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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 10, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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out of harm's way as much as humanly possible. >> and as you can see, it's still very difficult. live imagines right now. the aerial shots of what these firefighters are up against. so far more than a dozen structures have been lost or damaged. meanwhile n southern new mexico, firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on a fire that has now burned about 10,000 acres there. it's a very different story, however, right now on the gulf coast. they are dealing with heavy rain fall which has caused massive flooding. the worse still isn't over. storm have already drajed county and state of emergency has been declared. people living in low-lying areas being urged to evacuate. and according to the national weather service, pence cola received 13 inches of rain in one day. it's still raining right now. let's bring in john dosh, es come bee ya florida emergency manager joining us by phone. give me an idea, the pictures
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make it look very devastating and very miserable for awful lot of people. how are you able to meet their needs? >> we're doing the best we can. we have some shelters open providing shelter spaces for those people who have to evacuate and we're advising all residents low lying or have flooding problems when we have heavy rains to consider going to higher ground, maybe with friends or family elsewhere in the county. so it's just trying to get people out of harm's way is the challenge right now. >> what's your greatest worry now? what's the forecast? >> well, we're still seeing more rain. unfortunately last night, over the overnight hours we had very little rain, we had time for some of the flood waters to drain off. they're forecasting additional rain fall, anywhere from 5 to 10 inches before midnight tonight. we're hoping we can get some dry weather. >> what kind of warns are you giving people? looking at imagines some people are out in the water, canoes or they have in knee deep water sometimes that can be very
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dangerous with potential flash flooding. what are you warning people? >> well, we're trying to encourage them to stay out of the water. certainly stay off the roads. not drive through flooded roads that could be very hazardous. some of the conditions for people wondering in floot watt sers not real healthy for them. we're encouraging them to stay out of flood waters all together. not get anybody caught up in the drainage that is occurring. the big message is stay out of the flood waters if at all possible. >> john dosh, thanks so much. and all the best as you continue to reach out to people in greatest need. >> thank you. in alabama now, three young men are dead. a third is fighting for his life after a shooting near the campus of auburn university in alabama. three others are wounded. two of the dead are former auburn football players. there's now a man hunt on for the suspect in the shooting. police say there was a fight last night at a party that simply got out of control.
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the police chief spoke at a news conference just a few minutes ago. >> this is a trying time because it's not only university students and athletes, but it's young people. it's six young people that have been shot. we're -- as you can tell, the community is shaken by this. and grieving today. >> joining me on the phone is john holotrop. sports editor at the auburn plains man. and senior at the university. this is heart breaking to learn that some former players have died as a result of this party where something went wrong. are you learning anything more about what happened at that party? what precipitated this violence? >> well, yeah. the press conference ened about moments ago held by chief tommy dawson and all they reported was that police arrived on the scene
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at 10:03 and there was one man found dead on the sidewalk and at that point there was five others taken to the hospital and two others were pronounced dead at the hospital. and outside of that, like i said, there is a man hunt. they do have a suspect. they have a name and they're tracking him down. >> is that suspect somebody who was a student at auburn? >> he was not. he is a resident of montgomery, alabama. about 45 minutes west. >> okay. what more do you know about the former players, john? >> pardon me? >> what more do you know about the former players who were killed on this terrible incident? >> well, ed christian son, he was a red shirt freshman. he was the one pronounced dead on the scene. he was a rm toer player. he did not play due to injury last year, season-ending injury. gary phillips left the team and he was pronounced dead last
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night. and eric mets, current player, offensive lineman, he is at east alabama medical center and he is said to be released in several days. he is not in critical condition. >> john, thanks so much for that information. i know it is devastate an awful lot of families and community at auburn. five wounded warriors, four good legs, three wars, two generations, one mountain. all that about to take on mt. mckenrily. these war vets will join us before their journey. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550
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climbing a mt. mckenly in alaska is a challenge. it is the highest peak in north america over 20,000 feet. is that beautiful and remarkable? by the way, it's one of the coldest in the world. even greater challenge if you're an amputee, but that hasn't stopped my next guests from setting out to climb the mountain together. joining us live from anchorage, alaska, five wounded veterans. they had to base camp tomorrow to begin their climb mt. mckenly. kirk bower, steve martin, dpaif boardened and jessie. great to see all of you. >> thank you fredricka. >> let me begin with you, kirk. you were unstoppable. one adventure after the next. so all of you make up the first
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team of amputees, trying to scale denali and alaska together. why and what's going to be the greatest challenge about this peak? >> well, actually fredricka, there's a number of challenges that we're training for. one of them, of course, the prothesis themselves. they're made of plastic and metal. very, very cold weather, the carbon fiber, may crack. it does a lot of pressure on our residual limb. exsergs wise, steve martin, they'll spend as much as 200% more energy climbing this mountain as nondisabled person. so we actually have to be in better shape than the regular climb toers try to meet this challenge. so there's a lot of challenges, but we think that we've prepared for it and ready to go. >> you know, kirk, this is not a first for you guys doing these incredibly climbs. you led a team in 2010 of mt.
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kill man jar row in africa. how is this going to compare? conditions very, very different. >> kill man jar row climb with kneel duncan and myself and another wounded warrior was really a tough climb. but this has been described as kill man jar row is the pussy cat and deal sli the tiger. so we know that with the ice and the snow and the kref as, this is going to much, much tougher. the whole purpose is to try to inspire and motivate the severely wounded that are coming back from afghanistan, give them a message of hope, no matter what has happened to them, injury wise, they will be able to come back and lead an active life through sports. we all feel sports really played an important part in turning around our lives and getting us back on the road to recovery. >> wow. kneel, you can either get the credit or blame for this. wasn't this your idea of taking on denali?
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how in the world did this come about and why? >> well, this whole seed was planted a couple years ago when i made an attempt at kill man jar row and we weren't successful. i came back frustrated with the situation, realized it was all about planning. makes a lot of sense. planning for the injuries that are of the guys that are on the team, planning for contingencies is so o on and so forth. we parlayed that into a successful submit of kill man jar row. kirk and i were talking about denali, realized this is something if it's planned correctly, if we have the right contingencies, anybody can tackle this mountain. >> steve, to you, this isn't just a personal challenge, even though kirk was pointing out, you have to be 200% better shape than anybody else given the prosthetics and equipment you're dealing with. this challenge does sim bow lyse the challenges of or wounded warriors and others with disabilities as well, right?
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>> it is. after i was injured, getting back to -- trying to get back to what i considered a normal life, i think i set the bar too low. then when i met kirk and got involved with disabled sports usa and war fighter sports it helped me raise the bar to try to go out and do the things that were more challenges than are bigger challenges than i was putting on myself. being involved going out and doing the baton death march and trying to like kirk said motivate and inspire people to get off the couch, accept their injuries, accept what's happened, move on, move forward. and just not sit there and feel sad and upset. get your families involved. go out and do as much as you can and not set the bar too low. we're going to go out and this team of five guys, we're going to go out and show the other wounded warriors coming back, we're going to conquer this mountain. >> this is a very high bar. you know, dave, you know, if kirk was talking about kill man
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jar row being the pussy cat, denali being the tiger, let's talk about the conditions that you are going to be encountering. talking about glaciers, separated by razor edge, rijs and massive gran it rock. there's going to be fierce wind. how have you prepared yourself and what kind of equipment do you have to maintain the stability and endurance to deal with these kind of conditions? >> we are going to face numerous obstacles throughout this climb. each of us have different equipment, prosthetics whether we're above the knee or below the knee or bilateral. it's going to be a team effort. very patient. just take each ob tick kl as they come to us. >> jessie, your greatest fear or worry or perhaps the thing that inspires you the most about taking on this peak? >> i think we all each have
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individual fears. we're not of course letting one another know them. i think -- >> we know dave's. >> i think for me, you know, as you start to get to know one another, the emotional bond and really what we're trying to do, what we're trying to attempt with respect to showing others that this can be done, it's really inspiring for us as individuals and as a team. soy think the greatest fear personally is that all this training, all this preparation, that which you can't control, be it an ob tick kl like dave mentioned or some type of uncontrollable event, prevents one or some of us from not making it. i think that's my own personal fear. the hope is, we always try to minimize and just forget about that which you can't control and try to maximize that which you can in hopes of making it. we'll see. i think at the end of the day, we're all veterans. there's not a lot that we do fear. >> incredible. you are all incredible
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inspiration. giving yourselves 20 days or may take more, doesn't really matter. you're going to pace yourselves as best you can. thanks so much to all of you. best of luck as you begin that climb. make it to that base camp tomorrow. jessie, dave, steve, kneel, kirk, thanks to all of you and all the best on your mission. >> thank you, fredricka. >> go ahead. >> we'll be reporting it to you. people can watch wit on -- can follow it on war fighter, fredricka and we'll be sending information down the mountain about our climb. so we hope that your listeners and your viewers will take a look at war fighter and follow our progress. >> fantastic. this is a fundraiser people make their donations to the war fighter sports program. you are doing an incredible job. here is more information for those of you at home. visit my blog at and
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today's top stories. all eyes are on paris, tomorrow, that's when play resumes in the men's final. rain suspended action in the fourth round today with rafael nadal leading novak djokovic.
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the two players are hoping to break key records. in nadal wins, he will be the first with seven french open single titles. if djokovic takes home the trophy, it will be his fourth consecutive grand slam titles, something last goin rod laver in 1969. presidential mitt romney once wrote an op-ed saying let detroit go bankrupt. now the city of detroit could go broke. that's according to mayor dave bing and the city's chief financial officer. they say the city will run out of money friday. state officials are refusing to hand over $80 million owed to the city unless detroit drops a lawsuit that would block the state from seizing control of the city's finances. the detroit cut services including street lights to stay afloat. tomorrow morning the mayor and city counsel will meet to try to overt the crisis. high school kids face a lot of pressure into getting into
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college, but it turns out increasing number of students are abusing prescription drugs adderall and ritalin to help them face their tests. some call them study drugs. new york times reporting on this. students take these drug before their exams. they say the drug drugs give students boost of energy and increase their attention span. the dea adderall and ritalin class two controlled sub sans the same class as cocaine and heroin. using the drugs could long-term neurolodge effects. >> if your looking to save on your vacation, you may want to consider a stay indication or looking to visit a place that may be close to home. cnn producer jamie, recently moved to atlanta and found georgia can be a fun get away. >> while researching weekend trips from atlanta, i realized savannah only four hours from the city. what we love is river street.
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the cobblestone street borders the savannah border. it southern hospital and new orleans feel and street drinks. yes, you can stroll along river street with a beer in your hand. besides beer, there are also tasty restaurants. if you want seafood, i suggest you try fiddlers or tub byes. but if you want to take a break from river street's festivities, walk seven minutes to lady and sons. own by paula dean. pi recommend you try shrimp and greater number of witnesses. if you're looking for a place to stay, you may want to try bohemian hotel right on river street. it is across from the savannah river and world war ii memorial. hotels athrong savannah river are pricey, so i recommend you stay further out of town to save. >> that's river street in savannah georgia, i'm jamie, cnn. >> thanks, jamie. if you don't live in atlanta, savannah is pretty easy to get to. few hours by plane from new york
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city and that's this week's travel insider. and a mega church pastor speaks out after being arrested on charges of cruelty to children. what he said this morning to his congregation outside atlanta.
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he preaches prosperity, but he's in trouble with the law. >> i want to say this very imfadically, i should have never been arrested. dollar is the pastor of the atlanta based mega church, he defended himgs from his pulpit from child abuse allegation. dollars's daughter claimed nooin claiming he voeked and punched her. they were arguing because he wobt allow her to go to party. his arrest is smear him and his worldwide ministry. >> the devil knows in order to discredit the message, you have to first of all discredit the
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messenger. >> dollar faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. and i'll be back in one hour face to face with musician, actor, and philanthropist, tim mcgraw, he explains the transition from music to movies wasn't seamless. >> as a musician, you spend a lot of time trying to be cool. i think that that's sort of like your goal in life. i'm a musician, i'm cool. there's a lot of times when you step into a movie set and step into a cool that there's nothing cool about that character. >> that's at 4:00. stay with us. i'm fredricka, your money starts right after this.
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create jobs or lose yours. president obama is tried to ze survive a hiring slow down in the united states that could leave him jobless in november. welcome to your money, i'm ali velshi. job growth is slowing down in america, but in the battleground states that are expected to decide the outcome of the presidential election, that's a different story. christine romances she has the story of the battleground states. >> we're looking at all seven of these battleground states and thousand employment rate compares today. two of the seven swing states nevada and florida the unemployment rate is higher than the national average. in nevada and colorado, the unemployment rate is still above what it was when president obama stepped into the white house. but in the rest of the battleground states it's pretty


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