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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 15, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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election. so we know people are registering to note that are non-u.s. citizens and we know they're voting. that's not right, it's a crime, and it impacts our races. >> that was the governor a couple weeks ago on this program. critics say scott is just trying to suppress the minority vote. the federal government had sued to stop florida's voter purge, but a judge ruled in florida's favor. less than four months until the presidential election and president obama is doubling down on his attacks of mitt romney accusing the republican candidate of investing in companies that, quote, pioneered the practice of shipping jobs overseas. >> mr. romney has got a different idea. he invested in companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing. i don't want to pioneer in outsourcing. i want some insourcing. i want so bring companies back. >> romney has blasted the president for what he's called disgusting campaign tactics.
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meanwhile, he's telling supporters he's getting closer to announcing a running mate. yesterday in an e-mail he wrote, sometime soon i will be choosing a vice presidential candidate to join our winning ticket. heading overseas to a story we've been telling you about a mission trip interrupted. this man reverend michelle lewis, was kidnapped along with two outhers from a tower bus. it was the latest of a series of kidnappings. when i spoke earlier with lewis' son he told me the incident involving his father is unique. >> some of the officials speaking to me, we understand it's a little bit different from the normal cases, and that's what puts a twist on everything. usually there's a window of 24 hours to 48 hours that this certain negotiations are
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resolved, and because they're not asking for money, this makes it a little bit more complicated. >> mohammed fidel fami joins me from cairo. we have been talking about this. you have been reporting that the kidnappers want their relatives released from egyptian custody in order to free the hostages. have those demands changed at all? >> well, actually i just got off the phone with the kidnapper and he confirmed that the hostages are safe, they are his guests, and he also announced that reverend michelle louis is a die mettic. he mentioned when he was picked up off the bus he left his medical kit on the bus and the reverend spends most of his time sleeping. he mentioned that the egyptian officers visited him to negotiate the release of his uncle in alexandria but they haven't reached any solution to the problem.
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he's very upset saying that authorities have always promised to improve the bedouin situation but they never came through. we know that he vowed to kidnap more tourists if his uncle is not released from alexandria. >> you said negotiations seem to be taking place. do the local leaders feel as though there's progress being made? >> well, the head of north sinai security is positive that a solution will be reached soon, but, indeed, this time the nap is different. usually they are released within 24 hours. now it's been almost two days. however, the police are trying to be positive and the local media is all over this story, and we are following it very closely. the u.s. embassy is also in touch with the authorities who are doing everything they can to release them. >> mohammed fa delldel fahmey.
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university officials maden announcement a day after an internal review blasted paterno and other school officials for their handling of the child sex abuse scandal. his amended contract was finalized in august last year. it totaled $5.5 million in payouts and benefits, including paying his wife $1,000 a month for the rest of her life. while paterno's contract may stay in place, his likeness on a famous painting has changed. the halo seen above his head in this mural was added after he died, but the artist decided to remove the add-on after he was implicated in the internal report on that child sex abuse scandal. now to north carolina where police may have found the body of a missing mom who vanished last week while on vacation. lynn jackenheimer was visited with her ex-boyfriend and kids and then his ex told his brother he had strangled here. now he can't be found. here is andy fox from wvac in
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north carolina. >> reporter: authorities trying to figure out if a body found in this cul-de-sac is that of 33-year-old lynn jackenheimer. authorities are looking for her boyfriend. yesterday a man was in this cul-de-sac and he looked over here in the treeline and he saw something that did not look quite right. so he walks up this path here and he's looking like this, and he looks over, and he sees a body. he did not disturb the scene. he left and he called authorities. the sheriff's office showed up and started investigating. they do not know if this is lynn's body. authorities from greenville, north carolina, pathologists, came to the scene to not only determine positive identification but also cause of death. lynn's family came to the scene. they do not have any comment until there is a positive identification, but authorities are now checking out to see if
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this is lynn's body. that's the latest from frisco, north carolina, i'm andy fox, back to you. >> and our thanks to andy fox from our affiliate wavy. florida's lieutenant governor is trying to save her reputation. she's speaking out about rumors that she had an inappropriate affair with a female staffer. and look at all these people dangling from wires high above a river. what exactly are they doing there? we'll tell you. you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you.
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ten minutes past the hour. first to north carolina where a dozen people were suspended high over a river. look at that. it looks pretty scary, but don't worry, they are professional stunt men. watch as the crane carefully lowers them clowe to the water. movie crews have been filming there for the new "iron man" movie so you may see this scene actually in theaters. now to florida where a man says he watched his flooded field drain like a toilet bowl when a sinkhole opened right up. >> it's incredible the way they
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open up because like josh said, it's just -- it shoots up in the air and the next thing you know you just see this foam swirl and it's just going down and down and down. >> wow. >> it was amazing how fast the water left. >> the city of live oak has dealt with dozen of sinkholes left from flooding from tropical storm debbie last month. a geologist said the land was on top of an underground spring. the hole is expected to get even bigger as the land drys up. in california dozens of party animals floated down the american river for rafting gone wild. look at the booze, the bikinis, and all that sunshine. wow. people went to great lengths to make sure this party was rocking. >> i wrapped the saran wrap around the stereo. >> do you think it will keep it from getting wet. >> ten layers plus tape, yeah. >> the event was held this weekend because alcohol was banned on holiday weekends. police arrested nine people and two people actually had to go to the hospital.
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florida's lieutenant governor thought she would just be helping out the romney campaign at an event yesterday, but instead she ended up defending herself to reporters denying rumors of a sex scandal. here is adrian moore from our affiliate wjxt in florida. >> i haven't done anything wrong. and it's a total lie. >> reporter: lieutenant governor jennifer carol didn't waste any time addressing the sex scandal that's making national headlines. >> immediately i become an individual that's now accused, and in america we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, and now i'm guilty until proven innocent. >> reporter: carroll was in orange park to help open a new campaign office for presumptive presidential republican nominee mitt romney. but spent much of the day def d defending allegations she had an inappropriate relationship with a female aide. her accuser, carlitha cole, is a former employee who faces felony charges for recording conversations with carroll's chief of staff and gig them to a
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reporter. >> i'm the one that's married for 29 years. the accuser is the one that's single for a long time. so usually black women that look like me don't engage in relationships like that. >> reporter: but carroll not only had her husband and son nolan on hand for support, but plenty of defenders who say the accusations are nothing more than a smear campaign. >> being a public figure, you're going to have things like that that come up, and, you know, when i heard it, i actually giggled about it because you know it's just ridiculous. >> it's so wrong, and i have followed her career long enough to know that's not in her personality. she wouldn't be doing that stuff. >> reporter: as for carroll's focus now, put wag she calls outlandish rumors to rest, serving the state of florida, and helping the romney campaign get to the white house. >> under his policies and his leadership that this entire country is going to be better off. >> once again that was adrian moore from our affiliate wjxt. our thanks.
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a possible break through in a cold case. for 30 years investigators have wondered about a girl known only as princess doue, so why do the have new hope now? i'll tell you.
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lieutenant steven spears shares never-before-seen information with us. i asked him where the body was found. >> princess doe's body was discovered in the cedar ridge cemetery in the northern part of new jersey. at the time she was discovered she was severely decomposed and as you had stated earlier, beaten quite severely. as a result of that her identification to this day has not been something that we were able to do, and throughout the years there's been a number of investigators involved in this case. i took the case in 1999, and my focus then and continues to be trying to identify princess doe. >> lieutenant spears, we're looking at this 3-d rendering that you have sent us. this is the first time it's been seen by anyone but investigators. can you just give us an idea of what we're looking at here and how critical this might snb.
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>> yes. i am very excited about this. a lot of times in cases as time goes on it becomes more difficult to deal with cases. i found with cold cases as time goes on technology has advanced so much that it's actually time is a friend. what i have been able to do is with the assistance of the national center for missing and exploited children, i sent the skull of princess doe to them, and they in turn sent it to the smithsonian institute and they were able to do what you see here. this is a high resolution ct scan. once that ct scan is completed it's given to a specialist at the national center and they were able to give us this 3-d image. this is, i believe, the closest likeness to princess doe in life. >> and it's really fascinating. how will this help you? how do you put this to use? >> well, using the media, thank you, and getting it out to the public. we have some other tests we are doing right now, using hair samples from princess doe with a
8:16 am
company in salt lake city, utah, and they are taking those strands of hair and they are able to extract elements from those hairs, the isotopes, and with a reasonable amount of scientific certainty, give us a point of origin, a location of orig origin, where she may have come from. having that composite armed with the composite and with the assistance of the national center, we can take that composite and saturate that area that is identified through these hair samples and the isotopes. >> was she ever reported missing? was there ever a girl matching her description? was there ever a family that came forward? >> there's been families in the past that have come forward thinking that possibly princess doe was, in fact, their daughter, sister, et cetera, and now, of course, we have the dna from princess doe in the codis database with the assistance of the university of north texas doing the dna work for us. so we can take those reference samples from any family that comes forward and say i believe princess doe may be my daughter
8:17 am
and we can do the comparisons, but to answer your question, randi, you made a comment about maybe she was never reported missing. that has always been one of my fears in this case is maybe she was never reported missing so we have no reference to go to to find her. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> keep us posted on any movement in solving this cold case. >> i intend to return as soon as we get the results. >> best of luck. thank you. there will be a memorial at noon today in blairs town, new jersey, for princess doe. you can learn much more about this story and my other stories at the show of the century cut short. so why did police pull the plug literally on paul mccartney and bruce springsteen? we'll tell you. battling smut in your hotel room, at least on the hotel tv. it's made for some pretty strange bedfellows. we'll tell you why. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high.
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oh, yes, good morning, new york city. a little bit of bruce springsteen. one of our favorites from new jersey, right across the river. waking us up this morning.
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a little bit of lady liberty there in the harbor. a beautiful shot. hopefully that fog will clear and folks there will have a lovely day. glad you're with us today on cnn "sunday morning." it was the concert of a lifetime. have you heard about this? bruce springsteen and paul mccartney onstage together. can you imagine? ♪ yes, you heard those boos. they're not booing the boss or sir paul. it seems police cut the microphones because the pair was playing just too long. actually went past the curfew and apparently, well, they take that pretty seriously in london. incredible that they would cut them off. christians and muslims may not see eye to eye all the time when it comes to religion, but one christian and one muslim have found somecommon ground. they are battling pornography together. odd bedfellows maybe but it's
8:22 am
bedrooms they're targeting in hotels. they want hotels to get rid of adult movies. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti joining us live with more on this. good morning to you. tell us what this is all about. >> hi, randi, you have a princeton professor who is a prominent christian conservative joining forces with the co-founder of a muslim school and they're behind a new letter-writing campaign to try to get hotels to get rid of those in-room adult movies. omni hotel pulled the plug on these in 1999 and the marriott chain says it plans to do the very same thing by 2013. the christian and the muslim scholars together are saying that it's a bad idea to show these movies in hotels and that the hotels are profiting by them -- from them and actually encouraging people by showing these movies to get even more involved in pornography. >> we think all believers in
8:23 am
human dignity of every faith and those with no faith should join together to create a culture where we respect each other and we don't object fi each other, and we don't try to make money on the degradation that we have in the case of pornography. >> so, susan, how exactly is this letter-writing campaign going? >> well, randi, it's still very early because they just started this campaign a couple weeks ago. however, they are not getting help from someone that you might expect them to. there's a group call eed and they say this letter writing campaign is a complete waste of time. >> i believe what they're saying about foreign fi and why they don't want people to view it, but we can't ask -- we can't expect hotel executives, you know, to hold to those same values or reasonings. are we going to ask them to stop stocking the mini bar or selling
8:24 am
haagen-dazs by the pint in room service. >> the professor and the muslim teacher think by using their low-key approach that they will win over the hotels using the power of persuasion. >> what did the letter say actually? >> well, i'll tell you, i'll look down and read this. here is an excerpt. it says it is morally wrong to seek to profit from the suffering, degradation or corruption of others and the fact that something is chosen freely does not make it the right thing to do, randi. >> very, very interesting stuff. well, we'll see. we'll continue to follow this. susan candiotti, thank you very much for that. 30 years under an assumed name. one man even went to jail to keep his secret intact. why would he steal an identity and hold onto it for decades? that answer may surprise you. and the episcopal church's historic decision to bless same-sex couples. the church overwhelmingly
8:25 am
approved the measure. but other christians are scoffing at it even calling the church, quote, dysfunctional. we'll bring you both sides. improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno.
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welcome back to cnn sunday morning. here are some of the stories we're watching. a boston area pastor has been identified as one of the americans kidnapped in egypt. his name is reverend michel louis and he was on a mission trip when he was abducted along with two others from a tour bus. it was an unsolved case dating back 30 years. a michigan man discovered that this man, gregory harville, was allegedly using his identity to get medical benefits in california. san francisco police say the victim contacted them in june after he was denied medical benefits and was told someone else was already getting them in his name. police tracked down harville and arrested him thursday. adding insult to injury, both men actually knew each other. liftoff, liftoff of the
8:29 am
soy soyuz. >> three more people now headed to the international space station. this is the launch in kazakhstan. the russian rocket is carrying american astronaut suni williams. she holds the record for the longest time in space for a female astronaut. a japanese and russian are also on board. they're expected to reach the space station on tuesday. for this morning's "faces of faith" we're focusing on the episcopal's historic decision for priests to bless same-sex couples. bishops overwhelmingly approved the new policy, but the church says this isn't the same as marrying same-sex couples. it's just recognizing their commitment. keep in mind the episcopal church has long been supportive of gay rights. it allows gay and lesbian priests and elected its first
8:30 am
gay bishop nine years ago. yet it is controversial since every other christian denomination douenounces same-s relationships. on the opposing side, jeff walton with the institute on religion and democracy in washington. thank you to both of you for joining us this morning. susan, let me start with you. how does it feel to be part of the largest denomination in the u.s. to officially sanction same-sex relationships? >> well, i think i can safely say i have never been prouder to be an episcopalian. i was born into a church at a time when girls couldn't be acolytes and women couldn't be priests. we weren't even talking about the inclusion of gay and lesbian people into the church. to live long enough to see what we did last week happen makes me very, very proud. >> yjeff, as we made clear, you
8:31 am
don't agree with. >> you san, but is there a place for this kind of evolution of beliefs in the church. some say our understanding of homosexuality is different than it was when christianity began thousands of years ago. >> the proponents of this right argued that inclusion and welcome is the reason the episcopal church should embrace the blessing of same-sex couples. but the church has shrunk in size since it adopted these policies. so it's actually been contrary to the result. >> well, let me read you a statement from the church. it reads, we have authorized a blessing and a blessing is different from a marriage. a bless something a theological response to a monogamous, committed relationship. so, susan, first, let me ask you to pick up on jeff's comments. do you feel as though people are leaving the church because of some of these movements? >> yeah, i think it's absolutely fair to say that the last i would say decade has been a time of some turmoil and disruption
8:32 am
for the episcopal church, but my issue is if we're going to look at why we have seen decline in membership, i think it's about people fighting over who is included, not the inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the church. quite honestly, the ird, institute for religion and democracy, has a ten-year orchestrated strategy to use the inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the episcopal church along with the methodists and presbyterians as a specific articulated strategy to use lgbt inclusion as a wedge issue to split and polarize the church. and as a result we've been on the defense for the last decade against that effort. i believe we've crossed the rubicon with a decision we made this general convention, and now we're going to move into a time of playing offense rather than defense. we're not going to be defending against those who are threatening to leave, but welcoming those who desire to
8:33 am
come. so i'm very optimistic that we have turned a big corner and we're going to now be able to put into practice our desire to fully include everybody in the body of christ. >> jeff, you have called the church, quote, dysfunctional, and you say that it's manipulating scripture but you don't even practice within the church, you're anglican, and lots of churches interpret skip tour differe scripture differently. >> they are part of the broader anglican commune. that's my connection to the issue and to the broader church. as susan mentioned, there has been a difficult period that the episcopal church has gone through over the past ten years, but it's not the only church to have done so. the united church of christ also embraced same-sex marriage outright many years ago, and they have not been fighting over this issue. however, they have also had a very precipitous drop. so simply because there's disagreement within a church or if there is agreement, there
8:34 am
still seems to be a significant collapse. both the united church of christ and the episcopal church over the past 30 years, not just the past decade, have seen some of the steepest drops among the protestant main line churches. this is more than just people arguing that's causing people to look away and go to other churches. it's also the fact that when these policies are embraced, for some reason what we've seen is that people actually end up not being drawn to the supposed welcome and inclusion, but instead choose to go to other churches. >> let's talk -- >> and many churches in the united states are growing. >> let's talk about this policy, susan, because it is so close to marriage. so why not -- why didn't the church take it all the way? >> i think because for all of our reputation of moving forward quickly, we're a very slow and deliberate body. we're a democratic process. we take our founding and listening to scripture and tradition and reason very seriously. i think there's absolutely no question in the mind of anyone,
8:35 am
probably including your other guest, that where we're headed is full equality for marriage. i believe that will happen in 2015 when we're back in our general convention ironically in salt lake city for our next meeting, but i think this was a critical and important step because we have moved now as a church saying whoever you are and wherever you find yourself, there is a place for you here, and i hear the argument about being inclusive is going to make us decline. i look at scripture, too, frequently. it's my job. i can't find anywhere where jesus said to count the sheep. jesus said feed them, so we're now primed to feed the sleep coming towards us, people who want to raise their children in communities that teach values of tolerance, justice, and compassion, and the doors are open and the sign is up, the episcopal church welcomes you no matter who you are. >> let me jump in here. quickly, jeff, since you don't support it, what advice do you
8:36 am
have for same-sex christian couples who are legally married in states where it's allowed? i mean, why can't they be blessed by their church. what should they do? >> they are welcome to come to all of our churches. it's not an issue of welcome. it's what the church pronounces is holy. if the church is going to say that something that is viewed as contrary to scripture and the teachings of the church for the last 2,000 years, it's unilaterally doing something that the rest of christiandom hasn't affirmed. the episcopal church has said we're going to redefine marriage. as such it's separated itself from the broader anglican commune of which it's a member of that family and also broader christianity. >> obviously is discussion we could continue here and we will at another time. jeff, susan, thank you so much for your time this morning. and for more stories on faith, check out our widely popular belief blog. you can find it only at
8:37 am
the battle over bain. a fight over how much a candidate should say about his or her taxes. and rumor that is condoleezza rice might be mitt's pick for vp. it can only mean one thing, cnn's "state of the union" moments away. we'll have a preview next. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven. i bought the car because of its efficiency. i bought the car because i could eliminate gas from my budget. i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station.
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good morning, washington, d.c. yes, we all want a little candy, so let's head to washington right now. cnn's "state of the union" coming up at the top of the hour with host candy crowley. how did you like, that candy? >> you scared me there. it's a little early in the morning. >> i know. we're having a little fun with you. but the romney campaign causing so much buzz this week after reports surfaced that condoleezza rice was a potential vp choice. some say maybe it was a distraction from the whole back and forth over bain. she has said, what, she doesn't even want the job. what do you think? what was behind all of this? >> i think certainly it was a distraction and a welcome one in the romney campaign because, as you know, they have just been blitzed with bain capital
8:41 am
accusations and other things from the romney campaign. so -- i'm sorry from the obama campaign. listen, whenever i talk about who is on the list and who isn't on the list, i hearken back to my days sitting around in chicago waiting for then candidate barack obama to make a decision on his vp choice, and i'd make phone call after phone call and try to figure out who is on the short list and the long list and everybody has a different short list even in the campaign and a different long list, and i remember that the ongoing story was that hillary clinton was at the top of the vp list and we find out later she wasn't even vetted. so what do we take from this? we take from this this campaigns leak for a variety of reasons. sometimes the person who wants to be vetted leaks. i don't think this is the case because condi rice said pretty clearly she doesn't want the job. sometimes they want to please a
8:42 am
certain constituency. of course, we're taking this seriously. let's remember condi rice in a poll of republicans a couple months ago was the top choice there. it's probably a name recognition thin. nonetheless, there's so many things that argue against it. i think this was just one of those things that goes out there for a variety of reasons, but i find it hard to take truly seriously. >> i'm sure it will be one of the topics that come up today. you have the senior advisers from both the campaigns on your show today. this could get interesting. >> yes, because i don't think the bain thing has been put to rest, at least if you looked at my e-mail from both campaigns, neither one of them believes it's been put to rest. the accusations that mitt romney was, in fact, directing bain in a three-year period in which there were some acquisitions by bain that the obama folks want to use against romney. so it makes a difference, the time table, when did mitt romney
8:43 am
actually leave day-to-day operations of bain, et cetera. so that night is not over, but it's also a fight, let's remember, for the message because the person who sets the agenda generally sets the agenda to something that they think favors them, and what mitt romney wants to do is talk about the economy, and he's been so knocked off all of that, and so now there's a hue and cry for him to put his taxes out, and even republicans are asking that he put his taxes out to try to put this to rest and get on with what they hope is the business of unseating president obama. so, you know, they are still fighting. it was a really rough 48 hours i think for mitt romney which culminated in that five-network round robin of interviews that he did trying to put bain to rest. i don't think it's there yet. >> no, apparently not. so i look forward to what will be said on your program this morning. candy, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> keep it here for "state of the union" with candy crowley. it starts in about 15 minutes,
8:44 am
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8:48 am
in many other countries. comedian and former attorney dean obeidallah joining me to chat about this. so, dean, you took off your hat and your sunglasses. >> i did. i'm waiting for later to use them. >> okay. good. you have writ tten this op-ed f not just saying we should take vacations but that we practical have to, like our life depends on it. >> the article is called take a vacation or die. i'm being serious. randi, go on vacation. don't put it off. in the article i talk about studies which show an increased risk of heart attack for people who don't take annual vacations. it's not even speculation. it's not a feel-good thing. it could save your life. i think there should be warning labels in the workplace, warning, if you don't take a vacation, you're going to die. >> really, it's that serious? you need to lose some of that ves? >> absolutely. we know stress kills and not only does it kill you, it causes other problems, less than death, which also cause you problems,
8:49 am
insomn insomnia, anxiety, skin rashes, inability to concentrate. it makes you more productive at work. your boss should say to you, take time off. it shows people sleep better on vacation and sleep better when they come back and their brain responses are faster and better. so you're working more efficiently. in these times people are afraid i'm going to lose my job. your bosses should be saying take a week off, take two weeks off. it will help you here at work. >> what about u.s. law? it doesn't require companies to offer vacation. >> no. >> paid vacation. >> we're the only industrialized nation in the world, in the entire world, randi, that does not require it. in fact, the european union they get 20 days off paid vacation. it's mandatory with all the nations in the eu. in america we have no vacation guaranteed. in fact, most americans only take 12 days a year and a dwa quarterback of americans don't take any vacation. you have to get away.
8:50 am
it will make you a better person probably. you will be nicer to your family and better to co-workers and a better worker. >> nicer to your co-workers, wow. i guess when they start sending me on vacation, i'll know i'm in trouble. what happens in countries when they take more vacation who have more vacation time like you showed us. do they get lazy because i'm just curious, do the economies sufficienter? . >> that's interesting. most people would say if you work less, less profit. it's the opposite. in europe there was a study. in greece the greeks work the most hours of anyone in the whole eu and their economy is struggling horribly. the germans, the economic powerhouse, the people we would think work the most, they work the 24th least and they get an average 30 vacation days. it's about productive and efficiency. it's not about long hours. that's not going to help you really. it's about working efficiently, getting the job done in the shortest period of time and having time for a life besides that. >> do you actually take all your
8:51 am
vacation? >> never. i never vacation. i write opinion articles for cnn. >> i know you're writing them on the beach. >> i am going away next week, going to the jersey shore. i have my hat, i have my sun glasses. i'm not going to hang out with snooki or the situation. i'm going to the new jersey shore. but live within your means. it can be a camping trip. it could be anything that doesn't stress you out and gets you two to three days, that's the time it usually shows you will have some relaxation. it will be beneficial for your help. >> even a staycation. then you don't have to deal with all the travel, could help. >> anything away from work that lets you focus on things that are not work, that are not e-mails and your boss yelling at you and co-workers giving you a hard time. just piling up. that will help you. it will help your heart. believe me. >> all right. >> my father is a workaholic. sadly for him it led to his demise earlier than it should have. take a vacation. it will save your life.
8:52 am
>> all right. let's plan one. >> let's go. we're all going, the whole cnn team. >> all right, dean. nice to see you, and excellent advice. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we all need a reminder. so many of us have heard of "50 shades of gray" the popular book that some call mommy porn, but have you seen the musical? yes, we'll show it to you next. d d has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein.
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welcome back. a whole lot happening in the week ahead so let's take a look. tomorrow, monday, secretary clinton leaves egypt and heads to israel. she'll be busy with two days of talks covering everything from iran to election politics back in the united states. and on tuesday, well, ben bernanke is certainly preparing for that day. some expect the senate to grill the federal reserve chairman about libo r and the uk banking scandal that impacted roughly $10 trillion in loans around the world, that's your car loan, your home mortgage, just about everything. on wednesday we have the battle over evidence in the drew peterson case. that continues in a court hearing. the former police sergeant charged with murdering his third wife eight years ago. and another big trial actually begins on thursday known by many
8:56 am
as america's toughest sheriff, arizona sheriff joe arpaio fighting allegations his officers systematically profiled and discriminated against latinos. and friday the big day, the dark knight rises on friday. the much-anticipated film is actually the final installment of director christopher nolan's batman trilogy starring christian bale. you have heard of "fifty shades of grey," the popular book some refer to as mommy porn. now there is the youtube musical. >> reporter: "fifty shades of grey" has gone from mommy porn to musical, but at least the musical won't make you blush 50 shades. it's relatively clean. >> fif at this shades of grey, how could i refuse, in my boring life as a plain housewife, i can dream of being sexually abused. >> reporter: the musical pits a reader who loves the book
8:57 am
against a reader who hates it. >> every page i read makes my eyeballs bleed. >> caller: the makers of this musical are brothers. >> the idea came up when i saw -- i was in the subway and i saw all women reading it from small girls to grandmothers. ♪ this is so well written >> reporter: eventually a gay character makes his entrance. ♪ fifty shades of grey, i pray no one realizes i am loving it ♪ >> reporter: there have been other musical tributes to this lady porn phenomenon turning the verbatim words of the book into lyrics. ♪ >> reporter: jimmy fallon featured fifty shades of grey karaoke. seriously, that's from page 277, honest. comedians mockingly vie to record the audio book version from gilbert gottfried.
8:58 am
>> he scrunches my panties. >> reporter: to ellen degeneres. though he will-chose to paraphrase. >> he guides his hands across my secret garden. i'm just going to add some sound effects if that's okay because i think -- apologize. >> reporter: what's been whipped up are sales. "the wall street journal" reports the "fifty shades" trilogy has sold almost 20 million copies in the u.s. in five months. it took the "dragon tattoo" books months to accomplish that. romney struggles to control the message. today, the battle over bain. >> you're ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations, but again that's probably a question he's going to have to answer and i think that's a legitimate part of the campaign. >> this is all an effort on the
8:59 am
part of the president's campaign to divert attention from the fact that the president has been a failure when it comes to reigniting america's economy. >> the romney pushback with senior adviser ed gillespie, then obama campaign senior adviser david axelrod. and the states brace for federal cuts. the view from the governor's office with virginia republican bob mcdonnell and massachusetts democrat deval patrick. plus, floods, fires, and drought. what it means for farmers and your grocery bill with agriculture secretary tom vilsack. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." in an election about the economy, the obama campaign has made it a mission to discredit mitt romney's business k credentia credentials. recently it zeroed in on filings to the s.e.c. from bain company tal listing romney head of bain three years after he said he left bain. it's important because camp obama is using some of the b


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