashion, not ali velshi, but u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon on the cover of "men's vogue" magazine. really? >> i'm not accustomed to this kind of a flourish.
5:52 pm
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here's a look at this hour's "hot shots." in istanbul, a waiter uses his umbrella to protect food from the rain. in china, a badminton player smashes a shot during the world championships. in kathmandu, nepal, a holy man rests in a hindu temple. and in rome, a man sits near a fountain with his cat on a leash. "hot shots," pictures coming in from around the world. that was nice in rome. he main be the first person that comes to mind when you think fashion icon, but that hasn't stopped u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon from landing the cover of "vogue" magazine, and that's not easy. here's cnn's elina -- alina cho.
5:56 pm
>> ban ki-moon, fashion? generally two words not uttered in the same sentence. you think world's top diplomat. he travels the world, meets with presidents and prime ministers, and his mission is to keep the peace. when he recently posed for the pages of "vogue," i had to wonder, why? lady gaga. uma thurman. nicole kidman. ban ki-moon? wait a minute. is that the u.n. secretary-general? on the cover of italian "men's vogue"? it is. >> as you can see me, i don't have much passion for fashion. but i have passion for africa. >> secretary-general ban ki-moon has made africa his number-one priority with the goal of saving 16 million lives by 2015.
5:57 pm
italian men's "vogue" devoted its entire may-june issue to rebranding africa, which is how the unsg landed on the cover. inside, a lengthy interview and a full spread of photos, including ones with his wife and granddaughter. many of them taken at his home. the photo shoot was quite intense. >> mm-hmm. yes. >> tell me what that was like. >> you see, i'm not accustomed to this kind of a floushish. a little bit oprah. >> but in his words, important. >> magazines like "vogue," they have great reaching power, overreaching power. >> were you happy with the photos? >> yes, i'm happy. i'm very much honored. >> secretary-general ban is not the first dignitary to grace the cover of italian men's "vogue." nelson mandela and al gore have also posed for the front pages. the editor in chief. >> who cares about fashions for men? >> she says the magazine is
5:58 pm
about much more than just fashion. she interviewed the secretary-general and admits she was nervous. >> i really prepare myself. i couldn't come and just say, hello, here's "vogue," good quality, fantastic image and you'll be on the cover, so fantastic. it's a different approach. >> secretary-general ban says he'd do it again. that cast on his left hand, a soccer injury. yes, he plays soccer, too. he's on the road more than a week a month and is serving out his second and final five-year term. and then what? >> retirement. >> who knows? he could have a future in fashion. >> so are we seeing a softer side of ban ki-moon? maybe. his spokesman says a big reason why he decided to do this now is because there's a pretty big conference in rio next month on global advancement, and the secretary-general thought this would be a great way to
5:59 pm
highlight what he hopes to accomplish in africa. now, as for that minor fracture in his left handle, i ask him when he'd be back on the soccer field again, and when i said in a month, he said, well, maybe two. gloria? >> thanks a lot, alina. maybe we should have asked who was he wearing. thanks to all of you for joining us. i'm gloria borger in for wolf blitzer. the nux continues next on cnn. good evening. i'm john king. tonight, the donald is back on the birther bandwagon again questioning whether president obama was born in america with two big trump/romney fund-raising events on tap, could mr. trump's foolishness hurt governor romney's efforts to keep this campaign focused on jobs? you could say president obama has been channeling rick perry this week. he joins us to relive his capital attacks from the gop primaries. and in what could be the country's most compelling senate


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