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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 27, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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weekend. you're told, yeah, you can go to the beach, just don't go into the water. >> you really want to stay inside at this time. the showers and thundershowers have come in. they're getting very strong, and the heaviest storms are making their way on shore as we speak. so nobody really wants to be on the beach at this point anymore, at least not towards the jacksonville beach area. this is the area we're most concerned about. we're seeing augustine kind of sandwiched between there and jacksonville. as soon as this red stuff starts making its way onto shore, we can see wind gusts getting close to hurricane strength. 70 miles per hour, so that's dangerous. we already have reports in florida and south georgia of trees coming down and some power outages, and that's going to increase before the end of the night. the storm should make landfall this evening or overnight, and it will start to curb to the northeast. so the weakening is good, but
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the stalling not so great, and that's the concern, because we'll likely see some flooding associated with this. in fact, we could be talking anywhere between 3 and 6 inches, pretty widespread along the center of this storm as it moves through the area. this will last through the holiday weekend. you can just go ahead and plan to be indoors, unfortunately. here's some of the wind speeds we've been tracking along the coast. these are gusts right now around 30, 40 miles per hour around brunswick, georgia. we'll start to see 50s and 60 and possibly pushing to 70 between sometime now and 10:00 tonight. >> boy, this is turning into something pretty serious. jackie jarius, thank you very much. syria is pointing to the government for friday's massacre in the village of hula. the council blames the regime of tank shellings. here's more from lebanon.
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>> reporter: time and again over the past several months, we've seen international pressure stepped up on syria, whether it be the u.n. or other agencies. arab league monitors there a few months ago. now there are u.n. observers there, about 300 on the ground, and yet no matter who was there or what type of pressure is being applied to the regime, this brutal crackdown that's been going on for 15 months doesn't seem to be ending. >> u.n. secretary told them they have no plan b for syria, but plan a is looking more and more like a failure. we filed this report. >> reporter: hula today, so far the world has seen only fleeting glimpses from rebel cameras. we're in the southern suburb, not exactly controlled by the syrian army, but they're here.
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we can only film covertly, and they're scared, very scared. who knows how many dead bodies lie around here. when i pulled the blanket back, it revealed an old man way past fighting age with a gunshot wound. for well over an hour, we were pinned down here by sniper terrorists. there were rebels. about 10 feet from this position, one of the soldiers was hit and taken away quickly, but he left his mark on this town. because the fighting continues in this town, it's impossible to verify exactly what happened here. there are no eyewitnesses, there are no civilians. they've both been forced out by the fighting clearly going on all around this town today. but this is rebel-held houla, a ghost town. ask yourself this, then. why do people flee the area held by the army but remain in the
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rebel-held zone? after friday's massacre here, just who are the people afraid of? in these empty streets, the answer seems glaringly obvious. >> and in washington today, about 100 demonstrators pressed the obama administration to act, rallying outside the white house today chanting, obama, obama, you decide. human rights or genocide? they made a statement accusing the syrian government of, quote, unspeakable and sheer human brutality. a suspected nato air strike killed eight civilians including six children in eastern afghanistan last night. a spokesman for the governor of the province says that attack wiped out an entire family. nato and afghan officials are investigating right now. they say nato troops were under attack in the province and had asked for air support. taking a look at politics now, leon panetta took a look at
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romney today. romney has criticized the 2014 date for pulling out of afghanistan, saying setting a timeline is naive. romney says the presidential criticism is all campaign rhetoric. >> you've got 15 nations in nato that agree to a plan in afghanistan. it's the lisbon agreement. an agreement that others -- president bush, president obama, everyone -- has agreed is the direction we go in in afghanistan. what is that direction? it's to take us to a point where we draw down by the end of 2014. that is the plan that has been agreed to. and it's a plan that is working. >> panetta went on to say that 2014 withdrawal timeline is the only way to ensure a successful transition to afghan forces, and he adds, it's a plan that's working. blame it on the ego.
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former city mayor rudy giuliani says that's the reason he took jabz at mitt romney in the 2008 campaign. >> at that point i was probably comparing his record to my record, and maybe it was circumstances or whatever, but i had massive reduction in unemployment. he had a reduction in unemployment of about 8, 10 -- i think it was 15%. i had a reduction in employment of about 50%. they had a growth of jobs of about 40,000, we had a growth of jobs of about 500,000. so i was comparing what i thought was my far superior record to his otherwise decent record but the numbers weren't as great. that's all part of campaigning. >> after hearing that, you may not believe this, but giuliani has actually thrown his support behind romney. he told cnn's candy crowley the digs are all just part of the campaign. what a long, strange trip
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this was. debris from last year's tsunami in japan is now washing a shore. but is the stuff contaminated? what about radioactive? and that guy right there lives and breathes his job. we mean it. that's because he was squatting at one of the world's biggest internet companies, and now. we'll have full details coming up. a party?
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we all heard about those workers who let those jobs take over their lives. well, there is a young man who spent a couple months living at his workplace, literally. and guess what, his dedication is actually paying off. linda yee, kpix affiliate, has the story. >> reporter: he literally lives and breathes his job. >> they said, wow, that kid really works hard. that's because i was. >> reporter: that's because he spent long, very long hours, at his computer every night. he was squatting at aol headquarters when he ran out of rent money. >> one day i was walking out and there was this couch. i was like, hmm, that's interesting. i could totally sleep on that
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couch. >> simons was hired by silicon valley investors to work on a new incubator. they work out of aol's palo alto headquarters. he wanted to work on an idea that would revolutionize teacher education. >> and then in the morning i would come there, and before i would work during the day, i would come there and work out and take a shower. so i was already -- the only thing i wasn't doing was just sleeping there. >> he stored his stuff in two lockers outside the company gym, and he helped himself to aol's food. >> they would put out the food, and that included like a cup of noodles, like the ramen stuff, trail mix, dore -- doritos, stuff like that. >> he would sneak up to the third floor where he would get
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some shut-eye. they never patrolled. one night the building manager found him and it was over. but simons said he did what he had to do to build his company now called class connect. >> i couldn't imagine going home and basically closing up shop and saying, okay, i'm done. >> he didn't go home and now venture capitalists are investing. simons is living in a rented house and there's been no backlash from aol. he says if he had to, he would do it all over again. >> i'm 20. i've got nothing to lose. > a shipwreck disaster, a deadly one, too. now, it's just an eyesore. something has finally been done with the wreck of the concordia. do they cut it up or just haul it away? we'll have details next.
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on memorial day, we always honor those who died defending freedom, but we can't forget those who are missing in action. every memorial day, thousands of motorcyclists remember them by gathering in washington for something called rolling thunder. many of you are familiar with it.
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this year one soldier, army sergeant beau birdall, stands out as one prisoner of war. he was captured in 2009, and today his father made him a promise. >> thanks to you, our p.o.w.s and mias have never been forgotten and they never will be forgotten. beau, if you hear me, you are not forgotten, and so help me god, you will come home. we will not leave you behind. >> he grew the beard just to show how long his son has been in captivity. among many monuments to those who lost in war is the iwojima memorial. what a beautiful shot. this memorial creates the historic marines raising the flag after world war ii. they will honor soldiers tomorrow at arlington memorial cemetary. off the coast of italy,
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crews have put together a spectacular plan to raise that cruise ship that sunk, the concordia. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 feet long weighing close to 52,000 tons, every day looming is an environmental disaster. they say they will salvage the con yord ya cruise ship in one piece off the coast of italy. one says it's like a floating city. they call it the largest ship by weight in history. >> we feel confident that we can do it, and we feel confident that with our partners, we will do it safely and with the least disturbance to the environment and the least disturbance to the economy of jilio. >> its italian partner and the cruise line provided journalists with footage of their plan. they'll provide heavy poles to
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keep the con yocordia from slipg hundreds of feet into the depths. then under water platforms 40 meters by 40 meters to support the vessel. at that point, possibly the most crucial part of the operation, it's called par buckling. massive cranes fixed to the platform will pull the concordia upright. the casons will be emptied of water, and then the concordia will be pulled to a nearby port and demolished. we recently skirted around port everglad everglades, florida with a marine group which bid on the concordia's salvage job. one of the officers discussed cutting the concordia into pieces where it sits would have been easier but environmentally harmful. as for the personnel involved -- >> how dangerous is it to dispose of a ship like this, whether you're cutting it up,
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hauling it away? >> anybody doing the work is going to be in a weird position, so you'll have to have safety harnesses and training and equipment that can deal with that kind of environment. nothing is straight. the bulkhead is the floor and the floor is the bulkhead or the wall. >> reporter: this recovery operation could take up to a year and could cost around $300 million. cutting the vessel up for metal and other parts for scrap could recoup some of the money lost. when i asked whether they will sell off parts of the concordia, an official at the cruise line says no decision on that has been reached. brian todd, cnn sh washington. debris from last year's tsunami disaster now piling up on the shores of alaska. it's creating a huge mess, as you see there, and raising fears of contamination and even radiation. and we want all of you to stay connected to cnn, even on the go. so a reminder, go to,
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environmentalists say debris from the catastrophe is now showing up in yacatat, alaska. here's more. >> we're going to hopefully cut up the gulf of the alaska coast and that's where a great deal of the tsunami debris has come up. >> reporter: nearly 1400 miles from fukushima, japan is a place in alaska reached only by boat. >> we're out here in the wilderness, as much wilderness in the united states, and we're sitting in a landfill. this shore is facing away from japan, actually, but the way the currents and the winds work, it swirls around and dumps it in here. the influx of tsunami debris really concerns us mostly because of the amount of styrofoam that's coming with it and also the toxic chemicals that are coming. we think they're going to have a really detrimental impact on environment out here long term. >> chris pallister has been
7:24 pm
cleaning marine debris here for 15 years. now that task is becoming next to impossible. >> this is a building foam. we just never got much of that before, and now if you walk up and down this beach, you can see big which you thichunks. look at it all down this beach. i've seen pictures of storage areas in japan, huge yards, acres of these things stacked up before the tsunami. now those yards are empty, and this is where they all are. little bits of styrofoam all up and down this beach. zillions of pieces of it. also albatross and geese eat these like crazy and it's terrible for them. >> they have found no levels of radiation. still, much of it is toxic. >> i have no idea what was in
7:25 pm
this. bowl cleanser. that's not something you would want to dump into your herring or salmon spawning area. it's going to take years to clean this up. >> a lot of the lightweight stuff flew across the pacific very quickly. the heavier stuff will come progressively later. we're in a slightly less remote area of alaska near the fishing village of yacatat. you can see the debris that we've collected very similar to what's on montague island. at this point, nobody knows for certain how this debris is going to get cleaned off these beaches, where it's going to go and who is going to pay for it. and most importantly, no one knows what else lurks out there in the pacific that's heading this way. casey wian, cnn, on the southeastern coast of alaska.
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>> so we're talking presidential politics with folks at a baseball game in texas. just watch what happened. >> he's talking about gay marriage now and he's a christian. so tell me about bending the rules. >> and i'm gay. >> so when friends disagree on politics. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude...
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the u.n. security council is condemning friday's massacre in the village of houla, syria, saying the u.n. blamed the slaughter on gun artillery and shellings on a houla neighborhood. 108 victims were killed, half were children. reports from the eastern province say last night's attack wiped out an entire family. nato officials say insurgents in the area attacked security troops and that those troops had asked for air support. two americans are in police custody in japan in connection with the death of a female exchange student from ireland. the two men allegedly met the victim at a concert in tokyo. later hotel staff found 21-year-old nicole furlong unconscious in her room allegedly with one of the men. she reportedly died from being strangled. the u.s. state department confirmed the arrest but is not
7:30 pm
providing any more details. and in italy, people want to make sure a long-running, unsolved mystery is not forgotten. you're looking at relatives and supporters of emanuela marching in rome today. she vanished when she was 15 years old back in 1983. se theories about her disappearance have pointed to the mafia. just yesterday a priest who used to run a church in rome is now under investigation. if you're in the southeast, watch out for tropical storm beryl. the national weather service says it's not so much the rain but rip currents, and there is a risk of them until 8:00 tonight eastern time along many florida beaches threaten bid the storm. daytona beach recorded at least 70 rescues yesterday alone. surf conditions are considered treacherous. he overcame heat and avoid aid last-minute collision.
7:31 pm
now dario franchitti wins the indy 500. it's the second year in a row, by the way, that the race was decided by a crash in the final lap. franchitti won italy in 2007 and 2010. it makes him the seventh man to win the race three times. disagreements over politics are as american as baseball and apple pie, so what better place to talk about the 2012 presidential race than at a ball game. our ed lavendera went to a game to see if they were hitting home runs or striking out. >> thank you all for coming. >> reporter: it's opening night at la grave field, home of the minor league ft. worth cats, the
7:32 pm
team that brought america's pastime to these parts in 1888. grover cleveland was president. this is where young ball players come chasing big league dreams and big league castoffs try to hold onto a last bit of baseball glory. it's a fitting place to talk about the hopes and dreams of americans. ♪ oh, say can you see >> and to talk politics, getting the pulse of voters about the 2012 presidential election. in the first inning, i find michael kelly, and it's clear when you come to a baseball game to talk politics, you're the most annoying fan in the stadium. >> reporter: so tell me, we're six months away from the next presidential election. why did that make you laugh? >> you had to ruin my night. >> reporter: kelly drives trucks for a food vendor. he's on medical leave. worries about health care and security the most but doesn't think politics can fix either.
7:33 pm
you g >> you got the republicans, you got the democrats. they're not working together. they're like those two wheels on the road, one is going this way, one is going that way. they'll never get anywhere. united be need to be. >> is that frustrating for you? >> very, yeah. >> by the time we finish, the cats are tied 2-2. we stumble on two women in the third inning. carmel a is a hard-core democrat, roxana a republican and this gets interesting. >> are they talking about things you want to hear? >> it doesn't matter if it gets them votes. >> roxana agrees and says president obama is too focused on gay marriage. >> he's talking about gay marriage now? he's a christian. talk to me about bending the rules. >> and i'm gay. >> i'm your friend, so i don't mind. >> does that make me a
7:34 pm
non-christian? >> no. i would break my friendship before i break with you. >> i know. way to break up a friendship. >> i feel like dr. phil. now you have something to talk about the next six innings. the ft. worth cats are now up 4-2 and we're going to leave these friends alone. in the top of the 7th, bob kempsaul and his family are enjoying the night. he works in the navy and he's not afraid of presideolitics. >> you're a romney guy. >> i'm a conservative guy. >> do you like your choices? >> i wish we were stronger, but i like my choices. >> reporter: bob says president obama represents big government and out of control spending, but one question weighs on him the most. >> do you think we were better off four years ago?
7:35 pm
>> absolutely. >> you were? >> absolutely i was. the big thing four years ago, i wasn't worried about tomorrow. i wasn't worried about me getting laid off. >> reporter: as we hit the 7th inning stretch, the cats are holding onto their lead and we find craig newmark and johnisey courtney. >> do you feel like politicians are paying enough attention or have enough answers for education? >> no. most politicians have never been in education. >> so if it's obama and romney in november, who are you picking? >> it's unfortunate there's only two, but -- >> i'll go for obama. >> i guess i would have to. >> you guys don't sound gangb gangbusters about that choice. >> wouldn't it be nice to say he's the lesser of two evils? i guess the state of politics is
7:36 pm
you want to pick the person who will do the least amount of damage. >> reporter: in the bottom of the 7th, one of the ft. worth cats hits a three-run homer to make it 10-2. and in a tradition you'll only find in minor league baseball, ushers pass around hats and buckets, collecting donations for the fledgling slugger. that's the kind of economic stimulus all of these fans can agree on. cnn, ft. worth, texas. an 88-year-old woman's daredevil attempt to go skydiving went terribly wrong. she started slipping out of the harness. we'll tell you what went wrong. go to or on your desk top or your laptop. you can also watch cnn live.
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all right. it was a birthday celebration that didn't quite go as planned. listen to this. an 80-year-old california woman decided to go skydiving for her big day. boy, she's fearless, but she certainly never envisioned this. wow. scary. heart-stopping moments as she began slipping out of the harness. our affiliate krdr spoke to the daring lady about her harrowing experience. >> i just wanted to do it. >> reporter: the daredevil herself, 81-year-old la verne everett. she says she craves a little bit of excitement once in a while, so last year for her 80th birthday, she decided to jump out of a plane.
7:40 pm
>> when you're telling your family you want to skydive, what's their reaction to you? >> oh, they thought i was very brave. but it's just something i've wanted to do for a long time. >> reporter: so last may lavern did just that at parachute center in ecampo. >> the upper harness slipped down. >> reporter: she said her shirt flew up over her face so she couldn't see a thing, and didn't realize what was happening until she saw the video for herself. >> i didn't know anything, only to hold on, that's all. >> reporter: now she says it's time to cross out another item on her bucket list. >> i never have ridden in a racecar. >> god bless her. honestly, have you ever done skydivi skydiving? >> no. >> i'm a fraidy cat, there is no way i would do that.
7:41 pm
>> good for her. she seems to have good humor about it. >> you're watching a lot of severe storms, but beryl in particular. it's coming down hard and it could be upgraded to a hurricane, right? >> potentially. it's a strong tropical storm, and there's not a lot of difference between a strong tropical storm and a weak hurricane. you need to be prepared for the worst and now is the time when you need to hunker down and stay warm for the night. we have other threats out there besides beryl and we've got severe thunderstorms which could cause as much damage if you get hit in one of these severe ones in parts of the upper midwest. stretching down into parts of oklahoma. large hail and damaging winds will be the big concern and we'll be focusing in on severe weather across the upper midwest through the weekend. this is the risk area for tomorrow, and it includes you in st. louis, chicago, up toward milwaukee and detroit as well as indianapolis, and there you can see the thunderstorm threat from
7:42 pm
beryl as well. hot, hot, hot. has the heat been on. we had a plethora of record highs across the east. chicago tomorrow looking for 92 degrees. sustained hot here. 96 in memphis. 91 in washington, d.c. and we have excessive heat warnings in effect for you into philadelphia where we're going to be seeing highs in the 90s, but you add in that humidity and it feels a lot worse than that. a lot of weather stories we're dealing with. hopefully you can get out there and try to enjoy a little of your holiday weekend. beryl will be the biggest concern as we head into the overnight hours tonight. we've already had a few reports of people losing power in northern florida as well as southern parts of georgia and all those rip current rescues. this isn't a huge major storm, so if you play your cards right and you stay safe, you're going to be okay on this one, but there are threats with it and you do need to take it seriously. >> all right, jackie, thank you very much. on this memorial day weekend, we
7:43 pm
honor those who died serving their country. we also want to remember those who served and came home. today's cnn hero is a former marine who has made it his mission to find fellow vets to find new purpose by giving them a new way to serve. >> in the military, everyone is taught how to lead, they're taught how to follow, solve problems. we really pride ourselves on being ready and willing to go anywhere. i served in mthe marine corps, deployed to iraq and afghanistan. when i first heard about the earthquake that hit haiti, there were images i had seen before. i realized i could help out. i went on facebook and said, i'm going to haiti. who is in? 72 hours after that, we were on our way. we got to work setting up a triage clinic. we real eyized veterans are rea helpful in these kinds of
7:44 pm
situations. it really started as a disaster relief organization, and then we realized we can help the veteran community as well. we bring these veterans together to be part of a team once again. they almost are recharged. when you get out, you kind of have that feeling of what are you really doing? they provided a great opportunity to help people in need. >> most of the work that we do internationally is emergency medical triage clinics. we've gone up to chile, sudan, pakistan. here at home we've been in tuscaloosa, joplin, doing debris clearing operation, search and rescue. we have about 18 volunteers. about 30% are helping other people as part of the healing process. there is really no limit to what they can do. i think it's a win-win situation. >> to find out how a fellow veteran's death shaped jake's
7:45 pm
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welcome back. all right, so you may be happy and you may know it, but for the
7:49 pm
rest of us, how can we tell if your smile is genuine or something else? take a look at this. one of these smiles is frustrated and one is happy. same guy, obviously. researchers at m.i.t. say they can now tell the difference using new technology. our tech expert christina warren is here from new york to explain. this is face mapping, tell. this is face mapping, christine, and how does it work? >> well, what it does is that it is based to tell how long a smile is or how quickly it leaves someone's face, and what the context is around that smile. and what the my.i.t. researcher found is that people smile when they are frustrated and maybe think don't think that they do, but they do, and it is a quick smile and quickly disappears, whereas if you are smiling naturally, it is on the face longer and longer to appear. the new technology, the new computer can distinguish whether a smile is out of frustration or out of happiness based upon how long it is on the face and based on other things like how long it
7:50 pm
takes to get there. >> all right. put the picture up on the scr n screen, because i want to know which one is the real smile? is it the one on the left, screen left? >> i don't know. that is what i would go with, the screen left. >> because that is what we need the answer to that. all right. i want to ask you, too, about this next story while we find out the answer to the last question, i may be one of the few people who does not own an iphone and i am going to get one, but i have not got one and i have heard about siri which is the voice activated assistant on the new iphone, and so ibm has come out and said, wait a minute, don't use siri at work, and what is this about? >> well, ibm has a new policy where they allow people to bring their own devices to work. so instead of a corporate issued blackberry or something else, they say that you can bring the iphone to work, but as part of that, they have a certain limitation about what services you can use. so for instance the employees
7:51 pm
can not use drop box which is a popular file sharing service, and they will not allow users to use siri, because siri stores history of the questions that you ask it, and some other information in the cloud, and that means that potentially there's a record of it somewhere in apple servers and ib, mam do not like that idea so they will not allow siri in the workplace. >> like an e-mail that you don't want to say something that you want printed in "the new york times" just like with e-mails. and christine warren, we did get the answer, and we were both right. the one on the left, and that is the real smile, and the one on the right is the frustrated. right. see. >> that is so cool. >> our instincts are really, really good, and we got it right. mashable expert christine warren, great to see you. have a great holiday weekend. who has not been frustrated by the slow moving ketchup. i am. you can't get it out of the bottle or takes a lifetime.
7:52 pm
well, m.i.t. has come to the rescue. stay tuned for jeanne moos. recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test.
7:53 pm
the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
7:54 pm
all right. meteorologist jacqui jeras got new information about tropical storm beryl and joins me with that. what have you got, jacqui? >> well, it is intensing more and classified as a hurricane. hurricane hunters are flying in this thing and they have found sustained winds at 70 miles per hour, and cutoff is 74 miles per hour, and that is how strong it has to be at a category 1 storm.
7:55 pm
we are shy of that, and we don't want you to focus on whether it is a tropical storm or hurricane, because there is not a lot of difference. basically, we will be dealing with the deteriorating conditions especially along the coast, and we are seeing that with some of the heaviest bands coming in around st. augustine, and jacksonville beach, and the rain is starting to move into downtown jacksonville. some of the winds have been incredible so far, and we have just gotten a report on jacksonville pier of 50-miles-per-hour winds and gusting up to 58. some damage and tree limbs coming down and people will be losing power. you will be staying in the homes for now. these are the wind gusts right now, 22 miles per hour around daytona beach and went up to 40 there in jacksonville for a moment, and in savannah where there is damage, too, along the 32-mile-an-hour range or so. and we talk about the track of the storm moving westward and making landfall this evening or later tonight as it moves west and makes its way to the shore,
7:56 pm
it will start to curve back around and eventually make it back over to open waters by the middle of the week. so when you see a slow-moving storm, alina, it looks like rainfall, and flooding is a concern through the holiday weekend and into the middle of the week. >> all right. jacqui, i know you will be watching it closely and updating and in fact, it is a live picture of savannah, and you can see the wind blowing there, and if it is blowing on the trees, you can tell, and you know that it is blowing pretty hard there. we are watching this situation very closely, and you can see the white caps there in the water, and we will be watching for your update, jacqui, at 10:00 at night. the days of waiting hours for ketchup that slowly comes out of the bottle may soon be over thanks to bright young minds at m.i.t. here is cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: who among us has not been guilty of the assault on a ketchup bottle, but has the technology caught up with ketch
7:57 pm
ketchup? >> look at that thing slide! >> oh, my god. >> reporter: our long national nightmare is over. mechanical engineering students at my.i.t. have come up with a super slippery coating that makes anything from ketchup to mayonnaise leap out of the bottle coated with the stuff. they call it liquid glide. >> it works on everything that we have tried so far. so glass, plastic and different ty types of plastic and metal. >> reporter: and even tony soprano would be beholden to these students. and look at how annoyed tony is at the dreaded ketchup clog. >> if he starts to talk homicide. >> reporter: sure techniques ranging from the good fellow's bottle roll to the heinz 57 trick. >> tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle. >> and gently slap it on the sweet spot where the 57 is imprinted near the neck, but liquid glide could make all of the tactics obsolete, and the idea is to apply the coating in
7:58 pm
bottle manufacturer, and student dave smith says it is totally nontoxic. >> this is stuff that people already eat in some foods. it is perfectly safe. >> reporter: they have already applied for a bunch of patents. what are the secret ingredients? h. >> well -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, they would not be secret if they liquid glide out of their mouths. and the professor and his students are talking to bottlers and food companies, and we asked the folks at heinz if they were in contact with the liquid glide inventors and they said they would love the idea to make it easier to pour out heinz ketchup despite the rave reviews. >> that is amazing. >> reporter: there are the traditionalists. >> ketchup would not have the same satisfaction to it if it poured out that quickly. ♪ anticipation >> reporter: well, the young inventors at m.i.t. are anticipating -- is this going to turn you into millionaires?
7:59 pm
>> we think so. >> reporter: they have a slogan, liquid glide and let it slide. no more banging with shoes or mallets or sucking up ketchup. for traditional bottles, liquid glide could mean the last gasp. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. and i'm alina cho at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i will see you right back here at 10:00 eastern time. and "global lessons, the gps roadmap for saving health care" roadmap for saving health care" begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- p welcome t we> tr the gp the gps rothe health care. " i'm fareed zakaria. america's system of bringing us into this world, helping us stay alive, and supporting us as we die is at a major acro


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