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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  June 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'll have another is out. also -- >> i've never had trouble finding work before. >> out of work more than six months. long-term unemployment. for millions, jobless benefits of running out. tips how you can get back to work. oh, yeah. you recognize that song. bob ip back. sue ellen running for office and j.r., as conniving as ever. this is the next generation, still battles over control of south fork. wait until you see what the cast told me in our sit-down interview. good morning. i'm randi kaye. thanks for joining us. sharing a story of a little boy we can all be pretty darn proud of. i'm sure you felt that sense of
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pride when your kid hit the homer, or an a on a history test agonized over. it's impossible not to be proud of a child. imagine the pride you would feel if your child, just 15, helped save an entire neighborhood from a fire? he ran door to door warning neighbors a wildfire was coming and picture this, wheeled into an ambulance for severe burns he suffered during this great rescue effort, he continued to warn the medics to save the little old lady down the street? imagine this little hero? he's certainly made his family proud this morning, and us as well. much more about this incredible eighth grader coming up. we start with guarantee from attorney general eric holder his new lead investigators will get to the bottom of the secret
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scandal. president obama says his white house has little room for guilt, holder appointed two attorneys to work with him in the apparent ongoing investigations. in syria, reports of an increase in anti-government activity in the capital of damasc damascus. forces and the military are battles as well as in other cities across the country. at least 20 killed in southern syria and doctors are being kept away from the wounded. federal marshals offering $5,000 on a fugitive suspect wanted in alabama. he's considered armed and dangerous. wanted in connection whip tith deaths of 5-year-old twins and their baby-sitter. and help on the way from people sickened from toxic smoke and fumes from the demolished world trade center on 9/11. new cancer victims.
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and they're looking into this. >> what kind of cancers? lymphoma, lung cancer. it represents about an about-face. victims exposed to th ed to thd rubble and toxic ash after the attacks. the national institute for occupational safety and health overseeing the 9/11 program, is $4.3 billion fund eligible for victims that developed cancer in the months after 9/11. this represents a narrative of often forgotten victims in the narrative of 9/11. >> who might now be covered, then? there are so many who couldn't take care of themselves? >> right. it doesn't just affect first responders or firefighters. anyone in the area. >> even if you live nearby. >> even if you live nearby. the problem is proving it and
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having probable cause for those that were develop cancer after 9/11 making it so you have to prove. how can you prove if even in the scientific community there's extreme doubt and skepticism about links between the 9/11 attacks and cancer. >> and if you think about it, too, i guess a lot of people are probably wondering how long will they have to wait until this takes effect? this is just a recommendation? >> yes. we're not out of the woods just yet. it's just a recommendation. this could take weeks if not months. public comments, review, further review needs to be done. there's a longer road ahead. >> yeah. at least something's being done to try and help these folks. check back throughout the morning. >> thank you, randi. no triple crown today. that's because the horse i'll have another is injured and will miss today's belmont stakes. the problem, a bad tendon. the trainer and owner decided it was in the horse's best interests to keep the horse from running one more race. >> horse racing is a very tough
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game in that the horses are very delicate creatures and things can happen to them and unfortunately, they decided today was the day for i'll have another to end his career. >> we'll have to wait another year for a possible triple crown. add for i'll have another, he's retired and will be put out to stud. stud fees for a kentucky derby winner could be around $65,000. rundown from stories we're working on this morning -- looking for a job more than six months. today, long-term unemployment in america is in focus. plus, a man pull as gun against a neighbor in an act of what they alls self-defense and is now onmurder. this is not george zimmerman. stand your ground in texas. and for this woman, stuffing herself in a suitcase, yes, you do not want to miss the rest of this story. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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florida's stand your ground law is under intense scrutiny and stirring of you controversy after george zimmerman killed trayvon martin. the law is now a key part of
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zimmerman's defense. expecting to examine whether similar laws have a racial bias nap may include texas where a retired fire ffighter is on tri for murdering an elementary school teacher. the firefighter's words -- in defense in court. >> reporter: when raoul turned up at a neighbor's house to complain about noise at a party, he had a gun and a cell phone connected to 911 operators and a videocam ranchts more than 85 decibels and i'm 200 feet away. >> reporter: it was may 2010, and the retired firefighter had been calming the police all nigh complaining about rowdy party. frustrated he conference his neighbor and some of his buddies on the driveway. >> turn that down, please. >> hey, well, who you are. >> i live over here. turn it down. >> hey, don't go hol erg at me,
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buddy. >> the video lasts about 20 minutes. over and over, you hear rodriguez tell the man to stop or he'll shoot. >> i ain't going nowhere. >> you just stop right there. don't come nip closer. >> don't tell me not to come closer to you. >> i said stop right now or i will shoot you. i'm in fear for my life. y'all are -- gechlt away from me. >> the men at his house appeared unarmed but still, rodriguez, with a license to carry a concealed license repeatedly tells the 911 officer, he fears for his life. it's just me against everybody. i've got -- look, there's about 15 people here. look, i'm -- i'm in fear for my life now. that's why i brought my weapon. i'm in fear for my life. please, help me now. they're going to kill me. oh, jesus, they're going to kill me. i smell liquor. >> the men shout at rodriguez
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and he tells police the partygoers want to "beat me down." >> soap i'm running the video camera right noud and i'm talking to you. i mean, i'm scared to death here. >> reporter: at one point one of the men seems to hint at getting his own weapon. >> when i go in that house and come back don't think i won't be equal to you, baby. >> they're going to escalate this. going into the house and getting something else to shoot me with. i'm going to have to defend mimes. i'm going to have to defend myself. >> reporter: it may seem a bit odd to bring a gun to resolve a noise complaint, rodriguez may be able to defend himself using the castle doctrine. what happens in the next few moments on that video is key. rodriguez uses very specific language, phrases like, i'm standing my ground, and my life is in danger. listen closely. >> it's about to get out of hand, sir. please, help me.
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please, help me, sir. my life is in danger now. these dguys are going in the house, he's going to be more than equal than me. now i'm standing my ground here. now these people are going to try to kill me. >> reporter: then suddenly shots fired. >> i'm going to tell them to stay back. they're drunk. [ gunshot ] >> [ bleep ]. >> that's where the video ends, but we know the shooting continued. three of the partygoers are shot. two survive, but kelly daniger, hosting the party, is dead. raoul rodriguez says he's not guilty of murder and this video proves he acted in self-defense and not a murderer. >> what do you think about this case? what raoul just acting in self-defense or was this murd
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jer twe murder? tweet me. we'll air your responses late. facing long-term unemployed and solutions to get you back in the workforce. they say love makes you do crazy things. how about curling up in a suitcase to visit your boy sgrend it landed this woman in trouble whip the law, as you might imagine. we'll tell you why she did it. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer...
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around that the troop in this economy? unemployment benefits ending for tens thoufs out of work long term. we are focusing on the problem and possible solutions. the numbers, the latest labor report shows 12.7 americans unemployed. of those, more than 5 million out of work at least six months. the average is around 40 weeks. thousands have blown past that 40-week threshold and exhausted all unemployment benefits, regular and even emergency. introducing us to one of those struggling without benefits. >> reporter: home improvements of what richard does to stay busy since he's been unemployed for two years. >> it's been frustrating. it's been frustrating because i've nerve her a problem finding
6:15 am
work before. >> reporter: this 53-year-old electrical engineer used to earn around six figures. now he's forced to think outside the box. >> like one of the jobs i saw, a teller at the local credit union. it was a part-time job as, like, $12 an hour, but still it's some income. >> reporter: he's like 5 million jobless americans out of work for more than six months. he was collecting unemployment benefits, but they expired in december and he's tapping into his savings to make ends meet. this month, 70,000 more jobless americans across two dozen states will share his plight when their benefits run out, and all long-term unemployment insurance will eventually be phased out by the end of the year. the new timeline was set by congress in february when lawmakers passed what they promised would be the last extension of long-term benefits. congress also cut down the maximum length of time a person
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can collect unemployment from 99 weeks to 73. >> it is frightening to realize one safety net is being pulled out from under you. >> reporter: the political divide over another extension is deep. republicans say it's too costly and enables people to stay on unemployment rolls longer. democrats say, it's money that finds its way back into the economy, and is the best way to help the unemployed. for now, nothing is on the table to extend benefits past this year. and the presidential rive manies are also du rive manies are dusking it out. the president says they have to act to stimulate the economy. >> wee seeing weaknesses in the economy have to do with state and local government. >> for the president of the united states to stand up and say the private sector is doing fine is an extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding by a president who's out of touch. >> reporter: the president later
6:17 am
clarifiered his remarks. >> the economy's not doing fine. let me be as clear as i can be. the economy needs to be strengthened. that's why i had a press conference. >> reporter: the big question is, whether congress will take up the issue before election day. sandra endo, cnn, washington. you met richard deaner there in the piece. he'll join me next hour to talk more about the struggles of finding work and dealing with the loss of unemployment benefits. a different kind of relationship baggage. a woman arrested for trying to get a secret tryst in this big pink roller bag. yeah, she's in trouble. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal.
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♪ good morning new york city. what a beautiful shot there's of new york city. good morning, everyone. welcome back. here's a check of what's making news cross country. plenty of relationships have baggage. not like this. in oregon, a woman arrested because a woman was sneaking her into his apartment in a big pink rolling suitcase. she was banned from the building after getting into trouble last year apparently but doesn't want the arrest to stand in her way. >> i'll do it all over again, or
6:22 am
would, but -- they're already on to me now. >> yeah. sort of. to colorado where an eighth grade boy rode his all-terrain vehicle through flames to warn his elderly neighbors about a wildfire. the boy suffered second-degree burns but his dad says that with flames over 100 feet high, the move was heroic but necessary. >> we knew it was going to be bad. i told my ston get on his atv, head up the road and tell the neighbors north of the fire it was so fast. you just didn't know who was in distress. >> and from coast to coast, you can get into national parks for free today. it is national get outdoors day. so all 397 national parks are waiving their entrance fees. some state parks are offering free admission as well. for many u.s. troops returning home, the emotional aftermath of war can be just as devastating as their experiences in the war zone. in fact, it's estimated that 18 veterans take their own lives every day.
6:23 am
this week, cnn heroes is giving veteran whose suffer from ptsd and traumatic brain injuries a way to move forward with man's best friend. meet mary fra tchfratni. >> i went in the house. >> stayed inside. windows blacked out. >> really numb. >> didn't feel like i had a purpose in life. >> nightplay marnightmares. constantly flashbacks. >> everything is combat zone for me. >> we can't see. they appear like you and i but they're suffering so deep it touches the soul. >> what are you doing, buddy? >> i learned how to train dogs while i served. i knew that a dog can mean a lot in life. i realized this is what i'm supposed to do i match veterans
6:24 am
with service dogs, train them at a team so they can navigate life together. they have a mission and purpose again. >> talk to them. >> dogs come from shelters, rescue groups, taught to create a spatial barrier and can alert them when they start to get anxious. >> okay. getting overwhelmed. focus on baby. >> the dog is capable of keeping them grounded. >> you're focusing on him and he's focusing on everything around you. >> you start to the see them get their confidence back. communicate differently. they venture out and are beginning to participate in life again. being able to help them find that joy back in their life, it's priceless. >> march mary was nominated by s like you. to nominate somebody, visit
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it is just about half past the hour. welcome back. i'm randi kaye. glad you're with us.
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syria, the violence is now approaching the government's front door. gun fights and demonstrations are erupting in damcus, long considered a stronghold for president bashar assad. now, gunfire live in the streets. arwa, you're joining us live by phone. pictures from damascus, does the assad regime sense trouble? >> reporter: certainly, because it is imperative for the survival of the regime that it maintain control over the capital, over damascus itself. we saw pretty intense clashes erupting in a fair number of neighborhoods. some of them in. heart of the capital itself. now, the capital suburb pretty much was it.
6:30 am
they are only able to go out and demonstrate for a minute or two before security forces show up, and they are even able to hit the streets in abu dhabi. this happens for short periods of time but then the government goes in and always gains control. this level of wide were spread clashes throughout the capital, in the heart of damascus itself, this is not something we have seen in the past during this entire uprising. it most certainly is an interesting development, one that definitely is going to have to regain control over because it cannot afford to have this happening time and time again. >> this has been going on for 15 months and i'm not sensing fatigue around rebels or government forces. are you? >> reporter: you know, in some
6:31 am
ways, that is what is 1yujust s amazing. after 15 mont they're somehow able to muster and go out and demonstrate. on the few occasions where i have been able to join them during demonstrations, it takes them days, if not weeks, to organize one demonstration. but when it comes to damascus, it lasts around five minutes before security forces show up, yet they have been doing it, as you mentioned there, 15 months. i know they're not going to give up and the government is confirming its position as well. both sides are so determined, so polarized against one another. also, both sides, randi, are imminent to stay to it very end. there really is a fight for their very existence when it comes to the opposition when it comes to the regime.
6:32 am
the great concern, if nothing changes this becomes a long drawn out civil war. a war of attrition that is only going to see more massacres, more bloodshed, and the war in syria won't stay contained in syria. it will flow over. >> that is certainly the big concern. arwa damon for us in beirut, lebanon. arwa, thank you very much. secretary of state hillary clinton has been front and center calling for action on syria. she met with kofi annan yesterday to discuss annan's peace plan. check out what the american people think of the problem. only 33% of america think the government should intervene. a rise over what it was in february, but still not a big number who think the u.s. has any responsibility in syria. joining me now, mark katz, a professor of government and politics at george mason university. professor, good morning to you. let's talk about syria here. i mean, we have seen the horrors.
6:33 am
so why isn't the united states pushing for military intervention as they have in many areas before? >> i think because the american public and the american government are tired of intervention that didn't work out so well in iraq or afghanistan, and i think that the u.s. fears that intervention in syria could be a years' long effort which is going to be inconclusive. >> when you look at the syrian situation, though, how is it any different from libya, where the u.s. partnered with nato on air strikes? >> i think that's partly because libya took much longer than expected. that people don't have a stomach for syria. i think people thought with the nato air strikes in libya, gadhafi would fold quickly and then, of course, it dragged on for months and months. the anticipation is that syria would be much, much more difficult a conflict to get involved in. >> you have said that the u.s., you believe, is hiding behind russia and china, which we know both russia and china are
6:34 am
against sanctions being imposed on syria. what do you mean by the u.s. hiding behind those two? >> i think in the past the u.s. has not waited for security council approval. the u.s. has been willing to argument outside the security council. we did this in -- not only the bush administration in iraq but the clinton administration in kosovo in the former yugoslavia. i think the russians know as well enough to know if we're serious, the choice we give them is that either they support us in the security council or not, but we're going to go in, and the fact that we ar you know, claiming that russia and china are blocking action, well, they know from our past behavior, that that's not a real op stickle. we must not really want to go in. >> all right. mark katz, appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. well if you're up with us this morning, we're certainly glad you are. maybe you're eating your breakfast, looking for ways to
6:35 am
live a healthier life. my next guest believe as vegan diet is the answer. plus this -- >> have you cleaned up your act for the new season? >> well, let's see. yes. so far. >> she is back, and just as beautiful. linda grey dishes on all the drama for the "dallas" dynasty's return to television. >> a family machine. i won't be able to make the wedding.
6:36 am
6:37 am
welcome back. all right. so put down the eggcmuffin. stay away from the bacon. not that they're fattening but that they contain animal products. according to my next guest if you throw out the meat ayou can cure diabetes. the doctor joins me now. good morning. >> good morning, randi. >> this is a fascinating conversation. i've been looking forward to this. you're well known for your book "the color code." your new book suggests a vegan diet for your patients. how does this actually work to help control diabetes? >> worldwide, both people young and old are developing diabetes at an alarming rate. a vegan diet can help people turn their lives around.
6:38 am
i have seen in my own practice, real diet makes real difference in terms of diabetes control. helping people control their weight and getting on to a healthy life. >> you have some very specific tips for a vegan lifestyle. a lot of people might not know what it includes. one of the things, include plenty of beans, nuts, seeds, and avoid red meat. >> exactly. >> that plant proteins are best. why are plant proteins actually better than meat? >> well, plants have within them phyto nutrients. one way to include more plants, follow a vegan diet. one thing that people should not dot is eat red meat. it's been shown even three ounces of red meat per day can significantly increase the risk of developing and worsening of diabetes.
6:39 am
so it's a real issue. >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> and, also, i think the idea of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, trying to get up to eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day, try to eat a rainbow of colors every day, that would include, your mother always told you, eat your green, but also eat your reds i don't blue, oranges and your yellows every day. a whole rainbow of colors. >> you're a big fan of the berries. why are berries so important? i know they're low in sugar. that's a good thing. right? >> well it turns out berries are pote ent antioxidants. of all the fresh foods ever tested, wild blueberries are the highest in terms of their antioxidant benefits. and to start every day with, for example a blueberry smoothie is just awesome. and you can throw another high-antioxidant foods. everything from spinach, sounds crazy, but just combining
6:40 am
different antioxidants, it turns out that you get the most benefit if the food hasn't actually been cooked in general. if you're eating it fresh and you're getting thoseanti-e anti-oxidants. people with diabetes and high blood sugars benefit especially from having these brightly colored fruits and vegetables throughout the day. >> and you also suggest that drinking water, coffee, tea, but only using the sweeteners such as zylotal? that the sweetener, not so healthy. >> an all-natural product from peru and the sugar alcohols are quite healthy, i'm xylitol and so on.
6:41 am
also on the market, stivia, i see that as a healthy sweetener and not chemically derived. xylitol was derived from the bark of birch trees. it's a healthy product. >> for some it might be too extreme to go veegenigan diet. a vegetarian diet, would that help too? >> you're absolutely right, randi. something some fish from time to time or a few times a week is not a bad idea. i do try to get people to stape aw stay away from darpy products. milk was designed to make a cow gain weight through the course of a year. people who eat a lot of cheese and high in dairy products will often have a hard time controlling their weight. so i try to get people to move
6:42 am
away -- i say vegan mainly to try to get people to consider the dairy products in their diet, and try to reduce those. it's better for them to be eating plant derived foods. you know, the things that we mentioned. the berries and the beans and legumes and whole grains, so on. two or three servings of whole grains we are pay reduces the rick of diabetes by 30%. >> even if you don't have diabetes, i'm sure you'll agree, eating that way, anyway. it's healthier? >> absolutely, randi. the point, some people like to say, it's a diet for people with diabetes. i argue there's only one diet. a healthy diet all should try and follow. >> i hope folks are waking up early wir us and taking notes here. doctor, thank you so much. appreciate having you on the show. >> thank you so much. and if you follows the
6:43 am
rivals of the ewing family, the hit show "dallas" is back following a new plan and new generation of scheming ewings. a sneak peek of the new series. if you're a fan of the show, i think you'll like what they have to say. >> rebecca's parents. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning.. you can feel. introducing the all new cadillac xts, available with the patented safety alert seat. when there is danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat.
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it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward. i am so excited. j.r., bobby, sue ellen are back.
6:45 am
"dallas" returns. the riches "dallas" from 1978 to 1991 remines one of the most popular television series of all-time. now tnt is the reviving the series following the original characters and their children, and what about bitter rivalry, scandals and cliffhangers that made the show so successful? two of the show's stars told me what to expect. linda gray and josh hamilton. >> i'm so excited about the series. i want to ask you, linda, first, what made you decide to reprise your role? >> what made me decide? >> yeah. what brought you back? >> i love it. we were chosen. that's what our executive producer says. she chose and calls us the big three and invited us back to -- to play these crazy, wonderful dysfunctional roles again.
6:46 am
>> dysfunctional being the key word? >> yes. i knew we would never get to work together again because we're too recognizable as these characters. this was like a yahoo. let's do it. go to texas and do it again. >> josh, are you ready to join this dysfunctional family? >> i'm completely ready. i guess ready as i can be. i don't really know what to expect, except that i feel blessed to be part of this. >> so how true to the original series is this going to be? >> it's -- it's a continuation. and i must give patrick duffy the credit, because he says it's year 14. and that's exactly what it meals like. it wasn't a glitch, a glump. it just seamlessly goes from what you saw before to this new generation to 2012. >> tell me about this new generation of ewing.
6:47 am
you play little j.r., as i've seen it called. are you going to be as ruthless as your father? >> i'm like the sweetest guy you've ever met. it's -- >> i don't know about that. >> it's kind of weird that john ross is so -- >> a ruthless another and ruthless father. i don't know. >> how did he turn out to be so nice and caring and respectful? >> a chip off the old block. you know? he definitely knows thousand do business one way and that's the j.r. way and he believes that it's his fate to be an oil man and hopefully he wants to be even bet around one-up j.r. i don't know if he thinks that's possible, but that's his goal, and he's an intense, passionate young man who has issues from not having the best parenting, and you know, here we are now. thanks, mama. >> so tell me about the target audience, because i'm wondering as fan of the original series, watching it now, will it make me feel older or bring me back to the time and make me feel young again? >> as "dallas" always was and
6:48 am
still is, it's an entertaining you. >> i am sick to death of this family devouring itself over money! >> keeping you engaged with the characters and the -- >> the cliffhangers. >> and the cliffhangers. now it's a continuation. it will blend. blends beautifully with the older characters and the young characters, and there's not this -- there's nothing that will have you say, to my knowledge, anyway, and we've seen them all, that you won't just sit there and go, nah, it's not like the old days. it will just be like, oh, my god. did you know this and this? they'll just forget about it and feel that it's just this flawless segue into this new show. >> year 14. >> yeah. year 14. >> and that's how it feels. it feels like that to us, the three of us. and it just feels smooth. >> so it seems the new "dallas" will pick up where the old one left off. will anyone get shot?
6:49 am
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a affairs and murders, that was depicted in the '80s in "dallas." now the show is returning to tnt. back with a new generation of troublemakers and talked with me about the twists and turns question expect in the new season. >> any surprises in the two-hour premiere coming up? >> oh, the audience will just love it. there are surprises. >> no right to drill on this land. >> i'm a ewing. i have ever right. >> it engages you. brings you right in and holds you and shakes you.
6:53 am
okay. don't you dare get up. you have to see this show. it's so amazing. >> this is the one thing i need to know. is the theme song the same? >> you bet. >> south fork -- >> the music starts. you're in. you can't sit still. it does. it grabs you. >> probably be there to go, let's just see if it's as good as the original. i understand. i get it. i know that quickly the show really took them back and engaged them so quickly they were able to just enjoy. >> is anybody going get shot this season? >> well -- it's not who shot john ross. >> to protect you? >> all kinds of crazy stuff and you just have -- i think we are going to hopefully -- when it comes to the cliffhanger stuff, you almost can't even leave during the commercial break, because there's more than one cliffhanger in the show. it keeps you guessing right from the first episode.
6:54 am
you'll think it's over and it's not. it twists and turns and is so layered. i won't tell you about how things go down, but there's big stuff happening. >> don't you dare. >> i have to ask yo linda. a lot of our viewers watched 20 years ago. you look fantastic. what have you been doing? what is your secret? >> thank you. i'm a happy person. i have a great family life and i workout. they're teaching me how to work out even better. i watch these guys in the gym pope, i better step it up a little bit. >> we bump into each other in the gym all the time. >> in the gym. >> hey, mama. >> i love it. he call meese mama. is that the sweetest thing in the world? it's life. enjoying every minute of life, and the other secret is working. so back working. i love it. >> anything she thought you off set you want to share with us? >> i remember she told me in the beginning, she said, if i can give you any advice, if we ever have a dinner scene and larry
6:55 am
and patrick are in the scene, watch out for flying dinner rolls. so anytime we ever are around food -- on-set or off-set i was definitely -- >> he was prepared. >> is that larry? is patrick here? no. the main thing, just like larry. he said, congratulations on being here with us, and have fun. you know? enjoy the ride. and as long as you do that, you know it will come through the work. and it was the best advice, because we all had so much fun and at the end of the day i'm proud of the show. there an emotional and nostalgic feeling for e the show and hopefully it takes people back and we just take them for a ride i. can't wait for the ride to begin. >> thank you. "dallas" premieres this week on tnt. we asked. you answered. your feedback, next. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it,
6:56 am
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welcome back. earlier in the show we told you about a controversial stand your ground case out of texas. a retired firefighter on trial for murdering an elementary school teacher over a noise complaint in the victim's only driveway. texas allows people to protect themselves outside their homes if they feel their lives are threatened but raoul rodriguez was the only one armed and prosecutors say used specific buzz words to make sure that he'd have a case. we asked what your thoughts are on this and gabrielle tweeted, definitely went over to his neighbor's house with the intention to harm. she said, that guy was a murderer. he was in danger only in his mind. he used that law as an excuse to shoot someone. thanks for starting your morning with us. much


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