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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 20, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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supervisor getting the enhanced patdown. the twist, the passenger is actually a former tsa agent. and swimming sensation, she's london bound for the paralympics. she has broken two world records, and she is just 17. already a hero in our book. we introduce you to new hampshire's own victoria arlan. "cnn newsroom" begins right now. and good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm carol costello. after days of gut wrenching testimony, today could be the day that decides jerry sandusky's fate. a source telling cnn the former penn state football coach is fully prepped and ready to testify if his lawyers want him on the stand. most legal experts think that would be a disaster for the defense. yesterday, jurors heard from sandusky's wife of 45 years who finally broke her silence about the charges. let's head live to the courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania. and susan candiotti, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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carol. >> do you think jerry sandusky will take the stand? what's the buzz around the courthouse this morning? >> reporter: well, you can imagine the buzz. i mean this is clearly the witness that everyone wants to hear from. aside from dotty sandusky, his wife, taking the stand. but no one knows for sure. on his way into the courthouse, sandusky's head lawyer said, you know i can't answer that question. leaving all of us to wonder what that final decision will be when it comes time to make that decision as to whether to take the stand. but if he does, i doubt he would be the first witness today. they want to build up the drama, i think. carol? >> jerry sandusky at the beginning of the trial, he talked to reporters. he made eye contact with them. what has been his demeanor since? >> reporter: well, jerry sandusky doesn't turn around and interact with the spectators in the courtroom certainly. but he's been paying strict attention. he looks at the witnesses.
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in fact, when one character witness left the stand yesterday saying that he is a wonderful man, she got off the stand and patted him on the shoulder as she walked away. did the jurors say that? it's unknown. i saw it. >> susan candiotti, we'll check back with you in the next hour of "cnn newsroom." also on capitol hill, an extraordinary showdown is unfolding. in the next hour, attorney general eric holder appears before a house committee. and? lawmakers are threatening him with contempt of congress stemming from the fast and furious sting that allowed weapons to reach mexican drug cartels. republicans say they want answers. democrats say it's election year game playing. >> i believe that -- and the attorney general has said this himself. i think that anything that can be done to i think bring a negative light on the president, that's what this is -- i think that has a large part to do with this. this -- the issue that we boiled
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down to is one that could have easily been resolved yesterday. we were on the one foot line, and fumbled the ball. and i'm telling you, as a lawyer, i just think contempt is going far to far and very unreasonable. we have never held an attorney general -- that is the congress of the united states has never held an attorney general in contempt. >> congressional correspondent gabe baldwin is on capitol hill. so how's it looking for eric holder? >> i've been checking in with the committee throughout the morning already, and so far i'm told by a committee aide they have not received any documents from the department of justice, which means as the chairman of that committee, republican congressman darrell issa said, if they don't get documents he is moving forward with this threat of voting on a contempt citation. so the assumption is they are moving forward with this vote. of course, anything can happen up here, and things can happen very quickly. so we'll be continuing to watch
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that. but, carol, as you well set this up, this is a culmination of months long battles between the powerful chairman of the house oversight committee and the president's top law enforcement officer. they have been going back and forth for months over documents that the chairman wants the attorney general says they have already provided more than 7,600 documents and that they are willing to provide more. but this back and forth has really reached a stalemate. they met last night in a last-ditch effort to try to avoid this contempt vote. but as both of these men came out of the room, it was pretty clear that they had not made any progress. and they are really talking past each other. just listen here to congressman darrell issa and the attorney general. >> our position is give us the documents. their position is they'd like to give us a briefing and then documents supporting their assertion that essentially there was no wrongdoing. and then bring it to a close. >> the offer that we made is still there.
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it is still outstanding. and it is one that goes far beyond what any justice department has done previously. >> i should say, carol, that the attorney general also said in answering one of my questions that he thinks that this has become -- it seems to him that this has become more about political gamesmanship than actually getting the documents on the part of the committee. but this is all coming down to bottom line, the chairman of this committee, he wants additional documents in a specific time frame, between february and december of 2011. this is relating to this botched gun running operation, fast and furious, and the specific time period to find out more about who knew what, when, within the justice department. the attorney general, they said that they are prepared to work with them but they want the contempt citation taken off the table. as you can see, they are at a stalemate. we'll be watching to see what happens at 10:00. >> ok. kate baldwin, many thanks. in texas, a grand jury will not charge a father who beat to death a man he says molested his
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daughter. witnesses say the family was at their ranch when they heard the 5-year-old screaming for help. they saw the father saw the man raping his daughter and punched him several times in the head. the local prosecutor says she's never seen a case this clear cut. >> deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggregated sexual assault or a sexual assault. all the evidence that was presented by the sheriff's department and by the texas rangers indicated that that was in fact what was occurring when the victim's father arrived at the scene. >> 911 tapes captured the father's call for an ambulance as he and other family members desperately tried to revive the dying man. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news now. police in france say a gunman is holding four people hostage at a bank in toulouse. the gunman claims to be a member of al qaeda. police say he fired off at least one shot. they identify the hostages as the bank director and three
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employees. streets are now blocked off in the area. people in the area have been told to stay inside. we're keeping an eye on this and will tell you of any new developments. in egypt, rumors are still swirling over whether toppled president hosni mubarak has died. causing growing uncertainty and growing tension around that country's future. it's been 16 months since citizens revolted and demanded democracy. for the most part, they are still waiting. cnn's ivan watson is in cairo. any movement at all? >> reporter: good morning, carol. no. and this little bit gives you a hint at how official dom works. the culture of secrecy and lack of information which makes egyptians so suspicious and skeptical about information coming out of the government. since last night, more than 14 hours ago when the ruling
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military council denied reports in the state media that hosni mubarak was clinically dead, there's been no real official update. no doctor coming out to give a press release about the health of the man who ruled the country for nearly 30 years and was recently convicted for his role in the deaths of hundreds of protesters in the uprising that overthrew him a year and a half ago. carol? >> ivan watson reporting live for us from egypt this morning. surprise. senator marco rubio is on mitt romney's short list for vp, not big news, at least not until yesterday, when some republicans started casting doubt on whether or not that's actually true, which mitt romney then spent the day saying yes, it is true. he is being vetted as a potential running mate. romney also said that only two people know who is being considered for the number two spot on the gop ticket, himself and the woman he tapped to lead the search, his former chief of staff beth myers.
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heat, humidity, and a summer scorcher. it is the first day of summer today. and boy, can you feel it. it's going to feel like 100 degrees all the way from virginia to beantown. let's take you live now to washington, d.c. already feels like 85 there. and it's only going to get hotter. rob marciano is here to tell us how hot it's going to be. >> i think they purposely built those monuments white so that they would reflect the heat on days like today. d.c. will be one of the hottest today. and summer arrives at 7:09 eastern time today. this will be the warmest stuff so stfar since the middle of ju last year. just to give you an idea of where it's coming from, the midwest, nebraska, saw 109 yesterday. a record high. detroit, 95. and it's all pushing off towards the east. and even into the mid-atlantic. temps today well into the 90s with the humidity. and you know that's the key.
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we have heat indices that will be pushing 110. heat advisories and warnings are out for a dozen states from maine to the mid-atlantic today. so a dangerous heat wave on tap. here are some of the bigger cities that will be enduring this stuff. boston, new york, philly, d.c., all in the mid to upper 90s. d.c. a chance of touching 100 if not today potentially tomorrow. so some of these big cities are taking action in the form of cooling centers and things like that. ironically, across the southeast, things are a little bit less humid. things are a little bit more comfy. we may not touch 90 degrees here in atlanta. if you want to cool off -- >> come to atlanta. >> head south. we'd love to have you. >> we're only going to get, what, 95 maybe? >> not even that. but the first heat wave of the season, it just kind of takes you by surprise. so for that reason, take it easy out there if you live in the northeast, mid-atlantic, and certainly take care of your elderly neighbors and pets too. >> and it won't last long. so that's good. are you a basketball fan? >> of course.
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>> i know you are. the miami heat are proving their metal, aren't they? >> looks like they are going to take it. >> there was a scary moment for miami heat fans during last night's nba finals game against oklahoma city. halfway through the fourth quarter, look at lebron james there. he hurt his leg. but he would get back up after that to score a basket. but later, he was actually carried off of the court. he had leg cramps. >> he's been carrying that team all season. >> just lebron? >> well, for the playoffs at least. so the number of minutes he plays and what he does on both sides of the court, i will excuse a couple of leg cramps here and there. he'll be ready for game six. >> he will, i'm sure. he's under a lot of pressure too, right? he would actually get back into the game for a key three-pointer after being carried off. so you're right, he's back. heat beat the thunder by the way to lead the series three games to one. a woman getting patted down at the airport got so upset she went up to a tsa supervisor and gave her a patdown.
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defense attorneys for jerry sandusky are expected to rest their case today. but it is not clear if the former penn state football coach will take the stand. the source telling cnn sandusky is fully prepped and ready to testify if called. his attorneys will reportedly make that decision after the final witness testifies today. this morning, london police out to arrest wikileaks founder julian assange after he claimed political asylum at ecuador's embassy. police say he broke the terms of his bail. assange has been fighting extradition to sweden where he's been accused of rape but hasn't been charged. in weather, much of the east coast is expected to fry in blistering heat today. forecasters say, you know as in rob marciano, it will feel like 105 degrees. at least eight states are under heat advisories. experts are asking people to stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water. temperatures are expected to cool down by friday. in money news, it is the first day of summer, and some ice cream trucks are already running out of ice cream. the "wall street journal" reports good humor factories
9:16 am
can't make some treats fast enough. its main factory is closing, and demand went up during the unusually warm spring. in sports, jhonny peralta was thrown out of the game. davy johnson asked umpire's to check the pitcher's glove for a foreign substance. turned out there was pine tar on the glove. how did johnson know? because maybe peralta pitched for washington two seasons ago. the reliever could face a 10-game suspension. watch this video. an angry airport passenger is seen grabbing the crotch of a tsa supervisor. 59-year-old carol price was apparently upset after she said she was subjected to an extreme and invasive patdown. she now faces criminal charges. turns out she used to be a tsa agent, and reportedly has bad blood with the supervisor she grabbed. the tsa says agents followed all protocol. turning now to a
9:17 am
history-making moment for the southern baptist convention. he began his career as a street preacher in the lower ninth ward of his native new orleans. and today, reverend fred luter will officially become the first black president of the nation's largest protestant denomination. >> it was surprising that i was unopposed, particularly because this is such a large convention, and it's a year of the presidential election. and so i was really, really, really surprised that no one stepped up and wanted to run against me. and then to see the support that i got from the floor, it just brought tears to my eyes. >> joining me now is one of reverend luter's close friends and the man who nominated him to lead the southern baptist convention, reverend david crosby. welcome. >> good morning. good to be here. >> glad you're here. so southern baptist was founded by southern slaveholders. that an african-american pastor will head the convention astounds many people.
9:18 am
i know your group wants to diversify. to bring in more black parishioners. but some say they might be attracted because of pastor luter. and others might feel a little patronized. are you worried about that at all? >> well, i think there will be a wide range of response to his presidency. but i think in large measure, it's going to be positive. people are going to be celebrating like we did last night. it was a great moment. so we may have some detractors. but on the whole, it's a great celebration today in the southern baptist convention. >> what do you hope that your congregation -- and i'm speaking in general terms, you know, the whole congregation, will look like in a year or two after he takes control? >> well, we have been in the process throughout the southern baptist convention of increasing minority membership, increasing predominantly minority churches. so it's been years in the making, this presidency. and really it's part of a historic move in the convention
9:19 am
toward greater diversity. we're excited about it. we think we are going to be more diverse in the future. we need to be if we're faithful to our mission and true to our passion. so we expect that we're going to have more and more people of color, language groups, and ethnicities as part of our congregations. >> i know there's been talk about changing the name of the group, taking the "southern" out of the southern baptist. your membership has been dropping for five years. why not try that? >> well, we may do that. that's possibly going to happen. we do have baggage in our history, and we know that. and we don't deny it. we cannot. but we do want a different kind of future for the southern baptist convention. and southern baptist yesterday really spoke loudly to that. we have a chance to shape the future of the it's our moment in history. we're not the old convention that we used to be. and we are ready to open our arms very widely and embrace people of all colors, and
9:20 am
language groups, and ethnicities. >> going back to the possible name change, the word "southern," what does it say to black parishioners do you suppose? >> well, i think it does have some of those connotations from the jim crow era and even on back to slavery. it is the deep south which was most offensive in that regard. however, southern doesn't work too well in the northern states of the united states. there are other places where southern doesn't seem to fit very well. so geographically even perhaps that term "southern" has become outdated. at least for some of our churches and our congregations. >> reverend david crosby, thanks for joining us this morning. >> great to be here. you know how annoying those hecklers are at campaign events?
9:21 am
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the stories of the day. the question for you this morning, is heckling disruptive or good political strategy? heckling is as american as apple pie. admit it. when you were in peewee league, you happily heckled the opposing pitcher. pitcher has a rubber arm! who knew that was early practice for the big leagues? that is, politics. >> and when you ask them what specifically is your -- sir, i'm here to speak to these folks. >> families in every place in america have a relative of -- jerk. >> that's not to say heckling can't be effective. it can force a candidate to say unfortunate, unscripted things. >> we have to make sure that the promises we make in security,
9:25 am
medicaid, and medicare are promises we can keep. and there are various ways of doing that. one is to raise taxes on people. that's what -- >> corporations -- >> corporations are people, my friend. >> yeah, corporations are people, my friends. that's what mitt romney said. as for those hecklers at romney events, obama's adviser david axelrod went to twitter to ask obama supporters to stop heckling romney and, quote, let voters hear both candidates and decide. good luck with that. on fox radio, mitt romney implied all's fair in war and politics. >> you heard your people to stop doing it to the obama people? >> i can assure you that we do not believe in unilateral disarmament. >> heckling is now an effective weapon in the political arsenal. not only at campaign rallies but also at the state of the union. remember when republican joe wilson shouted at president obama, you lie? heckling is even used at presidential announcements in the rose garden.
9:26 am
it's shaping up to be one noisy campaign. talk back question for you today, is heckling disruptive or good political strategy? i'll read your comments later this hour. and don't forget if you're heading out the door, take me with you. watch me anytime or watch us, cnn, on your mobile or computer. head to active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen.
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good morning to you. 30 minutes past the hour. i'm carol costello. our top story this morning, after days of gut wrenching testimony, today could be the day that decides jerry sandusky's fate. a source telling cnn the former penn state football coach is fully prepped and ready to testify if his lawyers want him on the stand. most legal experts think that would be a disaster for the defense. yesterday, jurors heard from sandusky's wife of 45 years who finally broke her silence about the charges.
9:30 am
dotty sandusky, nicknamed sarj, because she testified, i'm strict and we expect a lot from our kids, was on the stand for 45 compelling minutes. the mother of six, grandmother of 12, told jurors, it was a busy life. we had a family. and it was rough because jerry was not around a lot. he would travel a lot. she testified she never saw any inappropriate contact between sandusky and his accusers. and when asked by defense attorneys is your basement soundproof, dotty answered no. defense attorney, did you ever hear someone yelling for help while he, victim nine, was staying there? dotty, no. when asked why these young men would falsely accuse her husband, mrs. sandusky said of victim number four, he was very demanding and he was very conniving and wanted his way. and he didn't listen a whole lot. the defense also called a number of character witnesses, including joyce porter, a longtime friend of the sanduskys.
9:31 am
in court, she testified that sandusky showers with the boys were innocent. >> he was like a father figure to a lot of these kids. you know, he helped them take a shower. who knows how old this boy was? where is this little boy that mike mcqueary supposedly saw? why hasn't he come forward if there's even a witness to say that this happened? >> word is, jerry sandusky is ready to testify. the question is, will he? that is the big question today. court is back in session now. and this is the last chance for jerry sandusky to testify. but that's the $64,000 question. will he take the stand? former prosecutor wendy murphy is in boston. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> ok. so do you think he will take the stand, sandusky? >> i shouldn't laugh about this, but i think the idea of him testifying is so absurd. you know, i think his lawyer will be sued for malpractice if he puts him up there.
9:32 am
we know he's not a good witness. even in friendly circumstances. in interviews with the media, which is a lot less vicious than cross-examination in a court of law, he basically implicated himself. and just provided damning statements. it would be foolish. plus, the prosecution would get to cross-examine him, repeating every lurid detail from every one of the charges. he'd be on the stand for days, hearing the repetition of what he's been accused of. no defense attorney wants that to be the last thing a jury hears before they go off to deliberate. i don't see it happening. >> but sandusky's attorney is not -- well, he does things a little differently than most defense attorneys, doesn't he? >> again, i'm sorry to laugh. but that is putting it mildly. i don't quite get his approach in this case. on the other hand, you know, it's a tough case. i think it's really a nondefensable case. but yesterday he was joking
9:33 am
about whether this case was reflective of a soap opera like "all my children." and i thought, that's creepy. who would say that out loud about this sort of case? so i don't know if he's just off the beaten path or just has tossed his hands up already and, you know, is making jokes. >> why not put jerry sandusky on the stand? the case isn't going well. he must know that. why not -- like what if jerry sandusky breaks down in tears on the stand and becomes very emotional, et cetera, et cetera? >> i mean, with 50 charges remaining, at most if they feel some degree of simp pa pathy foe guy, maybe they bump him down on a couple of charges. he does not stand to gain much. the key here is to leave the jury feeling some kind of sim pathy. -- sympathy. and i don't think that dotty sandusky said anything credible about the witnesses at all. she is the wife of the
9:34 am
defendant. i don't think the jury weighed what she said very much. but she at least created an aura of niceness. i'm sure the jury thinks she is a nice enough lady, he can't be all evil, all bad all the time. that degree of sympathy in the room at the end of this sort of case is sort of good for jerry sandusky. >> ok. so if jerry sandusky doesn't take the stand, the case is expected to wrap up by, when, thursday? is this the fastest case of its kind in the history of man? >> yeah. you know, that's such a good point. not a lot of people have been talking about this. i have tried these cases for 25 years. i have never seen a case tried this quickly, this efficiently, and in some ways i think the prosecution underprosecuted. perhaps because they know they have such a strong case, it's just an expression of their confidence in their case. or -- and they don't want to risk reversal on appeal by guilding the lily. but it's an odd case in that regard. you would have expected this
9:35 am
case to take weeks if not longer. so, yeah, i'm surprised. on the other hand, it's such a powerful case to have 10 victims, eight of them take the stand. corroboration by janitors and mike mcqueary and police and reports from years ago in writing. and his odd love letters. there is so much evidence here. it should have gone in quickly. and the prosecution should feel very confident. >> wendy murphy, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. alec baldwin has just gotten his marriage license, and then he got into a nasty scuffle with paparazzi. the cameraman says he was like a raging bull. [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up.
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i am sure you've seen the pictures by now. alec baldwin, boy did he lose his temper. he lunged at a paparazzi, newspaper cameraman, a paparazzi, and punched him. all this after getting his marriage license with his fiancee. baldwin claimed the photographer almost hit him in the face first with his camera. but this isn't the first time baldwin has lashed out against theman. shown shown host"showbiz tonigh hammer has the story. >> we don't know exactly what happened here, but we do know he
9:40 am
has a history of not having a lot of patience with the paparazzi. there's your backdrop. his publicist says as the "30 rock" star and his fiancee were leaving city hall after picking up a marriage license, a frustrated photographer pushed past a civilian to get a picture of the should-be happy couple. alec went onto his twitter page to deny he hit anyone. he said a photographer almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning. with this hash tag, all paparazzi should be water boarded. he was covered by a white blanket leaving his apartment later in the day. but "the new york daily news" claims that baldwin attacked their innocent photographer. he says that baldwin approached the shutter bug with his angry glare, and as the cameraman tried to move back, baldwin hit him in the chin. they published this picture of the incident that has one image of an angry baldwin, hands extended towards the
9:41 am
photographer. we would show you the picture but "the daily news" wants us to charge us to use it, which may say something about the whole incident. >> can you tell us how much? >> you know, i am not privy to that information. that was kept from me this morning for fear that i might reveal how much. >> exactly. let's talk about charlie sheen. his new show "anger management" has gotten good reviews. >> yeah. and it's tracking to do very well. according to "the "hollywood reporter"" carol, expectations are so high that writers started working on scripts for season two and this is before we have seen one episode of the show. you have to remember one thing about this whole deal for sheen. fx ordered 10 shows with the agreement to order 90 more shows if ratings were strong enough. so it could be around for a while. and in another bit of sheen news that's out there this morning, he just told "the new york times" that his show "anger management" will be his swan song. he will move on from the life of make believe and do something else. whether or not he actually walks away from it, carol, is anybody's guess.
9:42 am
but sheen is always keeping things interesting. and that never fails. >> that is certainly true. aj hammer, many thanks. >> you got it. justin bieber's alleged scuffle with a cameraman could result in criminal charges. that's the theme of the morning. aj will be back with us next hour to talk about that incident. thousands of people may go hungry after the senate decided to cut food stamp funding. many senators say it's because the program is being abused. the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security,
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46 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now, in just 15 minutes, attorney general eric holder appears on capitol hill for a showdown with the house committee. some of those lawmakers are threatening him with contempt of congress if he doesn't turn over documents in the government's botched fast and furious sting. that's the sting that allowed weapons to reach mexican drug cartels. this morning there are conflicts reports in egypt over whether toppled president hosni mubarak has died. he has been in failing health since the popular uprising toppled him from power 18 months ago. in weather, much of the east coast is expected to fry in blistering heat today. rob says it will feel like it's 105 degrees, at least eight states are under heat advisory. experts are asking people to stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water. temperatures are expected to cool down, though, by friday. in sports, a rewrite in horse racing history. the maryland racing commission
9:46 am
has changed secretariat's winning time at the 19 upon 3 preakness stakes. back then, there were questions about the recording on the track's electronic timer. the panel looked at digital tapes and listened to expert testimony before deciding to switch the time to a still standing preakness record. secretariat's jockey applauded the move. >> sec tretariat can now rest i peace. you are deserving of the record, and i am really pleased. >> besides the preakness record, secretariat still holds the record for the kentucky derby and belmont stakes. you can now rent your car to complete strangers while you're not using it. one man makes $75 a day renting his car. it can be done through sites like relay rides. but there can be problems.
9:47 am
renters can leave trash in your car or even worse, crash your car. while the senate is getting ready to vote on the massive farm bill, there's this question. should congress help feed the nation's poorest families or try to save $1 billion? a few billion, i should say. the senate overwhelmingly decided to cut aid for food stamps as part of the farm bill. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with the ramificati ramifications. good morning. >> keep in mind, though, america's poor will still be fed even though that amendment was voted down. but the food stamp program is still going to operate with about $4.5 billion less because that amendment was defeated in the senate. but just to put it in perspective for you, that $4.5 billion for the food stamp program is really just a drop in the bucket because it barely covers three weeks of the program anyway. now cutting the money out was an effort to close a loophole in the program. right now, 14 states give food benefits to families that also receive government assistance
9:48 am
for heating oil payments. and in some cases, those states were just handing out heating oil checks for just $1 to some families making them eligible for about $90 more a month in food stamps. now those who voted against this amendment saw this as an abuse of the system. now this vote didn't just happen along party lines. 22 democrats voted against the amendment. four republicans voted for it. the amendment sponsor says now is not the time to cut any aid to families. but the senate clearly overwhelmingly disagreed. carol? we asked you to talk back on one of the stories of the day. the question for you this morning, is heckling disruptive or good political strategy? your responses just ahead. there are a lot of warning lights
9:49 am
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talk back on one of the stories of the day. the question is heckling disruptive or good political strategy? this from daisy.
9:52 am
disruptive and rude. it is one thing do it when you are on a playing field in and totely different one when you are talking about the possible future of the nation and the millions of people that live in it. this from george. the people showing their discontent is played off as heckling when it is way more than that. this from alfie. heckling the president is disrespectful of the man and the office. this from gary. heckling isn't the answer but we immediate way inform force candidates away from their sound bite peach tows answer our questions and concerns instead of following their own scripts. more of your responses in the next hour of "newsroom." in our. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points
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9:56 am
he's proving it night after night in the nba finals. last year, his team the miami heat, up two games to one. dallas ran off with the next three games for the title. two games to one in series against oklahoma city. the thunder trying to match him with russell westbrook. he was pan it is a particular last might. hits this jumper. oklahoma city built a 17-point lead thanks in large part to westbrook who had 43 points. this is a key play, though. halfway through the fourth quarter, lebron drives good defense, here it is, by the thunder. he goes down. actually had to be carried off the court with leg cramps. trainers worked on him at the bench. four minutes left in the game. lebron comes back into the game, not entirely healthy, but he comes through in the clutch. three-point pointers, it was crucial. heat win 104-98. miami leads the series three games to one. no team has ever blown that lead in the nba finals. one more win for miami. lebron finally gets that title. we will see if they can do it tomorrow night. baseball, rays reliever joe
9:57 am
peralta entering the game against one of his old teams, washington nationals. davey johnson says not so fast. asked to check peralta's glove for a foreign substance. there was pine tar. peralta gets tossed. how did johnson know? >> how did he know? >> peralta used to play for the nats. he goes off the field, tipped the cap and like you knew. insider raiding. later in the game madden tried to do the same thing to a nats pitcher and didn't work. rays won the game. peralta face as ten -- could face a ten-game suspension. after the 2012 games wrap up in august another group of world class athletes head to don ton to inspire us. among those competing in the paraolympic games is a girl from manchester, new hampshire. he broke two records. she was paralyzed from the waist down six years ago after suffering complications from a
9:58 am
spinal cord injury. he got in the pool encouraged by her mom. >> she stopped the car and was like don't you ever let anyone tell you can't do something. if you think you can do it, you can do it. >> you know, as much as you root for her you truly root important all the athletes. they are accomplishing great things and, again, it is right after the summer olympic games in london this summer. >> that's atterrific. good for her. next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. happening right now in the newsroom, summer swelter meet and humidity in the east coast. 100 degrees, maryland, virginia, new jersey today. just the beginning. plus this. anger and rage, heckling in the battle ground states. mitt romney this morning saying he doesn't believe in unilateral
9:59 am
disarmament. p is staged heckling here to stay? groped at that time gate. the tables are turned. this time it is the tsa's supervisor getting the enhanced patdown. the twist -- the passenger is actually a former tsa agent. "newsroom" begins right now. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us. right now on capitol hill, an extraordinary showdown is unfolding. attorney general eric holder appears before a house committee and some lawmakers are threatening him with contempt of congress. it allowed went tons reach mexican drug gangs. republicans say they want answers. democrats say it is election year game playing. let's get the latest from capitol hill and congressional correspondent kate bolduan. how is it looking? >> reporter: i will tell you, we are just getting late information, carol, that i could say we are working out what this means for the vote but it is definitely a new step in this
10:00 am
back and forth battle between the department of justice, the attorney general, and the chairman of the house oversight committee darrell issa. we received word that the department of justice has sent a letter to congressman issa saying the president is asserting executive privilege over certain documents and i believe these are the exact documents that they are really fighting over now. documents from the department of justice between the dates of february and december of 2011. we can get into why those dates are important in just a second. but this is -- a very new development and obviously a very important development as we are waiting any moment now for this committee to begin its work. big question in my mind is -- does this kind of put this contempt citation vote in question? we don't know yet. this is a very big step that now we know the president is asserting executive privilege over these documents which we can say means that it -- they are at least trying to make the case why these documents are not
10:01 am
in the purview of the committee being able to try to seek them out. that's a very new development. we obviously need to find out more information about what this means for the vote. i can tell you probably right now the committee is just getting this document at the same time we are learning about it. but to this point, carol, this -- >> wait. i'm just i-ed in this. president obama to the rescue of eric holder, right? asse hasn't inserted himself into this mess until now. >> this does mean in -- i believe that in the information that's provided to us, some examples of this having happened in previous administrations. including in the bush administration. but when -- when a president excerpts executive privilege, that means that it is kind of dash it is -- out of the realm of possibility and privileged and protected. this happens on sensitive information and sensitive actions being take wren by the
10:02 am
executive branch and it seem that that is what's happened here in terms of documents. maybe it is a way to try to put this -- get this contempt society off the table and to move on because it really did appear that despite that last-ditch effort in the meeting that happened in capitol hill yesterday evening that the attorney general and congressman issa, chairman of the commit why they really reached an impasse and really reached -- at standoff and were in no way able to find a way to agree on what documents were going to be provided and when, what information was going to be provided. and when and that really meant that for chairman issa's position, he did not think the attorney general was giving him enough information. >> let me ask you this about the documents themselves. i mean -- issa wants to find out about the fast and furious program because this program led to the death of an agent. right? a border agent. >> reporter: absolutely right. >> what in these documents that the president has put the kibosh on is issa interested in finding
10:03 am
out? what specifically does he say that -- that's in these documents that will put this case to rest? >> reporter: well, from the conversations we had with chairman issa as well as the attorney general last night the attorney general said it is the -- things that we have been trying to provide already. e-mails, other kind of communications, those sorts of things. those are the kind of documents. but why we are talking about these specific dates, chairman issa is very interested in, dates between february and december of 2011, those dates are important because during this time the department of justice sent information to congress that it said that they -- there had been no improper actions that -- nothing improper had been done in terms of the operation. then ten months later, they had to retract that denial because it came to light that this gun walking -- gun-running, gun-walking activity was used in this program. we know that through this program, as this operation was ongoing, they lost track of hundreds of weapons and we also
10:04 am
know one of those weapons turned up at the crime scene of the killing of the u.s. border parole agent brian terry. it is -- communications between this time because chairman issa says he wants to know what senior officials knew and when and that's what he is trying to track down. for the part of the attorney general, carol, he says we already provided 7,600 documents. we are willing to provide more. he says he's testified before congress more than a half dozen times. he believes that this is just never going to end and so -- it appears that the attorney general wanted some kind of assurance that the contempt threat would be taken off the table. there would be a resolution if they provided more documents. he wanted to also have a briefing before they provided documents. as you can see, a lot of back and forth. >> wow. wow. >> reporter: going on for months. this is a very interesting development with text executive privilege being asserted. >> i would say that's an understatement, kate bolduan. i know you want find out more
10:05 am
and what this means if the contempt charge will go away now. i'm going to let you get to it. kate bolduan reporting live from capitol hill. after days of gut-wrenching testimony, today could be the day that decides jerry sandusky's fate. he is fully prepped and ready to testify if his lawyers want him on the stand. most legal experts think that would be a complete disaster for the defense. cnn contributor sarah gannan won a pulitzer prize for her reporting on the case and has been subpoenaed by the defense. we want to let you know that. she filed this report for us minutes ago. >> reporter: all week this has been the question that everyone has been asking the attorney -- will jerry sandusky take the stand and defend himself to jurors in his own words? if he wants to do that today is essentially the last chance he has because we expect the case to wrap up this afternoon and for jurors to hear closing arguments tomorrow morning and start to deliberate.
10:06 am
now if he does take the stand, i expect cross-examination would be pretty harsh. prosecutors are going to be asking him specific details about what these eight boys, now men, and would witnesses accused him of doing. that would be different, though, from yesterday when his wife took the stand and defended him. the prosecutors didn't really appear to see her as much of a threat. the cross-examination, to be quite frank, was pretty polite. she defended her husband and said she never saw anything inappropriate or heard anything inappropriate. she even questioned the credibility of one of the accusers saying, quote, he was very demanding and he was very conniving and wanted his way and he didn't listen a whole lot. it does appear that jurors are going to have heard all of their evidence by the end of the day today which means that -- unlike we originally thought that this case might go until the end of the month. it appears we might know the guilt or innocence of jerry
10:07 am
sandusky by the end of the week. carol, back to you. normally you see nuns working in their closely knit communities and religious orders. a group of nuns are hitting the road. there you see the bus. they are protesting the budget cuts they say will hurt the poor the most. the nuns are in milwaukee today and that's where ted rowlands is. the nuns are jumping into the political fray. >> reporter: yes. well, they -- carol, say, along with their bus, they want to just get their message out and what they are doing is defending the poor. we have been hanging out with them on their bus important the past couple of days. and there's no doubt that these ladies have the energy to get their message out. rolling down the highways of middle america, the nuns on the brus hard to miss. their driver usually carts around famous musicians.
10:08 am
these nuns say they feel like they are getting rock star treatment. >> hi there. >> most amazing thing when you walk out of the bus and you see the excitement and the anticipation. >> reporter: the nuns are attracting crowds of supporters at every stop. they plan to drive more than 2,000 miles through nine states ending up in washington, d.c., on july 2. the main purpose of the bus tour, according to the nuns, wisconsin congressman paul ryan's house passed budget plan which ryan says is in tune with his catholic fades faith. even though it cuts services to the poor. >> congressman ryan claiming the catholicism mantle really set our teeth on edge. probably we wouldn't be on the road if he hadn't have done that. >> reporter: the nuns stopped at the wisconsin office tuesday delivering to one of his
10:09 am
staffers what they call a faithful budget proposal that protects the poor. the idea for the bus tour came after the vatican's recent public criticism of socially active nuns in the u.s. which the nuns created an outpouring of sympathy and a lot of attention. >> so we said how can we use this opportunity with focus on us to show people what really is -- we are about? and who we care for. ♪ the nuns on the bus are in the i know ♪ >> reporter: so far the nuns who now have their own song say they are overwhelmed by the receptions they are getting. they are using their time on the bus to check e-mail and twitter accounts as driver bill gets them to their next stop. ♪ we thank you as we go >> bravo. bravo. >> reporter: carol, they are in milwaukee today. they are going to be going through illinois and into chicago this evening.
10:10 am
and then they are on the road until july the 2. they are having a rotation of nuns. there is only one nun, diane from los angeles, she is the only one that will be on the entire trip. they will be jumping on and off the bus as they move towards washington. >> okay. a question. the last time the nuns inserted themselves into our political culture, they came out in support of president obama's health care law. that did not thrill the bishops. that was part of the reason that the bishops and vatican later came out with this idea radical feminists. what did the bishop say about the nuns on the bus? >> reporter: they haven't said anything yet. it lish takes the church a long time to make proclamations. they move slow. but the nuns say the fact that they got that smackdown, if you will, from the vat ran really enabled them to get this bus because they said the outpouring of not only support but also
10:11 am
attention in and of itself for the nuns for the first time they say they were able to exploit that. they got the money for the bus and that's the reason they are on this tour, they say. >> you go, girls. ted rowlands, many thanks. lebron james goes down. the miami heat star hits the court in the fourth quarter of last night's nba finals games. he had to leave. we will tell you how he came back. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
10:12 am
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15 minutes past the hour. welcome back. checking our top stories. defense attorneys for jerry sandusky expected to rest their case today. not clear if the former penn state football coach will take stand. sources telling us sandusky fully prepped and ready to testify. house attorneys reportedly will make the final decision after the final witness finishes today. also today, this man, reverend fred luther jr., will are officially become president of the southern baptist convention. the first african-american to lead the group in its 167-year history. luter was unopposed in an
10:15 am
election to pick the denomination's next leader. gas at the pump dropped. the price i'm talking about. nationwide the average has fallen below $3.50 important the first time in months. it is even cheaper than that in columbia, south carolina. customers there are paying less than $3 a gallon. i-can't imagine less than $3 a gallon. lucky in south carolina. that cooler weather -- the east has been experiencing, well, forget about it. a heat wave is moving in today. some places it will feel like 100 degrees. some places. i should say many places. >> lot of places. with that cheap gas in south carolina, constituent in your car and turn the air conditioner on. no joke for folks in the northeast. the warmest stuff we have seen. not only this year but since july of last year. some folks may very well touch the 100-degree mark. we have seen that if places to the west and this -- surge of heat is heading east. mccook, nebraska, 109 yesterday.
10:16 am
to the east of detroit, 95 degrees. record high temperatures yesterday, heat pump is on. it is all circulating around the big blue waves which will keep things rather comfortable across the southeast. pump up the heat and humidity. tall way around to the mid atlantic and the northeast. over a dozen states are under a heat advisory and heat warnings now with the actual air temperatures measure medical the shade in the 90s. but with the humidity and certainly in the sunshine will feel well up and over 100 degrees. dangerous heat, cooling centers are set up for the bigger cities. here they are. daytime highs expected today and tomorrow. mid to upper 90s. d.c. and even boston may touch 100 degrees today or tomorrow. again, these are actual temperatures with the humidity will feel like more than that. cooler as we get towards saturday and sunday. drink lots of wqater and take care of the elderly neighbors and pets and that sort of thing as well. it is just a shock to your system when it is the first real heat wave of the year.
10:17 am
and -- you know, i don't -- i don't mean to end on the down note but heat is the number one heat related killer out there. floods, tornadoes, all that stuff, this is a dangerous thing especially those that may not be in the best of health. >> look out for the little kids and elderly neighbors and family members. >> don't be locking your pooch in the car. if you have a fountain splash around. >> nice. cutie. we have to talk about the nba finals and stick around here. lebron james -- he played one great game. >> he had a little slip. the thunder defended him very well. you will see it here in a second. he's driving there and he falls to the floor. actually he was suffering from leg cramps. they were so bad he had to be carted out of the game. you see the stretcher coming in shortly. amazing thing is -- he had the leg cramps, makes a shot, then the stretcher comes out and carries him from the court. >> he made the shot. got back up. as a lesson to all the kids
10:18 am
there. he's playing -- 60 minutes and is playing like 70 minutes a game. he's carrying the team out there. to get a cramp for a world class athlete every once in a while, one more reason to drink a lot of water during the heat. >> that's true. maybe just a little dehydrate. >> game five coming up. we will see if they can close it out yeah. i'm rooting for the thunder. amazing story, too. not like the thunder is playing badly. not playing as good as the heat. >> yeah. thank you, rob. florida, it is in the center of a political firestorm. the reason, governor rick scott's plan to remove ineligible voters from state roles. supporters say the purge will stop election fraud but critics say the plan violates voting rights. joining me is the co-director of the advancement project which filed a lawsuit against -- lawsuit against florida yesterday. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> there are lots of entities that filed lawsuits, including the justice department. what makes yours different?
10:19 am
>> ours under the voting rights act and we are saying that florida committed race discrimination and language discrimination. in doing this purge. florida is saying that -- made a list of voters who are citizens and it is saying that -- they are noncitizens using bogus evidence. and 82% of the people on this list are people of color. over 60% are latino. and that is just not allowed. if you want to make your voter roles accurate, then you have to do it in a nondiscriminatory way. >> but just because there are many people of color on the purge list doesn't mean they were directly targeted. how do you prove that? >> well, we -- don't have to prove the intent of the governor because florida -- because congress has -- knows it is very difficult to prove somebody's internal motive. so what we have to show is that the list has discriminatory results and that it is done for
10:20 am
no good justification. >> you also say the purge violates federal law because it is within 90 days of an election. but the governor came up with the idealess year. so the timing is important, too. how can you prove the exact timing of when governor scott decided to take this action? >> it doesn't matter when he started the action. in fact, you know, we think that he had this action in mind the day that he became -- came into office. because we know there on -- there are partisan motivations behind the scheme. but the point is that it has to be finished within 90 days of a federal election. and in this case, people are still being purged and will is an election on august 14 so they have not finished this plan at all. >> i'm -- i have -- sadly, i have to interrupt you. congressman issa is speaking in congress about the contempt charge, possible contempt charge, against the attorney general, eric holder. let's listen. >> department of justice called fast and furious.
10:21 am
16 months ago, this committee, along with senator chuck grassley, launched an investigation into whistle blowers allegations regarding fast and furious. we became involved only after senator grassley was told he would not receive answers from the justice department, in fact, he did not have subpoena power and was not the chairman. in the course of our investigation, the committee uncovered serious wrongdoing by the justice department. that wrongdoing led to 2,000 weapons crossing the mexican border that cost lives on both sides of the border including brian terry's. a year and a half later, the terry family is still searching for answers. the operation contributed to the deaths of countless mexican citizens. it soured our relationship with
10:22 am
our neighbor to the south. it created an ongoing safety problem here in the united states in which even the attorney general has admitted more lives would be lost. the department of justice has fought this committee's investigation every step of the way. starting with an unequivocal denial it used the reckless tactics we know was used in fast and furious. the denial proved to be false and ultimately the justice department withdrew it. they withdrew it in december and having given it to us in february. today's contempt is in no small part because the materials between the time a false statement was given to us in writing and later affirmed in sworn testimony by the justice department's representative, office the of the court a
10:23 am
lawyer, now the dean of law school, was ultimately false. that intervening period remains one of the areas of investigation. it is clear that congress relies on its ability to get truthful testimony when investigating wrongdoing in and around the executive branch. in spite of this lack of transparency the committee has managed to piece together much of what happened and we believe that we can help participate in making sure it never happens again. but our work is not complete. and we immediate the department of justice to cooperate. thus far, the cooperation has not been forthcoming. over and over again, the department has sought to protect its political poiappointees. it used this investigation by -- its investigation by the department's inspector general which has been pending a very
10:24 am
long time as a reason not to cooperate. we are now on the second inspector general and there has been no interim report and although they say it will be forthcoming within a month, we and the american people need answers sooner, not later. the attorney general has in fact, said he's gone to extraordinary measures to participate and to help. we have received to date approximately 7,600 documents. a great many of those documents are, in fact, responsive to other operations conducted before he was attorney general. and those documents pale in comparison to the 80,000 documents or more that the inspector general has received. our purpose has never been to hold the attorney general in contempt. our purpose has always been to get the information the committee needs to complete its work, that it is not only entitled to but obligated to do.
10:25 am
we offered the department an accommodation to address its concerns about information related to ongoing prosecutions. if the justice department had delivered the documents they freely admitted -- admitted they could deliver we wouldn't be here today. as late as last night, in discussions with the attorney general, our offer -- his offer was only to give us a briefing and such documents that supported the briefing and then only if we ended the investigation. contempt today is not about whether we end the investigation or not. it is about a narrow subset of the documents that the committee must ultimately receive. the subpoenas are eight months old. we have not received a credible reason for them not being supplied and, in fact, no constitutional assertion has occurred. rather it is the duty of the
10:26 am
executive branch and its agencies to represent itself on a -- honestly before congress and to make available such transparencies as necessary for us to fund and authorize it now and in the future the request of this and future presidents. >> okay. listening to congressman issa. talking about toyshg eric holder and how holder is allegedly thwarting a congressional committee's attempt to investigate the fast and furious program. earlier our congressional correspondent kate bolduan told us president obama has entered the fray and asserted executive privilege over the documents that have been requested by congressman issa. don't know how this will affect the contempt charge. we are still looking into that. we will take you back to capitol hill. we are monitoring this and kate bolduan is still searching for the answer to the executive privilege question. ♪
10:27 am
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congressman issa and his committee deciding whether to file a contempt of congress charge against attorney general eric holder over the fast and furious program. we are bogey to put that picture in the corner of your screen. as news develops we will get
10:30 am
back to that hearing and we will keep you posted on all that's happening. political buzz, rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, smart answers. playing today, former rick perry consultant and former south carolina gop party chairman. that means he's today's conservative. on the left. cnn contributor maria kardoma. okay. first question -- msnbc is reporting republicans are skittish about nominating a woman as vice president in 2012 because their 2008 can't date, sarah palin, quote, poisoned the well. and that as a result, any female candidate would be subject to greater scrutiny. what do you think? did sarah palin poison the well? >> that reason sing so offensive, carol. i don't even know where to start. did she poison the well for women candidates? no.
10:31 am
she poisoned the well for vp candidates who are woefully unprepared to take the national stage, who were newbies and dreadfully unvetted. whether they are male or female. you can't tell me anybody would be skittish about nominating somebody like condoleezza rice or olympia snowe. and so i think that if republicans are using that as an excuse it begs the question -- are they using it as an excuse to expose sexism. it is offensive. >> well, let me get a little historical context here. certainly it is rather is exist but let's go back to jair agera ferrara. find that in historical terms when you take a look at what's gone on in the past, sarah palin created energy john mccain needed. everybody forgets in a in the his tore can a context. john mccain had a flat campaign.
10:32 am
she provided the energy and excitement and then certainly the rest is history. but -- i don't -- i don't think that's fair to say that the republicans would say she poisoned the well any more than democrats would say thgeraldine ferrara poisoned it for them. >> this is jill in los angeles speaking to the union representing nurses, prison guards and sanitation workers. >> we owe you! you shouldn't be vilified! you provide the safe neighborhoods! you provide the good schools! you provide the school lunch program! you provide the daycare centers! you provide the hospitals! you provide the ability of people to live a decent middle class life! we owe you! >> exhausted after that. class warfare? >> i'm fired up. >> is class warfare still a good
10:33 am
strategy? >> well, carol, let me tell you, joe biden for once says something right. he said we owe you. the difference is what he was suppose -- speaking to were the union bosses, not the workers. the people who were at home, whose aunts and uncles and sons and daughters are looking for jobs. again, joe got it right. no question that the democrats owe the union bosses for the last election. but the circumstances are different now. things have changed and right now the economy is the topic and everything else is camouflaged. so kudos to joe for not putting his foot in his mouth and saying we owe you and defining exactly who they do owe. >> maria. >> class warfare is one of those -- one of those phrases that has just completely lost all meaning. first of you a, democrats have never vilified rich people. we all want to be rich. what weevil tie are the republican policies that help rich people who don't need it and are asking for it as the
10:34 am
expense of the middle class. labor unions, you can correlate the rise of a robust and strong middle class with the rise of labor unions. they have done a lot to spur this economy. popularity is waning but if you look at communities and -- and ask them if they love their policemen and firefighters, their emergency workers, their first responders, their health care workers, and they are all heroes in these communities and when you go after labor unions, that's who you are attacking and that's who you are i will have fig. that's not a good strategy for the gop. >> on to question number three. off the bus and into the birth control debate. that's the situation facing mitt romney today at a stop in michigan. what will be waiting for him? a person dressed up as a life-sized package of birth control named pillomina. courtesy of the michigan chapter of planned parent hood which says it is protesting romney's promise he would, quote, get rid of the group, planned parenthood, if elected.
10:35 am
in honor of pillomina, what costume characters would you like to see on the campaign trail? >> i would love to see the milwaukee brewers sausages go to every mitt romney rally and for people who don't know, these are sausages who are german sausage, italian sausage, polish sausage, show up with suit cases to underscore they are ready to self-deport which is what mitt romney's permanent solution to the immigration problem is. >> top that! >> well, maria, i think -- very cute. i think it is -- one is pinocchio as the nose continues to grow and democrats and joe biden and them keep telling everybody is me is getting better and gas prices are going to get below $2 a gallon. i think mitt romney ought to get off the bus with the los angeles dodgers mascot because certainly this administration is dodging the question and every time they can change the conversation away
10:36 am
from the economy, away from the economic heat and the poor leadership of this administration has provided, i think that it is something will be fun and notable. i would stay with pinocchio and los angeles dodgers. >> okay. we have to end it there. thanks to both of you for playing today. we want to go back to congress because, as you know, this contempt of congress hearing is going on concerning the attorney general eric holder. and the fast and furious program. let's listen to congressman couple. >> earlier this month went on national television and called the attorney general the nation's highest ranking chief law enforcement officer a liar. at the same time, refused to request hold a public hearing with ken nelson the former head of the agency charged with conducting these operations.
10:37 am
this refusal came after mr. nelson told the committee investigators privately that he never informed senior officials and justice department about gun walking during operation fast and furious because he was unaware himself. last night he flatly rejected the attorney general's offer and he refused to commit to working towards a mutually agreeable resolution. instead he rushed to a pre-arranged press conference to announce the failure of the meeting. it seems clear you have no interest in resolving this issue. and that the committee planned to go forward with contempt before we walked into the meeting with the attorney general. it pains me to say this but this is what i believe. this is does appointing since the department has already turned over more than a thousand pages of documents that answer your question. you want to know why the department sent a letter to
10:38 am
senator grassley and initially denying allegations of gun walking. the documents show that when they were drafting this letter to the departments and legislative affairs office relied on the categorical and emphatic denials from the leaders of atf. these are the same atf officials that you now refuse to call for public hearing. this morning, we were informed that the administration is now asserting executive privilege over a narrow subset. it is indeed narrow. of documents that remain at issue. as i understand it the assertion does not cover everything in this category. such as whistle blower documents. and the administration has indicated that it remains -- i emphasize remains willing to try to come to a mutual resolution despite its formal legal assertion.
10:39 am
as a member of congress, i treat assertions of executive privilege very seriously and i believe they should be used only sparingly. and in this case it seems the administration was forced into a position by the committee's unreasonable insistence on pressing forward with contempt despite the attorney general's good faith offer. mr. chairman, it did not have to be this way. it really didn't. we could have postponed today's voted, accepted attorney general's offer, and worked with additional documents and information. instead by not arming the constitution -- honoring the charge, to seek accommodation possible to position the prestige of this committee has been diminished and as a result should concern us all. with that i yield back. >> okay. we are going to jump away for just a bit. congressman cummings accusing his republican counterparts of
10:40 am
political gamesmanship and wanting to file a contempt of congress charge against the attorney general eric holder. we are going to take a quick break. we will be back with congressman issa's response after this. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ now a congressional committee is meeting to consider a contempt of congress charge against the attorney general eric holder over the fast and furious program because they claim that the attorney general isn't turning over required documents or wanted documents. right now the republican from indiana, congressman burton, is speaking. he's speaking after congressman issa asked for comments -- it just wrapped up. congresswoman maloney is speaking. she is a democrat and is commenting on issa -- issa asked for comments on the citation. >> in our country in contempt of
10:44 am
congress. the house of representatives has never in our long history held an attorney general in contempt. and i am horrified that you are going forward with this contempt charge when the president of the united states and the administration have invoked executive privilege for the documents sought by the chairman. and the attorney general is being attacked for protecting documents that he's prohibited by law from producing. and i just speak strongly in opposition to this action and in opposition to this report. i would like to point out that our committee, committee on oversight, and government reform, is supposed to root out
10:45 am
problems and find ways to reform how government works. it shouldn't be a political witch-hunt against the attorney general of our country and our president in an election year. and what we should be doing is looks at ways we can stop problems from happening again. so my basic question, mr. chairman, is where is the reform? our committee is supposed to be working on government reform. and any legitimate investigation must be rooted in finding solutions to problems. once they are identified. not just character assassination. and overruling presidents. and attacking the chief law enforcement officer in our land. so, again, i ask where are the
10:46 am
reforms. during this investigation, we have learned a great deal about what went wrong -- >> she is talking about the executive privilege issued by president obama on the documents requested by congressman issa. he wants those documents. president obama by executive privilege says he can't release those documents because there are things in there the country should not hear. and as you saw, as you heard congressman maloney saying she can't believe that congressman issa is even continuing on with this hearing. we have to take a break. we will be back with more after this. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is.
10:47 am
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10:49 am
we are coming to monitor a hearing on capitol hill. you can see the picture at the bottom right of your screen. first, between want to get a quick market check. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning. taking a look at the board. i know what you are thinking. not much action happening here
10:50 am
on wall street. you are seeing the markets flat. dow down only about 11 points. you are seeing investors pretty much in a wait and see mode because what's happening in about an hour and a half is the federal reserve going to be coming out with its policy decision and investors not necessarily looking for exactly what they are going to do about interest rates. it is a certainty what they are going to do there. the focus is really on whether or not the fed will be introducing any more stimulus into the economy. we are keeping an eye on the markets for you. >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. to any succes. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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♪ what the... what the... what the... ♪ ♪ are you seein' this? ♪ uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh... ♪ ♪ it kinda makes me miss the days when we ♪ ♪ used to rock the microphone ♪ back when our credit score couldn't get us a micro-loan ♪ ♪ so light it up! ♪ even better than we did before ♪ ♪ yeah prep yourself america we're back for more ♪ ♪ our look is slacker chic and our sound is hardcore ♪ ♪ and we're here to drop a rhyme about free-credit-score ♪ ♪ i'm singing free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ dot-com narrator: offer applies with enrollment in quick check of the top stories. minutes ago, attorney general eric holder faces a showdown with the house committee. president obama stepped in and granted executive privilege. the move means the department of justice can withhold documents on the government's botched fast and furious gun sting. apparently it does not protect holder from a possible contempt of congress charge. right now publicly lawmakers
10:54 am
appear to be moving ahead with that vote. the defense attorneys for jerry sandusky expected to rest their case today. not clear if he will take the stand. a source telling cnn sandusky is fully prepared and ready to testify if called. his attorneys will make that decision after the final witness testifies. we have new word out of egypt on the health of toppled president hosni mubarak. minutes ago, mubarak's attorney announced his health improved in recent hours and has been taken off life support. this comes after rumors his death added to the troubles that already hang over that country. and that will be the topic in the noon hour when former president jimmy carter joins us to discuss egypt's uncertain future. today is the first day of summer but feels hotter in july. the indianapolis fire department camp they turn order the hoses to beat the heat and making sure kids are drinking plenty of water. parts of the east coast will feel more like 100 degrees. rob says relief will come,
10:55 am
though, by friday. in today's daily dose, french researchers say women that work at night have a 30% higher chance of developing breast cancer. more than 1 million women around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. scientists say more research is needed to determine why women on overnight shifts are at greater risk. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us today. i appreciate it. "cnn newsroom" continues after short break with kyra phillips.
10:56 am
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hello, everyone. i'm kyra phillips. 11:00 on the east coast and 8:00 on the west. it is now or never for jerry sandusky. if he plans to take the stand in his own defense today is the day. we are life at the pennsylvania courthouse.
10:59 am
months before the election, lawsuits are piling up against a purge of non-citizen voters in florida. polls tell a different story. we are also watching france for you where a gunman who says he's al qaeda is holding people hostage at a bank. so far he let two people go. we will take you live to paris. we are going to start now on capitol hill where the man in charge of enforcing america's laws may himself be facing prosecution. we are talking about eric holder, the u.s. attorney general. he's being threatened with contempt of congress for withholding documents from a government sting operation that went horribly wrong. within the past hour, holder's boss weighed in on the stand-off and may have big-footed congress. kate bolduan is on the case. we heard it moments ago. the white house asserting executive privilege. >> reporter: it is the latest twist in this ongoing battle that is coming to his -- leading


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