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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 12, 2012 2:30pm-2:57pm EDT

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advisors. he also ordered them from the top medals egypt has to offer. but i want to put a date out there right now. a date that might have more significance, one that we see coming up. august 24th, we're hearing a lot of chatter about this day because there's a lot of -- there's a protest scheduled against president mohamed morsi. there's been a push by different political parties saying that they're going to come out on that day to protest against the powers that they see that mohamed morsi is trying to get. that's a date to put on the calendar, to see if there is a fallout from this decision, if that affects the protest in the coming weeks. >> ian lee from cairo, thanks for that update. let's talk about the u.s. presidential race now. with just 87 days left until election day, both candidates are packing their schedules with fund-raisers and campaign stops.
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mitt romney and his new running mate, paul ryan, are sturming in the battleground state of north carolina. they just wrapped up an appearance at a furniture store. tonight they fly to ryan's home state of wisconsin for a rally in the congressman's home district. and then the team splits up. ryan heading to iowa and romney flying to florida to resume his battleground bus tour. at every stop so far -- the economy has been the big focus. >> i've got good news for you, and that is that this nation is going to come roaring back. there are some who are fearful that if we stay on the track we're on, we're going to end up like greece and we're going to have like europe has, the chronic high unemployment and the low wage growth and fiscal calamity right at the door. that's not the path we'll take us down. i see our president making us more and more like europe.
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i don't want to be like europe. i want to be like america. >> we feel, as your fellow citizens, that we owe you a choice. a choice of two futures. we can either stay on the current path that we are on, a nation in debt, a nation in doubt, a nation in despair, a nation with high unemployment, where we're giving our children a diminished future, or we can change this thing and get this country back on the right track. >> not everyone in north carolina shares their vision on what the right track is. in raleigh, a group of democrats protested romney's economic policies. the republican presidential candidate was supposed to make an appearance in raleigh but the event was canceled to fit in tonight's stop in wisconsin. members of the dnc were there to launch their own bus tour to trail romney's. their logo reads -- romney economics -- the middle class under the bus.
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so their kaechcandidate of president obama, is also scheduling back-to-back campaigning events this week. he's in chicago for back-to-back fund-raisers. athena jones is in chicago. romney's outraised the president for three straight months now. will obama gain some significant ground today or is that at least their hope? >> hi, fred. well, they're certainly hoping to begin to do that. the campaign is not going to be releasing official totals for the five fund-raisers today but they're estimated to bring in between 3 1/2 and $4 million. we're talking about five separate events in the city of chicago, his hometown. he's coming here to rev up the hometown crowd and also raise money from people who support him. their price points are all over the place for these events. somewhere tickets cost $40,000 a person. the one where we are today, the ticket prices start at $51 which is of course the birthday the president celebrated earlier
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this month. five fund-raisers today, one of them is at his home in hyde park. while most the people there will have paid $40,000 a head, they also ran a contest whereby donating just a few dollars, $3, $5, whatever you could, people were entered into a raffle to come celebrate his birthday at his house. just shows how much they need to raise this money. >> yesterday there was a statement that came from the obama campaign about the paul ryan selection by mitt romney. today is anything new being said by obama or his camp? >> reporter: certainly, david axlerod was on state of the union with candy crowley. let's listen to how he summed up their view of the choice of romney. >> i think it's to help further define the race. don't think it's shaken up the race because governor romney has embraced many of the positions that congressman ryan espouses, extremely as they sound. i mean he's for the trillions of dollars of tax cuts for
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millionaires. >> reporter: so that's just a summary of the kind of lines we're expecting to hear from the obama campaign and from president obama himself linking ryan to romney and to this idea that they're going to be serving the interests of the rich and of corporations, whereas obama and biden are going to be serving the interest of the middle class. >> athena jones in chicago, thanks so much. a u.s. navy destroyer and a merchant ship collided early this morning. it happened neither strait of hormuz in the middle east. the guided missile destroyer uus porter." leaving a huge gash in its side. officials in iran say rescue operations are now over after two strong earthquakes struck in northwestern iran. at least 250 people were killed and more than 2,000 hurt.
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the quakes destroyed scores of villages and damaged historic monuments in the area. series of aftershocks followed the quakes, including one measuring 4.4. people in aurora, colorado are taking back the movies. how a big give-away is helping the city recover from a horrific attack. a "back to school" clothing party. what they don't know is they're on hidden camera, and all the clothes are actually from walmart. let's see what happens. they feel really soft. i like it. i feel like i could wear this with almost anything. we love the material. so far all the material is phenomenal. these clothes are all from walmart. what? wow! i've never bought kids' clothes at walmart. [ earl ] would you now? yes! walmart has great brands that make great looks. you'll love them, or your money back, guaranteed. see for yourself. ♪ see for yourself. ari'm fine.y, babe? ♪
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today is an emotional day for american sikhs in wisconsin.
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worship irs held their first prayer service since a gunman burst into their temple a week ago killing six people. by tradition the temple in oak creek, wisconsin opens their service to the public but this time honoring those killed and appealing for peace and understanding. extra security was also added. in aurora, colorado, first lady michelle obama offered comfort to the victims in the family members of last month's theater shooting. she also talked with medical staffers who treated the wounded, thanking them for their professionalism in a time of crisis. a dozen people died and 58 others were injured in that attack. that shooting shattered a community's sense of security. nick mckirk of cnn affiliate kusa explains how a ticket give-away may help lure movie goers back. >> we got probably 30 left to give. >> reporter: where going to the movies has become an act of defiance, an act of community. >> me and a friend of mine were in line waiting to see the movie and it was sold out in that
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exact theater. >> i almost saw batman that night. >> it is out of response to the century 16 shooting. >> reporter: he and his friend knew many who were inside the night of july 20th. >> friend of mine was there. >> reporter: which is why they are here on this saturday in aurora. >> we want everyone just to come an enjoy the movies again. >> reporter: and in denver, volunteers who raised the money to donate 1,300 tickets to strangers. >> pure act of kindness. that's pretty neat. >> we want to try and find something that was the exact opposite what have this guy did in the dark and to try and find a way to spret spread a little bit of light. >> reporter: make no mistake, three weeks later the pain is still real. >> my oldest daughter had a friend who was shot three times in the back. my youngest daughter at the last minute made the decision to go to a different theater. >> reporter: now her son alexander joins dozens of volunteers.
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>> i don't want to let one person affect my whole life. >> reporter: easing pain by showing up and giving back. >> it's okay, mama. >> thanks, honey. >> nick mckirk of affiliate kusa there. he says in all 1,300 tickets were given out last might. lolo jones one of the best known faces from the london games. i'll talk to her about camaraderie at the olympics.ti se caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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the american medal rush strikes gold twice more today in the premier event the usa basketball team beat a surprisingly tough spanish squad 107-100. kevin durant led all scorers with 30 points to help america repeat as gold medal champs. american diver david bodea pulls off a shock upset in the platform diving.
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that's america's first gold if the event since 1988. america also won a gold in wrestling. a ugandan won a thrilling marathon today and the british won the super heavyweight boxing gold. so final day of competition which means the closing ceremonies just a few hours away. so many memories to reflect on. i've been privileged to attend four olympic games, including this 30th olympiad. but this time, attending an olympic games with my five-time medalist dad malwhitfield was completely different. >> reporter: serving in the war, that couldn't stop his dreams. why at 87, a wheelchair, a survivor of two strokes would
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mal whitfield put on the brakes now. destined good medicine. >> they're the stars. >> they really are. >> yes, they are. >> london games was their first gold. >> it was a long time ago. >> reporter: dad, known as marvelous mal because of his seemingly effortless style on the track and near undefeated winning streak in the 800 meters saw old london and friends of long ago with new eyes and lots of laughter. >> it's very different here. >> that's right. >> reporter: fellow '48er bronze long jumper herb douglas made the return, too. >> it's reliving what we did in 1948. and the maturity that we had, we were able to handle it now. your dad and i couldn't handle it back in 1948, but today we're ready! >> 1968 olympian bob beamon whose world record jump stood
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for more than 20 years says he owes much of his olympic success to men like dad. >> i read about him through my coach, larry wonderful treat to be with them. >> i'm your groupie. >> reporter: the journey to london with dad and my brother lonnie was filled with golden moments like this. at lunches, and galas honoring unforgettable athletes. other highlights -- this historic super city of london transformed through a host of modern day sports venues. >> on the way to beach volleyball here at the horses guard parade. of course we got to pass by the queen's crib here at buckingham palace. >> reporter: a playful volleyball pit spiked between the skyline of westminster abbey and the queen's palace guards. the fear of gridlock and frustration with the crush of 200,000 at a time at the olympic park replaced with this reality -- crowds, yes. headaches?
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few. so what happens when an event ends and it also coincides with rush hour? well, you cannot be clau claustrophobic. when you do get an olympic ticket, you also get a travel card which is about $14 round trip. our trip -- a smooth ride. fueled by the inspiration of one marvelous olympian. forever touched by fellow athletes he calls his brothers. together creating new memories in a city where they first made history 64 years ago. many of the 1948 olympians told me this will be their last games to attend. it would be kind of hard to top the special reunions that took place in this go round in london six decades after they all competed together as team usa. the kind of camaraderie you saw among the olympians of yesteryear is special. olympic hurdler lolo jones agrees, although she is still heartbroken about failing to
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clinch a medal in the 100 hurdles. she's candid about relations on the track. is that kind of fraternity or family bond felt by you and your fellow modern day olympians or is that long gone because of money being made, a special coaching, the private training, all that enxacompasses being an olympian today? >> i think my face already kind of gave that away. yeah. i think there will be some of my olympic teammates that i will have that bond with, but i think -- i don't know. i think it's different now. i mean i wish -- i mean was he friends with all of us? i mean like everybody? >> oh, yeah, it was amazing. the reunions of these '48 guys, they were hugging each other. there were little whispers in each other's ears. there were tears, there was laughter. >> was that years past or like now, now at the -- i have seen that in some events where they
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are like super great friends and they have these life-long bonds that i don't think will ever be broken. i will say this. in the hurdle event, think one of the best moments i had out here -- i was in the call room before one of the races and it's just like every different country -- and i know these girls, i've raced against a few of them but not all. a girl from russia, she gave me a wink, and i gave her the head nod like of respect. that kind of went on like -- i'm sitting in this car when we're all so nervous. like we all kind of at one point acknowledged one another, like you do your thing, i'm going to do my thing but i totally respect you and i think it was just said with like just a head nod or a wink. so i don't think i'll ever forget that. that's just different countries. from my team usa members and teammates, i definitely think i have very strong bonds with most of them and i don't know. i would love to see a reunion and how we'll all be when we meet up 20 years later and we all have like no abs and eating
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evangelist billy graham is in a north carolina hospital. doctors say he is being treated for a pulmonary infection that's believed to be bronchitis. the hospital says graham, who is 93 years old, is alert and in good spirits. he's currently finishing up a new book summarizing his gospel message over the past seven decades. i'll be back in an hour from now. deadly cases of west nile virus are popping up right here in the u.s. it has authorities scrambling to find a way to prevent it. i'll have more on this coming up. i'm fredricka whitfield. stay with cnn.
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