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tv   Early Start  CNN  June 28, 2012 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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affordable care act dubbed obamacare by many is constitutional. politically it is considered the signature legislation of president obama's time in office, and it's likely to be a center piece of the presidential election campaign as well. mitt romney, the presumptive republican presidential nominee, says he'll take action regardless of the decision. >> whatever the supreme court does tomorrow, one thing we know, if i'm elected president, we're going to get rid of obamacare and replace it with real reform. >> and the american people understand that we're not going to make progress by going backwards, we need to go forwards. they understand we don't need to refight this battle over health care, it's the right thing to do. >> one thing is for sure, today's decision will affect how you get medicine and health care. congressional correspondent kate bolduan is live in washington and she is breaking it all down for us.
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what are the key issues we should be expecting today? >> reporter: good morning, zoraida. the nine justices need to apes a question. they are facing four issues today, and we will finally get an answer as we've been talking about this for months now. first off, the justices need to answer the question, should they take a kind of legal time-out here, not deciding this case, not taking up this challenge until maybe after 2014 when all of the main provisions kick in. that has to do with pretty archaic, not well known law called the anti-injunction act from the 19th century. that's likely not to happen, but then the big question is the center piece. the individual mandate requiring most -- nearly all-americans to have health insurance or face a penalty. will that stand or will that go? and then the next question right after that is we kind of call it the domino effect. if the individual mandate's ruled unconstitutional, if it's
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ruled to step beyond the bounds of the authority that congress has does the rest of the law or part of the law stand or does all of it go if the center piece of the law is ruled unconstitutional. finally on a separate issue, a challenge to the expanded medicaid praogram within the health care law combines together to argue that this is stepping on state's rights, that it is an overreach of the federal government and that this expanded medicare program unfairly coerces states to take part in the expanded program. all four important issues, legally dense and finally we should hopefully have an answer sometime after 10:00 this morning. >> we're sternly looking forward to it. what if there's a split decision 5-4 either way? >> there's a lot of talk about this. the high court would love to have a unanimous vote. they would love to speak with one voice on any issue. on hot issues we have expected a
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divide because there is an ideological difference between these justices. i'll tell you, it's interesting. ruth bader ginsburg, she said recently that it may surprise you that we have voted unanimously and decided unanimously in some 40% of the cases they've taken up this year. these are less high profile cases, less big headline cases, but they do speak with one voice occasionally. i'm not going to read the tea leaves today. we will see. i wouldn't be surprised if it is a split decision. >> historically i was reading typically it is like that like supreme court justice ginsburg said. i know you have a long day. thank you very much. >> of course. talk about long days. even the laypeople are looking for some long days. already lining up at the supreme court to be there when history is made and that verdict actually comes down. this was the scene outside of the supreme court yesterday afternoon. campers. one of them a teacher from
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california. another a nurse from florida. both of them flying to washington because they just wanted to be there. >> i had the opportunity because they announced when they were going to issue the opinion in advance to grab an airplane ticket and fly up and sit out here all night and i just thought i was going to grab the opportunity and do it. >> i really love the government class because every day there's something in the news that i can bring to my class. >> thank you. thank you. all right. so there ease a live picture right now of the supreme court. you can't see it, but there are people outside waiting right now. apparently somewhere around 50 tickets or so available to the onlookers, people who want to be inside the gallery. what we can also tell you is it is not broadcast live, folks. they have made concessions to do radio recordings that they often release later, but you'll have to rely on the live reporters literally sitting through the
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readings of the opinions and then rushing out to the cameras outside. we're keeping a live eye on it for you. >> it is six minutes past the hour. keep it here on cnn. we have special coverage. chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta will tell us how the health care decision will affect your medical coverage if the entire law is upheld or killed. jim accost a tells us what this will mean for the election in both the obama and romney campaigns. and then business correspondent christine romans explains what this means for you and your money. how much will you end up paying if the law passes. will your costs go up or will they go down? make sure you stay tuned with "starting point" with soledad o'brien in two hours. our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin will be here. soledad will speak with republican senator mike lee from utah and democratic senator chuck schumer from new york. all of it at 7:00 eastern time
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on cnn. >> special coverage begins at 9:00 eastern, wolf blitzer, candy crowley and john king. they'll lead the coverage. >> you thought that was it for politics and law today. not so fast. an unprecedented house vote scheduled for later on today. this to decide whether or not to hold a sitting attorney general in contempt of congress. it was a white house event that holder was at last night. the republicans have already gained access to more than 7,000 documents regarding that "fast and furious" operation, the gun walking operation, but they have their sights set on something more, like those internal communications within the justice department after the gun walking operation failed. president obama has asserted executive privilege over many of those subpoenaed documents. as debby moves away from florida, more rain is in the forecast unfortunately along
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with rough surf and hazardous boating conditions. scattered showers and storms are expected in florida over the weekend. some areas hit with already 26 inches of rain this week. more than 5,000 people in 17 counties are without power. officials in florida say four people died in separate incidents there. food & drug administration is approving a controversial diet drug called belviq. it's designed for overweight or obese adults with one or more health issues like diabetic or cholesterol problems. the drug works by fooling the brain so that patients eat less and still feel full. could be on the market by early next year. today's show co-host an curry is expected to officially announce on this morning's show that he is she's leaving. curry told "usa today" that she will miss her viewers. the today's show ratings have
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slipped since curry replaced meredith vierra a year ago. we may have hope today. weather, it could actually change and it could turn the tide in the fight against all these fires in colorado. we're going to take you live out there from the wild fire zone and find out just exactly what is in store. [ female announcer ] the coffee house. the lines. the cost. the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor with coffee-mate, from nestle. add your flavor this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state.
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explosive wild fires in colorado that are swelling to, and i will say this and not lightly, epic proportions. top officials say they've never seen anything like this. multiple fires burning out of control at the same time. president obama now making a trip to this region, planning this for tomorrow. in the meantime "the denver post" is showing a few hundred of the homes that are just burned to the ground. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. >> my dad called me. he's like, there's flames a block away from your house right
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now. >> just total devastation. >> it's like somebody put on orange glasses. everything you could see was completely orange. >> so the waldo canyon fire has doubled in size just over the course of the day and that mostly because of high winds. rob marciano is in colorado springs. here's the question. we hear about the high winds, we hear about the dry conditions. it looks like there may be some rain in the forecast, but even that may not be what they need at this point. >> it's a bit of a double edged sword, ashleigh. rab was in the forecast and some parts got the rain. unfortunately the rain did not fall here. we got the outflow and that made the winds and the fire behavior even more erratic. after a terrifying night on tuesday night. yesterday was a nerve racking day for residents and firefighters alike as they try to get a handle on this thing. there's been estimates of maybe
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2 or 300 homes burned in a community north and west of colorado springs. in colorado springs proper. this is not some hillbilly mountain community. this is a verified city with big homes, four, five bedroom homes that have been burned to the ground. residents frustrated. they've been coming up on hill tops with telescopes waiting to see into their neighborhood. very frustrated and scared, of course. all sorts of equipment and personnel on this fire to try to beat back the flames. it has grown, as you mentioned, to 18,000 acres. only 5% containment and another day of erratic winds expected. thunderstorms and dry lightening in the forecast. there you see the results. crowning fire getting into neighborhoods. frightening situation here in colorado springs. just up the road near boulder, colorado, this is a time lapse, the fire was spreading quickly throughout the day yesterday. this likely started by a lightening strike.
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you see that little bit later on in this time lapse. the entire state for the most part has been having to deal with at least the threat of fires burning here and that threat is going to continue. here's what the fire looks like on a map at least how close it is to colorado springs. there's the lightening strike. that is surreal for sure. this thing continues to grow. it is frighteningly close to where we stand right here. the five-day forecast shows temperatures that will remain very, very high, obviously dry, slight chance of thunderstorms. that doesn't mean good things. that increases the winds in all sorts of directions. fire weather threat out west today looking forward to be critical in spots but actually it's moving to the east. the lower great lakes going to be under be the gun because the heat that this area has endured, record-breaking heat, that is beginning to shift off to the east. now the fire threat, guys, moving to just south of the great lakes. so that's kind of surreal as well. we are about five miles from the
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fire zone on the east side of i-25 and i haven't been to a fire since san diego several years ago where you would look across city lights and see fire and smoke and that's what we've been seeing the past couple of days. we'll have to wait to see what sun up brings. little bit cooler and calmer now. hopefully they have a little bit more of a handle on the fire last night. it's big and continues to grow. >> so bizarre. so bizarre to think they could get thunderstorms coming but it's so dry you get the lightening from the thunderstorms and the rain doesn't even end up hitting the ground. it gets sucked up to the dry heat. we'll come back to you in a few minutes. if you want to find out how you can help the wild fire victims in colorado and other western states, you can go to there you'll find all the organizations that you can tap into, ways that you can help those people in need. once again 17 minutes past the hour. let's get you up to date.
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here's christine romans. >> the top story, good morning, ladies, is the supreme court and the future of health care in america in the hands of the court today. in less than five hours we'll know whether the court decides to strike down portions of the law, the whole thing, or uphold it. the biggest issue, the individual mandate which would require nearly all-americans to buy some form of health insurance beginning in 2014 or face fines and penalties. a canadian search and rescue team says there are no survivors inside the rubble of a mall that collapsed in lake elliot. workers removed two bodies yesterday 267892 others were injured when a rooftop parking lot collapsed into the two story mall over the weekend. earlier this weaniek rescuers hd tapping. just months after beating a murder rap with florida's stand your ground law as a defense, graceton garcia was shot and
5:17 am
killed. he was hit by a stray bullet as he drove his truck through miami's neighborhood. they believe he was an innocent victim. r kelly suffered complications from throat surgery. last year he underwent treatment for an abscess on his vocal cords. it's not clear how long he will be side lined. 18 minutes past the hour. we're getting an early read on local news that is making national headlines. chicago, it stands to save millions of dollars for decriminalizing pot. the city council has voted instead to find people caught with 15 grams or less. how much is that? that's the equivalent of about 25 cigarette sized joints. "the chicago tribune" says tickets will range from 250 to $50 o. the new rule is supposed to safe about $18 million. it should generate millions of
5:18 am
dollars as well. >> sounds like a familiar move. new york mayor had the same plans. >> keeps on happening. >> maybe it's a wave, folks, going across the nation. politics makes strange bedfellows, sometimes charity does as well. the aclu, yes, the aclu is backing the kkk. >> wow. >> you heard right. kkk wants to adopt a highway in georgia, but officials there weren't so keen on the idea rejecting the application saying that program is only open to, quote, civic-minded organizations in good standing. the aclu telling "the journal constitution" that the klan does have a first amendment case here. in 2005 the court ruled missouri had no right to ban the kkk from the adopt a highway program in that state. so first missouri, now georgia. we'll watch it for you. you can also continue to watch what we're doing. expanded look is sitting all
5:19 am
nicely all teaed up with a bowe on cnn on our blog. today's health care ruling will mean a lot for our nation, but what will it mean for your wallet. christine romans, you know, tells us what each possible decision would cost you. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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good morning. welcome back. it's 23 minutes now past 5:00. we are minding your business this morning.
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christine romans is here talking about obamacare and your money. what is it going to cost everyone. >> i want to tell you this, look, most intelligent people can't figure out their co-pays and co-insurance. how are we supposed to understand a dramatic remaking. i want to be clear about the costs here, health care reform as it stands, as it's passed now, and what we all face here, how this is going to work. first of all, the cost is about a trillion dollars over ten years. this is according to the congressional budget office. there will be cuts to federal spending, taxes on hospitals, employers, and you to pay for it, right? on balance, the cbo says it will make deficits better over the next ten years. there are ways they're going to pay for t. here are some of the ways they're going to pay for it. if you make $200,000 a year for you, some taxes will go up. you'll pay higher medicare taxes and some of your investments.
5:23 am
if you're uninsured you'll pay a fine or penalty or you'll pay to get some insurance with subsidies. if you misuse your flexible spending accounts, there will be some fines and fees for that and changes to flexible spending. that's how they're going to help pay for health care reform. if you go to a tanning booth you'll pay an excise tax and that's how they're going to pay for it as well. if you are uninsured, this is the cost per family if you don't have insurance. there will be a penalty if you decide, hey, i'm not going to get insurance. you'll pay a penalty. the whole idea is to try to push you into the system because you're also getting subsidies that are bigger than the penalty. so the government trying to get people to be insured. the maximum penalty in 2014 is $285. that goes up to $2,000 by the year 2016 if you do not have health insurance, you will be fined. it is capped at the percent of your income. it's very complicated. it is sprawling. it is huge.
5:24 am
millions of people are going to be affected one way or another. if you have health insurance through your company and health reform stays in place, there are estimates that companies are going to start moving people into the state exchanges and have them go off and buy their own insurance and maybe 3 million a people a year starting in 2019. 3 million people a year will start losing their employer-based health insurance and you'll go into these state exchanges? >> literally you could lose it or have it changed on you? >> both. but the thing is that you might get a better deal if you go to one of the state exchanges. this has always been about access to insurance. this has never been something about keeping costs low, about helping you have more affordable insurance, it's about getting the uninsured insured. that is what this has always been about. >> it is because the costs are spiraling out of control. >> absolutely. >> you go to an emergency room visit, you don't have health care insurance somebody has to pay for that. >> absolutely. it's making the costs go up for
5:25 am
everyone. this is my bottom line for you folks. with or without a repeal, your co-pays are going to go up. your october of pocket expenses are going up. what your company can afford to pay for your insurance is going down. one way or another we are paying more for health care in this country. >> important for you to stress, with or without this legislation. >> with or without. >> everybody's fighting to say one side means you're going to pay more. it's critical to know it's both. thank you very much. a north carolina father, if you can believe it, is fighting against a hospital for the right to take care of his own young son. his father is fighting. we're going to have that story for you in a moment. of any small business credit card. your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics, put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one.
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counting down to today's health care ruling. literally, actually, on the left-hand side of your screen we're doing that. what the supreme court says today could shift strategies in the race for president. the billboard says, quit the church. one group's fight against catholic leaders is going public in a big, big way. a computer you can wear. google's new glasses make a big splash with an awesome stunt-filled debut. you're not going to want to miss that. welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 30 minutes past the hour. let's start with this. big story today. this happens to be one of mitt romney's favorite lines on the campaign stump, it's to tell the audience if i'm elected i will appeal obamacare. that works. republicans love to hate president obama's health care
5:30 am
reforms, and this really gets them fired up when they're out on the stump. but what happens if republicans actually get their wish and obamacare is no more? because that's the possibility in just a couple of hours from now. will mitt romney lose his rallying cry? what about the president? what about president obama? he has a ton politically invested, like how about this an entire year fighting to get obamacare passed. but the supreme court overturning health care might not actually be a total loss for the obama camp. thoroughly confused? well, then jonathan allen is the person for you. he's politico's senior correspondent. he joins me live. good thing you are here. there are a lot of issues that are very chewy, as i like to say. let's start with this. is it possible that this could be really the reverse of what we think it is? that mitt romney could suffer on the campaign stump because he won't have that thing that he loves to push, obamacare, he won't have that anymore if it's struck down today?
5:31 am
>> reporter: that's certainly possible. you know, mitt romney, if the law is left intact, it gives him something to contrast himself with the president on. i'm going to repeal it. if there's a muddle, it makes it hard for him to contrast himself where there's a similar law in massachusetts. it's certainly possible it will work out that way. >> what about the president, could he it actually find that if obamacare is struck down today, it could be a boon to him because the democratic base could get so angry they'll fire themselves up? >> reporter: i don't think there are very many people in the administration, if any, who are rooting for this to be struck down. however, they could have a silver lining, which is they could for the first time see democrats really rally behind the president on this issue. you know, this was not something where democrats found it easy to counter the tea party momentum and fervor back in 2009 and 2010, you'll remember the two parties essentially grew out of
5:32 am
the health care fight. democrats won't match that. if they feel like their back is up against the wall, if they feel like the president has been dealt an embarrassing blow by a court that is partisan, that might get them energized. >> a lot of republicans have felt that the court was partisan as well, shall i say in the '70s? a lot of people have said this is a litmus test. if obamacare goes down, so goes the president as well. then when you look at the numbers about what americans care about, health care isn't that high. the last poll i have was from may 29th through 31st. 52% of the americans thought the economy was critical. health care didn't come in until third at about 14%. will people be watching the news saying, wow, that's fascinating, but who-hum. >> i think that's right. people will be watching that with interest. in november when the election occurs, i think the economy will blot out the sun.
5:33 am
i think what people don't understand is how interrelated the health care decision is with the economy. you know, both on the micro level, both for individuals, how much money they pay for health care out of pact. now more also on the macro level, what health care system costs the government, costs taxpayers, and that's a huge factor in our economy. it's eating up a larger and larger portion of our economy. so i think that's something the people will start to understand more and more over time. >> and something tells me that the economy of fundraising for both republicans and democrats will be severely affected by whatever the supreme court does today. >> positively affected. >> no kidding, right? depends how you look at it. you've been doing some great work on this. i encourage people who are watching today to go to politico and check out a lot of your writings on health care. jonathan, thank you. >> so kind of you. thank you. >> i aim to please. thanks very much. by the way, folks, we aim to please as a network, too. we've got special coverage on health care. that fight that has been going
5:34 am
on. chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta will be here live. he'll talk about how the decision will affect you and your medical coverage. jim acosta is also live with what it means for both the obama and the romney campaigns. and then our business correspondent, christine romans, with more on just how much you're going to end up paying if this law passes. and also be sure to watch "starting point" with soledad o'brien in less than two hours. senior legal analysts jeffrey toobins weighs in. soledad will also speak with republican senator mike lee from utah and democratic senator chuck schumer from new york. that is beginning at 7:00 eastern. and then as the clock strikes 9:00 on the nose this morning eastern time, there is your fantastic team. our special coverage will get on board. cnn's wolf blitzer, candy crowley, john king will lead it live. special coverage when the supreme court issues its decision, and it is a landmark
5:35 am
decision, folks. perhaps the biggest decision since bush v gore. all gets underway at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. it is 36 minutes past the hour now. hours after the muslim brotherhood's victory in the egyptian presidential elections a british journalism students was sexually assaulted by a mob in tahrir square. she was working on a woman's rights documentary. she was with two friends at the time. they became separated and that's when she was brutally attacked. >> men started ripping off my clothes and first of all it was my skirt, and that just went straightaway. and i didn't even feel my underwear being removed. and then my shoes went and then my upper -- my clothes on my upper half were being just ripped off me. that was quite painful. >> well, she was eventually rescued and taken to a medical tent. an egyptian man disguised her in a berka to get her away from the
5:36 am
crowd and headed to the hospital. natasha is back in the u.k. she is promising to return to egypt to finish her film. this isn't the first time that female journalists have been attacked. two other women were sexually assaulted by a mob while they were covering a story. it is 37 minutes now past 5:00. a legal fight over a north carolina teenager who has been in a coma for more than a year is raging this morning. he's 18 years old and he suffered a brain and a spinal cord injury. real terrible trauma. all of this from a car accident. and now the hospital in raleigh where he's been receiving care has filed a lawsuit to replace the boy's father as his legal guardian. for its part the hospital says this is to make sure that it can secure medicaid coverage because his father has failed to file the paperwork, but the family's attorney says this hospital is
5:37 am
overreacting. >> this kind of a drastic measure over paperwork is just, to me, unbelievable. i just -- to think that you could lose guardianship of your child -- well, i know he's 18 but, still, your child, because of obtaining benefits or delaying obtaining benefits is just absolutely just horrifying to me. >> as the argument rages on, the family has launched a facebook petition asking for support. a highway billboard with a message for catholic church leaders is stirring up quite a bit of controversy in texas. the billboard urges catholics to quit the church saying, put women's rights over bishobishop wrong. the group says it chose the dallas fort worth administration because they're suing the obama. this one is from the dumbest
5:38 am
criminals file. two burglars accidentally bust themselves after pocket dialing 911 right in the middle of their own crime. you cannot make this stuff up. smoking loves it. it happened in lubkine texas. police say they were trying to steal copper wire from a construction site. that's a regular crime. the dispatchers could overhear them as they were planning to make their profits. >> if we lift it, maybe a thousand pounds there. that's a couple thousand dollars. >> it's a couple thousand dollars or it could be a few days, months, who knows in the hooscou. both of them were arrested and charged with theft. big surprise. google making a splash at its annual developer conference in san francisco. the web search giant unveiled a new tablet yesterday. the nexus 7 will go on sale next
5:39 am
month and compete with amazon kindle's fire. the nexus 7 will weigh less and it will have more features including a front-facing camera. speaking of the cameras, while everybody seems to be talking about the keynote stunt at this point that included sky divers and stunt cyclists, google's computer you can wear was making this huge demo. it began with a plunge out of a blimp that was being streamed live. the project glass will be available for people to test. prototypes of the device can be purchased for $1500 only at the conference this week. the consumer version, you might have to wait until early 2014 for that. all cool though no matter how you slice it. bath salts were first blamed for a zombie-like attack in florida. now new test results are painting a different picture. we'll have the whole story coming up. every powerful coln is backed by an equally powerful and secure cloud. that cloud is in the network,
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the fight against the explosive wildfires in colorado. the winds are finally starting to calm down this morning. right now multiple fires are burning out of control. "the denver post" publishing just a few of the hundreds of homes that have simply gone up in flames. president obama is planning to visit the state tomorrow. rob marciano is in colorado springs this morning for us. rob, yesterday we were talking about the fires jumping the containment lines. they were worried about the winds. do we have a little bit of good news for anyone this morning? >> reporter: we think that the winds are going to be just as erratic today. thunderstorms popped up across colorado yesterday. none of that rainfall got to the fire here, just the gusty and erratic winds. the fire did not behave anything like they thought it would. much like the night before, which was just unbelievably terrifying as thousands of residents scrambled to get out of their homes and out of harm's way. there you see some of the pictures. these are from the ground. some aerial photography also showing that potentially over
5:44 am
100 if not 2 or 300 homes burned. that's not official, but certainly from some of the pictures we've seen it's not out of the question. residents here are still in shock and very frustrated to not be able to get to their homes. nobody can get west of i-25. media, residents, nobody but firefighters because it's just struggling, struggling with this blaze. it has burned 18,000 acres. only 5% contained. but into the city limits of colorado springs. into the southwest boundary of the air force academy, which has 1,000 cadets for the incoming class about to arrive today. not sure what they're going to do with that. all right. the weather, not necessarily co-op perfect raul cooperating. the bulk of the heat has moved off to the northeast. any thunderstorms that pop up will cause erratic winds. here's a look at the fire weather map. it goes from colorado, utah, nevada area. actually shifts a little further to the east into places like the great lakes because that's where
5:45 am
the core of this record-breaking heat will be going and there will be some gusty, hot winds with that. take a look at some high temperatures. some all-time record highs across kansas, also across pueblo, colorado, just south of here. they hit 105 degrees. some of that heat and humidity will get into over 20 states under heat advisories. the heat that did not help the fires here, zoraida and ashleigh, is moving to the east affecting even more people out of the fire zone. >> rob, i want to read something to you that is alarming to me that i read in the "l.a. times" this morning. it says experts are warning already fire warey coloradoans. it could rage all summer long into the autumn rains. is that true? >> it's possible. the problem is we had very little snow this past winter. it's often when that happens you'll get a couple of big snow
5:46 am
events in april and may, and we didn't really see that either. so the snow pack is not there. we haven't seen much rain this spring. and obviously as we get into the summer months we don't get much of either of those. so it's going to be a long haul for sure for folks here in colorado. >> boy, that is really tough. rob marciano live for us in colorado. we appreciate it. thank you. 47 minutes past 5:00 on the east coast. time to get you updated with top stories. christine romans has it. >> good morning, you two. how you get your medicine and your health care coverage could all change this morning. at 10:00 eastern the supreme court will rule whether president obama's health care bill is constitutional. the key issue, the individual mandate which would require nearly all-americans to buy some form of health insurance beginning in the year 2014. if they don't, they face fines and penalties. an update on that zombie-like cannibal attack in miami. according to a new report just released by the county medical examiner, the suspect was not
5:47 am
high on bath salts, was not high on bath salts as police had first suspected. rudy eugene was killed by a police officer after his 18-minute gruesome, unrelenting attack. the report says marijuana was found in his system, but no traces of other drugs. no alcohol was present. it looked like smooth sailing for a bipartisan senate measure providing flood insurance for millions of americans. pretty cut and dry. but abortion stopped the bill in its tracks. ran paul called for a vote on an amendment defining when life begins in a flood insurance bill. majority leader harry reed says paul's request is outlandish and he won't let the bill go forward. midwives are growing in popularity. midwives delivered 8.1%. country's babies in 2009. a record high. advocates say that's because midwives focus on a holistic
5:48 am
pregnancy and birth. they're not as quick to induce labor. news corp's board of directors approving the company's split. "the wall street journal" reporting a formal announcement is expected later today. this move would split the media con gom mer rate. five years ago this week steve jobs changed the way we look at phones. the first iphone was launched, and it's been a big money maker for apple ever since. analysts say according to estimates the company has raked in $150 billion in sales to date. $150 billion. iphone 5 is expected to be released this fall with loads of extra features. i mean, every time you do an apple story, ladies, we didn't even know we needed it. now people can't get enough of it. >> you need to get the "b" key on your computer. >> five years ago? >> five years ago. >> i feel like we've had iphones forever. >> all our lives. >> thank you, christine.
5:49 am
rielle hunter revealing new secrets about her affair with former senator john edwards. she told cnn's piers morgan edwards went temporarily insane when their relationship was exposed and he wasn't in his right mind when he tried to cover it up. morgan asked hunter if there's any chance the two will get back together? >> i have no idea. i really don't. i -- i -- we have such a great relationship in communicating and a lot of love for each other so it wouldn't surprise me if we were able to work things out. whatever happens between us, we will continue being loving, great parents. >> hunter also said she is sorry for the pain their affair caused edwards' children and his deceased wife, elizabeth. >> might be the reason for the breakup last week. could-insides with the book tour. go figure. it's 51 minutes past 5:00.
5:50 am
picture perfect shot of a boy and a beast. whoa. this was not planned, and there's a good chance that little boy had no idea what was going on behind him. we'll have that story in a moment. >> that's a great picture. so if you are leaving the house right now, do not from the time. you can watch us any time on your desktop or mobile phone. go to ♪ near the village to eat more . chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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5:53 am
welcome back. 54 minutes now past the hour. time to take a look at what's trending. this one we bring to you in honor of the big interview that piers morgan had with rielle hunter. you think your spouse has a wandering eye? you might want to give him or her the anti-cheating ring. kid you not, folks. it's sold by the website the if you try to take this ring off your finger, it leaves an imprint that says, i'm married. look at it. i'm married. that's the best. i love it. >> john edwards, you should have had this thing. >> price of fidelity? not too bad. 550for a lifetime of happiness. go figure. >> i kind of like it. >> it's very pretty. >> not anti-cheating, just committed folks who don't mind. >> i'm married. no matter how good at rock, paper, scissors you think you are, you will never beat this
5:54 am
robot. i love, rock, paper, scissors. i play it with my kids. the ultimate champ beating human challengers, 100% of the time. turns out the robot is a cheater. scientists programmed it with a camera that predicts hand movements. it knows which play you're going to throw. i'm going to play against it. >> clever. clever. we may have the best zoo photograph of all times. >> i think so. this is very cool. >> check it out. little guy named alex hawker from fort myers. it's at the miami zoo. this is what alex says happened before the photo was taken. >> he was almost pressing the button and then the lion said, oh, that's a good treat. >> that's a good treat. alex's dad says the lion woke up and leapt six feet in the air. he's always going to treasure this once in a lifetime photograph.
5:55 am
>> that is too adorable. look at his face. >> i know. which one? >> the little boy. the little boy. >> there's a lot of happiness in both of those faces. one thinks he's going to get the treat of a lifetime. anticipation is building. the supreme court's landmark ruling on health care reform comes down later this morning. we are live at the high court. we'll have analysis from every angle imaginable. that is coming up. the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at and this is what inspires us to create new technology.
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5:58 am
in a matter of hours america learns the answer. did the supreme court uphold president obama's health care law or did they strike it down? from bad to worse in colorado. more mass evacuations from wildfires as the flames creep closer and closer to where people live and where people work. debby is done. florida's flooding, gone. water is high as street signs and some homes completely under water. good morning to you. welcome to early start. thanks for being with us. >> we're bringing you the news from a to z.
5:59 am
it just hit 6 a.m. in the east. get started with the big story of the day, historic really, a decision that will affect every single one of us, every single american and about four hours away. the supreme court will decide whether all or even just parts of the affordable care act which a lot of people have now become familiar with as obama care is constitutional or not. politically it is considered the signature legislation of president obama's time in office. it is likely to be a centerpiece of the presidential election campaign. it already has been for mitt romney, the presumptive republican presidential nominee. he says he will take action no matter what the decision is today. >> whatever the supreme court does tomorrow, one thing we know, if i am elected president we'll get rid of obama care and replace it with real reform. >> the american people understand that we're not going to make progress by going backwards. we need to go forwards. they understand we don't need to
6:00 am
refight this battle over health care. it is the right thing to do. >> here is one thing we know for sure. today's decision will affect how much you get medicine, how much you get health care, how much you may have to pay for those both. our congressional correspondent kate baldwin is live outside the supreme court. kate, i know that you have read all 2,700 pages of this actual signature legislation. that's something the justice system had to do. when we get right down to it, they have a lot of options today. what are those options? >> they do have a lot of options. it comes down to do they deem the individual mandate requiring nearly all americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty come 2014, do they deem that constitutional or do they throw that out? do they deem it unconstitutional? from there, ashleigh, it is a murkier tale. the next question is this domino effect that we have kind of deemed it. if the mandate is thrown out, if
6:01 am
it is struck down, can the rest of the law stay in place or do part or all of the law, the rest of the law need to be thrown out as well? it was unclear coming out of oral arguments back in march what direction a majority was leaning on those issues. the justices definitely seemed uncomfortable with the idea of going through all 450 provisions, all 2,700 pages and picking what should stay and what should go but again we will have to wait and see on that. the next question is a separate but related issue dealing with the expanded medicaid program under the new health care, under the health care law. states are challenging that saying they are being -- that this program unfairly steps on state's rights, quote, unquote, coercing them to have to take part and take on more of the cost to take part in this expanded medicaid program. many options before the justices, but all eyes really are going to be on the individual mandate because that's really the centerpiece of it all. does the individual mandate stay
6:02 am
or does it go and what is the reasoning behind the justice decision. that's what we're reading carefully for come about 10:00. >> it is unusual to hear such a din of activity behind a reporter in front of the supreme court at 6:00 in the morning on the east coast. a lot of people there and waiting in line to get in and sounds like they are putting crowd control, those big iron bars, right. >> separate and different from the case that we're hearing at the same time the supreme court building itself is undergoing facade work and fixing. we're dealing with construction noise as well. >> i was wondering if they were hammering to get in the front doors. >> that was me, yes. >> let me throw another crazy wild card out there. when we put the graphic up which we call the wait until 2014. a lot of people wonder why 2014. it should be happening today. it is the whole issue of tax, whether that individual mandate that you were just talking about can be considered a tax and if
6:03 am
it is a tax, that's not something the supreme court can actually even decide upon until the tax is in place. >> this was very interesting. this was not actually raised by either side in the case. this was raised by a lower court and has to do with as you said the tax issue. it is a little known very old federal law known as the anti-injunction act dating back to the 19th century that says you cannot sue, you cannot challenge a tax until the tax has gone into place, until the tax has been leveed. there has been an argument in the lower court because this penalty, this fee if you do not purchase health insurance is going to be paid through your tax returns, through the irs, because of that it is considered a tax and because individual man at a time hasn't gone into effect until 2014, the states can challenge that individual mandate, that quote, unquote tax until it goes into effect. it is unlikely the justices will take this quote, unquote legal
6:04 am
time-out. they seem like they wanted to move far beyond that and get to the key question in this case. again, we'll see. some are calling it the sleeper issue of this case. >> right. lord help us if they do that. this discussion you and i are having, it is going to last another two years. get your speed reading goggles out for when the opinions come down. we'll follow everything you and jeff toobin have to say. >> thanks. some people already lining up to be there when the decision comes down. we know construction is happening there. this was the scene yesterday afternoon. a teacher from california and a nurse from florida flew to washington to be there. >> i had the opportunity because they announced when they were going to issue the opinion in advance to grab an airplane ticket and fly up and sit out here all night, and i just thought i was going to grab the opportunity and do it. >> i really love the government class because every day there is something in the news that i can bring to my class.
6:05 am
>> that's really great. we have special coverage of the health care fight all morning long. jeef medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta on how the health care decision will affect your medical coverage. national political correspondent jim acosta tells us what this will mean for the obama and romney campaigns and christine romans will break down what this means for you and your money. all of that coming up this hour on cnn. be sure to watch starting point with soledad o'brien. jeffrey toobin weighs in and soledad will speak with republican senator mike lee from utah and democratic senator from new york at 7:00 eastern. >> special coverage that starts at 9:00 eastern, wolf blitzer, kandy crowley and john king will lead the network coverage live when the supreme court issue this is landmark decision on health care reform. >> i can tell time.
6:06 am
i said in less than two hours but soledad's show an hour from now. a house vote is scheduled later today on whether to hold the sitting attorney general in contempt of congress. eric holder was mingling with lawmakers attending the anal congressional picnic. republicans already gained access regarding fast and furious. they have their sights set on something more, internal communications within the justice department after the gun you can walking operation failed. president obama asserted executive privilege over some of the subpoenaed documents. later on "starting point" soledad talks with the democratic congressman emanuel cleaver from missouri, chairman of the congressional black caucus. the storm called debby moves away from florida. guess what, still more rain in the forecast and rough surf and hazardous boating conditions. scattered showers and storms expected across central florida over the weekend where they are
6:07 am
already dealing with massive flooding. the area hit with at least 26 inches of rain just this week alone, more than 5,000 people in 17 different counties don't even have power this morning. officials say four people have died in separate incidents. it is probably going to be a very difficult day for "the today show" co-host ann curry. she is expected to officially announce this morning she is leaving. speculation has been rampant about her future at nbc. "the today show" ratings have slipped since curry replaced meredith vera last year. >> moving up to the nba, the draft taking place at the prudential center in newark, new jersey. 19-year-old anthony davis from the university of kentucky is the consensus to be selected first by the hornets. >> is that the uni brow guy. >> they, trademarked that. >> yes. >> i can't wait to see him play. looking forward to that.
6:08 am
glimmer of hope among the flames. weather could turn the tide in colorado. rob will weigh in on that. he is there live. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, "what's next?" introducing the all-new rx f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. er is differentoducing the all-new rx f sport. but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you. high schools in six states enrolled in the national math and science initiative... ...which helped students and teachers get better results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%.
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explosive wildfires in colorado now swelling to epic proportions. officials say they have never seen anything like this. multiple blazes are burning out of control. president obama is planning to go there tomorrow. in the meantime the denver post showing just a few of the hundreds of homes burned to the ground. tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes. take a look at the pictures. it is simply amazing. rob is there live. necessary colorado springs. this has been nothing but ly devastating news to everybody. yesterday there was a mass exodus of cars backed up trying to get out of the area. is there any good news to report on the fires? >> not a whole lot to be honest. yesterday it didn't make that terrifying approach to the subdivisions that it did on tuesday night. that was the night folks literally looked out their window and saw fire down the canyon into the neighborhoods
6:12 am
and scrambled to get out, over 30,000 people have been evacuated and most staying with friends and family. they're still in shock and certainly sad and frustrated not knowing whether or not really their homes have made it. they certainly have been trying to get that information out and there is no official count as to how many of the homes burned. you have seen in the pictures it is obvious and the aerial photography also shows likely over 100, maybe as many as 300 homes burned if not destroyed by this. 18,000 acres and only 5% contained. yesterday we had winds that were erratic and it was frustrating for fire fighters and at times they seeked safe places and abandoned the efforts and that will likely be again the case today. lightning with those thunderstorms and obviously can spark more fires. take a look at this time lapse video. this is a fire burning southwest of boulder and shows a thunderstorm moving over the front range there and then lightning strikes and igniting
6:13 am
even more smoke and flames. that's what we're dealing with, thunderstorms that don't necessarily bring good news as far as a ton of rain. they more bring lightning and gusty winds which makes for a frustrating fire fight. there is good news in this. with this fire the waldo canyon fire in the northwest suburbs of colorado springs, no fatalities and no serious injuries and that is remarkable considering the speed at which this fire came down the hill and the number of people that had to get out of harm's way. obviously the extreme heat and the lack of snowfall this past winter contributed to a volatile fuels and that heat in many cases record-breaking beginning to surge to the east. here is the fire situation. take a look at the maps as far as the red flag warnings and the fire danger today. it is out west but also going to shift to the east in places like the great lakes because that is where this severi searing heat shifting and with that dangerous
6:14 am
winds also. over 20 states under heat advisories and warnings with this heat dome building off towards the east. you couple in the humidity and we're talking about dangerous heat indices, over 110, 115 degrees and we had temperatures at an aall time record high in kansas and colorado the past few days and that is now moving off to the east. residents not allowed to get back to their homes and no word when with that will happen. it will be a tough, tough long haul here in colorado springs and only 5% containment. they'll have their hands full for days and probably weeks to come. >> thank you very much. you know, a lot of you want to know how you can help the people displaced. to find out how you can help in colorado and other western states go to there you will find all the organizations and ways you can help those in need. that is 16 minutes past 6. let's get up to date with top
6:15 am
stories. >> good morning. the future of health care in america is in the hands of the supreme court today. in less than five hours we're going to know whether the court will decide to strike down portions of the law, strike down the whole thing, or uphold it. the biggest issue, the individual mandate that requires nearly all americans by to buy some form of health insurance beginning in the year 2014. if they don't, they face fines and penalties and government taxpayers will give them subsidies, though, to make sure it gets done. the fada proving the controversial diet drug bellvik. it is designed for overweight or obese adults with one or more health issues such as diabetes or high cholesterol. it fools the brain so patients eat less and still feel full. they're urging people not to take it because of heart risks. the drug could be on the market by early next year. >> canadian search and rescue teams say there are no survivors
6:16 am
inside the rubble of the mall that collapsed in lake elliott. workers removed two bodies yesterday. 22 others were injured when a roof top parking lot collapsed into the two-story mall over the weekend. earlier this week they were hopeful. they heard tapping from a location. according to local media rts ro the mall has had a history of roof problems including leaky ceilings and rusty beams. now is the best time to buy a new car. the average new car costs $500 less than a year ago and the most significant declines are for japanese vehicles. honda and toyota are fully restock and had discounts are back and the auto makers ran into trouble last year after a march earthquake and tsunami hit assembly plants hard. google making a splash in san francisco. the web search giant unveiled a new 7-inch tablet computer yesterday, the nexus 7 that will go on sale next month and compete with amazon's kindle fire. both are about $200. the nexus 7 will weigh less and have more features.
6:17 am
people have a front facing camera. everyone is talking about the keynote stunt that included sky divers and skunt cyclists google's computer you can wear. the demo began with a plunge out of a blimp live streamed. it will be available for people to test. prototypes will be purchased for $1500 only at the conference this week. the consumer version could come in early 2014. google glasses. there you go. >> trying to figure out if they worked out the glitch about walking on a street while you're reading directions through the google glasses. >> the ultimate of multi-tasking. >> the whole issue of those important things. >> opening up a big map. have you been in midtown manhattan lately, all of the people with their maps, same thing. >> when was the last time you walked around with a map in front of your face. >> i see a lot of people walking around with maps trying to figure it out.
6:18 am
>> i will wait. i don't want to pay $1500 for those. they're funky looking though, you have to admit. >> wait until 2015 you and will get a chip right here. >> the eye chip, yeah. great. understand landmark ruling for the nation and an important ruling for the family finances. christine will be back after the break to hawk about this and what it means to you and your family when it comes to money. (phone ringing) good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone)
6:19 am
this is stacy from springfield. oh woah. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0" i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire.
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing.
6:21 am
minding your business. christine is here talking about obama care and your money. >> a lot of people have been
6:22 am
deluged with tv news about politics, the pros and cons and when it comes down to it, what does it mean when it comes to how much this will mean. >> so much more politics and health care and i think that's one of the things you're seeingy flekted in the polls. intelligent people today can't figure out their co-pays and co-insurance and you talk about a sprawling remake of the american health care system. it is really complicated stuff. let me start simply and say getting all of these uninsured people to have coverage doesn't come for free. the price tag is about a trillion dollars. they have to pay somehow. how do you pay for that? with cuts to federal 4e89 care spending in some areas and taxes on hospitals, employers, and you. who gets taxed? well, rich people will be taxed if you make $250,000 or more a year. under health care reform you will be paying more in medicare taxes and more on your investment income. if you're uninsured you have to
6:23 am
pay for insurance. if you don't pay for insurance, will you get a fine or penalty but you will get a subsidy. the government will give you money to go buy insurance to get you in the system. that's supposed to help everybody overall. flexible spending accounts change. if i misuse them, there is a fine and if you go to the tanning booth there is a 10% tax because the theory is that you're going to be unhealthier long-term and the tanning industry will be mad i said that. whatever. that's how you will pay for health care reform. now, this affects millions of people. it affects every family. if there is a wholesale repeal of this law, who pays immediately? seniors who will pay more for prescription drugs. who pays immediately? well, society because you will have all of these 50 million uninsured people still uninsured and will cost the system every time they go to the emergency room and get costs of care. prevention, a lot of prevention and wellness stuff in health care reform and the theory is that's an investment for the long-term.
6:24 am
that would change. anybody with a preexisting condition, a child with a preexisting condition who is being treated today with insurance immediately, immediately costs for the family would go up. it is something that affects everyone. >> and people with chronic illnesses as well. dr. sanjay gupta will come in and talk about that. >> health care is 16% of the every dollar of the american economy's health care. it is huge. it is huge. this is not just a little political story. this isn't democrats and republicans fighting. this is really important stuff. >> see the clock, it just disappeared. it was on the bottom of the screen, 3 hours and 45 minutes away from the decision. i don't know if you can do this math this fast or if you know generally speaking if i choose not -- if they uphold the individual mandate and i have to go out and buy myself insurance, and i choose not to, is it cheaper for me to pay the penalty or cheaper for me to get the insurance with the subsidy. >> they'll make it cheaper for you to get the insurance with the subsidy.
6:25 am
that's the point. they want you in the system. small businesses are complaining they think it will cost too much and some small businesses say they will go under. they say i have to stay below i think 50 employees. i will not grow because i want to stay under this certain level. i have talked to a lot of small business owners and the big complaint now is they're hiring lawyers to tell them how to do it and it is costing them money. they're too busy running the business to worry about this. this is just the beginning. no matter what happens if only part is re peeled it is only the begin willing, and the gop said we will not rest until every part is undone. the uncertainty remains. >> the one thing you need to know about this and your health care costs have been going up. if you have a job and you have insurance coverage right now, your health care costs are probably still going to go up. have you noticed you're paying more? have you noticed the co-pays are bigger, that you pay all of this co-insurance? have you noticed you're not getting the same things? those sorts of things are not really handled under health care
6:26 am
reform. it is about access, getting all of the people who are completely out of the system into the system. it is not necessarily about making sure if you have a job that you have insurance. >> there is no easy answers. i came from a country with universal health care and there is raging debate. no easy answer no matter what. >> if it is struck down today what happens the next time you walk into the doctor's office? there are many layers to this story. we have answers to those questions and more from dr. sanjay gupta coming up. the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
6:27 am
it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged.
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6:29 am
in a matter of hours we'll know whether president obama's health care law lives or dies. we'll take a look at what the supreme court's ruling could mean for your coverage. >> tsa screeners caught sleeping on the job in a major airport. some of them have paid the price with their jobs. >> no mouse, no problem. the new way to move your cursor with the flick of a finger. >> oh, my goodness. seriously? >> so cool. get your geek hat on. going to get you up to speed on
6:30 am
that. welcome back to "early start," everybody. nice to have you with us. >> that will be really cool. >> i can't wait. i am geeky but i am also really cheapy so i have to wait until everybody else has the stuff before i get it. >> i am with you on that. that's ashley banfield. thanks for being with us this morning in just a few hours the supreme court will rule on the constitutionality of the health care law, the signature achievement of president obama's first term. there is a lot at stake of course. not just politically. the high court decision will affect every one of us. let's bring in the chief medical correspondent, sanjay gupta. we're delighted you are with us this morning. let's start with what effect will this have if the coverage, the entire law is upheld? >> if it is upheld, there is a lot of things that will go into effect over the next few years including in 2014 a lot of the
6:31 am
provisions people are talking about in terms of the mandate and also not discriminating against someone based on preexisting conditions and that's in effect for children and also go into effect for adults. the 450 provisions in this. we have been focusing on just a couple three here. there is lots of different things. we also talk about no lifetime caps and no annual caps so you can't all of a sudden run out of money if you have a chronic illness. >> i am get ago lots of e-mail and i want to talk about the preexisting condition. a lot of parents are worried. this he have children with chronic illnesses and preexisting conditions and they wonder what will happen now? >> that is a tough one. that's a provision that's already gone into effect. the scenario is you have a sick child and having a really tough time getting insurance and now the insurance companies cannot discriminate. they can't charge you any more money for your clield's health care insurance than they would charge another child living in the community at the same age. that's a good thing for children with chronic illness. if it is over turned and the law goes away, then by law insurance
6:32 am
companies wouldn't have to do that anymore. they could charge whatever they want to charge. we have talked to a lot of the insurance companies. we have been investigating this for some time and some of the big providers say, look, we're not going to do that. we're certainly not going to sudsly charge prohibitive cost or drop children from the plans. that would be a disaster obviously for the kids and the families. by law again they could charge pretty high prices. >> and what happens if the individual mandate is thrown out? we talk about that a lot. that's the key issue here. >> i have been thinking about this issue for over a decade. i think the best way to explain this is that the mandate is the money arm of this. you are bringing more people into the system. they pay more premiums. you have more money to help pay for people who have illness, who have disease, and if you don't have a mandate, that means that, look, a person might say i am not going to buy insurance until i get sick. it would be like saying i am not going to buy car insurance until i am already in a wreck. it obviously doesn't work for
6:33 am
anybody. the insurance companies wouldn't be able to sustain themselves if that thing happened. by the way, that scenario has already been tried at the state level. this was tried in kentucky where they said we're not going to do a mandate and we'll tell insurance companies you can't charge more than the same amount of money for every single person living in the community. everybody's premiums went up by 40% in the state of kentucky and ultimately that law was over turned. that's a little bit of a forecast of what could happen. >> we were talking early whier with christine romans and they said that some of the first people affected by this will be seniors. >> i think the costs could go up. there is two things. one is when you talk about potential cuts to medicare which is a federal entitlement for elderly people, that could be affected. people have talked about differing impacts on that. i think more immediately it is just drug costs. my parents fall into this category as well. you get a certain amount of money. it is called a doughnut hole to toss at drug costs and for a
6:34 am
while you are just paying on your own and it could be in the thousands of dollars a year. if that donor hole is not shrunk down, it will be a huge liability for seniors. >> put you on the spot here. what would not best case scenario for the average family then? >> i think health care costs, i think it is one thing people need to come to terms with and probably this plan and not having this plan, neither do a great job of controlling costs. i think you have tens of millions who are uninsured. whatever the plan is ultimately, those tens of millions of people need to have access to insurance that's not prohibitive. you have a situation right now where there are people that have illness and cannot buy health insurance at any cost, the people that need it the most and have almost the least access to it. whatever the plan ends up being, that has to be addressed. >> dr. sanjay gupta, we appreciate your insight. i know you will be watching this
6:35 am
closely. thank you very much. in in about ten minutes national political correspondent jim acosta tells us what this will mean for the election and both the obama and romney campaigns. also want to make sure you are sure to watch "starting point" with soledad at the top of the hour. she has a great team in police, jeffrey toobin will weigh in on the supreme court's historic decision and also speak with republican senator mike lee from utah and democratic senator chuck shoomer from new york all under way a half hour from now. take a look at this, 9:00 eastern, the big team coverage begins. we have the top team, cnn's wolf blitzer, candy crowley and john king about the lead the coverage live when the supreme court decision comes down. it is expected at 10:00. our coverage is under way well before hand, 9 a.m. eastern time. stay tuned for that. we're just getting this into
6:36 am
cnn, some brand new pictures coming out of damascus in syria. you can see the smoke risings. apparently the report is that there has been a massive explosion taken place in central damascus. take a look at the video that we're getting in. to say the least, it is harrowing. the explosion apparently happening in a place very familiar to people that have been to the capital in the mara neighborhood also known as anasser square. here is what we don't know. we don't know who is behind it. we don't know if this is opposition or syrian government. a lot of the attacks that have been happening in the capital in damascus have been opposition attacks. in fact, a syrian division station was attacked earlier on several days ago and the government said this was an opposition attack and deaths involved and it was a syrian controlled tv station. if this is in fact an opposition attack, this is showing how severe this is in this country because the syrian government
6:37 am
has said that this is war. outside observers have said this is civil war. if the opposition has been able to make then kroechment and impact this damage in a central square, it can be very significant indeed in this civil battle. also want to let you know at this point we aren't sure about casualties, but the reports are coming in slowly. we'll continue to keep you updated as to what's happening in central damascus in syria. >> it is 38 minutes past the hour. touch screens, we'll switch gears here. touch screens are so yesterday. the next wave for your pc, gesture control technology. much more on this am coming up. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor's couture gets the most rewards of any small business credit card. your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics, put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve the most rewards!
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get you up to speed with the travel forecast. rob marciano is live in colorado springs. rob. >> good morning, ashleashley. the heat will be the main factor. if you are traveling today, pack lightly, especially the eastern two-thirds of the country. here is lie look at where storms may fire. the heat and humidity will be bumped up into the great lakes and into the west as well. the pacific northwest may be seeing some showers. here is the heat advisories for today, over 20 states got them. couple in the humidity and it will be dangerously hot, 110 to 115 is what it will feel like on your body. today's high temperatures forecast, check out the numbers, pretty remarkable stuff, may approach 100 in chicago, 105 in st. louis, 102 in nashville, and tomorrow this builds and shifts a little farther to the east and places like atlanta may breach the 100 degrees mark and d.c.,
6:42 am
it will be a hot one as well, near 100. here are select city's forecast for the next four days. the heat will be with us several days and in d.c. we could be in the dangerously hot zone right on through the weekend. so we are in summer full bore for sure and certainly into fire season here. we have just to the east of the fire burning here in colorado springs over my left shoulder at times. you can see the glow of the fire which typically this time of night begins to lay down. erratic winds like yesterday are expected today, only 5% containment with the blaze that has taken likely hundreds of homes and over 18,000 acres burned. back up to you. >> thousands of people have having to flee homes just to be safe. rob, thanks very much. keep an eye on that for us if you you would, please. >> 43 minutes past the hour. here is christine romans with the top stories. >> that top story is the supreme court and health care and how you get your medicine and health care coverage could change this morning. at 10:00 eastern the supreme
6:43 am
court will rule whether president obama's health care bill is constitutional. the key issue is the individual mandate that requires nearly all americans to buy some form of health insurance beginning in 2014. if they don't, they face fines or penalties. breaking news out of syria. an explosion in central damascus, the state run news agency reporting a bomb exploded in a garage near the palace of justice. you can see heavy smoke right now rising above the buildings. no casualties reported yet. we'll get you the latest pictures and news out of syria. eight tsa officers at new york liberty airport are fired for violating screening procedures. they say they caught them violating protocols including sleeping on the job when they were supposed to be checking your bags. the tsa issued a statement saying in part the decision to take disciplinary action reaffirms the strong commitment to ensure the safety of the traveling public. it is accurate, small, cheap,
6:44 am
just impressive. the new gesture control technology, you install the software on the computer, wave your hand in the space above the sensor and it is tracking any finger pointing at the screen. you become the mouse. it is funny to watch you waving your hands as if you could be doing it right now. >> there you go. >> makes me feel like tom cruise from minority report. that was years ago. cool stuff. >> tom cruise had it all. >> catching up with us. >> that would be awesome with the economic numbers. >> the things you could do with a magic wall, i am afraid for the brass right now. you will be knocking down the door. thank you, christine. >> it is 45 minutes past 6:00 which means it is almost time for soledad. >> it is decision day of course. the justices will announce the verdict on whether or not president obama's health care law is constitutional. the decision will affect every american in the country.
6:45 am
the historic ruling is covered from every angle. jeff toobin is outside the courthouse this morning awaiting the decision. dr. sanjay gupta will be back to talk about the medical ramifications and jim is live to talk about how the verdict will affect the 2012 presidential race and all-star lineup on capitol hill with mike lee and chuck schumer joining us live and there is no way out for attorney general eric holder. lawmakers will cold a contempt of congress vote against holder in a few hours. a group of house dmtz will planning a walkout to boycott the vote and leading the charge is emanuel cleaver and he will join us live and the life and times of j.j. walker, how a struggling stand up comedian from the south bronx became a television icon. he will join us live in the studios. >> say it. >> i will not. i will wait for him. >> say it. >> dine-o-mite. >> it was the anthem of our
6:46 am
youth and we'll get the back story behind dynamite. we want to remind everybody you can watch cnn live on your computer or mobile phone while at work and go to we'll see you in about 13 minutes. >> he doesn't look like he aged. >> at all. >> isn't that amazing. >> i used to watch him all the time. >> sure. looking forward to meeting him. >> thanks a lot. >> 47 minutes past the hour. count be down to the historic health care ruling, what the supreme court says today could force strategy shifts in the race for president. we're going to take a look after this quick break. why not try someplace different every morning? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred.
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welcome back. one of mitt romney's favorite lines on the campaign trail is to tell the audience if i am elected i will repeal obama care. that line really works. republicans love to hate president obama's health care reform act and this line gets them all fired up. if romney wins the election, he might not be able to deliver on that campaign promise. not because he wouldn't follow through but because the supreme court might strike down obama's health care reform today. that would be a loss for the
6:50 am
romney campaign, yes or no. that mind about repealing obama care would be gone so joining me now is cnn's jim acosta. should mitt romney and president obama both be rooting for the court to uphold the law. >> the president ought to hope the supreme court upholds the law and mitt romney had a pretty good line about that last night in virginia at a campaign event. he was sag saying the president would have a sleepless night last night because of this pending ruling before the supreme court. what mitt romney has been saying lately and this message works whether or not the supreme court strikes down the law is that president obama is guilty of a moral failure in mitt romney's words for not pursuing the economy, by not trying to jump start the economy as soon as he got into the office during the financial crisis as opposed to what the president did do is really go after health care reform. those are mitt romney's comments. now, the president will say, hey, we went after the stimulus and tried to do other things to get the economy moving and that's what mitt romney said
6:51 am
last night and it is interesting because in recent weeks mitt romney has been saying he thinks that the supreme court should strike it down, that the president's health care law is unconstitutional. in the last several days he has been making this economic argument that president obama should have been going after the economy not health care reform. here is what he had to say. >> if the court uphold it is and pass the the constitution, it is still bad policy and means if i am elected we'll repeal and replace it. if on the other hand the court strikes it down, they will be doing some of my work for me. i won't have to repeal it. >> now, what is really sort of unclear about what might happen later today is what happens if the supreme court upholds most of the law but strikes down the individual mandate? that's a scenario i don't think either side gained out at this point. the health care industry will held you the law just doesn't work without the individual
6:52 am
mandate, that the consumer protections banning discrimination on people with preexisting conditions, those kinds of protections just aren't affordable anymore in the law without the individual mandate that brings everybody into the system. what's interesting is mitt romney made that argument when he was governor of massachusetts, when he passed his own health care law. i will tell you we are expecting mitt romney to make some kind of comment on the supreme court ruling later this morning. we spent the night in washington last night. we're expecting him to make some kind of statement. we don't know how or when or what he will say. that depends on what the supreme court does. >> can i ask one other thing in politically speaking, how is this going to after effect the outcome of they lekds? americans really are more concerned about the economy as you just pointed out. will this really weigh in that heavily? >> what the obama campaign has been saying and i am not sure athe love people focused on this and depends on what the supreme court does, the obama campaign is saying if the supreme court strikes down the law some of the consumer protections may go away
6:53 am
for some people and they're saying mitt romney, if the supreme court doesn't strike it down, will do that as president. that's what they have been saying so far. they have been pointing out and even republicans will note there are popular measures in that health care law like banning discrimination on people with preexisting conditions and letting people stay, young people stay on their parent's insurance until age 26. many of these may go away or become unaffordable in a post obama care world if this law is struck down. that's what the white house has been warning and what the obama campaign has been warning voters in the last several days. >> certainly a combination there, right? they affect each other, health care and the economy are tied together. anyway, jim acosta, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insight. >> we look to a guy named david for clarity and analysis of the complex issues and who do you think he looks to for advice? am coming up, you'll hear what the best advice he ever got was. @
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
starting point less than a minute away. >> we'll wrap it up as always with best advice from christine romans. >> and today with someone who
6:57 am
makes a living with the turn of a phrase. >> the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me, so many, so many unfortunately that i didn't take when i should have, but i think maybe the best piece of advice is to say yes to things, not to be pessimistic and not always to look for every crack in the sidewalk ahead of you. >> i look for akrot of cracks in the sidewalk. i like this advice. >> let me tell you something about david frum, his mother iconic in canada, like the ted a i will in canada. they cancelled the show instead of refilling her shoes because the shoes were so big to fill. i figure david frum has probably had some of the best advice over and over at his dinner table as a kid and i always envied him. >> say yes. >> say yes to things. >> i like his advice. >> that's it for us.
6:58 am
we are done officially. that's the news from a to z. >> "starting point" with soledad o'brien starts now. >> welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning breaking news out of syria, state tv is now reporting that a bomb has exploded outside the palace of justice in damascus. we have an update with details in just a moment. also, one of the biggest decisions ever from the supreme court this morning. justice lts decide whether or not president obama's health care law is constitutional and the outcome will affect every american. we have full coverage of the health care decision this morning. legal analyst jeff toobin is outside the courthouse awaiting the decision. dr. sanjay gupta is with us to talk about the ramifications as well, and cnn's jim acosta is live to talk about the politics. later this morning utah senator mike lee will be our guest and new york senator chuck schumer and more history in the making, the house will hold a contempt
6:59 am
of congress vote against attorney general eric holder over the fast and furious program, the first time a sitting ag would be held in contempt and how much is political theater. a sea of red and orange, thousands of people running from this monitor wildfire in colorado. could calmer winds bring relief? it is thursday, june 28th, and "starting point" begins right now. welcome, everybody. "starting point" this morning is the historic day for the supreme court this morning at 10:00 eastern time we'll find out the fate of president obama's health care law. it is a law that will affect every american in this country. we have coverage from all angles this morning. the team, the former senior advisor to bill clinton and worked for the administration when president clinton was proposing his health care reform plan in 1993. dr. sanjay gupta is with


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