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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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what? does the u.s. then allow israel to go in and what about iran because i'msure they see the politics at play as well. >> i don't think the united states would encourage israel to contact the attack because they don't have the capability to do much damage to the nuclear program. it doesn't do much damage to iran's nuclear program but would lead to retaliation and other downside risks. it seems like what the administration is trying to do is slow the program down as much as possible with sanctions, sabotage and other things. try to get a negotiate ed settlement. the president would be willing to use military force to stop iran if we get to that point. >> sounds like we'll be talking about this a few more times. thank you so much.
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top of the hour. president obama is making his way to charlotte for his party, the big convention. you see the folks shaking hands. if he watches tonight from the road, which is where he is right now, he will see his wife. he'll see the first lady addressing the charlotte democrats. he'll also see julian castro, the rising star. i want to play some sound of the president campaigning today. he's critiquing mitt romney's economic plan. >> plan that says we're going to make middle class families pay for another budget busting $250,000 tax cut for people making $3 million a year or more. that's not really persuasive to most people. we don't think that will magically translate into jobs or
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p prosperity for people. families won't be better off if we put the wall street reforms we put into place to prevent another financial crisis or we'll be better off if we remove rules to protect our air and water or we're going to take away protections we put in place to make sure that health care is there for you when you get sick. >> the president speaking today in virginia. mitt romney today, he did take a ride through vermont. his motorcade was stymied by a tract tractor. the tractor pulled over. romney is rehearsing for the presidential debates. the first one is not for another month. let's begin with the first lady. big night for her. what should we hear? what's her message?
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>> reporter: it's basic night for first lady. very different than what we saw four years ago when she was introducing herself and introducing her husband. back then there were a lot of questions about who they were. what kind of man he was and what kind of family they were. she's going to leave the mud slinging for other folks. she's not going to attack paul ryan or mitt romney. she's foing going to make the c make the argument why she believes president obama is a good father. somebody who is good for the country. someone who understands what it's like the feel financial hardship and he also understands too there's a lot of work to be done. it was interesting earlier today. he gave himself an incomplete when it comes to this economic turn around. that's part to have the case they're making. they need another four years to get the job done or help more people along the way. it's going to be a positive
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speech and a personal speech. aids say it will be different from what we've heard. some of the things we've heard from ann romney which has been more of an attack on the president. this is meant to be upbeat, uplifting here and to raeally st a different town along with something that's different which is the fact that now she is a very popular first lady. she has a lot of cachet. she's got a lot of street cred. four years ago it was the republicans injecting a lot of questions and doubt about what she was and who her husband is. now they feel a lot more confident they will display who they are and how that's a good thing. >> let me take you back to something you said a moment ago. you were referencing the interview the president did with a colorado reporter giving the grade on the economy as you pointed out as incomplete. obviously the republicans are all over that. they are seizing upon that. i'm curious if you see that as an unforced error on behalf of the president and when you look
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at the recent polls you see this is the one area where mitt romney is out polling the president when it comes to the economy. four years later here, what does the president say? >> reporter: i don't think they see it as an error. it's not first time he's given himself an incomplete because he gets this question from time to time how he would grade himself. in the past he's been criticized for giving himself too high marks, for seeming overconfident in what he's achieved. i think there's a deliberate effort by the campaign and by the president to play things dune bit, to hold back a bit. people are look to him. they are looking to his record and they are very much aware that people are not satisfied. a lot of people are not satisfied with how their lives are going. i think that really is a political calculation that he has made and that the campaign has made. i don't think they regret it but they see the republicans have started to sharpen it bit and use it against him. i don't think that's something that they are necessarily going
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to shy away from. >> what about looking ahead to when we do see the president and really it's not the big pitch. this is the big argument why she should keep his job here four years later. he'll be speaking to this massive crowd. the biggest crowd he's spoken to on the trail. can he fill the seats and what is his main thesis? >> reporter: they hope he's going to fill the seats. they are looking at the weather to see if they have to switch venues or not. if it's a big thunderstorm, it's going to be a big problem for them on thursday. one of the main things is they are going to say is we need more time. despite the fact the republicans have been hammering away at this that yes he came in with a huge hole with the deficit. that'll talk about the number of jobs they have created and just give a sense they'll try to r n
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reinvigorate and give a sense of the hope they had four years ago. it was a different time. people felt the pain. they felt a lot of pain and they felt like they needed to do something drastic and he was the answer. he was the hope and change a lot of people thought would bring this country to a different place. nay kn they know they are dealing with a different kind of voter now. he's been in office for four years. they want him to prove through his record that he deserves another four. >> thursday night, a big night for him. we'll be watching tonight. my thanks to you. cnn's primetime coverage kicks off 7:00 eastern time. look out for wall of anderson and then the speeches and then at midnight piers morgan wraps up the first night of the 2012 democratic national convention tonight on cnn. a lot more news unfolding here on this tuesday.
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moments of chaos from aleppo after a bomb is dropped. people rush to pull potential survivors from the bomb attack. this happened in the town just northeast of aleppo. it's known as a rebel stronghold. we have a look at what's
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happening there now. >> reporter: darting across the roof to avoid detection, the camera man manages to capture this. the moment the fighter jet releases the bomb. according to the voice on the tape it's the town of al bab. seconds later. and this is what the syrian opposition says was the aftermath of air strikes on that same day, monday. destroying an entire building. killing a whole family and many others. al bab was a stronghold. critical for a gateway of support ers and supplies. the strikes killed civilians as the assad regime tries to shut
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down that pipeline. a little boy's seemingly limp body covered in dust just one of many carried out of the wreckage. the syrian information minister came out and pressed the government line that they are targeting foreign backed terrorists. at times that is clearly not the case. in other instances competing narratives cloud the truth. this video montage editing to music was broadcast on the network was said to be the aftermath of a car bomb in a christian area. the banner blames terrorists for the attack. an opposition activist said the government is trying to prevent
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more sectarian unrest. they are growing more sophisticated with their crude tactics. video shows how rebel fighters dug a 600 foot tunnel for a target they used to describe as impenetrable. after a two-day fierce gun battle they managed to drive assad forces out. they can't hold the hospital but at least they say fornow the government doesn't. the government response will be fear. these days the only certainty is
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that across the country more will die on both sides of the spectrum and those caught in between. >> arwa live in beirut. they know now they are out gunned, out manned. air strike proof. what pushes them to fight knowing these kinds of repercussions? >> reporter: at this stage they say they have no other choice. they will remind you that when this uprising began they were out demonstrating peacefully and then it was assad forces that fired upon them killing them, forcing them to pick up weapons and now it's resulted in the syrian uprising. what began as a peaceful revolution calls for the assad regime turning into this all out civil war forcing both sides into this situation where they are so hardened against one
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another bringing them to any sort of negotiation table at this point in time is not realistic. they have no choice to fight until the very bitter end whatever that end may be. >> no choice says arwa damon. thank you. making way for the space shuttle. a lot of folks upset. taking down hundreds of trees in an effort to get the space shuttle endevour to its final home. great shot.
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in the concrete jungle trees are a rarity. when city leaders say they are cutting down 400 of them, folks get a little upset. the removal is not for routine maintenance or because the trees are dying. this is for the arrival of the space shuttle endevour. this is the first time it will travel through public streets on its way to new homes. that being the california science center. to make room for this machine, power lines will be raised, traffic signals will be removed and hundreds of trees will be cut down to their stumps.
3:20 pm
i wanted to bring in chad meyers because what a story. i read this and thought my goodness. why the heck can't they take it apart? >> cannot. it would ruin it. to take the tiles off would break them. they knew from the start they couldn't do it. 170,000 pounds they knew they couldn't get a helicopter to lift it. they said what can they do with the interstate. can't get it under them. they have to take it this route. 12 miles through city streets on a two-day parade. let's go right to the maps. the gr113, you'll be able the fly right into it. i'll show you where it's going to stop. that's the park it's going to be in. here is where it's going to start 12 miles away at lax because that's where it's going to come in. you have boulevards. here is manchester. not too many trees here close to
3:21 pm
lax but you get trees in the middle. these trees not so big. there they are and you zoom on down to the ground. those can probably be replanted. they are going to replant 8400 trees to make up for the 400 that they are cutting down but these are the ones they are concerned about. this is crenshaw. those trees are old. they are pine. you can smell them when driving down the road. >> pine, ficus, other trees. some people see this as a win-win. this is some. some people are thinking headache and traffic and i'm losing my trees. california science center are expected to spend $500,000 to improve the city landscape. >> here it is all the way up here. they say how many trees they cut down but the very next frame around here, how many trees they
3:22 pm
didn't cut down. >> how many? >> down to lemert. that's a shorter route. they decided not to cut those trees down because those were planted in memory of mlk jr. there you go. those are the big trees there that are going to stay as they take crenshaw all the way up to the corner as it turns to mlk rather than taking that. they thought about this. they really did try to do the least amount of damage possible. >> either way, i know our cameras are going to be there. we'll be watching this. this is october 12th. >> two-day parade. >> we'll be watching this endevour taking two days to get to the california science center. i'm still hoping to get someone on the show but thank you for the fly through. >> i spent all day. >> i appreciate it. >> i fully understand. thank you so much. i do want to take you back to charlotte here where
3:23 pm
democrats are kicking off their convention tonight. joining me now we have senator bill nelson, the florida democrat is up for re-election. nice to see you. thanks for joining me. >> hello, brooke. >> let's begin with the guy you're hoping will win this thing and get another four years. what do you want to hear from him? what does he need to do thursday to appeal to voters in your state? >> well, i want all this misinformation to be put to rest. give you example. you heard last week $700 billion cut out of medicare. it was $700 billion in the health care bill in order to extend the life of medicare. where did it come from? it came from providers on medicare advantage. that's what i want the truth to
3:24 pm
come out. >> you think the president will get into that detail on thursday? >> if he doesn't, it will already be put to rest by many people before him. that's what the american people need to know. another example, you've heard this refrain. are you better off now than you were four years ago? what was four years ago? september and october of 2008, we were in a financial down spiral after the collapse of lehman brothers. massive job layoffs. fortunately, now for the last 29 straight months we've had private sector job growth. it's painfully slow but it is the recovery. >> what do you make of the president's response to the question yesterday talking to a colorado reporter with regard to grading his job with the
3:25 pm
economy, his mission in the four years, his answer was incomplete. republicans have jumped all over that. >> well, i don't know why they would jump on it. we're in the process of what the true facts are and it is as i just described it coming out of the recovery. now all the pieces are in place. once we can get out of this and start to govern. that will start after the election but fortunately that only two and a half months till lame duck session. we'll get a lot of it done then. >> let me move onto you. i know you have race for re-election. last month you released this ad about your opponent. roll it. >> i'm bill nelson and i approve
3:26 pm
this message. >> florida, meet connie mack with barroom brawling and road rage. >> that's pretty tough stuff there senator. anyone turned off by that ad of yours? do you enjoy running ads like that? >> well, people need to know who our opponent is. indeed all the fact checkers have checked that ad and said that it is correct. it is true. you didn't get to the part about our opponent doesn't show up for work. he's missed all kinds of votes this year. then when he does show up, as a matter of fact he votes on taking away the guaranteed benefit of medicare and he has plan to take a trillion dollars out of social security. the voters are entitled to know
3:27 pm
what the truth is. that's what we're doing. by the way that's after i've been on the receiving end of $15 million of attack ads that all the fact checkers say are absolutely untrue. >> attack and counter attack. it's politics. thank you very much. enjoy charlotte. >> thanks. >> when it comes to florida the republicans have marco rubio as their up and comer. the democrats have this man, julian castro, the keynote speaker at this week's dnc. he's speaking tonight. we'll get a closer look at this rising star, next. capella university understands businesses are trying to come
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3:31 pm
democratic national convention. a spotlight, let's remember, that shined on then unknown barack obama eight years ago. >> hey, everybody. i'm julian castro. >> reporter: first thing you need to know, it's pronounced julian. the j is silent. even if you get the spanish wrong san antonio's mayor has never mastered spanish either. >> i understand spanish better than i speak it. i grew up with my mother and grandmother mostly speaking english. i understand it but speaking it back is the challenge. >> reporter: from those humble begins he and his brother went onto stanford university and harvard law school. now he's a rising star in the democrat party tapped to give the keynote speech.
3:32 pm
the same speech an unknown barack obama gave in 2004. >> you get talked about someone saying the first hispanic governor of texas and some the first hispanic president of united states. >> i'd be lying if i said it's not flattering. the biggest mistake is to believe the press. >> reporter: castro was elected mayor in 2009 and reelected with 82% of the vote. now he's 37. the youngest mayor of a top 50 city in the united states. he's also used to the baby face jokes. >> one of the funnier things that's happened to you when you first met president obama he jokingly asked if you were the intern. >> that's right. >> you asked to do the speech is that making up for that jab? >> i don't know. i always got the age jokes at different points in my career. >> is it still happening?
3:33 pm
>> every now and then. i'm starting to get the gray hair from my 3-year-old daughter and from politics. >> reporter: this is the biggest speech of his career. latinos enjoy prominent speaking rolls at the republican convention and castro must convince them to stick with president obama. >> there's a lot of latino people who say he's not been a friend of the latino community. >> under any score, immigration, held care and any number of issues he's been a very advocate for the latino community. >> reporter: he's in the midst of pushing for a small sales tax to fund prekindergarten children. he enjoys a squeaky clean political image except for that 2005 riverwalk parade scandal. he was a city councilman and wouldn't make it to the parade so his twin brother jumped on the float instead.
3:34 pm
his political opponent said the brothers were trying to fool the massive crowd. castro laughs it off now. >> how can we be sure you're going to be the castro brother giving the speech tonight? >> he said he's a lot better looking. >> reporter: his twin brother will introduce him. you'll see the castro brothers standing side by side. >> no twin switch aroo. that was great interview. there's a lot of up and coming mayors. why julian castro for tonight's keynote? >> reporter: san antonio knows the expectation of its mayor going on. he knows full well he was picked for this because he's young. he's hispanic but beyond that he knows his message has to resonate beyond those demographics. he says he will reach out to
3:35 pm
middle class voters and talk about education and health care. those will be the driving points as well as the story of his family and the opportunities they had in this country. that will be a prominent theme as well. >> you point out that then senator barack obama, 2004 relative unknown. here we are 2012 relative unknown mayor of san antonio. what has he done for his city. >> reporter: he talks about the brain power in the city. that's why he is pushing for the sales tax hike to fund pre-kindergarten programs for lower income students. a lot of his critics say he's a lot like president obama. he's being celebrated and put on this spotlight way too soon. he doesn't have the accomplishments that other politicians in this position should already have. he's got his fair share of critics but he's also won his last election with 82% of the
3:36 pm
vote. the critics are out there but he's popular in san antonio. >> wow, 82%. thank you for that. no pressure for him. so many people looking for the quote, unquote obama moment for this mayor. we'll look for it and talk about it tomorrow. thank you. a detroit man confesses to shooting four people. two of them die. the suspect then calls the police to surrender and get this, police never show up. you won't believe what the suspect had to do to get arrested. but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge.
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on the case now. a murder suspect who surrenders himself in detroit and then gets to do up by police. the 36-year-old man wanted for shooting and killing at this home in detroit. he shows up to surrender at a fire station. he waits for four hours. police never showed up.
3:40 pm
he took a cab himself to the police station. detroit's police chief said in a press release every effort to ensure this person was taken into police custody should have occurred. should have occurred end quote. let me bring in defense attorney ann brimner. obviously the suspect did more than what was expected of him the do you think prosecutors will take that into consideration. perhaps cut a deal with him, lighter sentence because of this? >> they probably will. you think what do you have to do to get arrested in this town? it's a homicide. >> what happened? >> unbelievable. i think some impact in terms of charges if not there then in terms of a sentence. often at sentences you look at whether someone cooperated and tried to make things right, pay restitution. >> what have detroit police said? why did police never show up? >> right now they are saying we should have been there but we weren't. apparently in detroit there's
3:41 pm
other things they can be doing. the fact of the matter four hours at the fire station and then getting put into a cab. they are not explaining a lot. the fact of the matter is this is somebody that wanted to cooperate with the police and by turning yourself in that's aen confession. they should have jumped on that. >> you ever heard of something like this happening? >> never. i even looked on the web like it. i've never heard of anything, four hours, cab, fire station and then being taken to another police station. one of the most important thing s to get a confession and get it up front. that's signed, sealed and delivered in terms of criminal prosecution. >> thank you. crazy. as democrats take the stage tonight in charlotte, the man they want to beat is on a stage of a different kind we'll take you live to vermont where mitt romney is rehearsing for his debates against president obama. sure does!
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thursday night will be the third and final night of security convention this charlotte north carolina and president obama is said to deliver his big acceptance speech out doors rain or shine. we talk to delegates on the streets of charlotte today and ask if they will show up if it starts to sprinkle. >> are you kidding me? i would stand out if freezing so cold and snow getting this president elected. this will be wonderful. >> we can weather the storm. what is the rain going to do? you get wet and dry off.
3:45 pm
we're here to have fun. i won't let the rain stop me. >> i've sat in the rain for a lot less. >> we mentioned this before. take a look at this. you see that tractor. mitt romney let new hampshire and traveled to vermont. he got hung up by said tractor where he is launching debate preparations. tractors aside here. romney's first debate. it's still a month away. is this considered getting an early start? >> reporter: first of all, a two-minute delay behind a tractor, that's pretty standard by vermont standards. you're right. it is a month away. less than a month away. october 3rd is the first debate. it shows you just how important the romney campaign views these presidential debates that are coming up. they are behind closed doors. he's at the house of his former
3:46 pm
lieutenant governor working on this debate prep with rob portman playing the role of barack obama and he has some top advisors with him. the former chair of the rnc and his strategist there with the romney campaign. they are looking at the debates as being very key. >> his number two, he hopes will be his number two, paul ryan got a nice dig today at president obama. >> let's listen to that. >> when it comes to jobs, president obama makes the jimmy carter years look like good old days. if we fired jimmy carter then, why would we re-hire barack obama now? >> so, jim acosta, you have romney doing debate prep. ryan out and about campaigning. will that be the template for the rest of the week as democrats are partying up in charlotte? >> reporter: i'll be very surprised if we don't see mitt
3:47 pm
romney sometime out in public saying something over the next several days. i do know that ann romney will be out in ohio tomorrow. she's going to be doing an event out there. michelle obama speech's last night reminding voters she had a pretty good speech at the republican convention in tampa. getting back to what paul ryan said on the campaign trail, i think the romney campaign really sees this as a gift of what happened yesterday on the sunday talk shows when those obama campaign advisors were having trouble answering the question are we better off than four years ago. president obama was quoted in usa today giving himself an incomplete on the economy. even though mitt romney has not been out, his campaign has opinion hard at work making hay on those comments. >> thank you. cnn just heard from the head of the navy seals about that controversial book out today about the bin laden raid. wait until you see the scathing
3:48 pm
memo he sent out to all seals. you'll only see it here on cnn. i was talking to my best friend. i told her i wasn't feeling like myself... i had pain in my pelvic area... and bleeding that wasn't normal for me. she said i had to go to the doctor. turned out i had uterine cancer, a type of gynecologic cancer. i received treatment and we're confident i'll be fine. please listen to your body. if something doesn't feel right for two weeks or longer, see your doctor. get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers.
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knowing can make all the difference in the world.
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that controversial book detailing the special forces mission that ended with the death of osama bin laden now as of today on bookstore shelves. it's called "no easy day" written by pen name mark owen. he did not send the book to the pentagon for review prior to
3:51 pm
publishing. that's a big, big deal. now department of defense lawyers are considering taking legal action as a result. so just this afternoon cnn exclusively obtained a scathing memo written by the commander of all navy seals about the release of the books. let me read some of this for you. this is the note from rear admiral sean pybus. "as the commander of nsw, i am disappointed, embarrassed and concerned. goes on. most of us have always thought that the privilege of working with some of our nation's toughest warriors on challenging missions would be enough to be proud of with no further compensation or celebrity required. today we find former seals headlining positions in a presidential campaign, hawking details about a mission against enemy number one and generally selling other aspects of nsw training and operations. for an elite force that should be humble and discipline for
3:52 pm
life, we are certainly not appearing to be so. we owe our chain of command much better than this." right now "no easy day," the book is number one selling on amazon. when it comes to the economy, debt is on the minds of so many of you. so many americans. and as your questions come in to us, we have answers thanks to poppy harlow. hey, poppy. >> hey there. today on the help desk we're talking about student loans. a lot of folks ask me about this. joining me to discuss donna and ryan. ryan, take a look at this question. >> i'm $20,000 in student loans and i want to know if the government has any plan to help me out in the future? >> this is the big question. will there be more help or arguably less help out there in the future? >> well, there is a student aid and financial responsibility act passed july 1st 2010, there's no more middleman between individuals -- between the government and individuals that want to get loans directly from
3:53 pm
the government. july 1, 2014, your income in terms of 10% income will be capped on how much you have to pay back towards your loans. there's additional pell grants and additional assistance for making sure for training for those to get a community college. beside all that one of the best ways to help yourself is make sure you're paying your bills on time, consolidating debt if possible and make sure you have an organized plan and budget to make sure you're making those payments every single month. >> i think a lot of young folks it's hard because they don't make a lot of money when they come out of school. if you have a federal loan, you can get on a payment that will stretch out the terms of the loan so the payments are more manageable. if you're in certain fields, if you become a teacher -- >> some forgiveness, right? >> that's riechlgt they'll pay some of your principle. and that's a positive thing too. >> i think a big concern though is with the deficit, with the crisis in this country, are some of those programs going to get cut back?
3:54 pm
>> that's a real threat. we don't know. >> a big question. we just don't know. thank you guys. if you've got an issue you want our experts to tackle, upload a 30-second video to poppy, thank you. sounds like a character out of the movies, once a major player in the world drug trade known for being ruthless, now the mother of four killed the same way she lived. the godmother of cocaine. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ?
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you know what i mean when i say the godfather, right? get ready to hear about the godmother of cocaine. she is griz el griselda blanco, should say was, 69-year-old mother of four seen here in one of her many, many mug shots. as of yesterday she is dead. gunned down by a motorcycle riding assassin as she stepped out of a butcher shop in colombia. this godmother made her name as drug kingpin right here in this country in miami in the '70s and '80s. she's so notorious a documentary chronicled her exploits. be warned, the language is
3:58 pm
rough. >> the godmother told me -- >> so here's the thing, you know, this isn't exactly your friendly neighborhood godmother, obviously. the stories of her viciousness made headlines for years and years. we had to bring in raphael romo to bring in some of these. we've been talking this should be an actual film just the twists and turns of her life. so she was killed by a motorcycle assassin going into a butcher shop. there's so much irony in there. >> exactly. so much irony because she basically invented that kind of execution in the '70s and '80s when she was powerful in california, then in new york and then in miami bringing 3,500 pounds of cocaine every year at one point in time her fortunate was estimated at $1.5 billion. >> at one point in time she plotted to kidnap jfk jr.? >> that's one of the allegations of one of her associates that appeared in the documentary you just showed people. but apparently it was just talk and never actually materialized
3:59 pm
to go to the planning stage. >> tell me more about her. she avoided the death penalty, right? >> that's right. she was originally prosecuted for drug trafficking, but then she was tied to three murders in florida and authorities in new york said at least they could have documented 40 murders and that's still conservative because she might have been behind as many as 200 executions in miami, in new york and in irvine, california. >> including a 2-year-old girl. why godmother of cocaine? >> she basically invented bringing cocaine from south america into the united states. >> it was this woman? >> exactly. >> wow. >> most americans know of pablo escobar. she was there before pablo escobar. pablo escobar was stealing cars when she was already trafficking 3,400 pounds of cocaine in the '70s and 80s. >> she had so many


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