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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 14, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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so they started along the river. the pilot was on earlier today and this is what he had to say. >> he was more interested in the little human contact and conversation and a snack. so we convinced him to eat a granola bar or two. gave him some liquid. of course after assessing he wasn't in any immediate danger, and let him take his time getting in the helicopter. >> so they say when they found him, he could not even crawl. he couldn't walk. he was rolling around to get around. it is just emaceated, exhausted. he didn't know where he was. he was more interested in the human contact and slowly eating his granola bar than he was on getting into the helicopter and being saved. >> so sad, but a great ending. what about the family and reporting of him being missing and all that? there seems to have been quite a delay. >> there is a lapse of time here. this is a question where we want to know and i think a lot of people want to know why his family wait sewed long in reporting it to authorities. too took his sifter to call monday to the utah authorities to get them to start the search.
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he was gone for about three weeks, no contact that we know of with the father or anyone else in the family. but they eventually found him. thankfully there shapis a happy ending to this story. >> he is at home. >> he was in the utah hospital in st. george. in stable condition. he called the hospital today and couldn't get an update but as of yesterday he was in stable condition. >> nick valencia, appreciate that. visa, master card and some of the country's biggest banks agreed it a settlement with retailers totaling 72 million. merchants allege credit card companies were fixing the prices opt fees. cnn was told earlier today that the organization isn't supporting the settlement, even though the credit card companies are suspending the fees for eight months. >> well, you have to read the fine print when you deal with credit card companies and that's
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true here too. when you read the fine print it is eye-opening. they are not going to reduce the fees even for the eight months. what they are going to do is give merchants the equivalent of that amount of cash and keep raising the fees. the cruel joke is, by the time any merchant gets some of this money, they will have raised the fees on the merchants more than what they paid out in the first place. so merchants are paying for it themselves. >> the settlement is still subject to court approval. the family of a massachusetts man kidnapped in egypt is making an urgent plea for his release. the tribe captured pastor michelle louis along with an american woman and their egyptian tour guide yesterday. the three were taken off a tour bus in the country sinai region. kidnappers are demanding egypt release a family member detained on drug charges in exchange. they are holding negotiationes with egyptian authorities right now. meantime u.s. secretary of
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state hillary clinton is in egypt to emphasize u.s. support for the country's democratic transition. tomorrow she meets with the head of the military council and today held talks with mohamed morsi. morecy is in a power struggle with egypt's military lead chers dissolved parliament last month. clinton says morsi is ready to unify his country. >> president morsi made clear that he understands the success of his presidency and indeed of egypt's democratic transition, depends on building consensus across the egyptian political spectrum. to work on a new constitution at parliament, to protect civil society, to draft a new constitution that will be respected by all. >> clinton is also expected to address two touchy issues during that visit, women's rights and
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equality for koptic christians. going months, even years without a paycheck. many out of work americans are dealing with that very tough reality right now but young people are finding it especially difficult to land that illusive job. cnn's sandra endo explains why. >> at 19 years old, tegra has endured plenty of hardship. >> our house went through foreclosure. and we had to go from house to house living with other people. and that's not comfortable at all. >> after three years of bouncing around to multiple homes with her single parent mom and three siblings, her living situation took a toll. crudip was forced to drop out of high school in order to support her family. according to the bureau of labor statistics, unemployment rate for 16 to 24-year-old looking for a job more than doubled the 8.2% unemployment rate nationwide. in this economy, they're
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competing against more experienced workers also looking for a job. for many young people, it's their first time entering the job market. to gain experience and build a resume. with no job, crudip is working toward getting her ged, taking classes at a baltimore youth sent are. the down economy coupled with the lack of federal funds for summer job programs is making it tougher for young people to find work. many state and local governments that are also facing tight budgets are left to find creative ways to invest in their youth. 21-year-old tyee lewis considers herself lucky. she was hired at orthopedic rehab unit at baltimore's mercy medical center through a youth jobs program. 7,000 young people registered in the program. 5300 actually got a job. >> this is what i like to do. so this gives me more experience to show me like how things work
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so when i get into grad school. if i didn't have this job, i wouldn't be able to pay for some of my bills that i have or for next semester, food, expenses, stuff like that. >> we are hoping that young people learn how to go to work. learn the soft skills that employers say they want when they hire somebody in terms of being on time, putting in the work everyday, being able to follow directions. >> federal stimulus money for programs like there one ran out in 2010. but baltimore partnered with the private sector to keep it going. officials say investing in youth now will likely pay off in the long run. sandra endo, cnn, baltimore. >> the penn state board of trustee says already making changes. the group met yesterday. still reeling from the scathing report on the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. among its first steps, reducing the time that board members
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serve from 15 to 12 years. long-term, it must rebuild public trust in the group. >> we were put on notice of the attorney general-sandusky investigation, however it was characterized to us the issues and we failed it ask the right questions, the tough questions. or take definitive action. put simply, we did not force the issue. >> and reports said they didn't force the issue, mainly because joe paterno wielded so much power. according to the new york times the coach privately renegotiated his contract while the scandal played out in public. among other perks, a $3 million salary and university forgave a $350,000 loan. up close and personal with a shark, really big one. i talk to the man who lived through it and he says, in fact, he will do it again.
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two divers in australia are counting their blessings today. they got an unexpected visit. or was it unexpected? anyway, from a 12-foot great white shark during a spear fishing treek # trip a week ago. one person didn't make it, killed by a great white earlier this morning near wedge island. the fifth fatal attack since september. jonathan is here with me now, talking about the very scary encounters. comes with the territory when
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you are in australia. >> it does. because it is considered the most dangerous place in the world for human encounters with sharks. it is that often. not often fatal, which is good news. but everyone who learns how to dive there learns what they are supposed to do when they encounter a shark because it happens so often. >> in the case of these two fishermen, they were spear fishing. they say, that you know, tle were not in an area that should be infested by great whites. one of the nearest attacks was like 200 kilometers away. nonetheless, they knew what to do. i spoke earlier with nathan podmore who spoke about it this way. >> there are things can you do to make it as safe as possible. diving with a buddy, which i was. i'm thankful i was. >> so he said, had it not been with that cooperation with that buddy and knowing what to do,
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they may not have survived. >> i would have been going away -- what is so interesting though, and you saw this in the video, which is on his head in fact, with a camera. and you see them, they had spear guns. >> yes. >> and they could have tried to shoot or kill the shark. and they said, you know what, it's just going to make him angrier. >> mad, right. >> that wasn't the word he used when he spoke to us, but they were afraid they would just get him angry. no sense trying anything with the shark, just get away calmly. >> especially if you miss or nick a fin or something. don't make that big 12-foot shark mad. we look at the video again from his own camera. notice there are no bubbles. it is not like he is inhaling and exhaling. but he is not even breathing hard. that's the amazing thing. you're not seeing him going -- >> hyper ventilating. >> exactly, hyper ventilating. i would have been coughing up the pacific ocean. up the nose, out the ears. they were so calm and so chill
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about it. very australian. >> is that it? that's a very australian kind of thing. just chilly willie. >> i don't know. but in my house, there is a bigger reaction from seeing a cockroach. >> i can relate. all right, thanks so much. we will be very careful as we go diving. we haven't done the australian dive yet, and that's kind of why, the great whites. i'm like, nah. >> good reason. >> life in suburbs, it used to mean living the american dream. what happens to that dream when your job goes away and you can't find another job? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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okay, if you're one of those people who dreads going into the gym to get in that workout, tech experts come up with something for everybody. they create a solution for you. they put your full body workout in a video game. so, does that mean you can stop going to the gym all together? dr. sanjay gupta explains. >> jogging, lifting weight. perfecting a joyoga pose. things you normally do in a gym. but thanks to the new wii fit platform, your gym, even your
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yoga mat, are going electronic. it has several sensors that monitor your every move and keep track of your center of balance, weight and body mass index. can you do yoga, endurance and strength training and fun challenges like a hula hooping contest. >> i feel like i'm exercising, so that's the good thing. >> w wii fit isn't the same getting adults moving. there is dance dance revolution, sony i toy, tennis and baseball. >> it is sort of weird. >> but what do real life trainers think of their virtual competitors. >> i enjoyed it. as a professional trainer, i'm looking for wayes it introduce fitness into people's lives. since the wii is a popular game and it is in homes already, it is a great attachment to bring fitness into the home. >> even nintendo trainers agree the video game should not replace workouts in the gym. >> this is a tool, in your fitness tool kit, another thing to get you up an moving.
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>> robert is not concerned by the competition. he planes it buy the $90 video game to use in his own fitness studios. >> you know, it something i would use for people who are maybe skiddish. great under a public gym setting who don't want it make the total plunge. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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losing a job can cost you a paycheck. not finding another one for two years can cost you so much more. millions of americans are facing the nightmare of long-term unemployment. sometimes the challenge is, greatest for those who thought they had it all. a good career and home in the suburbs. filmmakers share those stories in the hbo documentary hard times lost on long island. i spoke with producer and director mark levin.
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>> being unemployed for two years is not just a financial loss, it's an emotional loss, a loss of friendships. people disappear. you can't socialize. it changes your every facet of your life. i'm panic-stricken. i'm feeling as if i have absolutely nothing. i don't want to be helped. i want to just help myself. but what we want are jobs. what we need are jobs. in my next job, and i will have a next job, i will thank god every morning and every night for that job. >> that was anna in new york. more than 20 million people can identify with that feeling of losing that job and losing kind of that sense of purpose. the man who brings us these images and very intermate
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thoughts, mark levin, producer and director of "hard times lost on long island." i think people forget that your job is more than your source of income. it is kind of the social connection that you may have. it gives you purpose everyday. and her loss of a job really kind of underscores that it's not just the job that you lose, but you lose almost a sense of self as well. >> absolutely, fredricka. that is one of the things that is most surprising. obviously the financial loss is serious. but the loss of identity, the loss of a sense of where you fit in, as she said, it's almost like you disappeared. you're invisible. and that's kind of one of the unique elements about people, i guess, who have been successful all their lives. living what we would call the good life on long island. is that instead of kind of gathering together, they're
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isolated in homes that look nice, in neighbor neighborhoodses that look beautiful. they are ideal. behind them you see the psyche of people like this disintergreating. >> you focus on levin town. you say in the piece that suburbs are experiencing the fastest growth of people who are losing their jobs, losing their houses, et cetera. but what is it about that place on long island that made you want it zero in? >> well, levit town is iconic. claims to be the first suburb. it is the model for the post world war two suburbia that so many of us grew up with. in that sense it is a symbol of the good life. the american dream. the social contract. and as you just plenmentioned, i first became aware that after the census of 2000 that the fastest growing area of poverty
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in our country was in the suburbs, i was just stunned by that fact. >> among those you pro filed, the chiropractor by the name of dave and his wife, who is a teacher, heather, she lost her job. he lost an awful lot of business. and they already had a lot to deal with at home with one child who is down syndrome and another small child. and they talk about how they thought education would protect them from the demise of unemployment or loss of income. >> so many of us have grown up and we've heard, get a good education, be a responsible citizen. and you know, the social contract is that you are going to have a secure life. you don't have to be rich, but a secure life and hopefully give your kids even a better shot. >> was it difficult to get them to open up in the way in which they did and to take them back to the workplace? one gentleman back to wall street. in his suit and tie. he talked about looking for a job daily.
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i just wonder how difficult it was for them personally to reflect to be in the environment where they lost their jobs and to return to tell their stories to you. >> it was very difficult. i give these people a lot of credit for their courage. because we spoke to a lot of people. majority of them didn't want to go on camera. you know, discussing the personal finances. it is amazing. that's like, the final privacy zone. i was stunned by how many people feel ashamed. even if they're victims and casualties of this great recession that had nothing to do with their work or how they performed. still an amazing sense of shame and isolation and guilt. >> yeah. there was a sense of shame for a lot of people and almost relief for being able to share it openly like that. mark levin, thanks so much. director and producer of hard times, lost on long island. playing right now on hbo. very powerful stuff. >> thank you. and yes, can you get it on hbo,
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check your top stories. george zimmerman, the man charged with killeding trayvon martin, wants a new judge. his attorney asked the judge to step down accusing him of bias. they filed a motion saying the judge mace despairaging remarks about their client's can character. floods in houston, crews saved dozens of people from the flash floods, including kids from a baseball day camp. this amazing first to tell you about. 18-year-old connor boss is the first legally blind contestant in the miss florida usa beauty pageant. boss suffers from hereditary eye disease that causes her vision to get progressively worse. her chances are as good as anyone else's but she says she is competing to inspire people, not necessarily to win. >> now to arizona where federal drug agents were shocked to find
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one of the most sophisticated drug smuggling tunnels yet. it is longer than two football fields connecting mexico to arizona. cnn's casey wayian and his cameraman went inside to give you an up-close look. >> this is the way angents first discovered this tunnel a few days ago, under this giant container of water. over here, you can still see 55 gallon drums that contain the dirt that was dug out of this tunnel stretching 240 yards across the u.s./mexico border. >> this is the most vice cane one i've ever seen in arizona. >> why is that? >> most tunnels we have under arizona, those are just digging through dirt to get into the sewer system. using the sewer system and punching out again. this one, when you look down that hole, you see it is completely four by six all the way, play wood all the way around it. rebar in there reinforced. >> the tunnel is so narrow and
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so deep, cnn foet why journalist and his camera needed to descend separately. >> clear the shaft. >> clear the shaft! >> okay. >> each with the help after harness. >> it gets even smaller? ? >> it gets smaller toward mexico. we actually have to crawl to get much further. >> there is absolutely in dirt in here. it is very clean. and there is light. there is electricity. and there's a fan even. >> u.s. authorities have found 156 cross-borer tunnels since the early 1990s. lately they have become more sophisticated as drug technology above ground improves. >> agents have had this area under surveillance since january. the way the tunnel was discovered, safety offices pull offered a pickup truck on the highway north of here, discovered 39 pounds of methamphetamine, after interviewing the occupants of the truck, they linked it to this facility and they now have three suspects in casey. casey


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