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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 1, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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communities along the louisiana coast are still underwater. george howl is in plaquemines parish. george, what is the situation there? >> reporter: you know, we just learned that they opened up parts of the mississippi river that i guess were impacted from this storm. one big issue in plaquemines parish, fred, is that sheriff says this is the only parish right now throughout this parish no one has power. he's been trying to get in touch with utility crews. he said they have been, you know, on the other side of this parish. they've been all around it. none have come into this area to start that process. he's concerned about the public safety issues. he says, you know, as long as there's no power, food will spoil and people may go looking for food and he's concerned about looting. take a listen to what he said a few minutes ago. >> i have spoken with the power company prior to the storm. they told me we're taking all assets out here. i said that's fine.
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but that there was to re-enter as soon as the storm is over. here it is day five. we have no electricity. and i saw that for what ceo had made a comment saying that we will work with speed and public safety comes first. what about my public safety? we work in total 100% blackout down here. >> reporter: the sheriff said this is the parish that's always first hit with these hurricanes. it was first hit with katrina. again, first hit with isaac and really took a great impact from that storm. you sense that frustration from him. he is really pushing the crews to get here and get that job done. >> we saw so many rescues taking place there. where did people go? have they had the space or room for so many displaced people?
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>> reporter: many of the shelters, and there are several throughout the area, the shelters are all over and they're full. people are using the shelters. a lot of people are out of their homes right now. we're talking here in this area. we know at least 12,000 people are without power. we're talking about hundreds of homes that are underwater. it's a lot of people that have to find a place to stay. so right now from what we understand the shelters are doing the job. there's room for people. but, you know, people want life to return to normal. so part of that, as the sheriff indicates, is making sure the power gets restored to this parish. >> right. it's going to take time to resume normalcy. thanks so much. george howl, we appreciate it. isaac left lingering power outage as cross the south. and very widespread area. almost half a million homes and businesses still don't have electricity. there are high temperatures and high humidity will make it feel like the 90s today.
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a spokesman for the regional power company said the lights should come back on today for most customers in arkansas. bad news for louisiana. customers are expected to be in the dark for at least at two more days. all right. isaac is delivering a rainy weekend to missouri and the ohio river valley. for more on the weather they need to expect in isaac's path, meteorologist bonnie snyder. so while many people were inviting a lot of rain, you know, because of mississippi has been down significantly, now we're dealing with too much that is causing too many problems. >> that's right. even with exceptional drought across the country including kansas and missouri, we are not seeing that kind of relief that we were hoping for from isaac. now we are seeing some heavy rain. just now we're starting to get some severe weather that's popping up. in fact, you can see kind of a line of showers and thunderstorms all the way from kansas city south of chicago. i want to zoom into the chicago
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land area right now. all of this heavy precipitation and rainfall rates are as high as one to two inches per hour. this is working its way into chicago right now. we don't have any airport delays. i want to let you know if you're ready to get on the road in chicago, be prepared for the downpours. they're going to last for a good portion of the afternoon. we're also seeing rain now working its way into western indianapolis. major metropolitan areas impacted by isaac here. let's take a look at the precipitation totals. since it's a holiday weekend and you have outdoor activities planned, heavy rain is anticipated across indiana. four to eight inches on the high side. otherwise, two to four inches across areas of virginia. even into maryland, baltimore, philadelphia, you'll be impacted by isaac. philadelphia, you'll see less rain than washington. you'll see an inch or two popping up with the storm system. it certainly is bringing about wet weather. well, if you're flying today -- many of you are -- we're anticipating delays as i mentioned in chicago.
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getting thunderstorms right now. also st. louis and cincinnati. and your labor day weekend forecast calls for isaac to be impacting much of the region for the first part of the weekend. the second part, fred, looks a lot better. >> okay. that's good. we like. that thanks so much. glass half full. appreciate it. politics now. president obama is in iowa today. kick starting his road to charlotte tour en route to the democrat national convention. democrats are promoting their convention next week as a public gathering. and they're offering invitations to anyone who wants to hear the president speak. cnn political editor is already in charlotte, north carolina, getting a leg up on everybody there. so the curtains go up on the dnc tuesday. what's on the table? >> reporter: you know, what they hope to do at this convention is as they're touting how it's going to be open to the public unlike the case in tampa where the republicans held their convention. you'll hear a lot about president obama at this convention. you'll hear the speakers
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throughout the week talk about what the president accomplished. you're going to hear them talk about the middle class. the democratic party is the party of the middle class. they'll say the republicans are not the party of the middle class. some of the people who will be delivering that message, corey booker, the mayor of newark, new jersey. he has a role here at the convention. a big one, actually. he's presenting the platform early in the week. he is considered an up and comer. as for the big speakers, let's go through the schedule. michelle obama, she's one of the major speakers on tuesday night. as is the keynote speaker julian castro. he is the mayor of san antonio, texas. he is somebody you can get to know pretty well. on wednesday, former president clinton will be the big speaker. thursday, we move from here to time warner cable arena to the football stadium. that's where haven't joe biden and president obama will give their renomination addresses. a little noisy here. we have buses going by. >> that's the way it goes. right when you start talking, all the activity has to begin. >> exactly. >> meantime we hear that
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vice-presidential pick on the republican side paul ryan is going to be in north carolina next week. will his arrival coincide with the convention? to f. if so, why? >> the romney campaign announced that paul ryan will be in greenville, north carolina, a couple hours from here. he'll there be for a rally. the convention starts the next day here. vice president joe biden was supposed to be in tampa, florida, last monday when the republican convention started. of course, hurricane isaac rained out all those details, all those plans. north carolina, like florida, fred, a very important battleground state. we'll see the candidates here a lot. >> yeah. and north carolina big state. a lot of people can be in north carolina. all right. thanks so much. so republican presidential nominee mitt romney is campaigning at what he calls a victory rally in since thcincin.
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he repeated promises to hept middle class. >> america built a strongest economy in the history of the earth. united we put neil armstrong on the moon. united we faced down unspeakable darkness. united our men and women in uniform continue to defend freedom today. i love those people who serve our great nation. >> all right. later today he'll be joining his running mate paul ryan. ryan is hoping to build on the momentum from the convention which is trying to project him as more like a bull. president obama campaigning today in ohio. we're there. we'll have a live report right after this short break. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place.
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all right. democratic convention less than three day as way. president obama campaigning heavily before it, not north carolina but right now in iowa. he's in urbandale which is not far from des moines, iowa. that's where we also find athena jones watching the president. all right, so what is happening? how is today going to be unfolding? >> reporter: good morning,
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fred -- good afternoon, i should say. this is the day, this is the event that launches the road to charlotte, what the campaign is calling the road to charlotte, the road to the dnc where the president will once again accept his party's nomination. this is his seventh trip to iowa this year and his third trip to this state in as many weeks. and so it shows you how hard he's battling for this state's electoral votes. in a close election, every bit helps. you know they want to keep this state in the blue column. this is the place that really launched it all for then candidate obama in 2008. we'll expect to hear from him much of what we heard along the way. he's going to continue to draw contrast between what he's done and will do for the middle class in terms of tax cuts and making college affordable, access to health care and what his opponents will do which is tax cuts for the healthy. >> okay. so tell me about the crowd there. what is the expectation in i see a lot of folks that already
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gathered behind you. you know, this is going to be similar to how the democratic national convention will be set up? anyone can show up or are these ticket holders? >> reporter: for the convention, what's interesting is the preview we've been able to get is they say this is going to be a working convention. they don't have to reintroduce the people. people have a good idea who he is. this is going to be a convention all about talking about his record, talking about getting people out to register to vote. they have a system that they set up. there will be volunteers who can go out and canvas and knock on doors, help with voter registration and by volunteering they can in effect earn a ticket to the convention. so that's a little bit of the preview of what we got for next week. we assume we'll be getting more along the way. we know the president is still working on his speech, his big speech for thursday night, fred. >> all right. athena jones, thank you so much in urbandale, iowa. we'll check back with you later. we understand the president when he comes to the podium, it may be 2:00 eastern hour, we'll bring that to our viewers.
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>> a marine was jailed in iran for allegedly spying for the cia. now his parents are pleading to get him out. >> he couldn't stop crying. he was crying and he was all asking mom, i don't know why i'm here. >> he was arrested a year ago. the u.s. denies he ever worked for the cia. two suicide bombers have targeted a joint u.s.-afghanistan military base in central afghanistan. the attacks killed eight civilians and four police officers. the taliban has claimed responsibility. they say they sacrificed two bombers, one on foot and one in an explosives laiden truck. no military personnel was killed. 57 others were injured. in pakistan, intelligence officials tell cnn a suspected u.s. drone strike has killed four militants. a barrage of missiles was fired into a house and a vehicle. it all took place in a tribal
12:15 pm
region bordering afghanistan. officials say the area was a militant hideout. the u.s. denies the cia run drone program is responsible for the deaths of a high number of civilians. on to syria now, activists say 32 people were killed across the kun troy day. the death toll for this week reached a record 1,600 people. but even for those who can escape the violence, living conditions are worsening dramatically. unicef says access to shelters, clean water and sanitation is a pretty serious issue. >> unicef is concerned, deeply concerned, that in syria and the surrounding region we may be or are looking at one of the biggest humanitarian emergencies in the last decades when you consider so many of the factors involved in this crisis. my colleague just mentioned one,
12:16 pm
may seem trivial but it's not, back to school. children are meant to be going back to school in a couple weeks. is that going to happen? i doubt it. so they're going to be stuck in refugee camps or in syria. >> right now heavy shelling is reported in the city and in alep yoe. >> a former u.s. navy seal finds himself in hot water with the pentagon. why they're threatening legal action over his new book about the osama bin laden raid. our legal guys will be weighing in on that one. and if you have to go out today, just reminder, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch us live from your laptop. just go to
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minorities. we're talking about that with our legal guys. and a photo found in a disposable camera shows a hate crime unfolding. prosecutors say the photo taken last year at rural ohio captures an ammish man cutting off another ammish man's beard against his will. to the ammish, a beard is a significant symbol of faith and manhood. 16 ammish men and women are on trial in cleveland facing federal hate crime charges. and closing arguments in the drew peterson murder trial the start tuesdayment peterson, a former chicago police officer is charged with first-degree murder in the 2004 death of his third wife kathleen save yoe. she was found dead in her bathtub. savio's death was initially ruled an accident but then the case was reopened after his fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared in 2007. let's bring in our legal guys, avery freeman, good to see you.
12:21 pm
and richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney and law professor joining us from las vegas. good to see you as well. >> hi, fred. >> okay. lots of twists and turns this case continues to take over such a long period of time. so deliberations, you know, begin next week, likely, in the case of drew peterson. now we have testimony from a divorce attorney, richard. you first on this. he says missing wife number four, stacy peterson told the lawyer she believed drew killed wife number three, kathleen savio which he's on trial for right now. but what makes this particularly stunning is we're talking about hearsay. we're talking about a defense attorney and the defense team saying we didn't know you were going to do this. >> you know, i got the dictionary out to find better words for abomination.
12:22 pm
they made so many defense motions to preclude the testimony. >> like more than 70. >> right. and then all of a sudden they call him to the stand and they get ambushed. it wasn't an ambush. they knew he was going to do this. and he annihilated them and the case was thinner than air. the prosecution case here was horrendous against drew peterson, even the judge commented there are so many -- you got major problems here to the prosecution. and, yet, out of nowhere this blessing comes down for the prosecution and this testimony is elicited. and for some jurors, that might just be what they need to convict this guy. he's not a lovable guy. fourth time married. wives missing and dead. i mean he's, you know, savory character here. but, look, the evidence is just not there to convict him, fred. it is not there. he must be acquitted in this case. >> it's not there until
12:23 pm
something like this were to happen, avery? is this incriminating enough or because it's hearsay, it won't hold enough water in a case of this magnitude? >> yeah. it certainly hearsay. why in the world the judge letting this evidence in in the first place is mind boggling. it's a forensics case, meaning, it's dr. michael boden and dr. mary case talking about the lack of brain bleeding. how in the world you would let the divorce lawyer of wife number four in to talk about whether or not the missing wife number four thought that her husband actually may be murdered wife number three is stunning. it backfired. hearsay, even if a reptilian defendant like this winds up being convicted, there are going to be issues in the court of appeals. believe me, they're in serious jeopardy if there's a conviction.
12:24 pm
we'll see what happens during oral arguments. >> so you do think that they're on the road for a conviction. you disagree with richard that there isn't enough -- richard is saying there isn't enough evidence to convict. you think otherwise? this is aside from this hearsay testimony? >> yeah. right. the hearsay stuff is very confusing. go to the forensics. that's where the conviction is here. >> okay. >> two quick things, fred. first i know it's tough. first michael boden hired by the familiarly to do an autopsy years after decided he found injuries to the diagram which the two prior pathologists did not find. therefore, he concluded that -- >> battle of experts is what the case is. >> it was not accidental. but remember the casey anthony case, fred, where the jury said we could not link her to the crime scene. there is nothing here to link drew peterson to the crime scene. this jury must acquit. >> let's get inside the pages of
12:25 pm
this other potential legal case, this involving that book coming out next week "no easy day" written by a former navy seal who goes -- who is mark bisanetti who is revealed as such. he's doing a 60 minutes interview tomorrow under the name on the book cover he is mar mark owen. so the department of defense is looking into whether there is legal action in which to explore. the only problem is they haven't read the book either. once they get through the pages of this book they'll be able to see whether he indeed breeched that contract that navy seals must sign that they're not going to reveal any kind of national security secrets. so what do they need to see in this book in order to know whether to move forward on a legal case and what kind of legal case against him? avery? >> no easy day, no easy legal analysis because we don't know one thing. is there classified information
12:26 pm
included? that's why defense department has the preclearance. admiral bill mcraven the straight shooter saying you have a legal do you think dwroi uty . i think what we're going to see with other special ops and cia and agents like that who have disclosed in the past the government may very well move in and whatever money is generated by the publisher will go to the united states government. look, these guys are heroes but for some reason they feel that they want to get out there and tell their story. it does violate the agreement. the test is classified information. that's where this case is going. >> so richard, now what about the publisher? in what way would it be considered complicit, you know, if it turns out that there are bits of information that the u.s. government wouldn't want to be made public? >> i don't know that there's a cause of action against the publisher, fred. like you said, the obligation is between the navy seal and the
12:27 pm
government. and whether or not there's a violation of the espionage act. that's what they're looking for. but in hearing little bits and pieces about this book, what it does is it tends to minimize the role the obama administration played in all this and there are certain allegation that's perhaps there was already a bullet in bin laden's head before they got to him. so i don't know if this is politically motivated. i don't know what's going on. these are questions that need to be asked at this time. why didn't he get the simple approval? it would have been easy to get the approval. >> they wouldn't have given it to him. >> well, that's not so. you are don't know. he never asked for it. how do you know? he never asked for it. >> that's why he didn't. >> so apparently, you know, department of defense folks and also white house folks are saying they have not gotten their hands on it yet. they have not seen the advance copy. under most circumstance it's somebody were to write a book,
12:28 pm
they would provide an advanced copy to, say, the pentagon if it's somebody of this caliber, you know, navy seal that just wasn't done. they like everybody else has to wait for an advance copy? it would seem they would have a little extra pull. be able to get dutton to -- >> everybody wants to buy it now, fred. >> right. it is already number one on amazon. >> number one. it knocked out "50 shades of grey." it's number one. >> wow. >> 50 shades of secret ops. >> what you are reading these days, avery? >> i'm reading the books on "the new york times" best sellers list. >> we're going to see new 20 minutes. we have other cases to talk about. this one involving twitter. you know, millions of people tweeting are going to find out -- >> you tweet, fred. >> i'm a terrible tweeter. try not to be terrible. i do try to tweet every now and then. this is a case that involves whether, you know, police investigators have jurisdiction
12:29 pm
over your tweets or if you have sole ownership of it. privacy issue. you'll help us on that case in 20 minutes. next, we're going to go to louisiana for an update on isaac and the damage it left behind including loss of life. i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive around town all the time doing errands and never ever have to fill up gas in the city. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. the last time i went to the gas station must have been about three months ago. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪
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go to today. what's left of isaac is moving throughout midwest today as a tropical depression. live satellite image right now of isaac. the storm is blamed for four deaths in louisiana and mississippi. the heavy rains have also caused massive flood ago long the gulf coast including pearl river county, mississippi. our anderson cooper spoke with the director of the mississippi emergency management about that. >> is the water rising in pearl because rains are continuing there or some other reasons? >> yeah. i think what we got, i mean, some places in mississippi, we had 18 inches of rain. and on the gulf coast we had a storm surge of 10 to 12 in certain places. the water in the tributaries coming into the river and others brought enormous amount of water
12:33 pm
down. it caused a lot of the flooding. we have water in places in pearl river county that we never had before. >> isaac killed four people in louisiana and mississippi. among them, a couple who drowned when water from an overtopped dam rushed into their home. here's cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: it's still almost unapproachable and dangerous. we have to navigate around natural gas and power lines to get near it. this house is where the first two reported fatalities from isaac occurred. a couple trapped inside. urban truly, the fire chief here, knew them and had to pull their bodies out. do you think this couple ever had a chance to get out once the water started flowing in here? >> the water came up so fast, we had a lot of emergency personnel that had a rough time getting out. so elderly couple needing assistance would have been
12:34 pm
very -- very tough to do. >> reporter: there may have been one opening, maybe. the couple was found floating in the kitchen of this house. the kitchen is around the other side of the house. we can't access that right now. what we're told is that water levels at the time rescuers got here were eight feet higher than they are now, up to that attic vent right there. if the couple could have gotten to that, possibly they could have gotten out. >> he declined to identify the couple. he says emergency officials got word to as many people as possible when the levee near here was overtopped. one of the neighbors tried to get the couple to leave and they wouldn't. now the only creatures that can inhabit this town are either amphibious or have to ride what is floating. we see homes that are flooded, buckled. one house floated a mile from its foundation. bobby landry stayed through the storm too. he lost one house to hurricane katrina then moved here and remodelled this one. now this. he and his family had to climb
12:35 pm
out windows as the water rose toward the second floor. >> i feel empty. it hurts. >> reporter: do you want to come back and live here? >> this is great living right here. when this side of the river right here, the people in this community all are tight and close. there is not enough of us to be worried about. >> an exhausted fire chief is worried about more potential losses. >> it's not something want to see the i thoep is the last one we do see. we're still checking a few other residents along the area here. we're hoping that everybody made it out. >> reporter: when i asked him if this town could ever recover from this, the chief said he thinks so but also said a lot of residents they have spoken to since the storm have packed up and are not coming back. the chief himself is also reeling from this. he lost his home and this gas station and store which was his business. brian todd, cnn, louisiana. all right. 140 characters that you type on twitter, who owns those tweets? it's at the heart of a legal
12:36 pm
case in new york. and, of course, our legal guys have an opinion or two to share. we'll get their words, 140 words plus after this. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready?
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okay. so when you write your 140 characters on twitter, who owns those tweets? twitter is appealing a new york judge's order requiring the company to turn over the tweets particularly deleted tweets of an occupy wall street protester being prosecuted for disorderly conduct. our legal guys are back. avery freeman in cleveland, richard her man in las vegas. richard, you first on this.
12:40 pm
we're talking in particular about the deleted tweets of malcolm harris. he was arrested for disorderly conduct in october during and the occupy wall street gatherings. and so prosecutors want to know what he said in the deleted tweets and that's what they want. right? >> that's what they want. and they served a subpoena on at which timer to get that information. this gentleman took exception to that. he files an application. and the criminal court trial judge said you don't own the tweets. once you post them publicly, they're out there. you don't have any interest in what you said. whether you delete it or not, you lose. you have no interest. you can't fight this. you can't quash the subpoena. twitter owns it and twitter has to comply with the subpoena. very powerful decision for this type of law over the breath for brooklyn now for the appellate
12:41 pm
court to make the decision. >> what's at issue here in that deleted tweet is that allegedly he may have started a false rumor that the band radio head was going to perform at the park and that is what became kind of ground zero headquarters for the occupy wall street movement. and so they want to know whether he, you know, allegedly incited or, you know, tricked or provided some sort of information in these tweets to get so many people to come, right? >> right. >> and so -- >> well, first -- >> if one what is tweeted is not necessarily your property, if it's been deleted or if it was a draft even is that where, you know, kind of the hairs get split here? >> i don't think the hair gets split at all. i look at judge matthew's decision by saying if you post, that's like screaming out the window. that's the way you put it. i love this case. should you have a right to speak
12:42 pm
freely without governmental interference? you have a right against unreasonable searches and seizures, fourth amendment, this is a case where technology is ahead of the law. and you know what? the reason it's so fascinating, i mean i don't tweet because i think the privacy issues there. i mean you are going to get what the judge gave you. it's like screaming out the window. but the constitutional issues in the court of appeals, i think are fascinating. because we don't have any decisions like this. i think the bottom line is that if you're tweeting, you're opening yourself up to the world. the expectation of privacy is gone. >> wow. okay. twitter is going to appeal. i guess on the grounds that their believe is there is a fourth amendment protection here, unreasonable search and seizures and hoping at pale the appellate court will see otherwise. the u.s. justice department can put a notch in their belt as a victory as they're challenging
12:43 pm
the new voter id laws. there is something like 19 states that have them. in the case of texas, now we're talking about that new voter id law being knocked down. so is it likely, richard, that the other cases just might follow suit? there is some precedence now that perhaps this is not a case in which there are a rash of fraudulent voters who are trying to cast a ballot because the justice department and others have already determined that there is not, you know, there isn't a pattern of great litany of fraudulent cases. >> right. i mean do the ends justify the means? are these laws required to cure some far reaching problem we have with voter fraud? the answer here is, no, they don't. and you wonder why in the great state of texas no democrat has won a statewide election in the last ten years. it's because the republican-controlled legislature does things like
12:44 pm
this. i mean this was clearly as the court held a discriminatory intent involved in doing this, fred. >> there are people in texas that don't have the government issued ids. they don't have cars and driver's licenses and so they wouldn't be able to produce these documents. >> right. >> that's right. that's exactly right. >> go ahead, avery. >> the bottom line, it's a 56-page opinion. let's not dance around the issue. the three judge federal panel said it was based on race. it is a very definitive clear decision that 142 years of amending the constitution not to block voter rights, 47-year-old federal law that guarantees voter rights, these cases keep falling. state legislatures in texas and florida and ohio keep trying to block the pulse primarily of the
12:45 pm
poor, minorities, and you know what? whether it's a federal judge appointed by a republican president or a democratic president, we're seeing virtually all federal cases, fred, saying knock it off. it violates the constitution. let people vote. >> south carolina has a case that may be the next one in line. it, too, is cover jurisdiction of the voting rights act similar to texas. and the argument there is that they're requiring people to have one of the five state issued ids. but the law apparently has to be preapproved. what does that mean exactly? a law has to be preapproved before they can go forward, richard? >> exactly. if you want to have redistricting maps or go into requiring some sort of identification, you know, it doesn't have to be a driver's license, fred. and that's what happened in texas. they proposed alternatives, other types of identification which the legislation just knocked down in amendments. they have to go to d.c. to get approval.
12:46 pm
this violates the voting rights act. they want to make sure it's fair, that the elections are fair. and what we're assuming here is that who are being disproportionately affected here, it's the poor and they're assuming the poor will vote democratic. so that's the rational behind all this. and i think they're going to continue to fall when states act in this manner. >> all right. richard herman -- >> fred? >> yeah? go ahead. >> the supreme court is not going to take the case. that's very important. election is two months away. those cases will stand. very, very important. >> all right. thanks so much, gentlemen. >> i disagree. i think the supreme court is going to take this case. >> not going to happen. >> they're going to take the case. fred, our old friend t.j. used to hit you every day with your tweets. be careful. you may not own the tweets, fred. >> i know, the pressure of the tweets. it's enormous. >> i told you, privacy, guys. >> fred, what is it? >> let's hear it. >> what is it again?
12:47 pm
don't confuse me. i am still not used to it. that's pitiful. i'm just way too private for tv. all right. avery and richard, thanks so much. good tow sue guys. thanks for coming in this holiday weekend. have a great rest of the holiday weekend. >> likewise. >> appreciate it. >> you as well, fred. >> thanks so much. the legal guys are here every saturday, rain, shine, holidays. just regular days. they're here this time all the time to give us their take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. the families of the victims of the qucolorado shooting are meeting with charity and government officials. we'll tell you what they're discussing. i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives,
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take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. they're the aurora 12. they're meeting to make sure that donations meant for those behind will get to the right people. for these families, it's a pretty simple issue. >> when people make a donation and making it toward a specific cause, you're expecting it to go to that cause. >> this latest meeting was productive and included promises of improved transparency plus victim involvement and how and where money is distributed. >> we agreed on a lot of things. 100% of the money will go to the victims. we agreed on how we define
12:51 pm
victim. we agreed that we need to work collectively and we agreed to the representation of the victims on the committee. >> giving first, the charity collecting money for the victims, has also promised to change the website to make it easier for people to donate. and new information from the theater shooting investigation reveals that james holmes called the switchboard nine minutes before he opened fire. his psychiatrist has testified that her contact with holmes ended june 11th and she later called campus police because she was "so concerned" about what happened during their last meeting. >> ice being may hasaac may hav louisiana but people are still trying to make sense of the damage left behind by the storm. to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air -
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all right. for some along the gulf coast, isaac was worse than katrina in part because the storm stalled over the gulf coast and dumped heavy rain for days. hundreds had to be rescued from flooded homes. cnn's john zor he wiarella has report. >> reporter: hurricane isaac descended on louisiana tuesday night nearly seven years to the day that hurricane katrina struck. isaac wasn't such a monster but it was still a killer. parked on top of louisiana, mississippi and parts of alabama. hundreds had to be rescued. >> what's it like back there now? >> sad. water is over the top of the roof. we had to breakthrough the ceiling and go through the
12:55 pm
attic. >> reporter: others weren't so lucky. the category one hurricane claimed at least four lives in the u.s. and some like jean oto were trapped in their own homes. >> right now i'm in my attic with my wife and my 18-month-old baby. the local police came around about 2:00 in the morning and told us the levee broke. and within an hour the water was coming up. it looks like we lost everything. >> reporter: and it's not over yet. the slow moving storm continues to wreak havoc with heavy rainfall and flooding which overtopped the levee with water in new orleans. >> i have more damage from this storm than i did for katrina. >> reporter: in mississippi, there was concern over a potential dam collapse. now officials say the dam holding back the isaac swollen lake is not failing. but engineers are working to pump water out to release the pressure. downed river in louisiana the parish president ordered thousands to evacuate along the
12:56 pm
54 miles that runs through the parish. just in case. >> my concern is whether it's one person or if it's 50,000. a life is a life is a life. >> not everyone is listening. johnny womack sent his family to higher ground but he's not going anywhere. >> i ain't going nowhere, man. i built that house myself. i ain't going to leave it and let somebody take it from me. if he take it from me, at least i'm going to see it go. >> reporter: isaac left many with unsafe drinking water and more than 800,000 without power, not just in louisiana, but mississippi, alabama and even arkansas. and it's not over yet. there's a chance of tornadoes as the region digs out from what isaac left behind. cnn, louisiana. president obama is on his way to iowa to kick off a tour that will end next week at the
12:57 pm
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