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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 1, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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disposal. >> they could have used it to get him out, but on the other hand judge lester runs aa tight courtroom, as well he should, and he was frustrated because he doesn't think they were being as straightforward and honest as he thought they should. he hope the revocation is temporary. i hope he'll give us a day in court to explain george's behavior and look at all the circumstances, even the discovery that's come out to date, in determining what to do to let him back out on bond. within 48 hours. i haven't even spoken to him yet. >> reporter: did you read the motion? it talked apparently about the conversations talk inning codes about the tens of thousands of dolla dollars? there's certainly collusion between him and his wife. >> if you consider about talking about 10, 20, 155 as being code maybe you're accurate.
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i've involved myself in cases where drug dealers talk, and they talk about watermelons and things like that. when you talk about nine or ten, i'm not certain that that is so much of aa code for $80,000 or $90,000. that that is legitimately trying to deceive anything. if deception is the intent why did they expose it the first day it was discussed and he forwarded all the money i asked him to forward the day you asked him to forward it. we'll have a hearing. >> reporter: have you had a chance to tell george? >> haven't told him yet. i'm going to call. >> reporter: did you tell him this was a possibility, and what was his reaction to that? >> no reaction at all. wait to see what the judge does now and at the next hearing. >> reporter: is he watching this? >> i presume so, but i haven't spoken to him yet. >> reporter: is it a simple process to bring him back here? >> we'll accomplish it. we're concerned about safety
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still, and we'll maintain that concern and accomplish it. >> reporter: what do you think about george and shelley zimmerman being called liars? >> i understand the state's position. i disagree with it. i think judge lester was concerned with whether or not they were being as straightforward as they wanted them to. he wants them to come in person and explain that to him, and we'll certainly give them and the court that opportunity. >> reporter: how long will it take to get george back here? hours a day? >> it sounds like i'm talking in code, but it's less than 48 hours. that's what the judge gave us, and we'll accomplish that. >> reporter: are you still significantly concerned about his security? >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: have you receive nid dea any death threats? >> they're ongoing threats and concerns and complaints. i don't know where they become true threats, but we're dealing with them the way we want to. law enforcement is involved as they need to be. they keep everyone as safe as we
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can. >> reporter: can we shift the question. in the court there was a discussion about whether this is a confession made by your client or whether it is a statement made by your client. you actually didn't let the judge answer that for you. where are you on that? have you listened to it and concluded whether it's anything special? >> we've begun the process of analyzing a number of statements that he's given voluntarily to the police. i don't have any -- i don't want to determine or define them as confessions, statements, nuances or whatever. at the right time we make a decision whether this subject to motion to suppress. if they're not, i think they may not fall under the protection of 119. >> reporter: is it time for shelley zimmerman to get an attorney? are you concerned about her statements in court? >> i hadn't thought about it. i don't believe that that's going to be necessary. we'll deal with it when i speak with them. >> reporter: a lot of considerations remain for the zimmerman family when that bond
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hearing happened allowing them to present themselves. do you think they don't have a special consideration in a lot of this? >> i don't think they should have. i think the judge will maintain the security of all the witnesses and the defendant's family in this case as a priority, and i believe that judge lester will continue to do that. i think it was 155 plus another 30, 185. i just don't keep the active daily track of it that i know you guys want me to. thanks very much. appreciate the time. thank you. >> so we were looking at a live press conference by george zimger man's attorney mark o'meara. let's bring in sunny hostin joining me from new york. sunny, this came out in the past hour. explain for our viewers why the judge did this, why the judge has kind of changed his position, if you will, to say --
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to give bond and then also revoke bond now and say he must report in the next 48 hours? >> right. well, the state, the government filed a motion to revoke george zimmerman's bond on two -- they filed a motion based on two things. one, they said that george zimmerman was asked to surrender his passport to the judge as a condition of being released, a condition of bond. he, in fact, did release or relinquish a passport, but that expired in may of 2012. the government found out that he, in fact, had a second passport that did not expire until 2014. so the state felt that he had been dishonest. the most important, i think, parts of the state's motion was ground number two. they say that shelley zimmerman, george zimmerman's wife lied when she represented to the
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court that their an indigent family and didn't have a lot of money to scrape together to secure bond for george zimmerman. well, the state apparently got hold of several phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife. and during those calls while they sort of speak in code about money -- >> i'm going to jump in real quick. trayvon martin's attorney is speaking out. >> we thinks the most important ruling so far in this entire case. >> reporter: you didn't think he deserved bond and he shouldn't have been let out. the prosecutors used the word "lie," and they didn't coat it over with any sugar here. >> we think this prosecution made a very compelling case that you all can listen to for yourself, and the judge listened to that testimony. based on the evidence before him, he made a ruling that he thought was appropriate based on the law. it is important that we consider
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to make everything based on the law. now, i will say that trayvon's mother and father have aalways maintained that the killer of their unarmed son shut remain in custody until they have the trial, and everything then will be able to have all the evidence out there. that's a grieving parent saying i want the person that killed my son to be put in jail, because they have always believed if the shoe was on the other foot that trayvon martin would have been put in jail on day one and he would not have been given bail. they've only asked for equal justice, nothing more, nothing less. >> when he turns himself in as demanded by the court, do you believe that he should have the right to make a claim for another bond? >> again, the parents have always said that they want the killer of they are son to remain in custody until the trial.
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now, it would be based on the law and judge lester's ruling whether or not he will release george zimmerman, but he has to look at the evidence of what has transpired at that bond hearing and what has transpired based on the evidence he considered today. that the special prosecutor had presented through their office and their discovery. >> is there any disagreement with the reaction? >> i'm looking forward to going to call them now. as you would expect, they have been watching this intensely because that's their son that died here. you know, it's important to them for just obvious reasons, but whether your s
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when your son is killed and there's all these things said, you want to pay attention to defend your son's honor. that's all these parents are trying to do. they're doing what any other parent would have done in the same situation. >> did you learn anything new about it today that you didn't know? >> i think it's important that one of the things you saw in there today was rather obvious that on the day of the bond hearing george zimmerman sat there and saw a parade of witnesses, a parade of witnesses and testimony with the sole intent of proving he was almost indigent, which we know that the candor from that particular situation was not there. i think that's the one thing that came out today that was very evident that was not the case. certainly it went back to case in point here that his credibility is greatly in question. >> so let me see if i understand this correctly. you believe that if he lied about his money and passport that he may also lie about what happened that night? >> we fully expect that the special prosecutor will make
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george zimmerman's credibility be front and center in this entire case. whatever dishonesty that comes forth by george zimmerman, that they can prove, you can best believe it would be the issue of this case. rightfully so. i think everybody wants credibility, and everybody wants it to be transparent. so when you have a full, fair, transparent trial, then everybody in america can accept the outcome. and everybody, everybody wins when it's transparent and fair. that's all the lawyers in this case, the special prosecutor, the defense team. certainly we as representatives of the family and certainly the mother and father of trayvon martin want it to be a fair trial. they really are concerned about can their son get a fair trial? that is an important issue with
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them it. >> i want to get out of this now. we're looking at a live press conference in sanford, florida. i'll bring back in sunny hostin. sorry to cut you off there. we wanted to get to the press conference real quick. >> what do you make of this now? it's not surprising trayvon's family would like to see george zimmerman in jail until they at least get to trial and beyond that, of course. you see there that their attorneys soldier kind are kind case to set up the case going forward, the credibility question, almost saying he was lying in order to get bond. >> yeah. i mean, it is an issue now, right? the government alleged and obviously the judge agreed that george zimmerman knew when he let his wife the rest of his family members represent to the
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court they were, in fact, indigent and it would be doyle put together enough money to make bond. that was their argument in terms of getting the judge to give them a reasonable bond. we know that the judge gave them a bond of $150,000, which means they had to put down about 10%. well, george zimmerman and shelley zimmerman according to jailhouse records were talking about money transferred frommed pay pal account, money he raised on the website from the real george zimmerman and transferred $150,000 to a credit union account. that calls into question his credibility as well as his wife's. >> all right, sunny hostin, thanks so much. we'll talk to you soon. just to recap, this is a judge in seminole county, florida has revoked bond for george
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zimmerman, who is facing charges relating to the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin, a case we've been following closely. we'll have much more on that to come. we do have a lot of news to cover in the next little while. take a look. thousands of people in florida being purged from voter rolls. the state says it's just doing its duty, but the department of justice says they're violating the law. plus, the war in wisconsin. it's mayor versus governor, and today a former president steps in. >> you have a choice here, and the choice i think is pretty simple. and a milestone for a monarch. london gears up for a major celebration as queen elizabeth marks 60 years on the throne. brooke baldwin tells us what's in store at this weekend's diamond jubilee. [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida.
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for the last three weeks it is obama campaign is trying to
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prove mitt romney cannot create jobs. they were just on romney's trip in boston attacks his record of creating jobs as a governor as well as his time at bain capital. last night former president bill clinton said this about romney. >> there's no question that people are getting up and going to the office and, you know, basically performing the essential functions of the office. a man who has been governor and had a sterling businesses career crosses the qualification threshold. >> you better believe the rnc and republicans jumped for joy at this one and took his words straight to the bank. an rnc spokesman sent an e-mail out this morning saying, kwoets, yet another high profile democrat who is clearly uncomfortable with obama's negative attacks on free enterprise. how big of a gaffe is this. listen as he finishes his sentence last night. >> they had dramatically different proposals, and it's my
3:18 pm
opinion anyway that the obama proposals and the record be far better for the american economy and most americans than those that governor romney laid out. >> so let's bring in chief national correspondent and anchor of john king usa, john king. so, john, how off-script do you think president clinton was there? republicans are jumping all over this. >> if you're the obama campaign, he was 100% off-script. if you're bill clinton, you're showing your political dna on two fronts. remember inauguration day for clinton in 1993, fleetwood mac, don't stop thinking about tomorrow. he thinks a mistake for my politician to look in the rear-view mirror. he thinks it's bad strategy to go after bain capital. as he said during the second clip he played, what do you want to do if you win a second term? what would president obama do? let's have a clash of ideas about the future.
3:19 pm
that is number one, bill clinton's dna. he thinks it's a waste of time to look backwards. where did bill clinton come from? ec he was the former arkansas governor. he was the failed governor of a small state. before he could challenge president bush he had to challenge his own party. he was among the founders which after walter mondale lost 49 states. this formed in new group saying the democrats can't be so cozy with the unions and so hostile to business. go back to bill clinton's speeches in the early 1990s, he promises a pro-business environment in a new democratic party. that's what he believes he did as president, and if you talk to people he talks to privately whash whash, what you heard publicly is that's parts of his concern. he likes him and wantses him to win re-election, but he should be more pro-business. >> romney is smiling at clinton's compliment when he spoke to cnbc. in his words he said i think
3:20 pm
bain capital has a good and solid record. ichs happy to see president clinton made a similar statement today and called my record superb. there's no surprise he was going to take that and run with it, right? >> no surprise. the obama campaign won't let up. the clinton economic, 22 million jobs during those eight years and he left office with a balanced budget. a lot of voters look back at the clinton years from an economic standpoint and said, i wish we had that now. p if bill clinton says nice things, mitt romney will say thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you. >> we may be seeing that in an ad for mitt romney sometime soon. >> i wouldn't doubt that at all. john king usa is at 6:00 eastern. don't miss it. talk to you stoon, john. >> take care. so very different story. chilling 911 tapes in the seattle cafe shootings and one man's actions have police calling him a hero. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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when bullets started to fly at a seattle cafe wednesday we learn about a hero that seattle police faced down the gunman and saved two, maybe three lives ch. listen as police describe thiz
3:24 pm
actions. >> he was sitting next to the suspect when the suspect started shooting, and the suspect had two guns. the hero picked up a stool and threw it at the suspect, hit him. picked up another stool, as the suspect is shooting and for you pointing at him and hits him with another stool. >> seattle police won't identify the man. they refer to him as only lawrence. listen as i read a quote lawrence gave police they posted on the blotter. this is what motivated him. this is quoting him. my brother died in the world trade center. i promised myself if something like this happened i would never hide under a table. it's pretty amazing stuff. seattle police are releasing 911 calls from wednesday's shooting spree including this one made from the cafe's bathroom. >> there's been a shooting. somebody came in and shot a bunch of people. i'm hiding in the bathroom. >> hold on, sir. how many people? >> did you see the person that did it? >> no, i did not.
3:25 pm
i was in the back so they didn't get me. >> you can hear the fear in hi voice. another harrowing call came into the operators a short time later, this one from a woman witnessing a carjacking, safe gunman as the cafe, different seattle location. >> i'm calling 911. >> what are you reporting. >> a man is assaulting a woman, oh, my god he just shot her. >> are you at 1119 eighth avenue? >> yes. he's in a parking lot, he's stealing a black mercedes. he just shot her. >> is he white? >> white. >> hold on, ma'am. >> a man shot a female. he's getting into a mercedes. >> black mercedes. >> okay, ma'am. i'm going to bring the medics on the line with us, okay. hang on. >> a woman is shot. >> yep, she's down. >> stay on the line with me.
3:26 pm
>> this is a shooting. >> stay on the line with me. >> oh, my god. >> we're responded to 1119 eighth avenue. a man shot a woman. >> he just ran over her. >> okay. stay on the line with me. >> you're all broken up. i've got 1119 eighth avenue. >> correct in the parking lot. yeah. >> in the parking lot? >> yeah, and the guy just took off in the car. >> what direction did he leave, ma'am? >> what direction? took off on seneca. >> east or west? >> towards i-5 in which direction? >> he took off on -- >> sir, we had a female shot and then that person ran the female over with a vehicle. >> so we have a shooting? >> yes, correct. >> wow, that's tough to listen to. before the shooting ended five people would be dead including the gunman. let's turn to the economy now. slowly americans are returning to work, and it's the slow part
3:27 pm
that has some economists worried. plus, very, very different story. justin bieber in paris. i'm sure you already knew that. he looks great now, but last night, well, you'll hear more about the bieber blackout straight aahead.
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the jobless rate is up. the east coast may start the weekend with hail and even tornadoes. justin bieber knocks himself outs for a few seconds. time to play. we begin with the latest job report. unemployment rose to 8.2% with just 69,000 jobs created last month. alison kosik has been following all this. is there any bright spot in this very dismal jobs report? >> kate, you have to dig deep to find anything bright in in report. you know what na bright is? it's coming from that unemployment rate moving higher from 8.1% to 8.2%. it's not all bad, because it shows that more people got into the labor market to try and find
3:31 pm
a job. in fact, 629,000 people got back in the work force. they feel a little better, like they have a better chance of gekt a job. you know what the problem is? they're chasing fewer jobs. we found out that 69,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. that number stunned traders. it's the reason you're seeing stocks tank right now. the dow falls 264 points. guess what? the dow has erased all the gains for the year. kate. >> we have to take what we can get on this fine friday. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. thank you. next, severe weather is predicted to hit the southeast and mid-atlantic states. chad myers is joining me. what's the latest? >> it's moving over wshz now, not tornado warnings but severe thunderstorm warnings for washington, d.c. up towards adelphia, maryland and the like and greenfield. it could produce winds to 50 to 60 miles per hour. they're the storm right there moving north into the northern half of d.c. and also eventually
3:32 pm
into maryland. go farther to the north here, and we will find more of the weather that we are talking about earlier, these pink boxes still looking at tornado warnings there, not seeing any tornado warnings in fact tornadoes proper. we're wauchling wjla's helicopter shot here. they're flying back towards d.c. >> keeping an eye on that as i head to the airport. thank you so much. next up, pop star justin bieber gives himself a concussion. corrine winter is live from los angeles. what did he do? >> he got a little concussion, kate, that's right, but he has a good sense of humor about what happened. he bumped into a wall of glass during a concert, but all concerned fans shoontd be too worried. bieber performed again in paris earlier today, this time from a balcony. you have to check out this video posted on u tube of bieber
3:33 pm
singing his hit song "boyfriend." listen. ♪ >> kate, i know you couldn't get enough of that. the bieber explained how the glass wall incident happened at tmz telling the website he was walking off stage and didn't realize there was a glass wall between him and the railing. as he reached for the railing he hit his head. poor guy. safe to say, i think he's on the mend. he'll survive. >> i think he's okay and they can sigh a big sigh of relief. poppy harlow has ways to improve your credit score coming up ahead. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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a good credit score can get you good deals from buying a car to buying a house, so how do you boost your credit? poppy harlow has today's help desk. >> hey, there. good to see you. we're on the help desk today talking about building your credit. very important. got two experts to help us do that. ryan mac, president of optimum capital management and stacy francis. ryan, we got this e-mail from bree in washington. i'm thinking about getting a credit card to build my credit score. how do pick a card? >> 15% of your fico score is your length of credit history. what we want to do is go to and help to select a card. preapproved offers don't mean anything. make sure you use your card
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responsibly and a secured card to get on the right track. analyze all the fees that go with the card and understanding exactly rereading the fine print. >> absolutely. probably asking friends and things what success or not that they've had with different cards. what do you think about a lot of stater cards loaded with fees oftentimes? how hidden are those, and how careful do you have to be? >> bring out your magnifying glass to see all the fees. really what it comes down to if you pay your cards on time, you're not going to be subject to those fees. make sure you're being fiscally responsible, that you are ugs the cards appropriately and paying them off and you shouldn't have any fees. >> you're going to get a card. thank you both if you have any questions go to the pomp, the pageantry, and
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the flags and the flotilla. it's fit for a queen's jubilee. we're about to hear from our brooke baldwin who is there having a blast. ♪ under blue moon i saw you [ young man ] whoo-hoo! ♪ so soon you'll take me there he is! the party's arrived. ♪ [ both hiss ] [ screaming, explosions ] oh, he-- [ crickets chirping ] [ owl hooting ] [ gasps ] ♪ fate ♪ up against your will ♪ through the thick and thin
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we're tracking scary weather out of the d.c. region. you're looking at live pictures from our affiliate wjla. welcome to live tv, as this picture just went down. pretty scary clouds and radar pictures here. we hear from the faa there is a
3:42 pm
ground stop in effect for all of the washington airports, dulles, reagan and bwi. scary weather through the northeast right now. we'll bring you updateses as we get that. if you thought the recent royal wedding was something, queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee may outdo it this weekend. she's the sekd longest living morch nanch. yes, we fook a poll. americans love her, too. our latest poll shows the queen with an 82% approval rating among americans. i know a few presidents that would love that approval rating, and that's up from a low of 47% around the time of princess diana's death in 1997. as for the other royals you ask in right now prince charles is at 57% and camilla is at 36%. our own brooke baldwin is in
3:43 pm
london for the festivities. i stlulgts love that. brooke, why -- >> when in doubt, take a poll. >> why are americans so in love with the queen? >> i think it's the whole story. it's so row mant sized for americans especially with this rejuvenation of the monarchy. you talk to people in london and they say it was the duke and do you chess of cambridge, william and kate that re-energized the monarchy now. to much was about the royal wedding last year. walking around the streets of london as i have the last 24 hours, people here say basically if you thought the royal wedding was a big deal, this is an even bigger deal. 60 years on the throne, only one other queen can claim that, and that was queen victor ra in the 19th century. you mentioned the duke and duchess, we saw awesome twit pics from your stay. do you care to share? >> let's share, shall we, kate?
3:44 pm
i don't know what to begin with. are we looking at -- >> we're looking at you with the duke and duchess themselves. what are you doing? >> of course. as we are working on the big exclusive with queen elizabeth who has never once in her 86 years on this planet given a sit-down interview, the closest to the royal family is this huge toy story on regent street. it's a world renowned store. you can't probably tell, but they're all legos. you see kate and william, and then on the front of the toy store if you go through the pictures. there was the queen, queen elizabeth and then if you look at the t-shirt, go back to the t-shirt picture, because i tell you what? you walk around loan done right now, and every single window there's something diamond jubilee, and what you can't tell. you see the t-shirt with the mustache on the queen. below that you see the
3:45 pm
pint-sized queens. instead of a bobblehead convenes, the right hand are stuck in a permanent waving position. people here are having fun with it. it's a big party. it's the jubilee. >> have you gotten pictures on the perfect royal wave? >> i have a feeling piers morgan will have something to say about that when i finally bump into him. it's not this. it's more of a think thing. it's just like a graceful, regal, hello. >> far better than i could pull off, brooke baldwin. you're already royalty in my mind. >> thanks. >> we will watch you. thank you so much. have a good time at the same time. >> yes. the big event is this coming weekend, and we plan to bring all of the incredible festivities live from london. join brooke baldwin along with piers morgan for the queen's diamond jubilee. a royal celebration. live coverage begins surnd morning at 11:00 eastern. it should be quite a show. the feds step in after some americans are stripped of their voting rights, but the state
3:46 pm
involved says it just wants legal citizens at the polls. we'll have more on that comes up. so we invented a warning.. you can feel. introducing the all new cadillac xts, available with the patented safety alert seat. when there is danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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the feds have now officially joined the fight against a voter purge in florida. election officials there have been going through names and eliminating those who they say are not u.s. citizens, but advocates from minority groups say american citizens are also getting ousted.
3:49 pm
>> in the year 2012 here we are taking people's right to vote away from them? i thought we settled this in all the sift rights eras in the '50s and '60s. >>s. >> the department of justice has sent a letter saying florida has to stop the purge now because it may be violating the voting rights acts from 1965. cnn in espanol adriana is joining us. they've been dealing with this and pushing forward with this purge, but have they stopped the purge? >> actually, kate, they have not. they have simply said they are reviewing this letter. let's explain the con ro versy. florida began a purge of non-citizens registered as voters and they're doing this by cross-checking names from the department of motor vehicles. thousands of letters were sent to potential non-citizens asking them to submit proof of
3:50 pm
citizenship. in the letter they did not notify the government as dictated by federal law. it also says florida is violating a provision that prohibits the removal of voters from roles. florida will hold its primaries on august 14th. after receiving the letter, chris kate said the bottom line is we are firmly committed to doing the right thing and preventing ineligible voters from being able to cast a ballot. we hope the government will support our effort, end of quote. they support they're not accurate and it disproportionately affects minorities and some are welcoming the decision by the doj. >> the numbers clearly show that 58% of those purged were latino, despite the fact that we're 13% of the eligible voters and so we welcome the department of
3:51 pm
justice affirmation that this is legal and it violates our right to vote. >> kate, the division of election recognizes that the process they implemented has limitations. it says it has asked the department of homeland security for access to its records in an effort have more accuracy when identifying potential non-citizens, kate? >> adriana this isn't just how they're going about it or how they're handling this. this isn't just paranoia, right? u.s. citizens have been removed from the voter rules there. >> reporter: you are correct, kate. thousands of letters were sent out, but let's focus one of the counties most affected and that is miami-dade. according to the miami-dade department of elections according to 1600 people were flagged as potential non-citizens and this is a large number of latinos. more than 300 have already proven their citizenship so it goes to show you that the process has identified people
3:52 pm
that are legitimate voters. adriana hauser with cnn in espanol. thank you very much, adriana. cancer deaths are decreasing in this country, but cases are soaring elsewhere and american influences may be partly to blame. we'll have more on that.
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
we so often hear about cancer deaths declining here in the united states so we did a double take when we heard this news. a new study predicts cancer
3:55 pm
cases worldwide will soar by nearly 75% by the year 2030. 75%. really amazing. the current rate based on figures from 2008 is 12.7 million new cancer cases a year, but this study predictions that in 2030, new cases will rise to 22.2 million a year. with me now with this is one of the studies' co-authors nathan gray. he is also with the american cancer society, the global -- i always mess these up, the vice president of global health. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. the numbers are really astounding when you look at it. why the projected rise in cancer cases? >> some of it just has to do with the fact that the world's population is growing and aging. more people means more cancer and that's a big driver, but unfortunately, there are other issues and the biggest issues are exposures, chronic exposures, lifelong exposures to
3:56 pm
cancer-causing agents like tobacco and cancer-causing infections like overweight and obesity increasingly. >> that's kind of a westernized issues that maybe are moving beyond the west. >> absolutely. and frankly it's been happening for a long time. i'm glad you brought that up. when we think about problem in middle-income countries, we talk about hiv/aids, malaria and tb. at the same time we've seen exploding cases of cancer and not just cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well. >> i have a graphic, and this has to do, showing that cancer deaths in the united states are dropping and you can see that the decline started in the 1990s, if you take a look at that, and we've seen cancer deaths drop by 18% since that time. so what do these developing countries and these developing regions, what do they need to learn from the united states, in order to stop this projected
3:57 pm
increase in cancer cases. >> we're really pleased to see those rates going down and the american cancer society has been working very hard to make this happen. what we need to see this happen in low to middle income countries are policymakers to start to take action to prepare their countries for these growing numbers of cancer cases. they can pass laws that will restrict tobacco use. they can bring in programs to immunize people for human papillomavirus and hep titghtis and they can think about increasing rates of obesity happening around the world. >> if it comes down to economics, if you will, developed nations have more money and developing countries do not. is it too expensive for them to take on this challenge or are there inexpensive ways that they can try to fight this trend. >> there are inexpensive ways. we can't do everything in developing countries that we can do here, but some of the things
3:58 pm
i just mentioned, policy changes. if you raise money on cigarettes you actually have money come into the government. it's a win-win for everyone involved. vaccines, very low cost. they can make a big, big difference and there are steps that we can take now that begin to make a difference and over time we can begin with other interventions down the road. >> you watched this closer than other people. 75% is astounding. how concerned are you? is this one of those, the cliff is coming any that's a major issue if we don't wake up now? >> it is a big issue. it is significant. in terms of the impact on human lives, on family, communities and also economically, because the costs of people not being able to work, loss productivity and the cost of direct medical treatment and all of these costs are huge, lives lost and economies in ruins is a big deal. educating the populations,
3:59 pm
right? >> absolutely. i know that's a big step and that's a big step toward people beginning to realize that we're dealing with a complex issue here. people think black and white, hiv/aids, malaria. that's all we need to think about. >> thank you so much. we're out of time. it's been a busy day. that's all for me up. i'll toss it to my friend in "the situation room". >> the dow jones industrials closing down 270 points. investors cringing after a dismal new jobs report. this hour a year of stock gains has simply been wiped out. is the economy dragging down the president? we're about to get brand new poll numbers on his campaign showdown with mitt romney expect what no republican has done before, with his first election to congress with voters


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