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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 7, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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some members profit from kidnapping. what are the consequences of this designation as it relates to him and others and the tenuous relationship between the u.s. and pakistan? >> i think it's helpful of think of a designation like an arrest warrant. it doesn't really make a difference until there is action ta taken by the u.s. government to exploit the authorities that the designation brings. i think the best way forward will be some sort of task force or group to do a much more in-depth study than what i've done on the haqoani's final architecture, on the suppliers they work with in order to supply their war efrt.
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that's going to put the squeeze on the haqqani network. there's been some successes last month. the groups operations manager was killed in an air strike. the network has had repeated attacks by the u.s. military and coalition forces because that's in part they have this enormous elicit business infrastructure that supports them throughout pakistan. with business partnerships exthe ending far away as south africa. >> right. putting it in a designation like an arrest warrant. that puts it in perspective. thank you so much from washington. we roll on on this friday. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. forget the convention. all eyes turned to the economy. we learned today even though the unemployment rate ticked down a bit last month, the number of
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jobs added way short of what many predicted. tens of thousands short. we'll get to what this means for you. first, this. the country's third largest school district on the verge of major breakdown. this afternoon kids in chicago's 675 public schools will be displiszed from class and it's not clear when they will return. right now school teachers are set to strike this coming monday. >> we support the tcu. >> union teachers have been rallying this week hoping to avoid an impasse. it's looking up. there's been progress in the talks. a strike looms. at this point 29,000 teachers are planning to walk out come monday morning. how does that impact the kids? that would leave the students without class, without sport, without other activities. >> i really need this season. i don't need it to go no
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further. this my last year. it's like ain't no more. that's it. i'll have to move forward to college. i want to get some more experience before i go to college. >> i want to go straight to chicago. here he is ted rollings. get to the crux of this issue. what is the issue between the teachers and the school district? >> reporter: well, as you might imagine pay is one of them. another one is job security. they want those teachers protected. another thing is chicago's extending the school day starting this year and they want specifics laid out in a contract which the board has been reluctant to do. the other thing that's going on here, according to to teachers is there is an anti-union sentiment that we've seen in other states and around the country that's been rising up. they claim that is playing a part in these negotiations. take a listen. >> it is playing part. i think what's most disconcerting is you have democratic mayors all over the
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country leading the charge on attempting to destroy the public sector. particularly, public school teachers unions. >> reporter: now, of course, the democratic mayor in the city of chicago is rahm emmanuel. he didn't want to talk about this at an interview request. they did issue a statement talking about the kids being autoof school. it reads every day they're not there is a day taken way from them that they just cannot afford. leaders need to stay at the negotiation table to finish their job finding a solution that's fair for our teachers and keeps our students in school. that negotiation process is ongoing. according to the district they're very hopeful that either today or through the weekend and both sides have pledged to go through the weekend they can come to an agreement before monday morning. >> all right. there's that possibility, if not, they don't show up. give me a little background on the chicago public school system. i know a majority very large. a majority of the kids are low
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income. that tells me the teachers face a lot of challenges other than the task which they are paid for, being a teacher. >> reporter: yeah. these teachers are part of the family of a lot of these students that don't have a great home life. they spend a lot of their time there. they eat their meals at school. the city is well aware of that. what they're doing in case there's a strike, they will open up 144 schools, faith based organizations, give the kids somewhere to go if on monday their teachers aren't in the classroom. >> thank you. i want to continue to conversation here. it's drawing attention across the nation. to explain why i was sam with me. he's an educator, a consultant. sam, welcome. >> thanks. >> i don't know you're saying people across the country are paying attention. why should teachers pay
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attention to what's happening in chicago? >> well, i think not just teachers, i think what's happening in chicago is extremely important. it's extremely rare. it's not entirely discouraging. i think it's extremely important because you have a democratic mayor pushing for a set of education reforms at his city teachers are just as vigorously pushing against. i think it's extremely rare because not only has it not happened in a quarter century but you have 90% of the city's teachers that voted to support this measure that tells those of us on the outside how seriously those of us on the inside see the conflict that's under way. i think it's not entirely discouraging because not only are recent reports suggesting a deal can be done before monday it's a reminder we like to think of it being neat and orderly, the process is messy and inefficient and it's the best
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way to ensure all voice are heard. >> i want to you about the kids. one of the issues is teachers pay and the strike gets down to that. how the teachers should be recognized. should it be a merit based system. what is better for the kids? is there a better? >> i think sometimes we forget that a teacher's working conditions are a student's learning conditions. these issues are directly related. in way the battle that you see between the mayor and the teacher is not quite this simple but they are conflicting visions of teaching and learning. in addition to pay, one of the things the teachers are looking for is a balanced curriculum. more art, music, p.e. they feel the idea of an extendexten extended day that happening in concert of teacher evaluation s a recipe for more test prep. they want wrap around services.
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although the immediate potential of this issue is horrible that the issue that's at stake is competing visions of ultimately what's best for the kids. >> just bigger picture, sam. here we are, we're finally wrapped with these two conventio conventions. i want in tampa. i was there when condoleezza rice was speaking. the president mentioned this, the issue of education. i want to play something of what condoleezza rice had to say. >> we need to give parents greater choice. particularly, poor parents whose kids very often minorities are trapped in failing neighborhood schools. this is the civil rights issue of our day. >> the civil rights issue of our day. do you agree with her? i do. there's a debate right now about whether or not that's true.
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i think it's undeniable that the reality for most of american history your zip code determined your likelihood of participating in the american dream. i think with regard to this issue in education, the school choice genie is out of bottle. this question is in what way can greater choice in cities across america unleash a virtuous cycle that improves learning concerns for all kids and not result in another tier in an apartheid system of schooling. the jury is out. it will never get to that point if we keep debating on whether or not school choice is a good idea and stop there. >> thank you for weighing in. please come back and we'll have the update come monday whether or not this first in a quarter century happens, if these chicago teachers strike. appreciate it. >> thank you. a lot more happening this
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hour. watch this. >> forget the conventions. mitt romney is releasing campaign ads in states he need to take president obama's job and all of this is happening as both these men hit the road. i'm brook bae baldwin. the news is now. only two jobs report left before the election and hidden inside today's disappointing report is a number that gives republicans a reason to pounce. plus, buckle up. one state just okayed the highest speed limit in america. doctors telling us the children's hospital has been closed by the government. >> those who survive the killing in syria turn up here inside a hospital where some lives are saved and others end. [ male announcer ] now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch... and zoom... in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue.
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like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. mitt romney back on the campaign trail. here is mitt romney in iowa. >> did you see the jobs report this morning, by the way?
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95,000, i believe net new jobs created and almost 400,000 people dropped out of the work force altogether. it's simply unimaginablunimagin. the president said by this time we'd be at 5.4%. instead we're at 8%. you know the difference that naks and how many people would be working in america, nine million people. >> let's go to jim acosta. he's covering the romney campaign. it looks like you're at a baseball park in new hampshire. where are you? >> reporter: we're at a minor league baseball park in new hampshire. you could say that mitt romney is making a meal out of this job's report today. he's trying to hit this one over the park. he's been doing it all day long. you heard that event that he had up in iowa earlier this afternoon. just a quick little
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clarification. he said that the president said that with the stimulus plan the unemployment rate would lower to 5.4%. the president didn't utter those words. he is saying president obama has had since 2009 to fix this economy and he just hasn't gotten the job done. i talked to a senior romney add v advisor and said doesn't this give you an opening to talk about the economy over the next coming days and the advisor said yes, the next 60 days. >> let's talk about the big ad blitz. what's the strategy here? >> reporter: they announced this ad blitz almost as soon as the president was finished with his feature last night. we're talking about eight battleground states. all these states were won by the president back in 2008. it shows you the uphill climb
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mitt romney has. they are all tailored to that individual state. virginia has three different ads that will be airing in that state over the coming days and weeks. one of those ads has to deal with the defense industry which is a big industry down in virginia. let's play a sample of these ads to give you a taste of what's coming to a tv set near your. >> this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. this president cannot tell us you're better off today when you took office. >> here in florida we're not bet r off under president obama. home values collapsed. home construction jobs lost. here in colorado we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts will weaken national security. here in virginia we're not better off under president obama. his war on coal, gas and oil is crushing energy and manufacturing jobs. >> reporter: so there's a sample of that advertising blitz from
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the romney campaign. we were wondering what would be the difference when mitt romney switched from primary campaign money to general election campaign money, which is what he was able to start tapping into when he got this nomination down in tampa. that gives you a sense there. they can blanket all these states tailoring it to the states with that kind of money. >> jim acosta covering camp romney. i do want to get to the other team off and running, barack obama. joe biden went farewell. here is the president now. this is his take on the jobs number. >> today we learned that after losing around 800,000 jobs a month when i took officer, business one again added jobs for the 30th month in a row, a total of more than 4.6 million
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jobs, but that's not good enough. we know it's not good enough. we need to create more jobs faster. we need to fill the hole left by the recession faster. we need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in. there's a lot more that we can do. when congress gets back to town next week, you need to send them a message go ahead and give middle class families and small businesses the confidence of knowing that their taxes, your taxes, will not go up next year. everybody agrees we shouldn't raise taxes on the middle class, let's get that done. let's get it done now. >> the president used the new jobs number to prod congress along. the first move could come from the federal reserve. they meet next week. more on that from the stock exchange here at the bottom of the hour. to syria and the civil war there. absolutely shattering lives. >> reporter: he was hit by
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shrapnal fired. he is quiet, brave. this hospital isn't equipped for the surgery he needs. >> sometimes those injured must return to the war zone to get the help they need. we're taking you inside these hospitals, next. learn a lot ab from tests like this. ♪ and even more from real families who use them like this. we think there's another test to consider. it's based on one simple question. after living with your van, would you buy it again? more town & country owners do than the owners of any other minivan. it's called the test of ownership, and to us, it's the most important test there is.
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now to syria where opposition forces claim 106 people were killed there today. i want you to look at this. this is the aftermath of a massive car bomb explosion near the palace of justice. this is in the capitol of damascus. heavy fighting reported across the country as this 18-month conflict continues. now, this youtube video, look at the flames. whoever up loaded this claims it's from a damascus fire caused
3:23 pm
by helicopter shelling. this gets me to our latest reporting out of syria. we've been hearing from him all week. nick will take us inside a hospital where injured people have been going in droves even though the hospital itself is under siege. again, have to warn you these stories are very, very, very tough to look at. it's so important for us to see them. take a look. >> reporter: the hospital is where many in aleppo run where they are caught by the constant shelling. even though the hospital and the area around it have also been fired upon. this part of the hospital receives many civilians flooding here for treatment. some of them very young. doctors telling us the children's hospital has been closed by the government. some terrified.
3:24 pm
some starving. he was hit by sharpnal. he is quiet. his thigh bone is shattered. doctors have to choice but to send him across the front lines to the government hospital hoping that those who hurt him can also heal him. president bashar al-assad is history in the mind of locals but his regime still has the best hospitals where one hospital works during the day before sneaking here to help this rebel hospital in the evening. he says 50 soldiers are brought in every day but sometimes doctors mercy kill by injection those they can't treat effectively and if they found he was working in the rebel hospital they would kill him.
3:25 pm
his head has been hit by shrapnal, his here almost blown off. they struggle to clean the wo d wound. at any point the power could cut. still, doctors carry on. it hurts he cries. he's yet to learn the worst about what the shelling did. it killed his father who is mourned just outside the hospital. the dead here so many that doctors must leave them on the street. his brother arise there's no room for privacy or dignity here. they remove the body before he can learn what happened. the blood remains on the street unnoticed by some.
3:26 pm
the people of aleppo numb looking to the skies checking what next may befall them. >> as the civil war rages on in syria, nick payton walsh will give you a look at the horror i of what life is like in aleppo. please watch it tomorrow night 7:30 eastern time. prince harry, fally clothed prince harry, now in a military uniform in afghanistan. a helicopter pilot arrived today for four-month deployment. the british prince faced a scandal last month after he was photographed naked while partying it up in a vegas hotel room. prince harry will be treated like any other soldier and is proud to serve. his deployment is expected to be a morale boost for british forces. the august jobs report is
3:27 pm
out today. the unemployment rate edge downward. while that sounds good, alison kosik says it's not all that positive. she's explain, next. thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany.
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what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco. i want to talk to you about this august job's report. thst one jobs number that looks pretty good. that's the unemployment rate. it did fall last month from 8.3 to 8.1%. before any of us start to celebrate consider this, the drop is due to people giving up and even looking for work. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. talk about the hidden unemployed. how big is that group? >> the group is very big. that's why there's not this big celebration about the rate dropping. 368,000 people just gave up looking for jobs. they said forget it. i'm not going to keep looking for work. they're not counted in that
3:31 pm
number. that's not the reason you want to see the unemployment rate fall. then there's that big group. that underemployment rate. some say it's the real unemployment rate and includes people in part-time jobs that want full-time work. it dropped but it's 14.7%. that's huge. that's an eye popping percentage of people. >> with the hiring slowing. we all look ahead when the federal reserves meets. the fed is meeting next week. obviously they can't lower the interest rates any lower than what they are. might we see some stimulus stimulating the economy? >> you may. many believe that this weak report could force the feds hand. when the fed meets next week it may introduce a bond buying program to try to jump start job creation. it's benefits have been limited because if it buys treasury bonds like it did the last two times, what would happen and i'm
3:32 pm
simplifying this, the money would be put into banks. the banks are supposed to use that money to lend out. as much as the market would love this because what it winds up doing is driving investors from bonds to investing into stocks. skeptics say this isn't going to work to boost the economy and boost job creation. the reality is it doesn't help with the underlying problem. the problem is demand. it doesn't mean if the fed announces a bond buying program many businesses and consumers are going to take out this loans. there's big questions whether any bond-buying program would work in the long term. >> we'll look to the fed meeting and see if that happens. thank you. now i want to focus on your debt as in your credit card debt. what's the best way to get rid of it? poppy harlow at the helpdesk.
3:33 pm
>> we're talking about the best way to tackle your credit card debt. donna, this woman told me when i talked to her she's got about $4,000 in debt. take a listen to her question. >> if you've got multiple credit cards, what's the best way to work out a plan to pay it off? >> i think she's wondering which do i pay off first? >> there's two schools of thought. it's better to focus on the highest rate card and pay that down as quickly as possible because you're pay less interest over time and you want to keep paying the minimum payment on the other ones. a lot of people get a psychological boost by paying off the smallest balance first. the best plan is whatever makes you stick to it. which ever one helps you then that's the most important to pay e cards down. >> this question is important because it amazes me how few people write the debts on paper so they can see what the debts are. and see what the interest rates are. before you pay a cent, call each
3:34 pm
one of those companies and be aggressive. call them three or four times to lower the interest rates to get something a little more money in your pocket. >> a lot of people don't want to look at it but it's not going to go away. it's going to get worse and worse every month. thank you. >> if you've got a question you want our experts to tackle you can upload a 30-second video to a man hunt under way for a guy who kidnapped his two children and sailed away on a 40-foot yacht. find out what happened just before the get away. remember that passenger on a plane home for his birthday gets a trip to jail after a fake bomb threat is phoned in. we'll tell you why the hoax victim is still under arrest.
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the search is on right now for this father from california who police believe stole a yacht, kidnapped his two kids and sailed away with them. they believe he abducted his son and daughter on tuesday. the grandmother says she has bruises from him pulling the kids away from her. the next day investigators found the rental car at a marina parking lot where a yacht happens to be missing. now police believe he could be sailing out of their reach and the mother of the children is desperate. >> i want the coast guard, the navy, anyone who has a boat, please look for my children and bring them back to me. i don't know what he's going to do if he's backed into a corner. i'm afraid for my children's lives. >> defense attorney joey jackson is on the case. mom thinks that dad has taken these kids and headed to mexico
3:39 pm
or thailand. what do police do at this point? >> these are tough cases. the statistics are horrible. about 200,000 abductions a year, not necessarily flying to the high seas but when people divorce and they have these issues it's really sad. that's the latest statistic 2010 department of justice. it gets more difficult when it's an international issue. the event that a father or mother would take their child out of state we have here laws within domestically but when you start going internationally now you have to examine extra diction treaties which is our ability in the u.s. to pull someone back in our jurisdiction. if he does go to mexico, we do have an extradition treaty. >> you might have a parent as
3:40 pm
the abductor, do prosecutor treat the parents as a stranger kidnapping a child or is that different? >> it's a bit different because what you have in federal law, even state law you have what are call aggravating and mitigating factors. there's some factors that aggravate and there are other factors that mitigate. parents have issues with each other. there may be abductions on predicating abuse and love of the child. they are treated differently. at the same time you don't want to condone it because you don't want to encourage this time of behavior. >> can we talk about the passenger on this plane? let's talk about this case. this is the fake bomb threat that led to a real charge. we talked about this yesterday. the scare on board that u.s. air flight. they had to go back to
3:41 pm
philadelphia. someone called and said the passenger was carrying a liquid bomb. you can imagine the reaction. teams come in and draw their weapons on this guy. turns out he is wanted for some warrants in texas but he had no bomb. testifies a target of caller. a mandating shell's ex-girlfriend. that man, kenneth smith is charged with federal crime. yikes. how much trouble is this kenneth smith? >> big trouble. in the wake of 9/11 -- >> you don't do this. >> you can't do it. our way of life has changed since anything else. weaver comie i we're coming to an anniversary of that. apparently the hoaxer -- >> this was revenge or something. >> he's dating an ex-girlfriend of the person that he hoaxed and this person who was hoaxed posted some facebook pictures that were not too flattering of
3:42 pm
his girlfriend now and he does this. on the legal side of it, it's not funny and it's not funny because a lot of things can happen. in this particular case you have a flight that's flying off. of course, what they do is the officials take it seriously. they reroute the flight. everyone comes off and he at gun point get off the plane. you can imagine the resources involved. you can imagine how people felt with the plane coming back. there's a federal statute for filing false information. >> this is some girlfriend, boyfriend, don't. i would be furious. >> there's better ways to get back at someone. >> taking it to the extreme. vice president joe biden made a claim that caught my eye last night. a claim against republicans and medicare specifically. we are about to fact check his
3:43 pm
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in watching the convention last night i heard this from joe biden. did you? this is the vice president critiquing team romney's plan for health care. >> what they didn't tell you, what they didn't tell you is the plan they are proposing would cause medicare to go bankrupt by
3:46 pm
2016. >> medicare bankrupt by 2016. you heard that he. that made me wonder. elizabeth cohen our senior medical correspondent. is it true or false? >> the fact check organizations have said this is not quite true. the word bankrupt or go broke which was also used at the convention means no money. that's not the case. these organizations have said that medicare will not go broke. will not be bankrupt by 2014 -- 2016. what would happen if obama care was reversed is medicare wouldn't have enough money to 100% pay its bills, but it would pay most of its bills. this has happened in the past and congress has figured out some way to make it work. they wouldn't have enough money to pay all their bills but they can pay moefs their bills. >> this is related to the 716
3:47 pm
billion number that we've been hearing from the romney camp. their allegation is obama cut that out of medicare. this is related? >> obama cut it out of medicare. obama's team would say he found that much in savings. he looked at medicare the same way you might look at your household budget and say where can we save money. they found $716 billion to save which i'm sure you haven't found in your household account. >> not like that. >> they said they found that much to save. in fact, what medicare analyst have said with those savings you can go further along without running into financial trouble. yes, it's an obama savings means that medicare will be finally healthier for a longer period of time. romney's camp says those are cuts that will hurt seniors. obama says seniors won't feel these savings. >> got it. thank you. he called himself the angel of death. the angel of death here.
3:48 pm
now, a young man who killed several people being transferred to a less secure facility. we'll speak to the mom of one of his victims. find out why she thinks the judge made this surprising call. senokot-s has a natural vegetable laxative ingredient plus the comfort of a stool softener for gentle, overnight relief of occasional constipation. go to for savings. of occasional constipation. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs g of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september. it pays to discover. we believe small things can make a big difference.e, like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way
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when david killed four people in 2001, he reportedly called himself "the angel of death." he was found guilty of the deaths, but the california jury decided a week later he was not
3:51 pm
guilty by reason of insanity. so he was then sent away, not to a hospital -- he was sent away not to a hospital, i should say, but to a hospital. he is one step closer to being out on his own. a judge ruled this week that attias will be leaving the hospital for another less restrictive facility. his attorney told cnn the decision was "medically recommended unanimously by a team of doctors." and that if attias stays where he is, he will become an institutionalized independent. he killed a pilot, a trainer of guide dogs and a college student when attias ran him down. he was 20 years old. his mother, trisha, is on the phone with me from alamo, california. why do you think this judge let the murderer of your son be
3:52 pm
moved? >> my feeling is that it's a travesty of justice that judge adams decided to let him out. and i feel that he didn't want to listen to this case again. because david would be allowed every year to petition the courts for his release. >> beyond a travesty of justice though, do you think that the public safety will be at risk at all when he's released? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. the point that was made in the hearing by the expert witness, margaret hagen, her whole career -- and she's very highly educated, very knowledgeable in the study of statistics and scientific testing and she looked at the records and said that with the history of his, there's no question that it's just a matter of time before he'll re-offend. >> now, trisha, as he is, you
3:53 pm
know, will be heading into this less restrictive facility, what do you think should happen if he shows he's getting better? no longer insane. >> well, personally? >> yeah. >> i just don't think that's going to happen. >> you don't? >> no. and when you look at his history, his whole the reason for the commitment was because he had a history of violence from early childhood through his college days. and i don't think that's going to change. >> is there anything you, other victi victims, families, could do to stop his release? >> no. >> nothing. >> it's only up to the courts. and the court has decided what they want to do in this case. and i think the only thing i would like to see done is i think we need to change the whole ngi plea that's allowable by the courts.
3:54 pm
in my mind i don't care where you have a mental illness or not, it's not a license to kill and nowhere in any mental illness description does it say that this condition will lead to murder. these are people that -- there's lots of people with mental illnesses that don't commit murder. and with the ngi plea in our courts, it's basically in my mind almost a license to kill. you can get away with it. >> it's not a license to kill. your son, nicholas, what do you think he'd be doing today? >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> what do you think your son would be doing today if he were not murdered? >> he would be a very productive member of society. he was funny. he was bright. he enjoyed life. he had many accomplishments already. he would be an active member and productive member of society. as would chris and ruth and bert and people forget that, you know, absolutely nothing was
3:55 pm
charged or happened to david for what he did to bert. >> trisha bourdakis, thanks for calling in. we are sorry, again, for the loss of your son. thank you. at usaa, we believe honor is not exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime.
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3:58 pm
oil washed up on one of the wildlife refuges there. bp says it was still working in the area on cleanup from the 2010 spill before this past hurricane hit. and let's talk about driving because who can deny there are times when you're driving and you just kind of want to push it a little bit. but that darn speed limit just gets in the way. you don't want to break the law. well, it isn't going to get in some way of some drivers in texas anymore because it is getting the highest speed limit in the whole country. you see the sign. 85 miles per hour. but it's only approved for the specific 41-mile stretch of highways connecting austin to san antonio. chad myers, i saw this this morning and i thought, my goodness, we were joking this morning people go 85 in a 70, 75, so just worry if it's posted at 85, what could people be going? >> well, the normal speed between austin and san antonio is about ten on the interstate. so they have built now this
3:59 pm
private road. you're going to have to pay for it to get on it. from the south side of what now is highway 130 already a toll road all the way down to i-10 and connect there. it's a longer trip, but if you can go 85, if you can go 80, you have now saved yourself half of a lifetime by the time it takes you to crawl from round rock through austin and you keep going and going and going. >> is that why they approved it? because of the traffic? >> yes. the traffic really is horrific here. here's the old 130 already open. nobody uses it. it's just not -- you can see ten cars on it if you go the entire distance. there's the airport there at austin. now they're breaking off from that 130 and going south. so it doesn't go back to i-35 anymore. it goes down here. there's lockhart, turns to the south, keeps going. you can see the road there on google earth just being built because those pictures aren't obviously in realtime. kind of a swerving road to i-10 and will save a lot of time. >> don't you know if it's posted at


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