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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 2, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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once close ally of the u.s. could spend the rest of his days behind bars but is refusing to go in the prison. a military helicopter flew former president hosni mubarek to a maximum security prison shortly after a court convicted him of ordering the killings of unarmed protesters during the last year's arab spring. government officials say mr. mubarak is refusing to leave the chopper. anger broke out in and out side the courtroom when the verdict and sentences were announced. demonstrators shouted against the acquittals of his two sons and former top aides. i'm joined live on the phone by ian lee in cairo. ian, tell me about the scene there and is president mubarak not getting off the chopper, is that true? >> they told us they are going to -- they will bring him in,
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but i think a lot of people were ultimately surprised he received life in prison. the feeling was he would maybe get 10 years or so. his minister of interior also got life in prison but those celebrations when those verdicts were being -- once the other verdicts against mubarak's sons came out, that celebration took a nosedive the clashes with the police and the army. people are extremely upset over the verdict, they say his assistants were also part of the crackdown in protesters during the revolution, talking to different groups and political
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party, also upset. basically now allowed to walk free and they said there was no justice done, yes they are happy hosni mubarek was put away for life and his interior minister. they wanted more people. >> ian, you're line is little garbled, we can't hear you all that well, we get the general gist of it, a momentous day in cairo, ian lee, we'll try to get back to you. george zimmerman could be back in jail today, free on bail for weeks after pleads not guilty to murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin. but, in what martin's family attorneys are calling a significant move, the judge revoked zimmerman's bond yesterday because he said zimmerman lied to him. martin savage is in sanford, florida. >> reporter: rob, the clock is ticking down for george zimmerman he has to turn himself by later today or by mid-day tomorrow to be in
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compliance with the order. the state maintains it comes down to money. here what is i mean by that. if you harken back to the original bond hearing, george zimmerman and his family maintained they didn't have money and bond should be set low. then it was revealed there was money sitting in a paypal account as a result of donations made to a george zimmerman defense fund. then the state on friday revealed they had transcripts of recorded conversations between george zimmerman and his wife a couple of days before the court hearing in which they were talking about that money. in other words when they were questioned at the hearing, they lied. at least that is what the state maintains. >> why did they lie about it? why was it necessary for the defendant's wife to say they had no money when in fact she knew he had money. so this can all be tied to the defendant, that is our position, that his bond should be revoked. >> reporter: the defense attorney for george zimmerman tried to put the best face on things, he says of course his client will comply and turn
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himself in but hopes he won't be behind bars for long. >> that he will give us a day in court to explain george's behavior and look at all the circumstances, even the discovery that came tout day and determined what he will do about letting him back out on bond. >> reporter: also the attorney who represents the family of 17-year-old trayvon martin. that is the young man who george zimmerman is accused of killing. he raises the question here if george zimmerman was lying about the money, what else might he be not telling the truth about? that ise important when it comes down to self-defense case in which there was one survivor. rob? thank you, marty. also out of florida, investigators trying to determine why 31-year-old rudy eugene chewed off most of a homeless man's face in a zombie like attack. an officer shot and killed him last week. we're hearing one of the 911 calls that came in. >> there is a naked man on the
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causeway at the end of the causeway coming toward biscayne boulevard, he's beating another man to a pulp like on top of the man, beating him. the man is bleeding, he will kill that man. >> the victim, ronald poppo, is in critical condition. now news about the economy, investors didn't take too kindly to the new jobs report. u.s. stocks took a beating yesterday with the dow blunling 275 points. it's raced all gains for the years. employers added 69,000 jobs in may, less than half what analysts expected. for the first time in a year, unemployment edged higher now at 8.2%. in seattle a truck driver is being called a hero after he ran down and rescued a baby stroller on the runaway. jeff blackburn saw the stroller start rolling down the hill away from the mother was worried it would roll in a busy intersection, he started honking his horn. the boy was smiling when he got
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to him. the mother was frantic and shooken up. a run down of other stories we're working this morning. want to know how queen elizabeth is celebrating one of the biggest milestones in her reign? headed to the racetrack, down the stretch they come, a live report coming up. then, amputee becomes a hero for his family helping escape a fire. now he's fighting for his life, a story heartwarming one you'll want to hear. latest jobs reports sent p stocks and confidence tumbling. what does it mean for the presidential race? it wasn't your typical drunk driver, we'll show you what happens when cops pull over a man on a lawn mower.
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has won more than just respect. ♪ good morning. here are stories that may have been off your radar. suntrust mortgage was ripping off black and hispanic
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borrowers, according to the justice department. now the banking giant agreed to pay up to $21 million to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit. the feds two-and-a-half year investigation found between 2005-2009, about 20,000 qualified minorities were charged higher fees and interest rates based solely on their race or national origin. suntrust mortgage denies any wrongdoing, but says it agreed to pay the settlement to avoid expensive litigation. more than 600 l.a. teachers could lose their licenses in the wake of a misconduct scandal. the district turned over discipline cases from the last four years for state board to review. this h all follows the arrest of two elementary teachers charged with lewd acts against students. one of the teachers accused of tying up students in adult-like bondable situations. not often you hear sesame street, barney and torture used in the same sentence. songs from childrens shows might have been used to torture
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prisoners at guantanamo bay. a documentary "songs of war" reports detainees were strapped to chair with head phones on with music blaring on end. can you imagine listening to this song non-stop? ♪ won't you say you love me too ♪ torture indeed. slowly americans are returning to work but the slow part that has economists worried. we're breaking down the job numbers and what it means for your bottom line right after this. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. ♪ that is what the stock portfolio may be doing, but a gorgeous day in atlanta to brighten you up. good morning, atl. wiped out a year of stocks gains gone. the dow erased gains for the year after a dismal may jobs report. employers added 69,000 jobs last year the weakest growth we've seen in a year. unemployment went up to 8.2%.
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bring in hank, the small jobs numbers, the lay person doesn't understand it all about expectations, isn't it? >> that's correct racism a couple of stablizing factors, good economic growth with the negative news out of the europe the market was hanging on good numbers. the numbers we were looking for 150,000 new jobs, we only got 69. that is the second month in a row we had a huge down-side surprise it shows the economic growth isn't there like we thought that was one of the few stablizing factors that created sell-off yesterday. >> we fought back against europe, greece was all the worry, we sold off, then we ran back up to record highs, but now u.s. economy is taking a hit. >> that's correct. the europe situation has risen again, and just to break that down, there is a scenarios going on there, there is a group of
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countries over there you may have heard call called the pigs. portugal, ireland, agregreece a spain. >> do they know we call them that? they do now. the gllobal markets have no confidence they can pay their debts. segue that in every european bank has reserve requirements they must maintain. if these requirements are here, and all these banks own government bonds of the countries i just mentioned as the prices of the bonds fall, the reserves and the banks fall. it forces bail outs. so the real reason the market sell off, there is a fear there will be a freeze up in the banking system as a result of the reserve, they will run out of bail out money. >> then anyone in europe will
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say give me my money back? >> nobody knows. that uncertainty is what causes fear and sell-offs in the marketplace. >> what can we do, for the longest time this seemed to work, buy gold, you did all right. but the precious metals have sold off. what do you do to help your portfolio? >> the corporate earnings have been strong. six weeks ago almost every company reported had strong earnings. i have been advising clients for 22 years on the markets and looking at the situation with 9-11, dot-com bubble, every one of those situations at the end of the day when we got through it, strong companies with strong earnings came out winners. there is a few key fundamentals every investor should be looking at right now. the first one i mentioned a few
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weeks ago when i was on is cash flow. investing in companies that have strong cash flow, bonds that are strong. >> give me a name of a company, apple? >> yeah, but we focus more on high dividend payers, mcdonald's, johnson & johnson, exxon-mobil, they lower the volatility of the portfolio. another thing investors need to focus on, probably the most important to understand what it is they are investing in. i can't tell you the number of times i had new client bring me brokerage statements down 50, 70, 100% because they didn't understand what they were investing in. many types the advisor that are sold it didn't understand what they were selling to them. so understanding what you invest in, stay away from enter national markets, they will be punished most. don't try to time the market. when it's selling off you feel
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like wanting to sell when it goes up you feel like wanting to buy. letting feelings run a portfolio is a no-lose proposition. >> you feel like a hero when you pick one. >> absolutely. >> thanks for the advice. latest news on the car industry also suggests the u.s. economy is not recovering as fast as previously thought. may car sales were up 26% from a year ago to nearly 14 million units. but that missed forecasts. this story a man helps saved his family from a raging house fire. amazing thing is he has no arms and only one leg. his incredible story of here otheri-- heroism and self sacrifice is coming up.
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checking stories happening across the country, an 11-year-old boy who attended president obama's rally in minnesota on a schoolle day was shocked when the president offered to write him an excused absence note. >> really? he will write me an excuse note? mr. acreman, please excuse tyler, he was with me, barack obama. then i kind of want to brag at school and tell them, look at what i got! >> oh, yeah, you have a right to brag. tyler sullivan was in the front row in the vooip aip area, he g shake his hand. a little league concession stand was victim of a snack attacks. three adults and teenage girl raided the stands and left a trail of chips, cookies and candy behind.
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police found the snack bar's register in the home. the suspects were arrested accused of burglary. a dad born with no hands and only one leg helped his family escape a fire that destroyed their home in arizona. now, boyd smith is fighting for his life. he's in the hospital, with burns on 90% of his body. he's the one who woke up everyone in the house, helped them escaped and saved the horses and the family dog. when he went back in the house for one last check, he got stuck inside. his stepdaughter pulled him out. coming up this morning, in the his stepdaughter and doctor join us about the rescue and his fight for his life. chaos breaks out in the courtroom as hosni mubarek is convicted in the killing of protesters. we'll bring you the latest from cairo coming up. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... y the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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26 minutes after the hour
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welcome back i'm rob marsion know, thanks for starting your day with us. incredible events in egypt, convicted former president hosni mubarek has been refusing to get off the military helicopter that flew him to a maximum security prison. government officials say he will have to go in. earlier today in an courtroom, sentenced the man who once ruled the country with an iron fist to life behind bars. his crime? ordering troops to shoot and kill unarmed arab spring protesters. chaos broke out in the courtroom. family members of the protesters are furious he escaped the death penalty and also furious the former president's two sons and some aides were acquitted. george zimmerman is headed back to jail maybe as early as today. free on bail for weeks now after pleading guilty or not guilty to murdering trayvon martin a. florida judge says zimmerman and his wife misled the court about their finances when the bail was
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set in april. the economy now, investors didn't take kindly to the new jobs report. u.s. stocks took a beating yesterday. with dow plunging 275 points, erased all the gains for the year. employers added 69,000 jobs in may, less than half of what analysts expected. for the first time in a year, unemployment edged higher now standing at 8.2%. an important day for the susan g. komen foundation, holds the first race since a controversial decision to strip planned parenthood of funding earlier this year. athena jones is in washington, the komen foundation reversed that decision, but how is that controversy impacted attendance there? >> reporter: well, you know we spoke to organizers here, they expect 26,000, 27,000 peep to take part in this race, men, women and children today. that is down about 10,000 people from a year ago, but fundraising
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goes on beyond today. this is the first race since that controversy earlier this year, we'll talk about the komen foundation, they invested more than $1.9 billion since the founding in 1982 in fighting breast cancer. these races here and around the country are an important part of the fundraising. we've spoken to affiliates about race participation, some numbers are down it's hard to say what the ultimate numbers will be in terms of the affecting fundraising. we're here with gabriel union, a global ambassador to talk about the importance of the foundation and work it does. you have been very involved in the organization over the years, you've taken part in several races for the cure. talk about how important the work of the mission is. >> i've done races in ghana and new york and here in d.c., and the need for information, the need for accessible, affordable health care is the same. we like to think here in the
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united states we have risen above it but we have the same needs as the women in ghana, access to the information, access to affordable health care, susan -- susan g. komen provides. that african american women in this community have the highest mortality rate in the nation. the good thing about these races here, the money stays local, 75% of the money today will stay local and fight the beast that is breast cancer that is taking so many lives here in d.c. >> you've experienced personal loss through breast cancer, you wrote about the loss of a friend, an op-ed, talk about how that inspired you and taught you something. >> it gutted me. when you're on the ground balling your face-off and the last words of your friend were "don't stop" you have to get back up and i realize i don't want to se


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