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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 1, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he's gay. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- a very weak jobs report is having a very chilling effect on wall street and the economy right now. the dow jones industrials closing down about 270 points only moments ago. the other major indices also taking a hit. we learned today that only 69,000 jobs were added to america's workforce last month. that's the weakest growth in a year and the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.2%. president obama on the campaign trail today. he's struggling to convince voters he's part of the solution and not part of the problem. our white house correspondent brianna keilar is traveling with
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the president right now. brianna, what's the latest reaction? >> reporter: wolf, it was a similar refrain we heard from president obama. he urged americans to look at the broader trends for jobs and unemployment, and he did give congress a little credit specifically for passing the payroll tax cut extension this winter, but he said congress needs to do much more. >> reporter: after a disappointing may with unemployment increasing slightly and the economy adding fewer jobs than expected, president obama addressed a crowd in the politically friendly state of minnesota. >> our businesses have created almost 4.3 million new jobs over the last 27 month, but as we learned in today's jobs report, we're not creating them as fast as we want. >> reporter: at this honeywell factory that employs 65 veterans, so the military experience can help land them a job in the private sector. he also tried to explain the bad jobs numbers, proving to
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headwinds and the high gas prices amid concerns over iran's nuclear ambitions. it was a defense that has become repetitive. this was october. >> the biggest headwind the economy is facing right now is uncertainty about july. >> reporter: last july. >> the economy has experienced tough head wends. >> over a year ago. >> the economy has experienced headwinds. >> reporter: obama was prodded to take action on the so-called congressional to-do list. >> my message to congress is not the time to play politics or sit on your hands. >> reporter: governor romney called the economic numbers devastating and accused obama of passing the buck. >> first it was george bush and then it was congress, atm machines, europe. he's always got someone, but the truth is the job of the president is to get america back to work.
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>> reporter: as romney attacks president obama on the economy, the obama campaign is continuing its new scrutiny of romney's economic record while he was governor of massachusetts and recent polls as a nation show that voters are a very much divided sploit whether it was obama or the romney who would do a better job on the economy. >> thank you very much, brianna on the scene for us traveling with the president. >> i'm quoting now, shockingly low. investors were clearly thrown for a loop as well. let's go to cnn's alison kosik. she's over at the new york stock exchange. a pretty poor day today, alison. what happened? >> reporter: they told me they were stunned over the lousy jobs number. people are trading on fear and you see that playing out today.
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it is getting ever so closely to the 12,000 level and it's no surprise that the dow's selling off at this point. the number was a big disappointment, but look where the dow is now, it's erased all of its gains for the year and the s&p 500 and the nasdaq are in a correction. the dow is flirting with correction territory. here is a big worry for wall street, wolf, this anemic job growth it's stnt just a blip. it's a trend. you are seeing month after month. march and april was revised lower, at this point the u.s. isn't slowing down. it's pulling the emergency brake. >> it wasn't that long ago, alison, that the dow was over 13,000, and now it's getting close to 12,000 and you're saying all of the gains of this year are already lost. what are people on wall street expecting in the weeks and months to come? what are they saying? >> reporter: they don't know what to expect.
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what they're hoping for maybe the fed steps in and takes a stimulative measure. when you see how quickly the markets lost all of what they gained, talking about the dow especially in just one month's time, the dow has erased all of its gains for the year. this is actually the worst loss of the year. i'm talking about today's performance. it's amazing how quickly are singled out. they are trading on fear especially on the bond markets the ten-year yield hitting below 1.5%. wolf? >> that's what happens, i guess. thanks very much, alison. appreciate it. we'll have more on the economic story, the jobs story. that's coming up. now to a scary storm and the threat of tornadoes and a very heavily populated area just outside of the nation's capital. let's go to our severe weather expert chad my meyers.
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>> the humid air wants to rise. we have two tornado watch boxes. that means storm are possible and they could rotate. warnings mean they are rotating. so the watch boxes mean storms could happen anywhere from central philadelphia back over to state college all of the way down even to north carolina. we do have one, i would say the most significant storm close to d.c., just moved over quantico and it is now close to the potomac river and that's potomac heights and it may clip maryland and we don't have enough rotation on doppler to put that tornado warning on. probably rotating a loft. it's still raining in some spots here and our affiliate here, wjla is flying around and
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looking at flash flooding and zooming around a little bit, but there are creeks and streams going through that cattle gate and over roadways, turn around. don't drown. do not drive through rushing water especially after dark. you don't upon how deep that water might be. >> a little while ago, even bethesda, maryland, which is one of the subures right outside washington, d.c., they were facing potential problems. what do they know about that? >> that's right. zoom in on this zoom right here. i had just moved away from college park and delphi. this is the storm a little bit farther to the north. just outside of d.c. and right up e-95 and the bw parkway. the storm is putting down some wind. maybe 40 to 50 miles per hour. leesburg and lawton county is
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the only place with damage right now. this is maryland, the storm there to the northwest of touson and hempstead. that's where most of this weather has been today, but up until 8:00, 9:00, wolf, any area could see a storm that could rotate and put down a tornado and turn your noaa radio on, if you see a storm coming inside, get the pits and kids can last now, it could bring down power lines and branches can cut you anyway, all through the philadelphia and even into raleigh and the north carolina area. >> good advice. don't go too far away. we'll stay on top of this story as well. we have storm chasers in the maryland area outside of washington, as well. >> we're about to release brand new polling numbers on the presidential race.
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is there anything in these brand new numbers for president obama to be happy about? stand by for the new poll information. that's coming up. and find out why mitt romney may want to thank the former president of the united states bill clinton. some democrats aren't very happy with what the former president is saying right now. and a congressional candidate is breaking the mold in romney's home state. >> being gay in massachusetts is no problem. being a republican is a little more difficult. great shot.
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voters nationwide and that's the margin of error. the number one issue by far for voters out there which is the state of the economy. let's bring in ron bronstein. the polling information was done before today's unemployment numbers came out, but let's just show our viewers some comparison as far as the president's handling of job as of right now. 52% approve of the job he's doing. 47% disapprove, but if you take a look they've basically been the same. in march, 49% approve and 52%. what does that mean that he's got a 52% approval number. >> that's good news if it hold, wolf. the single best indicator in his battle for the election is his approval rating. if it's at 50, if it's under, he
4:14 pm
has a close race. he's a 49 in his vote which is also significant because it's only been, by my count, seven polls by anybody that have had him at 49 or above, but the backdrop for both of that, the tailwind for both of those numbers has been a sense among americans that the economy will improve over the next year. that has been a wind in his wings that has moved over to the stronger position. if the kind of job numbers we saw today and last month continue, there's an enormous risk to the president, but that optimism begins to crumble on both his ballot and his job approval. >> we asked registered voters, take a look at these numbers, whether or not their financial situation was better, worse or the same as a year ago. 37% said it was better. 43% said worse. about 20% it was roughly the
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same. give us your analysis as to what the numbers suggest. >> obama is leff stating above attitudes about the economy. you look at the underlying conditions at unemployment at 8%. the difficulty we've had creating jobs and the assessments that we've had with the economic situation and it's a stronger position than you'd expect given those underlying conditions. the reason for that is that many of the people who are hardest hit on minority voters are overwhelmingly with them. if you look at the white electorate though, he is right at the tipping point and is it 39% overall in your poll, you probably need 40 or above and the numbers right before they came on, only 34% of non-college whites say they're voting for president obama. that's significantly down from 40%. they're idea l odjickly for
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college than noncollege voters. >> the economy by far is the single most important issue among registered voters. 52% say the economy is the most important thing facing the country today. low single digits, terrorism, 5%. illegal immigration, 4%. afghanistan, 3%. policies toward gays, 2%. it is the economy. >> i thought you were going to say it's the economy, stupid and that's why romney is trying to undermine the economic credentials of the other. if it's the referendum on the four years and most americans are dissatisfied for what the economy has produced for the country and for them individually and their families. he wants to be a prospective verdict and a prospective choice and in that he wants to disqualify romney by undermining
4:17 pm
what it is and your polls continuing to show a strong asset for him. most american, the first instinct is that his business background does, in fact, equip him to deal with the economy and the obama campaign is waging this ferocious effort to undermine the core strength of mitt romney. >> ron bronstein, thanks very, very much. >> i want to emphasize that today's poll was done before today's jobless unemployment numbers came out. do you want to know what life is really like on the campaign trail? this coming tuesday join us for the cnn election roundtable. you can submit your questions and get answers in realtime in this live, virtual chat. it all happens at tuesday at noon eastern. logon to and you'll get new information and you'll be joining me at noon eastern. bill clinton is getting grief from fellow democrats for
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this remark about mitt romney. listen. >> a man who has been governor and had a sterling business career passes the qualification threshold. >> we're going to take a closer look at bill clinton's gift to mitt romney, and the possible damage to the obama campaign. stand by. >> plus a syrian diplomat is booted from the united states. we'll have the exclusive video and the back story. also, he used to be out there fighting against the force. now darth vader is fighting a parking ticket. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning.. you can feel. introducing the all new cadillac xts, available with the patented safety alert seat.
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u.s. congress. one candidate out there in mitt romney's home state of massachusetts is running a different kind of campaign in part because he's openly gay. let's bring in our senior congressional correspondent dana bash who is work the story for us. an interesting story in massachusetts. what's going on? >> richard tese is his name and he's okay with raising some taxes to pay down the debt and he served in the massachusetts statehouse and he thinks same-sex marriage should be legal. he's got to be a democrat, right? wrong. he sure doesn't sound like most house republicans. he talks about compromise above confrontation. >> bring some common sense and willingness to work across the aisle. he refuses to sign a pledge not
4:23 pm
to raise taxes. >> there are loopholes that need to be closed and take that money and pay down the national debt and i don't have a problem with that and i'm not going to lose sleep over it. >> reporter: what really makes this challenger unique, he is openly gay and he's the first republican to say that while running for congress. >> think they should get off your back and out of your bedroom. >> he fought to make it legal while serving in the massachusetts senate. his joke, where he's from, his party affiliation is more shocking than his sexual orientation. >> being gay in massachusetts is no problem. being a republican is more difficult. >> reporter: being a gay republican is quite different. most republicans oppose same-sex marriage and other gay rights. >> people watching this would scratch their heads and say, really? >> everybody a met down here has been terrific.
4:24 pm
i guess in a way i'm well-prepared for this because having come from massachusetts i have seen the way people have shifted over time, and i do think that being down here, yes, we might not agree on that particular issue. >> reporter: republican leaders in washington may want to signal a shift, too. at least an image. they helped arrange our interview with tisei in washington and other so-called young guns, candidates republican leaders are helping. >> the country is counting on this crop of candidates to continue the way to change america and change washington. >> reporter: other gop candidates here, a black woman from utah and an indian-american from california. the house speaker insists it's just pragmatic politics. >> they just happen to be good candidates in districts that are winnable for us. >> reporter: to say they're trying to unseat eight-term massachusetts democrat john tierney he wants to say may sound moderate, but may end up voting republican all of the way.
4:25 pm
>> he'll fall right in light with them. >> reporter: tisei insists he won't change. >> washington has to change. >> reporter: including your own party? >> i think everybody here has to. >> reporter: tisei says he does not want to be known as the gay republican, but rather a republican who happens to be gay. like every other republican running for congress, wolf, he has a singular focus when it comes to issues and that's the economy. >> not just the republicans and the democrats say it's their focus, as well. it's the economy, economy, economy. thanks very much for that, dana. it looks like bill clinton isn't quite the attack dog he used to be. why the former president says mitt romney had a, quote, sterling career at bain capital. it looks like he's undermining president obama's campaign message. stand by. s ke a magnet. pulling us together for different reasons. music. games. photos. shows. we share stories, laugh...
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bill clinton's reputation is one of the democratic party's best weapons and taking a bit of a hit right now and it all began right here on cnn when the former president said some nice things about mitt romney, sort of undercut the obama campaign's message. mary snow's taking a close look at what bill clinton had to say and the fallout. mary, what happened? >> reporter: wolf, republicans see this as a gift. those nice things that president clinton had to say deal with mitt romney's business record which is a major target of the obama campaign and republicans are eager to tout it. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney wasted no time seizing on positive comments on his business record coming from a top dog from the rival camp bill clinton. >> i was happy to see president clinton made a similar statement and called my record superb. jo that follows what president clinton said on the piers morgan
4:30 pm
program thursday. >> it crosses the qualification threshold, but they have dramatically different proposals and it's my opinion, in a way that the obama proposals and the obama record are far better for the american economy for most americans than those governor romney laid out. >> reporter: while clinton predicts obama will win, describing romney's record as sterling -- >>. >> reporter: president obama is the latest democrat to stray from the obama campaign's line of attack on bain. new york mayor cory mayor on "meet the press." i'm not about to sit here and indict private equity. >> reporter: in massachusetts, duval patrick said this on msnbc. >> reporter: president clinton spelled it out further. >> i don't think we ought to get in a position where we say this is bad work.
4:31 pm
this is good work. >> reporter: cnn senior political analyst, david gergen who served as an adviser to several presidents including clinton saying bill clinton had his days as arkansas governor and's a division on the attacks against private equity. >> overall, there is a fear of democrats who are descending from the obama attacks. the attacks themselves sound like they're antipf business and a free enterprise quality about it and in business some quantities succeed and others don't. when a company doesn't succeed to a lot of democrats seems tenured. >> reporter: the obama campaign pointed out president clinton also talked about a tactic some private equity investments used and investing in company, rung of debt and firing people and forcing them to lose retirement. president clinton said that when comparing investors. wolf?
4:32 pm
>> mary, thanks very much. let's dig a little bit deeper right now in our strategy session. joining us, the democratic strategist and contributor donna brazile and mary matalin. it seems that the president is undermining the bain capital management by suggesting that mitt romney's reputation there is sterlin respect with my
4:33 pm
dear bff don a the comparison is not for jobs created. it likens it to a vampire, the vulture, the blood sucking the life out of communities and families and that's an attack on private equity. that's an attack on free
4:34 pm
enterprise. president clinton and those other governors, present and past don't want to have that party be tagged as anti-business. it took clinton a lot of effort to get the tagged author back and the proof is in the butteding and 80% of the businesses said bain capital gave expertise and they did create jobs. jobs that lost, and 0% of the public equity that the public has invested in to green projects that has contributors were major investors in have produced nothing. they've all gone bankrupt and they've lost jobs and the price of that is taxpayers who didn't wish to invest are paying the price. that's the comparison. >> hold on for a second -- hold on for a second, donna, hold on for a second. first of all, not all of the jobs that the obama administration, all of the projects the obama administration invested in have all gone bankrupt. i want to point that out for one
4:35 pm
thing, but she does make a fair point. there are some companies that bain capital helped get started where there are tens of thousands of employees right now, sports authority and staples. hundreds of thousands of people are working not simply because of what bain capital did and it did help with the private equity that got the companies going. >> wolf, this is not an attack on free capitalism. it was fair with newt ginnigric and rick perry. the capitalism that romney practiced that enriched a few people at the expense of many, the many by sounding off that they would keep their pensions. they hurt a lot of middle-class benefits. because so, look, i do think that this is an important issue for us to point out, but it's not the only issue because the voters want to know what have you done for us lately?
4:36 pm
what will you do to improve our lives tomorrow? that's the issue going forward. >> all right. let me move on. i want to speak about this a little bit more in the next hour with our own john king. both john and i covered the clinton weiss and i'm hearing echoes of bill clinton's famous triangulation going on and we'll get into that in the next hour, but let me talk about ron portman, the sen terror ohio. mary, here's an exchange that ron portman had with our own gloria borger and an exchange of being in israel and being with the prime minister netanyahu, listen to this. >> senator, i have to ask you very quickly what about those who say you don't have enough pizazz or pop to be the number two on the ticket with mitt romney at the top of it? >> well, look, that's fine. people will say all sorts of
4:37 pm
things and they have. my goal is to be the best legislator and, you know, the best public servant that i can, and that's always been my goal and that's what i've been able to achieve in my 12 years in the house and my work in the previous administration. i think what people are looking for right now is not the kind of pizazz and pop that perhaps we got in 2008. certainly president obama offered that, and what they want now is someone who can work closely with the congress and get things done. >> mary, i know you think he's on the short, short, short list, as a vice presidential running mate. he's not flamboyant and an intelligent guy. is that good or bad? >> that is excellent. so many of our elections are in direct response to their predecessors and in this case, we've seen the results of pizazz
4:38 pm
and cool and it's resulted in unprecedented unemployment. the jobs numbers today were a disaster. the dow is tanking. the consumer confidence is tanking. you look at ron portman and you see experience and you see calm and you see collected. you know my bias here. we have any number of good candidates on the short list. nobody knows what it really is, but ron portman is a very, very special public servant. >> we'll continue the conversation -- >> we lost 3.1 private sector jobs and green the economy by over 100,000 jobs this year. it's very important, the president's trying to get these jobs numbers down. he just needs help from the republicans. hopefully they'll start happening and pizazz, wolf, is overrated. >> i think a lot of people -- sarah palin had a lot of pizazz and didn't work out all that
4:39 pm
great for john mccain. guys, thanks very, very much. please make sure you tune in next tuesday for my interview with the former president of the united states bill clinton. he'll join me here in "the situation room." 4:00 p.m. eastern on thursday. a florida judge is ordering zimmerman back to jail. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and other top stories in "the situation room." what's the latest, lisa? >> hi, wolf. prosecutors say imzimmerman misled over whether he had a u.s. passport. a judge is revoking zimmerman's bond and ordering he surrender himself in the next 48 hours. we will have a full report on that at the top of the hour. cnn shot this exclusive video of the top syrian diplomat leaving the country. he was called to the state department and told he and his family had 72 hours to leave. he's been the top syrian envoy
4:40 pm
in the u.s. since the syrian ambassador was called back to his country in october. in a rare, coordinated effort, the u.s. and other countries expelled many syrian diplomats. secretary of state hillary clinton has four months to decide if an iranian dissident group is a foreign terrorist administration. m.e.k. was put on the terror list in 1997 because of the deaths of americans during the 1970s, but a federal appeals court says it will remove the group from the terror list if mrs. clinton doesn't make a decision. mek has fought the terrorist resignation for years. if you got parking tickets, don't write one for the most notorious bad guy of the entire empire. [ indiscernible ]
4:41 pm
>> okeydokey. yea. that man dressed up as darth vader arguing a parking ticket in brooklyn. i don't think he got out of it, but no stormtroopers came to defend him from the parking enforcement. i don't know. it's not halloween. i don't know why the guy would be dressed up, but you never know. >> stuff happens. people want to dress up. let them dress up. thank you. last month saw the weakest job growth in a year. our own erin burnett is talking to top ceos across the country. he's getting their take on the new jobs report and their take on the economy. stand by for that. george zimmerman is ordered back to jail. we just had that report and much more coming up at the top of the hour on why he has only 48 hours to turn himself in.
4:42 pm
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a couple of serious negatives for the u.s. economies today. only 69,000 jobs were added to america's workforce last month. that's the worst job growth in a year. the news then hit wall street rather hard, causing stocks to nosedive for their worst losses of 2012. the dow fell a whopping 274 points. let's discuss what's going on with erin burnett. she's the anchor of erin burnett out front. you've been talking to ceos across the country. what did they say? >> we have a strike team, wolf, of about 20 ceos, some of them entrepreneurs, banks, small companies and some of the biggest industrial companies in the country and they all talked about the jobs number this morning. in terms of their own hiring and
4:46 pm
this is the interesting thing right now, the 17 have responded so far and 14 of them are hiring right now, three of them are not. so when you actually look, these are big companies, ford, dupont, cisco systems are among the companies hiring. that's positive news, but they do seem, more and more of them a little bit of a stalling in the economy. allen coleman, and she's hiring and doesn't think it feeds more stimulus. i am hiring and this will clearly be a slower recovery, so this will be more negative. this is what happened last summer. you were yoo was the big culprit there and that has a huge effect on u.s. jobs and that could be what we're seeing again. the question is is this just one terrible month or is this going to continue to be bad, but in general we have not seen the growth and the jobs numbers that
4:47 pm
we should. there is maybe a little bit of positive news on the side, wolf. >> what is that? >> i was wondering -- well, here's the good news, gasoline futures fell 6%. biggest drop since last august and oil prices are down 18% in the past few weeks and it takes a bit of time for the oil prices to feed through all of the way to pump prices and you start to see gasoline prices drop dramatically and that of course, gives people more money and feedback into the economy. it isn't the salvation that i'm looking for, but it could be what we see the next three or four weeks at the pump. good news down the road. see you at 7:00 p.m. eastern. erin burnett out front. doctors appear in tv ads saying they oppose a new tax on cigarettes that would raise money for cancer research. that's not sitting well with our own dr. sanjay gupta. his report coming up.
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netflix overtakes apple in a major field. lisa sylvester is monitoring that and some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. lisa, what do you have? >> apple is used to life at the top, but apple is no longer number one when it comes to online video. netflix has unlimited streaming only planned where apple offers episodes from their store.
4:52 pm
netflix has done wonders, compared to apple's 32%. nasa scientists now know exactly when the galaxy will come to an end, but don't panic, we're talking 4 billion years from now. massive gravitational pull, and it will bring the galaxies together causing them to collide and become one. the discovery was taken from images after the 22-year life stan of the hubble space telescope. >> just in beeber is recovering from crashing into a wall. a doctor checked hem out and determined he did suffer a concussion. he tweeted, i will see you again, glass, and i will have my revenge. sounds like the making of a bad song, actually, wolf. >> i hope justin bieber is okay. a lot of people obviously love
4:53 pm
justin bieber. good thing he still has a sense of humor. we only have 4 billion years left, is that what you're saying? >> that's right. these two galaxies will come together and they know this, and you know what? i'm safe knowing that we have 4 billion years. that works for me, wolf? >> 4 billion. no short-term investments for me. thanks very much. a new twist in the case against the man charged with killing the florida teen trayvon martin. george zimmerman is ordered back to jail. we'll tell you what's going on. stand by. ads for new cigarette tax, and our own dr. sanjay gupta who are actually taking the side of big tobacco. stand by for that as well. [ female announcer ] everything that goes into a lennox system
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4:57 pm
smoking is an expensive h , habit, but that's not necessarily the case in california where it is the lowest in the country. our dr. sanjay gupta reports on how that could change. ahead of voting day, california tv screens are full of ads. not for mitt romney or barack obama, instead proposition 29. >> yes on 29. >> no on 29. >> reporter: here's what's at stake. california voters will decide the fate of proposition 29, raising a tax by $1 on every pack of cigarettes. >> there's tremendous evidence from all over the world that when you increase the tax on cigarettes and you increase the price people smoke less. >> reporter: it would raise an estimated $735 million a year and most of that money would go to cancer research. >> no on 29. >> reporter: according to map light, a non-part son research firm, nearly $47 million has
4:58 pm
been spent to try and stop proposition 29. more than half of that from big tobacco. $27.5 million from philip morris. another $11 million from r.j. reynolds. >> if prop 29 passes it will cost philip morris and reynolds another and that's why they're trying to stop it. >> supporters of prop 29 have 20 $12 million. is livestrong. i should say i'm a board member. >> not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment. >> of all of the ads against the cigarette tax, if they stand out to me, they feature doctors standing by big tobacco. >> reporter: i really wanted to talk to dr. porter, but she wouldn't take our calls. i did find other critics of prop
4:59 pm
29 and they said smoking may be bad, but that didn't justify a new tax. it's astate tax increase in a state that pays the highest taxes in the nation. it's ballot box budgeting that puts a group of unelected individuals at a time when california is facing a $16 billion budget deficit and an example of any state legislation. >> reporter: there's no question that california has a reputation as a leader, but as things stand now the cigarette tax here are among the lowest in the country. just 87 cents a pack. on tuesday, voters will decide if they want to keep it that way. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, san francisco. >> sanjay will go in-depth on this story this weekend on "sanjay gupta m.d." tune in saturday or sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. eastern. and you're in "the situation
5:00 pm
room." happening now, a florida judge revokes george zimmerman's bond, leaving the man charged with murdering trayvon martin 48 hours to turn himself in. plus a bombshell report reveals a secret white house campaign to increase cyber attacks against potential enemies abroad, but could the tables turn on the united states? we're looking at the dangers the country may face in an escalating global cyber war. and a u.s. helicopter crew in afghanistan risks their lives to save a marine with an active foot-long grenade embedded in his body. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac --
5:01 pm
up first this hour, a dramatic and surprising twist in the case against the man charged with killing trayvon martin. the judge revoking his bond, ordering him to surrender within 48 hours. cnn's martin savidge is joining us from sanford, florida, with the very latest. what happened today, martin? >> reporter: it started off as what was supposed to be a routine hearing where you had members of the media, representatives of the lawyers and from the state, and they were talking about the evidence released to the public. there was a motion problem that part of the state to revoke the bond for george zimmerman and that quickly overshadowed events because yes, bonds would be provoked, two points the state was trying to make. when george zimmerman turned himself in originally, he had to turn in his passport, he did. turns out he didn't turn in one passport and the real issue became money. at the time of that first bond
5:02 pm
hearing the family said they had no money thereby bond should be set low and george zimmerman had a number of websites that were generating a lot of cash. over $100,000 and it was clear from recordings they got of george zimmerman on the phone to his wife while he was in jail that they were talking about the cash. listen to the state attorney as he argued point before the judge today. >> the bottom line is, as the court noted, the court was misled by the actions of the defendant and his wife and that's why we argue that his bond should be revoked and the court made that finding also. >> reporter: now, of course, the defense is arguing differently. they said the family knew they had a fund, but they didn't really know it was their money, so that's why they said they didn't have a lot of money. meanwhile, mark o'mara said he will turn himself in and they hope to have a new bond hearing. here's what he he said after the
5:03 pm
bond hearing. >> the revocation of bond i hope is temporary. i hope they'll give us a day in court to explain george's behavior and look at all of the circumstances and determining when he will do about letting him back out on bond. >> reporter: needless to say that the defense team was very surprised by the developments today. they did not expect that george zimmerman would have to turn himself back in. >> do we know, martin, when or where george zimmerman will turn himself in? >> reporter: less than 48 hours and that was the order that came specifically from seminole county. and he'll have to walk through the same door he was seen walking out of just a couple of weeks ago. exactly how or where he is, no one really knows except for his attorney and his immediate family. i did ask mark o'mara how long it would return for him to return to florida.
5:04 pm
he's got less than two days. >> martin, thanks very much. let's dig deeper with our cnn legal analyst and "in session" contributor and sister network trutv. sunny hostin. does it sound temporary or permanent that he will be allowed out on bond? >> it is too soon to tell. it is not likely that the judge will grant o'mara's request to have a full hearing. i do have what was filed by the government and it makes very serious allegations of collusion between george zimmerman and his wife, shelly zimmerman in trying to make these misrepresentations to the court. it is clear that the government pulled the jailhouse call records and there are several conversations outlined in this motion, wolf that make it pretty clear, i think, that george
5:05 pm
zimmerman knew that he had about $135,000 in a credit union thakt he shared with his wife, that his wife also knew that there was about $135,000 in this joint credit union account and that when she represented to the court that this was an indigent family and she had no knowledge of any funds that that would have been untrue, that that would have been a lie and the judge was pretty clear that he didn't believe that she was telling the truth and that by omission, george zimmerman also misrepresented to the court. >> do we know? do we have a sense, you're an expert in this area on how this incident, these dramatic developments that are playing out today, the impact it will have on the defense's case and the credibility, shall we say, of george zimmerman. this is significant, wolf.
5:06 pm
bottom line, this is a self-defense case and george zimmerman's word is very important as to what happened that evening. we know trayvon martin can't tell his side of the story because he is no longer with us. his credibility is so very important and now you have a judge finding that he made misrepresentations to the court, and i suspect that this is something that could come up, that would be allowed to be used in court at the stand your ground hearing and that is very, very important again, because the government will try to show that george zimmerman confronted and pursued trayvon martin. and george zimmerman said trayvon martin attacked him. his credibility is everything and at this point his credibility has taken quite a hit. >> sunny hostin, thanks very much. >> thank you. all right. let's turn now to some breaking news. we're following a tornado warning that has been issued for
5:07 pm
washington, d.c. and the surrounding areas. let's go to chad myers for the latest. >> the center of circulation is close of maryland and in the southeast outskirts and over 495 and over new carolton and maybe up toward buy and this is the area that we're most worried about. here's washington, d.c., proper and northern virginia and another cell is coming in to washington, d.c., as well and they just put a tornado warning as well and this is in northern virginia and not quite to the d.c. area and if you notice that is hard from that angle and there's the new tornado warning and there is the southeastern tip of the beltway, as well, and so now inside the beltway in the northern virginia area, and that could, as it continues to rotate roll into washington, d.c., i would say 45 minutes to an hour independent is not moving very
5:08 pm
fast. maybe 30 miles per hour. these storms are not chasable, i want you to be very, very careful and power lines down andec broen windows can cut you. the center part of the house is always the strongest part of the house, wolf. >> great advice. we'll stay on top of the story. it's a possible cyber war waged against the united states. what happens if potential enemies turn the table on the united states. stand by for this. jeb bush rejecting a key pledge for the man leading the party's charge against raising taxes. norquist is here to respond to jeb bush, the former florida governor. it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone.
5:09 pm
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5:12 pm
presidential candidate mitt romney's record as a venture capitalist at bain capital speaking to harvey weinstein who was a guest host on cnn's piers morgan tonight, last night bill clinton said romney had done, quote good work and he went on to say romney's career qualifies him for the presidency. >> there's no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office and, you know, basically performing essential functions in the office, a man who has been governor and had a sterling career crosses the qualifications threshold, but they have dramatically different po poe proposals and the obama record is far better for the american economy than those of governor romney's laid out. >> i am joined now by cnn's john king, the anchor of "john king usa." john, you and i covered the
5:13 pm
clinton white house for many years, and what to you make of what the president said here on cnn last night. >> wolf, you know governor clinton and president clinton in both roles and that was his dna. his campaigns are about the future and he thinks it is wrong to look in rear-view mirror, and too much time worrying about bain capital and the massachusetts record. what are your proposals to fix the economy now? what are your proposals for america tomorrow? remember his inauguration theme song. don't stop thinking about tomorrow. that's bill clinton's dna when it comes to politics. remember where he came from as arkansas governor and was one of the founders of the democratic leadership council and said it was too much about taxes and spending and too cose wet unions and too hostile with business, and when you heard about it with the business career, and don't beat up on big business, and it is business that creates jobs and if you go back and look at the speech, as governor and as
5:14 pm
president, he was going to be a new and different democrat. he made clear he supports president obama, and one of his worries is under the obama administration, including with the congressional leadership the party started to drift too far back to the left. he's worried about that. >> all of us remember the '96 re-election campaign when he engaged in what the strategists called triangulation and trying to get the position in the far left and the far right, triangulating himself in the center. is that what's going on right now? >> that is part of it. bill clinton fundamentally thinks it is a bad idea especially when you're trying to create jobs, to trash the people who create jobs. in that exchange with harvey weinstein, this is a friend of his conducting the interview. if bill clinton didn't want to go there, he would have told him not to go there. let's not call this bad work, it's good work. he was talking about bain capital and he was talking about people trying to create jobs and
5:15 pm
yes, sometimes they fail. bill clinton spent a lot of times to convince them to try to stop slashing business. and his administration is anti-business. >> a lot of our viewers remember switching gears a bit to my contentious interview with donald trump earlier this week. he's doubling down on his assertion that the president was not born in the united states, that the documents, the birth certificates are probably forgeries in all of this, but mitt romney is on cnbc, and he made it clear he totally disagrees with donald trump. listen to this. >> there's no question that the president was born in the united states of america. i don't go around telling all my supporters what they should think or what they should say. he knows what i believe about this. i believe the real issues in
5:16 pm
this campaign and the issues america cares about are not issues of the president's personality or matters of that nature, but instead the president is the president in a position to lead america and to get us out of these economic doldrums and put families back to work. >> he says flatly, john, there's no question that the president was born in the united states of america. sounds like he's slapping one of his big supporters a bit there, donald trump. >> he was making clear he profoundly disagrees with mr. trump. my bigger question is what are they saying in private? i think it would be more helpful for the governor to say any of the conversations about this are not only distracting, they're hurtful and that would be stronger than saying i'll disagree from time to time with my supporters. from your contentious interview with the donald, and you and i have interviewed him in the past, it's hard to tell donald
5:17 pm
trump what to say or what not to say. he's unlikely to control the donald's message. there are people who say this won't hurt at all. donald trump does this to get attention and other people do it for darker and sadder and frankly, pathetic reasons and it would be better for the country if the birther issue would just stop. >> john will have more for the north american viewers at the top of the hour. thanks very much. this quick note. i'll be interviewing the former president bill clinton thursday at the clinton global initiative conference. we'll bring that to you next thursday right here in "the situation room." bill clinton attended a democratic rally in wisconsin today as well and it included a congresswoman singing in a way you've probably never seen before. stand by for that, and a marine with a live grenade inside his body. this is a truly amazing way. we'll report on how his fellow troops saved his life.
5:18 pm
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>> the partisan atmosphere in wisconsin is heating up once again ahead of next week's vote on whether to recall the gove governgover governor. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. what's the latest. >> former president bill clinton is asking democrats to turn out for scott walker.
5:22 pm
mr. clinton joined other democrats speaking at a rally today. and the anti-walker sentiment was strong. >> great scott, skywalker, you got to go. hit the road scott, and don't you come back, no more, no more, no more. hit the road, scott, and don't you come back no more. what you say now? >> she certainly looked like she was having a lot of fun. walker and gop allies voted to limit raises for most public employees and most of the unions from deducting dues from workers' paychecks. he says they were needed to rein in the deficit. canadian police say the self-professed porn star killed and dismembered his victim and posted a video of the crime on the internet. they say he later fled the
5:23 pm
country. the victim is being identified as a 33-year-old exchange student from china. and the enduring comic book hero green lantern is being re-launched as an openly-gay character. d.c. comics is confirming that it should be revealed with the series out next week. green lantern will be the highest profile openly-gay character. thanks for that. jeb bush breaking with mitt romney on a no new taxes pledge. i'll ask an influential tax reform and had to disqualify the former florida governor from being considered as romney's potential running mate. also, much more on the prospect of an escalating cyber war with america's enemies. could the tables be turned, though, on the united states? don't mi red lobster's []
5:24 pm
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5:27 pm
the former florida governor jeb bush is being mentioned as a possible running mate for republican presidential candidate mitt romney, but speaking in washington today the former governor distanced himself from the candidate on one critical issue, namely taxes. rm me is committed to a no-tax pledge by the tax advocate norquist. he doesn't support signing that pledge. >> i ran for office three times. the pledge was presented to me three times. i never signed the pledge. i cut taxes every year i was governor. i don't believe to have your principles and convictions to people. i respect his involvement, but i never signed any pledge. >> let's talk about that with grover norquist for tax reform.
5:28 pm
his new book, by the way, is called "debacle," obama's war on job and growth and what we can do now to regain our future. what do you think of what the former florida governor jeb bush had to say today, grover? >> he kind of stepped in it a little bit. before he said that he actually said something useful and when he was asked what if we could get rid of deductions and credits and he said that would be fine as long as you cut tax rates dollar for dollar so it's not a tax increase. that is almost verbatim and the tax player protection pledge, but then he went on to kind of insult governor romney because governor romney has made a written commitment to the american people. when i get to washington i'm not going to raise taxes and the problem is too much taxes and we'll reform government and we're not going raise taxes, so when i go and see a problem in washington like obama's overspending, i'm not going to raise taxes, i'm going to reduce
5:29 pm
spending and unfortunately what jeb bush said was that that was outsourcing his principles. in point of fact what governor romney and most republicans have done is signed a pledge not to me. that's what harry reid, the head of the democrats in the senate likes to say, it's on our website,, everyone can see it. it's on most candidates' websites to see that they made that commitment to the american people. >> jeb bush misspoke and insulted romney and shouldn't have. >> so from your perspective does this disqualify jeb bush as romney's running mate? >> he's not used to washington politics. he should have known that the number one thing democrats are interested in is the head of the ca congressional campaign committee. it has held democrats a s ans s
5:30 pm
couple of democrat dechls that they won't raise taxes. it's a credible way in committing not to raise taxes. it's very important, that the democrats break that because what they want is republican fingerprints on a tax increase that would pay for obama's bigger government rather than the republican strategy which is to stop obama's overspending and not raise taxes. the ryan plan brings the budget into balance. the republican plan that paul ryan in wisconsin has put together and the republicans have twice now voted for in the house representatives. that puts it into balance without a tax increase. we need a spending restraint. >> from your perspective, someone like ron portman, the republican senator from ohio who has signed your pledge, would he be more acceptable as a running mate as jeb bush. >> portman would certainly be a very strong vice presidential
5:31 pm
candidate. he has both taken the pledge and kept it as a congressman and a senator. he knows that pledge is to the people of ohio. bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana has kept the pledge, taken the pledge and kept it as governor of louisiana in very difficult, economic times. he's had a lot of reform as a result. i think rubio of florida who is looking as a possible vice presidential candidate has both taken the pledge as a state legislator, and as a senator and kept it. the modern republican party, almost all of the elected officials there have committed in writing to the american people that they're not going raise your taxes and they will reform government. >> grover norquist, thanks very much. i think we just heard three potential candidates that you like, ron portman, bobby jindal and marco rubio as possible running mates. i suspect there are others as
5:32 pm
well. >> i don't want to get in trouble. >> i don't think jeb bush necessarily is your top choice, but that's just my guess. we can discuss this down the road. thank you. >> thank you. let's go back to the tornado warning in the d.c. area right now. chad myers has new information coming in. tornadoes in the nation's capital? what's the latest. >> the storm that just moved over suitland and south of new carrollton has a new tornado warning on it for the city of buoy, maryland. here's d.c. proper and northern virginia and this storm went south of glendale and it is still rotating and i wanted to get back on, wolf, because it will show you the green and the red. the green going one way and the red going the other way and glendale, just to the southeast is the main rotation and the next stop is buoy, maryland. if you're in this area i'd say within 5 or 10 miles either way. that is a significant storm.
5:33 pm
wbal worted damage reported and they're to the west of baltimore. this is a bwi dca almost to richmond, virginia, vent and i had a tornado on the ground about one-half mile north of elizabeth city, north carolina, so this is carolinas, this is mid atlantic, all of the way up possibly even into pennsylvania. i did have a tornado warning for a while in new york and lancaster that has now expired, but these storms aren't going to quit until well after sunset, wolf. >> appreciate it, very much. ominous pictures coming in from the d.c., maryland, area. alarming concerns the tables could be turned in the united states on the new age of cyber warfare, just ahead, a closer look at where the country is at risk and what potential enemies abroad are capable of. and the unimaginable battle to save a u.s. marine on the
5:34 pm
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innovation never felt so good.
5:37 pm
turning now to what could be an escalating cyber war here in the united states and abroad. david sanger reporting in "the new york times" today that president obama has secretly ordered a wave of sophisticated attacks against nuclear computer systems in iran. he did so according to david sanger shortly after taking office. our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence is working the story for us. he's joining us with some details. what are you hearing, chris? >> we heard that president obama dramatically increased the use of drones once he took office
5:38 pm
and now you've got this report from "the new york times." the former u.s. official said one of the hits that the u.s. was involved has always been that lawyers were said to be a part of this team and the u.s. is about the only country that would use lawyers in that type of mission. the lawyers would try to make sure that the attack fit the laws of armed conflict and would try to minimize any collateral damage. >> the computer virus that nearly crippled iran's nuclear program was a game changer, a weapon that pushed cyber war from espionage to sabotage. >> what i've heard is that it would take days of air streaks, repeated air strikes to do the kind of damage that stocksnet did. >> sites administration sources confirms with cyber -- inserted the computer bug into iran's nuclear facility.
5:39 pm
even before the bug was detected things were clearly a miss. in 2010, people from other nations suddenly started coming to the iaea with unusual questions. how are the iranian centrifuges performing? the official says you expect maybe 10% of centrifuges to fail, but the iaea was detecting thousands of unusual failures at natanz. cyber experts say it wouldn't surprise to know that the u.s. and israel were involve. >> you would rather a covert program would remain a secret and the decision to make it public is an interesting one. >> reporter: it cites current administration officials and this was not an authorized leak like to graphically detail the u.s. drone program. and obama administration official says cyber war information is classified for a
5:40 pm
reason and it would pose a threat to national security. a former u.s. official says russia and china are capable of launching a cyber attack right now, but iran and north korea trying to develop the ability. he says publicizing it would establish rules for cyber war. >> they're not surprised by this, but it's moved negotiating terrain into a different place. >> the difference is one glitch. stocksnet got out and went out over the internet all over the world, but the official we spoke with said he's not that worried about the technology being compromised because this mission involved human agents and getting materials shipped into iran, international shipping and it also involved israel's extensive knowledge of the target. so there was a lot of engineering and human espionage, not just the virus itself that went into making this so successful.
5:41 pm
wolf? >> and this lengthy article by david sanger in "the new york times" today is an excellent article coming from his new book coming out next week. he'll be joining us, by the way, in "the situation room." and talking about an incredibly close collaboration between the u.s. and israelis on the stuxnext warfare and it goes into amazing detail. this collaboration between the u.s. and israel in the cyber warfare. what are you hearing from your vantage point? >> reporter: well, it's sort of -- something that sort of dove tails into what david wrote in there, but what i'm hearing from a former u.s. official is that israel may have been more in the lead, so to speak, not as relegated to second partner status as was described, that they had a much more robust role in some of the development, and we know that it was israel's
5:42 pm
extensive knowledge of the engineering behind some of iran's computers there at their nuclear facility that made the stuxnet virus so effective. without that knowledge the virus would not have been able to do what it did. >> interesting stuff, this cyber warfare story only beginning. what would happen if the tables were turned on the united states on this new age of cyber warfare? our brian todd is joining us now with this part of the story. what are you learning? >> wolf, u.s. official say it's not a matter of if, but when they launch significant cyber attac attacks. we look at how attacks could unfold. >> a u.s. adversary now with its own cyber warfare unit. a top iranian official say iran will fight our enemies with abundant power in sacyberspace d
5:43 pm
internet warfare. >> unfortunately all of our critical infrastructures have grown dependent upon cybertech tech and cyber means. >> reporter: former white house formla homeland official testified says it's not just iran with a cyber attack on the u.s. north korea could later. the damage they could inflict? >> there's the ability to disrupt communications, to take down electric power, the ability to interfere with potable water and water supply. >> reporter: they're spending $10 billion a year on cyber security and they carried out mock attacks on power plants, for example. in a classified test codenamed aurora, government hackers launched an attack on a generator and got it to self
5:44 pm
destruct. there's also the point of a huge malwear attack on the u.s. to collect information like the one recently dubbed flame discovered by cass pesky lab, a russian cyber security firm that tigers countries like iran and egypt. >> it's deployed through a series of targeted of tacks. once it is infected, the virus deploys a series of sophisticated hacks. i'm joined by michelle kwaun from the department of homeland security. say i'm the person inflicting the virus, this is the command and control server. once your computer is infected, i can basically monitor everything you're doing, right? >> yes. yes. you can. what's interesting about this is that you can scrape your screen so it can take a screen shot of what you're doing. it can also monitor the web traffic, where you visit. if you're using skype, it can
5:45 pm
capture your skype conversations and it can turn the microphone on and capture audio. and kwon says it can capture your key strokes. >> frank salufo says it's important to realize while it was very targeted and discriminate, if iran retaliates for that, its attack will not be discriminate. the iranians will hit wherever they have the greatest impact and that means power grids, banks, power supplies could be targeted in the u.s. wolf? >> even iran's proxies are a potential cyber threat to the united states now, aren't they? absolutely. hezbollah and lebanon has sophisticated hackers and eavesdropping capability that can launch cyber attacks on iran's behalf and it may not be traceable to iran and that's another weapon that tehran has in cyberspace. >> cyber warfare only just beginning, i suspect. thank you. up, in, a u.s. marine with a live grenade inside his body and
5:46 pm
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5:48 pm
turning now to an amazing rescue effort on the front lines on the war in afghanistan. u.s. helicopter crew members risking their lives to save a
5:49 pm
fellow service member with a live grenade lodged in his body. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us now with the unbelievable details. >> you know, wolf, over ten years of war we have seen so many stories of courage and so courage and valour on the battlefield. i want you to meet some men that risked it all to save a marine they did not know. an army clue well practiced in medvacing wounded troops off the battlefield in afghanistan. soon these four men would have to make a decision few can imagine. >> each of us on the aircraft had to agree to take this patient on. >> there was quite a bit of alarm amongst the crew at the time. as you can imagine. >> that's because their patient, 20-year-old marine corps lance corporal win dell perez, had a foot-long rocket propelled
5:50 pm
grenade embedded in his left side. it could have exploded at any moment. he needed to be flown to the nearest medical unit some 65 miles away. >> if it exploded, they were working on the patient directly over them. the shrapnel alone would have been devastating. 18 inches behind where the patient is lying is over 3 gallons of jet aviation fuel. >> reporter: the navy trauma nurse ordered his staff to stay away. >> i decided that i was going to go, because, quite frankly, i am not going to ask somebody to do what i'm not going to do. it is just not going to happen. >> the young marine was still fully conscious. >> i took him by the hand. he said, where is everybody? >> i said, well, you have an rpg in your leg and everybody is staying away from you. i promise you, i will not leave
5:51 pm
you until that thing is out of your leg. he said, cool. >> reporter: this video shows the amazing effort, genarri wearing the helmet was joined by benjamin summer field, the. >> staff sergeant came around to the right side of the patient, leaned over, grabbed ahold and gave a big tug and got about halfway out. >> reporter: watch summerfield keep tugging getting the live round out of the young marine. three days later, lance corporal perez turned 21 years old. that was back in january. this video now just emerging and we are told that lance corporal perez since january still recovering in a military hospital here in the washington, d.c. area. wolf? >> what a story, though. he is still alive for that.
5:52 pm
thank god the other troops are all alive as well. appreciate it, barbara. stay on top of this and let us know how he is doing. appreciate it. >> football for the forest. up next. the desperate effort underway on the virginia tech campus to save some of the oldest trees in u.s. history. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year.
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or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? on the campus of virginia tech university, a push to beef up the school's star-studded football team has turned into a desperate effort to save the trees. these aren't just any trees. here is cnn's brianna keilar. >> reporter: this is a case of football versus the forest. when virginia tech looked athe a wooded areas a place to built an athletic facility, a forestry
5:56 pm
professor tested some trees and made a startling discovery. extremely rare, virgin forest in the middle of campus. if trees could talk, the stories these woods could tell. >> what has this tree been around? >> we have the moon walk, world war ii, world war i. >> the tree was around for the american revolution. >> in fact, the treewas probably 10 to 12 inches in time ter at the american revolution. they could have sat under the tree at that time. it would have had a lot of shade. >> the stadium woods are located on the campus of virginia tech in blacksburg, virginia. forestry professor, john seiler, has found trees older than 300 years. >> in an urban environment, this is probably the single largest collection of old wlit oaks in an old growth forest anywhere in the eastern u.s. >> it is now in danger. virginia tech's athletic department wants to build an indoor practice facility for
5:57 pm
football, baseball and other sports on four of these 11 wooded acres. >> that pink flag right there, that represents the wall of the building. >> reporter: eight-time conference champs and eyeing a national title. the hokies $40 million football program is looking to attract the nation's best high school recruits. >> an indoor practice fast silt is kind of a key part have o the element. a lot of the big schools are adding them. >> urban planning professor, john randolph, is trying to find a solution. he chairs a committee that is considering alternate locations for the facility where a parking lot or tennis courts currently stand. until the committee issues its recommendation, professor seiler and a grassroots organization of blacksburg residents and virginia tech students are publicizing the cost locally and on the internet. you are people from washington
5:58 pm
state? >> new york, knoxville, california, oklahoma. it is all over the united states now. >> reporter: virginia tech is feeling the pressure. when you say people prod you, is it on both sides of the equation or mostly people who are saying, keep the trees there? >> keep the trees. >> reporter: as it decides what happens to this forest that has survived so much. >> reporter: one alternate proposal under krrgs would take out a smaller portion of the woods but unsolicited advice te
5:59 pm
us an important truth about what the former arkansas governor really thinks. russia president says he isn't selling arms to


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