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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> and if you monitor your heart rate it can make things easier for you. take 220, subtract your age, that should be your heart rate. 70% of your heart number should be what you target. if you do that, you can actually burn more fat and build more endurance. congratulations to all of you, i'm ready, i'm excited. that will wrap things up for us. time to send it back to atlanta for a quick check of the top stories in the cnn news room. thanks guys. -- captions by vitac -- hello everyone, the taliban says they're responsible for the deaths of two united states marines, happening in helmand province. and overnight, an assault at a joint u.s.-british base, where prince harry is stationed. the taliban has threatened to capture or kill prince harry. all of the taliban fighters except one were killed. throughout the arab world,
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voices are still raised in anger against the united states. but the protests in libya, tunisia, and egypt are smaller in size and lower in volume. a mob started to form near the u.s. embassy in cairo today. but security forces broke it up. a u.s.-made film considered to be insulting the islam was among the protesters this week. and pope benedict xvi calling for religious freedom in the middle east. crowds in lebanon cheered for the pope on the second day of his visit there. the pope praised lebanon as an example of how christians and muslims can work together, marriages between christians and muslims are not uncommon there. but the area has seen violence. there was a protest in tripoli
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and lebanon. scenes of carnage, in aleppo, syria today. 11 people were killed across the country. at the time, the president met with the envoy to discuss how to end the violence. he accused other nations of funding the terrorism, which he says are responsible for bloodshed. and more rallies in chicago today, by striking teachers, including a march in the streets this afternoon. the two sides reaching a tentative deal, the officials meet tomorrow the put the terms of the re-worked contract to a vote after a week of off school. the parents hope the students will be back in the class monday morning. and quite a day -- a quiet day, i should say. mitt romney and president obama staying close to home. the president mourned four people killed in libya with his weekly address. new polls showing president obama slightly at an advantage. you will hear more on this at the bottom of the hour.
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hundreds of students rallied for injured tulane football player, devon walker, who broke his neck after colliding with another player last week. the quarterback is pulling for his teammate. >> devon is a great guy, he started as a walk-on, a great tentati testament to who the guy is, he just loves playing the game. >> students are mailing a tape to walker, who is recovering from surgery. and more on the afghanistan base, two u.s. marines were killed. the same base where prince harry is deployed. >> reporter: there are serious questions being raised among u.s. and nato forces has to how the taliban can work against the province in southern afghanistan. 20 taliban members armed with small weapons, rocket propelled
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grenades, were able to get through the perimeter, killing two u.s. marines and wounding several others. the taliban says this is in response to the inflammatory video that enraged much of the muslim world. others say prince harry was a target. he is based at camp there, but officials say he was nowhere near the assaults and never was in danger. he is on a four-month-rotation here. an afghanistan police officer turned his weapon on nato soldiers killing two of them, taking the year's death toll up to 47. it is a huge concern for the coalition who are in the process of transferring power and security to the afghan armed forces. cnn, kabul. all right, anna, thank you very much. cnn has been digging, looking into the man behind the video that sparked protests around the world. that report is next. also, libya's government
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says it will bring those who attacked the u.s. embassy to justice. but the libyan president hints at just how difficult things will be there. >> currently you can't control these groups, currently? >> you're not far from the truth. >> ahead, a look at the embassy ruins and the latest on what is being done to find those responsible. ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la la la la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything. solutionism. the new optimism. riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks...
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okay, i have this just in, i had just gotten this from the state department, from a department spokesperson. and it says given the security situation in tunisia and khartoum, the state department has ordered the departure of all family members in non-emergency personnel from both posts. they are giving a travel warning to american citizens. so again, personnel ordered from the embassies in tunis and khartoum, and also a travel warning for american citizens, as well. all of this stems from the attack on the libyan consulate. we'll keep you updated. and we'll look at the suspected creator of the
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anti-muslim film. los angeles deputies paraded the man out of his southern california home early this morning. you see pictures, there he is with his face covered right there. they say the man wrapped in the towel is nakoula basseley nakoula. they wanted to question him about possible probation violations. now he served time for bank fraud and is banned from using the computer. the investigators say the man is not in custody, nor, is he under arrest. and we still have not seen his face, but the world's eyes are fixed on the 55-year-old, as we learn more about the checkered past. and as we shed light on this nakoula basseley nakoula, miguel, we learned he was taken in for questioning today. what is that all about? >> this was a voluntary effort on his part and the
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authorities's part. he was under supervised probation for that bank conviction back in 2010. they are concerned that he may have broken some of the rules. there are 26 different conditions tied to his probation. the one they seemed to be perhaps most focused on is whether or not he was accessing the internet in ways that he should not have been. he can access the internet, i want to be cleared. but he has to do it with his probation officer's okay. he is also not allowed to own any devices, whether it is a smartphone or anything else, that can access the internet without his probation officer saying okay. los angeles county deputies came in last night late, i think because of the media out front, because of threats that may have been made against him, and ot r others regarding the film. went there late last night. it was a coordinated effort with probation officers. there was more than one person that he went to. he left his home, got in the squad car and went to go talk to these officers. what next, is the big question? whether or not this guy will have a full-on probation hearing
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is something we'll have to see in the days ahead. >> can you tell me a little more about the viewers -- this guy, the charges, the time he spent in prison? >> yeah, he, in 2008 and 2009, the charges were brought, he was indicted in 2009. but it sounds like several years before that, this is a guy who developed a series of different aliases, names, he had documents. he had -- we count 17 different aliases he used. he had birth certificates, passports. it was unbelievable the identities he would steal, opening up accounts and using convenience checks, deposit them in an account, and take the money out with an atm to the tune of tens of thousands. he was ordered to pay almost $800,000 when he was convicted. this is a guy who was up to it -- to his ears in trouble.
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he got out of prison. and it was shortly there after that this film took off. there are others that he made this film with. because you know, the more we look into this, we wonder how in the world could this guy have produced the film and gotten this stuff altogether? even though it was a poorly produced film, he got actors to come in, got a permit to make it. there were others involved, and they are in hiding, waiting to see how this thing shakes out. >> so this was completely voluntary, and could he face any charges, are there laws broken as a condition of his probation? >> the probation is one thing. the film is another. it is possible that he may have gone over the line on some of the conditions of his probation. that is what investigators are looking into. now his probation officer and others are looking into it now. there could be a full probation hearing, at which time we would see him in court and hear a lot
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more about what he has been up to the last several months. the film itself, one thing that federal authorities are very quick to say is look, we don't want to dampen free speech rights. people have the right to say certain things. as we all know it comes with certain responsibilities. it doesn't mean he can't make this film. but they certainly want to know everything about this guy and what he has been up to, given the uproar that has come of it. >> all right, thank you, miguel. now this. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the unspeakable sadness of americans killed overseas and their return to u.s. soil. this is the ceremony that brought home the u.s. ambassador to libya and his three colleagu colleagues. four americans died.
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>> reporter: amid the ash, soot and debris, remnants of a life that was. and what it meant to those stationed here. scrawled on this sheet, libya is so important. traces of blood stain the walls. what is now a blackened ruin was a pleasant compound in an upscale benghazi neighborhood. libyan officials say tuesday night's attack was planned by islamist militants. and quickly overwhelmed the libyan and american guards. the compound's first line of defense, easily breached. according to one of the libyan guards who was stationed at the gate, armed with only a radio, the assault happened simultaneously from three different directions. he says that he initially hard chanting, growing louder and louder, and then suddenly, the gunfire, the rocket-propelled grenades, and machine gun fire
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attacking the compound. he is so terrified from retaliation he refuses to appear on camera. he says at one point the masked men came over and threatened him at gunpoint. he only survived because he was led away. a rocket-propelled grenade took out the power and set the main residence on fire. here, the bedroom where u.s. ambassador chris stevens stayed, part of a small suite. we are told this is where the ambassador, after being separated from his guards in the chaos, smoke and darkness died of smoke inhalation. what we're being told is that the ambassador's security detail brought him into this location, shutting the door, trying to insure his safety. and then we were told that when the situation finally calmed down, the ambassador's body was taken out through this window by
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a group of libyans. other consulate staff were evacuated to what was supposed to be a safe house. but then, it too was targeted. that is where two more americans died. libya's government has vowed to bring the suspects to justice. but they admitted it would be difficult. >> we'll do our utmost, whether we succeed or not, god help us, but we expect help from our friends. >> reporter: currently you're not capable, you can't control these groups, currently? >> you are not far from the truth. >> reporter: the question is whether the united states under estimated the threat from hostile groups here. one libyan security official told me that he met with american officials in benghazi three days before the attack took place. he says he warned them, not for the first time, that security in benghazi was deteriorating.
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he says "we told the americans the situation was frightening. it scares us." the ambassador, too, seems to be aware of the general threats from the militants. but no one anticipated the terrible violence that would take his life and the lives of three other americans on tuesday night. cnn, benghazi, libya. all right, thank you very much for that. what is next for the middle east and northern africa. join us tomorrow morning for a discuss. gps airs at 10:00 eastern and again at 1 eastern. so how does a video turn into clashes on the street? we'll ask an expert. that is next. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you.
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as the world watched, muslims in many countries reacted to a film shown on youtube. protesters enraged over the film that demeaned the prophet, muhammed. of course, the film is blamed for the deaths of four in libya, and a u.s. ambassador. doctors has our world become so angry so it is a powder keg, just waiting to blow? or have we sometimes seen people
5:21 pm
who are well, i guess just looking for a reason to lash out, as somebody suggested here? >> well, i don't think it is the whole world. but i think you have pockets and there are pockets of a lot of anger about certain issues, and it could be political. but you do have an increasing ground swell out there where people feel what they feel. and what happens, this kind of gets to the mob part of this, with technology that becomes one huge cauldron as they kind of fuel it in a lot of places. >> are all of these protests by the same design? i mean you're a bit removed from them, but somebody pushing their ideology, or pushing against another? >> well, generally what you have to have to make it happen, you have to have a seething heat about something.
5:22 pm
and in the absence of leadership, in an organized movement. the idea becomes the symbol and the idea becomes the leader. so in this instance, you have the bad u.s., america is the bad one. and that idea begins to coagulate people. and what happens, don, in this kind of people, when this comes together in this oneness, and it happens technologically, and then they give up the individual boundaries and become this group thinking around this one enemy. and when people lose their individuality, that is when bad things start to happen. >> all right, dr., thank you, we appreciate your expertise. >> good to be with you. >> thank you, protests like the ones we were just talking about are not the only ones flaring up around the world. there were clashes in china. and demonstrations in russia, what is going on? i'm going to get you up to
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watch them with guides. >> he just did 16 miles. >> the atmosphere is social, and there is jokes, and there is laughter. >> so you're going to beat me still? >> it truly is a family. >> i had a stroke in 1980. when i started, i could only walk one block, now i do the new york city marathon. dick helped me realize i can do everything. >> we changed the way people perceive themselves. and you see the glow. there is nothing in the world that i have more fun doing. >> well, all year we have introduced you to remarkable people who are changing the world. next thursday, we'll be announcing this year's top ten cnn heros on and you can get to decide which one will be the cnn hero of the
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year for 2012. it will be hosted by our very own anderson cooper. it is almost the bottom of the hour. up to speed on the headlines, the u.s. state department is putting out brand-new strong warnings to people either in the countries of sudan or tunisia, or are planning to travel there. state department says get out if you're there, and stay out if you're not. now according to the official u.s. government travel warning, terrorists groups have made threats against americans in those countries. also today, the families and people depending on the government in sudan were all ordered out for safety reasons. throughout the arab world, voices are still being raised in anger against the united states. but the protests in libya, tunisia, and egypt have been smaller in size and lower in volume today. a mob started to form near the
5:29 pm
u.s. embassy in cairo, but security forces broke it up. a u.s.-made film considered insulting to islam, was amid the deadly fire of protesters this week. and taliban says it is responsible for the deaths of two u.s. marines, happening in helmand province, at a joint u.s.-british base, the same base where prince harry is staying. the taliban has promised to kill or capture prince harry. all the taliban fighters were killed, except one. and on the campaign trail, mitt romney stayed home today. the president mourning the four killed in his u.s. weekly radio address. the polls show that president obama is slightly above in several battle ground states. we'll have more in just a couple of minutes here on cnn. and a dispute over an island chain led to a heated protest in beijing today.
5:30 pm
protesters aimed -- with anger at the embassy there. they want japan to abandon its claim to a chain of islands in the east china sea. both nations say the islands belong to them. the russian opposition is sending a message to president vladimir putin. they're down, but they're not out. thousands marched through moscow today, some protesters raised banners that read "putin is a parasite." it was the opposition's first rally since june. and no secret that the election in november will come down to a handful of states. in those places, the numbers do not currently look good for mitt romney. cnn's john king has more. >> several new national polls and a half dozen polls from key states tell us this, heading into the final weeks, still a
5:31 pm
close race, but a slight advantage for the incumbent, president obama heading into the critical states. let's start out in colorado, a tight rate here, the group has the president on top. that is within the poll's margin of error. you have to say a dead heat in colorado, perhaps a slight advantage for the president. now let's come to michigan, the state where mitt romney was born there. the republicans really thought they could put this battle ground state in play. but look at this poll. a ten-point advantage for the president. that probably explains why the super pacs decided to pull out. the romney campaign says it has not given up. but a decided advantage in the state of michigan, which makes ohio all the more important. no republican in modern times has won the white house without winning the state of ohio. a mixed vote, the polls showing a dead heat, the president with a slight advantage, the romney campaign says this is how they see the state of ohio, at the close of the week they had a
5:32 pm
7-point advantage for the president. the romney campaign says the numbers are off. the romney campaign encouraged, saying ohio is trending their way. that is key in the midwest. and a smaller battle ground state, up here, the state of new hampshire. again, romney with a home here. fiv five-point advantage for the state here, romney doesn't necessarily have to win, but it figures prominently for him. and a slight advantage for the president. and in virginia, what do you see again? a five-point advantage for the president. this is very close, competitive, but you have another battle ground state, yet another battle ground state where the same thing is happening. a slight advantage for the president. and let's bring up the state of florida, what do you get, yet again, a five-point advantage for the president in a very, very key battle ground state there. you add it all up, coming to colorado, east to florida, in
5:33 pm
each state yes they're very competitive. the president has an advantage. what does it do to the race that matters most? the race with the 270 electoral votes. dark blue, obama states, light blue, leading obama, dark red, strong for romney, light red leaning his way. here is why the polls tell us so much going into the final stretch. the president led in ohio, governor romney has to win this state. if we turn the state blue, puts the president on the door step of winning the re-election. and if the president carried florida, if nothing else changed, game over. that would put the president over the top. those two states, biggest prize of the battle ground states, key. let's stretch it out. let's say governor romney carries the state of florida. even then, look, if the president keeps ohio, he could get there easily. if he wins ohio, all he needs is to take the state of wisconsin, and again, game over for the
5:34 pm
president. that is why as i put these back where they are, toss-up states. that is why ohio is so important for governor romney. if he loses this state, the math is almost impossible. so as you head into the final stretch and see all the battle grounds, slight advantage for the president, still competitive. governor romney can fight them state by state, or change the race, the best opportunity for that, next month's three debates. >> john king, magic wall, get an up-close and personal look at the two men vying for the white house. looking at romney revealed, road to power. followed by obama revealed at 9:30 tonight's on cnn. and new york mayor michael bloomberg says no to big sugary drinks in the big apple. but is this the nanny state at work? and what is next. and decided t. that's how i met marilyn... giada...
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it is being called the nanny state. the city of new york during mayor bloomberg's ten years in office. the latest in a series of controversial bans. well, this time it is a sale of sugary soda drinks, containing drinking larger than 16 ounces in other venue, but instead of putting it to the vote the mayor sent it to the board of health for approval and it passed. >> i, michael bloomberg, do swear. >> reporter: gotham's mayor, pushing initiatives before. new york was one of the first big cities to ban smoking in bars and restaurants. later, city parks and beaching became smoke-free.
5:39 pm
in the years since, many states have adopted some form of a smoking ban, and mayor michael bloomberg was credited with starting the trend. >> in general, the earlier initiatives were quite successful. now he is in an area that is much more controversial in terms of the regulation of food. and what people eat in the campaign against obesity. >> reporter: among his ideas, a ban on trans fats in restaurants, and a requirement to post calorie counts. mcdonalds will put calorie information on the menus, nationwide. the ban on sugary drinks, the first of its type, restricts sugar in drinks over 16 ounces. >> this is the first step to curb the obesity, certainly not the last step. and we believe it will save lives. >> reporter: it is yet another policy win for the mayor, but according to some, including the
5:40 pm
comedian, jon stewart, the idea may be hard to swallow. >> i am sorry, i'm still adjusting to mayor bloomberg's soda restrictions. >> reporter: if, like the smoking ban, the soda rig would be copied elsewhere, it could be a trend for him on stage. >> in many parts of the country, that won't sit well with people, and they will see it as too much interference, and too much of a say by government in terms of what you can do. >> reporter: the mayor says 50% of the city is overweight or obese, hurt the health care costs. but others say he has overreached, placing personal decisions in the hand of governments. the ban takes place next month, in other venues. >> all right, david, thank you very much. criminal defense attorney holly hughes is here.
5:41 pm
all right, so this week's soda ban, listen, i heard the mayor. he said it is about educating the city, the people, is this too much regulation? >> this is ridiculous. this just interferes with people's right to choose, and common sense. and you better believe that when he tries to put this into action, all of the big companies like pepsi and coke, they're going to try to get the court to stop it. >> but when smoking was banned inside there were warnings put on smoke -- >> i keep hearing all that, don, but when you smoke it affects others around you. so you, as a person are subjecting everybody in the restaurant -- >> but if you get sick that affects your family, the job, if you're overweight. >> but you know what, that is between and your family. that is between you and your family, smoking forces everybody else to inhale second-hand smoke. when you get yourself a big gulp, and start to drink, that is about you.
5:42 pm
that is your decision to put that into your body. >> maybe you're offending somebody else's senseabilities. >> there is a supreme court quote, you can't legislate morality, or common sense. >> they're appointed by the mayor. >> by him, so oh, surprise, the people he put into the position and essentially pays are going to agree with him? come on, that is ridiculous. >> new york city, as a city, does it have the authority to do this? >> it has the authority -- in as much as it won't stick. i mean, he can do it. but it is not going to stick, because like i say there will be injunctions filed. saying you are messing with free trade, our rights, what he is saying you can't buy one, 32-ounce soda --
5:43 pm
>> or a pitcher of beer. >> thank you, holly. got you all fired up. >> yeah, this -- seriously, don, there is nothing else in new york city that needs addressing? >> all right. >> now, he is going to tell you, that you can't buy a 32-ouncer? >> mayor, talk to her. >> oh, he can call me, that is okay. >> we'll move on now. half of an island's population is expected to come out and see william and kate. but readers of an italian magazine will be about to see even more of a topless kate. in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue. ♪ don't worry. we haven't forgotten, you still like things to push. [ engine revs ] the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. has oats that can help lower cholesterol?
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solomon islands, just north of australia, ever heard of them? new guinea, just off the coast there lies the islands. and getting the royal treatment, prince william and his wife, kate middleton, arrive there. and what the royal couple can expect during their stay. >> reporter: the atmosphere really is building here in the solomon islands, this ice cream store offering free ice cream to william and kate if they pass by. we were not offered the same deal, unfortunately. just two free potential ice creams. now they will come here, to the capitol, they will experience the hubbub, going off to an idealic island -- >> yes, we want to see them,
5:47 pm
we're happy to see them. the first time ever. >> reporter: on saturday, though, they headed into the jungles of borneo, climbing and experiencing the wildlife there, extraordinary scenes, really, well out of the communication loop, as well, which will be a huge relief. because the world is buzzing, still, about the images of kate middleton on holiday. the palace is taking legal action against the magazine that published the photos. william is upset, kate is upset, but we'll see them here on sunday. max foster, cnn, the solomon islands. all right, mitt romney and president obama saying the u.s. needs to cut down on foreign oil. but they have very different ideas on how to do it. drive our nation's militarylt
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president obama and mitt romney don't agree on much. both think we need to cut back on foreign oil. >> in fact in 2010, it was under 50% for the first time in 13 years. >> in eight years, we're going to get north america energy independent where we don't have to buy any oil cha soefr from the middle east or venezuela. >> they're both right. 45% of the oil americans consume is imported. that's way down from the peek of
5:51 pm
60% in 2005. it's mostly because of america's new energy boon. the united states is the third largest producer of oil in the world today. and oil production has jumped 14% in the last three years alone largely due to advances in technology. high dral i can frac touring or fracking can now extract gas in shale rock. but even with those advances, america, the world's biggest consumer of crude oil, still needs more than it produces. 29% of america's imported oil comes from right next door. 29 from canada, 19 from mexico and venezuela. only 14% actually come from saudi arabia. both obama and romney agree
5:52 pm
expanding oel prugs is crucial. >> first, finding and producing more oil at home, second, reducing our overall dependence on oil with cleaner alternative fuels and greater efficiency. >> reporter: president obama wants to curb consumption. in august his administration proposed fuel economy standards for cars that would average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. and he favors alternative forms of energy to replace oil. at the same time, he has opened up new areas of drilling if the gulf of mexico and says he'll do the same in the arctic. romney says he'll move to open up the pacific and atlantic coasts to drilling, something president obama opposes. >> we're going to open up federal lands to take advantage of those resources. and this is not just talk. >> reporter: romney's drill
5:53 pm
everywhere approach is unlikely to reap much new bounty though. according to the congressional budget office, more than the national's 2/3 gas is currently available for drilling. for the time big, america will still depend on imports regardless of who's in the white house next year. ambassador chris stevens, more than a diplomat and a leader. for one cnn journalist, he was a friend.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
there have been many tributes across the world for chris stevens. >> reporter: i first met chris when i was in libya four years ago. he was deputy head of mission in tripoli but happy to play tour guide. he amazed us with his detailed knowledge of spectacular archaeological ruins. after a deep in the ocean and some not so good pizza, he talked to us about the potential libya had for tourism, for investment for change. that was before the revolution.
5:57 pm
it was a different story. >> in the early days of the libyans revolution, i asked chris to be our envoy to the rebel opposition. >> this was a for midible assignment. to lead america's mission in the midst of a civil war. but chris loved his job and committed to spreading democracy above all else. which is why he was named america's top diplomat in libya. >> it was to be the final posting in what had already been a distinguished career. after graduating from berkeley, he served in the peace corps in morocco teaching english. he was fluent in arabic and fren french. during the revolution, chris and i stayed in constant touch over phone when he was the u.s. point in in benghazi.
5:58 pm
he displayed a deep understanding of the complex nature of libyan society. when you talked to him, you felt he cared, he empathized about your point of view, your anxieties, your hopes. he was soft spoken, mild manner. he did the protocol, the cables and all the other trappings of disdiplomacy but he told me he preferred to be on the streets talking to people. and when he didn't agree with the word from washington, chris was not afraid to push back. the last time i met chris was in london. he talked of his excitement about becoming an ambassador in a country he knew so well. he was aware of the dangers. talked of his concern about the growth of extremist islam in libya.
5:59 pm
he spoke about his family, his passion for running, tennis and skiing. >> it's especially tragic that he died in benghazi because it is a city he helped to save. >> his death is a blow not just to the united states but to libya and diplomacy. i'd like to remember chris from some words from shakespeare. his life was gentle and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world, this was a man. >> of course, he will be missed and his work in that region will be missed as well. i want to tell you what we're working on for "news room" at 7:00 tonight. the sudden outrage was it really about that youtube film or is there something


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