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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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mosquitos most of the time you're totally fine. now hour two. big, big night for the democrats. bill clinton scheduled to speak to the party convention in charlotte. my friend piers morgan with me now from the cnn grill near that convention site. piers, i promise we're going to talk bill clinton in a moment but the news of the day here broke this morning. the dnc changing up the venue, breaking down the big thursday night at the bank of america/ n america/panth america/panther's stadium. the democrats say it's thewet ere. on the flip side they say they couldn't fill this out door stadium with the democrats. piers morgan, what's the truth?
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>> i think the republicans would claim it was sunny when it was raining sump as the nature of convention rhetoric. i've been in charlotte all week and the weather has been big storms and a lot of heavy rainfall. i think the idea of having an out door stadium on thursday given the way the forecast is looking was completely ridiculous. they made the right decision. i think anyone who reads into the idea that barack obama still couldn't sell out a stadium is living in cloud cookoo land. i think they would have had a full crowd. it's raining so hard, they can't hear you. >> did you say cloud cookoo term? >> not clown, cloud. >> i needed to clarify. bill clinton is speaking. what do you expect he'll say?
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do you have any idea? >> he's going to be giving a rally cry to the democratic troops. hooeg going to be gihe's going copy of his speech to the campaign. his relationship with barack obama is a fascinating one. when barack obama ran against hillary clinton things got pretty heated. they both need each other. i think president clinton needs the exposure and having the president using him as his number one sounding board as advisor which he does do from time to time and barack obama needs the magic power of a ex-president who is more popular now than ever in office. i think you can expect a real rally cry and i can imagine it
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will do barack obama no end of good. >> i read liz's piece. one of the ways he phrased it was quasi-friendship and president obama semi embracing of bill clinton because he needs him. we started thinking about this and here they are on the golf course. these are two alpha males. the sitting president, previous president. is there really any surprise that their agendas aren't a pitch perfect match? >> no. absolutely not. it's like when i meet up with larry king. it's not like we sit there telling each other how wonderful we are. i think anyone expects people like that who replaced each other in huge jobs there's always going to be a little bit of tension. a little bit of competition, if you like. all those things go with any of these situations. i think they get on remarkably
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well. i think there's been other presidents in the past where there's a much less healthy relationship but they are very combative, competitive, political street fighters, the pair of them. i think together they are a very effective weapon for the democratic party but apart they become a much more problematic situation for the party. the party loves bill clinton and they still love barack obama. they want to share the love with their two heroes. >> they love hillary clinton who is away. let's talk about you. you talked to paul ryan. you got him talking about, surprise, surprise bill clinton, barack obama. let's play a snippet. >> during the clinton years we had good economic growth. bill clinton was a different kind of democrat than barack obama. bill clinton gave us welfare reform. he worked with republicans to cut spending. bill clinton did not play the kind of political games that president obama is playing.
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>> bill clinton worked with republicans. how do we put this? we don't recall republicans speaking so fondly of bill clinton when he was president. if i recall correctly they impeached him but i suppose that was when ryan was in his 20s. i don't know. >> it's fascinating his analysis of why bill clinton's an acceptable democrat and barack obama isn't given that clinton -- >> why is that? >> they want to build up bill clinton so they can attack obama and say clinton was a good president. you're not. that's why we need to take over from you. it's more complicated than that. when i push paul ryan today, i asked him everyone is saying are the american people better off after four years of barack obama than they were under george bush. i rephrased that question. were the american people better
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off after eight years of bush than bill clinton and they weren't. he almost admits. he said things were successful but he says a lot of that was down to the bipartisan style he had. he worked with republicans to get things done. many people on barack obama's team would say the reason we can't get the same things done that bill clinton did with someone like newt gingrich is the speaker john boehner have gone out of they ware to be as disruptive and unhelpful as they can. that's one of the reasons why the average voter is sick and tired of all of their rhetoric about this. they think washington should bang their heads together and go back to what was probably the last great relationship between republican and democrat senior leaders. bill clinton and newt gingrich. i have spoken to newt gingrich about this several times. they used to get in a room and they would throw everybody out and have just the two of them with two chairs and thrash out a
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compromise. that's what's got to happen. he's got to sit down with john boehner and clear the air and say the good of the country has got to come before our problems. >> it seems like they were close to doing that when it came to that debt ceiling . sdp perhaps there will be a compromise. we'll look for you up late tonight in the post-game at midnight. thank you, sir. enjoy the grill. >> my pleasure. >> just to remind all of you primetime coverage officially kicks off here tonight at 7:00. you have wolf and anderson. former president bill clinton addresses those delegates inside the arena and piers morgan midnight, don't miss it wrapping up night number two of the democratic national convention on cnn.
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there's a lot more happening here. watch this. the man in kmarj of syrup ya's next door neighbor reveals what he knows about syria's weapons of mass destruction. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. also, rebels accuse the government of dropping t and t barrels and craters like this one prove it. the 16 that is anything but sweet. what america's new debt marker means for you and me. and zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. an up close look at the new electric super car. everyone has goals.
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♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ guts. glory. ram. turning to syria. some numbers, unicef said last week was the deadliest seven days of this entire 18-month conflict. 1600 people killed just last week. that's one number. here is another. during august more than 100,000 syrians fled the country, fled the violence in a single month.
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many of them fleeing to turkey. the u.n. call this is a brave and deteriorating incident. we sat down with an exclusive interview with the prime minister of turkey. let's listen. >> does it surprise you that the united states doesn't take any other actions other than what they call nonlethal support? does it surprise you they don't want to arm the rebels, for instance or talk about a no-fly zone or buffer zone or safe zones? >> translator: right now there are certain things being expected from the united states. the united states had not yet catered to those expectations. maybe it's because of the elections, maybe it's because of the pre-election situation in the states.
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nobody has spoken to us about their reasons and they are not obliged to state anything. we're very thankful and pleased they have stated they are against this regime. >> it's good to see you. hearing what he said, can you give me a broader context of what he was explaining? >> reporter: i think he's very frustrated. he's a good friend of united states and a good friend to the obama administration. he didn't want to come out and directly sledge hammer the obama administration but he did say he is frustrated. perhaps the elections are playing part in the fact that the united states is not leading in any kind of intervention in syria. he says he wants a no-fly zone. that is to have u.s., nato, other aircraft patrol parts of syria in order to protect some of those population. the people trying to get to safe
3:14 pm
areas turkey is housing some 100,000 refugees. they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to build camps and he really says that something more has to happen because he doesn't know how this is going to end. >> i want to ask you about how this, the multiple situations in which this might end p. you asked the prime minister what's the big danger from turkey and the entire world. his answer was weapons of mass destruction and you followed up with this. take a listen. >> do you think the weapons of mass destruction are under control right now? do you think it's possible that assad would use them or they would get into the hands of terrorists? >> translator: in light of the intelligence we have received so far they are still possessed by the regime. they are secured right now. if you were to ask me if those weapons of mass destruction could be used against the people of syria, i can say yes they can
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be used against the people of syria. this is something that slipped out of the tongue of assad. >> what exactly is assad saying? whether it's a slip of the tongue or not, he's admitting he has those weapons so under what circumstances will he use them? >> i thought it was dramatic that the prime minister of turkey said he was worried those weapons night be used against the syrian people themselves. as you know the united states is also basically said, at least that's what it's hinting that if any chemical weapons or any weapons of mass destruction or even potentially thought about being used that would be the u.s. red line. this is where the international community is coalescing. not intervening to save the current slaughter, to stop it but say if there's a threat of a bigger slaughter with weapons of mass destruction that's where they will intervene and that's where the cia is involved.
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they are in turkey, in the area and keeping a close eye on who has and where are those stockpiles. weeks ago there was a huge bruhaha after the syrian spokesman said syria would never use weapons of mass destruction against its own people thus confirming they had them. he then backtracked said if we had them. the fact of the matter is the world believes thai do hathey de them. they are under control of the assad regime now. as the turkey prime minister said he's very afraid that the government could in a hole might actually use them. that's where they are drawing the red lines, i said. >> with regard to the red line and we heard president obama a couple of weeks ago in that white house briefing in which he popped in and said that would be the red line for the u.s. as well.
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even the movement of these chemical weapons. what are we waiting for in terms of turkey, u.s., what's the breaking point for involvement? >> reporter: when intelligence sees there's something unusual happening with these stockpiles. whether there's any action of where they are contained. beyond that, i think what you're seeing is certainly and whether this will change after u.s. election is what everybody's guessing game is in the rest of the international community that there's no willingness by the united states to leave as it did in kosovo all those years ago and this is causing frustration by the turks, amongst the turks and other allies in the region. >> thank you so much for sharing your exclusive interview. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> you can watch the full interview with the turkish prime
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minister tonight. the u.s. just hit a milestone that no one is celebrating. these numbers are downright frustrating. the national debt clock has now hit $16 trillion. we'll tell you how that breaks down for every one of us. ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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our country's debt has topped $16 trillion. that is trillion with a t. that's more than $50,000 for every man, woman, child or to put another way it's $140,000 of debt for every taxpayer. republicans and democrats would disagree as to how to reduce that debt. the $16 trillion milestone may bring us closer to a showdown in washington. we're getting close to hitting that u.s. debt limit. the maximum we can borrow is
3:22 pm
$16.4 trillion. when do we hit the limit and then what? >> there sounds really familiar. here we go again with the u.s. spending the way its spending, we're o on track to hit that debt ceiling in december. you know what the problem is, politicians is not touching this topic until after the election. if they delay like they have done in the past, remember last august that's when they raised the ceiling but waited until the last minute. if they don't raise it again the government could default by not baying its bills. by raising the debt ceiling means the country can borrow more money digging itself deeper into the hole. we can cut spending or raise taxes. neither is a popular solution. >> the last time the ceiling was expanded the country's credit rating suffered. the that danger again?
3:23 pm
>> just to refresh everybody's memory. when standard and poor's downgraded it was done not because we raised the debt ceiling but because of that big fight that dragged on over raising the debt ceiling. if congress can raise the debt ceiling without a big public fight the credit rating should be okay. the same goes for the cost of borrowing for the u.s. government. the u.s. government can boar remoney at 1.5% interest rate. that's the all time low. pfr last summer's debate interest rates were above 3%. the lower credit rating didn't affect the borrowing cost because compared to other countries and their financial situations, investors still see u.s. as the safer bet. we are the prettiest girls at the party. >> i suppose we'll take it. thank you very much. one of the democrats most notable figures missing from the
3:24 pm
party's convention this week. where is secretary of state hillary clinton? we'll have the answer, next. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs g of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september. it pays to discover.
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forget the talk about the rain and the thunderstorms and empty seats. just one day before president obama headlines his convention, democrats announcing he won't be doing it from charlotte's massive football stadium. let's go to jessica yellin. how dig of a deal do we need to make about this? >> reporter: i think it's a contrast you'll see from 2008 when the president was speaking to that massive crowd out doors in denver. the question everyone is asking was it political to move it i indoors? i think there's a reality
3:28 pm
component because it would have been an ugly scene if you had a lot of people there and lightning started and they had to start running out. not ideal dynamic for a convention. also it spares them the contrast between 2008 and this year and if there's any energy difference. instead of massive stadium, almost 70,000, he'll be in mauch sma a much smaller arena here. >> indoors tonight. bill clinton, the big speech. his wife will not be anywhere close to the convention. secretary of state half a world away in china now. she's in beijing today on official business. jessica, just to be clear, is this not the norm? secretary of state or even secretary of defense stay clear above conventions? >> reporter: that's right. it's even in state department policy that the secretary does not get involved in political
3:29 pm
events. it makes sense. the national security team of any presidential operation, any administration is not going to engage directly in the political campaigning and sloganeering that takes place. you won't see the defense secretary here or homeland security director. i add that the secretary of state is headed to a major world leaders summit that were the president not here doing his convention he would likely be attending. she's taking the place for the president right now overseas. >> thank you. we'll look for you tonight primetime along with the rest and the pest political team on television. thank you very much. moving on, absolutely outrage in massachusetts. you heard about this? taxpayers are forced to pay for an inmate's sex change surgery. sex change surgery that could cost tens of thousands of dollars. we're on the case, next. to one's military oath.
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absolutely first to first year of its kind federal ruling. massachusetts taxpayers will have to pay for the sex change surgery of a prisoner who has been transitioning into a woman. >> they think the guy did it. >> robert is serving life without parole for the murder of his wife back in 1990. since he's been inkars rated he's been taking taxpayer funded hormones for her gender identity disorder. still she has attempted suicide not just once but twice and self-castrati self-castration. the judge ruled it's the only adequate treatment for the mental illness. the judge ruled there is no less
3:34 pm
intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of eighth amendment right to adequate medical care. a psychiatrist who testified for kosilek said this was not elective surgery. >> why should the citizens of any state or commonwealth pay for a liver transplant of somebody who is incar rated without which they will die. these are questions that are decided in courts and legislatures. it's the same principal. >> joey jackson on this one. this is a first. i want your reaction. >> yikes, wow. it defies explanation. there is a legal explanation. as to whether makes sense other not. the eighth amendment talks about cruel and unusual punishment. he believes himself to be a woman. as a result of that he would have to go for the rest of his
3:35 pm
life living as a woman in a man's body. as a result of that and as a result of his mental defect and his serious disorders, he believes and doctors believe that a sex reassignment operation is the only appropriate measure to ensure that we don't inflict cruel and unusual punishment upon him. >> what happens if taxpayers of massachusetts are thinking about you could look at it one way this is a murder and they are paying for his, her sex reassignment surgery. can they do anything? is there a chance anyone could appeal? >> it's crazy from a policy decision to have a person who murdered his wife and the taxpayers, not the individual has to pay. ultimately we'll see an appeal because what happens here is that the rule talks about you can't be deliberately indifferent to the medical treatment of a prisoner.
3:36 pm
there's a distinction between being indifferent and inabling someone to get an operation. >> once the operation is complete does robert, michelle go to a female prison or male prison and wouldn't that put her at risk if she was with a bunch of men? >> talk about more litigation. the issue is once this does go into effect provided it does then since she now is a she will end up happening is there will be a assignment to a female prison. as a result of that you could also see other inmate who is have a problem with that and you could see other litigation not only as a result of that going to an institution that's female but other people who have issues that are medical in nature whether they be physical or mental that say i think the state should pay for this. >> opening the door. >> the parade of horribles. exactly. >> let's follow that once. case number two. this is something completely different. these tv news nations, the idea
3:37 pm
of using drones says the technology is getting so good that drones will be able to provide broadcast quality images now. we talked before about drones being used by the local police department. i can't tell you how many sometimes i chased around stories in a tv news van but drones. >> it comes down to money fp right now what do we have, helicopters. you need pilots to pilot them. you need the fuel and this rising fuel cost, you need insurance because if there's answer accident. if you can get a drone for 400,000 there are and have it up there, you're good. the problem is privacy because the drones could survey anything. real quick, the supreme court ruled on this issue, not the drone it, but said if there's something flying overahead then you have to privacy auto in public. he's getting all this marijuana,
3:38 pm
helicopter flies over and was a police helicopter and said you're under a arrest. they said it's a place where anybody can see it. it's overahead. you have limitations on your expectation to privacy. still litigation which is good for us lawyers. >> keeps you in business. good to see you. see you tomorrow on the case. now this. >> reporter: parents cradle their children. those who can walk clutch meager belongings. >> nowhere to go. families forced to leave everything behind to survive. you're about to get an inside look at life with snipers on the roof and explosions around the corner. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries)
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moms, dads, young children, i want you to listen to what these families are facing day in and day out in syria. snipers on roofs, bombs on buildings, death on places they used to walk. with nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, they're forced to run just to stay alive. here is another story from arwa damon. >> reporter: parents cradle their children. those who can walk clutch meager belongings. a scene that's replayed itself across the country. people faced with little choice but to make the agonizing decision to flee. the endless videos of death and
3:42 pm
destruction speak for themselves. home has lost its meaning. in many cases no longer safe. in others, it simply doesn't exist anymore. utter lly decimated. those still alive are considered the lucky ones. august, the deadliest month to date as the assad regime intensified its use of air power. coupled with fight and spreading to syria's largest city and commercial hub of aleppo and other areas. as a result the months rate of refugees skyrocketed as the violence took another deadly turn. desperate families poured into fl neighboring countries. august influx doubling the total number of refugees. 103,000 for august bringing the
3:43 pm
total to 235,300 since the initial peaceful demonstrations began more than 18 months ago. that is just those who the u.n. is aware of. unofficial estimates run much, much higher. internally more than 2.5 syrians are in quote grave need of protection according to the u.n. the head international committee for the red cross is on a three-day trip to urge the assad government to allow more widespread humanitarian access. initial meetings were called positive. the icrc has been urging the syrian government to allow more aid and workers into the country. it remains to be seen if this time actions will follow rhetoric. with the violence showing absolutely no sign of abating more and more will flee.
3:44 pm
forced to choose between death and their homeland or living like this. arwa damon, cnn, beirut. >> we'll be doing a special report this coming friday about the children in syria and how many of them are being taught to hate. don't miss that on friday. two people are dead following a strong earth wake that rattled costa rica today. one died of a heart attack. no word as to the how the second died. this is san jose, the capitol. the quake was centered 87 miles west of san jose with a magnitude of 7.6. a hotel worker said things were talling o i falling off the shelves. here we go again with those tar balls. baseball size tar balls washed
3:45 pm
up on a louisiana beach. this is the latest because of hurricane isaac. 12 miles of louisiana's coastline closed to fishing and other activities after these oil tar balls appeared. it's too soon to tell if it's linked to that oil spill in 2010. bp says if tests show a link it will clean up the mess. i want to bring chad meyers in. we are learning the storm churning in the atlantic has become a hurricane. >> leslie. >> talk to me about leslie. >> leslie will not affect the u.s. it will make a run as a category 2 right at our friends there in bermuda and maybe up toward atlanta canada as it continues to move on up there. it could be new foundland by the
3:46 pm
time it gets there. 110 miles per hour hurricane right over bermuda. >> let's go back to the tar balls. >> we talked about how isaac pushed that tar up on to the shore. it's been two years ago and this storm isaac when the bp was still leaking, it would have been a disaster. this was the worth possible case scenario that we dreaded two years ago and we didn't get the winds pushing up on shore. now after a long time the oil turns into tar. it just turns into a ball. balls can be picked up. that would have been huge. a bigger disaster than we had. >> i remember holding those tar balls two years ago. that would have been horrendous had the hurricane happened that august. before i let you go we know the news with charlotte. they have moved the big thursday night inside. how bad is the weather? >> i don't get it. i didn't get it yesterday. i did a piece for kate baldwin. it's no different than any other
3:47 pm
charlotte day in the summer. you grew up in north carolina. it rains. thunderstorms pop up. they knew this was charlotte. they knew it was summer. kind of like the republicans knew it was tampa. it was hurricane season. i don't understand why now it's going to be cancelled because of the potential for severe weather. there's no added severe weather. there's no real focus. >> perhaps they didn't want to take a chance. it's a heck of a lot of people. 64,000 people. >> you have to call it. you can wa't call it at 7:00 an say everybody inside. >> thank you. let's go back for a minute to last week's keynote address. new jersey governor, chris christie, the speech. some loved it. critics said it was too much about chris christie and new jersey and not enough about mitt romney. what did voters think of the speech? the poll numbers are now out. that's next. became difficult.lest ts i finally understood what serious joint pain is like.
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chris christie's appearance seemed to really raise the roof in tampa at the republican national convention last week. remember this? ♪ listen to those screams. but the new jersey governor's speech did little to raise his popularity. check out this poll released today from kwin pea ak university. 22% of those think more favorably, 18% think less favorable and 54% were
3:51 pm
unchanged. the man chris christie was there to endorse is preparing for debates in multi-million-dollar style. this is the home where mitt romney is practicing. it's a $3.9 million mansion owned by the state's lieutenant governor. 6,500 square feet and a couple vermont state troopers guarding the driveway. romney did make a stop in neighboring new hampshire today visiting a building supply shop there. his biggest cheerleader was also out and about on the road, his wife, ann romney led the call at a women for mitt rally in ohio. >> it's time to fire the coach. [ cheers and applause ]
3:52 pm
we are zero and 23 million. that's the score of this game. and those kids i promise you you'll have a better future if mitt is the president. and women, if you want a better future, if you want a better job, if you want better hope for you, you better vote for mitt. >> more numbers for you. cnn/orc poll yesterday shows mitt romney needs to boost his appeal with female voters. we have been talking about this. 54% of women surveyed said they were leaning toward or supporting the president. 42% backed mitt romney. and just some fun here, fasten your seat belts. this is not your ordinary car. oh, no, because it's the supercar. details on the bells and whistles next. tap... pinch... and zoom... in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue.
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3:56 pm
job. he's been gearing up. he's been working really hard. we've got a number of guests all standing by. our live coverage begins right at the top of the hour. and, brooke, as you know and a lot of our viewers know, i stay on the air four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, until midnight, the three-hour show is not enough. we're on the air for eight hours of live television from this democratic convention just as we were at the republican convention last week. and you know what? if you're a political news junkie as i am, they pay you to have a front row seat to history and i love every minute of it. loved it in tampa. love it in charlotte this week. i got rahm emanuel, former white house chief of staff, now the mayor of chicago, he's here. he's going to explain why he has decided -- i'm not making this up, he's leaving the obama campaign, brooke. did you hear what i'm saying? >> i heard you. he's leaving. >> rahm emanuel. >> yeah. >> leaving the obama campaign as a national co-chairman. you know why? because he's going to get
3:57 pm
involved over these next 60 days in the pro-obama priorities usa super pac. you can't be involved in both. they have to be arm's length differences. so he's going to be working with bill burt and paul begala trying to raise a lot of money to compete in the super pac dollars. money is going to be critical over the next 60 days. rahm emanuel is here. we've got robert gibbs, senior advisor to the obama campaign. he's here. john sununu will be giving us the romney perspective, former new hampshire governor. lots of guests, lots of news. the actual convention day two starts 4:50 p.m. we'll have live coverage of all of it. >> i can hear the excitement in your voice. hope you got a good night sleep and your time in on the treadmill you love. wolf blitzer, you have a big night ahead of you. we'll see you tonight. >> can i tell you one more thing, brooke? >> please. go for it. >> you got a sec? >> for sure. >> tonight's going to be a good night. tonight's going to be a good,
3:58 pm
good night. >> funny moment. thank you. now, i'm telling you, wolf blitzer's a hip man. he is. so is this guy, chad myers. we're going to talk about the super fast car, it's got four motors. it's so quiet, you will never hear a single engine. take a look. >> where the rubber meets the road, tires on asphalt is the loudest noise you'll hear from this auto. there's no engine growl to speak of because this super car is electric. and it's not from detroit, germany or even japan. this prototype comes from a small company in croatia. they already have an order from the royal family in abu dhabi. >> so, chad myers, you got a cool million to buy one of these? >> $980,000. i don't have that either. >> tell me about it. >> have you ever driven an electric car? >> yes. >> if you ever get to vegas or some place else, find a place
3:59 pm
called pole position raceway. there are these electric go-carts. they fly. they have so much torque. it must be the way of the future because i get excited. 1,100 and some odd horsepower. >> talks about the torque vectoring control system so each wheel is controlled by a separate engine. >> yep. because when you go around a corner, the left wheel if you're going around a right corner, the left wheel has to go farther. it gives that wheel more power. it will turn the car for you. literally. like an active suspension. the right rear will spin more times than the left front will to get you around that corner. but only for a million dollars. and it's made in croatia. >> who knew? >> they make a lot of parts for other people. this is the first time they've tried to put an entire car together. they've built it from scratch. and, wow, is it something. >> how fast does it go? >> 190. >> 190 miles per hour? >> that's what they think. >> zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. >> uh-huh. >> if you could take a


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