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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 30, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the judge read a list of atrocities from rape, murder, amputations, and forcing children to become soldiers. mitt romney marks a milestone but donald trump keeps making headlines as well. trump hosted a fund-raiser for romney last night in vegas. romney racked up enough delegates to win the republican nomination. trump continues to question whether or not president obama was born in the united states. i want to show part of an interview with wolf blitzer. >> donald, have you seen the actual newspaper announcements within days of his birth in honolulu? for example the honolulu star bulletin, you see the birth announcement -- >> yes, and many people did that -- >> listen to me, donald. >> excuse me, wolf. >> can i ask -- >> am i allowed to talk. will you stop defending snoobam.
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>> you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous. >> i think you are, wolf. i think you sound ridiculous. >> wolf blitz ser joining us from washington. wolf, this is getting a lot of play and attention here. i want to talk about this because i know we as journalists, we grapple with the choices of who we cover, whether certain people get a platform to air their views, other folks we ignore. considering trump's birther comments, he's known to be a publicity seeker, walk us through why you thought it was important to get him on the record. >> i thought it was important because yesterday was not an ordinary day in the history of the campaign. it was the day mitt romney would go over the top formally after winning the texas republican primary, he'd have 1,144-plus votes for -- delegates for the republican convention and it was also the day he was going to be appearing with donald trump together in las vegas at that fund-raiser at that campaign event and was being hosted by
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donald trump. so i thought i'll set the stage, i'll talk to donald trump, and it was really curious to me why all of this was unfolding, why the whole birther issue was coming back. i thought it had been put to rest a long time ago, especially after the state of hawaii released the formal certificate. i thought it would have been put to rest, but donald trump was bricking it back, so i wanted to get him on the record and talk to him. >> was there anything that surprised but that interview because it really raised the eyebrows of a lot of folks who noticed he just -- he went after and he would not give up on this issue. >> what's surprised me was that mitt romney, in fact, all of the other republican presidential candidates and so many of the top republican leaders out there, i pointed out even karl rove who runs the biggest pro-republican super pac out there, they've all accepted that the president of the united states was born in hawaii. they accept that birth certificate. they don't question it anymore,
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and mitt romney that day had put out a statement saying he accepts the fact that the president of the united states was born in hawaii. so i assumed, incorrectly, but i assumed i would raise the issue with donald trump and he would say something along the lines, look, you know where i stand on this, wolf, i don't want to get into it, especially on a day like today when i have disagreements with the republican presidential nominee. let's move on and let's talk about the economy and jobs, the deficit, other really important substantive issues facing the american people. i assumed that's what he would do because, frankly, that's what i had heard from so many other romney surrogates out there. but you heard as soon as i got into it with him, he didn't back down. he double -- he doubled down on that, and then he was all in. i hate to use the metaphors from a con s-- casino in las vegas bt he was all in. he was ready to talk about it and that sort of surprised me on
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this historic day because it was historic, and i have pointed this out, suzanne. i know you're sensitive to this as well. this is first time a mormon will be the nominee of a major presidential party. four years ago an african-american was the nominee of a major presidential party. in 1960, john k. kenne-- f. ken a catholic was the nominee. that's why it was surprising to me that this whole so-called birther issue was coming back on this specific day. >> and you took on donald trump over the supposed investigation into the birth certificate. he's been through a host of interviews where his theories basically are shown to have no backing. i want to play an exchange we had with trump over his claps that president obama's grandmother weighed in on this. >> his grandmother in kenya said that he was born in kenya. now, he could have been -- she
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said it very strongly, that he was born in kenya. she was there when he was born. >> i have to interrupt because i know what you're talking about, i know the report you're talking about, within that interview it has been discredited. there is an interview that was done here, and in the interview obama's step grandmother says that she was thereto when he was born. the interpreter realizes when the questioner again asks him if he was born in kenya, that she was misinterpreted, that that -- >> i see, now it's a misinterpretation. it's sort of amazing. >> if you listen to the interview and see the transcript, it says, no, obama was not born in mombassa, he was born in america. the translator asks again if this was the whereabouts? and he says, no, he was born in america, not in mombasa. wolf, at what point does donald trump lose all credibility because he fails to back any of
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his claims? >> i kept saying name names. let me hear, give me a name of someone in a position of authority in hawaii that believes that this birth certificate is a forgery or whatever because the former republican governor, now the democratic governor, plus the people who are in charge of that department in hawaii, including one republican who is in charge right now, they have all authenticated. they said this is the birth certificate. i said give me a name of someone in a position of authority who believes this is a forgery or not accurate or whatever, and he said i don't name names. and so it's hard to argue with someone who is refusing to present the solid evidence that he says he has and i also said to him, what about that investigation? he said a year ago or so he had sent his own investigators to honolulu to take a close look at what was going on. i said give me the results, and he didn't want to get into what he called old news or whatever. so it's -- look, i've known
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donald trump for a long time. he's a very intelligent guy. i'm surprised he's gone all in on this so-called birth issue because on several other issues he makes strong points and he's obviously a smart guy, but on this particular issue, obviously we disagree. >> all right. wolf blitzer, thank you very much. good to see you, wolf. clearly, we're going to see whether or not this issue goes away or whether or not they actually start talking about the economy again and whether or not mitt romney is going to continue to get hammered on this particular issue. thanks again, wolf. appreciate it. >> thank you. here is more of what we're working on this hour. so what would you do if you were invited to have tea with the queen? i'll get a lesson in british etiquette from london. then it was supposed to revolutionize travel across the state of california. but the price tag on this high-speed rail plan could break the bank. and if you're young and looking for a job, you might want to consider packing up and moving to one of these booming cities.
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available with the patented safety alert seat. when there is danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward. syria is where we're hearing details about a very disturbing
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discovery by the united nations observers. 13 people all with their hands tied shot dead reportedly at close range. now, this is in a village in eastern syria. this is not far from syria's border with iraq. 13 people killed execution-style by whom or why we don't even know. the commander of the u.n. observer mission calls it appalling and inexcusable. those are words many are using to describe the endless cycle of violence, fighting, and death in syria. ivan watson is in istanbul, the news just keeps getting worse. more than a dozen deaths reported today in addition to the bodies found in eastern syria. we know that on the ground u.n. presence, you have 300 unarmed observers. what are they doing? what can they do? >> well, these are observers. it's important to note that they're not peacekeepers. basically what they can do is move around syria and collect information and share it with
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the rest of the world and the united nations security council because journalists like ourselves cannot. the syrian government will not let us into the country to do this. it's important to note that there are 30 u.n. obser0 u.n. o there because this is the only formulation that russia would agree to along with china and the only configuration that the syrian government themselves would agree to as additional horrifying revelations have come out about atrocities committed the u.n. says by syrian forces have emerged. russia has already indicated that it does not want to expand this mission, that it doesn't necessarily want to have more meetings of the u.n. security council to discuss syria. it does seem to continue to be trying to defend its middle eastern ally from any further intervention or sanctions from critics of the assad regime. >> there have been reports that there are some countries that
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are secretly providing arms to the opposition. what do we know about that? are they being armed? are there folks who are trying to get weapons to them so they can do a better job of fighting the syrian government? >> definitely the rebels have been relying on smuggled weapons. i have personally seen weapons coming across the border being carried by smugglers through bord fener fences and carried o pack mules to the opposition. now, what's remarkable is that over the course of the past two months, the cost of an assault rifle has gone from 2,000 bucks down to $1,000. bullets have gone from $5 a single bullet to $2. and we have claims from rebels they're getting their hands on anti-tank weapons and rockets as well. they won't say where they're getting these weapons from, and no government will admit that they're running guns to the
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rebels because it's basically illegal and would put neighboring countries in a very uncomfortable position with both the syrian government and its allies like russia and iran. >> very precarious situation. ivan, do we know how those weapons -- how do they fare? how do they stack up to the syrian government and the kinds of weapons that they have going against some of these civilians and some of these families? >> well, clearly the syrian government still has a monopoly on the use of force when it comes to conventional weapons. it's got tanks and attack helicopters and artillery and have seen no qualms about opening fire with them on densely populated population centers, places like the city of homs which is effectively a ghost town and that has driven groups that formed up to defend those cities against the security forces out. they're moving around and now they're carrying out attacks
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against syrian security forces. we've seen one remarkable video, activist video, emerge on the internet today showing rebels that appear to have captured two tanks as well as some very terrified syrian soldiers. so as the syrian government has increasingly used its military option against the syrian opposition, which started out as a peaceful protest movement, this opposition has morphed into groups of armed rebels that are carrying out an insurgency, including in the syrian capital itself and in other second-tier cities which has dramatically deteriorated the security situation for government officials. they can't sit in nice damascus restaurants anymore comfortably because they could be the target of assassination attacks by roving bands of syrian fighters. >> sounds like what is turning into an all-out civil war there. thank you, ivan.
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just in case you think there is not enough british royalty in the world, we may see some more.
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that is if princes william and harry get their way. listen to this. >> i'm just very keen to have a family and both catherine and i are looking forward to having a family in the future. >> is there anything you'd like to tell me about that? >> you won't get anything out of me. tight-lipped. >> i have longed for kids since i was very, very young and so i'm waiting to find the right person, someone who is willing to take on the job. >> richard quest, prince harry saying he's looking for somebody who is going to take on the job. sounds like a challenge to the pitcherettes out -- bachelorettes out there? >> harry has been known he needs to find the woman who can run the gauntlet. more than william he's been scarred by the way his mother has treated. he's always said it's got to be somebody who is prepared to run the gauntlet of the press. harry's wife-to-be won't enjoy
1:20 pm
the same protection and the same privacy that catherine does as being the wife of the heir to the throne. as for the children question, psychologists and sociologists will have a field day saying about the way they want to have children and no doubt relate it back to their own parents and the way their marriage ran. >> i wonder what they'd actually call the kids. that's something a lot of folks would speculate about. we're here to talk about the diamond jukely because i know that's one of your favorite topics. here it's afternoon, it's tea time here. this is how we do it in the united states, richard. it says on my mug, this is my cup of tea. tell us what the proper way is for high noon tea. >> well, i'm glad you have joined me for a bit of afternoon tea because, first of all, first of all it has to be loose leaf tea. with a proper tea strainer.
1:21 pm
you don't even own a tea strainer so don't try to pretend you do. i'm not fooled for a minute. you have to make sure you have decent chalky biscuits and then the fundamental question, which goes in first, the milk or the tea? >> reporter: the question that you wanted to know, which goes in first, milk or the tea? >> the answer is it doesn't make too much difference. it goes back to when we had very bad crockery cups, which if you put hot tea into them, they would probably break. so people would put the cold milk in first and then add the tea afterwards so that the tea wasn't quite so hot. >> all right. richard, you know, i don't have your little strainer but i do have the tea cup. i have this as well. and i know one of those questions you asked her what
1:22 pm
comes first, the jam or the cream, can you explain that? >> yes. well, this is when you're having a scone. by the way, i'm a tea first, milk after man because fundamentally i believe you have to see how strong the tea is before -- i can hear the purists wincing at the milk jug. the budgets are a bit tight these days. now you see i can see exactly. perhaps some people would put the milk in first because it can emulsify differently. let's do this properly. right. now, where were we? to answer your next question, you can't beat a good cup of tea. >> is that good? >> when it comes to the scones, should it be the jam or the clotted cream? it depends. if your clotted cream is like butter, then the jam goes first. otherwise i always think it's the clotted cream and then the jam.
1:23 pm
and fundamentally, suzanne, a lot of nonsense is spoken about cup of tea. the only thing you've really got to remember when having a biky and a cup of tea is that after you drink it, that's a nice cup of tea. >> that's wonderful. it looks good. hopefully we'll have high tea together another time as well. you have to tell me a little bit about that jubilee. >> hang on. you'll be paying because decent high tea in london at the top hotel will cost about 40 pounds provided you don't have champagne, which is roughly $56 to $60. $55, you're paying, bring your credit cards. cheers. >> wow. and i'll have the champagne with the tea. i don't mind that. >> typical, typical. barely is the sun over the yard arm and she's sopping up the booze. >> you know, we're americans. what can i tell you. richard, i want to give you a
1:24 pm
plug. celebrations marking 60 years of queen elizabeth's reign beginning at cnn on sunday. you have to join piers morgan and brooke baldwin live from london for this royal extravaganza. it's beginning at 11:00 p.m. eastern. it's gone from the travel solution of the future to budget nightmare. we'll take a closer look at california's plan to actually build a high-speed train. don't forget, you can watch cnn live on your computer at work, head to in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment knows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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million dollars in political donations to hide his pregnant mistress and to save his presidential campaign. best pictureses snapped by photo journalists around the world are being recognized by the national press association. this picture got first place for international news. it shows a 12-year-old girl screaming in horror just after a taliban bombing in afghanistan. she is surrounded by the bodies of those killed. and who could forget this picture. the couple kissing in the street while a riot takes place around them after vancouver lost in the stanley cup hockey finals. it won first place for domestic news. this photo got first place in a sports feature, a bullfrog precariously leaps around a soccer player's feet during a game. well, he was one of music's greats. ♪ i want to ask you boy ♪ don't you monkey around my widow when i'm gone ♪
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>> doc watson has died. he is most closely associated with melodic style of flat picking in bluegrass and acoustic country music. he was a seasoned performer in the south when the folk boom of the '60s put him in front of a new set of audiences. doc watson was 89. a high-speed rail line connecting l.a. to san francisco is a dream project in california. it is now some people think a nightmare. costs have soord aared, and you taxpayer, could end up picking up part of the tab. drew griffin is investigating. >> reporter: it sure looks like the future, an animated version of california's high-speed rail, and it sounded really cool, too. l.a. to san francisco at more than 200 miles an hour. no planes, no cars, no fuss. that's why californians voted for it back in 2008. passing a $10 billion bond measure for a train that was
1:30 pm
projected to eventually cost $34 billion. keeping them honest, it's now four years later. not a single track has been laid and a bombshell report was dropped on california's taxpayers last fall. their $34 billion train would actually cost closer to three times the estimated amount. >> the new business plan puts a cost estimate of about $98 million to $118 billion. >> reporter: it was a shocker. three times the estimated cost and guess what, you, the federal taxpayer, might be on the hook for a big chuck of it. we'll get to how that's possible in just a moment. but in california the sticker shock caused yet another change in accounting, a big turnover with california's high-speed rail authority board, and yet another rethinking of just where the train will go and how fast and how much it would cost. >> today we are releasing the
1:31 pm
revised plan. >> reporter: a new route a new slower speed, and a new cost estimate. >> first, beginning next year we will commence construction here in the valley. >> there's no request the cost has gone up. >> reporter: dan richard is the new chairman of california's high speed rail authority and co-author of that report that sent the high-speed rail plan, well, slightly off track. >> that report was a draft. it was intended to engender comment. it did that rather successfully. and we're looking now at how we revise the plan and stlenten re the plan and go forward. >> reporter: the latest plan could be for a much slower train, not actually the high-speed futuristic cartoon voters approved two years ago. more of a hybrid that goes slower, makes a few more stops, and doesn't quite deliver the l.a. to san francisco promise of just a few hours. and that's not the half of it. this is about to become really
1:32 pm
political. kr california's high speed rail has one huge backer, president obama. and that's where you come in. the administering has pledged $3.5 billion in stimulus money also known as federal tax dollars, and that's just so far. now california admits it will need even more. tens of billions of dollars more from federal taxpayers to finish it. but first you have to start, and that's where it really gets dicey. the foundational segment, the first stretch of track, will cost at least $6 billion alone. and under the new plan will connect fresno to burbank. it won't go anywhere near san francisco, and in the process will dissect generations old dairy farms, nut orchards, and towns that don't want it. >> we want them to stay off the land. it is not our intention to allow this to happen through our property. we farm here for a reason.
1:33 pm
the tranquility of it all. this is farming country, and we want to keep it like that. >> reporter: usc's lisa schweitzer, a skeptic, says the high-speed rail authority board is doing everything it can to rework numbers and routes to justify spending tens of billions of dollars on a train that may be a huge economic blunder that few want to ride. >> every infrastructure project has the potential to be another solyndra, whether it's high-speed rail or whether it's a bridge to nowhere. the construction costs can overrun like that, and that's especially true in california where our permitting and approvals process is tough. >> reporter: does all this have california rethinking its plans? absolutely not says rail board chairman dan richard, and for one reason. they've already got the promised $3 billion of your tax dollars in federal stimulus. california may not get another dime from president obama, but it has no intention of giving back the $3 billion already
1:34 pm
promised or the billions more from california voters. >> so let's be very clear on this point. we have $6 billion to build the foundational segment. >> reporter: even if that foundational segment turns out to be a high speed rail, well, to nowhere. >> california high speed rail authority board is going to vote on the new plan later this week. the line is expected to take more than ten years to finish. so what do you get when you mix a little dog, some cleaning products, and a pilot light? a recipe for disaster. itting de. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures.
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corgi dog breed is a favorite of the queen. one corgi proving a little dog can make a huge mess. >> reporter: the corgi, a big dog in a small package they say. the breed favored by the queen.
1:38 pm
but this corgi is inkor ridgeable when it comes to attacking cleaning products under the sink. >> no, that's poison. >> holly hudson was demonstrati demonstrati demonstrating this strange behavior when something happened that caused a collective gasp. >> oh, no, are you kidding me? oh, my gosh. >> yogi punctured a can of spray paint. this is no act as holly cook her corgi into the bathroom to clean her up. >> this is what happens when you do that. what was that? >> reporter: the house just caught on fire. >> it did? no, no, no. [ bleep ]. oh, my gosh. please make it stop. >> reporter: someone called 911 and firemen came. turns out the spray paint ignited a pilot light on the stove. >> we were, you know, a good 30 seconds lucky. if yogi was still standing in
1:39 pm
the kitchen when that bomb exploded, he would have gone up in flames because he was covered in that paint. >> reporter: when the paint and the pilot light exploded, so did pet collective. this week is its official launch. it's a channel featuring everything pet from dogs that play to lyly, the scaredy cat bulldog. she only feels confident when dressed in a turtle costume. >> it is an alter ego for lily. >> reporter: the new channel isn't moving like a turtle. >> the channel, we've got over a million views now thanks to the yogi video. >> reporter: and no, tom may chard says, there's nothing fake about what happened. so why exactly is yogi so obsessed with cleaning products? pet communicator asked yogi himself that question for the segment they were shooting. >> yogi showed me here a broom. it was a broom being swept along. it was coming towards yogi. >> reporter: holly immediately
1:40 pm
took yogi to the vet who pronounced him fine and said let the paint shed with his coat. his belly is still black. this isn't the story ofp orgy and bes, this is corgi and mess. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. jooch that's crazy. forget new york and l.a. there are a new list of u.s. cities for young professionals looking to make a mark on the word. still have doubts about taking aspirin for tough pain?
1:41 pm
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in the latino communityr retirement. the word that we use is jubilation. as you're getting older, you should be able to do the things that you love.
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if you're a college grad looking for the best opportunities you might think places like new york and lame.a are the way to go. a new survey shows the greatest chances for happy life away from the big hubs. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. where should folks be looking? >> reporter: surprise, surprise. it's not all about those big cities anymore, suzanne. grads are actually happier in smaller cities, at least according to the survey out from career, which ranks the happiest place force you yo people to live. it takes into account how happy young grads are and say justed salaries. st. louis, the average pay for two years of experience across a variety of fields hits $51,000. grads there say they're happy with their co-workers and work environment. salt lake city, jacksonville, they come next.
1:44 pm
young people there make about $43,000 to $46,000 a year, and both cities they say they're happy with the work they do and they're happy with their co-workers. memphis and indianapolis, suzanne, round out the top five. >> we didn't make the list, atlanta or new york. >> no. new york is a big city. >> absolutely. so how much of this really boils down to how much disposable income young folks have? >> this is a big part of it. that disposable income. people who are fresh out of college, they dornt typically have a lot of cash, a lot of pocket cash. these places -- these are place where is graduates can make a decent amount of money and where their dollar can really stretch. that's why these places rank very highly. career bliss says knowing this type of information can help young workers' budget and give them some financial flexibility. a lot of grads tend to move to the big cities, the bright lights, and they don't realize how having so little money can really wind up affecting their happiness. >> how are the markets looking? will we be happy today? >> you're not going to be happy
1:45 pm
today. there's a lot of red on the screen right now. the dow down 129 points. what you're seeing is the dow actually reracing all the gains made from yesterday. there were big worries looming over the market about how spain's banking system is holding up in the middle of its double dip recession. one of the biggest banks needs a bailout. that's spooking the markets because there's worries spain's troubles will spread. that's why you see the dow down 128 points. >> not so happy news. alison, thank you. some websites are peddling a fake version of a powerful drug. what you need to know to keep your kids safe. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath?
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listerine® whitening... power to your mouth. the fda is warning doctors and patients about a counterfeit drug. fake adderall pills are being sold online to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder ora dhd as well as narcolepsy. elizabeth cohen joins us. tell us how these pills are getting to folks. >> i want to say there have only been two reports of this happening. we spoke to folks at the fda and they said they've received two reports, both times people went online and they thought they were buying teva pharmaceutical's version and what they got was a counterfeit pill. >> what does it look like? >> first of all, if you're going
1:49 pm
online to buy drugs, you should always sort of be a little bit, you know, sort of have your guard up. i think that's a good thing to remember, especially if they don't ask for a prescription, really have your guard up because, one, it's illegal, what you're doing is illegal, and, two, there's a good chance -- it's not reputable but let's look at the difference between the two. there really is a difference. if you're looking for this particular product, it's going to look like that sort of peach colored product on the left. the counterfeit is the white pills that have no markings. white pills with no markings should be suspicious. most of the time when you get a prescription, there's some kind of a marking or something on it. but that's what they look for. there's also several misspellings including the word "single." i feel like every time i do one of these counterfeit drugstoreries, they've misspelled something very obvious. >> why do can people do this? is it markedly cheaper? >> people go online because they
1:50 pm
don't have a prescription. they think well, i want some aderol, i don't want a prescription, i'll gom online. fortunately there are sites where you can buy this stuff without a prescription. but just remember, there's no control whatsoever over what you're going to get in the mail. it may not be aderol, it might be harmful to you. you can do something illegal. i know it doesn't feel illegal because you're at home ordering something up. it's illegal to get a prescription drug without a prescription. so you just never know what you're getting. >> it sounds very dangerous. that's the takeaway as well. >> right. you're not necessarily getting what you think you're getting. you could get a sugar pill or you might be getting something that has something harmful in it. the fda -- no one is looking and policing and making shoo you are that all of these illegal sites are doing, you know, the right thing. how could they possibly do that? so what you're doing is illegal and no one is really watching it. you're sort of out there on your own. >> elizabeth, thank you for bringing this our attention. >> women who take
1:51 pm
anti-depressants during pregnancy are at a higher risk of giving birth prematurely. but researchers found being depressed during pregnancy does not increase the risk of premature birth. previous studies suggested that depression was actually the culprit. but the studies authors say always consult your doctor before you make any of those decisions. there's also a new study by some british doctors who say that people who need a lung transplant should not refuse a lung from someone who was a smoker. researchers say transplant from spoke smokers are used in the uk and in the united states all the time. patients who receive smokers lungs are more likely to survive than those who refuse the lungs and remain on the transplant waiting list. and latinos in florida define the stereotypes, possibly changing the course of the next election. we take a look at the critical voting group in a powerful swing state. i tried weight loss plans. but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes.
1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
but he's not your traditional cuban-americ cuban-american. he's a democrat, not a republican. mantega says the issue that will decide how many hispanics in florida will vote is not what you might think. >> immigration at the end of the day doesn't affect many voting hispanics. schools affect them. zz social security affects them. medicaid, medicare, all those other issues affect them. jobs, jobs, job ps 3. >> reporter: experts say stereotyping the 1 million spanish voters, focusing on gay marriage, communist cuba or immigration is just flat wrong ruben perez says there's no doubt about it. >> perez owns a restaurant, food stands and a small coffee roasting business in orlando. he hears and overhears a lot.
1:56 pm
>> getting people to work. >> and getting them out to vote. the interstate 4 corridor, tampa, orlando and daytona beach is split nearly 50-50, republican and democrat. with a large voting bloc of cuban-americans in tampa and puerto ricans in orlando. perez himself is 50-50, half cuban and half puerto rican. >> it's i maizing. they've got a trostrong opinion but then they say i'm tired of it. so whichever political party can get those particular folks out to vote can probably win or lose. >> reporter: that may come down to which candidate does a better job at courtship. >> the issues are clearly economic, like they are for everyone else. but hispanics really like to be appealed to. they love for candidates to come .to their fiestas, to their events at their churches and to speak a few words in spanish, but not be fake about it. >> sure, there are specific issues that will sway some.
1:57 pm
cuban-american wall hernandez said the obama administration's granting castro's daughter to attend a conference in san francisco. >> i don't like him before and now worse. >> some say a hot button issue could gain enough traction between now and november to turn the hispanic vote one way or the other. absent that, it will be as patrick mantega says -- jobs, jobs, jobs. >> john zarella is joining us live in miami. florida, one of the battleground states, which party at this point has the advantage among hispanic voters. >> more hispanics are registered democrats than republicans. and four years ago, large numbers voted for president obama, voted for change. what we hear now is that a lot
1:58 pm
of them are going to wait until the very last minute to make up their mind and they may vote for change again, but not the same change they voted for four years ago. now suzanne here in little havana, of course, heavily cuban-american and they will certainly, as they have done traditionally, vote republican. suzanne? >> john, we know that president bush, he spent a lot of time courting hispanic voters and he seemed to make some progress. does mitt romney, when you talk to people, does it seem like they are more willing to listen to him and some of his ideas he has specifically about the economy 1234? no question about it. they're not thrilled with the way things are now. the economy is clearly the number one issue and a lot of them say they will wait until a
1:59 pm
month before the election and see how things are shaking out and how things are shaping up between now and then. but clearly, they seem to be far more willing to listen to mitt romney's message, no question about it. >> thank you. big, big news here on this wednesday. a lot unfolding as we speak. but i want to begin now on "rapid fire." roll it. can you imagine? it would have been nice to listen in on this phone call. president obama giving mitt romney a ring, congratulating him on winning the nomination. the obama campaign told romney they're looking forward to a healthy debate about america's future. also a former rut ger student is choosing to go to jail tomorrow. that roommate, tyler clementi
2:00 pm
jumped off the george washington bridge after his sexual encounter was recorded by a hidden web cam. dharun ravi's voters are fighting the sentence, but ravi says the choice to start the jail time is all on his own. >> the decision is yours, do you understand that? >> yes. >> have you had time to think about this? >> yes. >> and it's totally your decision? >> yes, it is. >> the man behind wikileaks is one step closer now to being extradited to sweden. assange has been fighting the charges that he allegedly sexually abused two women in that country. the british supreme court ruled today that he he be extradited to face questioning, but then the court gave him two weeks to then appeal that decision. saying he was responsible for
2:01 pm
some of the most brutal crimes in human history, an international court judge sentenced charles taylor to 50 years in prison. taylor was convicted of car crimes during a civil war in sierra leon in which nearly 50,000 people died. he was found guilty of backing rebels in a campaign of terror including murder, rape and sexual slavery. and now to -- this is just a stunning story. a story of such raw heroism, we had to talk to someone involved. i want you to take a good long look at this picture here. this was taken in afghanistan back in january. but we are just now learning about this tale today. the marine on the gurney isn't just injured here. inside of him, in his leg he has a rocket propelled grenade. this bomb could explode at any minute.
2:02 pm
this guy is at risk of blowing up. anyone coming near him faces the same risk. fortunately for the corporal, a flight unit was willing to take that risk. commander, thank you for hopping on the phone. welcome home, i just want to say that. wow. let me just begin with this. given obviously the danger of this live rpg, you made a choice. you could have put someone else next to this gentleman. instead, you chose to risk your own life. why? >> hi. thank you for having me. you know, i think the reason that i did it, i didn't give it more than a thought or two, but i knew that i'm sent out there by the marine corps to save lives and he was in danger. i looked at it as my duty and my
2:03 pm
job to go do that. >> how many years have you done this job? and have you ever dealt with a live grenade embedded in someone that you're removing? >> i've been in the navy for 28 years. i've been a nurse since 1993 and a nurse corps officer since 1998. but no, no one has come in with a live ordnance in them before. >> as you're standing here and looking into this marine's eyes, i imagine he's terrified. what did you say to him? did you say anything? >> i had a bit of an interaction. he asked why everybody was away from him. i said because you have an rpg in your leg. i held his hand and realized that he was in a lot of danger and i said, i promise i will not leave you until that thing is
2:04 pm
out of your leg. and then we started to talk a little bit and i gave him some pain medication, waiting for the explosive ordnance disposal guy to come out. >> so just coming back to what you said, so this gentleman had no idea he even had a live grenade in his leg, you broke the news to him? >> well, i think he realized it. he was probably in and out of awareness. i won't say consciousness, but in and out of awareness just because of the shock. but when i told him that, he lifted his head and looked at his leg and muttered a few things not made for tv. then we said a few things and i gave him pain medication. >> before we get to this position where we see you and someone else working on him across this gurney, i know you were on this med evac helicopter. i imagine it wasn't the smoothest ride in the world. how long did that flight itself
2:05 pm
take. and how long did it really feel like? >> actually, to clarify that, i was not the part of the crew that took him up. >> you were on the ground afterwords? >> right. he came to our shock trauma platoon. but after we took the grenade out, i took him back to a theatre hospital. >> got it. so i know the flight itself was 11 minutes and i'm sure it felt for folks on that flight much longer than that. explain to me what you had to do to get this live grenade out of this lance corporal's leg. >> well, there's a pretty common procedure. first, i'm an e.r. icu nurse and a fairly common procedure is called conscious sedation. you give someone just another narcotics and another medication and allow them to maintain their own airway and breathe but you make them semiconscious.
2:06 pm
so i was performing conscious sedation but so he could still breathe on his own. and the explosive ordnance technician then had to physically pull this thing out of his leg. >> was this easy to pull out, or is this something that -- are you yanking this out of his leg? i don't know the medical term for that. >> it took the e.o.d. tech three pulls. and he pulled it about halfway and we had to readjust and, you know, pulled it out two more tugs. >> so that you're watching him tug two time times, three times sir, i don't know if you have children. are you thinking oof your life flashing before your eyes? what goes through your mind in those split seconds? >> well, the truth of it is is that i said a prayer and i thanked god for everything that i had and i left it alone. i left whether or not the grenade was going to blow it up, i left it to him and i just
2:07 pm
worried about keeping the lance corporal's airway open. >> so that's the truth of it, you said this prayer. and fortunately for all of you involved, you get this grenade out. what what happened to the grenade? >> well, the explosive ordnance guys took it to just outside the base area where it was blown up. and then the patient went right inside to where our surgeons -- we have a couple of surgeons there and all the other corpsmen and nurses worked on them to stop the bleeding. by this time this thing is out of him and he's bleeding profusely. so we put -- did a lot of care to stoop the bleeding. and coincidentally, it was my turn to fly medevac from our position to the big hospital. so i had to gear back up again and fly with him. then again, you know, i'm a
2:08 pm
nurse. once you put a claim on a patient, the patient is yours. so it wasn't a big deal really to fly with him. >> i have such respect for medical personnel and nurses in particular. what a job. and i just want to point out here, obviously i want to ask about this particular lance corporal perez. i'm old told the camera was very, very far away. it was only the three of you there and everyone else was told to take cover for fear the grenade would go off. how is he doing? what did he say to you? >> well, the first time i was able to get a hold of him, i think i was still in -- yeah, i was still in afghanistan. and at this time, he was at bethesda naval hospital. anyway, i got a hold of him and i asked him what he remembered of it. and he said he just remembered some guy with -- some older guy
2:09 pm
with glasses and a moustache talking to him. and he said he remembered somebody saying that i wouldn't leave him until that thing was out of his leg. i said that would be me. and he thanked me. he gave me the best award anyone could give me. he said you'll always have a special place in my heart. i think three weeks -- two or three weeks ago was the last time i spoke to him. and he's going through rehab and he sounds good. he kept his legs. >> he did? >> and i was really pleased about that. really the first patient i ever did a follow-up on. >> well said, says the older guy with the glasses who saved a life there in afghanistan. that is a tremendous story. and i just thank you for your service and again, thank you for calling in, lieutenant commander
2:10 pm
james ginari, tremendous story. thank you. a lot more happening right now. take a look. it's got everyone talking. a man rips off his clothes and eats another man's face in this zombie like attack. plus -- >> no one will ever say on the back of an apple product, designed in california, assembled in the united states? >> a game changer could be in the works. and how the heck dpid thid this fresh out of jail hop on a plane without a ticket? steam perfectg should get some credit? my carrots. my milk. [ female announcer ] new from stouffer's. farmers' harvest steam meals taste so good we'll bet the farm on it.
2:11 pm
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visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> no break in the violence of syria. uns monitors have found a second massacre.
2:14 pm
nn cannot iningptly verify this video, but they found these 13 bodies, victims' hands tied, some of them shot at close range. the worst of the worst in syria, the massacre of 49 children. some hacked, others shot to death. >> absolutely indefensible, vile, despicable massacre against innocent children, women. shot at point blank range by regime thugs. >> our veteran go-to guy, i think it's so important. because so much we hear about the assad regime versus the people of story, it's syrians versus syrian violences. this is the alawites and the
2:15 pm
sunnis. >> therein lies the problem. you know, i don't know what she was saying. these are people who were executed. we don't know who the thugs were. could have been a reprisal attack carried out by regime forces. and this is the very problem we're talking about. syria is descending into a sectarian civil war. the fighting has already spilled over into lebanon. russia, iran and others are sending in arms on the government side. arab states sending in arms on the opposition side. it's going to get bloodier, it's going to get nastier. >> syria, it's nasty, it's a
2:16 pm
quagmire. here's one professor at harvard. let's listen to what he is saying. >> absolutely indefensible, vile, despicable massacre against innocent children, women, shot at point blank range by regime thugs. >> outside powers have no real interest in trying to intervene there because they recognize it's a potential quagmire and an intervention might cause more deaths than staying out. they're trying to tell assad that we're going to come in and hopefully that's enough to encourage him to accept the cease-fire and reach an agreement. >> this was our strategy.
2:17 pm
>> we're not backing up our threats. there's no plan b. there's no way to get the rugs onboard. we can't put in a peacekeeping force now. if we started on the road, will it help the opposition and the russians? and others will help the assad government. all you're doing is fuelling a civil war. there's no plan b, no fallback regime. seems convinced now. the international community won't intervene and number two, it's fighting towards life. >> we hear from senator john mccain saying air strikes are the way to go. the russian foreign minister saying absolutely no foreign intervention. what's next? no one is talking. >> the regime is not looking towards these talks. it's very clear right now, you can go for more sanctions. today turkey joined a dozen other nations, pulling their
2:18 pm
diplomats out of syria. put some pressure on them. i think the regime is going to try to hold on to that. you can go for safe havens, you can talk about all of that, brooke. but you've got observers on the ground that can't do anything. they don't have the support of the assad regime. another point i want you to make is the fact that a lot of people -- and this is something that i don't know if to the american audience fullry realizes. a lot of people are still on the side of the assad regime. a lot of people would be di disenfranchis disenfranchised. >> they wouldn't like to see a democracy, but they don't want to see what this option is offering. they don't trust them. >> why not? >> they see them as part of a sweep by the sunnis across the middle east. they're minorities and they feel their rights will be sacrificed first. even their properties and the lives. all they have to do, all the christians need to do is look across the border into iraq. that was sunni-shia class. who
2:19 pm
paid the price? 2/3 to 3/4 of christians are out of the country. this is a fate syria's christian community doesn't want to see. and they, too, will be in it for a fight to the death. >> jim clancy, thank you. it's frustrating to talk about. coming up, one extra passenger forces the evacuation of after plane. bags are unloaded. tickets are rechecked. and a parolee is now headed back to jail.
2:20 pm
2:21 pm
2:22 pm
think about everything you need to go through to get oen a plane these days. take off your shoes, walk through a scanner, maybe even get patted down. but man reportedly on parole skipped all of those steps. police say he sneaked on this plane without a ticket, just took a seat. snuck on. might have stayed if this astute flight attendant didn't realize there were one too many people onboard that particular aircraft. chief, welcome.
2:23 pm
how did this guy get on the airplane in the first place? >> that's a great question. at this 30i7b9, it was definitely a breach of security. but we have multiple layers of security built into our air prorts. and the backup systems were able to catch this guy. first of all, he went out an emergency fire door, which triggered an alarm, which caused the airport security staff to review the video footage of that alarm. they immediately dispatched police officers. they were there within four minutes. they were able to talk to witnesses, find out they saw this person go out that door and head on to the tarmac where a number of people were boarding the plane. he was somehow able to blend in with the other passengers and got onboard.
2:24 pm
>> did he have to go through screening? >> he completely bypassed screening. he was in a public area and went out a fire door which gave him access to the tarmac. >> is this something you stop and think about? it makes me nervous to think this could happen again here given everything we're going through. >> there are multi. redundancies butt into place with the systems we have. the guy did breach security, but he was caught. the flight flight crew, the responding officers, the security staff and even the airport operations crew, once the alarm went off, they held the planes until officers arrived. the flight crew did a great job. they realized they had an extra passenger, started checking tickets. the guy figured the gig was up
2:25 pm
and decided to get off the plane. >> does this raise alarm bells to you that perhaps there are ways to breach security, not even go to security to hop on some of these smaller planes instead of the larger jets? and do you think that should be looked into? >> we'll look at the gaps and where we make improvements. when somebody violates the law and exits a public area into a secure area, there are ways that we can detect them and eventually locate them.
2:26 pm
>> apple products, some of the hottest on the market, many produced overseas in factory where is as we diskoved in our investiga investigations, workers have committed suicide. apple says a game changer could be in the works, involving jobs in the usa. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 92% of people who tried it said they would buy it again. visit today for a special trial offer. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air -
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and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. >> apple sells a lot of ipads, a lot of iphones each and every year. so when apple's ceo is indirectly inferring the popular gadgets could one day be made in america, that gets our attention. and i emtz the wrord indirect because right now tim cook is getting a lot of attention for something he said during this conference in california. i want you to hear the words here for yourselves then we'll talk about what exactly this means with our silicon valley correspondent dan simons. give it a listen first. >> will there be an apple
2:30 pm
product ever made in the united states? >> i want there to be. >> will it ever say on the back of an apple product, designed in california assembled in the united states? >> it may. it may. even though it doesn't say that today, you could put down there several parts are from the united states. >> it may, he says. dan simon. when you listen to what me said, what exactly is behind those comments, do you think? >> i have to be honest, i was a bit surprised, you didn't hear it in that sound bite, he seemed to expressed real hope that someday an apple product could be manufactured in the united states. i would be surprised because right now apple is such a well oiled machine. they have everything going perfectly in china, despite the allegations of human rights abuses and so forth. but the way they're able to make these devices at scale and keep the prices down for consumer, everything is humming along
2:31 pm
the fact that they would suddenly create a big manufacturing plant in the united states seems a bit farfetched. so he seems sincere in his comment, but i'm not sure he truly believes it could happen, brooke. >> he mentioned some manufacturing jobs already in the u.s. specifically the glass made for the ipads or iphones. also some of the chip, the engines that drive those. and then, of course, the jobs from the headquarters in cou cupertino, california. is there a sign that apple could bring more of those jobs back here? >> you know, i have to say not really. you know the problem is -- and tim cook said this on the stage, right now. infrastructure does not exist in the united states to build iphones and ipads. he said there aren't enough companies who make the equipment
2:32 pm
to build the iphones and ipads and make everything else that goes into the iphone. you mentioned there are certain parts made in the united states, such as the glass in kentucky, but in terms of the overall infrastructure, it isn't here. and you would have to invest million billions and billions of dollars to get it here, brooke. >> did he mention anything ability new gadgets or trends here at this conference? >> you know, apple is notoriously a secretive company. and tim cook said they're doubling down on secrecy. but there was talk about the much rumors apple television, apple currently make ss a setto box called apple tv. there is a worldwide developers conference for people who make stuff for the apple ecosystem. that's coming up on june 11.
2:33 pm
so stay tuned. there could be some interesting product introdusts in a couple of weeks, brooke. >> all right. dan simon, thank you. put the sandwich down. we're going to talk about one man eating the part of another man's face. police say the suspect may have been under the influence of bath salt. and apparently this is happening more and more frequently. ♪ [ female announcer ] the sun powers life. ♪ and now it powers our latest innovation.
2:34 pm
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2:36 pm
>> are bath salts to blame for what happened? a man recently attacked and chewed the face off a homeless man in florida. in fact, there's surveillance video. it's been viewed many, many times now. it shows video of eugene on this bridge. he's attacking. he is dragging, stripping his clothes and gnaws at the man
2:37 pm
reese face and nose. we learned that 18 minutes passed before police arrived on the scene. they told him to stop. they then pointed a gun and that is when eugene turned around, growled at the police like a wild beast and continued eating the minute's face. it is is disgusting, horrible and crazy. but cases like these are becoming more and more common. in experts are pointing to bath salts. adrianna, we're going to talk about bath salts in terms of the health angle, but tell me about the uptick of people using and abusing bath salts in miami. why? >> that's right. we now know the identity of the subject if this horrific attack.
2:38 pm
the reason behind this is several experts are speculating what drove this man could have been drugs such as bath salts or lsd. we spoke earlier today with the fraternal order of police and he said the results of the toxicology tests will not be known for at least a month. so until then, it would be speculation. however, ortiz did mention that this type of incident has become more and more frequent in this area. they referred to an incident with a different man that oconducted not long before an attack. ortiz said in that case a man under the influence of lsd was attacking another man and ortiz said it also took nine officers to subdue him. ortiz went on to say the subject in that incident also ripped off his clothes in this more recent incident. so there's a lot of speculation about whether it was any sort of
2:39 pm
drugs. it could have bn bath salts, lsd. but until the toxicology report, we won't know for sure. >> what about in this attack we talked about on the bridge, how is the victim? >> the victim we know from sergeant ortiz is actually in the jackson memorial hospital, still in critical skn. he did not reveal the identity to protect the identity of this man, however, some local media have identified the victim as ronald popo, a man who had been homeless for a while, brooke. >> thank you. we're going to talk to elizabeth cohen next hour to find out exactly how this is becoming a trend, these bath salts and how we can stop this. we're going to talk about doc watt on? just a moment. >> plus, a waiter in texas gives a $5,000 tip on a $27 tab.
2:40 pm
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♪ ♪ long about 1825 left tennessee very much alive ♪ ♪ never would have gone through the arkansas mud ♪ ♪ if i hadn't been writing on the tennessee stud ♪ >> can't help but tab your toes to that one. doc watson took traditional folk
2:43 pm
music and turned it right on its head. they used to just strumm the guitar before doc came along. ♪ >> how about those fingers on that right hand, flat picks. he's passed away. gone to join merle, his son. we'll talk about this giant with another musical genius, ricky scaggs. a tennessee mosque expansion is now in limbo. and a spokesman said it's because of their fate. the expansion approval was granted. and now a judge says the public wasn't given adequate hearing and construction could be halted altogether. a spokesman said if that
2:44 pm
happens, they will apply again to build the mosque. >> we are a small community and we are faced with this vicious a nd unjustified attack. we're going to sit back and see what the next step is going to be. most likely we'll apply again for the permit. a texas waiter gets a $5,000 tip on a $27 lunch. a pair of regulars knew greg rubar just lost his car in a bad storm a couple of weeks back. so then this. he just said here, we're going to still come in but we're not going to tip you for a while. he said this is for you. he said it's enough money to go buy you a nice car. >> wriby the way, that generous couple did not want to be identify pd . queen elizabeth's jubilee in london, days away. cue the music. but the festivities are getting started no uh with a garden paertd. -- party. there she is, the duchess of cambridge wearing a dress that
2:45 pm
she wore two weeks ago. now's the time to move from to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity. good things are happening. just look up. with u.s. bank.
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2:47 pm
getting excited about the diamond jubilee. in may have been the toughest invitation to get. you have the queen, queen elizabeth and her husband of 65 years, by the way.
2:48 pm
prince phillip here at party. then you have duchess of cornwall. duchess of cambridge and prince charles here. the beautiful, the lovely kate middleton, duchess of cambridge. thousands of thousands with their the has, the fascinators they call them. celebrating 60 years as sovereign of the uk. if you fig injury the queen owned a pretty sweet ride, well, no doubt she certainly does. how some of the fine sets of wheels that will whisk her majesty to and from her jubilee celebrations. the queen's state limousine is one of two made for her by
2:49 pm
bentley. and this is how she's getting to the cathedral for her thanksgiving service. >> the seats don't get hot, don't get cold. it's. >> ranably neutral color, it won't clash with anything she's wearing. >> on the way to the palace, the queen will take a more traditional form of transport. >> and this is the carriage that's going to head up the procession. it's the queen's favorite carriage. you may recognize it for a certain royal wedding last year. 1902. it doesn't come out that often. so it's very nice to have a unique occasion where we can bring the 1902 out. >> what's the plan with the horse? >> the plan is that the horse doesn't bud. >> as nice as the 1902 is, it's
2:50 pm
not much use in the rain. so there's a backup plan for bad weather. this is the australian stagecoach that will be brought in if there's a need to keep the queen dry. max foster, cnn, buckingham palace, london. >> the big event, the festivities coming up this weekend. we're going to bring you live all of the events from london. i'll be there. i'm headed to london right after the show, along with piers morgan. our live coverage begins this sunday morning. please join us at 11:00 eastern time. i will see you from london. a frantic search for survivors as dozens of aftershocks rattle northern italy. a state of energy now is declared but many say the government is not doing enough to help. plus i will speak live with the former congressman who's now running for senate about why he wants a birther office. yep, three people dedicated to vetting presidential candidates. all energy development comes with some risk,
2:51 pm
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you do a lot of no.aking? look i'm going through the rapids. okay... i'll take it. sync your card with facebook, foursquare and twitter for savings. that's the membership effect of american express. many of those who died in this 5.8 magnitude quake were in
2:54 pm
factories that local prosecutors say should have been remained stanning. cnn reports from italy. >> the oldest buildings in the center of villages like here were the most vulnerable, with the majority of residential house regular maining maining i. i feel lucky my house is still standing, says this woman. but she's still worried and will continue to sleep in her car. there are a few damaged houses but it could have been worse. apart from the old and unoccupied farmhouses that were reduced to rubble, the biggest signs of destruction are factories. this is one of the industrial hubs of italy. just a day after the earthquake workers have returned to assess the damage and secure the
2:55 pm
buildings. this construction worker was at work when the earthquake struck. he tells me that no one would sleep last night, fearing for their jobs and of course their safety. so far at least 17 people have lost their lives. more than twice the number that perished in the first earthquake that occurred in the middle of the night at 4:00 a.m. the second earthquake struck after 9:00 in the morning while everyone was just settling into work. just a few hours ago, the bodies of two worker were pulled from the rubble of this factory which only had the all clear at the end of the l.a. last week and one more worker is believed to be still inside. and now the prosecutors office said it's launching an investigation into how these factories were built in the first place and why they weren't able to withstand b the
2:56 pm
earthquake that's being nicknamed the earthquake of the factories. cnn, madala, italy. >> geerting news just into cnn. we want to take you to lizzie o'leary. we're learning the 747 on the tarmac at chicago's o'hare airport clipped a commuter plane? >> that's right. we're talking about a 747 cargo plane, operated by eva cargo. it clipped an american eagle regional jet. you can actually see it there on the tarmac in chicago. it clipped the tail of that regional jet. there were 21 passengers on board the regional skbret. it was flying from chicago to springfield missouri. no injuries here, but certainly this was something that happened on the taxi way. both of these planes landed in o'ha o'hare, and you can see where the right wing intersected the tail of that american eagle jet.
2:57 pm
the police say no injuries onboard that american eagle plane. that's their regional carrier. and all thosing passengers are being evacuated and taken off the plane, brooke. >> are these live pictures? yes. okay so these are live pictures, thanks to our chicago apill yat. you see all kinds of traffic there on the ground. i'm looking at some emergency crews, flashing lights there. soo explain to me. had both of these planes just landed when this happened? >> the information is still a bit spotty, brook, but it looks like they both just landed. a 747 is a large airplane, has a big wingspan and it's not entirely clear who was going in which way as this happened. but you can see that the american eagle jet was trying to approach the gate, the gate it was bound for.
2:58 pm
and it looks like that cargo jet came along just behind it there that way. >> there you go. the tail of the regional carrier, the right wing of that jet. so that's happening right now? >> it looks like they've got all those emergency sweek vehicles there. they're inspecting damage on both of those aircraft to see how serious it was and what they would have to do. a lot are precautionary. the airport was saying there are no major delay. ocare is an incredibly busy airport and this could have the potential to disrupt traffic, but it doesn't look like that's happened. >> so to be clear, if i'm a passenger on that cheenny, chienny regional, you know, the regional plane, im'm thinking i'm going to feel some sort of thud. am i wrong? >> you're not wrong. that's certainly what you would have felt, absolutely.
2:59 pm
>> it's a passenger plane, one of these planes like a canada air regional jet used for a lot of these short hop flights. a grew of three, no injuries reported. what they're doing right now is basically checking to see what kind of damage is there and we dpid get a note just now, brooke, this all those passengers are off the american eagle plane. >> okay. keep your eyes to those pictures. we're going to move along. if we need to come back to you, we will. we roll on, hour two. forget donald trump here. tired of talking about him. but for some reason, this whole birther thing is getting bigger. this is not going away. there's a former congressman currently running for the senate who believes the u.s. government should hire three people to vet presidential candidates and their birthplaces. i'm talking about a birther office and just minutes with we're going to speak to pete


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