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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 4, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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able to talk to flipper! really? good morning to you. i'm carol costello. millions of americans reveled in one of the warmest records on season and now a mean season. wildfires are burning in seven western states and the summer temperatures will only push the danger higher. the worst single fire is in southwestern new mexico. 225,000 acres burned, about 280 square miles. it is the biggest in the state's history and it's getting bigger. it's now only just about 17% contained. also today there are new concerns about a key firefighting tool used to combat those kinds of fires. in western utah yesterday, an air tanker loaded with water and fire retardant crashed during its second run of the day. both pilots were killed. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. also yesterday an aaron tanker had to make an emergency
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landing in nevada when its lappeding gear failed to lower. in this case, the crew was not hurt but the incidents underscore recent concerns the planes themselves are in dangerous need of replacement. rob marciano is here to tell us more. >> this is war against wildfires for the most part. in war, you have boots on the ground. and they are the ones who will win the war eventually but they need air support. right now, that air support is dwindling. when you see the pictures of the planes flying around to fight these fires, they are old. we don't make planes specifically designed to fight fires. we take planes that are built in the '50s and '60s and we retrofit them to hold thousands of gallons of water and fire retardant to fight the fires. all of these planes have stopped production decades ago. the forest service and its subcontractors have been trying to hold these planes together for as long as possible.
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that one right there is a plane made by lockheed. the bulk of the fleet are pt planes which are basically anti-submarine propellor planes built in the '50s and they used those to fly into hurricanes. they have a couple of big ones but those are not nearly as nimble. since 2000 we have gone from 43 of these air tankers to 11. actually now it's ten after this weekend's crash. a huge dwindling. >> i guess the next logical question is anybody doing anything about this problem? >> well, you know, everyone is pointing fingers at the u.s. forest service or at least the politicians are. senator ron wyden says despite the magnitude and destructiveness of the recent forest fires the agency most responsible for fighting them the forest service has allowed the air tanker fleet to atrophy.
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that implies the budget is there but event they haven't been able to secure the planes. what they have done is increase the medium sized planes and the smaller planes and heavier helicopters but they need to get more air tankers in there. now they will tap some old european jet planes and try to get them in. they don't build these specifically for firefighting and that is the struggle because you're looking to get planes that you can't order and have them built. you have to take what you can get and i think the biggest problem going forward. >> rob marciano, thanks. in nigeria, the death toll is climbing in the crash of a commercial airplane and the airline says the pilot was american. dana air has not released the name of the pilot but says he radioed the plane was having trouble minutes before it slammed into a crowded neighborhood. all 153 people aboard the plane died along with at least ten people on the ground. george zimmerman back in jail and attorneys will seek a
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new bond hearing later today. the man at the center of the trayvon martin killing turned himself in yesterday on the orders of a judge who accused zimmerman of not being truthful about how much money he has access to. martin savidge is in sanford, florida, with more. good morning, martin. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. yeah, the theory is the judge has recalled george zimmerman. in essence revoked his bond as you pointed out there. he wants to ask him very specific questions. what did he know about the money he claimed he did not have and yet most people are now well aware it was piling up in a bank account as a result of donations that had been coming in over the internet and this has raised deeper and more troubling issue for george zimmerman. that is the kre of credibility. in other words, we are talking about a self-defense case in which george zimmerman shot 17-year-old trayvon martin killing him, that is beyond a doubt but george maintains it was self-defense. many are going to say if he is not being truthful about money, what else could he be untruthful
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about? and that is an issue the attorney for trayvon martin spoke about this morning with soledad o'brien. >> the reason judge had this ruling was so important because it focuses everybody's attention to george zimmerman's credibility. remember that is the main thing here because it is only his version of the facts that say trayvon martin attacked him. all of the objective evidence suggests that he pursued and shot trayvon martin in the heart and that is going to be a crucial, crucial issue, credibility, credibility, credibility. >> reporter: that is a word you are going to hear a lot of as we step forward here. now, the next in the process here is going to be the motion that is expected to be filed by the defense team for george zimmerman. essentially asking for a new bond hearing. exactly when that will be set isn't clear. that's up to the judge to determine and the judge actually
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doesn't have to grant bond at all. so we will see how that moves forward. carol? >> martin savidge reporting live from florida this morning. jury selection tomorrow against jerry sandusky. he is accused of sexually abused ten boys. the allegations led to the fire of penn state's iconic head coach joe paterno who died only months later from complications from lung cancer. could be a bumpy day on wall street today. stocks tanked overnight in asia and mixed across europe right now. the picture is as irk murky for the u.s. markets. dow futures down slightly but nasdaq and s&p 500 have climbed into positive territory. we will go live to the new york stock exchange at the bottom of the hour when the new trading day rings in. the winner is! miss rhode island. 20-year-old olivia culpo is the new miss usa.
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a sophomore at boston university and she is aaccomplished cellist who considered herself as a nerd but not any more. she will represent the usa in the miss universe pageant. when asked who was the vice president, some couldn't fake it. >> oh, god! >> that's awesome. >> oh, shoot. oh, my! >> this is so bad! i just read an article! >> i don't know anything about politics so i don't know. >> this is bad! >> i don't know! i'm blanking! >> oh, my gosh. i'm drawing a blank. >> world peace! >> that is bad! i'm sorry! it's bad! culpo the young woman who won was asked about the controversy voupeding the pageant's first transgender contestant. she said anyone qualified has a right to wear the crown because it is a free country and, yes,
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she did know the vice president was joe biden. two men battling it out for wisconsin's top job. will scott walker stay on as governor or will mayor tom barrett take over that position? a closer look at how this race could impact the november election. people with a machine. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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just about 12 minutes past the hour. new mexico is dealing with the biggest wildfire in its history. it's burned up a wilderness area twice the size of chicago and keeps growing. authorities are telling people with health issues to stay inside to avoid the smoke. wildfires also burning in six other western states. george zimmerman's lawyers plan to file for a new bond hearing today so they can get him out of jail. the judge revoked his bond saying he lied to the court about his financial situation. zimmerman turned himself in yesterday. he is charged with second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. in money news you may feel it in your wallet the next time you pick up your suit from the dry cleaners because the u.s. has hit vietnam. biggest exporter with wire hangers with new trade penalties with unfairly subsidizing
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exports. dry cleaner operators may not have a choice but to pass the higher cost on to you. temperatures will be down into the 50s and 60s this week for the northeast. in sports have you seen this guy before? well, the old tiger woods is back. at the memorial tournament in dublin, ohio, he not only won the sensational chip from off the green late in the final round, he also tied the golden bear jack nicklaus record of 73 pga tour victories! 154 days until election day and dead heat in the race for the white house. we are seeing a shift in public opinion. our new cnn/orc poll shows republican mitt romney favorable rateding up but he still trails obama. the president has a 56% favorable rating. in the head-to-head contest obama leads romney 49% to 46%
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and that would be a statistical tie. one of the battle grounds of 2012 is the state of wisconsin and, tomorrow, it will be the first early test. that's when voters will decide if they want to recall republican governor scott walker and replace him with tom barrett, the democratic mayor of milwaukee. walker was pushed into the recall by people angered at his cutting of union power and bargaining rights. some think tomorrow's vote could be a preview of the upcoming romney/obama match in the state. candy crowley takes an in-depth look. >> reporter: fueled by power of politic. >> great to be back in michigan and great to be back in wisconsin. >> reporter: the race to oust scott walker has seen it all except for president obama. tom barrett, the democratic mayor of milwaukee, who hopes to
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oust walker, reads nothing into that. >> no. we understand he has a lot going on. >> reporter: little else in political world right now and some republicans suggest the no-show president means the white house believes barrett will lose. walker is less direct. >> i don't know what it says but i think it's interesting two years ago the president came in for our opponent and not here now. on friday he made three stops in the twin cities to my understanding and three stops in chicago so hard to argue he wasn't nearby. >> reporter: barrett has seen a lot fewer star players and a lot less money but camp obama suggests its committed. after all what better way to say we are with you than money and scores of lawyers. >> we have poured money into that race. our entire field operation is committed to it and hundreds of lawyers up there for voter protection programs. so, you know, we're invested in it and very much in the corner of mayor barrett. >> reporter: the recall race was born out of governor walker's
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first budget which sought to deal with an expected 3.8 billion dollar shortfall a plan that included stripping most public unions of collective bargaining rights. the state capital was a wash in union-led protests and quickly medicine by tea party counter protests. in the end walker got much of what he wanted and democrats set about getting twice the number of signatures they needed for a recall race. barrett accuses the governor of being out to destroy unions and put himself on the map. >> scott walker wants to make this a national race because he wants to be on the national stage as the rock star of the far right as the poster boy of the tea party. >> reporter: republicans say walker who, by the way, has a 51% approval rating is a guy who said what he meant and meant what he said. >> you can't keep operating a government that spends more money than it takes in. so scott walker is one of these special people that have made promises and kept promises. >> reporter: whatever happens, the wisconsin results will be
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translated as a proxy race for the fall presidential campaign. it will go something like this. walker's survival is an early bird signal of the grassroots conservatism and opening in wisconsin for mitt romney. walker goes down and it is a rebuke of the excesses of conservatism. a defeat for the tea party. and a sign that wisconsin remains solid obama territory. candy crowley, cnn, washington. it's a celebration that is only fit for a queen. today some of the biggest names in music prepare to serenade her majesty. tell you about that coming up. if you're heading out the door take us with you. watch us any time on your mobile or computer. head to
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♪ two days of festivities down. two more to go as britt pulls out the stops. today there is a big party and concert at buckingham palace to celebrate her 60 years on the throne. ♪
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>> about a million people watched over the weekend as the royal family led a seven mile long flotilla of a thousand boats. joining me is mark saunders, royal biographer. a spectacular sight this weekend! >> wasn't it just? even though the weather tried its best to ruin the day, it certainly wasn't a washout. a triumphant for the queen. >> the big party another party begins in less than an hour. the main event this time is this jubilee concert. who is performing? and you who did people snag the tickets for this? >> well, the ticket were handed out in a ballot. you simply applied and if you were fortunate enough, you received a ticket. but the guest list, the lineup is incredible. it's headed, i say headed but it's paul mccartney and sir elton john are the top of the
9:21 am
tree. then just got all sorts of artists. one of the queen's favorites is there and some of the younger. jay ellis will be there and robbie williams and galaxy of stars. for some reason, people seem to think the queen isn't into contemporary pop music which is wrong. she loves this show and why she asks for many of these performers. she certainly is looking forward to this one as we all are. >> aw. i was going to ask you the queen is into paul mccartney. you say she is because you know what you're talking about. has this celebration lived up to expectations so far? >> i think it's exceeded expectations! it's funny, because many times i've been asked that in the last few days why has this happened? why this incredible and popularity the queen is enjoying now? i think it's simply long last, a country has got a chance to say
9:22 am
thank you to her 60 years unblemished leadership she has shown and a tremendous reign where she will be remembered as one of the greatest monarchs of all time. this really is a chance for the country to say thank you and celebrate with her in what probably is the last major event of her reign. >> i see pictures of the princess. i just love her! the princess. how would you compare this event to the royal wedding in terms of how excited people are? >> do you know what? i think they are remarkably similar to be honest. the royal wedding there was that element that something was happening that you could watch a little bit like her. i guess a sport, event, or something. you had a start, a finish. whereas this is four days of simply celebrating. a four-day party. but the atmosphere i've just come off the street 15 minutes ago. the sun is shining now. it's incredible. there is actually more flags
9:23 am
flying in london today than there were this time last year at the royal wedding. i suppose because the wedding was centered around the abbey. it is a similar atmosphere. i think people enjoyed last year so much they wanted to do it again this year as well. >> it was fun. i'll admit. mark saunders, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. the long weekend of festivities marking the queen's 60 years on the throne will reach its climax tomorrow. join us live from london at 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, should american retailers stay out of politic? when did retailers become like super pacs throwing their support behind political causes across the spectrum? most recently, target. its now selling t-shirts to raise money for the family equity council. a group fight ago proposed
9:24 am
same-sex marriage band in minnesota. isn't the first time a retailer has put itself in the middle of a controversial political issue. remember who whole foods ceo john mackie opposed president obama's health care law and put it in the newspaper? who could forget this bennetton ad that featured these pictures. even the pope kissing each other on the lips! but political engagement doesn't come without risks. after jcpenney hired ellen degeneres as a spokesperson a group called her a boycott but jcpenney didn't blink. its father's day catalog features a same-sex couple with kids. some retailers are getting gun shy like gander mountain. gander mountain a long time supporter of national rifle association pulled out of nra sponsored event for wisconsin governor scott walker. it cited, quote.
9:25 am
their varied interests is a reason why. the talkback question today is should american retailers stay out of politics? i'll read your comments later this hour. some candidates who think marijuana should be legal are winning! what does that say about us and our attitudes about pot? we will have a conversation, dude, about that in few minutes!
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the bell is about to ring on wall street. you hear is there actually. wall street getting ready for a shaky day of trading after friday's big sell-off. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. it's not looking too bad just yet. >> reporter: take a deep breath. we are less than a minute. looks like stocks will open
9:29 am
pretty flat and follows friday's biggest loss of the year for the dow dropping 274 points. this comes after a stellar january, february, and march. guess what? the dow has now erased all of its gains for the year. yep. we are right back to where we started in january! all of those rallies, remember that dow 13,000? all that have is gone! the nasdaq and s&p 500 they are down 10% from their recent highs. so they are officially in correction territory. carol, don't be surprised if you see the bargain hunters out today scooping up those beaten down stocks as they are right now. >> i'm glad to see the plus sign there and makes fee feel a little better. account federal reserve step back to stimulate the economy like it did during the recession? >> reporter: it can. that's a good question. it certainly can. especially after we have seen several other weak reports on the economy. but, you know, the loudest cries we have had for the fed to do something is after lousy jobs report and combine it with a slowdown in economic growth the first three months of the year
9:30 am
and krous are louder. wall street could get clues on thursday when ben bernanke speaks before a senate committee. they are hoping where the fed stands now on another round of monitor monetary stimulus. critics say let the economy try to revive itself on its own. carol? >> alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. i'm carol costello. other story watching right now. thousands of people are gathered in hong kong to remember the fierce government crackdown against prodemocracy activists in china. 23 years ago ago today tanks rolled through tiananmen square crushing the protest movement. they say the number to die was likely in the thousands.
9:31 am
lawyers for george zimmerman will file a new position for a bond hearing. zimmerman shot trayvon martin what he calls is self-defense. the judge revoked his bond saying zimmerman lied about his financial resources during his hearing. house minority leader nancy pelosi is promoting hillary clinton for president in 2016. clinton insists secretary of state is her last job in government but that isn't slowing rumors. in an interview in "the san francisco chronicle," pelosi said, clinton, quote, she's our shot. how times have changed. the legalization of marijuana once unheard of in most every political corner is now pretty much mainstream and it's an issue that can win elections. last month, democrat ellen rosenbloom, a marijuana supporter, won the oregon democrat attorney general primary but in a landslide. in texas, a former el paso
9:32 am
councilman sent spuneomeone els packing. he won based largely on his support of legal marijuana. is this a case of crazy dudes out west or a sign of politics lagging behind public opinion? although mitt romney certainly doesn't think so. >> aren't there issues of significance that you'd like to talk about? >> this is significant issue in colorado. >> the economy? the growth of jobs? the need to put people back to work? the challenges of iran? we have got enormous issues that we face but you want to talk -- go ahead. >> medical marijuana. >> i oppose legalization of marijuana and oppose legalization of other kinds of drugs. >> and so does president obama. cnn contributor lz granderson and will cain are here t talk about this. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> according to a gallup poll last fall, a record 50% of americans think marijuana should be legal. lz, i'll start with you and not for any reason.
9:33 am
i'm just going to start with you. >> the dreadlocks, let's be honest. >> will we hear about marijuana in the upcoming presidential debates? >> god, i hope not! i really do. mitt romney is absolutely right on this. we have too way many more important things to talk about. i will admit i swung by the store today to pick up some visine to make sure my eyes weren't red because my allergies were bothering me. i had the dreadlocks going and i don't want your viewers to think you hired a pot head to talk about pot. >> i'm sure they didn't think about that all. will, 50% of americans think marijuana should be legalized and many more americans think medical marijuana use should be legal. is this a sign of things to come as in soon? >> not any time soon and not a part of the debate on the national stage and i'm sorry for who that might disappoint. you played a clip of mitt romney there. president obama has cracked down
9:34 am
on medical marijuana dispensers. while she saw hope in president obama thinking he might not, you know, come down and crack down on even medical marijuana use the truth has proven much different. >> the key word is hope, not dope. >> seriously. in colorado, a lot of young voters are for the legalization of marijuana. president obama depends on young voters this time around as he did last time around. some in colorado saying they will affect him in the state. >> wirks they are idiots basically. if you're voting for any president on one single issue, especially one issue that is so peripheral such as marijuana usage, you're an idiot. i don't want to mince any words here. we have way too many important things to talk about as mitt romney said earlier and the president said earlier. if you're basing your vote on who is going to be president on whether or not they let you roll
9:35 am
up a joint, then you're an idiot and you have no reason to vote any way. >> let's talk about the war on drugs. some say that, you know, the continued illegality of marijuana is affecting the war on drugs in a way. if we legalized marijuana, maybe we would win. >> look. hey, i will tell you this. i don't have the exact statistic right in front of me but i believe 60 percent of the mex condrug cartels profits are fed by the sale of marijuana and i think a logical argument to think about cutting the profits out. any business you cut 60% of the profits out of it you're going to hurt them. you know, the drug trade is more than just about morality and a great debate on the morale it's of freedom versus advice and it's about economics and crime and what illicit drug use and drug sale more specifically does to the crime in the united states. i think there is an excellent debate to be had about that. >> okay. so will that kind of debate come up in the presidential debates?
9:36 am
>> no, no! i'm trying to be clear! >> no! >> no way this debate comes up. no way. listen. president obama's actions will tell you why this won't come up and lz called it a periphery or a marginal issue. look. president obama has made a political calculation the marijuana vote just isn't big enough out there. or he doesn't want to look like he is soft on crime. regardless his actions are telling you this will not be an issue to be debated in this presidential election. >> last word, lz. >> i think what we are really seeing in terms of the 506% number you talked about earlier with the gallup poll is the public becoming more educated. we won't be talking about this presidential election and my not talk about it in 2016. as we understand the relative long-term uses of pot use you will see this a part of the conversation as alcohol was years ago ago. we are getting smarter about it and we don't have the time to talk about it right now. >> thank you both for the
9:37 am
discussion, dudes. >> thank you. >> thank you. they call it bieber fever. and it has nothing to do with pot. it just hit madison square garden. he sold out the garden, that's 20,000 seats in 30 seconds! showbiz headlines next. >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today.
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you know you're hot whether you can sell out madison square garden. 20,000 seats in 30 sends sekeds and what justin bieber did. nichelle turner joins u.s. from loins to tell us if that is some kind of record. >> i'm wondering what this kid can't do. this is among some of the fastest sellouts ever. i don't know if they have like pinpoint records for these things. but, carol, we're talking about two shows at the garden which seats around 20,000 people. selling out in less time than it takes me to apply my lip gloss. that's crazy!
9:41 am
the rest of the tour didn't do so badly either. the entire 45 city tour sold out in under an hour. it kicks off on september 29th in arizona and wraps newspaper miami on january 26th. so if you want to get tickets, now you're probably going to rely on that secondary market and that might cost you who knows what if you're buying from a scalper, right? >> i feel sorry for the parents in america. you know their kids want tickets! >> exactly. >> whoo! let's talk about the mtv awards. i watched them last night and there were jokes about justin bieber. not tasteful but that sort of the mtv awards. >> that's russell brand himself, a little on the edge. a little bit after surprise but not lining the hunger games which was kinds of the winners last night. lost to some small independent artsy films. the best picture award went to, of course, the twilight saga
9:42 am
which has been a big winner at these awards show. this award is chosen by the fans who vote online during the show and a lot of "twilted" fans out there apparently but the "hunger games" won four awards last night including best male and best female stars appearances. it also won best fight. the mtv music awards the best fight pretty big deal. that's like best supporting actress at the oscars. >> i like the category best dirt bag. although i didn't understand the jokes before it. it was just weird. nichelle turner, thanks. >> you're welcome, darling. >> she will be back with us next hour for more showbiz headlines. forget everything what you told your kids about snow white. this movie is a different story.
9:43 am
14 clubs. that's what they tell us a legal golf bag can hold. and while that leaves a little room for balls and tees,
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it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow. only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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46 minutes past the hour. checking top store jis now. the biggest wildfire in new mexico's history is getting bigger. authorities telling people with health issues to stay inside to avoid the smoke. wildfires burning in six other western states. george zimmerman hopes to get out of jail sometime today. his lawyers have requested a new bond hearing. zimmerman turned himself into florida authorities yesterday. the judge revoked his bond
9:46 am
saying he misled the court about his money situation. he is charged in the death of va trayvon martin and he says he acted in self-defense. a new survey says expect to pay more for electricity including electric cars. they say electric cars will eat up 7% of the nation's power supply by 2025 and your monthly light bulb increase significantly and blame it on rules requiring more renewable energy that cuts pollution. president obama is teaming up again with former president bill clinton to do some more fund-raising. they will be in new york city today. clinton is an important surrogate and big help when it comes to raising money but he and the president aren't always on the same page. our white house correspondent brianna keilar reports on the complicated relationship between the two. >> reporter: as president obama's campaign tries to make a liability of mitt romney's past experiences as the head of a private equity firm, bill clinton talking recently by romney apparently didn't get the
9:47 am
memo. >> i think he had a good business career. there is no question that if in terms of getting up and going to the office and, you know, basically performing the essential functions of the office a man who has been governor and had a sterling business career, crosses the qualification threshold. >> reporter: on the same team as obama, but reading from a different playbook. bill clinton's support is key to the president this election. though, their relationship, to put it mildly, has had its ups and downs. in 2007, bill clinton took aim at the then junior senator from illinois. >> you know, i'm old-fashioned. i think really a president ought to have done something for other people and for his country. when you pick a president. >> reporter: president clinton questioned obama's inexperience. >> i mean, when is the last time we elected a president? based on one year of service in senate before he started r running. >> reporter: in early 2008 obama entered iowa and had a feud with the former first couple. >> i'm here, he's not.
9:48 am
>> i can't tell who i'm running against sometimes. >> the two men have never been especially close but appointing hillary clinton secretary of state helped heal some wounds and since taking office, obama has looked to the popular former president for help. hosting him at the white house during contentionus negotiations with congress in 2010. >> reporter:. >> i have a general rule. whatever he asked me about my advice and whatever i say should become public only if he decides to make it public. he can say whatever he wants. >> what do you think? >> reporter: obama hopes president clinton can woo voters in the south and some other states. the obama campaign is featuring clinton in ads and hitting up his healthy donors. they appeared at a fund-raiser together last month at the home of long time kleinon supporter terry mcauliffe raising $2.1 million. >> so have the two really moved past the bad blood of the 2008
9:49 am
election or is this just a show because both are strong democrats? >> reporter: well, i understand they have moved past it, carol. i don't think you would say that they are best friends. but certainly things were very tense there following the 2008 s were tense there following the 2008 election before president obama came into power. bill clinton's source tells me, really held a grudge against president obama more than hillary clinton did. but as they transition did, obama into power, that was smoothed over, as i mentioned in the piece, because hillary clinton was appointed and bill clinton appreciated how she was treated through the process. but really the role that president clinton is trying to play here is through the reminder after better economic time under a democrat. he will be sort of saying, i know what it takes for there to be a good economy and president obama is doing the right thing. and fund-raising, carroll, very
9:50 am
important. there will be three fund-raisers this evening. president obama and clinton together likely bringing in millions of dollars. brianna keilor reporting liver for us from the white house this morning. want know what life is like on the campaign trail? join the roundtable with wolf blitzer and cnn's political team. submit your questions and get answers realtime in this live virtual chat thp roundtable tomorrow is at 12:00 eastern. can you log on to it participate. we ask you to talk back on one of the big questions of the day. should american retailers stay out of politics? [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table.
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9:53 am
we ask you to talk back on one of the big store wrists day. the talkback question for you this morning. should american retailers stay out of politics? this from steve. i think so. i also think candidates running for office should be dressed like nascar drivers. we do need it see who their corporate sponsor are. everyone else is getting into the act. i simply will not shop at stores with whom i have issued. period. gay rights is a noble american cause but business inflew sense a danger to our democracy. they have the ability to drown out the will of the people and also to buy our political
9:54 am
leaders. this from kathy. yes. they need to stay out of politician. shopping is no longer fun escape. it's okay no i can't stop heror there because they support this or that. just be rae tailers and give us all a break. more comment in the next hour of newsroom. and coming up in the next hour, remember flipper? yes, he was the crime fighting dolphin. scientists have come up with a speaker that mimics the sounds of dolphins and one day they might be able to talk with dolphins. really. in about 40 minutes, i'll talk with charles choi of live with b this amazing device. y milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally.
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♪ ♪
9:57 am
tiger woods made an amazing shot, but the big question is, does this mean the old tiger woods is back? >> we're waiting to find out if he can take that next spet and jack nicklaus says he may have seen the greatest shot ever yesterday. a big warning for one of tiger's rivals in the u.s. open. 16th hole. if tiger hits this in, the ball goes flying into the drink, he has no chance of winning. instead he drops it perfectly on to the green and into the cup. tiger birdies three of last four holes including an exclamation point. this one at 18. tiger woods wins the memorial
9:58 am
with the win. he is tied with nicklaus himself with 73 career titles. winning list first major since everything fell apart. nba, game four, celtics and heat. came down to the last shot. lebron james and dwyane wade playing well. rondo with 16 assists. lebron james fouls out with that shot in overtime. he can't believe it. so the heat need it find a way, without lebron, to get the basket. dwyane wade, no, at the buzzer. celtics win. series tied at tw games a piece. game five tomorrow night. carol calling it a joke, how about that? >> i'm from cleveland, all right? >> check out jimmy johnson wsh wearing the rainbow wig yesterday before nascar. it is about promoting the sponsors. one of his sponsors, madagascar 3. one of the characters wears a
9:59 am
rainbow wig. and johnson himself celebrating with the rainbow wig. his seventh win at dover. >> that looked really funny. >> maybe the movie will be funny too. >> i'm sure it will. and i'm sure you will be going now that you have a child. >> we love madagascar in our house. >> i bet do you. thanks. cnn newsroom begins right now. and good morning to you, i'm carol costello. just ahead in the newsroom, a hot bed of nastiness and political hype and barometer for the nation five months before america votes for president. air tanker crash, a sign our nation's firefighters may not be properly eequipped to fight wildfires. and facebook junior. facebook wants your kids. how the social media giant is working on new technology so a younger generation can sign up. plus,-
10:00 am
i love that show, "flipper." scientists say we may be able to talk with flipper and all of the other dolphins in the sea, really. but we begin this morning in wisconsin. one of the battle grounds of 2012 is the state of wisconsin and tomorrow is the first big showdown. that's when voters decide if they want to recall republican governor scott walker and replace him with tom barrett, the democratic mayor of milwaukee. walker was pushed into the recall by people angered at his cutting of union power and bargaining rights. cnn's ted rollins goes in-depth and he joins us live from madison, wisconsin. what is the voter turnout expected to be like, ted. >> huge, carol. they are expecting record numbers in terms of voter turn out. they are seeing money being poured in here and you said it earlier, the core of this issue is unions.
10:01 am
that's what has the nation watch and that's what has a lot of people in wisconsin on both sides very upset. we talk to two teachers. they are on opposite sides of this very nasty fight. michelle and john are teachers in madison. craig clum is a teacher in milwaukee. they are on opposite sides of the political showdown in wisconsin. we met michelle and john 16 months ago protesting at the state capitol. they were furious with then new governor scott walker and his new bill to cut education funding and unions collective bargaining rights. >> our lines were turned completely upside down. emotions were raw. it was shocking. >> craig saw it from the other side. he thought walker's plan had merit. >> i think in the long-term, it will be good for the state. and for education. >> despite weeks of protests, walker's budget bill known now as act 10 passed. craig says he is one of only a handful of teachers that
10:02 am
supported it. >> i'm scared. but i think fundamentally it is going to improve the state of wisconsin in the long-term. and prove education in the long-term. >> i don't know anyone in madison or anywhere who would want larger class sizes, less resources being poured into the classroom. >> the difference is jobs. >> governor walker is in a recall election against milwaukee mayor tom barrett. people in wisconsin have been bombarded with political ads. largely funded by out of state interests. both pro and anti-union. >> news radio, so glad to have you with us. >> talk radio host jeff wagner says the last 16 months have divided the state like never before. he says there doesn't seem to be any middle ground. >> people are down to their last nerve. everybody is so intense about this.
10:03 am
you hear it from the callers. and it's out there on both sides. >> wagner says at times the rhetoric has been ugly. listen to how our teachers both blame the other side for getting out of control. >> i'm heard him refer to us a nazi. >> it's the other side, governor walker's side, who comes in and does taunting and poking and trying to insight fights. >> colleagues of mine make reference to republicans and tea party types as the barbarians at the gate. >> using the word nazi, yelling at my children, you're nazis, communists, socialist. >> the recall election is next tuesday. but whether scott walker keeps his job or not, the political battle of unions is far from over and other states are keeping a close eye on what happens in wisconsin. >> carol, a lot of people here in wisconsin, as you can imagine, are eagerly anticipating tomorrow just so this thing is all over. they literally have been
10:04 am
bombarded by these ads for the laugh year. plus with with all of the money coming in from out of state. >> but they still have to suffer life of presidential election campaign ads through 2012. >> that's nothing compared to this. >> you're probably right. ted rowlands reporting live from wisconsin this morning. millions of americans revelled in one of the warmest winters on record. now a mean season is coming to collect. right now wildfires burn in western states. and the worst sixth fire is in southwestern new mexico. a quarter acres burned, that about 180 square miles. it is the biggest of the state's history. and it is even getting bigger. there are key concerns about a new fire tool used to combat fires in western a utah. an air tanker loaded with water made the second run of the day. both pilots were killed and the cause of the crash is still
10:05 am
under investigation. also yesterday an air tanker had to make an emergency landing in nevada when its landing gear failed it lower. in this case, the crew was not hurt. both incidents underscore recent concerns that the planes themselves are in dangerous need of replace many. >> we don't know the cause of the crashes, but when you know that planes, most of them, are over 50 years old, you would think that at some point we need to replace these things. every firefighter will tell you, the war is won on the grounds, by the boots on the ground. but they need air support to win the war itself. and that fleet has been dwindling over the years. since 2000, we had a fleet of air tankers, 43. now eats down to 11. with this crash this weekend, now down to ten. we are dwindling the fleet. they have put resources into heavy helicopters and smaller planes, but heavy tankers which we need, won't be around for too long. politicians are angry about
10:06 am
this. they seem to think that the service itself has what it needs but are misappropriating money. oregon senator says this, he says despite the magnitude and destructiveness of recent firefighters, the forest service has allowed the air tanker fleet to atrophy. you know, what they do is they take old planes. we're not building planes that are specifically designed to fight fires. we take a p-2, an anti-submarine plane from the '50s, and rhett tro fit it to fight fires. now the newer planes from the '80s, old european airliners, and retro fit those for the fire service. >> thanks. a third day of protests today. outrage over the stemming from the vie leapt crack down against
10:07 am
demonstrators in this very spot. many died. bu mubarak got a life sentence for ordering killings but many say he should have gotten the death penalty. to hong kong where 100,000 people are expected to remember to remember the government crack down against pro government activists in china. tanks rolled through tiananmen square. 241 people died, including soldiers. but some say that number is more likely in the thousands. could be a bumpy day on wall street today. stocks tanked overnight in asia, mix aid cross europe and pretty much flat here in the united states. alison kosik, is at the
10:08 am
exchange. >> they fell for the second month in a row then you pile on to the weaker than expected jobs report and you see how the economy is really losing momentum. that is what wall street is worried about. guess what? other economies aren't doing much either. there is concerns china owe slowing group and europe and china is where we export a lot of our goods. if their economy is in trouble, then they will buy less from us, so yes, it affects us. wall street is worried and you see it playing out with red on the screen. nasdaq off 13. carol, back to you. >> we will check back with you. allison kosik at the new york stock exchange. >> in an exclusive interview with cnn christian amanpour, mariela castro tells us who she want to become the next president of the united states.
10:09 am
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love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. checking our top stories. new mexico is dealing with the biggest wildfire inity history. it is a wilderness area nearly
10:12 am
twice the size of chicago and it just keeps growing. authorities tell people with health issues to stay indoors. george zimmerman's lawyers plan it file for a new bond hearing today to get him out of jail. the judge revoked his bond saying he lied to the court about his financial situation. zimmerman turned himself in yesterday. in money news you may feel it in your wallet the next time you pick up your suit from the dry cleaners. that's because the united states in vietnam. the biggest exporter of wire hangers with new trade penalties for unfairly subsidizing exports. dry cleaner operators say they may have no choice but to pass the higher cost on to you. in weather, the northeast is bracing for a cool down. a cold air pattern will bring temperatures down into the 50s and 60s this week. >> straight up. oh, yeah, look at this, peter. >> in sports, see that guy before? the old tiger woods appears to be back at the memorial
10:13 am
tournament in dublin, ohio. he not only won with a sensational chip m late in the round, also tied the golden bear jack nicklaus's victory with 73 pga victories. castro has been a thorn in america's side for more than half a century. now daughter of president raul castro is making waves. she is injecting herself into u.s. politics. in an exclusive interview with cnn chief international correspondent christiane amanpour, castro says she would like to see president obama re-elected. >> did you expect more from president obama or has he gone as far as you expected him to go on the cuban issue? do you think he wants to lift the embargo and that there could be proper relations from cuba and united states under a second obama term? >> translator: i believe that obama is a fair man. and obama needs greater support
10:14 am
in order to take this decision. if obama counted on the full support of the american people, then we could normalize a relationship, we could have better relations than what we have under president carter. >> do you want obama to win the next election? >> translator: as a citizen of the world, i would like him to win. seeing the candidates, i'm pro obama. >> christiane amanpour joins us from new york to talk more about her exclusive interview with mary ella castro. give us your initial thoughts of her, what was she like? >> she was absolutely frank. and mariela castro was granted a visa to come to the united states by the state department specifically in her role as leader of gay rights and gay activism in cuba. so she went to a conference in san francisco, she came here to new york and she was speaking
10:15 am
all about that. and i questioned here quite deeply about that. but of course within that context i questioned here about civil rights, political rights, in her own country, in cuba. it is very interesting what she has to say. she is the second generation and she is agreeing and acknowledging that there need to be changes. her own father, raul castro, who is now president there, implemented this economic freedoms, economic progress there because they know they have to change. but everything that castros say is reflected through the lens of the 50-year embargo. when you ask about this or that or opening up, it is about well, you know, we want to, we're trying. we're moving. but we are understand this 50-year embargo from the united states. and that makes it much slower. that's their reasoning. >> as you know, christiane, republicans and conservatives aren't happy that the obama administration let her into the country because of human rights
10:16 am
abuses taking place in cuba and her dad is a dictator. >> well, listen, carol, as you know, this is not new. the cuban-american community has always had angry relations with the castros. but as you also know, that is changing in terms of the dynamics of the relationship between the different demographics. if you look at the pls, much younger cuban-americans have a very different view and much more pope to changing this policy, which all of us know has simply not worked. the embargo, if it was intended to break the back of the castros and have them fall, has simply not worked. so president obama has tried to do things and as you know, she was invited in, or rather not invited in, but allowed to come in, not just under president obama but under president bush as well. the last time she came was 2002. we did ask her very very pointed questions about all of the issues that make people outside of cuba question what's happening there. and this interview is going to
10:17 am
air on cnn. so it is a long and interesting interview. and her -- what she said about president obama was reflected from the fact that she admires what president obama's done for the gay community in this country. particularly has latest statement, supporting gay marriage. >> okay, so a final question. so should president obama be happy about her endorsement? >> you know, i'm sure a lot of political -- a lot of people in the political sphere will make a big deal about this. but the fact of the matter is that she is sort of talking about what most people would like to see happen in cuba. whether or not it happens, we'll wait it see. but about change. and i think that is an interesting area to explore. >> christiane amanpour, thank you so much for joining thus morning. and welcome back. love having you. >> thank you. >> facebook is coming for your children. right now, kids under 13 are
10:18 am
banned, but mark zuckerberg and company are reportedly working to change that. so is that a good idea for, say like a 6-year-old, to be on facebook? we will talk about that in a few minutes. that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary new e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one at e-trade.
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10:21 am
now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories today. the question for you this morning, should american retailers stay out of politics? when did retailers become like super pacs anyway, throwing their support behind political causes across the speck truck? most recently target, it is now selling t-shirts to raise money for the family equity council. a group with a same-sex marriage ban in minnesota. this is not the first time a retailer put they're selves in a political issue. remember when whole foods ceo put an ad out? and photo shop pictures with president obama and and nette yu
10:22 am
and the pope kissing on the lips. it's father's day catalog featuring a same-sex couple with kids. but some retailers are getting gun shy, like gander mountain, a popular hunting gear store stor. gander mountain cited quote the diversity of gander mountain customers and their very interest, end quote, is the reason why. should american retailers stay out of politics in i'll read your comments later this hour. donald trump is now fating off charges he is a racist and he is bringing up arsenio hall's name, hoping to prove his point, hey, i'm an racist, i have black friends.
10:23 am
my political buzz panel ready to jump into that fight. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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the stock market is a little teeny tiny bit after roller coaster right this morning. as can you see, only down 11 points. down as much as 40. but that's not much. investors still nervous over this economic crisis in europe and whether problems there could trigger another global recession. later today, lawyers for george zimmerman will file a new motion for a bond hearing. george zimmerman killed trayvon martin in what he says is an act of self-defense. the judge revoked his bond saying he lied about his financial resources during his hearing. jury selection set to get under way in the child rape case against jerry sandusky. the he is accused of sexually abusing ten boys.
10:27 am
joe paterno died months later of complications from lung cancer. house minority leader is promoting hillary clinton for president in 2016. clinton insist secretary of state is her last job in government but that isn't slowing rumors. in an interview in a san francisco chronicle, pelosi says, quote, she's our shot. political buzz with your rapid fire look at your best political topics of day. three questions, 30 second on the clock. cnn contributor and democratic strat jit, maria cardona. and cnn contributor, right wing right, welcome to both of you. over the last week there are signs congressional republicans are warming toward parts of bomb care. the house gop has said they will keep what they call the good stuff. closing the so call medicare
10:28 am
doughnut hole, et cetera. also prominent republicans are hinting at tax increase coupled with spending cut might not be such a bad idea. jeb bush among them. question, what the heck is going on? will? >> at least with respect to the obamacare stuff, nothing. that's based largely on politico report that house republicans want it keep the preexisting clause put forth in the affordable care act. that being said while that might be a political popular thing to put out there, it is not a feasible thing. you can't have that clause while getting rid of the individual mandate. it is a prescription for killing insurance companies. so house republicans i would doubt very, very seriously are behind that. regarding tax raises with spending cuts, that seems to be inevitable if there are real reduction measures in place. and i think to see guys like jeb bush accepting reality. >> maria? >> i think will is right in terms of the healthcare act. you can't have alls of those things that the republicans now
10:29 am
know are great and there would be a huge backlash if they were to repeal it without a huge mandate. however they are finally paying attention to the polles with have seen time and again where the american people are blaming americans for the fact that they been the obstructionists and nothing is getting done for congress and they blame them more so for being an ideal logically pure and not helping president obama resolve the things we need to resolve. >> okay on to the second question. at a fund-raiser friday, president obama said he is hopeful that republicans will snap out of their fever and cooperate with him after he wins reelection in november. he said, quote, my hope, my expectation is that after the election, now that it turns out that goal of beating obama doesn't make much since because i'm not running again, that we can start getting some cooperation again, end quote. question, will an obama win or loss cure congress's partisan fever? maria? >> well, i would say let's hope so. for the sake of the country and
10:30 am
for the sake of the american people and i'll go back to the first question. a lot of americans blame republicans for that intrance generals. let's not forget mitch mcconnell's statement that their number one priority is not to resolve american problems but to beat president obama to make sure he was a one-term president. if he wins reelection then that is off the table. so let's hope that it is something that happens and let's hope that it does help cure the gridlock in washington. right now americans mostly blame republicans for it. >> will sh. >> yeah, i think by the definition of bipartisanship, as maria just laid it out, it is me agreeing with everything she says. it is like obama said, this is just a result of wanting to get him out of office. as though there are no ideological differences. that the real issue here. we have different ideas about solutions to our problems. president obama believes a bigger role for the healthcare mark seat solution while people like me believe the free market
10:31 am
does a better job. he believes in more government stimulus. i believe in less. this isn't solved by kumbaya bipartisanship. >> all righty, he was fiery on that one. >> he does. >> okay our buzzer beater, 20 seconds aefrp. oh, the donald. when he was considering a run for president last year, he said, quote, i have a great relationship with the blacks. now listen to what he told a grup of republicans after some question whether he is a racist after this whole birther issue. >> somebody said oh, because i brought up the birth certificate, i'm a racist. i said, how could i be a -- i just picked arsenio hall. >> i can't believe i'm asking you this question. >> please don't. then don't. . >> i have to. >> so will the black friend defense work for the donald? will? >> no. no. but look, will it work to do what? i have never bought into the birther nonsense. largely because, well, it's
10:32 am
nonsense. but i'm also not going to do this thing where birtherism equals racism. they are not one in the same. i think there are some people bought into stuff. it doesn't have anything to do with president obama's skin. don't mix two things as if they are exactly the same. while there could be overlap. >> i agree somewhat with will in that the birther issue does not i think equal racism. though i do think that trump doesn't get the blacks or the browns and is not comfortable around any minority. i think mostly though, i go with george will and his statement about what he thinks about trump, which is that he is just a a bloviating ignoramus. >> we have it stop the madness. >> maria cardona, will cane,
10:33 am
thanks so much. >> the radio business syndicated talk show host neal boris says he will retire the same day as presidential inauguration and he will be replaced by herman cain. cain previously hosted a night time talk show on wsb radio in atlanta. oh, neal is a good friend of mine. so neal, happy retirement. a celebrate only fit for a queen. today some of the biggest names in business sayre nasayre natin her majesty at her diamond jubilee snb we want it celebrate richard dawson. he died over the weekend. he was 79. we would like it remember him in his natural habitat, so to speak. he kissed every female contestant on the show. of course, he was also a star in
10:34 am
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10:35 am
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i'm going to miss that music. a big party is getting under way this hour at buckingham palace to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60-year reign. this is day three of festivities marking her diamond jubilee. see that music plays everywhere. about a million people watch over the weekend as the royal family led a seven mile long flotilla of 1,000 boats. cnn is in the heart of london for today's festivities and, looks fun. >> reporter: it is. and the crowds are already gathering. it is a bit after lull in celebrations but as you point out there is a picnic happening in the queen's garden at buckingham palace. 10,000 lucky ticket holders are attending there. they were chosen by national lottery and they all get a
10:38 am
picnic hamper full of cheeses and other goodies from chef blumenthal. so that is under way now. then comes the main event in the night later on, which is the jubilee concert. and there is where pop royalty will be entertaining the queen. everybody from sirs paul mccartney and elton john. everybody is hoping some of the concert later on, carol. >> so the queen will be in attendance a the concerts. i just would have never guessed she would have been a fan of stevy wonder or paul mccartney or elton john. >> well, the lineup was specifically chosen to represent pop stars in each decade of her reign. so we go all the way back to say shirley bassy, tom jones.
10:39 am
but even to more recent stars. annie lennox, for example, will be there. so it is sort of representative of her 60 years as queen and that why we are seeing so many of those, the great variety of stars coming out tonight. >> do you get to go? >> i wish i could say yes that i will be going. but, no, i'll be one of the many listening outside of buckingham palace. >> bummer! thanks, atika. wee appreciate it. such a bummer. long weekend marking the queen's 60-year reign will go through tomorrow at 9 a.m. eastern. you know flipper can be pretty chatty so very soon we will hear what he is actually saying. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
10:40 am
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43 minutes pave the hour. checking top stories now, the biggest wildfire in new mefrm co-'s history is burning right now and it is getting bigger. it is nearly twice the size of chicago. authority telling people with health issues it stay inside. george zimmerman hopes to get out of jail sometime today. his attorneys are requesting a new bond hearing. he is charged in the death of the unarmed teenager, trayvon
10:43 am
martin. an attorney says martin's family is relieved zimmerman is back in jail. in many news a survey says expect to pay for more electricity. one reason, lek tris cars. utility executives say electric cars will eat up 7% of the nation's power supply by 2025 and your monthly electric bill will increase significantly. me the blame rules requiring more of them to use more sources of renewable energy. >> wade looks up, head fake. puts up a three for the win. no good. celtics win it! >> in sport, eastern conference finals will good on. boston at home held on overtime to knock off lebron james and the miami heat. james fouled out in overtime and wade missed at the buzzer, sending the two back to miami to decide game five. scientists may have invented their own dr. doolittle. a device that can talk to
10:44 am
animals, namely dolphins. really. that tv show "flipper "was way ahead of its time. ♪ they called him flipper, flipper, faster than lightning snoe ♪ >> he was the most intelligent being under the sea. seriously though, japanese scientist mim invented a speake mimicking dolphin talk. joining us is charles joy. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> this sounds so unbelievably cool. >> this is really exciting technology. now we have this speaker that can mimic -- good from human, you know, perception of sound, all the way to ultrasonic sound. that the range dolphins are working in. >> this is the device we're looking at. i guess scientist put this
10:45 am
device under the water and send out high pitched frequencies, low pitched frequencies, all different kinds and it can communicate with dolphins? >> that's the hope. i mean, they just complete a prototype a few weeks ago. but they did test it and they could go from whistles and clicks to the burst pulse, barks that dolphins can create. the hope is to do it, this, me tarzan, you jane. so we can improve our communication with dolphins. >> so are they more intelligent than saying with dogs barking or apes screeching? >> well, scientist do know that dolphin kes create what are called signature whistles. and those are basically these less than one second whistles that are names. and that's how mothers can tell
10:46 am
their infants, this is your mother. and when i call out my name, you know, you should come to me. and dolphins all have these whistles. >> okay, so explain to me the difference. because can you name a dolphin, like they do at sea world, and does the dolphin come by name just as i'm speaking? and if that's true, what do we hope happens when we put that device under water, just to have like an actual conversation with the dolphins? >> well, we know that dolphin kes name themselves. so it is interesting to see -- they can also mimic the sound of others. so it'll be interesting to see if they can name other dolphins. and maybe they are say, well you know, fred the other day just caught some mackerel. maybe we should good over there. >> no way. >> and check out what he is saying. >> no way. >> we don't know yet. but now that we have this technology, we can find out. all of this speculation can be tested now. >> so flipper really could fight
10:47 am
crime from underneath the ocean. >> well, the navy does use dolphins to help hunt down mines and other things. so yeah, crime-fighting dolphin could be the wave of the future. >> it is really cool. i hope it works. thank you so much. >> same here. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, carol. >> facebook wants younger friends. they want kids under age 13 to sign up. why the change of heart? we will have that conversation next. k. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
10:48 am
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10:50 am
facebook is looking for younger faces. right now you have to be 13 or older to sign up. but the wall street journal is reporting that facebook is working to let younger kids join. so we wanted to talk about this. christina war he is not here. she is with the social media news blog. hi, christina, how are you? >> hi, how are you. >> i know a lot of teens and younger on facebook, they just lie about their age. >> yes and that's what facebook has said publicly in the past that kids are on facebook so they would like to have a way for them to be on, in a way that kids under 13 could be on legally and in way where parents could monitor what they are doing. since many of them are on any way. >> in a more responsible way. tell us, how would facebook junior actually work? >> right now what the report is
10:51 am
saying, and we have reached out to facebook for comment but they haven't responded to us. but what the wall street journal is saying is that parents would have approval over kids signing up, what apps they could use and what users they could friend. parent would have control over what parts of the site that the kids have access to and kid would have more of, i guess, approach to the site. >> we have had issues with rife privacy issues on facebook so i'm not sure parent would want their 6-year-old on facebook. >> and the privacy concerns are a big issue as are issues of kids revealing more information than maybe their parents are comfortable with them revealing. i think that a good model that facebook could look to is the club penguin network that disney has. it works well with kids in the 8 to 11-year-old range. it offers a way for kids to have a great social experience
10:52 am
on-line but built in filters that prevent them from sharing information and other filters that prevent the conversation from going into an area that parent might not want. >> okay. let's say facebook actually does this, how does it protect itself from liability? >> i think what they are hoping to do is hoping to petition the government to review the children on-line privacy protection act or copa, which says that kids under 13 can't join on-line networks. if they can get laws relaxed and make it clear that parent have to sign up and that certain provisions regarding user date why and privacy are kept in check for kids under 13, that's how they can get around different liabilities that might take place. >> final question, doesn't this all come down to money and making more of it. >> yeah, i mean, it large degree it does. facebook want users to be as young as possible on the site, so as they get older, they are better advertiser targets and
10:53 am
customers for other services. i think there is validity to the point that kids are already on facebook, so it is good to have it in a way to be safer and monitored more closely. >> thank you. doctores who treat breast cancer say a new drug appears to do a better job than the standard treatment for women with advanced breast cancer. it attacks cancer cells and does so without killing healthy skills. and does not cause hair loss. should american retailers stay out of politics? your response is on the other side of the break. and if you're heading out the door, you can take me with you. watch us any time on your mebl mobile or computer. just head to cnn/tv. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles
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10:57 am
let's go to the weather sent perp willer /*. >> this is a nod to old england and diamond jubilee. people with temperatures in the 50s and nasty weather in the northeast today, and new england, the new one, having to deal with the same sort of stuff. there you see showers rotating around. 50s and 60s from boston to new york. pretty bad thunderstorms rolling across the south and rough weather in memphis earlier. birmingham, alabama. and there will likely be a severe thunderstorm watch for part of southern georgia. very strong storm. also late season storm heading
10:58 am
into the west coast as well so book end by all i would say winter weather but doesn't feel like june. just bear with it. carol? >> i guess the heat wave abruptly ended. thank you, rob. we ask you to talk back on one of the big stories today. this is from dave. they should be able to do it if they want to but risk alienating large portions of the population. i will not support a business that express a belief that i do not stand for. retailers should not be allowed to involve themselves in politics any more than lobbies should be able to brooid bribe politicians. retailers make a mistake getting into politics. with the division of our nation they are going it turn off almost half the population in matter what they say. i guess new that corporations are people, they can back whoever they want. what a sad america this is. i have to leave you on this sad
10:59 am
note, thanks, as always, for your comments. i'm carol costello. thanks for join meg this morning. we continue with kyra phillips. >> 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00 out west. we have breaking news right now. word into cnn, the canadian broadcasting corporation, cbc, is reporting that police have arrested that porn actor in that gruesome murder mystery. we are talking about luca mag that thea suspected of killing and dismembering a student and mailing the body parts to canadian police and politicians. paula newton joins us. paula, we talked all last week about the search for this man. now we are getting word he's been captured in berlin? >> he might have been in paris as late as yesterday and obviously took a train to berlin, german police saying the person they have in custody they


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