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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 9, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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for those higher gas prices. and california felt the pinch almost immediately. here's how fast. fire starts at the chevron refinery on monday. on tuesday, wholesale gas prices shoot up in california, surging 30 cents a gallon with analysts warning that prices could jump another 5 cents with within days. but the market calms down a bit by wednesday can and prices do pull back, but they are still 24 cents a gallon higher than before the fire. and what happens next with gas prices depends on just how badly that richmond refinery is damaged and how long it will be offline. i want to bring in cnn's dan simon. he is in richmond right now, outside the refinery. so, dan, tell us, how bad is that damage? >> reporter: well, hi, alina. chase the refinery behind me, and the output seems to have been affected significantly. chevron just saying that the refinery is operating at a diminished capacity. we should point out, this is the third largest refinery in the
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state of california. actually, one of the largest in the country. it processes about 240,000 barrels of crude oil every single day. so you take some of that out of the equation, that's why you're having a big impact when it comes to gas prices. so chevron saying it's operating at a diminished capacity. when it might be online, if you will, you know, repaired. that ewiwe don't know, alina. >> dan, as you know, this is a chevron refinery, and chevron met with residents in the area on tuesday night. things got really heated. let's listen to this what and watch we'll talk on the other side. >> first and foremost, chevron will take responsibility for all legitimate claims that come in. >> you're putting this poison out here, killing us! and it's not just happening -- is it happening in y'all's neighborhood? no, it's not. >> do i have to look forward to having cancer? does my grandchild have to look forward to having cancer? >> wow, pretty incredible stuff to hear it, dan.
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have you been able to speak to any of those residents? >> reporter: well, yeah, i have actually spoken to -- i spoke to a resident just a little while ago. and listen, there have been long-standing concerns for people who live in this area, environmental activists have been shouting about this refinery for a very long time. here is the thing, though. the local government entity that monitors pollution, they were out here the night of the fire. they saw no increased pollution. didn't view it as a health problem. nonetheless, you did have hundreds of people go to bay area emergency rooms to be checked out. they were claiming to have respiratory problems. many have already spoken to attorneys. you can bet that there'll be a lot of lawsuits. chevron, they are saying that they will, you know, basically pay for any legitimate claims. so that's where we are with that. but, you know, this isn't going away anytime soon. a lot of anger in this community over what happened on monday
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night, alina. >> yeah, naturally. dan simon, thank you so much for that update. and the west coast isn't alone in this gas price surge. this summer, a leaking pipeline in the upper midwest createded some of the biggest price hikes. just look at this. between july 30th and august 6th, gas prices shot up 40 cents a gallon in illinois, to a high of $4.09. that's the highest in the country. the leak is blamed for boosting michigan prices by 38 cents. and in wisconsin, gas prices shot up 33 cents a gallon. the pipeline reopened on tuesday and aaa says illinois gas prices are beginning to fall, just a little bit. now to this summer's other budget-buster. we're talking about food. anyone who's been to the grocery store lately won't be surprised bay united nations report that was released today. it found that global food prices jumped 6% in july, and the main driver of that jump is corn. according to the u.n. report, corn prices alone surged 23% last month.
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that's nearly a quarter increase. things that cost more in july -- cereal, peanut butter, and margarine, to name a few. the reason, according to the u.n., and this won't be a surprise to many people, the record drought across the american heartland. we have this just in to cnn. a warning -- be on the lookout for e-mails that claim to be from the fbi. it just could contain a new internet virus and you don't want to catch it. i want to bring in alison kosik in new york. alison, good to see you. what is this all about? >> okay, so the fbi has put out a warning, alina, has you said, about this new virus, it's called revatin, and it's a virus that can get on your computer pretty easily because you don't have necessarily download it to get it installed. when you click on a compromised website, that's how this virus grabs on to your computer. once it's on your computer, what happens is your computer locks up. then there's this pop-up that looks like it's from the fbi. and what it says is, you are
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identified of being associated with island pornography sites or illegal online activity. but here's the kicker, to unlock your computer, what this virus asks you to do is send in money and some people were actually duped. they paid hundreds of dollars. the thing is, this virus has been around for a long time. the fbi first learned about it last year. it's warned people, but it says this is a growing problem. consider yourself warned. alina? >> is there any recourse if you become a victim? >> well, it's hard to say if there's recourse. you can just look out for it and don't follow the pop-up and pay like it says to. don't ever pay money. you know, contact a computer professional if your computer gets locked up, if that computer virus is on your computer. and go ahead and file a complaint with the internet crime complaint center. this is actually a group that the fbi started so people have a place to file their complaints in an easy fashion. but watch out. even if you unlock your computer yourself, the virus could still be lurking around there. and it can get into your personal information, get your passwords and credit card numbers, and then the headaches
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really begin after that. alina? >> that's for sure. just hearing about that makes me squirm. all right, alison kosik, thanks so much. the victim of a horrific face-eating attack is speaking out for the first time. you will hear his terrifying account of how his assaulter, quote, ripped him to ribbons. his words are chilling. plus, a nasty swine flu outbreak in the midwest to tell you about, where doctors are telling people to take some pretty big precautions. what you need to know, next. not, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪ zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. ♪ ( whirring and crackling sounds )
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. it was the gruesome attack that horrified the world. a homeless man viciously beaten, his face chewed off by another man in broad daylight. and now for the very first time since that brutal assault that came to be known as the miami zombie attack, we are hearing the victim tell his story in his own words. >> he just ripped me to ribbons. he chewed ee eed at my face, hd out my eyes. that's basically all there is to say about it. >> that is the voice of ronald poppo, victim of the cannibal,
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rudy eugene. we're hearing the account of what happened on the causeway memorial day weekend. >> i thought he was a good guy, but he and went turned barbaric. he apparently didn't have a good day at the beach and he was coming back. and i guess he took it out on me or something. >> cbs 4 news obtained a copy of the interview miami homicide detectives conducted with poppo. >> here with me is detective franky sanchez. >> reporter: the interview toopz at the per due medical center in south day where poppo is now recovering from his injuries. >> also here with us is mr. ronald poppo. mr. poppo with, can you raise your right hand? >> certainly. >> the interview was led by al tarr williams. >> what was he saying when he was assaulting you? >> you and me, buddy. nobody else.
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i'm going to kill you or something like that, i guess. >> did he say why? >> no, he just started to scream. he was talking kind of funny talk for a while. >> what do you mean by funny talk? >> that i was going to die and he was going to die. he must have been souped up on something. >> reporter: the details of the attack still vivid in his mind. >> he starts smashing my face into the sidewalk. my face is all mashed up. my eyes got plucked out. he was strangling me in wrestling holds. at the same time, he was picking my eyes out. >> detectives asked him if he said or did anything that might have provoked eugene. >> i certainly didn't curse at the guy or say anything mean or nasty. >> reporter: pieces of eugene's bible were found scattered on the causeway. poppo said he'd never seen
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eugene's bible and denied taking it. >> did mr. eugene having anything in his hands? >> no, eugene did not have any type of weapon. he did not use any weapon on me. he basically was using brute force. >> but before he attacked you, did he have any clothes, any materials, any books or anything in his hands? >> no. i honestly don't recall him having anything. >> after the attack, news reports suggested that poppo and rudy eugene may have crossed paths, possibly at a soup kitchen where eugene reportedly fed the homeless. >> do you recall ever seeing mr. eugene before? >> i don't think so. >> do you ever, to the best of your knowledge, remember mr. eugene providing any type of food to the homeless? >> no. i don't remember nothing like that. >> reporter: while the interview provides new insights into the case, it is also obvious that poppo is confused about some details. for instance, he thought rudy eugene had hitchhiked his way
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across the causeway when we know he walked. he also described eugene as being clothed, and we now know eugene stripped off his clothing before the attack. other details he just seemed to have made up. >> he had hair that was brown and wavy, and looked like a mohican type of haircut. >> and although the attack left poppo blind in both eyes, he seems relatively resigned as to what happened to him. although it's something he clearly does not enjoy talking about it. >> anyway, i'm getting kind of exhausted. >> okay, i understand. i understand. is there anything else you want to say -- >> no, i thank the miami police department for saving my life. that's about the best i can sum it up as. if they didn't get there in the nick of time, i would definitely have been in worse shape. possibly would have been doa.
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>> that was jim defeat from wfor. just a quick side note, there had been some speculation that rudy eugene was high on bath salts at the time of the attack, but we now know he was not on bath salts or synthetic marijuana, this is according to toxicology reports that did find traces of marijuana in his body, but nothing else. well, if you're going to your state or county fair in the next couple of weeks, be careful. the swine flu is back. and we're going to tell you how to avoid it. most efficient line of luxury hybrids on the road, including the all-new esh. ♪ while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... ♪'s already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. look at these teeth! they're made for meat! do i look like i'm stalking plants?
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some health news we need to tell you about. there's a dramatic rise in h3-n2 swine flu cases. more than 100 cases have been reported in indiana. the cdc says many cases are linked from the virus passing from six pigs to people at agricultural fairs and festivals, something that's really popular this time of year. cnn's senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, joins me now. so how serious is this, elizabeth? >> it's serious, but i want to emphasize, this is not the same swine flu, the same strain of swine flu that we heard of two years. this one is h3-n2, the other was h1n1. this is far fewer cases.
3:18 pm
the other one was much big numbers. this one is in four states, we've seen it in four states so far. hawaii, illinois, indiana, and ohio, with 113 cases being in indiana. we're talking about 145 cases total. two hospitalizations out of those 145 sick people. and most of the people who are sick are under the age of 16. >> and i want to talk about why most of those victims are children. but, first, is this a less-serious or a more serious strain, in your estimation? >> here's what makes it less serious. swine flu, the old one -- well, not old, but the one that we talked about in 2009, that spread relatively easily from person to person. i could sneeze and if you were sitting right here, you could get it if i didn't cover my sneeze. this version doesn't seem to spread so easily, person to person. but everyone who's gotten it so far, has gotten it from a pig. maybe they touched a pig, maybe they were near a pig, maybe they handled a pig, maybe they pet
3:19 pm
the pig at that county fair, but it doesn't seem to be spreading so easily from person to person. >> and why children? >> pause children have been touching these pigs. you go to a county fair, i know my kids, they run up to all of those animals and they want to touch them. that's why you're seeing it -- >> so i suspect maybe not as many pigs will be at state fairs and county fairs this summer. but what's the message for parents to try to keep their kids safe? >> the folks at the cdc say, do not let your kids pet a pig at one of these fairs. you can also get sick from being near the pig, so i think that's important to know. so maybe keep your distance from some of these pigs. >> wow. important news to know. thanks. all right, elizabeth cohen, great to see you, as always. thanks. >> thanks. one password, one confirmation, and your digital life can be destroyed. it happened to one man in just an hour. hackers got into google, amazon, apple, wiped out this man's e-mail, tablet, and cell phone. and how's this for irony? the man who was hacked is a
3:20 pm
senior writer for "wired" magazine. he'll join me next to see how he struck a deal with this hacker to make sure this doesn't happen to you. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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this is a story you have just got to see. a reporter who covers the tech world says in less than an hour, quote, his entire digital life was destroyed. matt hoenan's apple, gmail, twitter, iphone accounts wiped out. and he wrote about this epic hack in an article for "wired." and he actually cut a deal with the hackers, writing about how they completely unraveled his online life. matt hoenan, senior writer for "wired" joins me live from san francisco. matt, great to see you. i guess if it can happen to you, it can happen to anyone. so when did you first discover that something was wrong?
3:24 pm
>> it was friday evening and i was expecting a phone call, i noticed my phone turned off. i went to plug it in, and when i did that, the start-up screen you get when you first buy a new iphone came up. i tried entering any password, it said my password was wrong, i went and looked at my computer, and my computer was in this weird reset moment that was asking for my pin and i realized my hard drive was being wiped. and i realized what was happening when they were all being wiped remotely at the same time and at that point i kind of freaked out. >> among other things, you lost more than a year's worth of photos, covering the entire life span of your daughter. that's just tragic. you say that this happened because your accounts were daisy chained together. so they were all linked, essentially, right? >> that's right. so my -- when -- once they were able to access my apple account, my apple e-mail, that was the
3:25 pm
backup e-mail for my g-mail, so they were able to get into google l, and the google account was linked to my twitter, it was my twitter login, so they were able to get into twitter. and this all started by getting into my amazon account. >> yeah, talk about that. talk about, just, you mentioned that the pizza guy could have done this. this wasn't some elaborate hack job. this took a couple of phone calls to amazon, and that was it, right? >> right. so from amazon, they were able to -- they were basically, they gave a fake credit card number to amazon, which they then called back and gave them that credit card number as verification of my account and they were able to see the last four digits of all the credit cards on my amazon account. and at the time, apple was just requiring an e-mail -- your e-mail address that was your i.d., your billing address, and the last four digits of a credit card to get into your account and get a temporary password reset. armed with just those last four digits, address, and e-mail,
3:26 pm
they were able to go into apple, into my apple i.d. and destroy everything. >> i think what's extraordinary, too, is -- and we're going to get to this in just a second. one of the hackers contacted you after you set up another twitter account. i found it interesting that they really just said they liked your handle. you spell your name m-a-t, right, @mat, right? >> that's right. >> and the hacker contacted you via twitter, and then what happens next? >> we begin messaging each other and we followed each other on twitter, so we were able to send each other private messages. and, you know, i really wanted to try and understand how this had happened, so i basically -- you know, he was telling me a little bit, but not very much, and eventually i said, you know, if you explain how this is going to happen, i'm not going to take any steps to prosecute you. because i really wanted to understand how and what the extent of this problem was. and once it kind of became
3:27 pm
apparent that it was a really widespread problem, that it wasn't a security issue that was just affecting me, i thought it was very important to know how it was done and how you could, you know, how you could stop it. and once we were able to learn that, at "wired" we were able to basically repeat all these steps, end to end, again and again. >> that's incredibly big of you, i have to say. you know, we spoke to amazon and apple. amazon says it has closed the, quote, exploit, but didn't elaborate any further. apple tells us, you know, that, "we've temporarily suspended the ability to reset apple i.d. passwords over the phone. when we resume over the phone password resets, customers will be required to provide even stronger identity verification to reset their password." they go on to say that apple takes customer privacy seriously. "in this particular case, the customer's data was compromised by a person who had acquired personal information about the customer. in addition, we found that our
3:28 pm
own internal policies with were not followed completely." does this satisfy you? >> no, i don't think so. you know, i believe that they -- i'm glad that they have taken steps to keep this from happening in the short-term, and i assume they've taken those temporary measures to put long-term, you know, better security policies in place, but i really think that the statement doesn't do justice. they really have to actually take steps that are going to keep this from happening. they need to have some sort of method that keeps people from being able to remotely wipe someone else's device, for example. the over the phone problem was not the only problem. >> i'm curious to know just how close you are to restoring your digital life. how soon might that happen? and is there any shot at all of getting those photos back? >> i've been able to restore my twitter account, my google account completely.
3:29 pm
my iphone and ipad, i was backing up, and so i was able to restore those as well. things are not looking as good for my mac book. i'm actually picking that up from apple shortly after i leave here and i'm taking it to a data recovery shop, where they think they're going to be able to recover the data, but i don't know the final word on that, yet. >> you don't realize until something like this happens how strongly linked you are to your devices. matt, thanks so much for sharing your story. i wish you a lot of luck in getting your digital life recovered. >> thanks for having me. >> good luck. and we'll be waiting for your next story. up next, stunning video just into us. surviving a plane crash. you're going to see exactly what it's like, look at that, from inside the cockpit. that's next. teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions, to bring all the right results.
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well, you're about to see a cockpit view of a plane crash. and as you watch, remember that everyone on board the
3:33 pm
single-engine prop survived. it happened in june in idaho. watch. >> oh, my goodness, gracious. one man was injured. amazingly, the others on board walked away from the crash, not hurt. but, imagine being inside that plane, chad myers. i mean, pretty incredible stuff. >> they took off. they said it took a long time for them to get off the ground. didn't think anything about it, because the airport, although it's a dirt field, it's a very long runway, so they got off the ground, but couldn't get higher about 60, 70 feet off the ground. and they think maybe the pressure or the atmosphere changed, compared to when they landed to when they took off, they may have been there a while, and it warmed up. so therefore the lift capability of the wing wasn't enough to get
3:34 pm
all these guys, three guys plus the pilot. this is a spinson 108-3. it should carry full fuel, 170-pound people, four of them, plus 50 -- >> four people on the plane? >> and it's rated for 170-pound people. that's great, 1947, when people were 170 pounds, but now you've got big guys on there. obviously, the ntsb will look at why these people couldn't get off the ground. >> there's no indication of why -- >> it didn't fly for some reasons. the trees obviously softened the blow, but if the trees weren't there, it would have been an easier landing. the pilot did break his jaw, but all the other three guys got up and walked away. >> just incredible. >> i never want to see that. >> yeah, me neither. all right, stay with us, chad. because we want you to look at this video we just got into our newsroom of nick wallenda, of the famed flying wallendas? do you see him there? he's right there in the middle
3:35 pm
of your screen, wearing the red shirt and the black shorts. he is just fresh off a walk, 1,300 feet between the atlantic club and the tropicana. this is in atlantic city. we're talking about. he was about 100 feet above the beach. we wanted to make sure that he actually finished it safely before we brought you the video. but remember, this was just -- this is just about a month and a half after -- june 15th is when he made that historic walk across niagara falls. he was 184 feet above the water there. pretty incredible stuff. he's 33 years old. i don't know how people can even have the wherewithal to do that. i would be freaking out. >> if you notice, he wasn't wearing the little tether they made him wear over niagara falls. >> he didn't want to wear it over niagara falls, but this was aired on nbc and prime-time, and abc wanted to make sure that, you know, he had that on.
3:36 pm
and by the way, nick wallenda does say his next trip is the grand canyon in arizona. >> that's a long walk. >> chad myers, thanks so much. >> yeah. all right. this man, the man accused -- this hour, rather, the man accused of gunning down 12 people and injuring 58 others at a screening of the latest batman movie in aurora, colorado, is expected in court, at this hour. we won't get to see james holmes like we did the first time, because no cameras are allowed inside the courtroom today. there's also a gag order on the case. but more than 17 news organizations, including cnn, are asking a judge to lift that gag order today. holmes is charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. criminal defense attorney joey jackson is on the case for us. so, joey, what exactly can we expect from this hearing today? >> reporter: well, i think there'll be competing interests that we're going to hear about, alina. those compete ing interests are
3:37 pm
follows. they want to keep those documents sealed because they want to maintain the propriety and integrity of the investigation. the defense similarly has an argument this they should be sealed. why? because they want to ensure a fair trial. then we'll hear from the press, and their argument is public access. the public has a right to know. this is a significant public issue, it involved a horrific tragedy. we need to be transparent, and these documents need to be revealed. so the judge will balance all that today. >> and do we expect a decision today? >> you know, the judge has on option to what we call reserve decision. and in doing that, it gives the judge an opportunity to evaluate everyone's argument, to look at some of the cases that would apply here. there's a supreme court case from 1986, press enterprises, that addresses this issue. i'm sure the press will be talking about a number of other cases, and the judge wants to do the right thing, so while we may hear from the judge today, i doubt it, alina. i think he'll take some time, reserve decision, and give a decision at a later time. >> obviously the prosecution is concerned that by releasing this information, the case will be
3:38 pm
compromised. do we have any idea what is inside these documents, joey? >> you know, generally speaking, when you have a case file, it's plentiful. and what does it include? it includes police reports, there are witness statements there, there will be a search warrant affidavit, in addition to the results of that search warrant. just all kinds of information concerning the defendant, who he might have spoken to, what the issues were involved. so it's plentiful and abundant. and remember, alina, it's not only the case file they want, but in addition to that, there's a gag order on the university, because they are not the university allowed to tell anything either, right? because they're being contacted. tell us about him! tell us about him! and the gag order says they don't want him to release anything, pause the judge is concerned about a fair trial here. >> as always, joey jackson, breaking it down for us because we all understand a little bit for the. a short time from now, president obama expected to speak live from a state that he won in 2008 but is now trailing mitt romney in at least one
3:39 pm
poll. we're talking about colorado, and that's next. ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward.
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start with soup salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four courses, $14.99. offer ends soon. come into red lobster and sea food differently. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. president obama is about to finish up two straight days of campaigning in colorado. now, he won colorado back in 2008, but one late poll shows him trailing mitt romney there now. cnn's brianna keilar is trailing the president in colorado springs. brianna, yesterday it was women. who is the president targeting today? >> reporter: well, it's not as
3:42 pm
obvious today who he's targeting, because his message yesterday, alina, was very much about women, but no doubt he is targeting the hispanic vote. it's very important here in colorado. and you can just look at the visuals of today to really see that. and actually, to that point, ken salazar, one of the most prominent members of his cabinet, former colorado senator, is about to take the stage to warm up the crowd here in colorado springs, as he did earlier today in pueblo. president obama woke up in pueblo. he went to a tex-mex restaurant, got a burrito. i mean, he is courting the hispanic vote, and you can really understand why, alina, when you look at poll numbers. the most recent poll that we've seen, the quinnipiac university/cbs news/"new york times" poll has him trailing mitt romney overall five points in colorado.
3:43 pm
but he's got a 40-point lead. >> that quinnipiac poll that came out yesterday, brianna, as you know, the president won colorado in 2008. so is the campaign saying at all, or do they have any explanation for why the president is trailing in colorado now? >> reporter: when you ask them, alina, about that poll, they say they're not overly worried. they're trying to downplay it. and they say that they think that hispanics will play a bigger role on election day than they did in that poll seniors will play a lesser role. they're trying to build in winning coalition here of women, because the president is really struggling with men, compared to 2008, and also hispanic voters, who are quite a growing constituency. not only in colorado, but other western state s western state tates, nevada an arizona as well. >> and we should point out that poll, there's a five-point margin there, but that is within the margin of error.
3:44 pm
brianna, i congratulate you for being able to speak louder than ken salazar there in the background. we appreciate it. the microphone does help it. all right, shelling in syria's biggest city. our ben wedeman narrowly escaped a attack while he was reporting in aleppo and he's going to share his story, next. take the money. i'm not taking your money. besides i get great gas mileage. what's that? it's eassist. helps the engine run really efficiently. it captures energy that assists the engine... so i'm never guzzling gas. oh -- that's hippie talk. it's called technology dad... here take two dollars. take the money. [ male announcer ] the all new 37 mpg highway chevy malibu eco. from conserving fuel, to the technology that makes it happen. chevy runs deep.
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ten minutes before the top of the hour. both sides in syria are reporting heavy fighting in the battle for aleppo. that's syria's largest city. and here we can see part of a building on fire. there you see it. that is usually a sign of artillery strikes by the government. rebel forces say they have retreated from their former stronghold in aleppo. troops co pour in to drive out the rebels entirely. cnn's ben wedeman has just gotten out of aleppo after several harrowing days there as a witness to the fighting. here's an account of some of the things he witnessed.
3:48 pm
[ gunfire ] [ gunfire ] >> we have made it in. we drove from a government-controlled area but made it around the checkpoint. now we're inside. there are very few people actually here. there are some civilians walking around. but the biggest danger is snipers that are on buildings this direction firing like this. so we've had to sort of make a very roundabout route into this area. now we're out of aleppo. we're heading northwest of here.
3:49 pm
it's been a rather interesting ride. apparently the post of the fsa from which we took this truck got hit by a mig shortly after we left, we're told of serious injuries. but, anyway, good to be out of aleppo. maybe we'll be going back soon. >> it's good to be out of aleppo. unfortunately, we're leaving kind people behind us. they took care of us. and wish them all the best. >> just incredible reporting from our ben wedeman and his crew on their way out of aleppo, syria. video games, they're a $90 billion business. americans alone spend more than a billion hours each year playing. but it's not just for fun. there is one school that bases
3:50 pm
its entire curriculum on games. and it has some parents very worried. >> in order to get ready in the morning or get ready at a certain time, we put on a song and say, you have to beat the song. we would play johnny cash or elvis or a song from wicked. so when i listen to the concept of this school, i love it. i think it's really exciting. but it's a big roll of the dice. >> being strategic about where you land. there you go. you have an entire board to select. i'm a teacher at quest to learn. i teach class called the way things work. it is an integrated science and math class. the application of that math really, you know, takes root in the way things work. and we start to use, you know, the fractions, decimals, percentages in the classroom for activities. so they kind of get to see it from both perspectives. a mathematical endeavor and the
3:51 pm
applied science. >> one parent admits this school is a big roll of the dice. she still worries about standardized tests and college, but says it's worth the gamble. for more on this special series, go to 27 children living underground never seeing sunlight. and police are discovering an invisible religious sect. that's next. [ ross ] we are at the bottom of the earth: patagonia, chile. this is the first leg of our world challenge with the cadillac ats. this is actually starting to feel real now. [ ross ] this is the perfect place to test the ats's advanced aerodynamics. [ derek ] we've got crosswinds, tailwinds, headwinds. aerodynamics is all about keeping the car planted on the road. you are going to get hit by stuff, so don't freak out. [ screaming with excitement ] and move out now. ♪
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we are just a few minutes away from the top of the hour. and that means wolf blitzer and "the situation room." wolf is here with a preview. hey, wolf. >> attention all political news junk kis like you and me, alina. we have brand new cnn/orc poll numbers on the horse race between president obama and mitt romney. you're going to be intrigued when you see what has happened over the past month in the race between the democratic and republican presidential candidates. we also have brand new numbers on who mitt romney should select
3:55 pm
according to republicans out there as his vice presidential running mate. we're getting ready to release those numbers as well. also, we have brand new numbers on gun control in the united states. this is the first poll done in the aftermath of the sikh temple killing in wisconsin, what happened in aurora, colorado, you're going to be interested to hear and see how the american public feels about stricter or looser gun control in the country. we've got all of our political reporters, analysts, everyone standing by. we've got some important news coming up right here in "the situation room." >> all right, wolf. i'll be watching from the airport. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> members of a religious sect have been found living in a bunker in russia. now here's where the story gets bizarre. russian police say the sect has been living strictly underground for a decade. cnn's matthew chance reports that police found adults and several children. >> reporter: russian police say
3:56 pm
27 children along with more than 30 adults lived in cells described as an underground bunker. some children had never left the compound or even seen the light of day. >> translator: the premises consistents of cells located in the basement and foundation and dug into the ground as it was set in the official report. it was an eight-level ant hill. not only adults were living on these premises but also children. >> reporter: at least 19 of the children, ages between 1 and 17 years old were removed by the authorities. some placed in care. others in hospitals. >> children were in satisfactory condition. they were all fed although they were dirty. upon receiving them we washed them. they have undergone a full examination. all the russian specialists have examined them and taken all the analysis. tomorrow the full analysis will be finished and we will give our final conclusion about the condition of their health. >> reporter: the islamist sect
3:57 pm
was unearthed last week in a suburb of russian mainly muslim region during an investigation into militant groups. chance of defiance police retained some of its members including the 83-year-old leader. they're facing charges. russian media reports say his followers lived in isolation refusing to recognize russian laws or the authority of mainstream muslim leaders. isolation that allowed them to keep their activities literally underground. matthew chance, cnn, london. >> and i'm alina cho. see you back in new york. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer starts right now. alina, thanks very much. happening now, we're releasing the results of our brand new polling in the presidential race. you're going to want to see this. the candidates are moving in opposite directions. and the numbers indicate a big
3:58 pm
reason why. also, inside a life of hate, a former skinhead gives us a chilling look at the lifestyle and mindset of people like the gunman in the wisconsin temple shooting. and an updated and ominous forecast for the rest of the atlantic hurricane season. we have new information. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we begin this hour with a very important change in the presidential race. according to our brand new cnn/orc poll, a majority of the nation's voters now say they want to re-elect president obama. take a look at this. the president has 52%. he's seven points ahead of mitt romney who's at 45%. just a month ago the president in our poll was ahead 49% to
3:59 pm
46%. significantly the president now according to our latest poll is above 50%. our polls also show what voters think of mitt romney's potential vice presidential picks. let's bring in our national political correspondent jim acosta. he's taking a closer look at all of these numbers. >> that's right. >> at least on the surface, should bring a smile to the obama campaign. >> and perhaps a warning to mitt romney and his campaign to go big in the vice presidential search with mitt romney heading out on a potential rollout of his running mate. the results on the veepstakes are even more fascinating. the two men that seem to be the safe bets in washington are not the top choices in their own party. with perhaps just days to go before mitt romney makes his vice presidential pick, the conventional wisdom in washington has narrowed it down to the two ps. tim pawlenty and rob portman. >> it's an honor to be considered. it'sit


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