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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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everything else that forensics should prove will answer this. >> 100% in addition to the paraffin and the gun powder and where it ended up and for closure for the family and the community, that happens. >> again, the police officers have said that they are just as mystified about all of this as the rest of us. joey jackson, nice to have you with us. >> my pleasure. >> and thank you everybody for being with us. guess what? newsroom international starts newsroom international starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- i'm suzanne malveaux, and welcome the newsroom international where we take you around the world in 60 minutes. here is what is happening right now, fighting for their lives in syria. the rebels say they shot down one of the government's jets, but how much longer can they actually hold on? they have the torch, but is rio de janeiro really ready for the next summer olympics? and the romney campaign is reignited by a fresh young place, and we will hear what president obama has to say about the new running mate? that is live this hour. first, hoifr, we awever, we are
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cairo. president mohamed morsi is shaking it up and the country's strong leadership by replacing two key generals including field marshall mohammed hussein pentawi who is the most powerful man in egypt. he is the defense minister in power after the removal of former leader hosni mew bark and he was given a top medal and sent into retirement. that is right. for more, we are joined by ian lees in cairo. and ian, a lot of people look at this and say, political tsunami and game-changer in egypt. how does morsi and this guy survive? is there going to be any backlash when he has the top military general's out and his own people in? >> well, suzanne, he is definitely now the most powerful man in egypt and not only
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presidential power, but legislative power and enormous sway over the writing of the constitution. and people are wondering what will the military's response be? the military has been tight lipped so far, and in the past, we usually don't hear what the military is going to do until they do it. remembering back during egypt's revolution, we didn't know that the military was going to take over control of to strethe stre because of the military situation, but this is going to cut off the top echelon of the military, but mohamed morsi, analysts say he was smart in promoting a lower ranking officer, and officers right below the top to help smooth the transition from for the military going moving forward from these, the top generals leaving, susan. >> and tell us how the egyptian people are reacting to this, because it is a bold move for the new presidentt to make her
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and if they see the government is divide and the military of the country is against the president, is there a seps nse insecurity? >> well sh, an extremely bold m and egypt is in a it is the of shock, but last night we saw the people take to the streets and the muslim brotherhood call the supporters out into the streets to show support for president mohamed morsi's decision, and people who are against him take to the streets as well last night. people are divided. but this is a historical move for egypt and this is the first time that egypt has had a civilian elected leader who has more power than the military. so a lot of activists in cairo praised the move saying that the military is no longer in power, but they are careful, because he does have all of the power now. >> all right. ian, thank you so much. and of course sh, the question how is this move going to affect egypt's relationship with the united states, and i want to bring in michael holmes here. we saw a couple of things
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happen, and first of all secretary of state hillary clinton and leon panetta as well having a sit down with this general, and had a relationship with the military and now that he is out of the picture, how does this affect the obama relationship with egypt? >> well, morsi wanted this to happen at some point, but everybody is surprised it happened now. a lot of people are thinking it is what happened in the sinai over the past few days where they had to move in the military to combat the islam rebels down there, and this is seen a failure of the killing of the policemen there by the rebels down there. and so morsi seized the day, if you'd like and jumped in and cut off the head of the military, and ian is right, this is a huge power grab. you have removed the military from the political landscape for the first time. and it is -- what we don't know is what the military thinks of it. we don't know what the judiciary thinks of it yet, but a lot of
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people think that the guys new ahead of time this would happen or they would not have gone that quietly. the u.s. is a good point, because we give $1.3 billion to the egyptian military to keep them trained on the side, and when the people we are doing business with are moving down the 4r ladder, and those who feared a islamist government are not going to be eased by in, because now morsi has it all. >> this a complicated situation for the obama administration when you talk about this is the first time that you have a member of the muslim brotherhood and islamists that they are dealing with and this is a intense and tricky relationship in the past, and now they are forming a new relationship with the muslim brotherhood and how do they manage that to make sure they are on the same side as the united states? >> well, they have to work the diplomatic angles here and make morsi think that u.s. interests are also shared by egypt in the region, and the other people who are worried about this is of course israel, because they have great links with the egyptian military and that whole thing
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since the truce was put into pla place, and the peace deal was put into place with egypt, they have worked hand in glove, the two militaries between the two, and when there was an attempt to cross the border from israel to the sinai the other day, they were talking to each other about the whole thing. so, the u.s. has to work the diplomatic angle here, because if this holds or stays in place now, the military is not the power brokers they once were, and it seems that it is extraordinary that the military would take this lying down, because they have not had the reins of power in some way. >> and this is a difficult question to answer, but for better or worse, the united states is dealing with hosni mubarak and dictator for more than 30 years or so, but the united states knew who they were dealing with and they knew he could control and suppress the terrorists and al qaeda and everybody there. when you see this situation now, does this look like this is something that is very unstable and perhaps very worrisome to the obama administration what is happening on the ground?
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>> well, it could be. now, morsi is not a guy who is out there supporting the terrorists and he is islamist, but that does not mean he is a bad guy. so he is cracking down on those who have been carrying out terror operations in the sinai and we have seen it in the recent days, so that remains to be seen how that evolves the government, but he has the parliament back and the presidential powers back and the military had the power to tell the government they could not interfere in my military affairs and he has that back as well. i'm dying to see how the military reaction to this is going to be, and whether they are going to take this? but as i say those who feared an islamist rule are going to be worried about this and going forward it is difficult to see what will happen. >> and going forward you have to wonder if morsi, himself, is not worried to look behind the back to see who is out to get him in lightf of all of the changes he has made in the power vacuum. michael, amazing story. thank you. >> and remember, too, at the end of the day, this guy was not elected by a majority, so that the street is going to be
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important. there is a big demonstration on friday and anti-muslim brotherhood demo, and it will be interesting to see how they turn out and how vocal it is, because of the splitting of the reformist vote as we discussed when the election happened, it is a guy who was voted for by 42% of the people. it will be interesting friday as well. >> and thank you, michael. imagine a city without men, and that is saudi arabia's new plan to put women into the workplace without breaking the country's strict rules of gender roles. how is this all going to work? a step forward or backward for the women in the arab world? or rich dark chocolate flavor. 90 calories. 100% natural. and nature...approves. granola thins. from nature valley. nature at its most delicious. male spirit present.trong it's the priceline negotiator.
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visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. civil war in syria becoming increasingly dangerous and brutal as well. people living in the country's largest city of aleppo are now dodging bullets and living in fear. activists say that at least 57 people, and they have been killed across the country today. now, this package we want to warn you, it is alarming and ka be disturbing for our viewers and ben wedeman is reporting from inside of the killing zone in aleppo.
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>> reporter: he wasn't a fighter or a revolutionary. he did not live by the gun. but 45-year-old hassan, a shopkeeper, died from an unseen sniper's bullet. neighbors and fighters had to hoist his body over walls between apartment buildings in the back streets of aleppo's mushad neighborhood to avoid snipers. his wife was by his side when the bullet ripped through his head. they'd come to help relatives pinned down by the violence to escape to escape to safer ground. the line between life and death in aleppo is perilously thin. just one block away, i met this woman who ip cysts that she and her family of six will not leave.
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i asked her where the front line is, but she brushes off the question saying that she has become accustomed to the shelling. her son, one and a half year-old seems confused and squeezes my hand tightly. a two-minute walk down the street, an an apartment building was hit in an air strike. this building, or rather what is left of this building which is not much is in an area where the civilians are still living and of course, among the ruins we found a french book, and somebody's studying english. the life of william shakespeare. residents say that two bodies remain buried inside. he is a self-described unarmed activist says that the regime forces don't care if they kill
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100 or 200 or 1,000 or 2,000 civilians if they destroy two or three or four buildings. a rocket slammed into another building in the nearby district wounding two and raining rubble into the street. all of the while, helicopters hover menacingly overhead and jets drop bombs over controlled neighborhoods. the trappings of daily life in this city under siege have disappeared. even the simple act of crossing the street requires a strong heart and fast feet. the sniper's bullet is a crack away. ben wedeman, cnn, aleppo, syria. >> all right. so we saw ben wedeman talking about the air war which is part of the conflict. now syrian jets are dropping bombs on neighborhoods that are held by the rebels. but i want you to take a look at
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this, and this is video that is now shot by the rebels apparently, and they say that it show shows them shooting down a syrian military jet. now, the syrian government they deny that and say that the jet crashed, because of some sort of technical failure. i want to bring in hala gorani, because it could be a significant turning point as you have talked about before and as you have studied the video, because tell us what that means if you have the rebels on the ground who potentially are shooting down the military jets that are in the air? >> well, it has been a very uneven battle between the rebels who are poorly armed compared to the syrian regime. of course, but if now, and it is the case that they have shot down a mig 23 syrian air force fighter jet out of the sky, this is extremely sig nnificant, because it means that they have either acquired surface-to-air missiles or defecting soldiers have the kind of weaponry that they might have taken with them
12:16 pm
when they defected, suzanne to, take out this particular fighter jet. there is video out there on the youtube as well from one of the rebel groups, suzanne, showing a man that rebels say is the pilot of that downed mig-23 fighter jet. over the last several weeks, fighter jets have taken place in the syrian regime's assault on the rebel's strongholds and it was not the case for the first 16 months of the uprising, but it is the case now. >> and hala, we hope to turn the video quickly, but do we know if the pilot is alive or talking or anything about the potential of this pilot in the video? >> rebels are claiming that it was a three-man crew and at least one of them died and they captured another one. so we are going to have to wait and see, and it is difficult for us to confirm if we can at all whether or not this is indeed the pilot of that russian jet, the mig-23. what is interesting, suzanne, if we could run the video again, if you listen to the sound of the weaponry that rebels say took out that plane.
12:17 pm
you hear it. it is the rattle of cannon fire. now, this is not -- this is meaning it is not a shoulder-fired missile. that would have been a single e shot or two rather than the continuous crackle of what appears to be more of a sort of a cannon fire that took out that plane. if it is case that it was an extremely lucky shot for the rebels indeed. now, we have by the way, suzanne, this is the first time i'm seeing it with you, this is the man rebels say was the pilot of that downed jet. if we could listen a little bit to it so we get a sense off what is being said. >> [ speaking foreign language ]
12:18 pm
>> there you the rebels saying this is the pilot of the fighter jet, and we are going to have to wait and see. let me tell you something that is interesting is that the syrian government is saying, is acknowledging that a plane went down. but they are saying it is mechanical failure and that this jet was on a routine training mission. >> i want to also if we can, because this is something if can't, because if you say they have high powered weapons to bring down planes, then this is certainly evens the fight, if you will, and gives the rebels a little bit more of a fight iing chance. we talk a lot about the rebel groups and sometimes we don't know a lot about who these people are, and whether or not they are even aligned and there is a lot of talk about the fact that some of the groups don't even like each other, and that they are fighting each other, and we have video as well of what appears to be rebels who are actually throwing bodies over a building here. very, very disturbing. >> very graphic. >> very graphic as well. what does this say to you, hala,
12:19 pm
seeing this video and activity allegedly happening by the rebels, themselves, and who are these people? >> well, the rebels if this is indeed genuine and the rebels are throwingporters off of the rooftops of the buildings, they are adopting the tactics of the regime they are fighting. human rights groups say they should be held accountable, and opposition groups are saying they should be held accountable. a lot of the messages are coming out on facebook and twitter, and you will hear from the opposition activists that these people do not represent me, but it signals a spiraling downward of this terrible civil conflict where you have groups who are adopt i adopting the inhumane techniques of the regime they say they want to bring down. and then those groups who are saying, no, this must, and we must respect the rules of war. you remember last week when the members of the family of the m
12:20 pm
family in aleppo accused were executed on video as well that we saw circulating online. >> and it is a concern from the administration's point of view, and we saw secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with the turkish counter part and met with some of the students and activists inside of syria, because it is clear that those groups don't get along and they don't get along and these tactics that we are seeing. >> well, it is not just the political factions, but the operation and the political components of the regime forces are not communicating either. they have a long way to go before they present a unified front to the regime of bashar al assad. >> that is the first time somebody has tried to digest what is taking place on the ground. thank you, hala gorani. and the fans are on the way home, and the olympic park is still standing.
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welcome back to newsroom
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international where we take you around the world in 60 minutes. look at what is popular in brazil right now. ♪ nice and mellow. that is a hit song which translates to "what do you want to know of truth." that is in her native portuguese. she sang in the closing ceremonies last night as the torch was handed to brazil for the 2016 olympic games. no security issues and no major scandals and not even the traffic as bad as everybody worried about, and london is chalking this up as a pretty big successful olympic victory. and so what is up in london now? richard quest as you guys like to say, no controversy? everything is back to normal? >> and that is one of the interesting things, suzanne. as i went about my business
12:25 pm
today and just even here in central london, here's the question, are things actually more muted and a little bit quieter or is it just because we actually know that the olympics are over? and i couldn't really decide that. on the tube and on the streets, there are still just as many people, but it as if the temperature has been turned down. you know, the lights and the dimmers and it is as if everything has gone a couple of notches lower. we still have the paralympic games to come in a couple of weeks burk for the moment, it seems everybody here is just simply, you know, there was a great quote that i have seen, and that is that the everybody is not saying, woo, didn't we do well in london, but everybody is saying phoof, we did it. >> thank god it is over. you wrote a great article in, and you talked about
12:26 pm
the olympics and you are getting flack, but london says they brought the games back home, and people are saying, that happened in athens, what do you mean? >> really. like i don't know that. give me a break. of course, i know that the original olympics of the modern era in athens and i know all about that and this and the other, but that is not what i meant. what i was talking about is the way in which the uk and london put on the games. they were expensive, but they weren't bank-breaking. they were organized in one of the most complicated cities in the world. and the tib line tube lines an sewerage and everything underneath us in the complicated city and we managed to do it and the traffic did not snarl up. budgetary on course, and organizational organizationally, flawless, and where some in beijing flashy and spectacular, we were modest, but we brought the fun and the soul.
12:27 pm
and finally legacy, and that was the key. when jacques rogge the president of the iocc says that it is the home of the modern sport, i add to that, yep, what london also did was add a touch of reality. the olympics are do-able, and they have been done in a major city. >> not like you are biased or anything like that, richard quest. >> well, listen, i never -- don't you start! don't you -- and i never claimed anything but the proof is in the pudding. >> what would you recommend for rio here, real quick, because they will be faced with in four years? >> don't less let the grass grow under your feet and get on with it. the thing that uk did and london did from day one, got on with it. the secret of the olympics is organization, organization, organization. if you have not got that right, you are in trouble from day one. you dare not let the grass grow under your feet. >> no grass growing dunder the
12:28 pm
feet. richard i loved the olympics and it was a lot of fun watching them. so congratulations to all of you. back in the united states -- >> on behalf of all of you. >> and now back to the white house, things are much more interesting and we will see what president obama has to say in the first live event since mitt romney announced his running mate. ♪
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>> there are hundreds of medals awarded at the london games and handful of records broken as well and fantastic. but one of the most notable moments had nothing to do with winning a medal. the runner who is a competitor in judo became the first saudi women ever to take part in the olympics, because of the islamic strict rules and laws they restrict women from participating in many sports and segregate them when they do. they are restricted in many other activities as well as women. but now they are trying to
12:32 pm
change the lives of saudi women, and what are they doing? they are creating a city for women only. nic robertson explains. >> the project that the government agency is funding and in the east of saudi arabia is valueded at $130 million, and it could create as many as 5,000 jobs for women, and something they hope to replicate in as many as 40 other cities across the country. why are they doing this? why are they creating women-only environments? well, they say that the strictures of shia law, and islamic law in the country mean that men and women cannot work side by side, and until now, the many female graduates of the country that has been producing have been going into the education sector, and what the government is trying to do here is to open up other business sectors, textiles, food processing and such like. and also, saudi arabia realizes it is falling behind the region in the number of women or the
12:33 pm
percentage of women in the country employed in saudi arabia is only 15% of the women represented in the workforce in a country like united arab emirates, or here, it is close to 60% of the women in the workforce, so that the difference in discrepencies there are very large. saudi arabia has been criticized heavily in past for not getting women in the workplace for not allowing women to drive for example, and this perhaps some people would argue, and certainly officials in saudi arabia would say, this is a sign of progression, that they are committed to getting more women into the workplace, and they can't move too fast, because of the conservatives within the country, and they would argue that by putting women in the workplace in this way, it will empower them in the future to have a stronger voice, and perhaps bring about more changes for women in country, but right now, saudi arabia loses some of the educated female population who go the work abroad. right now, 95% of women's jobs
12:34 pm
who are in the government sector, and very small percentage in the private sector and 85% of those jobs in the government sector are in education. and there are too many women, more than 80% of the unemployed women in saudi arabia are university graduates. those who cannot find jobs are leaving the country to find them elsewhere, and the government is trying to address many, many problems here and some people would say this is a move too late and too short. officials would say, this is finally a move in the right direction. nic robertson, cnn, abu dhabi, united arab emirates. president barack obama is taking on mitt romney's now running mate in the president's campaign through iowa, one of the key battleground states, and he is expected to go after paul ryan and he is likely to talk about the fact that the congressman is standing in the way of a bill to help farmers and rancher es.
12:35 pm
let's listen in. this is council bluffs, iowa. >> you see the sun is coming out? [ applause ] i love being back in iowa. now, we're starting here in council bluff, but we are going to to be heading east and i think that i will end at the state fair. michelle has told me that i cannot have a fried twinky. but i will be checking out the butter cow and i understand that this year there is a chocolate moose. so i am going to have to take a look at that if i can. the last time i went to the state fair, secret service let me do the bumper cars, but they said this year, i wasn't president yesterday, so i could
12:36 pm
not do that, but not this time. so before i get started, i want to say a few words about the drought, because it has such an impact on this state and all across the country. you know, right now folks here in iowa and across the heartland, we are suffering from one of the worst droughts in 50 years. farmers, ranchers, depend on a good crop season to pay the bills, and put a roof over their heads. and i know that things are tough right now. the best way to help these states is for the folks in congress to pass a farm bill that not only helps farmers and ranchers respond to natural disasters, but also makes some necessary reforms and gives farmers and ranchers some long-term certainty. unfortunately right now too many members of congress are blocking the farm bill from becoming law.
12:37 pm
i am told that governor romney's new running mate paul ryan will be around iowa in the next few days and he is one of the congressmen standing in the way. so if you happen to see congressman ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to iowa and the rural communities, because we have to put politics aside when it comes to doing the right thing for rural america and for iowa. now, it is always a problem waiting for congress. so in the meantime, i have made sure that my administration led by tom vilsack is doing everything that we can to provide relief for those who need it. last week we announced $30 million the help ranchers and farmers to get more water to livestock and to land because of the drought, and now we will help by purchasing over $150
12:38 pm
million of meat and fish while it is low and freeze it for later, but we have a lot of freezers. that way, that will help ranchers, you know, who are going through the tough times right now, and also over the long term obviously that food is going to be spent by folks at the pentagon and other places. america depends on farmers and rancher ranchers to put the food on the table. depends on the farmers and the ranchers to feed our families and we have to be there for them. not just today, but tomorrow and everyday until this drought passes, because we are americans, and that is what we do. we take care of each other, and when the tough times strike our neighbors, we give them a hand. now, that speaks to the larger idea of why i'm here. you know, the notion that i'm my
12:39 pm
brother's keeper and i'm my sister's keeper and the idea that we are in this together, that was at the heart of the journey that began here in iowa five years ago. you know, we spent a lot of time on bus tours like this one. at school gyms and family fars s and schools across the state and i have to say that the bus we had was not as nice as this one. [ laughter ] we used to get some buses. and you nknow that campaign bac in 2007 and 2008, it had plenty of ups and downs, but no matter what, you, the peoplef of iowa, had my back. you had my back. when the pundits had written us off and we were down in the polls, and you believed in me, and i believed in you,ed a it was on your front porches and in
12:40 pm
your backyards where the movement for change in the country began. but our journey is not finished. not yet. i'm going spend the next three days driving the all across this state just like i did in 2007 from council bluff to the quad cities, because once more, you face a choice in november, and that choice could not be bigger. it is not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties, more than any other election in recent memory, this is a choice between two fundamentally different visions of this country. and the path that we have to take. and the direction that you choose when you walk into the voting booth in november is going to have an impact not just on your lives, but on your children's lives and your grandchildren's lives for decades to come. this one counts.
12:41 pm
i mean, think -- [ crowd chanting "four more years" ] >> think about this council bluff, four years ago we came together and it was not just democrats, but independents and some republicans, because we understood that we needed to restore the basic bargain that made this country great. the basic deal that created the greatest middle class and the most prosperous e kconomy that e world has ever known, and it is a simple bargain that says if you work hard, your work should be rewarded. if you act responsibly, and you put in enough effort, then you should be able to find a job that pays the bills. have a home that you can call your own. count on health care when you get sick.
12:42 pm
put away enough to retire with dignity and respect. and most of all, give your kids an education that allows them to dream even bigger than you did, and do even better than you did. that is the american promise. that's the american dream. and the reason we came together is because we had seen a decade in which that dream was being betrayed. we've gone through a decade where jobs were being shipped overseas. where you were working harder, but making less while the cost of everything from health care to college education kept going up. and it all culminated in the worst financial crisis since the great depression. and so we knew that restoring the basic bargain that made this
12:43 pm
country was not going to be easy. we knew it would take more than one year, one term, even more than one president, and that is before the crisis hit, and we saw friends and neighbors lose their jobs, or lose their homes and lose their savings and pushing the american dream further out of reach for too many working people. but, you know, over the last three-and-a-half years, we have seen america's grit. you folks are tougher than any tough times. when we get knocked down, we stand back up. some workers lost their jobs and went back to community college and got retrained and now they have a new job. small businesses kept their doors open by hook or by crook. and so slowly, we have seen 4.5 million new jobs created and half a million new manufacturing jobs the most since the great depression -- that is the president in
12:44 pm
council bluff, iowa, where of course it all started when he won the iowa caucuses and reminding the voters there that he has more work to be done and needs more time, and of course back to the battleground state iowa. >> and she was the only athlete from belarus to win the gold, but now she has to give the medal back. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer
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welcome back to newsroom international, we take you around the world in 60 minutes. disappointment in belarus, the country's only track and field gold medal winner has been caught doping at the london olympics. the shot put champion nadzeya ostapchuk tested positive for steroids and the gold medal will go to valerie adams. >> and now china is looking for the kcountry's most wanted man, and he is blamed for nine deaths
12:48 pm
and including a woman shot at point blank range. and he is known as rambo because of his elusive skills. and a man has been assassinated in a car who is the mayor-elect in mexico. he was killed in a car after an ambush sunday morning. thursday, police found an abandoned van with 14 bodies along the highway. it is a big birthday for fidel castro, and not everyone in cuba is celebrating. male ann] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. ♪ join mercedes-benz usa on facebook for the best summer sweepstakes.
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fidel castro turns 86 today. he was the president elect for almost 60 years before he handed down power to his younger brother, raul. one of the castro fans have had a change of tune for the government. the famed opera singer is blasting the officials for shutting down his business and putting hundreds out of work. our correspondent has the story. >> reporter: this is like nothing else in cuba. it is theater for the masses. a mix of pop and opera music with a huge cast and budget. and it's a private business.
12:52 pm
the director is a famous baritone who has performed around the world, and at home for fidel castro. i think that life obliges you to be a revolutionary, he says. we look for ways for our production to reach as many people as possible, but the strong pro government sentiments and connections don't always guarantee success for cuba's new class of entrepreneurs. this is where the street opera performed. it was one of the largest businesses to be launched in cuba after the lifting of some restrictions on private industry. we were coming here to do a story on the opera when something en u. something unexpected happen, the government came first. now it is silent. 140 singers and workers out of a job. >> it is a business and we are going to take it away, and how about the people who lived from the business? what are we supposed to do?
12:53 pm
>> reporter: why that business is closed is still unclear. he says that out of the blue last month, government inspectors flooded his club mid-show. everyone realized that something was happening. there was a problem, he says. the orchestra stopped playing and my kids were there. the kitchen was closed down and the audience had to stop eating. government documents accuse him of pocketing the opera's cover charge and he and the performers say it was split evenly. he says that the real crime may have been running a business that was too high profile. this is a test of the times that we are living in, he says. what happened to us shouldn't happen again. and shouldn't be hushed up. the cuban government says that la opera decalle can continue to
12:54 pm
opera operate, but in a different venue. the club has been ordered shut for the next two years. the owner says he has received offers to take the opera to other countries, but in cuba, at least, it is not clear whether his show will go on. patrick oppmann, cnn, havana. joe biden knows who he will face in the vice presidential debate, and we will hear what he has to expect from the new competitor on the campaign trail. ms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits
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