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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 19, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the number has almost doubled in just a decade. let me bring in deborah faye err rick. a lot of people are talking in our morning meeting about what this means politically, what it means economically. asian immigration way up. it still only makes up 5% of the u.s. population. explain this to us. >> reporter: it's not 5 or 6%. what we're talking about is a record 18.2 asian-americans in the united states. three or four adults were born abroad. they came from dozens of countries in the far east, southeast asia, the indian subcontinent. the shift occurs over the last decade. in 2005 you see the number of hispanic immigrants dropping while the number of asian immigrants begins to go up sharply. four years later, in 2009, asians become the largest immigrant group, a trend that is continuing. now a huge differentiator in all of this and this goes to your question. is education level, 61% of asian-american adults coming to
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the united states already have at least a bachelor's degree. they're more likely than other immigrant groups to be sponsored and get a green card through an employer rather than sponsorship through a family member, which is how it usually happens. when you look at the age group, 25 and older, 49% of asian-americans have a bachelor's degree. that's compared to about 28% for other immigrants. asian-americans are also making more. they're making a lot more money. the median income, $66,000 compared to about $49,800. that's a $16,000 difference. once they arrive they're able to find those jobs that pay them well. so they're educated, they're well off. guess what, it also appears that they're apparently happier than most of the u.s. population. this pew research center study found that they place more value than other american immigrants on marriage, parenthood and success. so it's all really part of this package. suzanne? >> do they talk at all about illegal immigration, the pugh
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study? >> they interviewed about 3500 people. all of them were here legally. so they don't really talk about the numbers who are coming in who might be slipping over the border, who might be coming in by illegal methods. this is the group they were talking about. they were talking about how they got here basically. >> deborah, thank you. how does this fast-growing asian immigrant group lean politically? i want to bring in mark preston from washington to talk about it. mark, do we know if asian-americans are leaning democrat, republican, how they might actually position themselves in this election? >> reporter: well, suzanne, when we look at the numbers that have just come out from pew and we're able to match them up against the exit polls from 2008 when president obama defeated john mccain, it does show, in fact, that asian-americans are more likely to lean democrat or are democrats in their own right. this is interesting because when they first started looking at these numbers back in 1992 and of course in 1996,
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asian-americans tended to vote republican but by the time 2000 came around we saw the shift and they became more democratic. now one thing that pew says in their survey is that asian-americans tend to favor bigger government than the general population. so that could be one reason why they're supportive. also, overall they have a higher favorability rating for president obama than the general public, suzanne. >> i understand as well there's a new poll as well that shows many americans agree with the president's decision to allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to stay in the united states. what do we know? >> reporter: this is a new bloomberg poll that has come out. certainly welcome news for the obama administration. i ahave to say it's not a surprise. before president obama made this announcement i would be surprised if they did not put out a poll themselves if it would be embraced by the public. this new bloomberg poll shows that 64% are supportive of
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president obama's decision to relax the immigration rules when it comes to young children who are brought here to the united states while only 30% disagree with it. so pretty good numbers for president obama on this issue. but, again, a surprise for us maybe. i don't think a surprise for the administration this morning. >> they're pretty good at their internal polling there, mark. let's talk a little bit about house speaker john boehner. he weighed in and made some comments about the president's immigration policy. let's play that first. >> i think the president's announcement on immigration is -- it puts everyone in a difficult position. i think we all have concerns for those who are caught in this trap who through no fault of their own are here, but the president's actions are going to make it much more difficult for us to work in a bipartisan way to get to a permanent solution. you know, the president himself
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who said the last couple of years that he couldn't do this. so the question remains whether he's violating the constitution. let's go back -- >> how is that playing out from your vantage point, mark? >> reporter: well, i think we have to look at it in two ways. one, president obama has been accused of politicizing the whole issue by coming out and making this announcement less than six months before election day. a lot of people, certainly republicans, think he did so to really try to convince hispanics, latinos, that he's on their side. as mr. boehner says right there, the question is did he potentially gum up the works on capitol hill for some grand compromise on the issue. i think it's fair to say that he's partially right, that in fact it does make it more difficult for something to get done on capitol hill. the fact of the matter was, was it going to get done in the next five months. i don't think anything is going to get done over the next five months. it will be a potent issue leading up to the election day but certainly well after that as well. >> you've got that right. not much being done there.
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thank you, mark. good to see you. you can read more about asians and latinos as the fastest growing immigrant group. here's what we're working on for this hour. >> a tv interview jerry sandusky gave months ago could end up in his child molestation trial causing big problems for the defense fl we'll play it for you. allegations of a child sex abuse coverup in brooklyn's ultra orthodox jewish community and the rabbi fighting to bring it to light. >> we believe that one out of five children in your community have been molested? >> yes. we believe that. we know that. and they're called the dirty dozen. a list of fruits and vegetables that have the most pesticide on them. what's on this year's list and how you can limit your exposure. we make meeting times, lunch times and conference times. but what we'd rather be making are tee times. tee times are the official start of what we love to do.
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. the child molestation trial of jerry sandusky is moving quickly. so quickly the defense could rest in the next couple of days. the defense may have a new challenge to deal with. the previously unreleased portion of his interview with nbc news's bob costas has surfaced.
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it's raising questions. i want you to take a look at this. >> so it's entirely possible that you could have helped young boy a in some way that was not objectionable while horribly taking advantage of young boy b, c, d, and e, isn't that possible? >> well, you might think that. i don't know. in terms of my relationship with so many, many young people, i would -- i would guess that there were many young people who would come forward -- many more young people who would come forward and say that my methods and -- and what i had done for them made a very positive impact on their life. and i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many that i didn't have -- i hardly had any contact with who i have helped in many,
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many ways. >> susan candiotti has been in court today. that is quite fascinating when you listen to that tape. you could read into it so many different ways. prosecutors, are they going to be able to introduce the portion of that interview that we haven't seen before? >> reporter: yes. nbc announced that it had been subpoenaed by prosecutors in this case for the unedited version of their interview, which included this clip. now it may have limited possibilities to be introduced as evidence. that's because it would probably, according to experts, only be allowed to be introduced during a state's rebuttal case if the defense gives them an opening to do so. what might that be? it might be, for example, if jerry sandusky himself takes the stand. then they can ask him about this tape. or if there were some other tape or other admission that is introduced into evidence. we don't know yet whether that will be played for jurors. >> do we know at all if sandusky's lawyer actually has any regrets or any second
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thoughts about allowing his client to speak and have this kind of extensive interview? >> reporter: well, if he does have any regrets, he hasn't said so. then again, there has been a gag order in this case so he really hasn't been saying much of anything lately in terms of directly commenting on this case and where things stand. clearly today was a pretty good day for the defense, suzanne. >> what about jerry sandusky himself and his wife dottie, are they expected to testify? do we have any idea? >> we do know that dottie sandusky just before the lunch recess came into the courthouse and before now she was only here on the opening day just for jury instructions and then left. that would mean that they're keeping her out so that she isn't tainted by anything she might have heard previously. we do have an indication from a source that she will be testifying at some point and likely be at the very least narrating multi-media presentation talking about her
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adopted children. >> and we've also heard very interestingly enough our own cnn contributor sara ganum has been subpoenaed by the defense. can you tell us why? >> reporter: well, it's unclear although sara did ask me whether it's leakly she will be called and whether she can remain in the court rooroom and told her was unlikely she would be called. they told her she could remain in the courtroom. she has done pulitzer prize winning work on this story and has talked to a lot of sources, a lot of investigators. so it's entirely possible they might try to find out from her, for example, who told you this, who told you that. now as a reporter she can cite what's called the shields law and say she won't divulge her sources. that shield law is pretty strong in the state of pennsylvania as i'm told. >> thank you very much. new battle is being waged in the war between microsoft and apple. microsoft is out with its new
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communications went out at
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the last minute. all was revealed on monday. microsoft finally unveiled its tablet computer called surface. it's making hardware again. i'll bring in john able. john, tell us a little bit about this. is it a well-designed pc. is it another ipad copy cat? what do we know? >> well, yeah. tablet is i think stretching the definition of tablet. we're early in the tablet era. let's give them a pass on that. it is sort of an ultra light notebook. i think the fairest comparison, i have to say i wasn't in l.a., i didn't get to touch the thing. from what i've seen, the fairest comparison is to the apples mac book air. the very, very thin computer that has the flash drive and some ports, usbs, stuff like that, and a keyboard. not as cool and nifty as the surface will have. in my opinion tablets don't have keyboards that you have to attach. >> tell us about some of the features that make it unique. >> it will run windows which is
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going to be interesting to see. apart from that, the features are pretty similar to what we've seen from the microsoft partners' try. it's going to have some ports. it's going to have speakers. it's going to have two cameras. it's going to have a high resolution display although we don't know how high resolution display. it will stream stuff. it's not inventing something new. it's tapping into a vein which we liked very much but in sort of a new kind of way. >> tell us a little bit about this business of making hardware. it's not easy. h hewlett-packard tried it. how does microsoft succeed in this? >> it's design. you can make anything. you can make anything that anybody can dream up. it's design. apple has done very, very well with their design team headed by johnny ive. very careful about what they do and don't do. other hardware makers, not so
1:19 pm
much. the interesting thing is that although apple is clearly the leader with 90% market share and samsung is second with a tiny fraction, almost in third place, almost in second place, rather, are the kindle and the nook tablet. these are made by -- these are manufactured by content companies. so it's a matter of figuring out what your customers need and designing something which works well, then you can make anything you want. >> it's amazing how they try to convince us that whatever we have, we need something else. we don't have enough. john, nice to see you. >> we don't. >> well, some of us. some of us have enough, i think. don't you think? >> well, some of us do. not all of us though. >> all right. john, good to see you. there are allegations of widespread sex abuse coverup at an ultra orthodox jewish whun knit at this. one rabbi is speaking out. >> sir, can i ask you a quick question. i'm with cnn. >> no. >> we're doing a story about the
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community. i'm with cnn. we're doing a story about the community. >> reporter: when they do talk they say something like this. do you think child molestations happen in this community? >> no. >> not at all. >> not at all. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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laugh... awe uch ooh, yeah hmm nice huh book it! oh boy call me... this summer, we're finding you the perfect place - plus giving you up to $100 at we're getting some breaking news here. cbs news is reporting that jerry sandusky is actually going to take the stand as one of the last witnesses for his defense here. now sandusky is on trial, you may recall, for 51 counts related to accusations of
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abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. this is a former penn state defense coordinator. he has denied the charges that has rocked the penn state community. this could have a big impact on how this all plays out. we are getting this information now. obviously we're trying to confirm it ourselves independently. cbs news reporting that jerry sandusky will take the stand at his defense. u.s. military outpost in southern afghanistan was breached today. u.s. officials say that eight insurgents somehow got inside the security perimeter. a firefight then erupted and seven of the insurgents were killed, one was wounded. we're told that several american troops were also wounded. officials say the insurgents might have had the help from afghan security personnel. elderly man is shown here crying as he looks at the damage to his house. this is syria. the devastated city of homs.
1:25 pm
this is where he is. the man's place was allegedly destroyed in a rocket attack by government troops. several syrian opposition groups, they are now uniting. they are announcing a joint action committee to consolidate activities to oust syrian president bashar al-assad. the foreign activists luka magnotta will appear in court in an hour. he is believed to be responsible for the death of this man. this is 33-year-old jung lin. they say he mailed some of his body parts to canadian politicians. they say he filmed the gruesome murder and posted the video on line. a 6-year-old girl arrested in arizona. she is suspected of illegally entering the country. the little girl was not with her parents. it was arizona's office of refugee resettlement. a rabbi says he is receiving death threats now for making
1:26 pm
child sex abuse allegations public. he's an orthodox jew in new york. he says in his community as many as one in five kids is molested. kerry tuchman has the story. >> reporter: the ultra orthodox are a small percentage of jews as a whole. brooklyn, new york, with tens of thousands of ultra orthodox jews is the largest population outside of israel. one of them is the rabbi. >> reporter: your judaism is as strong as ever? >> it is. >> reporter: but the rabbi is troubled. you're saying that you believe one out of five children in your community has been molested? >> yes. we believe that. we know that. >> reporter: allegations of a widespread sex abuse coverup in this community have led the rabbi to launch a hotline for victims and their families. if you think everyone was thanking him for his efforts, you'd be wrong. he's subjected to posters plastered around the community with the words corrupt trader spelled out in hebrew.
1:27 pm
also -- >> reporter: so you say you received death threats because of this? >> death threats on a daily basis. >> reporter: the ultra orthodox world is very insular. life is lived like it was. back then there was deep distrust of the outside world. the problem with cutting yourself off from people like police is that child molesters and other skound drels often take advantage. >> reporter: people in this community often report crimes to religious authorities not to police. they almost never talk to a stranger on camera. >> reporter: can i ask you a quick question. i'm with cnn. we're doing a story about the community. i'm with cnn. we're doing a story about the community. >> reporter: when they do talk, you're likely to hear something like this. >> do you think child molestations happen in this neighborhood? >> no. >> not at all. >> reporter: when you hear about things like that happening, you don't think they're true? >> that's not true. >> reporter: do you think people are making it up?
1:28 pm
>> yes. this neighborhood it cannot happen. >> reporter: why do you think that? >> reporter: don't tell that to pearl engel man, a faithful member of the community who sensed her son joel, one of her seven children, was molested by a school official when he was 8 years old. >> it pains me terribly. >> reporter: she and her husband never knew about it while it was going on. she told leaders in the community but for the most part it was kept quiet. almost 20 years later it's too late to go to police. the statute of limitations has expired. >> the coverup is what devastates me. we are not the kind of people to cover this up. we stand for the truth. we stand for justice. >> reporter: her son, now 27, has left the community. so has this man. he says he was molested for years by a tutor. >> reporter: and you were how old? >> i was nine. >> reporter: he was how old? >> probably in his late 20s. mid 20s. >> reporter: that's the man who molested you? >> yes.
1:29 pm
>> reporter: one would presume that brooklyn's district attorney and his chief of sex crimes would be all over these allegations and, indeed, they say they are. >> any time we have a single case it's very serious to us. >> they know exactly what i'm doing when i'm prosecuting people from their community. they know the people we send to jail. >> reporter: but disturb binsingly the people you met in the story believe 22 year veteran charles hines is part of the problem. they say this catholic d.a. protects suspected ultra orthodox jewish molesters so he can stay in office. >> when the rabbis say vote for charles hines there will be nobody here that will not vote for charles hines. >> he cares about his election. he cares about staying as district attorney. he doesn't care about the victims. >> reporter: there is anger that charles hines does not release names of suspected molesters in the ultra orthodox community. releasing suspect's names is standard procedure at prosecutors' offices all over the united states. >> reporter: your position is that you don't release the names
1:30 pm
of accused orthodox jewish suspects? >> correct. >> reporter: and why is that? >> because in releasing the names, within days magically they find the name of the victim and then the intimidation starts. by the way -- >> reporter: do you do that with any other communities? >> no. if the amish people were living here i suppose i would have the same the practice. >> reporter: not the roman catholic church? >> there has never been any allegations of intimidation by priests. >> reporter: don't you see that you could be seen as couraging favor? >> my answer is i show an odd way of showing my gratitude with all of the cases i have brought. >> reporter: the d.a. says over the last three years he's been able to substantially increase arrests after starting a special program to reach out to victims and convince them to talk to outside authorities. pearl engelman doesn't believe much of what the d.a. says but notably admits she, too, did not tell the police when she found out her son had been molested.
1:31 pm
>> it didn't even enter my mind. >> reporter: how come? >> you don't go to the police. you take -- you take care of things in the community itself. >> reporter: taking care of the community at the expense, it seems, of the victims. gary tuchman, cnn, new york. you may have a job, but many workers are underpaid, underemployed, barely making ends meet. the hidden truth about the job market. imagine doing half the work for the same amount of pay. we will tell you which group of government workers is being outed as the least productive. o
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you think congress isn't getting much done, you're right. a new cnn analysis shows that legislators are putting in the same number of hours as past congresss but only getting half the work done. they're getting paid the same. of the thousands of measures introduced, only 132 passed both houses. one of five of those was to name a post office.
1:35 pm
that's right. both parties are getting the blame. unemployment has remained stubbornly high, around 8% nationally. there's a hidden side to the job market for those who do get jobs. a lot of this work is really not all that great. many workers are finding that lower pay, not enough hours becoming pretty much the norm. alison kosik is in new york. alison, talk about this new reality for folks getting back in the job market, what they're faced with. >> yeah, they're facing some real tough conditions. you said it right, it really is, suzanne, becoming a tough new reality. there aren't many signs of it getting better. 14.8% of the work force is unemployed or what's considered underemployed. believe it or not, it's better than last year which that percentage was sitting at 15.8%. you know what, it amounts to 22 million people who are considered underemployed. when we talk about those who are under employed, this includes people who are out of work, people who are working part time and want to work full time, or people who are working and need better wages. need higher wages.
1:36 pm
the underemployment rate is really considered the real unemployment rate. so although we say it's 8.2%, the real unemployment rate is really 14.8%. any way you cut it, finding a job is tough. the longer you're out of would be, the harder it gets. there's a study from san francisco says after one month of unemployment it's 30%. after two years it falls to 20%. it may be coming from industries that are downsized. employers are reluctant to hire somebody who's been unemployed for too long. you're wondering why is it taking you so long to find a job. >> it is tough all around. you have wages, you have jobs that are stagnating here. you have the prices going up in some areas, right? >> oh, yeah. you know, that is exactly why it feels so tough to people who are under employed or people fully employed but haven't seen our
1:37 pm
wages go up in forever. that's as we see the prices of three important things rising. for one, college tuition. 15% from a year ago on average. health care costs are up more than 5% from a year ago. you can't forget food. the cost of food that you pay for every day is up almost 3% compared to last year. so, of course, all of that makes it much harder to pay for if people aren't making the kind of money that they used to make. >> how are the markets showing today? >> markets are rallying. dow is up 156 points. nasdaq up 44. we got some mixed economic news on the housing front finding that building permits, that's an indication of future building, that went up. housing starts, that's kind of breaking ground on new homes, that fell. so you have a mixed picture on housing. while you're seeing the market rally, the fed is in the middle of a two-day policy meeting and investors are hoping that the fed may introduce some sort of new stimulus into the economy.
1:38 pm
>> alison, thank you. online customer review comments, do they make a difference, whether or not you get a lemon, good deal. now you can check out credit card companies. there's a new online database that went live today. website created by the financial protection bureau that will show you how the bank or card issuer handles a complaint. the site won't release any information about who lodged that complaint. apple a day supposed to keep the doctor away, but it is at the top of the dirty dozen list. we'll tell you what other fruits and veggies you need to watch out for and how to eat them safely. don't forget, you can watch cnn live on your computer while you're at work. head to [ male announcer ] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere,
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you --
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including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. you're always telling your kids to eat your fruits and veggies. new reports may have you thinking twice about the saying. an apple a day keeps the doctor away. the dirty dozen list of foods that contain dangerous levels of pesticides. elizabeth cohen is here to talk to you about all of this and i love the fact that we have all of this right here. isn't it beautiful? >> i know. >> we started off with apples because, wow. apples close to the top of the list. >> number one on the list. >> you're kidding. >> i know. i eat them all the time and give them to my kids. what they did is this group went to fda data, there's
1:42 pm
measurements of pesticides on produce, on washed produce. after produce is washed, how much pesticides and apples were number one and then number two and number three were celery and sweet bell peppers. so number two right here and number three right here. >> how do they come up with this list in the first place? >> they look to the fda's own data. they looked at how much pesticide is on produce and took that data and turned it into the dirty dozen list. >> why are some more dangerous than others? why the apple? >> it's not clear. there is one rule of thumb, when something has -- when you eat the whole thing, you're more likely to get pesticides. imagine that being sprayed. when you eat an apple, it's not like the banana. >> what's the cleanest? do we have anything that's good? >> we have the cleanest. the cleanest ones are onions.
1:43 pm
this is the cleanest. then next, sweet corn. and then next pineapple. those were number one, two, three for the cleanest. you'll notice, you don't bite into a pineapple, right? you don't do this. you're cutting into it. if there are pesticides on here, you're not eating them. >> what should you do? how do you protect yourself? everybody loves a good apple. >> exactly. what you want to do is if this is a concern for you, if this is a priority for you, you don't want to eat pesticides or give them to your kids. buy organic. it costs more. sometimes you have to search for it. it's really pretty simple. eat organic. if you go to we'll give you the whole list. >> why are they so dangerous? >> there's no definitive study that says pesticides cause this. there have been some studies that showed that there might be a link between kids who eat a lot of pesticides and kids who have neurological and behavioral problems later. i'll tell you that the produce
1:44 pm
manufacturing association, when they see these dirty dozen lists, they point out that it's not scientific, that's their claim. they said it's not scientific. they said that -- i'm going to try to quote this. they say the presence of pesticide residue on food does not mean that they are harmful. just because there are pesticides doesn't mean the pesticides are harmful. >> how do you actually wash the fruit? how do you make sure that this is okay? >> well, there's been a lot of back and forth and how much does it seep in? can you really wash it off? these fda measurements are based on produce that has been washed. that tells you it was washed and there was still pesticides on it. >> should you actually buy a product or anything? some people i know they use chlorine or vinegar. >> those products claim that they do a better job than just plain old water. i'm not sure it's been definitively shown that's true. if you want to avoid pesticides, buy produce that's made without the use of pesticides.
1:45 pm
it's pretty simple. >> are there any folks that are more vulnerable when it comes to pesticides, they are more impacted by pesticides? >> yes. children it's thought that are more impacted by sort of environmental chemicals in general. they're smaller. their tissues are developing and pregnant women. children and pregnant women are thought to be more vulnerable to any sort of outside chemical like this. >> still okay to grab the apple? >> it is okay to grab the apple. i think we all ought to realize what we're doing. there may be pesticides on that apple. the people who make the apple say don't worry, pesticides doesn't mean it's going to hurt you. other people say, yeah, pesticides are problematic, buy organic. you as the consumer have to decide. >> err would' going to eat the onions and apples. >> cook them first. that would be my advice. >> pineapple. love them all. elizabeth, thank you. high maneuvers on the seas. a british company tries to stop a russian ship from reaching sir yeah tell you where that ship is headed now. i want healthy skin for life.
1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
a ship said to be carrying attack helicopters to syria is turned around now. it's going back to russia. confirmation came from britain's foreign secretary. >> i'm pleased the ship that was reported to be carrying arms to syria has turned back towards russia. >> the ship stopped off the scottish coast after a british company with drew the insurance coverage. barbara, i understand the international community had to turn to this private insurance company to prevent this weapons ship reaching syria. tell us about it. >> reporter: indeed they did. there's a european union embargo against shipping weapons to
1:50 pm
syria. this ship was ensured in europe. they could use that and have the insurance withdrawn. let me get quickly to what's the real news in the pentagon in the last few minutes. there's been an announcement that the u.s. now understands russia, separate from this ship you're talking about is sending three warships to syria. i want you to listen quickly to what the pentagon spokesman had to say about this. >> the russian military is preparing to dispatch some vessels. we think it's about three with supplies and perhaps personnel to their base there. we have no indication that these vessels and that material is being sent to syria for any other purpose than that which
1:51 pm
which the russian military has acknowledged itself, that it's for resupply and protection needs they have there at that facility. >> the russians have not acknowledged any of this yet, but the pentagon is saying it has the information that the russians are preparing to send the ships. you might ask yourself, how would the u.s. know this. u.s. satellites conduct surveillance over russian ports. they get the imagery of what they are. it's not quite the cold war but it's clearly a bit of a spy game. the u.s. military telling the russian military, we know what you're up to. >> what is the significance? i listen to this and think you have one ship that's coming back and they are sending three other ships. is the pentagon worried? >> reporter: the pentagon is taking the russians at their word for all of this. the russians have said if any
1:52 pm
ships were to go, they would be for re-supply of a vital military facility that they have in syria. that's a port the russians want to keep access open to in the mediterranean despite the rising violence. the u.s., for the moment, believes the russians and that everything they are seeing is strictly loading up for russian self-defense. it's serious. it's something the u.s. is ke g keeping its eye on. >> you've been following another breaking story about this u.s. post in afghanistan that was bree breached. tell us about what you've learned. >> reporter: it was breached by insurgents. they got inside the wire. our understanding is no coalition forces killed.
1:53 pm
thank goodness. some wounded. eight insurgents got inside. they believe they killed one and, they killed seven and wounded one. an investigation clearly under way to find out how insurgents were able to breach a u.s. security perimeter in afghanistan. >> thank you. obesity hurting everybody. americans not the only ones with a weight problem. i'll tell you how america weighs in against other countries.
1:54 pm
it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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1:57 pm
overweight. researchers say this is not just a health problem but a political and economic issue. i spoke with ian roberts at the london school. he said american vs the highest obesity rates but he doesn't just blame them for the problem. >> it's one of the fattest countries on earth. most other countries in the world are going heavy in your direction. the problem is if all of the world have the same body mass index, that's the fatness distribution as the usa, that would be like having an extra billion people on earth in terms of mass or the food intake of extra food intake that would feed half a billion people. the media portray fatness as a personal failing, slothful. it's a political issue. when you have a country like the united states that more than half the population is overweight or obese, that's a
1:58 pm
serious issue you really have to tackle. >> when you say it's a political issue, what do you mean by that? >> well, i mean the media portray fatness as a personal failing. it says, it's your fault. you're eating too much and moving too little. actually, when the whole population is eating too much and eating too little then that means something is wrong structurally. you're very car dependent. the opportunities for ordinary every day walking and cycling quite sparse. also, you really put on the big portions. these are structure issues. >> i'm going to go for a run. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. hello to all of you.
1:59 pm
we want to given with this story out of afghanistan. eight insurgents got inside the security perimeters. take a look at the map. you know the area is a hot spot for militants. we know shots rang out. seven of the insurgents are dead. no u.s. soldiers were killed. there's word the insurgents might have had some help from afghan security forces. we're live at the pentagon with that story, coming up. first, two pennsylvania because the person who we presumed, knows jerry sandusky better than anyone may soon take the stand in his defense. his wife is at the courthouse today. one of the very few times we have seen her since this trial began. i want to go to susan candiotti. what are the chances we hear from dottie or jerry sandusky
2:00 pm
himself? >> reporter: both are possibilities. signs point to hearing from dottie sandusky. she was seen entering the courthouse late this morning. she hasn't been here before the opening day. she hasn't heard any testimony after that. she stayed away from the courthouse. the fact that she's here indicates this might be the day she takes the stand to dedepends her husband. >> as we await that possibility, talk know about some of the witnesses we heard from thus far defense wise. >> reporter: it's been an important day for the defense. finally, they have gotten to hearing from that expert witness you've been hearing about since the beginning. they are putting on a psychologist who is beginning his testimony, his expert opinion diagnosing jerry sandusky as suffering from a histrionic personality disorder.
2:01 pm
it's way to describe the love letters to his alleged victims in which he tells them how much he loves them. the judge gave an important instruction to the jurors right before his testimony began. he said what you are about to hear from this witness is not to explain or excuse my attempt to perform an act. in other words, it's up to the jury to decide whether the diagnosis would explain away in any way why jerry sandusky wrote these letters. we briefly heard from two investigators on this case. the defense used them to say they were encouraging, cohearsing alleged victims to say they were sexually assaulted by jerry sandusky. they denied it. >> i want to pause and call attention to what you are surrounded by right there. i've never noticed so many c camera tripods.
2:02 pm
it speaks to the media presence in the interest in this particular trial and part of the next question, speaking of media, is who could forget, those of us that watched that bob costas, jerry sandusky interview. a portion of that not aired on television is now making waves. >> it's entirely possible you could have helped young boy a that was not objectional while taking advantage of boy, b, c, d and e, isn't that possible? >> you might think that. i don't know. in terms of my relationship with so many, many young people, i would guess that there are many young people who would come forward and say that my methods
2:03 pm
and what i had done for them made a very positive impact on their life. i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many i hardly had any contact with who i have helped in many, many ways. >> what an interview that was. do we know if any part of that will be used during this trial? >> reporter: it's impossible to say right now. prosecutors won't talk about it because of the gag order. it appears that the only opportunity prosecutors might have to introduce this and they are the ones that subpoenaed this tape from nbc news would be as part of their rebuttal case and only if there were an opening given to them by the defense. in other words, if jerry sandusky took the stand, this might be something you would
2:04 pm
play back. it's because things are winding down and everyone is wondering whether jerry sandusky will take the stand. if he decides to tell his story, he's going to have to face some tough cross-examination by prosecutors. >> thank you so much for us. i want to turn to syria. we are getting word that russia is getting ready to deploy ships, plural. this is a big development. i was listening in to part of that pentagon briefing. there are three military vessels in route. >> reporter: yes, that's what they are saying. the russian military is ready, preparing to dispatch three vessels with supplies and possibly personnel to their base. that would be the base in syria. there's no indication they are being sent for any other purpose but that the russian military has acknowledged that they are
2:05 pm
re-supplies and it's for force protection at that base. the only confusing thing about this in a very confusing story of all of these ships is that before the pentagon spoke, the ministry of defense said we have a ship. they mentioned a ship from the baltic sea which they say is not going any place. it's not re-supplying according to another spokesperson. there's still a lot of denial about what these ships are doing. in fact, the defense ministry of russia is saying this false information was meant to escalate the situation in syria, not reflect reality. i think we have to be really careful about all of these reports. bottom line, it appears that the worst case scenario would be that russia is joining the fight is not taking place. that seems to be the case.
2:06 pm
are they going to supply their people and bring supplies into that base in syria? perhaps. according to the pentagon, they're getting ready to. >> it's a valid question. on the other side of the world, you have mexico and the g20 summ summit. something that caught my eye, i was reading this morning and saw an article written by this harvard professor arguing what happens with syria and who intervenes. he argues it should be china. in terms of go politics china is the world's supreme free rider. the oil con sujs has doubled in the past ten years while america declines. china contributes almost nothing to stability and barely to the
2:07 pm
free movement of goods to the world strategic sea line. is it realistic for china to get involved. why would the u.s. want china to take on this kind of role in syria. should it not be the u.s. or some other nation in that part of the world? >> reporter: i think you have to say what kind of role. that article, if i read it correctly was talking about military action. nobody at this point is talking about military action. certainly having china involved would be very different from the way things are normally done. it's usually nato that takes actions like this, and they're not even talking about it. the u.s. wants china to do a couple of things. they want them to join the sanctions, carry out the sanctions against the syrians and do whatever they can to bring about this political transition. in other words, have assad step down and go into some type of democracy. as was pointed out, they don't have the influence militarily or
2:08 pm
any other way that the russians do. it's really the russians more than the chinese that are necessary. >> thank you. we have been reporting on the slaughter in syria that's been escalating. more than 10,000 killed since the crackdown began and sometimes just one single piece of video brings this story home. you'll see a man who has just returned to his home and finds it destroyed by government rocket fire and his reaction really says it all.
2:09 pm
you don't have to speak the language to understand the under the circumstanceser understand the utter devastation this man is experiencing. this is the fact of life in syria. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of the video and that's because the syrian regime has restricted media access to that country. a lot more coming this hour. watch this. someone is demanding answers from president obama over drones and how they are used to hunt and kill terrorists. that someone is from the u.n. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. only five minutes to save themselves. >> it's incredible. it can go that quickly. >> after a dramatic escape, this family gets some awful news. plus. >> we're two blocks away.
2:10 pm
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i want to show you some pictures here. this is egypt where we're told the crowd is growing into the thousands. many of the demonstrators are supporting the muslim brotherhood which is claiming victory in the runoff election, but so is the other side. the last prime minister says he is the wone that one. it's the most destructive fire in colorado history. dramatic video of this family outrunning the flames. they had five minutes to get
2:14 pm
their belongings and get out. wade and his wife wondered for days if their cabin had been spared. listen to them tell it. >> it was like a punch in the stomach. i just remember bawling. i'm pretty sure it's not going to be there. it's going to be black sticks, but we have our lives. >> they have their lives, not the cabin. look at the smoke. you saw the rainbow. hot temperatures and gusty wind
2:15 pm
expected today. a huge issue for those firefighters. we talk so much about the different challenges that face these heroic and amazing firefighters. you said it's like a double whammy because the winds are going this way. >> there's a weird thing going on. there's a cold front that's coming down. winds are out of the northeast but the cold front has not made its way to the fire. i'm going to draw in the blue line. there would be points on it. here is the idea. what's going to happen here for a while, the winds will come in from behind the firefighters from the southwest where as to the northeast, the winds are already blowing in that direction because the cold front has pased. like when cold fronts pass, winds change direction. there's this combining over the fire line and the firefighters may not know which way to run when the wind shift direction. the winds are shifting all day. fire has burned 59,500 acres.
2:16 pm
that's pushing 100 square miles. no real chance of any significant rain. that's probably good because, look at this, this is is a picture i took from a nasa picture. a strike came out of thunderstorm and hit a dry pot that was not getting rained on. one lightning strike has destroyed almost 100 square miles of beautiful forest land. >> thank you. we're thinking about you in colorado. an alleged gang member, a possible pimp now dead. police say a teenager's parents are to blame. they are behind bars on $2 million bond each. if you are heading out the door, keep watching cnn. you can check us out live on your desktop. [ male announcer ] we began with the rx.
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2:19 pm
a san francisco couple behind bars after allegedly tracking down and killing the man they believe is their daughter's pimp.
2:20 pm
police say the couple traveled to los angeles and shot him in the car. the couple admit they tried to rescue their daughter but deny the murder charges. sunny hostin is on the case with this here. we're learning that this may not have been the parents first alleged, we have to couch it alleged attempt at killing this man, is that correct? >> that's right. if you look at the criminal complaint from the san francisco district attorney's office. they claim they have significant evidence ta this was their second attempt at killing who they believed was their daughter's pimp. the complaint says the first attempt was on may 27th and that attempt failed and this second attempt was successful, and they allege that her father shot this young man, this 22-year-old man who they suspected was her pimp.
2:21 pm
>> we have heard from this couple's attorney. listen to this. >> they were faced with every parent's nightmare. they tried their best to protect their daughter and here they are, they end up getting arrested. it's very overwhelming. >> the couple is not admitting to this crime. could this be an instance of self-defense for their daughter or others? >> it doesn't read that way. i think many people can understand a parent's frustration where you have your 17-year-old daughter who hasn't been at home and who you believe has been prostituted by this 22-year-old pimp. in my view, when i look at the facts as alleged in the case, this does not afear be self-defense. it doesn't appear to be the defense of a third person, which sometimes you hear about.
2:22 pm
that would be legal under the law. it does not appear that fits the what the da's alleging. >> thank you. he is from massachusetts. now senator john kerry has a whole new role is playing mitt romney. we'll tell you what that's about. plus jamie dimon back on capitol hill, grilled over that $2 billion loss. as lawmaker scold him, they they social securi say it's not the money that's making them angry. the medicare debate continues in washington...
2:23 pm
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2:26 pm
eric cantor could be held in contempt of congress. attorney general eric holder with held documents they want on that fast and furious scandal last year, a botched operation that allowed guns to reach mexican drug gangs. the panel's chair, darrell issa has offered to postpone the contempt vote if the attorney general turns over the documents. the meeting is scheduled to start a couple of hours from now. the former rutgers student convicted of spying on his gay roommate completes his sentence and is released from jail. his roommate killed himself by jumping off a bridge in 2010. jpmorgan's chief grilled on capitol hill today. i'm talking about jamie dimon. federal regulators are
2:27 pm
investigating these risky trades that led to that loss. >> many of the american taxpayers are concerned when big banks go bad, they are left holding the loss. it's one of these philosophies where we have capitalism on the way up where you and your firm make a lot of money when do you well and you have socialism on the way down. >> i completely that taxpayers should never pay for big bank failing. >> jamie dimon testified his firm is not too big to fail. he said it's not possible to ensure that the firm will never make a mistake. have you seen these sneakers? take a look at this. this is the new adidas sneaker. it features rubber shackles. this picture has gone viral. you can forget ever seeing them on sale. the company says they evoke images of slavery and plans to
2:28 pm
no longer sell them. adidas admits they mean no harm. john kerry has a new job. that is being mitt romney when president obama starts practicing for the upcoming debates. senator kerry has been tapped to play the role of mitt romney. president obama's senior strategist says kerry is an exert debater and the best pick for the job. the president and mitt romney are scheduled to debate three times in october. attacking suspected terrorists from high above. the u.s. admits to using drones and one investigator wants president obama to justify the killings. [ male announcer ] now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch... and zoom...
2:29 pm
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we no longer have to worry about this guy. he was the number two man in al qaeda, and he is dead.
2:32 pm
he was killed in the drone strike the first week of june. next mohammedalouse. he was killed in a drone attack. also anwar killed in a drone strike. al qaeda's operation chief killed last summer and killed in a drone strike. the list goes on and on. a united nations official is warning the u.s. about assassination terrorists. richard roth there for us at the u.n. what is this official's specific complaint?
2:33 pm
>> the u.n. has had many of these positions over the years. they have both said that the united states is coming up to the limits of legalism regarding the drone strikes killing people. they fear there's no accountability, there's no responsibility for casualties or lack of follow up investigation. they don't come out an say it's illegal. they have been on the record consistently that the u.s. in its policies is perhaps not just doing cell defense but carrying the field of arm conflict a little too far. the united states disagrees with that judgment. >> if you're saying he said today, potentially illegal, what is the legality.
2:34 pm
what's the legality concerning the targets with the right to defend himself or herself in court? what's the law? >> we've seen since 9/11 come up, this huge gray area where the u.s. is saying trust us and the u.n.'s legal people in terms of summary executions are saying we can't trust some country because where is the limit. any country could start doing this. one minute it's self-defense. the other time we don't know. as the post 9/11 war exists and terrorism continues to be fought in the shadows, i'm not sure there is a legal, clear doctrine that one side can claim they are right an the other is clearly wrong. the u.n. is not officially lobbying this accusation though
2:35 pm
they keep saying it at these conferences. >> do you think, perhaps, the result of this is some sort of clarity because you mention this gray area? do you think this complaint will go anywhere, richard? >> i don't think barring any catastrophic events where some world leader happens to be taken out. the u.s. is ready with its veto in the u.n. security council regarding any u.n. matters and that's likely to bar any u.n. action regarding u.s. tactics in the field. >> got it. thank you. question, is america addicted to technology? some celebrities are pushing for young folks in our country to abandon facebook. take a little less time on twitter. you'll hear what keri hillson wants. machine ♪
2:36 pm
♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪ [ all ] shh! ♪ why tell the trees what ain't so? ♪ [ male announcer ] dow solutions use vibration reduction technology to help reduce track noise so trains move quieter through urban areas all over the world. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. [ all ] shh! [ male announcer ] solutionism. the new optimism.
2:37 pm
the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
2:38 pm
we're all guilty ofspending too much time online now and then. what about teenagers? teens devote an average of 7 and a half hours each and every day to entertainment media. much of that time being spent on the internet. the search engine being is aiming to change that and in the
2:39 pm
process get young people involved in their young communities. i want to welcome, i know our chairs are turning. we're having some issues. this is the lovely keri hilson. let's begin with why we're here. there's this huge opportunity tomorrow at a georgia high school to help to do something. >> we will be at os bourn high school tomorrow. we're both here to just combine, do they are launching a program called the summer of doing. it's to encourage the youth like herself and like myself. >> of course. >> it's really a program that encourages the youth to do something. during the summertime is the best time to do something in your community, do something good. >> lizzie, i've read your graduating high school at 16. maybe this doesn't apply to you,
2:40 pm
but to other who is maybe spend extra time on the commuter, not on their school work or helping the community. why do you want to help this? why do something at this school? >> i think it's really important because youth are the main people that can make the difference. a lot of young people, like myself, don't realize that. they think i have to be a certain age or certain things to make a difference. if you get together with your friends and pick a cause you want to help out with and you can use being and search for volunteer opportunities, you can do anything. all you need is heart and dedication to make a difference. >> how old are you? >> i'm 12. >> just 12. >> she said she's formed a business. i said are you still doing that. she said we've expanded. >> how did you get a fire in your belly to want to do something? >> i think my parents are a big inspiration for me. i started my business because i
2:41 pm
saw what they went through. they had a really big weight loss journey. i was inspired by that. when i heard about do something, that really helped launch my business. i was able to use that to start cooking classes this my community with my website. >> i like how she rolls that as well. very nice. >> obviously you have a website as well. we know all about your music and i'm a music nerd. i have a music question in a minute. you're from atlanta. >> that's right. born and raised. >> i know you've done so much as far as the music world. growing up, what did you do in terms of giving back to my community? >> my mother was integral and making sure we understood the importance of giving back. we would feed the homeless many saturdays. we had to pack the lunches in brown paper bags. there was so many things that she allowed us to do or allowed
2:42 pm
us to experience. it was in tandem with our church. i'm super excited that and find activities that sound fun to you in your community. it gives your life a purpose. you may not realize that when you're young. it gives a sense of appreciation. >> a grounding. >> a grounding and a humbleness that you wouldn't get if you weren't being so selfless if you weren't thinking about yourself for that day or however long. i really thank my mother because that's really transpired into something beautiful in my adult life. >> it's awesome. >> lent my celebrity and my
2:43 pm
likeness and my doing to many causes. >> lizzie final question for you. for young people who are watching right now, what would you tell them if they're hanging out on the sofa getting iphone thu thumb, how do you get them off the sofa? >> people don't realize how easy it is. just getting some friends together and going to a local animal shelter and helping out for day and doing what i did. i would sell my local baked goods at a farmers market. i think it's really important to figure out what you like because you're not going to have fun if you don't like it. if you don't like it, then you're not going to want to do it. >> great point. okay, ms. music thing. what's next for you? >> i've gotten my first couple roles in the movies. the next one is chronicles of
2:44 pm
riddick. it's a sci-fi movie with vin diesel. i'm working on my third album. >> very good. very good to meet you and you. good luck tomorrow. >> we're going to be painting the hallways with inspirational messages. myself and a bunch of volunteer, lizzie's age through college. coming up, one person small deeds can have a big impact. you can have an impact on the world. as the crisis in europe unfoeltd, the conditions are right for an economic storm. it could be coming here to the u.s. don't miss this. ♪ uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh... ♪ ♪ it kinda makes me miss the days when we ♪ ♪ used to rock the microphone ♪ back when our credit score couldn't get us a micro-loan ♪ ♪ so light it up! ♪ even better than we did before ♪ ♪ yeah prep yourself america we're back for more ♪
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markets, they are up today.
2:48 pm
as the crisis in europe unfolds with each hour that passes, you've heard about greece. we've been talking about greece. you've heard about spain. 25 f 25% of the people out of work. their crisis is affecting us. today ben bernanke and his team explains what they can do to help us. an economic storm is brewing. >> you probably heard everything you have need to know from these two guys about the committee and how they plan to fix it. what if i told you they are both misleading you about how they can fix it? i'm going tell you the truth about the committee. i'll tell you what the condition candidates aren't telling you. a storm that's raging in the distance. it's heading to our shores. it's an economic storm. i understand the economy. the u.s. economy is driven by
2:49 pm
the confidence of its citizens. the customer, who is the american consumer, is always right. if they think things are slowing down, it will become self-fulfilli ining because wil stop spending. we've had 20 straight months of job growth in the united states. the pace of that growth is slowing. for the last five months there's been fewer jobs created each month than were created in the month before. jobs are being created, not lost. that should make people feel better, not worse. let's talk about your homes. the home prices in the united states are probably at or near their bottom. the shadow inventory of homes are lore. foreclose you ares are up but those are a new way from the robo signing scandal. fewer homes, less inventory makes it a good time to buy. if you're buying a home at a 4% interest rate or lore, the rate
2:50 pm
has much more impact on the total price of that house over the course of owning it. mortgage rates are at record lows. when gas prices are up, they're like a tax. it causes you to pay more money for the amount of something you bought before. those prices are down. the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.52. we hardly had a winter. americans saved a lot of money on home heating bills. the problem is none of this is pushing consumers to spend. without consumer confidence another recession looms. already, we have a jittery stock market. the s&p 500, down more than 5% over the last three months. we're seeing record lows in treasury yields. that's because the smart money doesn't want to take risk and it's parking itself in u.s. government bonds. what is that so nervous?
2:51 pm
because of europe. the collapse of european buying power. europe is an economy the size of the united states. the worst things get there, the fewer goods and services they buy. let's not forget about the fiscal cliff that lies ahead in washington. some tax cuts are expiring. some benefits are going away at midnight on december 31st, if congress does nothing. happy new year. congress may be the body that you have some influence over which can avert the disaster but i have a better chance of growing an afro while congress get it together. this is not the time to be discussing cuts. you democrats, this is not the time to be raising taxes. >> good luck with that hair growing. thank you. we'll keep you updated on that meeting. we are getting new word that russia is sending ships to
2:52 pm
syria. this is a huge develop amid tensions between russia and the u.s. jerry sandusky's lawyers are not saying if the coach will take the stand or not, but we know his wife is on the witness list and at the courthouse for the first time since the trial began. machine [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
2:53 pm
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the jerry sandusky team is calling witness after witness to testify they have never seen the coach behave inappropriately toward children. there's growing speculation that his wife or perhaps jerry sandusky himself will soon take the stand. beth karas join me live outside that courthouse. beth, i know just because they are on a witness list doesn't mean they have to testify. what about dottie sandusky, when might we know? >> reporter: i think we may know very soon because today is the first day that anyone has seen
2:56 pm
dottie sandusky at the courthouse. she arrived earlier today. she was not in the courtroom as of a half an hour ago when i left the courtroom at the break. a psychologist was still on the stand to be cross examined. i i would not be surprised if she takes the stand after him. i've asked some of the attorneys who are in the courtroom but not trying the case, and they don't know either. i think she may be on the stand today. they also said court may go over today so court with wrap up tomorrow. >> tell me about some of the witnesses we have married from today? what was the theme? >> reporter: most of the witnesses primarily character witnesses testifying to sandusky's reputation for truthfulness and being a law-abiding citizen. they did not ask do you know h imto molest children. just his reputation of being an
2:57 pm
up standing member of the community. there were a few other witnesses. for example, a character witness to say that one of the accusers, number four, he was the first witness to testify has a reputation for being dishonest and embellishing things. the defense has been going after number four in a couple of other ways as well. there was the psychologist who testified this afternoon that sandusky suffers from histrionic personality disorder to explain the letter which were written to accuser number four. he read some of the letters and excerpts to say this is man that didn't want to lose the attention of number four and wanted him to remain loyal. he didn't want something more than that. >> in 60 seconds, beth, how strong did that defense seem today in court?
2:58 pm
>> reporter: well, it really only goes to the letters that were written to number four. one of the eight accusers who took the stand. say a jury buys it, it neutralizes the letters. take the letters out, it doesn't mean that the other corroboration that number four had like the gifts that jerry sandusky gave him and his testimony alone is neutralized but the defense has been attacking number four because of the character witness to say he was dishonest and they also challenged ed two pennsylvania state police officers saying they suggest he embellish his story. don't know if the jury will buy it but the defense went after number four today. >> there's the strong possibility that jerry sandusky's wife, dottie could take to the stand. the judge said they may go a little long today.
2:59 pm
watch and wait and see. we'll take you back there for the latest on her testimony. let's roll on, hour two. a developing story out of afghanistan. an american military base breached. we're told eight insurgents got inside the security perimeterpe. seven of the insurgents are dead. no u.s. soldiers were killed. there's word that the insurgents may have had help from afghan security forces. we're monitoring that for you. first, i want to begin here with news that could furtherer ratchet up the tensions. the pentagon is saying t ining s getting ready to send ships to syria. i want to go straight to the pentagon


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