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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 15, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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sandra, what have you learned? can you hear me? we're going to work on getting you up live. let me go ahead and steer a hard right and go to the pentagon. let me switch gears. we're going to talk about this hypersonic jet. the air force is testing this x-51oorks wave rider. it's unmanned. it will try to reach mac 6. it will take you from new york to los angeles in 40 minutes. it's called the wave rider because it rides the shock waves created by traveling so fast. here's the thing. we're now learning the test
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failed. what happened? >> it got off to a good start. the air force says it launched okay and the separated from that b-52 rocket that was carrying it and the booster rockets fired appropriately. about 15 seconds into the launch they found out they had a problem. a faulty control fan. that keeps it going in the right direction. once it separated from that rocket booster it was not able to control it and it was lost. big disappointment obviously to the air force who wanted to see a success. again, this is very, very new technology and they haven't had the best success so far. so far the biggest success has been keeping the wave rider in the air for maybe about two minutes, maybe a little longer than that. >> it was a fin. is it recoverable? i know this thing is not cheap. >> they never planned to recover
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it even if it was very successful. it was going to splash down in the pacific ocean. there was no plans to recover it. it was designed to see if they could keep the hypersonic speed for up to five minutes. that's one of the problems with the design like this. you can't simulate that kind of speed in a wind tunnel. they can't go slow before they go fast. they just have to go fast and hope that the preparation pays off. >> okay. maybe the second time is the charm. i do want to take you back to washington to the shooting just outside the family research council. the security guard has been shot. i want to go back to sandra who can hear me now. tell me me what happened. >> reporter: a very active scene here. you can see this block cornered off. the metropolitan police and fire are responding to a shooting that happened this morning. it happened around 10:50 this
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morning. man walked into the building and confronted by a security guard, got into an altercation and then opened fire. they say that the security guard endured a gunshot wound to his arm. he was transported to a local hospital but is in stable condition. law enforcement sources say they believe the suspect is in his late 20s and an eyewitness said they describe him as a big kind of 6-foot guy, kind of stocky. he was complying with police orders to put down his gun. a very active scene now. take a look at the evidence response teams still in action here trying to get to the bottom of what exactly went on and right now we do know that the suspect is in custody. the fbi is questioning him. no word on motive or any charges. let's listen to what the fbi had to say earlier.
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>> we are looking at the motive, the intent and working with u.s. attorney's office. it depends on what charges are brought forth or a federal crime that the case would move over and be led by the fbi. domestic terrorism is one of those violations as in any situation like this that would be looked for. >> reporter: the family research council is a conservative christian policy organization based here in washington, d.c. and led by tony perkins. he released a statement saying the police are investigating this incident. our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today. our concern is for him and his family. again, the security guard who was shot in the arm is in stable condition. the suspect is in fbi custody. >> i want to read this for you because we're getting not just reaction from tony perkins but mitt romney. mitt romney is weighing in. i'm appalled by the shooting
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today at the offices of the family research council in our nation's capitol. there's no place for such violence in our society. my prayers go out to the wounded security guard and his family as well as all the people of the family research council whose sense of security has been shattered by today's horrific vents. in one city planes are about to take to the air here and spray with pesticides. dr. sanjay gupta joins me live. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life.
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the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. ...we inspected his brakes for free. free is good. free is very good. my money. my choice. my meineke. now to those deadly cases of west nile virus. today there's fear of an outbreak nationwide. look at the map here. 16 people have died alone in texas. ten others dead across several states from california to louisiana. there's no vaccine. no treatment for the disease. how can this be prevented? health officials are spraying from the air these pesticides but there's worries about the
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safety of doing just that. dr. sanjay gupta is here to talk about this. it's frightening when we think of the u.s. and west nile and these cases cropping up. before we talked about aerial spraying. how do you know if you have west nile? >> it can be hard to know. the vast majority don't know it because they have hardly any symptoms or they are mild and vague. people have sort of moderately severe symptoms. they get fever, swollen lymph nodes. in rare cases about 150 according to some of the papers you can get a neuro invasive form. it gets into the brain and spinal cord. eventually that's going to lead to these deaths as well. that's pretty unusual. what i think is important is there's an incubation period.
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it can be up to two weeks after you get bit. people may have gotten bit some time ago and then developed symptoms and think there's no way that could be west nile. they can sort of harbor it in the body for some time and then if you do get the symptoms they can last a few weeks as well. >> pay attention to what your body is telling you. >> if you have something unusual about this it has to be on the list. >> i talked to the mayor of dallas and we were talking specifically about the aerial pesticide sprayings. let's roll what he told me. >> nobody wants planes flying overahead spraying things. that's not great thing be i've got to listen to our state health officials. the cdc has recommended this as well in atlanta. science needs to rule when we get in a situation like this and science says it's healthy and it's effective. >> the cdc says it's okay. we believe the cdc, yes?
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>> we've done a lot of reporting on this sort of thing. it's also worth pointing out this spraying does happen a lot more than we realize. we're paying more attention because of the context but this does happen in places where it's so rampant. dawn and dusk are the worst times. that's when you have the most mosquitos. standing water, just getting rid of standing water because that's where they breed. i think in this sort of situation, obviously talking about people who have died now from this disease. >> the mayor said he's wearing his deet. he's wearing long sleeves. still that's the pesticide that's outside. you told me before we came on, you said the sanjay gupta household is a now shoe household because people can track the stuff inside. i've told all my friends and i've told you as well. one of the most difficult things about this sort of spraying or just having these sorts of
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pesticides in the environment is you can bring them inside your home. people track it inside the house. it lives on the floor. you have kids they play on the floor. it can get into all the other ya areas of your house. it's simple in terms of preventing an external contaminant getting inside a house. >> if sanjay gupta does it, i think i'll do it. a lot more news unfolding this hour. watch this. a man accused of robbing a home apparently didn't realize who owned the house. we now know what the suspect found inside. plus, someone slaps a bomb on an oil tanker behind a hotel in syria, but who was the target? going to the movies is about to change. >> seats move.
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think about the last flight you took and the number of people on the plane with you. today about that number of people lost their lives because of fighting in syria. 191 people were killed in the country. more than half of the deaths were in nation's two largest city. you have the commercial hub being aleppo and the capital damascus. aleppo is roughly syria's new york and damascus is the capitol. think of it as washington, d.c. it was the scene of a bombingda. it houses u.n. workers. the bombers were an armed terrorist group who put it on a diesel tanker behind this hotel. the free syrian army said they
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set the bomb but the hotel was not the target. it was a military complex nearby. one dutch journalist was in this area. he talked to cnn by phone. >> we looked straight out of the window at a black pillar of smoke. we tried to get close bp by that time a will the of fire had been put out. we saw a ripped small fuel tanker which seemed to be the cause of the blast and one of the buildings adjacent to it was smoldering still. firefighters trying to fight the fire within. we didn't see any casualties at that time. reported some three to five casualties an slightly wounded people. we did see the hotel where the observer is staying. the hotel was very, very lightly damaged. one window was broken. the hotel an all the military
3:18 pm
compounds around it are very well guarded. the street between them is sealed off. your car is being checked as you approach. you cannot get close to the military buildings around there. the u.n. personnel is well guarded as is the military base. for us, this was exactly the reason why we changed hotels. we figured a military base might become a target one day. >> that was the dutch journalist on the phone. this is hala gorani back with us. if we know this rebels were targeting this military compound near this hotel and the fact they could get so close, what does that say about their strength and the weakness of the regime? >> on july 18th, top military officials who were part of the regime were killed in a rebel bombing. this isn't the first time that rebels have been able to get
3:19 pm
close and penetrate the inner parameter of a military building. we're making no secret of the fact they conducted this operation abdomen they are saying that they will be able to get cloers and closer. the regime right now new that assassination on july 18th of its defense minister is now every week or two losing key members of the key circle or of the top ranking members. perhaps not the inner circle of that regime. >> what about iran. i want to get your take. i was talking to barbara starr. leon panetta saying they're getting information that iran is, we know iran and syria are very tight. iran is helping train members of the syrian militia very much so
3:20 pm
upping the game. whals your take? >> these are reports that we're getting and this is something that the defense secretary is saying. if you have iran involved at that aerptal level inside of syria, it would be one more layer in a proxy war in syria iran very much allied with syria. >> you've been talking a lot on your show. let's zoom out of damascus. >> this is something we're getting new information on. this is a town that's not on a map but would be close to anadan. this was a town that a french reporter who visited this small village 20 miles outside of aleppo said it's been in rebel hands for three weeks
3:21 pm
life is returning to normal. what happened today according to a reuters reporter, an air strike by the syrian military. people are going home to home looking for their relatives that they can't find and in many cases finding them in the morgue or indeed already buried because islamic tradition will compel you to bury someone within 24 hours. that's what's happening there. when you have these rebel held enclaves the syrian regime is wanting to make a point and p bombing is what happened over the last 24 hours. >> we're watching. thank you. i appreciate it.
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in case you hasn't quite noticed, things are getting testy on the trail to the white house. we talked about this yesterday. joe biden was talking to a mixed race crowd there in danville, virginia. told them that the romney/ryan tax plan would put y'all back in chains. he issued a clarification of sorts. mitt romney called president obama angry and said his campaign is based on hatred and accused him of disgracing the white house. wayne slater the senior political writer at the dallas morning news. glad to have you back on.
3:26 pm
what do you make of this whole back and forth yesterday between these duelling campaigns and is there a reason that this grumpiness kind of coalesce like it did? >> this is a negative campaign, no question about it. both sides accuse the other of being negative and nasty and in a since they are. this has not been the most substantive campaign on major issues so far. what the romney people want to do is frame this campaign as a kind of chicago politics. they see in barack obama one of his strengths is his likeability. people may not be happy with the economy but they think he's likable. this is way to knock down, to diminish, to knock the edges off the likeability of the president by suggesting he's negative and angry. from the obama side what you have is an understanding there's a lot of people who want to vote
3:27 pm
against him, not so much for romney. that's what the polls show. fundamentally what that means is the obama people have to give you lots of reasons to vote against romney. that's the underlying elements in this campaign at this point. >> it's funny i hear you say negative campaign and i can hear the people watching us saying isn't that one in the same. i keep hearing this campaign is lower than low. you watch tv, reading the papers and what's what they're saying. for the life of me i can't recall any recent campaign that was high minded. can you? >> no, i cannot. there's some elements to this. you only have to go back to the year 2000 during the republican primary where karl rove is directing the bush campaign and they attack john mccain suggesting that he had a -- was
3:28 pm
the father of an illlegitimate black child and his pow experience left him mentally incapacitated. in 1888 one of the milestones of negative campaigning, grover cleveland was attacked with a big smear effort as the father of an ill legitimate child. jefferson versus adams. jefferson accused adams of being less than a real man physically. adams accused jefferson of being the soften a virginia squall and a mulatto. this has been going on for 212 years. >> i'm hearing you. my producer and i was remembering but alexander
3:29 pm
hamilton. if candidates didn't highlight their opponents shortcomings, do you think we in the the media are doing an adequate job of this? >> i'm not a media basher. you do it and i do it. we followed be-and-a-halftive set out by each campaign. we dould a heck of a lot better job praying attention to the nanny, you're being unfair and mean and more attention on what exactly are the two medicaid and medicare programs as each campaign has developed them. i think the media tries to do the job. i think that we get caught up in the kind of exciting, interesting and largely irrelevant name calling that's the modern political campaign.
3:30 pm
quick heads for all of you. i am going to tampa. republicans are holding their national convention there. that kicks off august 27th. we'll be doing the show all week long in tampa. police say a man handcuffed shot himself in the head sitting in the back of a police car. there's a new video that shows police, you see this officer reenacting how this could have happened, but an outraged community and an emotional mother still wants answers. we're on the case. humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility.
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i want you to take a look at this newly released video. it shows how a suspect could have shot himself in the head even though his hands were handcuffed.
3:34 pm
similar build as this young man. this reenactment video. this is jonesboro, arkansas. it contains stills of several officers reenacting the same incident. it does not address a very big concern about his death. on the case with us today legal analyst lisa bloom. she's the author of "swagger." lisa, we see this officer. he's able to bring his right hand up to his right temple with a gun. the question though really also is, how did he get the gun? >> that's right. we don't have a video of how somebody else could have shot him and that's also a possibility. we don't know what happened here. what we know is this is a very suspicion situation. you mean to tell me a 21-year-old young man who is being pulled over for marijuana possession is going to pull out
3:35 pm
a gun and kill himself in the back of a police cruiser. it's possible but it's extremely unlikely. the fact that the police are releasing this video as to how it could have happened really sheds no light on it at all. this is a hypothetical example of what could have happened among many hypotheticals. >> police say they searched him once but twice. they found pot but not a gun. is this reconstruction video standard operating procedure or is this really odd? >> it's very odd. it may be standard operating procedure if there was a trial happening and you have an expert witness and put together a package to show to a jury. just at this stage for pr purposes, i find this very odd. you're right, they found marijuana but they didn't find a gun. hard to understand. >> okay. i know the community is absolutely outraged. the mother said where the handcuffs are, i'm still not buying it.
3:36 pm
lisa bloom, thank you on the case with us today. someone opened fire at family research council. this is group led by tony perkins. more on that next. mom: ready to go to work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the shooting that happened yerlier this morning at 10:50 where they say a person walked inside the family research council at about 10:50 this morning. he was approach and by a security guard working for the council and a person said the suspect made comments about the council. an altercation broke out and that's when the suspect opened fire. a guard suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and was transported to a local hospital but is in stable condition. law enforcement sources say the suspects is believed to be in his late 20s. eyewitness said he was stocky in nature and about 6 feet tall. when police responded the
3:40 pm
suspect was complying with orders to put down the gun. all the precautionary measures are being taken in place at the building we're right in front of and they are looking through all evidence they can find in the building. we know they are looking at a, what they call something that they want the bomb skaquad to lk into. they don't know if it's in connection with the shooting. >> they are in the building looking at something very specific. they are not telling us what it is. quick question just following up on this alleged shooter making comments at the security officer. do we know what the kmecomments entail? >> no. this is a very new investigation. the evidence response team is here on the scene collecting the evidence and going through all the material they can find as well as conducting many
3:41 pm
interviews with withins from people inside the building as well as the suspect and the guard who was injured. clearly there are not a lot of details being told to us. all we know from law enforcement is the suspect did make some comments about the council which you know is a conservative christian policy organization. i should mention they released a statement that president tony perkins saying the police are investigating this incident. they're concern is with the colleague who was shot earlier this morning. >> sandra endo thank you. also today, young people who were brought to this country illegally when they were young children are in line today, long lines, taking the government's offer not to deport them for the next two years. these youngsters have to have clean records, no criminal records here. a high school degree, proof of military service and honorable
3:42 pm
discharge. we have been talking about the student aspect but what about the veterans. i want to read a comment from robert gates. there is a rich precedent supporting the service of noncitizens in the u.s. military. since the revolutionary war noncitizens have enlisted in the armed forces during periods of national emergency. today, he goes on about 35,000 noncitizens served and about 8,000 permanent alien residents enlist every year. we know in 2010 the dream act went nowhere in congress. let's go to miguel. we have numbers that gates gave two years ago. a lot of people, what's been set up to handle this workload and
3:43 pm
is it enough? >> reporter: they are hoping it's enough. they believe it's enough. the citizenship and immigration services are going to be handling all of these applications. they put this program together in about six weeks. where we are right now this immigrant organization, the line has not abated at all. they have been letting people in about 50 at a time here. they can handle only 200 to 300 applicants a day. at last i checked there was 500 people still in line here. they'll have to go to some system to hand out numbers and try to get people to come back on a different day. people want to get these applications in. there's a great incentive to get the applications in. as soon as it's submitted then they are no longer deportable. that's a huge thing for these people who don't want to have to worry about traveling in the u.s. and being deported for jaywalking in some cases.
3:44 pm
>> you mentioned 500 people where you are. let's show the pictures from chicago. we're hearing something like 10,000 people lining up to fill out the forms in chicago. question is this, what happens after november? what happens in two years? >> reporter: this is the huge question but this is going to be an incredibly crush of people to get the basic documents they will need to get these applications in to get those applications in as quickly as possible. then the big question for these people is what about the future. they are putting all of their information on these documents. it gives not only their information but their family's information. there ask a concern, a fear although they have been promised that information won't go to enforcement agencies. there are concerns in the future it might given whatever happens in november. there's also concerns what happens in two years when this program ends and what do they do then. do they become undocumented
3:45 pm
aga again? do they become illegal again? >> dream act went nowhere in 2010. thank you. a night out at the movies not getting any cheaper i'm afraid but there's a new type of theater coming to the u.s. it will cost you 20 bucks for a ticket but the perks, they hope will be worth it. we'll take you inside the new luxury theaters. that's next. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ you'll inevitably find yourself on a desolate highway
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movie theaters are going upscale so you can lavish yourself in luxury. just press a button and a waiter brings you a fancy cocktail and don't be surprised if your chair starts wiggling or water splashes in your face. this is all part of the show. nick parker looks at luxury theaters making the movie to america. >> reporter: the emphasize is on
3:49 pm
luxury. fresh sushi made to order and cocktail just a blend away. latin america's biggest cinema chain is pushing deeper into a niche market. this is one of nearly 150 v.i.p. cinemas. this concept is simple. you take a seat. you relax. you peruse the menu. call a waiter and feel pretty smart. it's a brand they are now exporting to the united states. this cinema is in an affluent area. the country struggles with a weak economy. why now? >> we are pioneers of this concept in the western hemisphere. we think that they are working
3:50 pm
in six countries of latin america and india where we also have operations, there's no reason why it wouldn't work in one of the most developed countries in the world. >> reporter: at $20 for an evening show, it's a gamble. the it's expensive. but for a treat, it will be fun. >> you get all the other services you get at a restaurant, a bar, some socializing that you have to go some place else and probably pay another hundred bucks for to do with your wife or friends. >> other cinema companies are also pushing the luxury concept. so this non-u.s. company is going to have to fight for market share. >> they'll be very successful. i don't think anyone really cares where the company of origin is. i don't think people walk into a movie theater and say who built this theater? who runs this theater? i think they care about having a great experience. >> reporter: in search of a new experience, they have already embraced so-called 4d technology in mexico. seats move. strange items touch you.
3:51 pm
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3:55 pm
he's going to join us live. wait until you hear and see, brooke, the interview i just taped with former democratic congressman archer davis. he's here in "the situation room." he's seconded the nomination of president obama four years ago in denver. but what a difference four years makes. a major supporter now of mitt romney. wait until you hear what he says about the vice president of the united states. i think this is some of my staff already suggesting must-see tv. the interview with archer davis that will air here in "the situation room." >> isn't all tv with you, wolf blitzer, must-see tv? >> no. it's not all must-see tv. but this, this will be must-see tv. >> good deal. we'll see you then. we look forward to it. >> thank you. >> speaking of the first lady, who's joined the election trail here in iowa. both obamas campaigning side-by-side. two of them of course seeking four more years. first lady michelle obama
3:56 pm
joining her husband one day after mitt romney assailed the president as "angry" and running a campaign on hate. we touched on this earlier when i talked to jodi canter of "new york times" author of the book "the obamas." >> brings to mind things said about mrs. obama. we did the polls end of may and confirms she's a pretty popular first lady. look at the numbers here. 65% consider her favorable. how big of an asset, jodi, do you think the first lady is in this whole re-election campaign? >> oh, not only is she a big asset, but one of the things i discovered when i was reporting my book is what an intentional strategy that was on the part of the white house. remember that when the president was inaugurated in 2009, both of the obamas approval ratings were like this. and then the president's dropped. and the white house knew they had to preserve michelle obama's popularity. they didn't want to get her mixed up in health care reform
3:57 pm
or anything politically controversial because they knew that they would need her right now. one of the stories i tell in the book is actually about a meeting in the oval office when political advisors came to the obamas and they described almost the kind of scene we just watched in ohio and said, look, democrats like seeing the president alone, but they love seeing you together. this marriage has a lot of political potency. >> what about drawbacks though, jodi? are there any drawbacks to putting michelle obama out there from the obama campaign perspective? >> well, they need her. this is clutch time. this is sort of what they've been saving her for. politically, you know, there could be drawbacks if she was drawn into this sort of daily back and forth. remember the comment about ann romney and whether she was too much of a stay at home mom. they want to keep michelle obama away from those kinds of fire fights. >> okay. jodi kantor talking to me about michelle obama not too long ago. now this. a north carolina woman says she used google earth to discover
3:58 pm
possible undiscovered pyramids in egypt. chad myers has been looking at some of these pictures. what do you think? >> some are pretty impressive. remember how we found that face on mars too. you never know what you're going to see. google earth is looking at these. they're not very large, but they are big enough to actually be discovered. and at least looked at and find out whether there's actually something out there that no one's ever seen before because the sands shift in the desert, right? some things come up. some things get buried. i have something for you to see though. >> we're having a little fun here. >> i'm going to see if you and the people at home can guess what's on google earth right now. >> okay. i'm craning my head now. >> that's a lake in the middle. >> is that miami. >> fountains at the bellagio
3:59 pm
hotel. >> oh. >> i know you've been here. what is that curvy road? >> lombard street, san francisco. >> i know you've been here because you recommended me going here. down toward l.a. >> oh, santa monica. >> santa monica pier. >> now onto your favorite northeast city. that would be -- >> oh, you've got me. >> lady liberty. >> oh my goodness. i couldn't even tell. and now your favorite rock in central park. >> it is my favorite rock. >> i know it is. >> that's my favorite place in the park to have lunch. >> some place you've been recently. can you tell what that is? >> tower bridge. >> and that's how cool it looks on google earth. >> i was afraid i was going to see chad myers grilling out on the roof of his apartment. >> and finally? >> the real pyramids? that is cool. i love that. i'm a little dizzy. >> give people


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